My Pro-Islamic Crusade

From the same ideological tar pit that spawned Islamofascist Awareness Week: It’s not yet clear that we have begun to … Continued

From the same ideological tar pit that spawned Islamofascist Awareness Week:

It’s not yet clear that we have begun to take seriously — even literally — the threats of Al Qaeda… But nut cases can make much havoc and kill many people and undermine many societies. To us what they threaten is murder, mass murder. To them it is the vocation of holiness.

Enough is enough. If the Patriot Act, Guantánamo Bay, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the War on Terror, and a need to “redefine privacy,” don’t seem like we’re taking Al-Qaeda and their fellow goons seriously, what exactly is enough?

No, this author doesn’t take a (direct) shot at Islam. But for all of the author’s concern about what seems to be a pretty settled issue of public consciousness – Al-Qaeda is bad and we should do our best to get rid of them – why belabor the point?

What is this article calling attention to, exactly? That Al-Qaeda hasn’t morphed into a legion of dancing hamsters?

Come on. If you want to say that America should convert the whole Middle East (or whatever your favorite, bloody prescription is), just come out and do it. Don’t be a wuss.

For all the Disciples of Daniel Pipes out there, I’ve got a crusade for you. I’m done with nibbling around the edges. This is the last time I’ll write about anything that remotely looks like pureed, neocon code-babble.

…well, let me get a few out of my system. Yuck. Bleck. Eww. Heeby-jeebies.

Wheew. All better. I’m almost sad to see them go.

Audrey, start the revolution!

Someone else can do the truthsquading. My crusade will be one of highlighting how beautiful the Muslim world is, how textured and how interesting. It’s a place I’ve come to know a little bit about during my time in Egypt and I wish Those-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named would catch an Expedia deal over here to see for themselves. They could even stay at my place. We’ve got a couch.

It’s a crusade to get people closer together. I hope you’ll help me by e-mailing any good news you hear about Muslim-Christian relations or the Middle East in general to me here. I mean, crusades aren’t nearly as fun alone.

One post-script: Terrorists will spout off as long as “indispensable” (read: adamantly pro-Zionist) news organizations translate their baleful braying into English and then have some commentator offer it as proof that, yes, the entire world should burn its civil liberties at the stake. As long as some doofus with a domain name can keep his hands moving, there will be terrorist propaganda floating around. We should fear Al-Qaeda. But let us let the intelligence community do the analysis. I’ve got my own crusade to worry about.

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    That large explosion you just heard was CCNL’s head exploding upon reading this. 😀