How McCain Can Close the God Gap

In the 72 hours since I laid out the first 5 of 12 steps that could help rejuvenate John McCain’s … Continued

In the 72 hours since I laid out the first 5 of 12 steps that could help rejuvenate John McCain’s flagging Faith and Values outreach, his Faith and Values outreach has somehow flagged a bit more!

Not happily for the Senator from Arizona, stories about his woes with conservative Evangelicals are proliferating. See for example this article from CNN, or listen to this lively discussion on NPR’s To the Point where host Warren Olney interviews journalist Wayne Slater, Evangelical leader Mark DeMoss, Professor Ronald Walters, and me (“Can the Democrats Close the God Gap,” June 11th).

Even less happily for McCain, Captain Barack Obama (who I recently likened to a grounded fighter jet) took to the air and flew a dizzying array of Faith and Values sorties over the past three days. Here he is charming clergy, including T.D. Jakes, in Chicago. Here he is inaugurating his Joshua Generation Project. Here is the political action committee known as The Matthew 25 Network revving up for some serious fundraising on his behalf.

In terms of religious politicking, the first week of the general election goes to Obama, hands down. The McCain people need to regroup with dispatch. On Tuesday, I proposed that they quickly and quietly shift resources away from their pointless pursuit of conservative Evangelicals (who will either stay home on November 4th or vote for McCain, probably the latter).

Instead, the Maverick should use his positions on abortion, immigration and foreign policy to target other constituencies. Let’s start with the constituencies. Then we will move on to pressing problems he needs to address:

Step Six: Energize pro-Life Catholic voters: If there existed a university devoted to the study of Faith and Values politicking, a course on “The Catholic Vote” would surely be its astrophysics. It does take an advanced degree to make sense of Catholic voting behavior. And it takes divine intervention to unify them behind one presidential candidate. The diverse cultures of American Catholicism, as well as the Church’s complex views on politics, make it very difficult for strategists to wrangle them into a bloc vote formation.

But for McCain there is some good news. His decades of pro-Life advocacy in the Senate should guarantee him a sizable chunk of a group that gave George W. Bush 52 percent of its vote in 2004. Too, anti-abortion Catholics might give McCain something he desperately lacks: Enthusiastic Religious Voters.

Enthusiastic Religious Voters are a many-splendored thing (just ask Karl Rove about White Evangelicals and watch him compose Haikus in their honor). They work phone banks, go door-to-door, badger their (undecided) friends at dinner parties, attend fundraisers, host fundraisers, pray for you, etc.

In head-to-heads with Hillary Clinton, Obama had difficulties with Catholics. No conclusive explanation has emerged for his troubles and it is imperative that the McCain people figure out why. Fast.

Step Seven: Latino Catholics: As for Latino Catholics, 68% voted for John Kerry in 2004. This is one place where McCain can make some noise. Once again, Clinton exposed Obama’s vulnerabilities with this group in the primary season. By bucking his party’s views on immigration reform, McCain has earned himself the right to plead his case and to be taken seriously by this audience.

Step Eight: Latino Evangelicals: Here McCain needs to consolidate previous GOP gains. In the last election “Los Evangelicos” gave 56% of their vote to Bush. McCain seems poised to hold this advantage. However, the hard-charging Obama, who is probably learning the lyrics to the Spanish-language version of “Amazing Grace” as we speak, will give him a lot to worry about.

Step Nine: The Jewish Vote/Foreign Policy: In the “killing-two-birds-with-one-stone” category, McCain can make inroads into the Jewish vote all the while drawing attention to Obama’s Achilles Heel: his lack of experience in foreign policy. McCain does not need to walk into synagogues in blue New York and talk about Elohim or Abraham or his admiration for the teachings of Maimonides. He does need to walk into synagogues in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio and talk about Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.

Step Ten: Obama and the radical religious Left: Although they all look alike to conservative pundits, there are profound differences between liberals and radical leftists. The latter, for example, are frothing with anti-American sentiments that make for exquisite You Tube viewing.

If his numbers keep sagging, the McCain campaign will have to make an issue of Obama’s relation to Trinity United Church of Christ. (Can the religious outreach team and Opposition Research division do lunch next week?) But in order to do so, he has to figure out how to convince Americans that his own associations with toxic pastors are less worrisome than those of Obama.

Step Eleven: Faith-based vice-presidential selection: Sometimes a running mate is chosen in hopes that he or she can deliver a particular state. Sometimes in hopes that he or she possesses qualities lacking in the frontrunner. But what if McCain were to think of his Number Two in terms of god votes? He could select a Catholic (e,g., Bobby Jindal of Louisiana). He might also consider Mitt Romney (who would probably bring about 5 million or so Mormon voters with him). And if he really wanted those conservative White Evangelicals, then he would bring Mike Huckabee on board. That ought to do it.

Step Twelve: Tame the Media (Obama Homerism): Hillary Clinton’s team had no answer for what, in a just world, should have never been a problem: many in the Big Liberal Media were enthralled by Obama. A disturbing number of journalists and opinion makers have set their phasers to “anoint” and this is a huge dilemma for McCain.

This is not to say that there aren’t many nasty, vile, unethical media organs out there who are attacking Barack and Michelle Obama. Though, his campaign does seem to have a strategy for dealing with them, and few of these outlets could be considered respectable.

McCain, by contrast, has no strategy, and Obama’s media champions are respectable. In terms of religion this flared up two days ago as Newsweek journalists concluded–prematurely I think and without providing sufficient analysis–that Obama’s difficulties with Jews were a “myth.” They were called on this by the National Review.

But given that many on the Right won’t go to the wall for McCain, he might think about hiring his own bloggers and talking heads to monitor the hagiographic media descriptions of Obama’s Faith and Values outreach.

(For more information about religion and the candidates check out Faith 2008 by the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs.)

By Jacques Berlinerblau | 
June 13, 2008; 7:55 AM ET

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The God Vote

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  • norman ravitch

    Forget religion for a moment. The recent judicial decisions, in California about gay marriage and in Washington about terrorist detainees, will sink the Democrats. McCain is very good on defending the public against activist judges.

  • CAM

    Say nothing of my religion. It is known to God and myself alone. Its evidence before the world is to be sought in my life: if it has been honest and dutiful to society the religion which has regulated it cannot be a bad one.This says everything. From a man that few people will equal ever. I would like to see both candidates send any state – religious non sense discusion to were it should be and focus in what is really important: economy, war, terrorism, immigration, our children’s education, etc.

  • Angela

    Mr. Berlinerblau, You are the same as every other left wing-media know it all that looks at this election year very one-sided. I can tell you this, we as evangelicals will, in fact, come over to McCain as no true Christian would vote for someone who believes abortion is ok. BTW: Fox NEWS is more, fair, balanced than any other network that I’ve seen in the past couple of years.

  • Butterfly3

    Fair and balanced, Angela? Like the “terrorist fist bump”? Like calling for the assassination of Obama? Like calling Michelle Obama a “baby momma”? Yeah, real classy joint, that Fox news.So you won’t vote for Obama because he’s pro-choice, but you’ll vote for McCain even though he’s a known adulterer and supports the torture of human beings? What kind of Christian values are those?The evangelicals have been swindled by the Republicans for years now. They make you promises that they never keep, yet you keep voting for them despite their dishonesty, their failure to outlaw abortion, their sex scandals, etc. So go ahead, fall in line like good little lemmings and vote for McCain, just like your filthy rich megachurch pastors tell you to. God forbid you think for yourselves for once.

  • jessica

    “Barack Obama is for unfettered access to partial birth abortions up to the date of delivery. He is also against giving medical care to a baby showing signs of life after a abortion allowing that baby to die.”I don’t care how many times TD Jakes et al meets with him. No religious person who respects life will vote for this man.

  • BGone

    Maybe McCain didn’t get the word. The GOP dumped the evangelicals. There’s the bottom 10% that never get the word.The D’s dumped the ecologists. Obamb got that straight so he’ll win. Evangelical, ecologist, same same. Both are getting credit for $5 gas, sub prime loans and lies that cause people to believe and they both deserve all the credit they can be given.Hey Mr steps man we need 12 steps to getting off religion, all kinds while there’s still enough gas in the tank to get the family to the homeless shelter. Fewer than 12 if you can work it and make’em easy to understand. Mental giant they’re not.

  • Angela

    Butterfly, I want you to know that I’m not a republican nor do I label my self in one political group or another. I’m a BIBLE BELIEVING evangelical christian and although I don’t agree w/what happened at Fox with one of their 5:00pm anchors who was fired, I do however watch Shephard Smith, Fred Barnes and of course Bill O’Reilly and Greta Van Sustern and again, I stopped watching network news quite awhile ago because they are very biased. In addition, I vote my values not party nor do I vote for someone just because we are the same color. I have a choice: vote for someone who I don’t agree with or vote for someone who shares some of my moral values and wants to uphold them (I wont say I’m voting for the lesser of two evils; not the right thing to say). In addition, I am totally against the so called “Mega church, soothe me, meet my felt needs, don’t tell me that I need to change just make me feel good” mentality nor do I hold any type of false pastor or preacher up as an idol. I get my daily bread from God’s word reading, memorizing scripture in the Holy Spirit and allowing God’s shepherd (my pastor) to preach the whole counsel of God not the soft, new fangled tolerant, don’t judge me, false gospel which creates un-holy, carnal christians. Hope that answers your questions.

  • Butterfly3

    Angela – How can you support McCain, knowing that he’s an adulterer and supports the torture of your fellow man? How is that any better than supporting a pro-choice candidate? It IS “the lesser of two evils” in my opinion. Is abortion the only moral issue that resonates with you? What about torture, war, lying, destruction of God’s earth, greed, and fearmongering? Because McCain has stood by and supported all of these things that the current administration has done, which is utterly immoral and unChristian.In addition to that, have you personally adopted any children? I’ve noticed that the vast majority of “pro-life” people I’ve talked to don’t themselves have adopted children, even if they are happily married and can afford it. It stinks of hypocrisy to me.I’m not trying to be mean, I just can’t stand inconsistency.

  • Butterfly3

    Angela – How can you support McCain, knowing that he’s an adulterer and supports the torture of your fellow man? How is that any better than supporting a pro-choice candidate? It IS “the lesser of two evils” in my opinion. Is abortion the only moral issue that resonates with you? What about torture, war, lying, destruction of God’s earth, greed, and fearmongering? Because McCain has stood by and supported all of these things that the current administration has done, which is utterly immoral and unChristian.In addition to that, have you personally adopted any children? I’ve noticed that the vast majority of “pro-life” people I’ve talked to don’t themselves have adopted children, even if they are happily married and can afford it. It stinks of hypocrisy to me.I’m not trying to be mean, I just can’t stand inconsistency.

  • Angela

    Butterfly, Am I not supposed to vote? I cannot vote for Obama, I just can’t. Sin is sin isn’t it…adultery, lying, coveting, breaking God’s commandments. Also, I have read some of what he’s written and his books are very liberal. Abortion is not the only moral issue I have. It’s lying, hypocrisy, and race bating which are also issues for me. In addition, if you say anything against him, even when it’s important issues as we should know and find out what the man running for president really stands for, the media and the liberal websites make you look like a racist. I’m african american and think it’s horrific; brainwashing people or making people say evil is good and good is evil. Also, I must say: people always bring up the fact that we who speak about abortion should adopt. I must tell you: I’m quite I can do more but to answer your question, I once opened my home to a relatives’ new born, crack-addicted baby (had her for 2 1/2 years), and didn’t request any support from the City nor the State and after picking her up from the hospital when she was five months old and approx 5 lbs., the state awarded her back to her unstable mother just because she was the mother and she was still not clean. In addition, I give to several missions including World Vision, Lifeway Ministries, Charles Stanley’s missions and Aids Orphans in Africa, Voices of the Martyrs (the persecuted church all around the world) kids in Mozambique, Samaritans’ Purse, and Compassion. My spirit tells me not to vote for Obama. If I did, I would be going against my moral beliefs and my conviction. I cannot suppress my conscience.

  • Leo

    Norm, you mean to say Antonin Scalia is NOT an activist jurist? Maybe you should read his dissent in yesterday’s decision. There is no Supreme Court justice more political than Scalia, except his mentee, Thomas perhaps. McCain wants more of those kinds of judges, and that is truly scary.

  • Leo

    Norm, you mean to say Antonin Scalia is NOT an activist jurist? Maybe you should read his dissent in yesterday’s decision. There is no Supreme Court justice more political than Scalia, except his mentee, Thomas perhaps. McCain wants more of those kinds of judges, and that is truly scary.

  • Rick Ewing

    I’ve never heard of McCain evwn going to church. This would all be so hypocritical!

  • Leo

    Norm, you mean to say Antonin Scalia is NOT an activist jurist? Maybe you should read his dissent in yesterday’s decision. There is no Supreme Court justice more political than Scalia, except his mentee, Thomas perhaps. McCain wants more of those kinds of judges, and that is truly scary.

  • Butterfly3

    Good for you for taking care of that little one, Angela, you are a good person for doing that. I have an uncle who’s a born-again Christian, constantly telling me how pro-life he is. He and his wife make good money, own their own home, have one kid of their own, and they never bothered to adopt a child that needed a home. The absolute worst part is that he (along with my mother) were adopted!Obama isn’t the horrible person that you make him out to be. If you don’t agree with his policy positions, fine, but I don’t understand all these people basically saying he’s the devil in disguise. I don’t agree with labeling everyone who won’t vote for him as a racist because that really is silly. But the media and the R’s constantly lie and spread vicious rumors about him and people just eat up with a spoon. I get really annoyed when people say he’s this awful person when I have yet to see evidence of that, just a lot of right-wing lies and talking points. “Liberal” is not a dirty word and I wish you wouldn’t use it as such. There are many liberal people who are good Christians, and even many liberal nonreligious people who do a lot of good for their communities. There are wacko leftists for sure, but in the last ten years or so I have seen nothing but hypocrisy and greed from the so-called “moral” majority, who presume to tell me and anyone else that will listen that we are hell-bound heathens, only to turn around and do the SAME horrible things that they accuse people like me of doing. And then good Christian people continue to vote for these hypocrites just because they don’t want to vote for a “liberal”. You should vote ’cause we all should, but I just don’t understand how anyone can support a party that has done so many awful and immoral things. Abortion may be a big deal to you, but blowing up living, breathing little kids in a foreign country, in my mind, is a million times worse. And torturing living, breathing human beings, especially considering the fact that Jesus himself was tortured to death, is the height of hypocrisy. Difference of opinion.Sorry so long – Gotta get going – have a good weekend!

  • BGone

    There seems to be a lot of “dyed in the wool” Republicans here abouts. It must be something awful to think McCain is the best one’s party can do. He couldn’t be any worse than Bush but when is he going to get his foot off his own bottom lip? He’s taken every stand on every issue so far so he’s gotta be right, occasionally. I detect a little combat fatigue from his battle for the nomination with Bush 8 years ago, like Hillary and Obama,, in about 8 years.He should go for the “God vote” for sure. Only God can help him now. About that being in the burning bush, the one McCain knows was Lucifer….. How unwise of him to stay in church that he never attends anyhow and let Obama leave. The Devil may care if McCain’s lucky. But then how lucky are those who have not seen yet believe? Lucifer cares about them for sure.Is it “cap and trade” that has the energy, (oil and coal) companies so upset with McCain they’re supporting Obama? Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and acid rain are good fer ya. A splash of nitrous oxide can cause you to laugh your head clean off.The real problem that’s world wide is there’s too many people for good old mother earth to keep in a manner to which we have become accustomed. That could be the cause of the missing God vote and a lot more as well. Birth control, gay marriage and anything else that limits population is sinful,, except war of course. Think how much easier they are to kill while they are still in the womb compared to how hard it becomes after they’re issued their assault rifles and learn how to make roadside bombs. Maybe McCain would be well advised to notice that and forget about the Devil vote?

  • Carol

    Angela,FOX News, the “We Report, You Decide” network, DECIDED all by itself which presidential candidates ought to be in the debates, irrespective of the candidate’s fund-raising numbers or the strength of their organizations, and uninvited those THEY DECIDED didn’t deserve to be heard. In other words, “They didn’t report, they decided.”They tampered with an election. They are now slime in my estimation.

  • Dave

    Abortion is the pre-eminent reason I will vote for Senator McCain and could never vote for Senator Obama (or any pro-choice candidate including Rep. Rudy Guiliani).

  • Welding

    Thank god the Republicans are finished.They are simply to be cast into the wilderness (again) without a second thought. For 16, 20 maybe 30 years before they rise from the dead like zombies.Many of us will never see another ‘Pube administration in our lifetimes, thank god. —

  • melissa

    It took twenty years of attending a church (including having his children baptised there and writing in his book that his pastor was his mentor in Christianity) before he realised suddenly that his pastor was a raving bigot who had a problem with and dislike for white people and America.Now he wants to launch the “Joshua Generation” unaware that the Joshua Generation has been used for over a decade by homeschoolers to describe their movement. Obama has renounced his former pastor. He now wears a flag pin on his lapel. But he wants to court the evangelicals- with a name familiar to them as applying to another group. He’ll have to change that. And he has yet to renounce his position on abortion and declare there is only one way to salvation- a basic tenet of Christian believers. America has many Pastors (of all races) who are well-grounded in the tenets and principles of Christianity who will confront and correct him in these and other areas where he has “missed the mark” of a true Christian.

  • Roy

    In desperation, McCain will abandon his priciples sell out again to neochristians just like he sold out to neocons. After all, it worked for Cheney two times combined with Rovian politics of fear and hatred.Hopefully, McCain and his “evangelicals” are due for a surprise in November.


    How can McCain close the God gap? He can’t without outing himself as a complete hypocrite. McCain can’t fake faith that doesn’t exist.Obama obviously has a serious commitment to religious life and practices, even if his life and practices don’t fall under the “rules of acceptability” held by some Christian conservative talking heads.As an observant Jewish physician practicing medicine in rural Tennessee, I can describe many experiences where my observant conservative Christian patients have told me that they’d rather have me care for them than some faux Christian conservative.

  • Roy

    Angela has BDS (Bush Delusional Syndrome) if she believes Fox News is “fair and balanced” and that her neochristians love life.Both support pre-emptive war, capital punishment and torture. Real American “Christian” values.

  • Rikki Simm

    Now if we can just close his mouth as well, the country might have a chance.

  • Anonymous

    Frankly, I am deeply concerned by the voices of the “new left”. The left I knew as a child was not the deeply racist anti-semitic left of today. I will not place a vote that increases racial division and turns its back on Israel. I am deeply disappointed- but intend to vote for McCain.

  • GOP Street Against McBush

    From a real Christian Conservative, some ways McCain can rev it up by:

  • Brad McGrew

    What a joke, there is no such thing as the big liberal media. It is the center right corporate media.

  • Captive_Audience

    Here you are stirring up the abortion issue again. Where in the Bible is a stance on abortion the sole and primary test of being a good Christian. Evangelicals unleashed the worst president in American history on this nation the last 8 years. It’s time for them to rise above knee-jerk manipulation and realize that they have some responsibility to the rest of the nation and the rest of the world to make wise choices, not just follow a pack of ego-maniac, press-crazed, power hungry pastors without question. Let’s hope they can rise to a higher level in this election. They sure didn’t do the country any favors in the past ones.

  • lillian

    Captive A says-“Here you are stirring up the abortion issue again.”The “abortion issue” will not go away until abortion goes away.”This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now CHOOSE LIFE, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the LORD your God, listen to His voice, and hold fast to Him.””But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”

  • BGone

    The abortion issue won’t go away even if abortion goes away. Those bastards will be raised on welfare like they were before conservatives, Republicans, folks of great faith demanded abortion be legalized so their taxes could be lowered. Welfare was the issue before legal abortion.Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The choice is not to abort or not abort but tax or not tax. That’s why after 20 years of “pro life” administrations nothing has been done about outlawing abortion. Abortion kills babies and un-abortion kills real conservatives bankrolls. They hate taxes worse than sin. Can’t have your way in both cases.Give it up. You’ve been duped and now you’re being dumped. Abortion is the “sucker” issue. Dumb evangelicals. Yeah, sure, the God vote. It’s the sucker vote.

  • numi

    Keep this up. There’s nothing funnier than reading the whinging comments of the deluded accusing each other of being more sinful than the next guy. I love it. Better yet, act on it. But what to do? If you can’t vote for sin, don’t vote. It’s the only way, innit?As far as I can see, the Republicanites are neck deep in sin. Fake wars, billions looted, untold misery and more on the way. Hate the poor, hate the different, hate the dusky, it just never ends, does it? Worship the rich, worship the dollar, worship the free market, just play your born again ‘get out of hell free’ card and you’re a keeper. What garbage.As an atheist, I figure gods can take care of themselves, and if they can’t, well they’re pretty innefective gods, no?And can you explain to me how McSame and his family accrue credit card debt in the hundreds of thousands and pay 0% interest? Must be the Amex god smiling down on thier personal rectitude. Hang em all and let Jesus sort em out.

  • BGone

    nodimmi:Could you explain that a little. I prefer the vote for what? Who is shariah? Never heard of him/her. I voted for Gravel. Everybody deserves at least one vote. Gravel didn’t even vote for himself. Shariah one of that kind? What’s he/she running for, president, of what?numi: – I’m with you, attempting suicide by laughter, why I hang around here. Being an atheist you’re missing out on all the fun of pointing out that the Bible, along with excluded sacred scriptures says the supernatural being in the burning bush was the biggest Devil of them all, Lord of hell, Lucifer. That explains all your other observations, (Shariah another one of Lucifer’s faithful?).There is but one deadly sin, calling Lucifer God. Jesus, son of Lucifer forgives all the other sins, lying, cheating, stealing as long as they make big contributions, and of course killing those who don’t deserve to live. There’s a real mad rush to get into hell as you have observed, and it’s working too. Bush is just now leaving the Vatican, says it all.

  • Welding

    haha “target” Latinos. “target” Jews. Those are some real winning phrases – yeah McCain – do that !!Does anyone remember words like “persuade” or “influence” ? Is everything a hunting accident to Anyone remember when you could vote intelligently and still go back to being friends with your neighbor ?The sad thing is that McCain is one of the very, very few ‘Pubes with a shred of dignity and honor inside him. The GOP had to swallow his candidacy like a little kid swallows bad medicine. Now he’s spending his last bits of dignity pandering to the base, because he knows it’s going to take a miracle. Na-ga-da as Poppy used to say.”Eye of the Needle” Christians do not belong in the same bed with capitalist pigs – it isn’t natural, ok? It’s unholy. Anyone remember why the “neocons” hate McCain right down to their toes ? 1. Because he wants to take SOME of the money out of politics. Because he knows Thomas Jefferson AND Jesus would have been stupefied by the situation as it is today. And the minute god would encounter nitwits like Reverend Wright or Jerry Falwell there would be a big “ZAP” from the sky and all the evil “ministers” would be barbecued. 2. Because “neocons” know McCain, as a real, bona-fide military man understands that wars ain’t so simple. You have to raise taxes to pay for wars. People don’t enjoy seeing their kids and friends get killed. You can’t just hire mercenaries and contractors to do it. You can’t expect retrograde Muslims to wake up one day as good Jeffersonians. You see — McCain is smart, and Sonny Boy is a rank idiot and a punk. We could have iced Saddam and gotten out in 6 months, and had some tractors left over to help with Katrina – and some people to drive them.Now all our reserves are committed and busted up and 10,000 miles away and our own country is falling apart. “Mission Accomplished”. They worked so hard to buy the Presidency for the Lil Doofus. They thought they bought a marionette but they got a brain-dead coke-head who drank too much Chivas – you can hear it in his voice. Let’s not have McCain smashing the car into MORE trees. Plus my Mom says he’s a little on the old side – “long in the tooth” she says. 4. Because they know McCain actually cares about normal people and he would be far too busy fixing our decaying economy to bother with their crusades.I hope the “neocons” enjoy seeing their precious “tax cuts” (all on the credit card) get pumped into their gas tanks to enrich dictator-sheiks and retarded Texans. While real American people see their world shrink. Real nice – just what Jefferson & Lincoln & Jesus would advise.”NO NATION BUILDING” was their main whine before they took power – now the stock market is headed down to the exact same number it was when the Bush-dolt took office: 11,500. Nice job “economic conservatives”. (fyi – the Retard in Chief has a big degree in Economics.) Imagine the distress of people like Poppy and Baker and Kissinger when they see the Bush-dolt slamming the car into trees. It’s pretty amusing to think of their pain.3. “Neocons” don’t like their puppets to be TOO smart or independent, and McCain is. (punks are ok – McCain is not.) Then “maverick-dude” goes and says insanely logical things like “we could be there for 100 years” – he just doesn’t have the finesse, and the media will make mincemeat out of him, which is a pity, because he’s a pretty good guy fundamentally. But we’ve already got a stupid Maverick, and it’s not good. Let’s not let a smart Maverick drive this time around. The radiator’s leaking and the supercharger fried up all the oil in the engine. The “neocons” have “hired” McCain to be their scapegoat is the sad fact. Sort of like they hired him to take the hits in Vietnam – all for nothing. Now he’ll take one more for the Gipper. Very sad.4. Because the far Right knows McCain is too smart to get involved in the quicksand of abortion, gay issues and religion in general. All they can hope for is he keeps paying lip service, but yapping is all they can do at this point because the people are tired of it. Nothing is going to get by the Democratic Congress for many years to come – the GOP loses more seats again this time – it’s all in the cards – preordained.In January we, the people will control the entire govt. and with god’s help, intelligence and honor we can start to fix what the evil neo-capitalist-cons (or whatever in hell they are) have done to our country. Say “bye-bye” ‘Pubes – everything you worked for the last 40 years has evaporated into thin air because you got too greedy.—

  • Barry C

    In reading both 1. Berlinerblau’s article ANDone has all the evidence needed to show that Separation of Church and Church — especially separating the Religious Right and politicking — is an absolute necessity to preserve our attempt at democracy.One is an enabler of theocracy when voting based on single-issue “values” handed down by Religious Right leaders with hidden power and financial motives — or less politely, one is a faith-blinded dupe who needs a civics lesson.

  • McCain Loves women!

    McCain, who calls his former mistress and now second wife of 22 years his junior, “cu**” (true and taped, has great supporters in Texas, like this guy:Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign canceled a fund-raiser at the home of an 86-year-old oilman, Clayton Williams, after the campaign faced questions about comments Mr. Williams made in the 1990 campaign for Texas governor.At the time, Mr. Williams, a Republican who was running against Ann Richards, made a joke about rape and said he would campaign against Ms. Richards, a Democrat, as he would deal with a cow on his ranch: “head her and hoof her and drag her through the dirt.”

  • Rev. E. Raleigh Pimperton III

    My congregation and I have come to the conclusion that we don’t know what Sen. McCain is talking about most of the time. One of the parishoners even refers to him as “Sen. Magoo,” fairly fitting, unfortunately. In contrast to this incoherence, Sen. Obama is clear enough, too clear, in fact, because he can’t hide he’s embarrassed and trying to escape from his long-time association with Rev. Wright and Father Pfleger. Believe it or not, we might have preferred Hillary. Ironically, perhaps, her atheism is attractive because it’s obvious she has no “Pastor Problem.”

  • P. Dumbarton Oakley IV

    I agree overall with Rev. Pimperton but would expand it to say I don’t understand Obama, either. Fortunately, my income is in euros.

  • Clay Bullröhr

    Considering the religion question and the quality of the candidates, rather than the first Tuesday in November, I recommend the Election be moved forward to Hallowe’en.

  • Bohdan Balzic

    In Eastern Europe in general, except for Serbia, the majority is very pleased with President Bush and is puzzled as to why he wants to or must step down in January. The US is important to us, however Sen. McCain seems mostly intent on continuing war in Iraq (wasn’t it ended 5 years ago?) and attacking Iran. We don’t see how this is helpful to anyone. So far as Sen. Obama is concerned, the Chicago Slavic diaspora is anything but happy with his heretical religious and pro-Soviet associations. Perhaps he needs a sabbatical in Zimbabwe. What’s the matter with America’s Democrats and Republicans? 300 million people and these two are the candidates to lead the Free World? You can see why we’d like Mr. Bush to stay in office.

  • Dwight

    McCann should stand against abortion and homosexuality, two themes true christians are against.

  • Adrasteia

    John McCain is a man with a terrible temper who cheated on his first wife and married less than a month after he divorced her. Then he has the unmitigated gall to call Bill Clinton’s tacky behavior a character flaw.I can accept a character flaw but not a hypocrit with a character flaw. He can court the religious right all he wants, if they fall for his phony morality they deserve what they get: a president who do whatever he wants regardless of promise or oath. Gee, sounds like the pig-in-a-poke they bought in 2000.

  • karen

    John McCain’s first wife-“For nearly 30 years, Carol has maintained a dignified silence about the accident, McCain and their divorce. But last week at the bungalow where she now lives at Virginia Beach, a faded seaside resort 200 miles south of Washington, she told The Mail on Sunday how McCain divorced her in 1980 and married Cindy, 18 years his junior and the heir to an Arizona brewing fortune, just one month later.Carol insists she remains on good terms with her ex-husband, who agreed as part of their divorce settlement to pay her medical costs for life. ‘I have no bitterness,’ she says. ‘My accident is well recorded. I had 23 operations, I am five inches shorter than I used to be and I was in hospital for six months. It was just awful, but it wasn’t the reason for my divorce. ‘My marriage ended because John McCain didn’t want to be 40, he wanted to be 25. You know that happens…it just does.’” She’s a good woman. She supports her ex-husband’s candidacy for president. If forced to speak publically- people will be surprised.

  • Karen

    I will tell you what makes McCain a non-starter with people of faith. First, he is anti-woman. His campaign symbol should be a wire coat hanger because he is going to send women to back alleys as soon as he can. He is anti-family because he doesn’t favor universal health insurance. He is anti-Judaism by allying himself with Hagee and Lieberman, both of whom are in favor of Jesus slaughtering the Jews at the parousia. He is pro-war and that war is an unjust war.He is, in short, against the values that matter to those of us who vote our values. Women he wants to consign to death by infection. Kids he wants to consign to ERs and status asthmaticus. Men he doesn’t care how long they stay in harm’s way so long as Bush’s Oedipal war, launched to show that he has a bigger set of equipment than his father, goes on unabated.Any of us who care about the way the country is going can see through this buzzard and will vote against him. And stop sniping at Obama. Your bigotry is showing and it’s not pretty.

  • BGone

    Bohdan Balzic:You may get your wish. Mr Bush has buddied up to the pope a lot lately. He could have struck a deal where the pope crowns him king of planet earth. That’s not very likely however.What he is doing at the Vatican is most likely trying to sway Catholic Americans, (contradiction in terms like African Americans) to vote for McCain. Then there is that nagging, aggravating feeling he’s getting the pontifical blessing for operation PERP.You and Americans alike need to get a better handle on how the US government works. Policies are decided by an elite, a ghost government and the president only carries out their orders. No one besides them and those with snooping devices, Soviets for example know what those orders are before they are executed. Then there are those with crystal balls, astrological charts and even those who read the history of Eastern Europe that make guesses. Operation PERP is one of those guesses.In case you’re not familiar with your won history, a few centuries back an Eastern European sage predicted with great accuracy both world wars and all the weapons including atomic, biological and chemical types unheard of at the time of the prediction. He also predicted that WW3 would begin during the first 10 years of century 21. And of course he predicted operation PERP.So it doesn’t matter who is president. The elite that run the world make the decisions. Therefore, the one that wins always lies a lot just to get elected and thankfully doesn’t really matter. Some of us place bets. The short odds are on Obama at the moment but that can change, “with faith” -what Jacques Berlinerblau is attempting to do.By the way. Operation PERP approves abortion for the needy to well after the third trimester. The pope and he alone is the one chartered by the son of God, Jesus to make such approvals. He has the power to forgive all sins as well as make the most innocent of things, eating meat on Friday for example deadly sins.

  • mark

    BGONE-Who is Shariah?Its from the musical West Side Story.Remember- The most beautiful sound I ever heard:

  • GOP Street Against McSlime

    Do tell us, Jacques, how it is that you and other hacks continue to play stenographer to a guy who:

  • Mohan

    Can a Muslim become President of America?

  • d,h. falk

    Your 12-step program for Mccain sounds more like advice on how to do the Goose step.

  • Goobers

    Can a sinner like McCain be elected?