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Predestination: The Paradox of Election and Free Will

"Golden Gate seminary professor, Rick Durst, describes how Evangelicals can get the theological "chip" off their shoulders relative to the paradox ...

Was God a Jew? The Ecstasy of Biblical Translation

Willis Barnstone explores the question, were early Christians Pharisee Jews like Saint Paul?

Introduction: Why Study the New Testament?

"This course approaches the New Testament not as scripture, or a piece of authoritative holy writing, but as a collection of historical documents. ...

New Testament As History

A historical look into Paul and his travelings.

The New Testament As History

Historical account of Paul and his travels, as well as an analyzing the seeming contradictory verses in The Acts of The Apostles and Galatians.
"The close ties to the Prophet and this city is a symbol of mans own history. Man is born for toll and struggle, and this is the substantive proposi..." read more
"There are people who come with petitions, who have to ask for something. They may be genuine beggars asking for money, or ignorant people asking fo..." read more
"Allah's good pleasure is guaranteed when we serve Him. And we are assured that even our feelings of doubt and suffering will vanish when our will i..." read more
"To the truly devout man, each succeeding moment is better than the last. In this sense "hereafter" refers not only to the future life after death, ..." read more
"There's the age old argument stating that if Allah is all-powerful, why did He not force all persons to His will? This ignores the free-will grante..." read more
"Idols are dead wood and stone. If men worship stars, heroes, or prophets, they too have no life in them except that in which Allah granted to them...." read more
"Mans physical form is lowly, yet men go back to material things, and neglect the highest things in life. " read more
"Man in himself is weak; he must seek Allah's grace, without it he can do nothing and with it he can do all. " read more
"These words do not need to be spoken. They express the true motives of pious and unpretentious charity. Work Cited:https://books.google.com/books?i..." read more
"The undoubted fact is mentioned in the form of a question, to get to the assent of man. It is certain that the physical world existed long before m..." read more
"Sura 6:35 ( https://www.deily.org/quran/yusuf-ali/sura-vi-anam-or-cattle) is a reference to Pagan belief that by means of a material ladder a man m..." read more
"Drinking or loving cups, in our life on earth, are apt to be misused in two ways: 1) they may be occasions for mere frivolity or the wasting of tim..." read more
"The Day of judgement is typified by two figures. (1) "The firmament will be in dreadful commotion." The heavens as we see them suggest to us peace ..." read more
"We began with "steadfastness in prayer" worship in verse 23, and after a review of various aspects of the good man's life, we end with the guarding..." read more
"The true fear of Allah is the fear of offending His Will and Law. " read more
"It would be a Fire not only burning his body, but reaching right up to his brains and his understanding and-as said in Sura 104:7 (https://www.deil..." read more
"Though all these blessings and stages have been provided by Allah's grace for the good of man, yet man fails in carrying out the purpose of his cre..." read more
"Allah's message is for everyone, but if the great ones arrogantly keep them back from it.Work citation." read more
"The blind man might be more likely to grow spiritually or profit by any lessons taught to him than a self-sufficient leader. Commentary citation." read more
"Many of the early Muslims were in humble positions and were despised by the Quraish leaders (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quraysh_tribe) Work cited..." read more