Hadia Mubarak: Student of Two Worlds

Hadia Mubarak has felt like an outsider here in America, where she was born, and in the Middle East, where … Continued

Hadia Mubarak has felt like an outsider here in America, where she was born, and in the Middle East, where her parents were born.

She writes that she didn’t feel comfortable in her American Muslim identity until she went to college and visited a nearby mosque. There she felt part of something universal.

“My American Muslim identity, like that of many others, is one that cannot be contained within geographic borders,” Mubarak wrote for Azizah magazine in 2004.

“It does not begin nor end on a stretch of land, for an identity lives within the heart and the consciousness. I am at home in any land or place that reminds me what it means to be insan (human).”

Mubarak is senior researcher at Georgetown’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim Christian Understanding. She will share her American Muslim perspective at an April 19 symposium on “What it means to be Muslim in America.’

Mubarak was born in New Jersey but grew up in Panama City, Fla. Her parents are from Syria and Jordan.

She is the first woman and first native-born American to be elected president to lead the national Muslim Student Association. She helped organize the Brookings Institute’s U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar, in 2004.

She is a 2003 graduate of Florida State University where she majored in international affairs and English creative writing with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. She has a Master’s degree in contemporary Arab studies from Georgetown and is pursuing a PhD in Islamic studies.

By David Waters | 
April 12, 2007; 1:41 PM ET

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  • Marc

    Funny that most of the people above [except for Esposito] have books that seem to have some type of obsession with the exotification of Islam. Instead of gathering a group of “experts” why not simply reach out to the millions of Muslims who live here – converts, immigrants and otherwise. If I see one more “Behind the Veil” or something to do with veils commentary I’m going to be sick. Islam is not about veils, hijabs or women covering. It’s far more complex, elegant and downright straightforward than anything to do with the “Western” fixation with it’s own creation of Islamic iconography. This part of the world needs to grow up, get real and quite frankly, get over itself. I live in Philadelphia which is about as Muslim as an American city gets. Instead of assembling your panel of “experts” why not interview some Philly Muslims – and I don’t mean just immigrants. There’s a thriving, long-standing indigenous, Blackamerican population of Muslims here to draw from. Or perhaps you want to objectify Islam and obsess over the veil. Islam is not “1,001 Arabian Nights”. Hate to break it to you.

  • JP

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