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I am an elder of the Ancient Celtic Rite tradition and training priestess of Greenwood Covenstead. I began my journey in 1971 in a Gardenerian Coven but found my true spiritual home within the Celtic Tradition. I have been a member of various pagan groups over the years, sharing & teaching as I was called.

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Greenwood Covenstead
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Temple of the Ancient Celtic Rite
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Why Does the Goddess Matter?

goddess did not have a definition on Wikipedia’.

Beltane – The Coming of the Gods

Beltane beyond the Maypole

The Gods Who Come With Us

thinking about how the gods effect us

Freedom, Not Fear: A Lesson in Flying

thoughts of letting go of fear

Our Collecting and Weaving Task: A Tapestry of Love

pathworking on deity based love in the modern world

The Silver Threads of the Great Mother:A New Weaving for These Times

Commentary on modern goddess worship's roots and meaning.

Irish-American Witchcraft: Winter Court Wisdom

winter musings on the fey court

Irish-American Witchcraft: In the Footsteps of the Myths

travel to Ireland awakens new awareness

Irish-American Witchcraft: Wild Witchcraft

commentary of wild witchcraft & working with spirits

Straw Men and Scare Crows

overview of harvest custom regarding scarecrows

Gifts of the Hera's Journey: Four Spiritual Lesons for the Fall Season

step beyond the world you know, heed your soul’s hunger, and discover the new beginnings that await you in the sacred dark.

Demons and Heroes

meditation on personal heroes & demons

Chasing Ted Andrews

commentary on Animal Speak

Elders and the Dance

thoughts on elderhood & the generation gap among pagans

Occult and Pagan Pioneers in America

Pioneers in paganism in America
"Learn more about Tower Time here" read more
"A crow perched on sign near the Mound of Hostages, Teamhair, Ireland / Copyright M Daimler 2016" read more

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Samhain was very quiet for me this year.  I spent it alone in contemplation.  I made my father’s favorite dinner & my brother’s favorite desert in their honor. view more

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For me the only Hierarchy that matters is within my own group.  Looking down on another’s path is just a waste of time.Where I fit on this?  Um. . . .  Let’s see,  Publishe... view more