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One year in: Your reflections?

This is the image I posted for the beginning of 2020: May we all cultivate 2020 Vision to see us through the challenges we face. Ha! I had no idea then what incredible challenges we would face as a world community!

This week marked the anniversary of COVID-19 lockdown for many of us. And while the pandemic is not over, if we all hang in there and do what we need to do, the end is in sight. So sit tight! And maybe take this time for a little self-reflection.

Below are three questions for this moment. If they interest you, take your time answering, and make notes so you can refer back to them as needed.

  • What did you learn this year? About yourself? About your community? About the world?
  • Have you done anything differently this year that you plan to keep up even when you are free to roam and mingle?
  • What was on your bucket list that you kept putting off that, once it is safe to do so, you will definitely do?

Let your inner wisdom guide you to insights. Enjoy the process. You are welcome to comment on your findings below.

To help you cultivate more self-inquiry skills, you’ll find the most valuable questions you can ask yourself in my book Asking In, Six Empowering Questions Only You Can Answer.

And here’s a little treat: Medical professionals made this wonderful fun-to-watch Hamilton adaptation. Enjoy! And when it’s your turn, don’t give up your shot!

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