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Ordained Catholic Permanent Deacon (2006); Licensed Bioethicist; (UPRA - Rome, Italy): Background in Natural Sciences, Music Ministry, Education.

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St. Pius X Catholic Church, South Yarmouth, MA
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Archdiocese of Washington, DC; Diocese of Fall River, MA
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Permanent Deacon; Licensed Bioethicist

Queenship of Mary

Upon her Assumption to Heaven, Mary was crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth. In her Queenship, we find the model for getting past natural human tende...

Queenship of Mary

Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth models the best example for us as what it means to be Christian. Community stands together with strength, grace, an...

St Alphonsus Liguori - We Are Responsible for Our Own Actions

We are responsible for our own actions and words. When our own objectionable words or actions incite objectionable words and actions in others, we ...

Feast of St James - To Be the Greatest Means Accepting That God is God

Jesus said that the greatest among us must be the greatest servant to all. This is not the way of the world today, yet we see the arrogance and s...

Tuesday of the 4th Week of Easter

Evne in our times of high powered communications, the need to hear God's word is still the same and the means of evangelization has not changed sin...

The Feast of St. Mark, Evangelist

St. Mark played an active role in the early Church. His life and his writing style reflect a straight-forward and pragmatic approach to understandi...

Tuesday of the Octave of Easter - Living For The Faith

Easter is a time for rejoicing, but also a time to reaffirm our dedication to the faith. We cannot live life on two opposing planes, one secular an...

The Feast of St Isadore - Getting Rid of the "Yeah, Buts"

Relativism revolves around making exceptions and excuses for ourselves. Alternative facts are steeped in the exceptions we make and are characteriz...

Tuesday of the 3rd Week of Lent - Mercy and Forgiveness is a Two-Way Street

Christ told Peter to make forgiveness of others unlimited, as the Father's mercy and forgiveness to us is unlimited. But to be forgiven, we must be...

God's Mercy and Forgiveness is Conditional. So Christ Tells Us.

God's mercy is conditional. The words of the Lord's Prayer, directly from Jesus Christ, make our request to the Father for what we need, but it is ...

Saints Cyril and Methodius - Tragedy Does Not Mean the End of Life

When tragedy strikes, it is easy to withdraw from life. But to regroup and face the good that can come out of things is difficult but aids our reco...

Monday of 6th Week of Ordinary Time = God Created Us To Be Complete Human Beings

God created us in His image and likeness. But we are not solely biological; we also have a spiritual component. This is what separates us for other...

Tuesday of the 5th Week of Ordinary Time: What Does It Mean To Be a Christian...

These times can be confusing and difficult to stay the course as a Christian. Christianity is not about proliferating hatred, fear, mistrust, and d...

St Francis deSales - Following the Will of the Father

When questioned about His family, Jesus states that His family are those who follow the will of the Father. That means that salvation requires our ...

St Anthony, Abbot / Tuesday of the 2nd Week in Ordinary Time

When the followers of Jesus gathered grain on the Sabboth, was Jesus condoning a disrespect of the law? Not really. It is a critical part of faith ...

Anything Is Possible With God

The Authority and Power of God surpasses all of the empty promises of the world and its serendipitous nature. We find it when and where we least ex...

The Baptism Of Jesus

Jesus, as God, did not have to be baptized. But the role of Jesus Christ is to teach us about the ideals of our relationship with the Father. Throu...

Our Heritage of Faith: How Powerful Is God?

How powerful is God? His grace within us is the ultimate strength of Good over Evil. But the choice to proceed is our own. We are part of the conti...

The Kingdom of God is at Hand

The coming of Christ is not the end, but the beginning, now that the waiting is over. The perpetuation of the Kingdom of God in this world is up to...

Cause and Effect, and Responsibility to Follow Christ

Which is more important? The things of this life are less important than we think.
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