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A Son, Husband, Father, Pastor and Farmer seeking to live into the promises of God each day.

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Grace Lutheran Church
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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
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The Reverend

A glimpse of heaven

A sermon thinking about heaven, not as a place, but as a relationship

Light shinning in the darkness

more unites than divides us

Testify to the Truth

sermon on the end time and Christ's promises for us as the people and children of God.

Everyday, ordinary Faith

Sermon on the ordinary, everyday lives of faith we often fail to see

Seeing and being Seen

sermon on Lazarus and rich man and truly seeing those around us.

Grace that doesn't make sense

sermon on remembering, giving thanks and God's super-abundant Grace

Division is what we make if it

sermon on Jesus' troubling words about division and what brings us together in Christ.

Who is my neighbor?

a sermon pondering our neighbors and how we can be better Christians and people in our neighborhoods...

Made in God's image...go and declare!

sermon from Sunday, June 19, 2016

Come Holy Spirit and pierce us

sermon for Pentecost Sunday

what do we bury and why?

In the final vision, John sees a new heaven and earth will God and Christ will reside in the new creation and be with the people as they promised!

Freedom to love, not hate...

sermon on Revelation and the promises of God for God's people.

Lost & Found Sons

sermon on the parable of the prodigal son

A wet new birth

sermon commemorating the Baptism of our Lord

The Flight to Peace

Christmas Eve homily

That all flesh may see...

Second Sunday in Advent

Feeding Thankfulness

A homily on Thanksgiving Eve
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