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I am a student at the University of Texas where I study Religion, Sociology, and Hebrew. I began studying religions, after deciding to go on a spiritual journey to discover what I truly believe. This eventually led me to want to study religion academically, and to share my knowledge and experiences with other people. I'm mainly focused in Christianity, and Judaism, but I enjoy studying all religions.

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Islam: My Life, My Religion- BBC Documentary

Journey with Sara through her life as a young Muslim girl. An interesting documentary explaining principles of Islam, and how the Muslim world wors...

PBS - From Jesus To Christ, The First Christians.

A PBS documentary discussing the historical Jesus and his first followers.

How to Visit a Shinto Shrine

A video explaining how to pray at a traditional Shinto shrine.

The Lord's Prayer Sung in Aramaic

Abwoon d'bashmaya, the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic sung by Angelika.

The Four Levels of Spiritual Growth

Using the Divine Name to discover the four levels of giving.

Messianic Judaism 101

A teaching from a Messianic rabbi.