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My name is Dena, and I am just a simple Oklahoma girl who loves Jesus! I have spent my entire life following God to the best of my ability. I was living the perfect life when everything came crashing down around me. I learned my husband, a pastor, was having an affair. Despite my efforts to reconcile, my marriage crumbled and I was suddenly a single mom raising three kids alone. But God... God has walked this journey faithfully with me, resurrecting my life and giving me more than I could ever imagine. He is the God of Restoration!

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On Divorce and Remarriage

God offers grace to everyone...even the divorced.

Life in the Blender

Four weeks into marriage, and we have been thrown into the blender.

Guilty of Idolatry

I have clung to my promises and I have made my promises my idols. What about you?

Totally Weird

I have come to realize that my family is totally weird. And I'm perfectly content with that.

A Moment of Clarity

This weekend, I had a moment of clarity that reminded me how important it is to love ourselves.

Picking Up the Pieces

Four years ago, I witnessed the devastation of the May 20, 2013, tornado that devastated Moore, OK. It was not unlike the divorce that destroyed mi...

The Life of a Single Parent

Being a single parent is hard...but there's also tremendous beauty. Here's what my single parent friends have to say about their lives.

The Two Types of Adulterers

As I walk this journey of recovering from adultery, I've come to understand there are two very different types of adulterers.

An Open Letter to Lysa TerKeurst

Lysa TerKeurst, president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, announced her divorce this week. Here's what I have to say to her in the midst of her pain.

The Story of Our Scars

My scars are many, but God...

He Had Me at "Hello"

It's been an amazing year of breaking down walls and falling in love. And this week brought a huge surprise!

When Life is Too Busy for God

My life is so busy, so chaotic. I feel as if God is being slowly choked out.

Eleven Promises for the Single Mom, Part 2

My friend, Samantha Ferguson, wrote these beautiful promises for the single mom.

Eleven Promises for the Single Mom (part 1)

My friend wrote this beautiful piece about God's promises to the single mom. Enjoy!

When a Woman Looks at Porn

My friend and fellow BLAST participant, Robin Nordhues, shares her story of porn addiction.

My OnFaith Five: Beauty Out Of Brokenness

The OnFaith Five is a set of questions we all can answer to express our own relationship with faith and connect us in our search for meaning.

True Redemption

We stood together, worshiping on Easter Sunday as a family. Suddenly, I realized God had made us the perfect portrait of redemption.

Resurrection Power

The story of the resurrection of Christ is the central tenet of the Christian faith. How does it impact our daily lives?

The Legacy of an Unnamed Child

You know the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. But have you ever stopped to consider the unnamed the hero of the story?

Does Godly Parenting Produce Godly Children?

Join me this week for a special guest post by my friend, Robin Patchen, as we discuss how our parenting impacts our children.