Starhawk’s Fall/Winter Schedule

Starhawk’s Fall/Winter Schedule: * The Spiral Dance — October 27, San Francisco * Samhain ritual — October 28, Sebastopol * … Continued

Starhawk’s Fall/Winter Schedule:

* The Spiral Dance — October 27, San Francisco
* Samhain ritual — October 28, Sebastopol
* On-Line Course: “Inner Compass: Finding and Holding the Vision” — starts November 12
* Urban Earth Activist Training Weekend Series — starts November 16 – 18, San Francisco
* Winter Solstice ritual — December 20, Sebastopol
* Earth Activist Training — January 5-19, Sonoma County, California
* Advanced Earth Activist Training: “Earth-Healing Strategies” — February 10-17, Sonoma County

Schedule in depth:

Saturday, October 27
San Francisco
Starhawk will take part in the Spiral Dance, the Reclaiming Community’s celebration of Samhain. Please check the Reclaiming web site for details, as well as history and background of Reclaiming’s Spiral Dance ritual, now in its 28th year.
Location: Kezar Pavilion 755 Stanyan Street, SF
Time: Doors open at 6:00 p.m., the ritual begins at 7:30 p.m.
Cost: $20-$100, sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds
For more information, visit:

Sunday, October 28
Sebastopol, California
Starhawk will lead the trance to the Isle of Apples to visit with our beloved dead at this community Samhain celebration, hosted by North Bay Reclaiming folks. Wheelchair accessible.
Location: Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris St.
Time: Doors open at 6:30, ritual starts at 7:00 p.m.
Cost: $10-$100 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds
For more information, contact Urania:, 415-256-1766.

November 12 thru December 23
six-week on-line course
“Inner Compass: Finding and Holding the Vision”
In the ancient, pre-Christian Goddess traditions of Europe and the Middle East, the earth is sacred: a living being that all of us are part of. Witches, shamans, and Pagans draw on the balance of life for knowledge, renewal and healing. But right now, at this crucial moment in time, that balance is threatened by global warming, social and environmental breakdown. Our society is faced with a huge challenge-the necessity for fundamental changes in our way of life. Each of us alive today is here for a purpose. We each have a unique role to play in bringing about that transformation-our own gifts, our own vision. And the earth needs us each to be our most creative, compassionate and powerful self.
How do we find that vision, our purpose for being here, our true work? How do we step up to the challenge, and how can we hold a vision through times of adversity, and find the courage to overcome fears, blocks and challenges?
For some of us, it’s hard to see the vision clearly. Others may need support to take new steps and dare new paths. Some of us may already be on the road, but need help to sustain our energy and enthusiasm when obstacles loom and setbacks appear. The greatest gifts are often found after hard climbs on twisted paths.
Magic, “the art of changing consciousness at will,” offers us tools. In this six week online course, Starhawk will guide us through a process of discernment and reflection, to find and identify our big vision, and develop the grounded spiritual practice that can be our base as we dare to make it real.
Using readings, meditations, directed exercises, journaling and discussion, we’ll find the inner compass that can guide our choices, connect to the allies that can support us, find the courage to face challenges and overcome fears, and the strength to take our vision out into expression and action. When we put our lives toward the service of the sacred, powerful allies and great powers of regeneration and renewal work through us.
Course presented by Maybe Logic Academy.
Cost: $135
To view weekly course outline, syllabus, and reading list: (roll over the top graphics for additional info)
To register, go to
If you don’t already have them, we invite you to purchase your required course books, Twelve Wild Swans and Truth or Dare, via Starhawk’s own web site, on the book pages.

Friday- Sunday, November 16 – 18
San Francisco, California
Introduction to Urban Permaculture: The Vibrant City
“Urban Earth Activist Training Weekend Series”

Permaculture design with an urban focus. What makes a city vibrant and alive? How is a city like an ecosystem, and how can we live more sustainably in an urban environment?

This is the first weekend in a modular series that will cover all the topics of a permaculture design course with a focus on urban applications—such topics as water, food, energy and economics, toxicity and bioremediation, and urban policies and visions. Take any weekend that interests you, or take them all, and with some supplemental work, receive a permaculture design certificate.

Each weekend will include slideshows, lectures, games, and participatory exercises as well as hands-on practical work. City walks, tours of permaculture sites and living examples are also in the plan.
Taught by Starhawk, Kevin Bayuk, and wonderful guest instructors.
Friday 7-10 pm Saturday and Sunday 9:30-5:30 pm. Bring food to share for a potluck lunch.
Sliding scale $150-$250 some work trade available
Earth Activist Training
PO Box 251
Sierraville CA 96126
Questions? email:

Thursday, December 20
Sebastopol, California
20th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration with Starhawk and friends. Join us on this dark night of midwinter, to sing and dance back our connection to the Earth and Sun. Ritual indoors and warm. Wheelchair accessible.
Time: doors open at 6:30 p.m with drum circle; ritual at 7:00
Cost: $10-25, kids half-price (work exchange available).
Location: Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris St., Sebastopol
For more information and directions:
Questions? email:

January 5-19
Sonoma County, California
two-week-long intensive
Earth Activist Training: Permaculture, activism, and earth-based spirituality. Learn how to heal soil and cleanse water, how to design human systems that mimic natural systems, using a minimum of energy and resources, and create real abundance and social justice. Explore the strategies and organizing tools we need to make our visions real. Participatory, hands-on teaching with lots of ritual, games, projects, songs, and laughs along with an intensive curriculum in ecological design. Completion of course results in a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC). Taught by Starhawk, Erik Ohlsen and other amazing instructors.
Location: Black Mountain Preserve, Cazadero hills
Cost: $1100-1600 sliding scale, work trade available. Includes meals and lodging.
For more information: visit
Earth Activist Training
PO Box 251
Sierraville CA 96126
Questions? email:

February 10-17
Sonoma County, California
week-long intensive
Advanced Earth Activist Training: “Earth-Healing Strategies”
Global warming… Peak oil… Toxic food… Poisoned water… Chemical methods can’t clean up the mess. Transnational corporations won’t clean up the mess. Earth’s people are paralyzed by the shocking state of their world today. Sounds like it’s time for some radical sustainability and regenerative activism!
Calling all EAT and Permaculture First Responder alumni, graduates from similar permaculture programs, and people who have deep permie experience! The Earth and her people need your help now more than ever. While many despair of surviving the current “long catastrophe,” EAT graduates know that another world – beautiful, bountiful, balanced – is absolutely possible through the principles and practices of permaculture.
Now is the time to take your permaculture skills and understandings to the next level. Attend the first-ever Advanced EAT/PFR course focused on Earth-healing strategies. During this eight-day residential intensive, you will:
* Deepen your Earth-healing skills in bioremediation, mycoremediation and emergency response work
* Actively explore the catalytic roles you can play in helping your community organize around ethical, sustainable solutions
* Develop an overall climate-change campaign
* Leave with a plan to implement in your own community
Register now at
“Advanced EAT: Earth-Healing Strategies” will be led by a team of teachers that includes Starhawk, Benjamin Fahrer (Farm Manager and Permaculture First Responder Director, Oceansong Farm and Wildnerness Center), and Mia Rose-Maltz (mycologist and RITES project founder).
Prerequisite: An EAT course, a permaculture design certificate, or equivalent experience.
Location: Black Mountain Preserve
For more information: visit
Questions? email:

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