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Hussein Rashid, PhD, is founder of islamicate, L3C, a consultancy focusing on religious literacy and cultural competency. He has a BA from Columbia, and an MTS and PhD from Harvard. His research focuses on Muslims and American popular culture. He writes and speaks about music, comics, movies, and the blogistan. He also has a background in South and Central Asian studies, with a deep interest in Shi’i justice theology. He is a term member on the Council of Foreign Relations, a fellow at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, The Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship in Social Entrepreneurship, the American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute, and the Truman National Security Project. He is on the advisory boards of Deily, Everplans, Project Interfaith, Anikaya Dance Theater, and Al-Rawiya. He served on the advisory board of the British Council’s Our Shared Future Program. He currently working with the Children’s Museum of Manhattan as a content expert. He is on the editorial boards of Religion Dispatches, The Islamic Monthly, and Cyber Orient, in addition to being a contributing scholar to State of Formation. Hussein appears on mainstream media, including CNN, Channel 4 (UK), Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia), Al-Jazeera America, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and has published at On Faith (Washington Post), Belief Blog (CNN), On Being (NPR), and The Revealer. He is a regular contributor for Religion News Service.

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