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I chose "Academic," but that's only part of the story. For the purposes of OnFaith, I'm a writer. I use writing to process the moments of meaning and meaninglessness that touch our lives deeply, and am a contributor with Killing the Buddha, Religion Dispatches, and other sites, as well as a regular parenting blogger for the Interfaith Family Network. It's true I have a PhD in religious studies, work at a college, and still occasionally teach classes, and while my role isn't academic, my academic background inflects my writing. My background is liberal Protestant, and I'm most often a Unitarian Universalist, though sometimes I'm more of a "none." I'm also the non-jewish spouse of a Reform Jewish man, with whom I have two young daughters. We live in Chicagoland. I'm looking forward to the conversations.

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Interfaith Rally Stands Up to Islamophobia

Local Chicagoland interfaith event highlights love in the face of hate.

The Amazing Growing/Shrinking Jesus/Noah Advent Figurine

Amusing confusion resulted in my interfaith home with something in our Advent calendar

On Signing Up for OnFaith

I faced an unexpected set of classifying conundrums when I signed up for my OnFaith.co profile