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I have been a Christian for over 25 years, mainly in conservative, evangelical churches. I have seminary degrees in Theology (B.Th.) and Biblical Studies (M.BS.). Was commissioned and sent as a missionary to serve among the Roma (Gypsies) of Albania. However, for the past 5 years I have since been on a new journey out of conservative evangelicalism toward a more inclusive, progressive, generous, and ecumenical faith, focusing more on the spiritual elements of faith rather than the knowledge-driven, cerebral side of faith that I had only come to understand. Today, I do not associate with any one particular denomination, although my family and I attend a Methodist church. I'm interested in learning more about new and fresh expressions of Christian community, contemplation, and spirituality. And, what it means to simply love God and love others.

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Homes, outdoors, cafes, and pubs.
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United Methodist Church
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"Jesus descends to hell where he set free those who were imprisoned. Jesus' work on the cross has saved everyone so that no one shall perish." read more