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Sam Shryock is a resident of Kansas City metro area and has practiced Pagan Spirituality since 2007. He is a third-degree High Priest with the Correllian-Nativist Wiccan tradition, and the organizer for the Kansas City Pagan Pride Day festival, a chapter of the Pagan Pride Project. He is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel. He has a Masters degree in Computer Resource and Information Management, and currently works in the Information Systems field.

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Post-Election Grief – It is to be expected

If your candidate lost, you might experience what Elisabeth Kübler-Ross defined as the five stages of grief.

8 Reasons Why Pagans Should Vote

I am Pagan, and I vote!

Pagan virtue, Knowledge of God and Salvation

Book Review - John Marenbon, Pagans and Philosophers: The Problem of Paganism from Augustine to Leibniz.

The Religious Aspects of Celebrity

Is our worship of celebrities a form of religion?

Repealing the Johnson Amendment - Just Another Means to Bully Other Religions

As a member of a minority religion, one of the many things that bother me about Trump is his call for the repeal of the Johnson Amendment.

Religious Freedom or Discrimination? The Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act just an excuse to use religion to discriminate?

Pagan Pride Day Harvest Table Ritual

This was a ritual performed at the 2016 Kansas City Pagan Pride Day held on September 11, 2016. Various members were "recruited" and given an item...

The Future of Contemporary Paganism: Holding Paradox

The struggle to creatively embed paradoxical values—individuality and community, professionalism and egalitarianism, intimacy and inclusivity—into ...

Columbia: The Goddess of the United States

In the early history of the United States, Columbia was visualized as a goddess-like female national personification of the United States and of Li...

Classical Elements in Contemporary Paganism

Contemporary Pagans find simplifying the physical world to the basic classical elements useful in their spiritual practices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Paganism

There are some of the most common asked questions about Paganism

Ostara and the Very Special Eggs

Have you ever wondered what Easter Bunnies have to do with eggs? Enjoy this tale linking the two of them together

The Mysterious Cat

A parable from a polytheist view

The Spiritual DNA of a Contemporary Pagan

Examining Contemporary Paganism using the religious-impulse model established by Robert Norton and Richard Southern.

A Time of Fertility - Building a Foundation for Continued Growth

As we prepare for Spring and the renewal of the earth, what are you doing to improve the fertility of your spiritual garden?

“I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.” – Wiccans Creating Their Own Re...

Do you take control of your beliefs, or do you allow others to tell you what to think? Do you value their experiences more than your own? Do you se...

Religious Cosmology - Making Sense of the Universe

Religious/esoteric cosmology enables us to confront our most basic human truths and gives us the opportunity to better understand them, learn from ...

Worshiping the Divine in a Contemporary Pagan Way

By not being tied down by the customs of an established religion or by the dogmas of a revealed one, Pagans interact with the Divine in very creati...

Mercury Retrograde and Chicken Little

In the end, it may not matter what we believe, but more about how we use those beliefs to influence our daily lives.

Regaining Control of Your Beliefs - The Importance of Study

The study of theology is necessary to avoid ignorance that can lead to accepting wrong ideas or doctrines. We need to separate information from ps...
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Sam Shryock shared Sam Shryock's post Worshiping the Divine in a Contemporary Pagan Way

By not being tied down by the customs of an established religion or by the dogmas of a revealed one, Pagans interact with the Divine in very creative, individualistic, and ... view more