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I recently retired after 35+ years as a teacher, catechist, principal, and director of religious education in parishes in my area. I earned a master's degree in religious studies in '92 and a second master's degree in Sacred Scriptures in '98 from Providence College. I have made several pilgrimages to the Holy Land the first of which led my to pursue formal studies in Scripture. I have also made pilgrimages to Poland [Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa] and attended World Youth Day '97 in Paris with my niece as part of our diocesan group. I also have a great interest in icons and have done much reading about and reflecting on them. I have traveled to Russia & Greece to learn more about them. These travels have enriched my life in many ways and I thank and praise the Lord daily for these and many other blessings most importantly my husband of 45+ years and my two wonderful children [now adults] who have supported me in these endeavors.

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St. Stanislaus Parish, Fall River, Massachusetts
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formerly Dominican Academy, and Holy Trinity and St Thomas More parishes in the Diocese of Fall River.
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