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Lakhpreet Kaur is editor-in-chief for a nonprofit, online magazine geared to empowering Sikh women.

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My OnFaith 5: "Nurturing the Divine"

The OnFaith Five is a set of questions we all can answer to express our own relationship with faith and connect us in our search for meaning.

Why I Was a Human Shield to Protect Muslims

Fighting for what’s right is a spiritual duty; to stand in solidarity with all those who feel marginalized is an obligation.

God is Green: Sikhi & The Care of Nature

Becoming one with Waheguru (the Divine Life Force sometimes referred to as "God") requires humans to live in harmony with all of creation.

American Sikhi and an Environment of Openness

The pluralism that many spiritualists embrace is reflected in Sikhi. Sikh theology teaches that there is no single "right" path to attain enlighten...

America's Love Hate Relationship with Minorities

America’s relationship with racial minorities, religious minorities, and immigrants has ebbed and flowed with time, ranging from acceptance to fear...