Understanding The Text Also Known As The "Oral Torah"

The Mishnah is the first major written redaction of the Jewish oral traditions known as the "Oral Torah". It is also the first major work of Rabbinic literature. View more

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Why Is Tu B’Shevat in the Winter?

The Birthday for trees in the middle of winter.

Stories of Herod

Episode 15: Today we join the tour sitting in the amphitheater of the port city of Caesarea Maritima, built by Herod the Great. The master story te...

Turning Curses into Blessings (Shemot 5776)

Jewish history is not merely a story of Jews enduring catastrophes that might have spelled the end to less tenacious groups. It is that after every...

Siege of Jerusalem

Today (12/22/15) is the Tenth of Tevet which marks Nebuchadnezzar's siege of Jerusalem 2,500 years ago. What is the message for us today?

RASTAFARI TORAH RSS#28 METZORA & Mystery of Leprosy - Physical & Spiritual "S...

www.lojsociety.org In This Video: Ras Iadonis' Full Reasoning on RASTAFARI TORAH RSS#28 METZORA & Mystery of Leprosy - Physical & Spiritual "Signs"...

The Tablets (of the 10 Commandments)

The astonishing nature of the sapphire stone tablets bearing the 10 Commandments

Cosmic Vibrations - String theory and the Hebrew Alphabet

Everything in the universe is forever running and returning.

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