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I am a Seeker.

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North Columbus Friends Meeting (Quakers)
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Unitarian Christianity, or The Baltimore Sermon

From the Unitarian Universalist Association: "William Ellery Channing was weary of having the epithet "Unitarian" flung at him in disdain. [...] In...
"Channing's fifth and final point was that Christian virtue had its foundation in the moral nature or conscience of humans, defined by love of God, ..." read more
"Channing's fourth point was about the purpose of Jesus' mission on earth. He rejected the idea that Jesus' death atoned for human sin, allowing God..." read more
"Then he spoke of the moral perfection of God, which negated such doctrines as Original Sin and the eternal suffering of some while others were elec..." read more
"Next, he postulated Christ as fully human, as opposed to having two natures, human and divine." read more
"He began with the unity of God, as opposed to the doctrine of the Trinity." read more
"Having set the stage for biblical interpretation, Channing's second task was to lay out four reason-based conclusions of Unitarian Christians." read more
"First, he established reason as valid and necessary for the interpretation of scripture—not as the only basis for religious belief, but as an aid t..." read more