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Lover of Early music. Fascinated by the workings of theology and scholarly Bible study. Unsatisfied with the standard orthodox christian viewpoint due to very specific difficulties. I have to choose the label Christian, but I exclude myself from the group which believes the Bible is the literal word of the deity, or that it is free from error. I also exclude myself from those who look to detailed rituals and ceremonies for effecting outcomes which can only be effected by God. Retired after over thirty years experience in psychiatric rehabilitation work. Retired from the military with 21 years of service. I am not affiliated with any "institution" at this time, and I have never had any "honorifics" which would have any meaning here.

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M. Div. from NY Theological Seminary, New York, NY.
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Did Jesus state that he was/is God? -- Doubtful

A reflection of cs lewis' thoughts about the nature of Jesus.

The Lie of Certitude

How the myth that we can be "certain" is unhelpful

Did Jesus really walk on the water?

A brief discussion of the questions embedded in the matter of Jesus' water-walking

Christianity in a nutshell.

The basic core values of Christianity and perhaps other major pathways of Faith

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dealing with life, death and (im)mortality

Greeley 2

Greeley's image of a god that will not let you go.

Stories as Strong as Death

Uh, life goes on?
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As a Southern Baptist minister, I understand where Adrian Rodgers is coming from, God rest his soul. I believe he was sincere. I've used many of his phrases and stories. Bu... view more

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I've often observed to others that the presence of a single soul in Hell is contrary to the will of God.  This is a better way of saying it!

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I often marvel at how people say things like this and they still try to say there is only one Good God. I too believe there is One Good God.  However, a remark like this ca... view more

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I do not think that a literary device need be considered "psychotic."Moses has absolutely no basis for existence outside of the mythic stories of the re-birth of the Israel... view more

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On one hand, it seems obvious that evil is all around us.  The malicious action, the selfishness, needless hurting of others, etc.However, I believe that most, if not all, ... view more

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The notion of moral dichotomy spoken of here is wrong.  One only need observe those around them to know it is simply utterly wrong. And as we know, simply being written in ... view more

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It is intriguing how often people read and accept things uncritically which they seem to think are supported by the Bible.  As this article makes very, very clear, the Bibl... view more

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There are many who believe the Bible is literal truth, breathed into it by God. I'm unaware of any support for this view.  Many believe the Bible contains wisdom that can o... view more

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Cystic fibrosis, Ebola, Lou Gehrig's Disease, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. are hard to attribute to sin.If one behaves in a certain way, one can expect consequences... view more

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The text originally was "...proceeds from the Father." The word filioque (Feel-ee-OH-quay), meaning "and [the] son" was added.See how it utterly changes the meaning?Neither... view more

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An interesting fact about darkness is that it does not have any physical existence.  Darkness is simply the absence of light. Most of us know that, but fewer think about wh... view more