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I research, write, teach and edit Christian material. I have taught Bible for more than twenty years. I usually write my own curriculum. I also blog about the Christian worldview. I am the author of "Oceans of Love," a book of devotionals available for Kindle. I expect to publish my book "Thrive! Live Christian in a Hostile World" this year. My passion is to teach the Bible, and my focus in research and writing is the Christian worldview.

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Reformation Lutheran Church, New Bern, NC
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Get the right worldview

Jesus' rebuke of Peter was intended to nudge--or shove--Peter to see the truth about the Messiah as a victory, not the shameful defeat Peter though...

The Gospel of Mark, a group study

I always try to present my material in a way that prods participants to discover truth rather than learn by absorbing what I tell them.
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