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I am a Hindu/Sikh interfaith child born in Los Angeles and am a polyglot. I am a lover of different cultures, faiths, and languages alike. I am an activist for human rights and social justice through an interfaith lens. You are more than welcome to get to know me and my work. :)

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AMP Global Youth
Parliament of the World's Religions
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UN DPI-NGO Youth Representative

My OnFaith 5: "The Entire Universe is Our Family"

The OnFaith Five is a set of questions we all can answer to express our own relationship with faith and connect us in our search for meaning.

Make a Difference this 2017 (Write your letter at tahil@aidemocracy.org today!)

This letter was sent to mosques in Southern California, including my neighboring Islamic Center of Claremont. I have been working with secular huma...