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I am a former pastor, an insider who was privy to many of the escapades and shenanigans employed to build congregations calling it church; to build hope and call it faith. I quit. However, instead of tossing the whole package, I committed to an objective read of the Scriptures. One day when I was demanding answers of God the tables turned; God became the inquisitor and I the examined one. As I answered His questions I came to a startling conclusion, "The Bible is ruining my religion." Then, my education began . . .

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Worship is work, not a place to visit.
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Jesus said, "...all of you are brothers."

I Carved a God Out of Wood

I have found that Jesus did not come to give us the answers, He came to teach us to think!
"I wish I had a wonderful answer for you, but in my life I have learned to stop struggling over what has not been revealed to me.  Jesus said, “Why ..." read more