Greed Disappoints

Greed is a form of pollution and is a transgression of spiritual and moral law and is termed evil. Disappointment … Continued

Greed is a form of pollution and is a transgression of spiritual and moral law and is termed evil.

Disappointment is certain if some act is done merely out of greed. Excessive greed blinds the mind. Lobha (greed) is one of the three root sins, along with moha (desire) and krodha (anger), which must be conquered to achieve moksha (liberation). Do not be disillusioned by wants.

Ancient Hindu scripture, Bhagavad-Gita says: there are three gates to self-destructive hell—greed, anger, and desire. Abandon these three. A person freed from these three gates of darkness seeks what is best and attains life’s highest goal.

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  • BGone

    Everyone who went to the trouble of writing an essay deserves at least one comment. Let’s see.Oh yeah, recently there was a greedy man who felt so bad about the money he had made investing in the stock market he cried all the way to the bank, Bear Sterns. When he got there he found out that most all of his money was gone. What a relief that surely must have been having been saved from his sin of greed. But why is the man still crying?Oh yeah, he now has a greedy 800 million dollar capital loss to offset future greedy capital gains. It will be a while before he will pay any of those greed-less taxes. Greed can sure lead to hell alright.Somewhere I heard that not paying taxes was not greedy. I guess greedily not wanting to pay taxes and, “we are all sinners” only applies to Republicans. I was almost sure this man was a Republican. Maybe 800 million dollar losses is how greed is cured and Republicans turned into Democrats?

  • JerseyRomer

    Can’t this type of talk be used to subdue the poorest of the poor and encourage them from taking action necessary to lead better lives? Consider:We are poor, this is our lot, we will not be greedy.Blessed are the poor, they will inherit….Don’t aspire beyond your “station,” that is merely greedy desire.Seems like a great way to promote the “status quo” with respect to inequitable social strata. Very self-serving.JerseyRomer

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Journalists Richard Behar of Time Magazine and John Sweeney of Panorama BBC UK wrote about greed in a religious context. Your reflection from a religious standpoint is important.