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I love creatively interacting with life, pushing the limits of my ability to add value while on my soul journey in this lifetime. Currently I'm doing this through writing, editing, website management, social media, photography and graphics. I also enjoy travel, reading, meeting new people, doing yoga, being uplifting and supportive of others, and contemplating the beauty and wonder of life. I love God, always have. I respect all religions and have gained insight from many.

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Faith Fusion
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Women's Federation for World Peace
NH Faith Fusion
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
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Media Pastor

Lasting Imprint DVD cover

Introductory series based on the concepts in the Divine Principle

My Spirit, My Life

Blog Post from NH Faith Fusion website

Is Freedom Free?

A sermon given on Independence Day weekend 2015.

Is Religion Passe

A message about the relevance of religious traditions in today’s world. This message was shared in a dialog style service where participants formed...