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Heaven is Within

Bible verse
"After the fall of the western Roman Empire of the Teutonic Tribe. Visigoth's ended u ruling Peninsula until the Islamic conquest." read more
"Jews under Islamic rule is therefore of the "dhimmi" also known as "the people of the book"." read more
"Discusses the kingly rule of Jesus Christ in the book of Acts. Peace and building of the church." read more
"He discusses that God was there in Egypt in the mist of his people." read more
"Resolving conflicts. To not be in the mist starting them. Following Jesus and becoming better in behavior." read more
"Mass the Latin meaning is Liturgy of the world. Having sacred scriptures,prayers,sacrifice,Hymns,symbols and Food for the soul." read more
"Christians went to the corner of the towns of Corinth and Rome.Then took infants that was abandoned on the street corners. They also married In Rom..." read more
"I will say of the Lord may be saying I will speak of the things of the Lord.Or I will say these things the Lord God has said to say." read more
"Wonderful Buddhists places of the seven wonders includes Mahabodhi Temple,India Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal Temple of Tooth Sri Lanka and more." read more
"Thessalonica in the intersection of the two major roman roads from italy eastward to Danube to Aegean." read more
"Hold your body holy and as a Virgin. Be clean in mind and body as well keep the Lord God First." read more
"Rev 21:24 The nations will walk by the light and the kings of the earth will bring their splendor into it. The light of the nations is light,and co..." read more
"Origins began with Abraham who is mentioned in the Bible. As well as the Hebrews. This is also according to the Torah. Jewish bible is of the jewis..." read more
"Judaism meaning Judah. Religion of the Torah text. " read more
"Martin Luther born in 1483.Of the Holy Roman Empire and of the Catholic Faith." read more
"I am meaning IS. He is stating I am your creator.There is power in this statement. I am the Lord,your God.Meaning I am indeed your creator and God." read more
"The verse is saying they will be opulent. Will be set up high above all nations. High upon hill as to be seen and acknowledged." read more
"Hasid meaning 'pious' and Hasidism started in the early seventeen hundreds to the 18th century. By the Eastern Europeans." read more
"Charity meaning to therefore contribute or volunteer one's help.For the help to other's or someone. Biblically meaning agape." read more