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The Will of Heaven

The Will of Heaven and the intentions of humanity are still very far apart. But the times grow dark. The hour is late. And there is no more time fo...

How to Find Freedom from Confusion of Mind

A Guide to Meditation is dedicated to sharing the practices and techniques of meditation as taught in the New Message from God http://www.newmessag...

The New God

For there is only one God, and that God is neither new nor old, but has always been. It is humanity’s understanding that must evolve now, and a New...

God Does Not Care What Religion You Belong to...

There is the pure and mysterious call of God to each person in the world. This calling sounds to all people, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Jew...

What Creates Evil?

Hell is an invention that people have created to punish those whom they hate and cannot stand. But you are already living in a kind of Hell, you se...

The Soul

The return to God is not simply a decision that you make one day. It is a fundamental change of heart that has to be expressed and demonstrated in ...

The Heart of God

Your soul is adrift in the universe, adrift on a great ocean, lost. But because God has put Knowledge within you, God knows where you are. And when...

Creation and Destiny - chapter from Life in the Universe http://www.newmessag...

God has a Greater Plan. You cannot understand it. You can only participate within it. If you participate within it, it will become evident that the...

My True Home is in God.

It is possible to be at peace in the world because you have brought the source of peace with you even though the world is a place of active engagem...

What is Freedom?

Your freedom now is the freedom to pursue Knowledge, which offers the only freedom there is because it recalls to you your Spiritual Family. It rec...

Quotes on Reincarnation

Quotes on Reincarnation

The Great Promise

To listen:

The Redeemer

“If you misunderstand the meaning of the Redeemer, you will misunderstand the life of Jesus. You will misunderstand the life of Mohammad and the Bu...

The Voice of Revelation

"God does not speak because God is too great. Therefore, God’s Will is expressed and communicated to the Angelic Presence, who oversee all worlds w...

Night Meditation

While the world is quiet in the still hours of the night, come to be with the Presence...“Come close to the Power and the Presence within you. It i...

A Guide to Meditation

STILLNESS OF MIND allows a greater mind to emerge and to reveal its Wisdom.

What is God?

To reunite with God, you have to become more like what God really created in you. God has placed Knowledge within you to guide you and to redeem yo...

Perfection is an obsession of the intellect. It is not a need of the soul.

Here you are present to life and you can experience its wonder and its difficulties. Here you are not constantly grasping for fulfillment you are n...

Guide to Meditation

A Guide to Meditation

Do you feel the power of Spirit?

Now God has spoken again, giving a Revelation greater and more vast than anything that has ever been given to the human family before, given now to...
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