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Ask the Saint Maker* I AM NOT A SAINT. I am a writer, artist, publisher, wife, mother, grandmother, bibliophile, and lover of ideas (if there is a word for that, I would love to know it). I am curious to a fault (i.e., easily distracted); but unlike the proverbial cat, that trait has yet to kill me - in fact, I think it keeps me younger than some others of my age. I am also a procrastinator, a gardener, a cook, I am a lover of music, creatures, nature, bees, and certain people (including honest lawyers) I believe in synchronicity, spirituality, goodness, and grace. I admire wisdom, strength, honesty, and courage. I care deeply about social justice and taking care of the earth. And so I make saints. There are patron saints for all of my needs, and they have inspired my artwork since 1997. I AM NOT A SCHOLAR. I am an autodidact (when it comes to saints, anyway). I have spent uncountable hours researching the obscure, odd, and unusual saints that I portray in my art. I have an extensive library with hundreds of books devoted to hagiography (admittedly many acquired before the ascendency of google). As a result, I have a repository of knowledge and love a challenge. I implemented an "Ask the Saint Maker" section in 1998, when it wasn't that easy to find out about saints stuff. BTW, I am not religious. I am spiritual (and yes, I realize some see that appellation as trite). So please ask away, and I will do my best to find an answer, or point you to someone who might be able to.

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Laudes Creaturarum (Canticle of the Creatures)

Also known as "Canticle of the Sun"


This famous prayer was not actually written by St. Francis, although it has been attributed to him for a long time. (The image above is from my St...

St. Francis the Peacemaker

Most people know St. Francis of Assisi as the gentle patron of animals. Not so many know him as a broker of peace in the Middle East.
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