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Sahil Badruddin is an interview host for OnFaith -- incorporating voices from renowned scholars, faith leaders, and educators with the purpose to discuss insights on contemporary issues. He is also a previous OnFaith Op-Ed/Content Contributor & Assistant Editor (2014-2016) and a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with majors in Chemical Engineering, Religious Studies (selected coursework in Islamic & Ismaili Studies), and History (broader coursework in History of Religions & History of Science). Sahil often organizes speaking events for intellectuals; some past events include Mohamed Keshavjee at the University of Texas at Austin, Shafique Virani at Yale University, and Reza Aslan at the University of Madison-Wisconsin. He considers education as a necessary building block for excellence and wishes to share his knowledge and experience with other people. [Background Image Credit: Andrew A. Shenouda -]

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