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4. Is there a mechanism by which Muslims in America and Muslims worldwide are in dialogue together? Was this in … Continued

4. Is there a mechanism by which Muslims in America and Muslims worldwide are in dialogue together? Was this in place before 9/11 and all that has occurred since then and is it still viable? How has it changed? How are American Muslims viewed by Muslims in other parts of the world? Are they considered a strong part of the faith as a whole or are they considered lesser in some way because of their strong ties to the westernized world?


Barbara Vann

5. If Americans find it difficult to understand Muslimism, isn’t it true that Muslims also find it hard to understand the benefits of either being a Shia Muslim …or a Sunni Muslim in America?
What is the percentage of Sunni Muslims in America vs. Shia Muslims?

In the February 3, 2007 issue of The Economist and their article on “The Widening Gulf” from their Cairo bureau and Subheads of the article is the following…”Amid Sunni fears of a growing ‘Shia Arc,’ tensions between the main Muslim sects are widening, while some governments are exploiting them.”

Will America permanently be in the middle, with our presence in Iraq and after we leave?

Compton S. Jones.

6. A lot of coverage has been given recently to the Somali Muslim cab drivers in Minneapolis who refuse fares that carry alcohol, and the airport’s reaction to them. Keeping that in mind, my question is this: to what extent should employers seek to accommodate Muslim beliefs and customs and to what extent should Muslims seek jobs that would not require them to break Koranic commandments?

Cary, NC

7. What can be done to have more Muslim and Muslim-American writers and other artist introduced to American public? I am an European Muslim living here for 11 years,, and I can say only that American school system, media, and politics had ignored Islamic Culture more than any other. Americans are totally ignorant about Islam and Muslims. Does anybody have a data base with Muslim artists in the US to try to promote their work? Art is the best way to reach people.


By David Waters | 
April 20, 2007; 12:18 PM ET

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  • victoria

    where are these fantasy jobs that accommodate muslims? and where can i get one? as for the cab driver, next time you get into a cab, read the rights of the driver- posted behind him. it is hard enough getting a job in the first place being a muslim woman wearing a hijab (scarf) i can ask for a cigarette break- or a coffee break- i can ask some places to go to the nursery and take a feeding break- but prayer? no, this isnt an option. i worked in a hospital kitchen on a line where i wasnt allowed to take a drink of water to break my fast at ramadan. i went from sunup- (and i was awake and praying) perversely, others could leave to get snacks, or drinks- but i was forced to stay on line- but when i brought up my need to have a drink of water, my purse mysteriously disappeared from my locker- and you guessed it- i was dismissed. and how does one prove what is in the mind of ones employer? you cant. ive actually been asked, point blank- “youre NOT going to wear that thing on your head here, are you?” should i go around and record every interview? my solution is taking care of people who are grateful for my kindness and attention. it is an unnecessary and health debilitating situation to put someone else in.

  • Deb Chatterjee

    Why does USA *have to* accomodate Muslim beliefs and values ? What’s the obligation ? Iraq war ? Al-Qaeeda threat ? Mars spinning ? Sun going dark ? What ???

  • Josh Wertz

    VictoriaYou have mental problems. You are seeking a cure via Islam. I have followed your posts here for a while and you seem to be deeply disturbed woman. Your irrational posts are clear proof. Islam is not the answer. It will worsen your problems. Your problem will only get worse if you do not seek help.By the way I used to drive a cab when I was in college. I used to lease a cab. Cab drivers may not refuse a ride to someone unless the passenger is a physical threat or is abusive. If I refused a ride to a Muslim man or woman because of my belief that Islam is an evil faith I would have lost my privilege to drive a cab.

  • dragracer

    Josh, sorry to say, but it’s clearly apparent that it’s YOU who has mental problems to not be able to discern. Clearly, there should NOT be any discrimination based a person’s religious beliefs, ethnic background or sex. Moreover, you need to study Islam in order to comment anything about it. Rationally speaking, it’s foolish to say that you can fix someone’s mental problem when you have no background in any medical sciences. My advice to you: educate yourself–be open-minded and expand your horizons; as well as be accomodative and hospitable to others. Loves comes by giving love. Does not take a rocket scientist to understand, now, does it? Cheers to Victoria for putting up with such unnecessary hassle! God bless all.