Will McCain Stand Up to Prejudice?

“Has it really gotten this bad?” my wife said to me as we listened to NPR yesterday morning while getting … Continued

“Has it really gotten this bad?” my wife said to me as we listened to NPR yesterday morning while getting ready for work.

Mara Liasson was interviewing a group of swing voters about their presidential leanings, and one of them said: “I don’t trust Osama.”

Slight, deliberate pause. “I mean Obama.”

“It’s only one letter difference,” Mr. Fasano helpful explained.

Then he walked further down the path of prejudice: “His middle name is ‘Hussein.’ He comes from a Muslim family.”

You could almost hear him leaning into the microphone at this point. “It’s not right,” he scolded. “I fear for America if he comes in.”

I guess Mr. Fasano missed the part in Obama’s 2004 DNC speech when he talked about “the hope of a skinny kid with a funny name who believes America has a place for him, too.”

After reading Andrea Elliott’s New York Times piece about the marginalization that Muslims have felt in the Obama campaign, I wonder if Mr. Obama needs to revisit that speech also.

Every Presidential campaign is an opportunity to affirm America’s core values – to ourselves and the world. I hope this campaign starts living up to one of those values, best articulated by Senator Clinton… “there are no acceptable prejudices in the 21st century in our country.”

Not against somebody’s gender. Not against somebody’s race. Not against somebody’s religion.

Which makes me think about the time John Edwards said, back when he was in the running, that he didn’t want the votes of people who refused to vote for Senator Clinton because of her gender and Senator Obama because of his race.

What if Mr. McCain put on his homepage tomorrow that he doesn’t want the votes of people like Mr. Fasano who proudly proclaim that they are not voting for Mr. Obama because they don’t like his name or the religion of his grandfather?

After all, it is America’s openness and tolerance that is allowing McCain and his wife to raise an adopted daughter from Bangladesh in this great country. It is an open and tolerant America that McCain has fought for as both a warrior and a statesman.

There are many things that Republicans and Democrats, rightly, argue about.

There are some things that all decent Americans, rightly, should stand up for.

You’ve done it before for this country, Senator McCain. Now is the time to do it again.


The Bridge

The first in a weekly series about people and programs bridging the faith divide.

After Aubrey Rose heard Imam Yayha Hendi speak at her Catholic Church, the 15-year-old set out to create an interfaith project. She met Ziyad El Baz, a Muslim high school student, at the same event, and together they organized a Day of Interfaith Youth Service (DIYS) for their town, Frederick, Maryland. The students who participated cleaned and landscaped a house for Way Station, Inc., which serves people with mental disabilities. Their interfaith group has already begun brainstorming future events to continue this movement of interfaith service and dialogue. At only fifteen, Aubrey Rose has helped to bridge the faith divide.

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  • ZZim

    Hey CCNL, what does all that crap have to do with the discussion topic? Can you go grind your axe in a different forum please?Thanks.

  • jenna

    We can’t get Obama on his policies because people like his ideas on health care and tax cuts for the middle class and protecting American security by attacking al Qaeda in Pakistan. So what do we do to win the election. Let’s keep people from learning about what Obama really stands for. Instead lets attack him on his funny name and hope that enough people will be afraid of him for no reason other than that, and maybe we can win one more election. Keep the people afraid.

  • Paganplace

    “7. Paganism- there are simply too many cults to list the flaws and foundations.”Not that you’ve been able to articulate a single one, despite months of trying to label them before learning about them. 🙂

  • Paganplace

    One gets the impression some folks aren’t *interested* in bridging any faith divides, when fears and misconceptions are just so *convenient,* eh? I did used to think McCain was a respectable opposition candidate, for once, but he’s already sold out any supposed ‘maverick’ principles, once. For the sake of the country, though, I agree he should speak out against this fearmongering, even if letting the party and Swiftboaters keep one’s hands clean is standard practice for the conservatives, these days.

  • Paganplace

    ” see you failed the test and read the “for the eyes” of newbies only”. Naughty, Naughty!!”Actually, all I did was not *respect* your little demand, there. “And swinging around May poles can’t be the most healthy thing in the world. A flaw? Or an oddity?”I dunno, there’s a flaw in your assertion Maypoles are for *swinging.* But as for healthy, a little exercise and laughter might do you a bit of good. 🙂 As for that other gobbledegook, I’ve already corrected you on a great deal of it, and that didn’t seem to stop you from repeating it, now, did it?

  • Paganplace

    Though I will say, if you think Christian scribes are so ‘flawed,’ why are you so anxious to believe in their stories about people they considered ‘enemies?’It is, of course, true, that the legends about Patrick and Columba basically have em running around killing Pagans and destroying stuff, often over very personal slights.. It’s just kind of part of the propaganda, the ‘Mine’s bigger than yours’ sort of deal. There’s a lot of old stories, too, where they turned local gods or heroes into ‘saints,’ again for the conversion of others and erasure of the native heritage.No, modern Pagans aren’t the same as any given ancient tribe, …a lot’s happened since then, and it’d pretty much defeat the purpose of our acceptance of reincarnation if we were to apply your sort of literalist mind to the sources that do exist, after all that’s happened since then, we’d be pretty sucky at what we believe we do, wouldn’t we? :)One of your premises seems to be a notion that words fix something in stone, and can’t be changed, thus you can obsess on claiming to ‘deflaw’ everyone else in the world. Things can get better. People can get better. There’s no point to either over-idealizing or over-demonizing the ancients if you don’t believe people can *learn.* We have a heritage, not a ‘holy book’ to refer to slavishly.

  • Francisco Cardenas

    Why should McCain speak up for Obama … Obama failed to speak out against the sexism directed at Hillary Clinton … and neither did his wife!

  • Athena

    Good article, Mr. Patel. I wouldn’t hold your breath for McSameasBush to decry the “Obama’s a Moslem which is BAD” nonsense.

  • thishowiseeit

    It’s not a prejudice to state the Islam is not compatable with democracy; it is the truth, besause in a democratic society we all are equal under the law. Women are equal to men, believers are equal to nonbelievers. Not so in Islam.

  • Concerned The Christian Now Liberated

    Paganplace, Paganplace, Paganplace,The Wiccans I know “swing” around their Maypoles, with a rope in one hand and a “Bud/mead” in the other :))Hmmm, you have a counter to the fact that Pontius Pilate and Nero were infamous pagans? As in they were pagans but not Wiccans. Are you sure???? Mel Gibson needs to make another movie to give us the correct version.

  • Paganplace

    “Hmmm, you have a counter to the fact that Pontius Pilate and Nero were infamous pagans? “What, Pontius Pilate, who actually was on yer man Jesus’ *side* in the story, but the theocratic authorities demanded blood, so he ‘washed his hands’ of the matter?Or Nero, who was clearly a nutter and completely offended all the precepts of Roman Pagan society with his Nero-worship? No, I see no need to counter anything, except your attempt to associate Wiccans with these characters?

  • Paganplace

    “Not so in Islam.” Which might be a little more relevant if Senator Obama were even actually Muslim, …and *then* you’d have to start making your case for how he’s not running on democratic principles. Your opinion of Islam, prejudiced or not, has nothing to do with the fact this is a smear-and-fear campaign. As for building interfaith bridges, it hardly helps that way, either.

  • Roy

    In his better days (which he has seen), McCain would have stood up to the hatred and prejudice. Don’t expect it to happen now that he has sold out to Cheney and has become a Rovian politician using wedge issues of race, religion, fear and hatred.If he would spend more time talking about the issues and his solutions an how he might be any different than Bush, he might have some credibility. Like McCain, his campaign plan is the same: swift-boat the opposing candidate. Let’s hope Americans don’t fall for this again a third time.

  • Paganplace

    I gotta say, Roy, that all those ‘stands’ he took against torture, as a victim of torture, even in early primary debates, kind of set me up for disappointment when he reversed that ‘strong’ position to appeal to yer Hagees and other Religious Right figures. Not that I’d have voted for him, but I really thought at first he might at least restore some respect and dignity to the election. Then he has to go and do all this stuff. Still claims to be a ‘maverick,’ but he *caved on everything*

  • Paganplace

    I mean, I did respect his principled stand on torture, having been tortured himself. He said he’s close Guantanamo when all the other Republican candidates were falling all over each other to say they’d ‘double’ it, ‘Triple it,’ ‘I’ll double-dog-double it…’Till Religious Right money came in, then he changed his mind on torture being either acceptable, efficacious, or something the United States of America should lower herself to under any circumstances… If torture does anything useful, the NVA had the man for Gods-know how long under what conditions. He should recuse himself if he believes that. Wuss.

  • DoTheRightThing

    Assuming the leftist NPR “report” was composed of newsworthy and unbiased material was the first mistake you (and your wife) made. Your second mistake was to go for the “…Osama – I mean Obama” faux Freudian slip. It’s a common mistake of non Arabic speakers – CNN’s “The Situation Room” once showed a photo of a roomful of Taliban-looking Muslim clerics overwritten by the text, “Where’s Obama?”

  • ZZim

    It’s not his problem. How about if he agrees to do it when Obama agrees to meet him in a town-hall style debate like he said he would? They could kill 2 birds with one stone. They could start the debate by issuing a joint statement that they want to both campaign on the issues and only the issues. Then McCain could speak out specifically against the racist and anti-Muslim arguments being made against Obama and Obama could speak out against the personal attacks that have been made against McCain regarding his age and his trophy wife.If the 2 men stood together at the podium and laid out the ground rules that they expect their supporters to adhere to it would send a powerful message that this is a different sort of campaign. One that is about the issues – by the personal decree of the 2 men running it.

  • Earl C

    In light of the above comments and the Jsmes Dobson spat, I took the advice written about by others and read Obama’s 2006 speech. I found no “bad” Christian doctrine or “confused” biblical information as indicated by James Dobson the other day. Yes, Dobson’s name was mentioned once as were other religous leaders across the country. None were singled out as being crackpots or other than influencial spokespeople for the relgious community and the religious dialogue. Obama recognized that there are differences in opinion among Christians. He very thoughtfully discussed the work of a Christian politician in the work of government. The speech also cntained Obama’s personal testimony, which is very interesting indeed. It should put to rest the whole Muslim business. To attack Obama for this speech in the way that it was done is to show how small the attacker is. If anyone other Obama had given this speech, there would have been no problem. Dobson, unfortunately, is too tied up in Republican politics, regardless of his statements.

  • Concerned The Christian Now Liberated

    Some Pagan groups accepting memberships now:(year founded)(Hmmm, besides specifying the flaws and errors of the major religions and cults, McCain and Obama should maybe join a pagan group to add yet some more pizzazz to the election)The Druid Order (1717) Ancient Order of Druids (1781) Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (1888)Church of the Universal Bond (1912)Feri Tradition (1950s)New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn (1968) Church and School of Wicca (1968) Circle Sanctuary (1974) Covenant of the Goddess (1975) Federation of Damanhur (1975) Radical Faeries (1979) (Interesting!!!) Aquarian Tabernacle Church (1979) Rowan Tree Church (1979) Arician Tradition (Stregheria) (1981)Children of Artemis (1995)

  • Griffin

    It will never happen. At least not seriously. He may mumble a few mild condemnations of the most outrageous examples (the Curious George tshirts, for example) but it will never go beyond doing just enough not to keep political moderates from thinking he’s a racist. Calling on Republican office holders to speak out about the evils of racism would seriously damage Nixon’s (in)famous ‘Southern Strategy’ that has put every GOP president in office since then. Even if Sen. McCain disagrees with his base’s ignoble fixation on Sen. Obama’s heritage, he won’t actively work to raise the debate because it would probably cost him the votes of his base.

  • Will Jones

    McCain is a small, petty, immoral person. Read his autobiography and know the chronology of his adultery.

  • Pierre JC

    Bravo, Mr. Patel. This is one of the funniest humor columns I’ve read in some time.

  • T. Wilens

    The religion of Islam is not a threat. The real threat is ignorance and prejudice.

  • Anonymous

    Weak attempt at a sleight of hand Eboo. Why are you bringing race into this? The interviewee that you supposedly heard never mentioned race. He mentioned Islam.

  • Athena

    More Pagans were killed by Christians than ever died under the Christian persecutions by the Roman Empire, CCNL. Look up Hypatia of Alexandria for a good example of such. And Julian the Blessed didn’t persecute Christians – he signed a “freedom of religion” doctrine that stopped the Christian persecution of followers of the Old Gods. And what is your point about Pagan groups accepting membership? The fact that we organize just like everyone else? Oooh, scary! Organized Pagans! Sorta like “jumbo shrimp”, huh? Did you know that the founder of one of those scary groups, the ADF, has written a comprehensive guide as to how to tell a cult from a religious group? #1 is that a religious group will allow people to leave if they wish to. Paganism and Wicca are not cults. We do not brainwash people, keep them in compounds against their will, ask them to fork over their income to support the church, or other nonsense. Nor do we slam other religions (although I do tend to punk on Scientology a lot, but that’s because they DO fit the definition of a cult). So, what exactly is your point, other than being a pain the behind?

  • VYB

    We all worship a higher spirit, no matter what the religion is called. Respect is due to everyone and to disrespect someone because they do not believe in what another one is saying is sad for America.

  • Skeptimal

    A good post, Mr. Patel. I wish John McCain would live up to his past. It is a cosmic irony that having been screwed as badly as anyone by GWB, he must now carry the mantle of W’s failed presidency.

  • emhb

    Who cares if Muslims get “offended?” These are the same people who cheered and clapped on 9/11. The same people who cut off the heads of their captives and pass the tapes around for kicks. The same people who stone women to death. The same people who think honor killings are OK. The same people who seek to impose religious intolerance upon the world. The same people who go ballistic over cartoons deemed “offensive.” The same people who issue death threats to impose their will on authors and writers. I’m sick of reading about their attrocities and their hatred and then being given the guilt trip to “understand” them. I want NOTHING to do with that religion unless it involves its destruction.

  • Concerned The Christian Now Liberated

    Athena, Athena, Athena,Hmmm, going way back in “recorded” history I see.With respect to the partial list of pagan groups, see my earlier listing of the flaws and errors of contemporary religions, i.e.”7. Paganism- there are simply too many cults to list the flaws and foundations. Wikipedia has a good review.””June 27, 2008 1:00 PM”The partial list was to reinforce said statement.You might also want to review all the commentaries on a thread before jumping to conclusions.

  • mkevinf

    Based on something I read recently – and I apologize that I don’t have the link – about 10% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. That’s not a good thing, but when you consider that a higher percentage believe that the moon landing was staged, it is not so alarming, given a very flawed human nature, including our brain that contributes to some of the crazy notions we have, cf. NYTimes, 6/28/08.I think Obama risks more than he gains in addressing the Muslim issue directly in a speech on the lack of Islamic influence on his life or whatever influence it may have had.I agree that it would be a good thing if John McCain were to reject any anti-Muslim votes. I’ll paraphrase Hubert Humphrey, who said, during the closely contested 1960 West Virginia primary battle against John F. Kennedy: “I do not want the vote of those would vote against my opponent based on his religion.”But Hubert Humphrey was – the 1968 Chicago convention notwithstanding – a man who stood above most of his generation.John McCain in some ways has been a positive example of his generation, but he would obviously gain moral stature by posting a Humphrey-esque rejection of bigotry.Then again, Humphrey lost that primary.

  • Lohengrin

    My understanding is that the Jewish tradition says that if the mother is Jewish, then the kid is automatically Jewish. In that case, isn’t Obama Jewish?The question is if Obama shows up in Israel, will he automatically be granted Israeli citizenship?

  • Ken

    McCain should stand up for Obama? If Obama can’t stand up for himself how can he stand up for the entire country?

  • Bob Thompson

    Patel,If this is how little you understand politics and campaigning, you need to forego political commentary.

  • M

    Is it wrong to consider a candidate’s beliefs and core values in deciding whether or not to vote for him or her? If we can’t consider the candidate’s beliefs and values, what can we consider? How well he or she raises money and smiles for the camera?In one paragraph, Mr. Patel equates voting based on race or gender with voting based on religion. That makes no sense. Race doesn’t tell us anything about the kind of leader someone would be, only how they will look. It’s similar with gender. Both of these attributes are something one is born with — not what one chooses. And neither race nor gender tells us a thing about someone’s beliefs or values or the decisions one might make as president.Religion is totally different. In America, thanks to the first amendment, we can each choose our religion. We can choose the church or mosque or synagogue we attend. Our religious beliefs represent core beliefs and values — the very things that inform a leader in times of trouble.In the case of Senator Obama, I agree it makes little sense to judge his name or the religion of his father which he appears never to have embraced. But that doesn’t make religion irrelevant. Obama has made religious choices that tell us about his values, and it’s fair for us to consider them. Senator Obama chose to attend and become a member of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago that was led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. What was it about that church that attracted him? What values and beliefs did he accept as a parishioner, and how do those values and beliefs inform the decisions he makes now? Recently, Obama denounced Wright and changed his membership to another church. That should tell us something, too — though different voters may draw different conclusions.Maybe some don’t think that’s very important. But for a lot of Americans, it is. After all, how many Americans are influenced in their voting habits by what they hear at church? They probably expect that the candidates’ views are shaped — at least in part — by what they hear in church, too. While I might be prepared to accept a President from different religions — whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or, yes, even Muslim — I’d still like to know something about the faith of a presidential candidate. I’m not prepared to vote for a devil worshipper or someone who believes in human sacrifice, to cite a couple extreme examples. I wouldn’t want to vote for a Muslim who subscribes to the subjugation of women or for a Christian who believes the apocalypse is at hand, either. I suspect Mr. Patel might even agree with me on that point.So let’s not pretend that religion is irrelevant when it comes to picking a President or that someone is prejudiced because they consider religion in casting their vote. Rather, I wonder if this article doesn’t illustrate the prejudice of intellectual elites against everyday religious Americans.

  • Lynn

    Obama and his minions have to be the whiniest, most paranoid group of people this country has ever produced.When Obama makes clear and unequivocal declarations on the front pages of his own websites that he doesn’t want a single vote based on his skin color, his religion, his father’s religion or his age, then we can talk about McCain defending the poor boy.Obama is shamelessly going after any vote he can get and blaming his heritage, rather than his inexperience on those he’s not getting. He can’t even handle the race, let alone the job. He’s got a lot of maturing to do before he’s ready for the White House.

  • Susannah

    Oh, knock it off!! Barack Obama ran an openly sexist campaign against Hillary Clinton playing deliberately on people’s prejudices. Obama said that Hillary’s “claws were coming out”, that “Periodically when she’s down, she lashes out in order to boost her appeal”, and that “She’s throwing the dishes at me”–not one of these statements would one ever say in regard to a male candidate. Oh, and don’t even get me started about what Obama’s slimy surrogates, like Jesse Jackson, Jr. (“Hillary cries for her hair, but not for Katrina victims”) and General McPeak (“Obama doesn’t have crying fits and isn’t finding his voice at 60”) have said about Hillary, or his disgusting surrogates in the media like Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. Furthermore, Obama never once called out any of these imbeciles. Bottom line, Obama is a dirt-bag and I don’t remotely feel sorry for him. It’s called karma and he deserves whatever he gets.

  • Bob Thompson

    We do not have a government that controls and/or tells citizens what personal prejudices to have or not regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. What we do have is some rules regarding this when the government or the public marketplace is involved. We also strive to elect officials who do not exhibit prejudices in their personal behavior since one may assume this may influence their public behavior.Beyond this, a candidate has no obligation to instruct his/her supporters regarding their personal thoughts on these issues.

  • Matt T

    The use of Clinton as an example of how a candidate should address racism would be laugable if this column, and others like them, didn’t have national impact. You must be smarter than that. Or has your memory gone? It was her campaign that sent around the Obama in Aftrican dress pictures (among many others) and it was Clinton herself who was vague when asked if she believed Obama was Christian. And if you are asking McCain to stand up to racism against Obama (none of which has come from his campaign), wouldn’t it be fair to ask Obama to denouce all those that try to color McCain as a racist?And to those who say McCain needs the racist vote, I would contend that there’s more evidence that Obama needs to paint himself as a victim of racism to get the liberal and white guilt vote.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. This is the victim card played as it never has been. Poor B Hussein. What’s a victim to do? He sits quietly, peacefully with his family in the front row of a church for twenty years. They listen to the rantings of a spittle spewing lunatic screech about how evil white America is. Then it hits the media and people, well, they object. How dare they object?Poor B Hussein. He is half white and half black – but for some reason, he only pretends to be black. He and his campaign play the race card on a regular basis and they act as if the KKK is burning crosses in the front yard of their miserable little slave quarters with outdoor plumbing. Poor Michelle. She has to attend an Ivy League school – one which rejects tremendous numbers of white people – and has to make do with the paltry millions they have managed to squirrel away while dodging the flaming arrows of racism at every turn. Why, her husband is only the democrat nominee for president of America – if only America were not such a racist, ignorant country – just imagine what they could do?Sorry Eboo – me dost think you complain too much.

  • Muhammad Hasan Wasim

    Its time to revamp our mindsets for a better tolerant world. Not to impose our ideologies on others for the sake of goodness and peace, but a better approach would be to first understand and then allow the space for one another’s concepts of living in this God-given earth.A nice effort indeed Mr.Patel!!!

  • Anonymous

    To dislike Senator Barack Obama’s political visions about this country is one thing. But when an ill-informed person finds it ok to say that Oh! Obama is one letter off from Osama; that shows that that person had just scrolled out from under the wet rock in the slimy swamp that he was hiding under. Unfortunately, I suppose that there is no soap that can wash up such a mess of a human being; likewise, I suppose that no brushing of his teeth and tongue can wash away the slim that sip through from such a mouth. Do yourself some good: Educate yourself and take off your hater suit, it has gotten too small for you to ware.

  • Robert

    I think this is the most fear-filled comment forum I have ever seen. Reading this collection of comments, I feel like I’m back in the fundamentalist church of fear I grew up in down in Tennessee.Obama will be the next president. And it won’t hurt you. Try to relax. Breathe. Take your medicine as prescribed.Exercise regularly.Read everything.

  • cliff jones

    Mr. Patel, we each have our own demons and biases. It isn’t Mr. McCain’s duty to try to exorcise them. He is running for a political office, not one of the clergy. Mr. Obama and his supporters have injected race into this campaign and are trying to exploit it through people like you. Mr. Obama should be talking about foreign policy and our economic future. Instead he plays the race card to mask his lack of experience and understanding.

  • mike

    I wonder if Obama will promise not to use age discrimination which he has alluded to in the past.

  • Anonymous

    There has been a disturbing amount of racism in this election so far. There has also been a cynical nasty edge of sexism and out and out verbal and not so subtle age discrimination. Some of the racism has been stirred by one of the candidates to get a reaction from his supporters. It works everytime, a rush to judgement on his behalf against the “racists”. You can only go to that well so many times before it starts to run dry.

  • St.Louis

    Dear Mr. Patel,Once again, you in the media have ignored everything Sen. McCain has stated with regard to bigotry of ANY KIND, in some bizarre attempt to “help” Sen. Obama win the presidency.To even suggest that Sen. McCain is affiliated with or condones irrational, hateful comments aimed at his competitor underscores your own immaturity, partisanship and, yes, a reverse bigotry. All you have to do is read the majority of these responses to your ignorant column, if you need proof of the types of people, who share the same mentality as you.With your assistance, our country’s chance to choose a president based on character, intelligence and experience, will, once again, fail.Maybe next you can propose that Sen. Obama apologize to Sen. McCain for every Obama supporter who is bashing Sen. McCain because of his age (you know, accusing him of being senile, suffering from PTSD, etc. etc.), his wife, his “fake” POW years, etc. Whatever happened to ethics in journalism? Or, do

  • Joe

    Poor Obama. He is sucha victim.

  • rene

    i’m afraid this country has yet to grow up. unfortunatly we are not ready to elect a woman, a black man, a mormon and jews need not apply. i site the extreme anti black votes in kentucky and west virginia as “i cannot vote for those not like me” standard.

  • MIke

    Obama should say he will not take the votes of anyone influenced by the liberal media who are in bed with Obama and are doing everything from selection, placement and tweaking of news stories to out right blatant distortions of facts and giving the Democratic party lines as facts. So much for campaign finance reform right, news media?

  • dunnage

    Obama needs to speak for himself.

  • Butch Dillon

    Patel, don’t hold your subcontinental breath waiting for McCain to raise his moral standards. McCain is nothing more than a Machiavellian pimp to his own ambition. Consult the book on his life-long sense of moral behavior (especially note the way he treated his wife and marriage vow during his post Vietnam days). He applies lip service to moral issues when necessary, but does not feel obliged to follow his own advisement or maintain a position when it interferes with his personal needs. McCain is a politician cut from a mold it would be better for us to discard rather than rehabilitate with a promotion.

  • Mike

    rene:i’m afraid this country has yet to grow up. unfortunatly we are not ready to elect a woman, a black man, a mormon and jews need not apply. i site the extreme anti black votes in kentucky and west virginia as “i cannot vote for those not like me” standard.I’m afraid this country has yet to grow up…just considering race and gender as the key issue.I can’t help reflecting back to the time when Dinkins was elected Mayor of New York. All the people were orgasmic. A whole new tone was set with people crying in the street and love was in the air even feces seam to smell good. And then…..and then Dinkin’s liberal polices started to kick in and the city long known as the Big Apple became the Rotten Apple. Dinkins and ultra liberalism turned this place into a pigsty in four short years. A very dangerous pigsty to boot. Under Dinkins crime skyrocketed, cops became demoralized and business fled to the suburbs. Of course Giuliani came in to restore the city and bring businesses back. Taxachusettes another ultra liberal bastion has been losing people and businesses since 2000. Many there were wandering what’s happening…ultra liberalism was killing that state.

  • James P. Krehbiel

    Dear Eboo Patel,

  • Deb Chatterjee

    Roy wrote (in response to Spencer 99)”There is nothing “wrong” about being a Muslim except in Cheney’s Jesuslandia where Muslims along with the Mexicans are used as the common enemy “du jour” by the descendants of hateful McCarthy Republicans who used fear of the “godless Communists” the same way for decades. Like Hitler, they rally the masses for control and political manipulation through a fear of a common enemy.”While Dick Cheney and his ilk have surely failed the Republican Party and USA for dragging the country into a needless war, the core doctrines of Islam remains today as evidences of the most barbaric religion. Just reading of the Quran makes this plain to anyone with some level of intelligence and sense of history. In contrast, Christ’s teachings have nothing to do with the bigoted political agendas of Reverend Pat Robertson, Dr. James Dobson, Rev. Billy Graham and their likes. To the best of my knowledge Christianity does not have any form of magnum opus like the Islamic Sharia. Or does it ? Regarding this thread started by the pan-Islamist Eboo Patel, McCain has more integrity on many issues that Obama doesn’t. Obama has a very thin resume but good scholarly record. On top of that he is a liberal, that is dangerous in the current atmosphere of terrorists poised to strike USA. Both McCain and Obama have no clue to solve the economic problems and how to keep oil prices in the reach. So, what’s the difference ? Well, billionaire George Soros is funding the left wing liberals – and hence benefitingv Obama, and, George Bush through his failed policies in Iraq, has shafted McCain. Unfortunately, Obama will get away because Americans are now anti-republican and surely pro-“change”. This reminds me of the Iran situation. The Iranians were tired of the corruption of the Reza Shah Pahlavi’s regime. So, they welcomed the Islamicf Revolution led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini with disastrous consequences. Are Americans not making the same mistake guided by the clouded judgement on “race” which by itself is now a well-played reliable card – thanks to (late) Johnny Cochran – O. J. Simpson’s defense lawyer

  • Paganplace

    “and out and out verbal and not so subtle age discrimination.”It’s not ‘age discrimination’ to point out that a candidate is well past the age where most of our folks had to take mandatory retirement so some employer could save on their health plan. McCain’s not exactly doing one-handed pushups on the Tonight Show, and the effects of age aren’t some prejudice someone made up: this is a reality of the human condition and a very valid concern, no disrespect intended to Sen. McCain, who’s no Kirk Douglass healthwise, and could be in his eighties by the time he finished his presidency.

  • Paganplace

    “On top of that he is a liberal, that is dangerous in the current atmosphere of terrorists poised to strike USA.”That’s an interesting assertion, Deb, since the conservative government presided over the biggest increase in terrorism in the history of the nation, alienated our friends, failed to seal the deal in Afghanistan, and turned Iraq into the very terrorist training ground they claimed they were acting against.

  • AxelDC

    Racism is a vile sin that plagues not only individuals, but societies.It defiles a nation by ranking people not according to merit, character or ability, but based broad assumptions not bourne out by fact or reason. While victims of racism are obviously aggrieved, it is the perpetrators of racism who really suffer. They deprive their nation of harmony and peace, commit grave injustices that mock the spirit of democracy, and deprive us all of the talents of their targets.

  • Ron

    Oboo Patel, you should preach tolerance in Gujarat in India (your root I believe) where thousands of Muslims were butchered by the state during the last riot a few years ago. Any thoughts?

  • Larrywp

    What if Obama put on his website tomorrow, sir, that he does not want the vote of anyone who calls Senator McCain a “warmonger”, or tries to interrupt his speeches with screams against the war, which, to me, is anti-American. I am not prejudiced against anyones religion. I am prejudiced against Islamo-Fascist Terrorists whose aim is to kill Americans and Westerners. I am very prejudiced against them. And I call upon you, sir, to DENOUNCE these radical Islamist Terror proponents. Have the courage to stand up and denounce them as the scum they are, and perhaps you will sway people like me who simply want to live in an America where liberty is prevalent for everyone.

  • Deb Chatterjee

    One thing that stands out is the undercurrent of pan-Islamism that is going to sweep November elections and Eboo Patel is no exception. He is the typical Muslim voice who would condemn his fellow co-religionists by stating that such and such is not Islam, praise the vacuous efforts of “Interfaith” congregations, but all of that is a whimper – full of sound and fury signifying nothing.Eboo is angry (as his blogs have often projected) at the fact that majority Americans have deep suspicions about Islam. Well, tough Eboo. Your religion, no matter how much whitewashing you and your other educated peer Fareed Zakaria does, has a self-proclaimed agenda of theocracy (Sharia). Today there are Sharia sanctioned stocks in vogue in USA and certainly in Europe. Muslims are still demanding slaughter of the Danish cartoonists. The recent teachings of history show that whereever Muslims have gone, thankjs to Allah, they have only one aim: Islamize and raise commotion/attract public attention if “respect” for Islam is not given. Even USA was not spared of this fanaticism: Muslim cabbies in St. Paul Minnesota refusing American passengers because they were carrying pork and or alcohol. Americans have a major cause to worry: how do we know, given your darling Obama’s several flip-flops, that he won’t revert to formulating a foreign policy that would appease Islam in USA and abroad ? He has been saying tough things about Pakistan, terrorism and Iraq. (Fareed Zakaria even wrote a speech for him in Newsweek on Iraq.) Thomas Friedman wrote in NYT that in Cairo, Egypt all eyes are on US elections, because it is possible that in a powerful, secular, democratic country a candidate with a Muslim heritage would become the president. The Muslim identity of Obama is of major significance. (See the article at The difficulty is that Muslim values are at odds with US Freedom of Speech (1st Amendment). I know that you have tried to put spins on this, but that’s a hogwash. You and other liberal Muslims sound incredulous when you assert that Islam allows free speech and criticism. (There could a big debate, but I am leaving that for later.)The world knows that such is not; secular, sinful, western values are totally at odds with the fundamental teachings of the Quran. Islamic jurisprudence means Sharia. Andrew McCarthy, has written a book on this Leftist propaganda that you are turning out everyday. The source of McCarthy’s arguments stem from his being a prosecutor for Omar Abdel Rahman and having that blind fanatic sheikh behind bars. The book is titled WILLFUL BLINDNESS: MEMOIR OF JIHAD (ISBN: 1594032130). Obama being a left-leaning Democrat has the most chance of ending up supporting the pan-Islamism of the Leftists in this country. Between him and McCain, no one would be able to solve the oil prices and the economy. These are not the doings of Republicans. Oil prices are controlled by foreign markets. Economy of USA is in doldrums because of the bad loans, and essentially American greed to buy first on credit and think of paying later. These are not controlled by any president. The war in Iraq is seen as a problem because now there is no money left in US to pay for the war given the bad economy. If the economy were good, then we could have affored the war. Pay the bills. What you and too some extent Fareed Zakaria are doing is to slip in the “Muslim agenda” along with the economic woes and the Iraq war. The candidate for change (Obama) has had racist and anti-American associations for 20 years, and he claimed that he never heard Reverend Wright make such remarks. I think one has to have a willing suspension of disbelief to put faith in Obama. So, your attack on John McCain is surely out of the hatred you do possess because “white America” has no truck with Islamic ideology. Maybe you would be happy if Obama turned the US Constitution upside down and suspended the 1st Amendment to replace it by Quran (005:033).

  • rplat

    Nonsense. Obama and his henchmen are the ones using race as a wedge. He and members of the media are attempting to take advantage of “white guilt” but it’s not going to work.

  • Dwight

    it’s natural for voters to feel confident about the person they might vote for…so questions have to be asked…but if they don’t answer them…then what do they expect…obama in a times in india article said he carries a small statue of the monkey God … Chritians cannot be Christians and carry with them false idols of pagan gods…so is he muslim, a hindu or Christian…the puts on a different face just to get elected…makes him untrustworthy…and he acts like he is hiding something…

  • Nadeem Zakaria

    Barry Hussein is what like to refer to as the Pied Piper. He wraps those big purple lips around his flute and plays his seductive tune while all the mindless gutter rats follow him around like he’s the incarnation of the second coming. However, you know the conclusion of that little story is that all the little rodents drop off into the sea while dancing to his hypnotic tune.

  • bullmountaininc

    What a mess! Mc Cain can’t handle even the little things and remember what he said. Do we need another comatose President and turn the country over to another “Cheney-type”??? I am a Republican but I will not vote for McCain. This country has FAR too many major problems to leave the leadership to someone who can’t make a logical statement and remember what he said!! Haven’t we had one of those for 7 years?

  • Louise

    Are any of you McCain supporters capable of being civil and decent? Either Obama’s supporters are horrid, or Obama and his wife are anti-American, or he is an Islamic terrorist who will destroy the US.If Obama had a dog, you all would probably say it was a Commie, Demon Dog! Really folks: can’t you simply say that you don’t support his policies or you think McCain would be a better president? Must you demonize Obama and his supporters?Must everything be so nasty?Have you forgotten what normal political discourse is? The Right Wing of this country needs to have its mouth washed out with soap!

  • Paganplace

    If that story’s even true, Dwight, it doesn’t mean he thinks the thing even *is* a God to him. You’re the one setting up that notion about ‘Real Christians’ and screaming when a Christian doesn’t disagree… So which is he, a slavish follower of a ‘radical black Christian Church,’ a ‘secret Muslim,’ or a Hindu ‘idolater?’Could be, …those are all smears and fear tactics meant to appeal to prejudice, and they have nothing to do with the reality. There’s plenty of stuff out there that I might call ‘sacred images’ that most Christians call… ‘Decoration.’ Get real.

  • TellTheTruth

    If Obama would only tell the truth about his Muslim background instead of trying to cover over its existence. Here are my reasons why I do not trust him:1) His Muslim background. Why do he and his supporters fight so hard to deny that he has a Muslim childhood background. Why does he consider it “smearing” him to point out the facts that have been verified by members of his own family? Why can’t he just say: “Yes, I was born as a Muslim and given a Muslim name by my Muslim father. I was educated as a Muslim in school in Indonesia and went to mosque services on occasion. But when I returned to the US to be raised by my mother’s parents, I did not continue my Muslim education nor did I practice the Muslim faith. For awhile, I had no active faith at all, and then, after law school and moving to Chicago, I embraced the Christian message, was baptized as a Christian and am now a Christian.”2) His attendance at the Rev. Wright’s Trinity Church of Christ. Here again he wants to spin this aspect of his background and character. He wants to be seen as a dedicated, practicing Christian, but then denies that he understands the black liberation theology that was inherent in the Christian variant he chose to embrace. The Chicago church he chose with its nationally known preacher, Rev. Wright, intertwined a variant of “black power”, with the traditional Christian message. Much like the Latin American “liberation theology” variant the blends a socialist or communist message with traditional Catholicism, Black Liberation Theology, blends in some Black supremacist and anti-European cultural elements. It is not credible that Barack Obama, as intelligent as he is, could have attended that church for 20 years without noticing the black liberation spin. What I really find appalling is that he and Michelle (Columbia, Princeton and Harvard educated privileged elite lawyers) subjected their two children to this variant of Christianity, fostering in them yet another generation of “victim hood” and hatred of America. Again, Obama wants the voters to perceive his biography, his white mother and black father, as giving him “special capacity” to bring ethnic groups in the US together, especially African Americans and European Americans, while denying that he attended an anti-unity, black liberation church for all those years. Further, his relationship to the Black Muslims of Chicago, while potentially necessary and expedient for him to gain his first or second electoral victories as a State legislator are also part of his biography that should not be spun away. His supporters consider any raising of these points to be “swiftboating”, “not fair”, “guilt by association”, etc. Obama’s biography is his whole campaign.4) His time in the Illinois Senate. He has no record of accomplishment as a legislator. Why the unusual number of “present” votes? He has never adequately explained this voting record nor have the media explained, if true, that this is “normal” for an Illinois legislator, and why. Again, it seems like self-serving calculation on Obama’s part, wanting to minimize political fallout from being identified with any controversial positions.In a way, this behavior seems to foreshadow his run for the presidency. He is offering the voters himself as an every man, who holds the political positions of every voter. It’s not true, and he knows it. As Bill Clinton once said, “This is the biggest fairy tale I ever saw!”That’s it in a nutshell for me.

  • lwps

    But I am already standing up! Hehehe.

  • ChuckB

    McCain has the chance to take an historic step: completely trivialize the qustion of race in presidental politics by choosing Condi as his running mate. Is he enough of a man to do it?

  • zqll

    I hope no one has forgotten Obama’s racist and hate-filled church and pastor whom he embraced as a mentor and uncle for twenty years. He only renounced that “reverend” and “church” for political expediency and for nothing else. Views and opinions passionately embraced for twenty years are not so easily discarded in the period of a few weeks. However, if Obama did not recognize the hatered and racism hurled at white people by his pastor and fellow congregants why should he recognize and be bothered by any racist comments aimed at him. Why did he keep silent all those years? When is Patel going to ask him those questions?

  • Paganplace

    And, true to form, now we’ve seen right-wingers claiming all three of Obama being a ‘secret Muslim,’ a ‘secret Hindu idolater,’ and, of course, a slavish follower of a frightening ‘Black Christianity.’ Then when the facts don’t match up, they call it a ‘coverup,’ but I got a better idea:Could it be *none* of these smears and appeals to prejudice against minorities have any real *basis?*

  • Still Apauled

    Hey Hey Apauled:Ted Kennedy, whose numerous statements are always on record, made the mistake once nearly two years ago and has subsequently been diagnosed with a brain tumor.What excuse do you make for Fox “News”, CNN (Fox-lite), or numerous conservative media figures (Limbaugh, Rosen, et al), who have repeatedly made this “mistake” or called attention to it?When will we hear someone in the media mistakenly pronounce McCain’s name McBain, or McFain, or McPain? Answer: we won’t.

  • Tom Birchfield

    “NOooo, Mr. REpublican/Racist/McCain will “NOT STAND UP! He like most republicans I know are now friendly at all towards other races and reglions, I have alot of friends who are republican and that’s how they are.Now you see the great damage they’ve done to America’s image in the Middle East and around the world, this is republicans/record/fact.In conclusion, the republicans/record/MEss has Ruined the United States Image as well as our record/republican/Debt/BILL is $58 TRILLION and counting!The record of republicans speaks for itself, and America’s standing in World Affairs under them has NEVER BEEN LOWER, another FACT!This is republicans this is who they are and what they are, and they have RUINED THE UNITED STATES! They sit in the highest branches of government, and on the highest courts in the land, and they have “TURNED THE UNITED STATES INTO a POLICE STATE.WE HAVE MORE AMERICANS IN OUR OVER CROWDED JAILS THAN ANY OTHER INDUSTRALIZED NATION, THANKS TO THE DISASTEROUS REPUBLICANS, THEY have turned our friends into enemies and made enemies out of our friends.As we are held accountable then so shall they be over the record/mess/disaster/Looting of the U.S. Treasury, and the Injustice upon Americans in jail who shouldn’t even be in there!…”True Patriotims, “Hates Injustice In Its Own Land, “MORE, “Than Anywhere Else.”Sincerely, Tom Birchfield, Voter/Vet USAF,

  • Deb Chatterjee

    Paganplace and Louise:Barak Obama has a lot of things to hide. Well, maybe so … Many politicians do. Elliot Spitzer hid his sexcapades …The problem is that McCain has received a lot of thrashing. NYT, in their desperate attempts had tried to splunge McCain with having an extra-marital affair which they could not prove and had to eat crow. The media have been extremely favorable to Obama despite his fans playing the race card against any criticism levelled at him. Truth be told that Obama has no experience and is unvetted. He is avoiding any town hall meetings (or debates) with McCain for that reason.The problem is that McCain or the Republicans did not precipitate the economic troubles or the rise in oil prices. Apart from Obama claiming that he is going to balance the budget by raising taxes, he doesn’t have any other credible solution. On foreign policy matters, he is another dud. Just being articulate or using verbal sophistry doesn’t cut it. Well, Louise, McCain is no Miss Manners. But he has bene there and done that. Good or bad, many of us know him for what he stands. Oh, before I forget: Obama has stated that he would not create any more nuclear power plants. He hates nukes.

  • El Jefe

    Baloney! I have a right, based on prior experiences, to be as prejudiced as I want to be toward Obama & all the phony rationalizing by miguided people who have already made up their minds & have already decided to support Obama means nothing to me. I’m not a kid, I’m a grown up who has experienced Black discrimination first hand in several communities but Los Angeles stands out in my mind. Hispanics have first hand knowledge of how Black politicians try to stay in power even in areas that are predominantly Hispanic & then treat Hispanics as second class citizens. When Obama comes out and suggests a few of these politicians should step down & allow Hispanics their rightful place I might consider a second opinion but so far I notice he has chosen to favor his Black side over his White. It is clear whom he favors racially by observing his choices in life. He chose a Black woman & a Black church & has a hard time distancing himself from primarily Black & Muslim support. Seems logic plays no part of an Obama supporter but rather White guilt. Wait till the reparation bill comes in the mail because conditions could not be more favorable or conducive to a pro reparations vote with a majority in both houses. No one can guarantee the voters this might not happen.

  • FAmilynet

    Why don’t you ask when obama will stand up against his people ridiculing McCain’s age. That’s Age Discrimination. Oh wait, I forgot obama is the one leading the campaign against McCain’s age!!

  • Steve

    Its not McCain that has to stand up, its the Muslims in this country that have to stand up to terrorism and terrorist tactics. Where is the outrage over the bombing of school by Muslim terrorists. The only outrage we here are a bunch of phony Imams who act up on a plane and scream discrimination. Do I feel negative towards Muslims, you bet. I don’t feel they can be trusted not for what they are but what they believe. Don’t like it; too bad.

  • Earl C

    After a few intense days of blogging at Washington Post On-Line, I get a sense that some people are unwilling to acknowledge that Barack is Christian. Based on everything that I know, he grew up in a white environment but has spent the last 20 years in a multi-cultural environment in SE Chicago. Also, he had a come-to-Jesus moment 20 years ago. His written and stated testimonies are quite clear about his conversion experience, yet there are those who flat out state that this is not so. So his full name is Barack Hussein Obama. This is America. The last time that I checked, the names look and sound less Anglo. For the foreseeable future, there will be significant prejudice in this country. The good old boys of any race will not die off quietly or without a last hoorah. I accept Barack for who he is based on what he has shared about himself just like I would accept anyone who would care to share the same information about themselves. Unless documents surface that prove otherwise, there is absolutely no need for me state otherwise about a person that I really know nothing about. Over the years, we have learned true identities of wanted criminals, college credentials of public officials, and plagarism accusations against Pulitzer Prize winners. Major sports stars have had careers debunked because of cheating by using illicit drugs. I rely on a free and responsible press to unearth those gems that shed light on the achievements as well as the unflattering relevant facts about those with whom the American public should know more about, primarily our elected leaders and others who share much of the public press.Whether John McCain should encourage his supporters to lay off the racial bias that they exhibit toward Obama is a matter of choice for him. I feel very confident that Obama is not going to encourage people to vote for him just because McCain is just another good-old-boy white guy. Also, Obama is not going to use any of the Republican tricks to mischaracterize McCain. Remember the black baby incident? I really doubt that Obama is going to bring up the adultery charge against McCain just to be able to talk about morals. Personally, it is what McCain himself says and does during his campaign that will make the difference. No politician, regardless of how moral, decent, and respectful, can force other people to behave in respectable ways. I have read many blogs where supporters of other candidates have accused Obama supporters of being nasty, rude, and so forth. Personally, I have not noticed this to any extent. Most of the Obama supporters that I have read are content just to try to point out the facts and lay out the reasons why someone should not be elected. They seem to keep to the issues without getting into the pettiness. Each candidate has people out there who do not like him/her and these people will tell you in great detail why they do not. However, many of these tale-bearers, for the most part, do not declare their support for any particular candidate.I am pleased that Obama’s two books are still on the New York Times best-seller list. To read his books is to get a view of the heart, mind, and soul of a man who could be one of the great Presidents of the United States. In public, he is charismatic and articulate, whether with or without a teleprompter. He has a natural instinct to engage people in conversation and to look out for their well-being. He has a quick wit and a ready reply without being sarcastic and “cute.” He never ever tries to put people down, but tries to lift them up. He always tries to help people put on their best faces. Unfortunately, some people are determined to make fools of themselves. McCain’s biggest problem is his age. I am seven years his junior and it scares me to think of this old man trying to run a country as vibrant and important as ours. Obama has reached the age that many would consider the prime age of a human being taking on the major responsibility of running a corporation and so forth. He has already shown that he can run a great race. Both Hillary and John have shown their tired moments, which have often led to some unfortunate statements and situations. I predict that Obama is ready and able to go the distance with energy to spare.

  • Arminius

    Earl C,Thank you for a reasonable, well written, and hugely decent post. You are a stunning contrast to the venom spewed here against Obama. Too many people simply depend upon imagined enemies to somehow justify their existence. Sad.

  • WJS

    Why does McCain have to silence people on his side for improper accusations against Obama, but Obama can quietly take thousands of dollars from a group like MoveOn.org and nobody raises an eyebrow? Hypocrisy. As long as MoveOn.org can continue to say anything they want and get away with it, then Republican groups, no matter how extreme, should be entitled to do the same. Unilateral disarmament never works. But Obama knows this – that’s why he rejected Public Funding – so he can take all the MoveOn money he can get.

  • iledechien

    I believe the democrats used race the whole primary season. I heard a number of liberals use Osama instead of Obama, i.e., Teddy Kennedy….Plus, the age jokes about McCain are getting tedious. Where is AARP? Oh, I forgot, if John McCain were a democrat, they’d be all over the age issue.

  • Earl C

    To Cynthia A Spooner, Houston, TX,I wish that I had read your post before posting mine. You have my respect and admiration. As a Southern Baptist all my life(baptised at age 7 in an all-white church), I have experienced prejudice first hand. I feel that I have come a long way in my walk with the Lord and my pilgrimage in this country that I love. I have met many wonderful people over the years from all backgrounds. Your testimony on this site has truly touched me today. I know that your family must be very proud of you as a person and as a dear relative. I have nothing personal against John McCain. I have issues with the platform of the Republican Party and the way that most Republicans practice their politics. Barack Obama is not the first articulate, charismatic, and decent bi-racial man that I have ever known. He is at this time and place the one whom I feel that God has blessed with an opportunity to bring healing to this nation. It took a religious, sometimes crude speaking white guy to really mess things up. Cynthia, thank you again for your post. I encourage everyone who reads this blog today to take the time to read your post.

  • bush

    how weird that the post would consider bush’s religion, after he invaded a nation on a pretext, condoned torture and lied about it, gave the common folks’ money to his wealthy friends, enabled oil company monopolization, glorified war, and relied on the slogan don’t mess with texas. his wife ran over and killed her ex boyfriend in 1963. i guess that’s a texas resume.

  • Earl C

    To WJS:You are definitely out of the news cycle. Go to Move0n.org and see what they are saying and have been saying since Barack asked it and other similar 527s to stop. The commercial on TV that most are blaming as being provided by moveon.org is being sponsored by some other group. Again, you represent a case of someone who keeps presenting old news as truth today. How dare you even get upset about Moveon.org when the swiftboaters for truth were absolutely the most dispicable group out there in 2004.Go to Barack’s website and see the list of exclusions of groups and others who cannot contribute to either his campaign or to the Democratic National Committee. Now tell me if the RNC has such restrictions. Obama is truly running a grass-roots campaign financed by private individuals without a single dime coming out of the national treasury. It’s a case of another Republican taking water at the federal tough, using borrowed water. Yes, the truly fiscally responsible major party candidate in this election is Obama. He is receiving no Federal government handout. Funny isn’t it that the other party candidate, the party that wants no government in our lives is taking the handout. It forces one to ask the question why.

  • musing

    I suppose you do not read the blogs .I would suggest that Obama might apologize to McCain for all the good christian democrats are calling him.

  • Carroll

    This is a GOP trick that goes back to Nixon. Let others in the Republication Party make the statement leveling charges against the Democratic candidate and then release a counter statement by the GOP candidate that disclaims any knowledge of the charges and saying I don’t want this kind of campaign. It’s a win-win for the GOP candidate. The false information gets out there to pollute voter’s minds and the GOP candidate can appear to be above the fray. The North Carolina GOP Party used it recently against Obama to perfection. Nixon would have loved it. It was exactly the way he proposed it on the white house tapes.

  • Farnaz

    Why does it matter whether Obama is a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, atheist, or Pastafarian?

  • McCain

    Don’t vote for me because you don’t want to vote for a black man, vote for me because you want to know what the next 100 years will be like

  • jhale@haleandbolchoz.com

    The discomfort caused by openly addressing issues that are not politically correct has resulted in the politically incorrect ideas of going below the surface. Are we better off in doing this? Or, are we allowing the debate to become hypocritical where the real reason for the electoral decision has nothing to do with the stated reason.

  • Earl C

    Louise,Thank you for your accurate post. You have done a very good job of presenting the facts. You have already found out that some people have been innoculated from the truth. Consequently, there is not truth in them. Believe me, you cannot force them to accept the truth. It’s the case of “damn the facts, I’ve made up my mind.” Sociology and psychcology classes helped me to understand this a little bit. My psychology professor stated “a person hates in others what he dislikes most about himself.”Arminius,You are very kind. I can get a little caustic at times with people who continue spewing forth their lies. However, as a Christian, I feel that I have a responsibility to present my position or make my statements in ways that would be pleasing to Him. It makes no difference what side of the political fence I am on; as a Christian, I do have a responsiblity.

  • McCain

    Don’t vote for me because you don’t want to vote for a black man, vote for me because you want to know what the next 100 years will be like

  • steven

    but if mccain speaks out forcefully, who will racist have to vote for? How will mccain win by competing only for the tolerant American vote? The War is about American Judeo-Christian extremists’ intolerance vs Islamic intolerance…The economy is fashioned to enslave all but the most wealthy, intellectually skilled, or otherwise blessed or gifted – usually with luck of preferred skin color and social status…how does it serve John’s interest to advace the cause of non-white christians or poor people – in general. his bangledesh example speaks enough for john and his young wife. They need not say more – which might shape the nation to be as inclusive of you… …ok, or of me…

  • Earl C

    Regarding some previous posts, Obama does not have to link up with McCain in a townhall meeting to begin doing the right thing. Obama has personally been running an ethical and respectful campaign from the beginning. He walks the talk. Some of your may have an issue with some of Obama’s supporters. Then discuss this problem with them. No candidate can keep his supporters in line. We do live in a free speech country. Only Bush has run the closest thing to a dictatorship in the USA that I am aware of. Dictators around the world are asking, “How can he pull it off in a democratic country? We get elected by huge majorities and yet still get called dictators.” McCain tried a few jokes when speaking to the Latino group yesterday. They fell flat. One involved the state of California, and the other involved his own state. Regarding his own state, he said that “it was so dry that the trees followed the dogs around.” I think he was auditioning for Jay Leno’s job. Like I said, it kind of fell flat before the Latino audience. For the people who think I am picking on McCain, I am only reporting what I saw yesterday on C-SPAN. You know C-SPAN – it presents the event without commentary. I see it unfiltered and unedited!

  • mibrooks27

    McCain stand up? Go back to this past week and have that leader of pseudo-christian’s, James Dobson, stand up! On Friday I had an opportunity to meet a few of his followers and it was quite an eye opener. To make a long story short they were passing back and forth and laughing about a cartoon that had Obama elected President but assassinated 20 minutes after being sworn in! It was at a shooting range (yup, I’m a liberal and I target shoot). I would remind you, these are self described Dobson Evangelicals! McCain, Dobson, the whole disgusting bunch are beyond hope, treasonour vermin and worse. Dobson, for one, ought be locked up in a federal prison as a dangerous criminal…. along with the vast majority of his creepy followers. McCain, unless he distances himself from Dobson and the res of this crowd, is completely disqualified for holding ANY elected office.

  • ex-conservative

    John “McBush” has shown that the straight-talk express has run off the road. Now that he sees he has a legitimate chance to win the election, he has packed up his integrity and values. He will now say anything or do anything to get elected. This will be his true legacy.

  • jimbo

    Obama is the on ewho keeps bringing up his race. He thrives on it. Its getting old. We don’t care anymore. Its not his race that is the issue. Its his associations with racists, criminals and terrorists and he cannot erase that no matter what he says or does. So he uses the race issue as an excuse. We can see right thru you Bam Bam and we r not impressed. You will NEVER win over the middle classes inthis country.

  • jb

    The republicans actuality stand for something I wouldn’t count on it.

  • Amanda

    I don’t trust Obama. Not because of his race or his religion, or where his father was born. He also has a VERY thin resume.I do not trust Obama becuse of the many many lies he has told about HIMSELF, his heritage, and his dealings with Uncle Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrahkan, and Wm. Ayers. Why does he need to lie?Also, neither McCain or Obama stood up to the misogynists who DAILY trashed Hillary Clinton, mostly for her vote for the Iraq War and claiming sniper fire in Bosnia.McCain also voted FOR the war, but Obama had NO vote. He wasn’t even a US Senator at the time. Now that Hillary Clinton has left the race, those same people who criticized her unmercifully want everyone to criticize THE criticism of THEM.Obama says…. “Lay off my wife”, while HIS campaign DAILY criticized Hillary Clinton’s spouse, BILL Clinton, and even Chelsea.MY favorite expressionis… “what goes around comes around.” Deal with it. “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”….two overused sayings, but oh so true. Just stop the whining!!

  • Garak

    Why should a man brainwashed by the North Vietnemese stand up against smears? Why should a man who dumped the wife who stood by him while he was a POW for bleached-blond rich girl 20 years his junior stand up for the truth? Why should a man who has PST flashbacks stand up for honesty? Do we really need a President who suddenly flashes back to the Hanoi Hilton while he has his finger on the nuclear button? Do we really need a President who has a proven track record of discarding those who stood by him in his hour of need?

  • Nelson

    If McCain ever stands up against the right-wing nazis of his party it would mean he has decency and courage.

  • Anonymous

    McCain is not likely to speak out about the racism driving attacks against Obama. America is in terrible shape right now, in part because of its tortured racial history. The Republican party (Bush, Rove) and the Clintons race-bait to win at all costs. That’s what they do. It does not make sense, from the perspective of race-baiters, to do the right thing on this issue. McCain is a part of that tradition, even though the Bush race-baiters attacked him and his adopted Bangladeshi daughter during the South Carolina primary years ago. McCain did not speak out forcefully against his own party’s attack machine when it turned on him and destroyed his presidential prospects. If he does speak out against racist attacks on Obama, I’ll be totally surprised. Afterall, he let his party do the same thing to his own daughter.

  • mehuwss

    Do you think that Obama himself has contributed to the uneasiness that is out there about his values and religious background?It is not McCain’s falt that Barack and Michelle Obama chose to be members of an afro-centric church based on Black Liberation Theology whose pastor uses hate speech towards another race, whites and towards the USA. Obama only spoke out against it when he was backed into a corner.Whites ask themselves, why should I vote for a person who is an apologist for black racism?Regarding Obama’s Muslim roots, Obama, not McCain, should give a speech and tell the voters the truth about his religious background. Instead, his campaign is snubbing the Muslim community by refusing to visit a mosque, telling Muslim women that Obama must not be seen with Muslims in the background at rallies, refusing the help of America’s only Muslim congress man etc. This despicable behavior only reinforces the notion that Obama has something to hide.

  • Ahmed Elsadr

    Those who are prejudice against Barack Obama because of his Muslim background or his race, do so because of their unfortunate ignorance. As a liberal Muslim, I represent the silent majority who know that Islam is a highly tolerant spiritual religion. It should not be judged by the action of few radical extremists. As for the race issue, I have no doubt that Obama is proud of his African heritage. How couldn’t he be proud to belong to the same race that Nelson Mandella belongs to? In fact, I clearly see a lot of resemblance between Obama and Mandella. They are both men of character, integrity and vision. They are true patriots who are fighting for a cause, and not for a position. Someday in the future, Barack Obama will be remembered as Nelson Mandela is remembered today.

  • Jay Martinez

    By precisely the same logic that some Obama critics use to claim that Obama is STILL a Muslim because he was born a Muslim (since his father was), one could also make the identical claim that the adopted daughter of McCain and his former child bride is also a Muslim–and always will be–since she was born of Muslim parents in Bangladesh.Pretty dangerous, I’d say, having a McCain’s daughter as a Muslim mole in the White House.

  • Jay Martinez

    By precisely the same logic that some Obama critics use to claim that Obama is STILL a Muslim because he was born a Muslim (since his father was), one could also make the identical claim that the adopted daughter of McCain and his former child bride is also a Muslim–and always will be–since she was born of Muslim parents in Bangladesh.Pretty dangerous, I’d say, having a McCain’s daughter as a Muslim mole in the White House.

  • liz

    It’s the easiest trick in the book to allow others to do the dirty work for you and then to claim plausible deniability by saying “it wasn’t me”

  • zendrell

    He should, this is not about race, religion, or name. It is about having substance, a well thought out plan. Unfortunately neither candidate has anything, especially Obmama. All he is good at doing is dregging up old Democratic rhetoric and attacking whatever McCain has to say.

  • Jay Martinez

    By precisely the same logic that some Obama critics use to claim that Obama is STILL a Muslim because he was born a Muslim (since his father was), one could also make the identical claim that the adopted daughter of McCain and his former child bride is also a Muslim–and always will be–since she was born of Muslim parents in Bangladesh.Pretty dangerous, I’d say, having a McCain’s daughter as a Muslim mole in the White House.

  • mehuwss

    The pro-Obama media has yet to ask Obama some important values questions:What parts of the Black Liberation Theology do you share?During your twenty years in the Trinity UCC, did you ever speak out against your pastors hatemongering towards whites and the USA?Do you find it appropriate to bring children to this kind of church? Did you bring your own children to Trinity UCC?

  • When will you stand up Obama?

    STAND UP MR OBAMA AND SPEAK ABOUT THE WAY YOU AND HOWARD DEAN ALLOWED A SEXIST MEDIA TIRADE AGAINST ALL AMERICAN WOMEN TO CONTINUE UNCHECKED”You have FAILED to honor the values and principles of TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans by NOT ONCE taking a stand against the sexist onslaught designed to ridicule every American woman and to undermine and handicap Senator Clinton’s candidacy.”No Thanks, You Can Keep the Change

  • TellTheTruth

    Jay Martinez said:Pretty dangerous, I’d say, having a McCain’s daughter as a Muslim mole in the White House.Are you for real? That’s quite an intelligent analogy that you’ve contrived. Big difference between the head of state and a young child I’d say.

  • Debbie Boynton Beach Florida

    What unmitigated bull!!!! NPR is the most left leaning network and because some fool makes an idiot comment…John McCain and and the Republicans are to blame????

  • Tom King

    Hey Buddy,


    actually mr martinez, that is an intelligent analogy- which obviously no such natural or civil law exists- now, how about his genetic daughter? McCain Daughter Dons Islamic Terror Scarf!

  • JB

    Will Obama stand up to prejudice? I don’t think so. Look at all the ageist rhetoric his campaign spouts. Obama is playing the age card.This fits with how he threw his grandmother under the bus so he could make his good buddy Wright look less racist. Obama just doesn’t seem to like old people.

  • DaTourist

    Is Obama too wimpy to stand up for himself?If Obama’s too wimpy to stand up for himself, can Obama be trusted to stand up for America?McCain paid his dues in the Hanoi Hilton. If Obama has never paid any dues, it’s time for Obama to step up and show some guts.Maybe Obama could secure the Democratic nomination by affirmative action, but the US Presidency will never be awarded as an affirmative action entitlement.

  • Bob

    This is a joke. Obama’s religion was that of a black anti-white, anti-American cult. It was disgraceful for his church members to cheer when Reverend Wright engaged in his bigoted monologues. No, you are wrong. This is a question of Obama’s character and it may have as a subtext questions about Obama’s racist past with a hate America cult, but McCain can let the public decide. The author of this piece, like most liberals, believes the public is too stupid to figure it out themselves. In the meantime, congratulations on being an enabler of hate. If there are no acceptable prejudices, then why did Obama attend services at a church where there was nothing but racial and political prejudices?

  • TellTheTruth

    Victoria, it seems that you and Jay Martinez would be able to write some pretty funny comedies. You might consider changing your day job. Your comments are senseless…of course.

  • DaTourist

    Is Obama too wimpy to stand up for himself?If Obama’s too wimpy to stand up for himself, can Obama be trusted to stand up for America?McCain paid his dues in the Hanoi Hilton. If Obama has never paid any dues, it’s time for Obama to step up and show some guts.Maybe Obama could secure the Democratic nomination by affirmative action, but the US Presidency will never be awarded as an affirmative action entitlement.

  • DaTourist

    If Obama’s as fresh, oh-so-fresh, can-do-no-wrong, why does Mr. Patel think McCain can blow away his odd and strange odor.Is it the odor of sanctimony?Or does Obama just stink?

  • DaTourist

    Sorry, Mr. Patel!Election 2008 will not be conducted according to the politically correct (and corrupt!) rules of Chicago and Illinois politics!McCain will punch Obama out!If Obama is the wuss we think he is, McCain will punch him out sooner, not later!

  • Mike

    ROFL The liberal media is in bed with Obama giving him FREE campaign financing and you want McCain to get in bed with Obama too. Obama’s campaign is playing the race card and the media is fanning the flames for the sympathy voters. The far majority of people could give a rate a## about color, they want to see PRACTICAL AND CHEAPER DOMESTIC ENERGY and Obama is out to lunch.

  • DaTourist

    Sorry, Mr. Patel!Election 2008 will not be conducted according to the politically correct (and corrupt!) rules of Chicago and Illinois politics!McCain will punch Obama out!If Obama is the wuss we think he is, McCain will punch him out sooner, not later!

  • DaTourist

    Sorry, Mr. Patel!Election 2008 will not be conducted according to the politically correct (and corrupt!) rules of Chicago and Illinois politics!McCain will punch Obama out!If Obama is the wuss we think he is, McCain will punch him out sooner, not later!

  • Anonymous

    There are no acceptable prejudices in the 21st century in our country.”Not against somebody’s gender. Not against somebody’s race. Not against somebody’s religion. I agree so lets start treating the Islam religion the same way Islam treats other religions. It seems like fair play and tolerate only applies to what others are expected to do for Muslims and Islam not what should be required from Muslims and Islam.

  • GaryL1

    Thank you Mr. Patel for your common sense and decency. I hope that John McCain will repudiate his party’s destructive campaign tactics and teach America a lesson that makes us better and stronger. We seem to have become worse somehow. It seems like fear is the Republicans’ strong card. Sometimes they play on real danger, but often they play on fear on the flimsiest of circumstances. Their use of fear to gain and hold power has grievously damaged this country in my belief. And I’m just an average not-very-political American who’s voted Democratic, Republican and Independant. John McCain, it’s better to be right than be president. Do the right thing and repudiate prejudice and fear.

  • DaTourist

    It’s not too late for Obama to change his middle name Hussein to something else (Harry? Henry? Humphrey?) There’s historical precedent! Harry “S” Truman added the middle initial “S” to his name as a purely decorative item; it stood for nothing.Since Barack Hussein Obama is the darling of Hollywood, a town full of hip stage and screen names, he could get good advice, maybe hire an agent, make it sound like he was being progressive.After all, Obama was being “progressive” when he rejected Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ after 20 years, and he hasn’t been named Hussein much longer than that.Right?

  • Black Saint

    In spite of what Obama thinks, even white stupid bitter rednecks that Believe in God, loves this Nation, support the second Amendment, Article IV Section IV against Invasion, and the rule of Law, know this much: When you take money out of your wallet and lay that money down for the same cause, week after week, month after month, year after year, for 20 years…you HAVE endorsed and believe in the Message and you have most assuredly endorsed the MESSENGER. For 20 years Obama has supported Reverend Wright and his Radical American Hating Racist Paranoid Rants, but now that he wants to be President he throws the man under the bus alone with his Grandmother & his radical black church! The question is just how bitter is Obama at whites, and what kind of man is he that is seeks to be President? It seems that with Obama Bull Sh-t Talks and Truth, Honestly and Character walks! Its time for American voters to throw Obama under the Bus!

  • DaTourist

    Maybe Mr. Patel’s mistaken about prejudice and Obama.If I don’t like Obama, maybe I’m not prejudiced against his 50 percent Kenyan ethnicity.Maybe it’s sufficient that I’m offended by an Obama who will criticize the Supreme Court liberal ruling (5 to 4) in favor of child rapists, but who would appoint Supreme Court justices who would vote with the majority in that ruling. That makes me barf. I wouldn’t be half as offended if Obama had just told the truth and said he would appoint more judges like those who ruled for child rapists. That would be honest, but Obama is dishonest.

  • Hillman

    “In spite of what Obama thinks, even white stupid bitter rednecks that Believe in God, loves this Nation, support the second Amendment, Article IV Section IV against Invasion, and the rule of Law,”Then you must be appalled at the whole Gitmo mess, right, what with your love of the rule of law?

  • Anonymous

    It is beyond belief that Left Wing Liberals can expect to call people racist for not voting for anyone because of their race but claim it is not racist to vote for someone because of their race. Only an Left Wing Nut could display that type of reasoning ability!

  • Janet8

    Mr. Patel, I would think you would be more concerned about the way two muslim women were treated and denied by the Obama campaign to sit behind Obama during one of his campaign events, than asking McCain to disavow smears against Obama by others. It is more apparent than ever, that Obama supporters overlook actual facts about Obama, i.e. flip-flops on NAFTA, Iraq troop withdrawl time-line, FISA, Public Campaign Financing,Death Penalty and gun control. I think your priorities are misplaced. By the way, I am an Independent and have been for over thirty years.

  • janephil

    Hussien and Michelle Obama are strong advocates of Black Liberation theology and have nothing but hatred for our beloved nation. Hussein will never be President. He should instead be kicked out of the senate immediately and given more time to reflect on his past misdeeds.

  • Husein Al Jabbar

    doesn’t obama have msnbc, nbc, cbs, abc, nytimes, washingtonpost, time magazine, NEWSWEEK (that helped get amrican soldiers killed for more subscriptions) PBS, CNN on his side along with the VIEW crew? he also has multibillion dollare potentates in soros and other america hating types. does he also need to have his opponent vote for him. you’re such a sap. get a life.

  • Roy

    Guy wrote:Abortion is by any method of definition is murder. Same-sex marriage is anthetical to the purpose of procreation. Islamist misundertanding of the word ‘jihad’ and its interpretation is condone in the Koran. All of the above are issues that should right or wrong. Senator Obama and your ideology are unacceptableCapitol punishment and pre-emptive war for oil is murder. Neochristian cherry-picking of Leviticus in contradiction of the New Testament is deliberate distortion of the Bible for a political agenda. Neochristians selectively applying Jesus’ words about “love and acceptance” only to those they agree with is fraud. All of the above issues are wrong. 27% bullies like Guy took over this country with their Pharisee “Christian leaders” (like the hateful Dobson) telling their lemmings to vote for neocon Republicans. The legacy is war, torture, corruption and economic destruction. Their way is unacceptable and, since McCain has sold out to them, he is nothing but more of the same.Poor Jesus for what they have done and said in His name. By the way, Guy, take an English class.

  • wardropper

    Don’t worry.

  • Jaimie

    TellTheTruth: I just read the article with the link you posted. Interesting and right on the mark. Louise needs to swallow hard because she really can’t discern fact from truth. Thank you. That explains it all.

  • Athena

    Hey, Datourist, how much is the McCain campaign or the RNC paying you to spread all of this garbage?

  • charles Flippo

    If I got thie right. I don’t believe that Muslims believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus stated that no one goes to the Ftaher except through me. So that day of inner faith does not set well with teur believers in Jesus Christ

  • Mohammed O’Neil

    Mr. Patel,Having said that, there are also many Americans who do not agree with Obama, mainly because of the policies he espouses. They might not be prejudiced at all.I think it is important that you recognize that difference and not tar everyone who does not support Barack Obama as a racist and anti-Islamic.

  • Stonhinged

    “After all, it is America’s openness and tolerance that is allowing McCain and his wife to raise an adopted daughter from Bangladesh in this great country.”This is perhaps the most banal comment in this article…which is saying something.It is Cindy & John McCain’s OWN loving and generous natures which have led them to adopt and raise this child.Openness? Tolerance? Congress was forced to pass a law (known as MEPA) because Caucasian couples were being denied the opportunity to adopt minority children. To this day, influential members of the Black Community refuse to admit that trans-racial adoption can be wholly successful. And to this day, Caucasian couples are routinely eliminated by social service agencies as prospective adoptive parents of trans-racial children. So, maybe Eboo Patel should think a bit and consider a bit and INFORM himself a bit before heThe credit belongs to Cindy and John McCain.

  • Sgt Lucifer

    Mr. Patel, you don’t seem to understand. Mr. McCain will strongly stand up to prejudice… after the election. You see, bigot votes do count. Unlike John Edwards, John McCain will take all the votes he can get. Moralizing don’t work with true politians.

  • TellTheTruth

    M. O’Neil: Thank you for your wise thoughts. I believe what you said is inherently the true problem with most of the people who do not like Obama. I don’t hate a person because of his color or creed, but I certainly ask that a person be truthful, especially someone running for POTUS. The biggest problem for me is that Obama is too liberal – and I consider myself a reasonably liberal Democrat. Invariably, Obama’s personality of wanting to be all things to all people makes him look as though he is being dishonest, phony – or a typical politican, to many, something he portrays himself not to be. He spouts CHANGE constantly, but I need him to expound on exactly what he means. I don’t want to hear the same campaign speech over and over again, basically modified to fit the audience to whom he speaks.

  • texun

    Just two points: 1. The Muslim religion has a good bit more variety than many of the posters either realize or admit. There are many educated and humane Muslims in my community, reflecting the historical tolerationist attitude of that religion. The more recent turn to fundamentalism parallels that in this country in that it is relatively recent, fueled by petro dollars for the most part in the Arab world. 2. John McCain is too old to serve as president. I’m his age and completed a successful career. In near perfect health, I still realize that the stresses of that office would exhaust me. Look at the years added beyond calendar years to everybody who has held that office since World War II! They have all aged two or three years for every year in office. With McCane, there are the added problems of his volatile temper and his inclination to shut out contrary opinions. Sorry, but a 72-year old president is just too old. Senior moments on the golf course cause little damage, but in the White House they could be catastropic.

  • Linda

    Give me a break! It’s Obama and company playing the race card. Pretty soon anyone who criticizes his policies, or questions his background will be dubbed “racist”. It’s the old Johnny Cochran routine.

  • pattipace7

    The true racist’s in this election campaign are those who blame Obama’s lack of experience and qualifications on racism. Those whom are trying to invoke the guilt derived from racism into voter’s minds are guilty of mass-deception and it should be considered as a subtle but effective form of terrorism being used to win the presidency of our great nation! – (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii)to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion, (Terrorism) S 18 U.S.C.A. 3077

  • Denny

    Mr. Patel – Whenever Obama’s actual middle name is stressed at events related to his campaign, McCain makes a big deal about this being a wrong thing to do. When black American’s say they will vote for Obama just because he is black, shouldn’t Obama condemn this way of thinking as well? When it comes to race and bias, Obama is much more associated with this issue then McCain. Obama sat in an openly racist and anti-American church for 20 years and presumably, cheered to his pastors hateful rants along with the rest of the congragation. This is the real issue here. Are you shifting focus to McCain to distract from this blaring inconsistency in Obama’s character?

  • Susie

    There are some racist, uneducated, unbelievably bigoted people on this blog. First you don’t like Obama’s Christian preacher. Then you don’t like that his father was a Muslim and you suspect that Obama is too. Which is it? You can’t have it both ways. Since he gave an excellent sermon at a Christian church on Father’s Day, I suspect that he is a confirmed Christian. Why can’t you just leave it at that.Since this is a nation with freedom of religion, why is it any business of yours anyway, which religion he has. What an educated person wants to know, is what is our new president going to do about the war and all the torture that is going on; what is he going to do about the economy which is a total mess, what changes is he going to make in the health care industry, and what is he going to do about the enviromental issues facing the world. Give us all a break and focus on the important issues. If you are a Christian, please pray in your own closet, as Jesus asked you to do. Quit praying to the rest of us.

  • Rudy

    Right-wing racists really do enjoy distorting the facts. You focus on Reverend Wright but ignore Hagee’s support for Mccain. You don’t understand Black Liberation Theology because you think racism is done with and Black people should be happy with the past and what they have now, never acknowledging your White Privilege. Shame on you.

  • ttj

    Mr. Patel, McCain has already done what you are requesting. Your suggestion that he somehow owes this further to Obama, for the sake of decency, is not correct. McCain did not make any prejudiced remarks regarding Obama’s race, religion, or background. To suggest that McCain is responsible for the prejudices of others is way overboard. Until Obama calls on people to stop making unfair comments about Bush or many others, there is no room to call on McCain to intercede on Obama’s behalf. Of course it’s true that America has a place for Obama and it has in fact offered him a very large role for contribution, much larger in fact than most people receive. But to suggest that simply for the reason that some people might discriminate against Obama for one reason or another makes him the best candidate to run the country is baseless.

  • Concerned The Christian Now Liberated

    Dear Texun,Two points:1. Islam has been flawed since it was founded. To wit:Mohammed was an illiterate, womanizing (11 wives), lust and greed-driven, warmongering, hallucinating Arab, who also had embellishing/ hallucinating/ plagiarizing scribal biographers who not only added “angels” aka “pretty, wingie, flying, talking, fictional thingies, and flying chariots to the koran but also a militaristic agenda to support the plundering and looting of the lands of non-believers. 2. With age comes wisdom and experience. John McCain has both. Barack Obama does not. Time for “AARPies” to rise to the needs of their country!!!!!

  • Jaxas

    People who talk like this chap are not really interested in the America of our Founding Fathers. They do not care about human rights, equality, fairness or decency. They are generally the people who while away their hours on their favorite hate blogs, or listen to their favorite talk show host who peddle the bigotries and jealousies and hatreds that appeal to them. Or they spend all of their time watching the merchants of hatred and bigotry on Fox News, like Bill O’Reilly who pander to their hate and fear.There is a distinct segment of our population that cares very little about the real issues that affect us and really has no elevating principle or motivating belief other than a blinding hatred of certain groups of Americans–be they blacks, or women, or liberals, or Jews, or gays, or Muslims, or anyone else who doesn’t look, think, act and smell like they do. And that blinding hatred is the only thing that motivates them to vote at all.

  • McCain

    Right, like how he stood up against the state sanctioned treasonist Confederate Flag, only to later support it for (R) votes.How funny that the patriotic Republican party would quickly throw that patriotism away to support bigots.

  • Roy

    Spencer99:Why was Obama so adamant that he clarify he is not a muslim? what is wrong with being muslim? is this not racist itself? obama’s obsession over this issue by definition demonstrates his own racism against muslims___________________________________good questions – the answers are that Obama knows that religion (especially Islam) is a swift-boat wedge issue used by the Rovians that McCain has sold out to. Obama refuses to roll over and let these necocons spread their lies and destroy him like they did to the weaker Kerry.There is nothing “wrong” about being a Muslim except in Cheney’s Jesuslandia where Muslims along with the Mexicans are used as the common enemy “du jour” by the descendants of hateful McCarthy Republicans who used fear of the “godless Communists” the same way for decades. Like Hitler, they rally the masses for control and political manipulation through a fear of a common enemy.Obama’s obsession reflects a political reality that his enemies will spread any political or religious lies they can to get uneducated people to vote against him.

  • TJ

    “Not against somebody’s gender. Not against somebody’s race. Not against somebody’s religion.”The absence of sexual orientation in your list is noteworthy. Not ready to be that decent yet?

  • Jaxas

    Anyone who has ever watched the X-Files knows that Mulder had a poster in his office that read in blod letters: I WANT TO BELIEVE. That is the mindset that afflicts the Obama Is A Muslim crowd. It is useless to argue with them because they are not interested in objective truth any more than the right wing radio talk crowd is interested in objective truth. They are invested in their racist, hateful opinons and no amount of objective evidence is going to sway them away fron those malevolent opinions.At their core, they are far more like the Osama Bin Ladens of the world than Obama could ever be. In a very real way, they type of people who believe this trashy, hate talk are really no different from the malevolent people who flew those planes into the World Trade Center. They share the same, blinding, mindless hatred and the same level of ignorance and intolerance.

  • Jaxas

    McCain is engaging in a bit of “studied ignorance”. He has a sort of plausible deniability when it comes to the racism and hate peddled in his name. It is not in his political interest to come out and actively condemn it so he pretends to be ignorant of such racism and hatred.

  • Mike

    Will McCain Stand Up to Prejudice?Will Obama Stand Up to Prejudice?

  • Earl C

    I may end up being the one surprised. However, some of you are deluding yourselves. 1. Regarding speeches and audiences: The last time that I checked, a good speaker tailors his speech to the interests of his audience. The real analysis to be done is to see if the politician’s positions on the various election issues changes significantly from audience to audience. Obviously, a politician, as any good speaker, will emphasize certain items because the particular audience may have a particular interest in such information. Fortunately, C-SPAN gives complete speeches without commentary, hence no spin. The sad fact is that people prefer to turn to FOX, MSNBC, CNN, talk radio, and so forth for their sole news input. Sound bites just do not make for good input, even if a person is too busy to get the unbiased and complete original speech. If you want to look at two politicians give speaches and answer questions to the same audience, check out the speeches that both McCain and Obama gave to the NALEO yesterday. Listen to the answers that they gave to the questions.2. Regarding campaigns: Both Obama and McCain have indicated that they want to conduct civil campaigns. The McCain stance on townhall meetings is not all it appears to be because few of the many facts about these meetings have come to light. I am certain that both men would prefer that their supporters conduct themselves in a fairly diplomatic manner at all times. When an Obama supporter castigates McCain and vice versa, it reflects poorly on either the Obama or the McCain campaigns. I learned many years ago that it was better to sit silently in some situations than to bring discredit to your position. The sooner that we return to some of the values of a civil, albeit religious, society, the sooner we can discuss the real issues. Race, age (has to be at least 35), and religion should have no bearing on our decision in the voting process. When voting for a political leader – this is for whom we are voting – we shold be voting on the politics that most matches our views or desires. We’ll never identify a person whose politics matches them all. Single-issue voting is stupid because, when that issue is resolved, what use is that person? Up to this point, there has been a lot of one-issue voting and the issue continues from election cycle to election cycle with the country going down the tubes in the mean time.3. My personal philosophy: It is better to vote for a scoundrel with whose politics I agree than to vote for a paragon of vitue with whose politics I detest. When I want or need a spiritual leader, I’ll look to my church or the religious community. 4. Religion and politics: From what I know, both Obama and McCain are Christians. Those of you who disagree with this statement are willingly ignoring the facts for whatever crass reason you have. All things being equal politically between these two men, I’ll choose the one that reflects my Christian values: honesty, integrity, fiscal responsibility, faithfullness in marriage, and so forth. The hot button issues of abortion and gay marriage do not enlighten me because I know that Congress can debate these issues for eons and get no where. It is interesting that the far right who blasts the courts everytime you turn around are expecting the courts to do their bidding and reverse previous decisions.I realize that some of you will regard this as pure mush, but I am content with myself. At least I have no regrets for having said it today or tomorrow. I can go to church and not worry if it is read from the pulpit. The Bible asks us to be in a continual state of prayer. This is very hard to do, but think about it. It is hard to develop mean-spirited ideas and actions when one is always thinking about Godly things. I should not have to worry that things that I write here would be a mark against my character as a Christian and a leader in my community. I am personally excited about this election year. I believe that McCain lost his best chance in 2000. I pray that God bless both men in their campaigns, but I pray especially for Barack Obama, his family, and his chosen running mate. Because Bush listened directly to God and professed that he made no mistakes, I felt unable to utter prayers on his behalf. I prayed that God would give both Bush and Cheney better word choices rather than the gutter language that they spoke on occasion – in public! In reality, I prayed that God would give Bush the correct English words to speak. No wonder there was no emphasis on diplomacy.To you all, have a great day!

  • Shovan Das

    Dear Mr. Patel,Please do not be a hypocrite. Obama has waged and is still waging a race – based campaign and because of his perceived roots, he gets a pass from people like you and the leftist media. Your request to McCain can only be taken seriously when you make the same demands on Obama.Rgds

  • Paganplace

    “nvariably, Obama’s personality of wanting to be all things to all people makes him look as though he is being dishonest, phony – or a typical politican, to many, something he portrays himself not to be.”Or, people could be continually trying to apply pigeonholing labels to a complex individual who in fact promises to work with our nation’s *diversity* rather than artificially-created ‘sides,’ ….and then they cry ‘fraud’ when he doesn’t fit the labels and smears *they* try to stick on him?If people disagree with his positions, that’s one thing. Trying to play the fear-and-bigotry game is another.

  • noybizz

    The only problem with this sentiment is that most of the racism and fear-mongering has come from Obama’s campaign staff, associates and family. It’s a little disingenuous to think that McCain can curtail the behavior and rhetoric from people who are using it to belittle him.

  • Dan

    All you have to do is look back at the last eight years of destruction the Republicans put on our citizens and that should take care of your prejudices. If not, you have more than one problem.

  • Dan

    All you have to do is look back at the last eight years of destruction the Republicans put on our citizens and that should take care of your prejudices. If not, you have more than one problem.

  • Brittany

    I absolutely adore this article. I am so passionate in haulting the prejudice divide in America, in this campaign, and to Mr. Obama. It makes me sick to my stomach that people have the ignorance in this day and age to make such rediculous comments and accusations.America has become so diverse and accepting, and I am very proud and greatful for that, but at the same time, how can people say these things and feel they have legitament reasoning behind it all. We have come so far, on a global scale, we have reached great heights, but there are still the few who cant get over difference and diversity. Things that make people special, and add character to this country of ours. I strongly believe that McCain should address this issue publicly. He needs to make it clear that this is not okay, and that he doesnt want the pity votes of people who stand for inequality and injustice. Love the article, great story line thank you!

  • Dan

    All you have to do is look back at the last eight years of destruction the Republicans put on our citizens and that should take care of your prejudices. If not, you have more than one problem.

  • Jeannie

    The Obamas and their campaign, with a great deal of help from the media, falsely accused the Clintons of being racists. Now they are falsely accusing McCain of being one, too. Obama’s smear campaigns are disgraceful. He’s not presidential caliber — not even close. And it has nothing to do with his race.

  • R Brady

    Mr. Patel, There is no excuse for distrusting Mr. Obama because of his race or his religion. There are many reasons to distrust Mr. Obama because of his policies, his politics, and his judgments. The Senator has a cool, detached affinity for a fuzzy socialism that would placate enemies abroad and destroy institutions like healthcare at home. He has spent his entire adult life at the public trough and accomplished very little. His one signature effort, securing contracts to upgrade public housing in Chicago, has proven to be a disaster. According to the Boston Globe, the project was littered with corruption, kickbacks, and workmanship so shoddy that many units were unlivable. Remember this is virtually the only initiative in either the Illinois legislature or the United States Senate that Obama could claim as his own. On the matter of personal judgment, the citizen has every right toward profound skepticism upon observing a candidate who chooses as role models, confidants, and advisors a rogues gallery of paranoid bigots, violent anarchists, and Tammany Hall-type felons. Dorothy Parker would not have to refer to Mr. Obama’s ethnicity to note that this is a fellow with no there there.

  • Afi-Odelia Hussein Scruggs

    I been reading these comments. Maybe we should step back, take a deep breath and consider some things before we add another word to this conflagration. What happened to “a soft answer turneth away wrath?”What happened to “wisdom is the principle thing,…but with all thy getting, get understanding?”What happened to “love thy neighbor as thy self…?”I have to ask, “what would Jesus post?”

  • ColinLaney

    The Republican strategy is to smear Obama with charges about sex, race, drugs, and religion on Fox, talk radio, and the right wing blogs. Part of the same strategy is for McCain to condemn the smears. This way, the smears become part of the public conversation, and McCain gets to seem like a gentleman.The Beltway press will play along. Y’all love McCain.

  • rri

    As usual, whenever I make the mistake of reading the comments to posts in this column, I am simply filled with a sense of despair and shame for my country.The standard of discourse is so low that I would not know how to begin to use the link to “REPORT OFFENSIVE COMMENTS.”Worse than the general round up of malicious yahoos are those who are evidently here professionally, posting as part of some misguided, democracy-eroding notion of “campaigning.”

  • bayside

    McCain has already taken a firm stand and demanded that the issues be discussed and shown his contempt for those who want ‘gutter politics”.

  • Enemy Of The State

    Listening to the ignorance of our voters, it surprises me that this country has risen to such pre-eminence in the world. Must be something other than our intelligence.

  • Susie

    Will you all get over it? This election is not about religion. It is about the economy, the war and the enviroment. Small minded people are trying to make it about Obama’s religion. Religion should be private. God, Jesus and any other religious heroes can take care of themselves. They don’t need you constantly promoting them in a discussion about the American election coming up in November.

  • mhr

    Mr. Patel is either very ignorant about the hard facts of US politics or is very naive or both. McCain has indicated already that he will not take the low road to attack Obama to the extent of not even mentioning that his middle name is Hussein. Patel apparently believes that the political process owes his candidate the duty of being ultra-polite and even deferential. Wrong! Politics is not for the faint of heart. Harry Truman said it best, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Barack has legions of fans including many in the press who treat him like a Messiah. I, a very long time Democrat, believe that Obama is soft on national security and is a free-spending liberal who will impose very high taxes particularly if he is given both houses of congress filled with liberal Democrats. That is not an attack. It is the truth.

  • Susie

    I can’t believe people from both sides are still discussing race and religion. Doesn’t America have enough problems withour bringing up those two issues in the race for President? Keep your focus on who is going to get us out of Iraq and back to building our own country up and fixing our economy. America is in serious trouble economically and enviromentally. We need to concentrate on these two major issues.

  • Mike

    Dan:All you have to do is look back at the last eight years of destruction the Republicans put on our citizens and that should take care of your prejudices. If not, you have more than one problem.JUST MORE GOOFY PREJUDICE LIBERAL TALK

  • jim

    REally, how dare you lecture McCain on this. There is no evidence of McCain doing anything to foster this, and he has sent no signals of any kind that he encourages this. In fact, this article is just bringing up these same ugly comments again. Let’s get real here — the vast majority, the overwhelming majority, of Americans are open to a black guy with a funny guy or an old white guy, and they will decide based on myriad factors of personal comfort, policy issues, etc. as always. WOULD THE MEDIA STOP TRYING TO PAINT AMERICAS AS RACIST AND BIGOTED WHEN OBAMA HAS DONE SO WELL IN SO MANY STATES WITH MAJORITY WHITES???????????

  • steve conn

    I want a candidate whose commitment to minorities is reflected in his policies. When Obama refuse to press for legislative limits on credit card and other consumer loans, votes against class action law suits, advocates pro-nuke (read more waste in minority neighborhoods), pro-gun policies, he sells out minority interests.

  • Susie

    If Obama didn’t repudiate Mr. Wright, you would have complained and since he did repudiate him, you complain. Let’s be fair, Mr. Obama is in a no-win situation here.

  • o cry me a river

    Who is the one who mentions Obama’s color and his middle name Hussein more than anyone?It’s Obama himself.And last I looked this is still America where we sort of have freedom of speech. A lot of what PC’ers want to erase is not hate speech at all. So don’t speak what you don’t want to and let others decide what they’d like to say.And dear little Obama should condemn the attacks on John McCain personally, but he won’t because he really wants those to occur.What a lame essay Eboo

  • Apauled

    I heard the NPR segment in question and was appalled by Mr. Fasano’s comments and by NPR’s decision to air them. I dout very much that Mr. Fasano is an independent, “swing” voter as the opening segment claimed. He sounds more like a right-wing nut to me.Which brings me to Dotherightthing’s opening comment. I do not at all believe your sorry excuse that non-Arabic speakers have trouble distinguishing between Obama and Osama. I’ve never made the mistake, nor has anyone I’ve spoken with. They’re two entirely different consonant sounds, which even my one-year-old can distinguish.It’s time for the media and others to do the right thing and to stop this asinine behavior.

  • Enemy Of The State

    Post from R. Brady:I’m curious about your comment, “destroying institutions like healthcare.” Just one question really: If capitalism is capable of meeting everyone’s needs, then why are 47 million people in this county unable to purchase healthcare? With such a significant number of Americans denied affordable healthcare, I don’t think Obama has to do very much to destroy it – it’s broken anyway.If the free market was really capable of meeting the need (e.g. find a way to make a buck), then don’t you think it would have happened by now? How about this. Let’s finally free business from the expensive burden of insuring workers, since that is where most healthcare plans originate. With the government either acting as a direct third party provider, or subsiding everyone, American business can finally compete with the rest of the world on a more even playing field. Without the absurdly high financial costs imposted by the current healthcare system, the profitability of American businesses would take off like a rocket. All you boosters of capitalism can claim victory and call it day, and we will finally have a sane, affordable healthcare system. Call it socialism, call it communism, call it kumquat for all I care – let’s just get off our collective backsides and do what every other industrialized nation figured out how to do a generation ago.

  • Hey Apauled

    Who confuses Obama with Osama? How about Teddy Kennedy.No not that icon of democracy, that greenest of green men, not our Teddy!!!!Oh yes indeedy.

  • Cynthia A. Spooner, Houston, TX

    I am an African-American female who was born in raised in Baton Rouge, LA. To paraphrase, I too live America. The campaign of Barack Hussein Obama sings of hope of something to me so different, so paradigm-shifting that it makes one take notice and stand to pause.In counterpoint, those people who say Obama is a Muslim, because his father was a Muslim. Then alternatively, something is amiss because thou doth protest to much about not being a Muslim. Let’s be clear, I hold no anomoisty toward any religious group or race. In my immediate family, I have Baptist, Roman Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists, Buddhists, Native American faith healers, atheists, and lapsed members of all of the above. Believe you me I live a study in diversity. Our holiday dinners are a study in culinary machinations that manages to please all who attend, nearly 65 children and adults. We have literally four different pots of gumbo served at the same table at a different host home, each cooked to perfection by the lady of the house, who has committed to memory or written in a notebook the culinary or medical dietary conditions of each guest that must be taken in to account. We have parker house rolls, tortillas, Indian fry bread, and wasa all at the same meal. No one is good or bad, just different. It is a learning experience. We have children who today learn the languages of their immigrant from Puerto Rico, Belize, and Grenada or “Creole” Louisiana relatives, that for one generation that their grandparents reserved for “adult house talk only”.I say this to say, I am a Christian raised Baptist and know the history, charter, doctrines, rituals and nomenclature of my faith as well as any person wishing to make a life in the ministry.I can recall being as young as 8 and telling my mother that I was going to become a nun. And I smile and chuckle when I hear my mother’s soft voice telling me that little Black Baptist girls don’t become black Roman Catholic nuns( we had Black nuns in my community from the Sisters of Charity), they become deaconesses when they want to serve God as adults. You should have seen my face.This is a lesson in what personal truth really means in life and choices that we make. I was born to Baptist parents with love but, it was only I who could make the step of excepting Christ as my Savior and ask to be baptized at 5. I am proud of my Baptist roots and I think that I would be very clear if someone tried to label me as Catholic or Buddhist or Methodist, if I was not. I have lived in 8 different states as an adult and two foreign countries and I have learned to consider the outcomes of my denying credibility to the beliefs of another. My denial of being anything other than a Baptist is not a conviction of the other but, it is my very personal truth. I look to the heavens from which cometh my help, if you draw strength, guidance, and compassion for the less fortunate in this sick world, I applaud, congratulate, and support you in your personal search for truth.America will be a much better country when we stop telling each other what to do and what to believe and instead work to understand the common threads that bind us all together as human beings.

  • rgs tnr

    Yes, stand up, Mr. McCain, and condemn the Democrats for their racist, sexist campaign, and for nominating Senator Obama based on his race!Democrats for McCain!

  • Viet-Nhan H. Nguyen

    Why should Mr. McCain apologize on behalf of a few right-wing fringe groups. By doing so, he essentially lend credence to the left-wing media’s claim that his campaign orchestrated these attacks. Would it be fair to ask you, Mr. Patel, to apologize for the atrocities committed by of Osama Bin Ladin, just because you are a Muslim? I don’t think so. It is obvious that Mr. Patel is an Obama supporter, and this is just a strategem by Mr. Patel to denigrate Mr. McCain’s campaign.

  • Dolph T

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for John McCain to do the right thing! You may be thinking about the former McCain. Before he sold his soul to the neocons to get nominated, he opposed the Bush tax cuts as unfair, knew that water boarding was torture, opposed offshore drilling, and on and on. Now, he’s just another Rovian Republican who will stand by and let GOP Swiftboaters appeal to the lowest instincts of American voters. Here’s betting that this charter member of the Keating Five who is in violation of campaign finance laws that bore his name when enacted will NOT stand up to prejudice, as that prejudice can help him carry a few states and won’t hurt him anywhere.

  • makeba

    Well stated. Our country has an amazing undertone going on. It takes particular situations to bring them to light…like O.J. Simpson. He’s great, he’s famous, he’s rich. But deep down inside he is hated for who and what he is. Until the pretty white woman shows up missing, injured, or dead. Then the truth comes out. Every white person from here to timbucktoo thought he was guilty. I personally can’t say because I was not present on the scene…and neither was anybody else. Court let him go…and now all of a sudden, our judicial system “has failed us”. Us who? It has worked for whites all along. They created it. All the blacks that were killed in the south, and never went to jail? Worked for who? Now its a new day…& Obama is getting closer to being our president and you will truely see america for what it is, again. Why compare the two people? Maybe O.J. is a bad choice…but then again, he might be a perfect choice. Because anytime a black man achieves something great or of substance, watch out. The ugly truth pops it head out. “He’s somehow getting over” and doing something he cant possibly do: PROSPER. Blacks were lynched up until the 1960’s. Obama is in for the ride of his life after he wins. Nothing personal to anybody, just the truth and the state we are in. This misspelling of his name by newspapers, television, radio, etc. is no mistake. Did you mispronounce “George” some other way? At last I can feel like I count, like I belong, like I have a chance at something great also. Ive always felt this way, but its hard when you face road blocks in your way by ‘the man’. But now, I feel that my chances are even greater at being successful…This moment in history makes up for all the times I took crap off of people for no other reason than me being black. Im so happy, I could do back flips!

  • capscoach

    thats right!

  • 4shelby2

    Somebody mistakenly calling Obama Osama is prejudice how? Chris Matthews, Hardball, did that very thing the other day and he’s not the only one. We all know how much Chris admires Obama. As for Senator McCain standing up to prejudice of Obama — it’s rediculous for you or anyone else to place that on him. It’s up to Obama to undo the harm he caused when he played the race card on the Clintons. What Obama really needs to do is to speak honestly about all the black racism going on since he entered the race — he already addressed white racism. When that issue is dealt with life will be much better for Obama. There will always be some racist people, that’s a fact. John McCain doesn’t encourage people to disrespect Obama, neither did the Clinton’s. Stop attributing everything to racism every time Obama is criticized.

  • Virginia

    Mr. Patel-Sadly, the GOP has used race and religion sucessfully as a wedge for years. As anyone reading the comments posted here can see, people blame Obama himself for the racial and religious prejudices held against him. Yet, I have seen no evidence of him or his campaign putting race in the forefront. What he has had to do is go on the defense and respond to countless stupid or racially charged comments or attacks against him during the course of this campaign. I guess it is Obama’s fault because he, a biracial person with an unusual name, is running for the office of POTUS, has made the media and his opposition incessantly focus on the issues of race and questions of religion. Some people have had to look themselves in the mirror and examine their long-held beliefs and stereotypes because of Obama’s historic run for the highest office in America. How dare he!

  • 4shelby2

    Is Obama going to speak up everytime somebody makes remarks about McCain’s age? What about you, when do you plan on speaking up? The press, anyone? Talk about about a double standard.

  • RS

    Mr. McCain and his fellow Republicans hope to capitalizeon the false rumors about Obama. It is great and says a lot about the promise of America that Obama has come this far. But let’s be frank. Prejudice, bigotry and ignorance are still rife in the populace. There is an ugly undercurrent of bigotry out there. The fact is we are lesser Americans than the Founders, the authors of the declaration of independence and bill of rights. With the Republican as it is currently constituted, it is a party that let’s a certain segment feels comfortable with their prejudices, the party even stokes those prejudices and benefits from it. To be sure, there are honorable Americans who would not vote for Obama because they disagree with his positions.

  • Enemy Of The State

    All of you aggrieved Clinton supporters who are now going to support McCain proabably should just admit that you would have supported a Republican anyway. After all, what would your symbolic, temper tantrum vote for McCain prove, other than your support for Bush’s policies in the first place?

  • mrfett

    umm, could we at least get the facts straight? right-wingers are concerned about his FATHER’s religion, not his grandfather’s. his father was born a Muslim, died an atheist. his maternal grandfather fought in WW2, not a Muslim.and who cares. it’s the 21st century. thank God there aren’t enough yahoos who actually vote to overturn this. McCain will definitely get the racist/xenophobe vote, but that won’t be enough.

  • Osama Hussein Bin Hitler

    LMAO. Good luck with McWar doing such a thing. He’s banking on racists like Mr. Fasano to whisk him into the White House to continue the Fascist policies of Bush/Cheney.

  • McCain Woman Democrat

    I think it is unfair to ask John McCain to defend Obama when Obama himself has promoted race-based, religion-based, and gender-based discourse.Remember Obama said in his “great” Pennsylvania speech on race that he could not disown Rev. Wright? When he did a few weeks later it was timid and mild rebuke.Remember Father Flegler’s horrific parody of a white woman crying to thunderous applause at Trinity Church? I watched Obama’s live press conference on that one and his rebuke again was more conciliatory than outrage over the insults cast to white women.Of course we all expect more of McCain than Obama – but why give Obama a complete pass on his refusal to address dicriminatory behavior in his mentor, church, and followers?Please make the same request of Obama or do not make the request at all.

  • Guy

    Abortion is by any method of definition is murder. Same-sex marriage is anthetical to the purpose of procreation. Islamist misundertanding of the word ‘jihad’ and its interpretation is condone in the Koran. All of the above are issues that should right or wrong. Senator Obama and your ideology are unacceptable.

  • Guy

    Abortion is by any method of definition is murder. Same-sex marriage is anthetical to the purpose of procreation. Islamist misundertanding of the word ‘jihad’ and its interpretation is condone in the Koran. All of the above are issues that should right or wrong. Senator Obama and your ideology are unacceptable.

  • pappy

    “…condemn attacks on Obama’s race, religion and heritage.”Mr. Patel, your objective is very clear. You seek to disarm ANY sober criticism of Obama before it really gets started.

  • LarryG62

    What a crock about McCain. He’s already bending over and being entirely too politically correct. The lousy liberal democrats, Obama included, have set the stage to whine about racism whenever anyone challenges his inexperience, appeasement mentality or socialist policies.

  • Virginia

    I believe that most of what people do or think is based in either love or fear. The people who are biased against Obama because of his name, his paternal grandfather’s religion, or his race are afraid of what they do not understand.Here are some famous quotes about fear:”Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson”We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason.” ~Edward R. Murrow”Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.” ~James Thurberand my favorite:”America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ~Abraham Lincoln

  • Krishna

    Mr. Patel is being disingenuous.Before asking Mr. McCain to stand up for prejudice, he should as Mr. Obama to do the same, in spades.”After reading Andrea Elliott’s New York Times piece about the marginalization that Muslims have felt in the Obama campaign, I wonder if Mr. Obama needs to revisit that speech also.”It is Mr. Obama who (and whose campaign) acts as though it is unpatriotic, immoral or unethical to be a muslim.If you ask me if Obama is a christian or a muslim, I would say I don’t know. How is one supposed to know that? And more importantly, why should it matter?But no. When Hillary Clinton said she thinks Obama is a chrtistian, as far as she knows, she was excoriated. By the press, and by the Obama campaign.So it is Obama who is prejudiced, at the same time complaining he is a victim of prejudice.

  • Malood Gronah

    Mr. Patel. You are a phony. Through and through. McCain has more than stood up, he received painful barbs from opposing Republicans regarding his adopted black daughter. McCain is a flawed person. No doubt. You, Mr. Patel, are damaged beyond fixing. Attempting to slime McCain, of all people, with any kind of racial insensitivity is a classic MOVEON touch. “Schame” is beyond your scope, Mr.Patel. Go AWAY. Take that non-achieving Obsama with you.

  • coolrepublica

    You want McCain to stand up for Obama? Who would stand up for McCain. Mr. Obama himself has already said that Republican i.e McCain campaign is going to use race against him. There is no evidence of that but that did not stop him from calling them racist nonetheless. So I ask again who is going to stand up for McCain when Obama start labeling him racist? My answer is no one. The Obama campaign labeled Bill Clinton and Hillary racist and no one said a word. Furthermore, McCain is not Obama’s spokesperson. He cannot go around defending Obama every time someone says something bad about him. He has a campaign to run.

  • Bob Thompson

    For those who do not accept free market solutions to meet the everyday needs of the people, I hope that if we get to the place where 47 million are being provided health care by the federal government, they will surely forego other less needy items that would not be there except for our free market system. Included would be anything but the most basic transportation, cable TV and flat panel sets, ipods and mp3 ‘s, personal computers, cell phones, internet service, tickets to sporting events and live entertainment, alcohol and illicit drugs, and exclusive vacations among other things. A way to do this would be anyone found engaged in any of these luxuries would then be required to provide for their own health care. Does anyone disagree with this at a basic philosophical level? Waiting to hear from you.

  • Asja

    That’s all the GOP has. That’s the only negative they can use against Obama because they can’t run on their record. It won’t stop.

  • jmcintosh

    Since when does the Republican candidate have the responsibility to defend the Democratic candidate?Can’t Obama stand up for himself? And maybe… just maybe… Americans are waking up to the danger of Islam.

  • Bruce

    If McCain did not get the bigot vote he would get hardly any vote at all.

  • Jack

    Yes, stand up to the races LEFT! Silence, Denounce OBAMA’s fear remark calling others, that don’t agree with him, race bating before they can even speak. FEAR, Stand up against tactics that put fear into the eyes of many so when they go to vote they will vote for the word HOPE! Stand up for religion that is being taunted by other radical religious groups, that includes beliefs that calls for violent hatred against RICH WHITE PEOPLE! Stand up for religion that is persecuted by speech that sounds identical to Radical Islam that calls the death to anyone that does not follow their GOD! Stand Up against Obama who used MUSLIM GIRLS as political object and not as the actual people they are. Stand up against people that use racism against anyone’s skin and that includes typical WHITE people! I’m a HARD WORKING WHITE AMERICAN for Hillary Clinton, so Unite this Obama! GO McCain!

  • Athena

    Why don’t we try drilling for oil in the 6,000 acres of land that is licensed for drilling first, before we open up anything new? Besides, it would do nothing to alleviate the current crisis, which was caused by McCain’s economic adviser Phil Gramm. He slipped a provision into a law that allowed energy speculation for his buddies at Enron. When Congress tried to close the loophole recently, it was blocked by the Republicans.

  • Nanda

    Why would McCain do it? The rumours are his only chance to become the president!

  • janephil

    The muslims are a tiny minority in America who contribute very little to this country. McCain doesn’t have to do anything. Not until Muslims condemn the violence against non-believers found in the koran.

  • TellTheTruth

    Mike: I’ve read that book. It really hits the nail on the head with regard to this situation. Americans are basically lazy. They don’t have the time, nor do they want to learn about the candidates. If the name rings a bell, then I’ll vote for him is the usual action. That’s why George Bush was elected president (if you put the Florida issue aside). Name recognition. The same thing is happening with Obama – the MSM keeps his name front and forward in every venue as he is the chosen one for 2008. Wesley Clark’s remark about McCain riding in plane doesn’t make him qualified to be president is a slap in the face by the Obama camp. They have Karl Rove mentality – Obama has hispuppets do his dirty work so he looks lilly white.

  • Wells

    “The Cheney-Halliburton White House has demonized Arabs, Muslims, Islam, etc, etc, as “The Enemy” since BEFORE 9/11.”Sorry, your statement is blatantly wrong, and the only possible causes are ignorance or dishonesty, your pick. Bush went to the Islamic Center of Washington less than a week after 9/11 and pronounced Islam a religion of peace. Bush further stated:”America counts millions of Muslims amongst our citizens, and Muslims make an incredibly valuable contribution to our country. Muslims are doctors, lawyers, law professors, members of the military, entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, moms and dads. And they need to be treated with respect. In our anger and emotion, our fellow Americans must treat each other with respect.”As for McCain, I agree – he should denounce racism aimed at Obama. And Obama should denounce the frequently unhinged spew of his more left-leaning followers

  • dnn

    Wow..Eggargost – I have no idea who you are but I like your plain spoken manner and the way you have of putting the truth right out there.Eboo is lobbying for his guy…that’s all and using many of the tactics he claims to condemn.I respect Eboo Patel but hope your accute observations will make him aware of his own hidden agenda to promote Obama and smear whoever else opposes him. Hey Eboo – Let’s get back to faith issues…shall we?I’ve repeated Eggars comments below because they are worthy of reading again.EGGArgost: The media keeps making this all about race- first they guilt Clinton over it, now McCain. I don’t want to hear about blacks and whites; I don’t want to hear about Muslims and Christians. I want to hear about what really matters for the US and us.Do you want some real racial talk? Here’s some for you:Blacks are lazy. Jews are money hungry. Japanese are disciplined. Latinos are welfare dependent. Buddhists are peace loving. Muslims are warmongers. Gays are sex fiends. Heterosexuals are family-oriented. Women are bad drivers. Men are unemotional… You can believe all or just one or two of them; but you can find that they are all true when you concentrate on the few… All these stereotypes are lost when one considers history and statistical data in a broader spectrum… We all have faults and virtues. We all have our worth in society. We can all be a threat or a blessing to our communities. What matters is not what we are, but what we can and want to be.Before you judge me, read the entire article I wrote on this: Racism is alive as long as we want it to be alive

  • JK

    Matt T: There is no evidence that Hillary’s campaign sent around the “Muslim garb” photo of Obama. None. Stop spreading that disinformation.

  • mujeeb

    we afghan realy appreciate american because they took our country from gloomne to brightness we realy want american army american people because now our country is developing day by day

  • rafi khan

    i am from afghanistan and we afghan people realy like american people and american army because they took our country from gloom to brightness now our country is going on way of development

  • egalitaire

    rashesh is ….bhama?rashesh talks mad smack about human beings.rashesh is privildeded, just like you eboo.protect Untouchables.rashesh advocates abusing Untouchables.we got what we got, but there will always be Untouchables.Protect Untouchables.rashesh needs to respect Untouchables.

  • egalitaire

    eboo,seriously, teach americans about the hindu cast system and why rashesh humiliates fellow human beings, including Untouchables.

  • Paganplace

    “Eboo is lobbying for his guy…that’s all and using many of the tactics he claims to condemn.”Funny you should phrase it that way: it appears the erstwhile Sen. McCain has once again sold out one of his ‘maverick’ positions today, …this time hiring one of the ‘Swift Boat Veterans For Truth,’ whose tactics he condemned in 2004, to form his own ‘Truth Squads.’Curious.

  • Concerned The Christian Now Liberated

    Victoria, Victoria, Victoria,Actually based on the founder and foundations of Islam, being a Muslim is something to be ashamed of. And this is abundantly clear based on the fear mongering of your operating manual, the koran. You know the history so we do not need to reiterate it.And you know the Five Step Program to Eliminate the Brainwashing of Islam so we not need to reiteate it.

  • Athena

    CCNL, you decided to start beating up on Victoria again in here after Mary C. pwned you over in the main section?

  • mdanks

    From a European standpoint, I’m witnessing the election as something of a farce and am really worried about American people’s reasoning for selecting a president. ( any you wonder why the world don’t exactly take a Americans in a positive light even with a president like Bush. Look at the media and what they are allowed to get away with )

  • Anonymous

    There is something so decidedly silly and lacrymose in Mr. Patel’s esssay that I don’t know whether to laugh or take issue. Throughout the Democratic campaign, Clinton took hits from the print and electronic media, the internet, you name it, on vitally important issues such as her pantsuits, thighs, hips, ankles, daughter, etc. Yet, never once did I hear Obama speak out against this sexist terrorism targeting his opponent.One swipe at Obama and he came out crying. Pity the poor President Obama! No bigotry, whether directed against sex or religious affiliation, is acceptable. That said, from a Jewish perspective, mine, this whole matter is a non-issue. What concerns us are his qualifications and platform vs. those of his opponent, and in both Obama comes out way ahead.Most worrisome in this is that cultural or practicing Catholics like Mr. Fasano and cultural Christians are THE GROUP with the power to keep Obama from the presidency.The Christian/Catholic vote is THE VOTE in this country since the C/Cs are the overwhelming majority. These would be the same C/Cs responsible for the last two deplorable SCOTUS decisions. The Jewish vote is minute and almost always goes to Democrats. In the presidency, it always does. Let as never forget who elected (or didn’t) the warmonger currently in office. As for the Muslim vote, I don’t know….Perhaps, someone can tell us.Meanwhile, those Obama-supporting bloggers of C/C persuasion and/or descent had better get busy redefining C/C interests, or we’ll soon be witnessing the swearing in of John McCain, no health care assistance and 100 years in Iraq.

  • Josh

    That last anonymous was mine. Forget monniker.

  • pattipace7

    The true racist’s in this election campaign are those who blame Obama’s lack of experience and qualifications on racism. Those whom are trying to invoke the guilt derived from racism into voter’s minds are guilty of mass-deception and it should be considered as a subtle but effective form of terrorism being used to try and win the presidency of our great nation! – (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii)to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion, (Terrorism) S 18 U.S.C.A. 3077


    You had better do some more homework on the supposed Golden Boy – the media darling – Obama. The rumours persist and the fact that he associates with so many criminals, terrorists and racists and enemies of Israel leads many to believe that these are not just rumours. The DNC NEVER investigated him fully and this is just the beginning. Look at the people on his staff and look at his associations and his dismal voting record.

  • Josh

    Jimbo:I will say as I have before and as others have said, one Carter presidency was more than enough. HIs entire staff of advisors are ex Carterites: Those would include Zbignew Brezinski. That would be Zbig who gave us the Iran hostage crisis, Zbig who gave us Ayatolla Homeini, Zbig who engineered the first disastrous peace plan, giving us the Middle East we currently have.Zbignew Brezinski, an eighty-year old dinasaur is Obama’s advisor. No, I don’t want another Carter presidency.What is the choice, Jimbo? Write in Clinton? I’m daily inundated with emails from her staffers urging me to support Obama. Write-ins won’t do it. She’d need to do a Ross Perot.

  • jimbo

    To Josh- Do not let people intimidate you or inundate you with emails to vote for Bam Bam. The American people will get a rude awakening AFTER Obams becoems the Democratic nominee. Right now his supporters are vehemently denying alot of the truths about him. No matter what they say you cannot deny that he has made bad choices in his associations. His intentions are unclear but his associations are crystal clear. We have every right to fear this man and heres a sample of why:

  • Mike

    Have any of you read:Just How Stupid Are We?: Facing the Truth About the American Voter, by Rick ShenkmanThe editorial review says Americans have become increasingly ignorant of politics and world affairs—and dangerously susceptible to manipulation. The book provides a litany of depressing statistics—most Americans cannot name their representatives in Congress, only 20% hold a passport, 30% cannot identify the Holocaust—as Shenkman inquires whether Americans are capable of voting in the nation’s or even their own best interests. One comment notes that Americans are ignorant, shortsighted, and swayed by meaningless phrases.Many of you have rock hard opinions of Obama based on the spelling of his name, his middle name, his grandfather’s heritage, and so forth. Far too many of you are simply prejudiced. Admit it-he’s black. If he was caucasian you might be calling him the “new JFK.”Read Shenkman’s book and take another hard look-at yourselves.

  • Observer

    Nam vet in Canada says:”The Cheney-Halliburton White House has demonized Arabs, Muslims, Islam, etc, etc, as “The Enemy” since BEFORE 9/11.” A minority of Muslims demonized Islam by their actions and the majority of Muslims confirmed the characterization by looking for excuses or remaining silent. It is grossly unfair to lump the non-Muslim Arabs with this group.

  • drawlings

    The same rules should apply to Obama. He doesn’t discourage his surrogates from smearing John McCain. Obama’s heritage and religion are part of the public record.Present the facts and let the people decide.

  • drawlings

    The same rules should apply to Obama. He doesn’t discourage his surrogates from smearing John McCain. Obama’s heritage and religion are part of the public record.Present the facts and let the people decide.

  • Michael

    All that is needed to terrify anyone with a working brain is to read the hate-filled screeds by McCain supporters here. The country cannot survive four more years of Republican leadership. A vote for McCain is a vote for the death of America.

  • iona

    Racism and hatred are as American as apple pie. Nothing anyone can say will change that.

  • Josh

    Jimbo:Zbig Brezinski, Carterite Secretary of State, designer of Oilgate I, archtitect of current Middle East disaster, as well as the other Carterites, are publicly known to be on Obama’s staff. It’s all over the web and has been in the Times. Michelle Obama’s enmeshment with the Chicago Daily Democratic machine is also well known. The other names you mention, I’m going to have to research, and I will, unless you can give me a source. I have no faith in Obama. The simple fact is I respect McCain enormously as many do, for McCain Feingold, for McCAin Kennedy, for being to the left of Obama on immigration. Clinton on healthcare and immigration was the best of the lot, but she’s out of the running.I can’t see myself voting for McCain. I don’t think he’s serious about 100 years in Iraq, never did. His point is that there is no easy exit. What troubles me about McCain is his domestic policy platform. If I don’t vote for Obama, I can write in Clinton as an act of conscience, which then becomes a vote for McCain. Clinton should have run as an Indepedent but didn’t. Please, if you can, give me sources for the names you mention regarding Obama’s advisors, and let me know what you would advise re voting.

  • Rohit

    Personally, it would be good if the political climate made it possible for Obama to make friends with American muslims – right now he is avoiding them as if they are the plague. Political strategy which makes sense but, still, only a calculating and cynical stratregy. What bothers me far more about Obama is that he has renounced public funding of his campaign, and that he is pushing ethanol – no doubt to please midwestern states. The fact that Bush has pushed ethanol is partly responsible for the world wide food crisis. How can Obama push ethanol and then complain that McCain is just Bush lite? McCain is not pushing ethanol.

  • Rohit

    Dan:All you have to do is look back at the last eight years of destruction the Republicans put on our citizens and that should take care of your prejudices. If not, you have more than one problem.

  • Observer1776

    Never mind Obama’s race or religion, whatever it is or is not, however DO mind the track record, in context, of Obama’s statements and policies.He is nothing more than a political chameleon, supported by a spin machine.Needed military action WILL be taken against Iran, which is supplying Hamas and Hezbollah with weapons and training, let’s see Obama straddle that.Liberal apologists seem to have no limit for the campaign of tenderness towards Iran (Land of the Aryans). In the late 1930’s the same type of people

  • jointhecoalition

    Why is this essay in the Religion/Faith section for the Post? It should be in the Politics section. This section is a joke. It’s just another venue for the Post to carry on their shoulders, the most unvetted Presidential candidate in history.By the way, when will Obama stand up for Clinton? The media continually wrote stories about her breasts, ankles, thighs, pantsuits, voice, etc.Stop the fraud.Join the coalition of millions:www.justsaynodeal.com

  • bodo

    It is not so much a faith divide as a race divide. Despite all denials, a lot of Americans harvest racial prejudices. Mrs. Clinton’s substantial number of voters is NOT due to women. Obama had 8.5 million women voters. But Mrs. Clinton’s voters were largely white blue-collar male racists who voted for her merely because she was the only WHITE candidate. Presumably they will now vote for McCain in November, and there is little that the participation of Mrs. Clinton in the campaign can do to prevent that.

  • Earl C

    I was e-mailed by one of those know-it-all talking heads from my alma mater who told me that when Bill Clinton left office that I would hear and read things that would really make me just loathe Bill Clinton. It has been 8 years now and essentially nothing larger than a ripple on a big pond has surfaced. If people have all of this information and never put it out means that they do not have and never had this information.Many people making posts here are the same. It is a smear and fear tactic to suggest that “when you find out such and such about your candidate, then you’ll know what we’ve been saying.” Bull! By and large, Obama and McCain are open books. Up to this point, I have not heard anyone say that we cannot look prior to their 40th birthday to see what they were like and what they did. Bush is definitely a President that seemed to have no past prior to his miraculous religious conversion, similar to that of St. Paul on the Damascus road. Unfortunately, the way he has conducted himself in office has a relationship to his past in college and his fraternity antics.As one who wore the uniform of the navy proudly in service of my country and served actively, I am much more distressed at a Commander in Chief who seemed to be AWOL when in the national guard than worrying about a former Commander in Chief who was a Rhodes scholar and got a deferment. I expect to hear much about Wesley Clark’s comment yesterday. He was essentially speaking the truth. However, it may not have been said in a politically correct way according to some whose skins are so thin that the truth is so painful. People keep talking about Obama crying when some have criticized him. Please let me know when and where Obama whined and/or cried. I do know that Hillary had such a teary moment in her campaign. You see, for some, if Obama does not respond to an assault on his character, he is weak. To others, he is crying. The Bush-Republican logic has taken over the country. When things get better in Iraq, we’ll bring our troops home. Things are reported by the Bush-Republicans that it is much better in Iraq, so we must keep our troops there because things might get worse if they leave. Talk about double speak raised to the second power. I have not even talked about the fact that it is near impossible to prove a negative, but we have let these clowns get away with this type of reasoning for almost 8 years. “Prove that you do not have WMDs.” It can never be proved. If you say it can be proved, then you are one of the illiterates that is blogging on this site. However, Obama is Christian. This is a well-documented and witnessed fact. However, too many on this site would argue otherwise. These are the same people that probably still argue that Saddam did have WMDs in 2003 when we started the war. I heard Rumsfeld say that Saddam had them, we know where they are, but we haven’t gotten there yet. Well, we got “there,” and we didn’t find them. We got to hundreds of sites, but we didn’t find them. Then some of the Bushies said that they must have smuggled them to Iran or Syria. It never ends.

  • D. Justice

    Re: Eboo Patel’s call for McCain to stand up for Sen. Obama, let Obama stand up for himself. After all, he’s man enough to run for president. Why should Sen. McCain protect him? Is Obama correcting all the misinformation about Sen. McCain, such as he wants to remain in Iraq for 100 years? I don’t think so. If he can’t stand the heat, you know the rest….

  • dcp

    It happened again this morning, Mr. Patel. This time it was a respected journalist, Matt Lauer. He was talking about terrorism and said, “Obama, excuse me (with an embarrassed laugh), Osama bin Laden.” I was bent over laughing. Matt Lauer? made a mistake like that? It was hilarious!

  • SouthStar

    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

  • Cantabb

    Sad as it is, there still exist more than a trace of bias and prejudice in this country, be it the race, the gender, the religion, the age, etc.Some say things publicly what wouldn’t be acceptable in a polite society. And, they express all that in a voting booth. In the 1960 election, some who were very uncomfortable with JFK being Roman Catholic and didn’t vote for him, and some of them may not have voted for Kerry for the same reason in 2004, some 40-plus years later (some may have crossed that barrier too and voted for him).This year, some didn’t really want to vote for a woman or an Afro-American — what an opportunity they missed ! That’s an open democracy for you !But I can not understand the relevance of this comment by you: “After all, it is America’s openness and tolerance that is allowing McCain and his wife to raise an adopted daughter from Bangladesh in this great country.” It is their personal choice, and wonderful that they adopted the girl. This also shows that: the McCains themselves are above the prejudices you are taking about. So, what’s the point ? Yes, “It is an open and tolerant America”; So is bias and prejudice, how obnoxious it may be to most of us.

  • dcp

    Wow, Jimbo, scary stuff. If half of it is true, then Barack just might be a real life Dorian Gray.

  • dcp

    Wait, did I just skip over Patel praising Clinton for rebuking bigotry? Now that’s funny. She and her husband are the ones who put race out front and center to begin with. duh-duh-hard-working Americans, white Americans-duh-duh- the civil rights movements didn’t go anywhere without Lyndon Johnson. Someone needs to review history before praising Clinton.

  • nkafu1

    It is sadden to know about Karl Rove intense partisan, smear politics he planted in the Republican party. Rove successfully planted it in America that Republicans are more Americans that democrats, hence, American bought into the “Swift Boot” Americans, are also more likely to believe that Obama is a Muslim. First Obama has never been a Muslim. Yet, divisive, partisan Republicans who plant hate in America believe it will. Shame republicans, shame Karl Rove, the planter all smears in America

  • Fight Ignorance

    “McCain should be judged for himself, and not just as “another Bush”.”If Mr McCain wants to be judged for himself, he needs to man up and reject the Bush agenda!Where is that Maverick McCain?Kissing Bush’s behind every day!In the mean time I will stand with Obama ’08!

  • interpreter native

    South Star, if you are able to have the data of the situation of stratopshere, if you are able to have the data of the winds abd clouds and gases in the higher layers of athmospherethen you may talk about Republicans. till you are able to, you may watch the weather forecasts on TV.

  • Earl C

    Back to the main point of the article, neither McCain nor Obama need to make such pronouncements. When they do and one of their supporters makes some statement that can be jumped on as undermining their pronouncements, the focus shifts to keeping score on who said what, when, and where. The focus on this campaign should be on the relevant major issues. Iraq, the economy, the status of the infrastructure, education, and so forth. Unfortunately, the issues of gender bias, race bias, and so forth will continue to be with us. The issues of abortion, same-sex marriages, and so forth make for high drama in the world of politics, but if the churches and local communities cannot deal with these issues adequately, why make a Federal stink out of them. I’ve had same-sex couples living in my neighnorhood for years. I go on with my life and they go on with theirs. My wife and I know most of these people. We do not feel threathened. I have had conversations with many people over many years. Some people have used vulgar language in my presence. I personally do not use such langauge. I have noticed that when I just ignore it, the other person over time realizes that I do not use it and then begins to cease using it. When I have attempted to let the other person know that I do not like that kind of langauge, I have learned that there is no prediction as to how that person will respond, whether from another crude remark or gesture being made to a polite, I’m sorry. I give this example from my life to point out that neither McCain nor Obama should do nothing more than let their words and actions lead the way to a more civil discourse of politics in our country. I submit that Obama did a better job of it Saturday. I’ve listened twice to the full 90+ minutes of their speeches and answers before the Latino conference. McCain states that he wants to use his talents, which he clearly says involves the question and answer segment, not speech giving. However, Obama is clearly multi-talented. One thing that students learn in speech class is never to apologize for this and that about what you are about to say or how you are going to say it, just give the audience the best that you can give. Perhaps McCain is apologizing because he could be a better speech giver if he would learn to give better speeches. The least he can do is show improvement. It would also help if he had people around him who would help. I have heard Obama before crowds and before his supporters in small sessions. He always encourages. Always! His agenda is positive. Always! He always thanks people for this and that. He is quick to acknowledge the work that other people do, even if it is McCain or other Republicans. Republicans seem to have this thing that if they acknowledge that a Democrate does something good, then it weakens their message. Hogwash. None of us are right all of the time, nor are we wrong all of the time.Listen to McCain and Obama, not their surrogates. However, if the surrogates get too far out of line, they will become the story, and this is not good.

  • EGGArgost

    Eboo, cut the prejudice and race talk. How many times does McCain need to condemn racism and prejudice before you’re convinced he doesn’t support it. He can’t possibly condemn it every time some bigot brings it up, can he? When one of his supporters used the name Hussein various times, Senator McCain denounced it to the point that he lost that lunatic’s support.The media keeps making this all about race- first they guilt Clinton over it, now McCain. I don’t want to hear about blacks and whites; I don’t want to hear about Muslims and Christians. I want to hear about what really matters for the US and us.Do you want some real racial talk? Here’s some for you:Blacks are lazy. Jews are money hungry. Japanese are disciplined. Latinos are welfare dependent. Buddhists are peace loving. Muslims are warmongers. Gays are sex fiends. Heterosexuals are family-oriented. Women are bad drivers. Men are unemotional… You can believe all or just one or two of them; but you can find that they are all true when you concentrate on the few… All these stereotypes are lost when one considers history and statistical data in a broader spectrum… We all have faults and virtues. We all have our worth in society. We can all be a threat or a blessing to our communities. What matters is not what we are, but what we can and want to be.Before you judge me, read the entire article I wrote on this: Racism is alive as long as we want it to be alive.

  • interpreter native

    in case of energies of land, in case of reincarnation, in case of sensitivity to energies, we have better speak about inheritance and presence in stead of being smart.

  • Concerned The Christian Now Liberated

    Earl, Earl, Earl,Everything we needed to know about Bill Clinton was abundently clear while he was in office. His adultery cost Al Gore and now his wife the presidency.

  • Concerned The Christian Now Liberated

    Athena, Athena, Athena,I recommended some reading materials for Mary C. She recommended some of her own for me. Hardly “pwning”!!!!

  • barbara

    I agree with Mr. Patel that elections, especially the presidency, should be based on positions of substance from candidates that will enrich the lives of all Americans. It is, I believe, sinful to base elections on fear and attacks. All citizens have seen what that kind of politics have delivered and how our lives have been impacted based on those kinds of elections. I pray that God will contiue to bless America and He will open our eyes and hearts, helping us to make decisions based on spiritual wisdom…..His Wisdom! God Bless America!

  • Mike

    Prejudice hurting Obama? ROFL Even some black leaders and businessmen have said if Obama was not black he wouldn’t be where he is today. Think about it. Someone who came out or no where with little to no experience with a plethora of unsavory friends and connections, with no plans for increasing a practical domestic energy supply a policy that will hurt the poor the worst and saying he would raise all taxes significantly and is rivaling Dan Quayle in gaffes.

  • A ‘Nam Vet in Canada

    The Cheney-Halliburton White House has demonized Arabs, Muslims, Islam, etc, etc, as “The Enemy” since BEFORE 9/11. Some of their Big Lie propaganda actually rubbed off. Surprise, surprise. The FEAR that has been perpetrated by this administration has driven anti-Arab/Muslim hate and prejudice deep into the collective American soul. CONSTANT reminders on the Nightly News, (remember color-coded “alerts” ??)And quite frankly the world of Islam has NOT done themselves any good, either. The perception is that radicals outnumber the moderate ordinary folks, by a huge margin. But, isn’t that always the way?

  • musing

    I remember living in a black neighborhood as a non black. Prejudice is a two way street.


    what is REALLY saddening is that obama has to even answer that claim based on xenophobic paranoia and hatred of the other- well, we’ve unreasonably demonized groups in the past- and will likely do it again in the future- some people just need to hate in order to feel better about themselves- that fear mongering is really what we should be discussing-

  • MIke

    A ‘Nam Vet in Canada:The Cheney-Halliburton White House has demonized Arabs, Muslims, Islam, etc, etc, asWhat? The Muslim terrorist attacks around the world since at least 1979 have demonized themselves. Take your head out of Bush’s behind and come up for air. No oxygen is bad for the brain.

  • Concerned The Christian Now Liberated

    Victoria, Victoria, Victoria,Hmmm, strange actions???The strangeness is that you and your ilk continue to follow the dictates of a warmongering, womanizing (11 wives), hallucinating, lust and greed driven, long-dead Arab. Once again a reminder:The Flaws and Errors of Islam- 1. Belief in “pretty/ugly wingie” thingies and teach your children that such things really exist 2. Believe that the long-dead Arab did actually talk to the “pretty Gabriel” in the “Gabe” cave and therein received the good words now listed in the koran.3. That Sunnis are superior to Shiites in all aspects of life.4. That Islam is perfect and the koran inherently condones no sin even though the 24/7 800 year-old feud between Sunnis and Shiites give significant credence that suicides, assassinations, maiming, and murder are condoned by the koran. Having multiple wives also gives significant credence to the sins of lust and polygamy. The condoned treatment of these wives gives credence that the koran allows the sins of anger and greed.

  • janephil

    BREAKING NEWS. ANOTHER OBAMA FLIP-FLOP.Obama Shifts on Welfare Reform. Obama changes his position again, and again, and again, and again, and again…….The man is just spineless and shameless.

  • Observer

    Victoria asks:

  • dnn

    Funny I phrased it that way…eh…Paganplace.Funny also your assumption that I am a McCain supporter. My choice would have been Ron Paul…hardly at all like mccain.

  • dnn

    Speaking of Recommended Books:Mine would be THE REVOLUTION: A Manifesto by Ron PaulThe Founding Fathers didn’t want any of this. In fact, they said so quite clearly in the Constitution of the United States of America. Unfortunately, that beautiful, ingenious, and revolutionary document is being ignored more and more in Washington. If we are to enjoy peace, freedom, and prosperity once again, we absolutely must return to the principles upon which America was founded. But finally, there is hope . . . In THE REVOLUTION,Texas congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul has exposed the core truths behind everything threatening America, from the real reasons behind the collapse of the dollar and the looming financial crisis, to terrorism and the loss of our precious civil liberties. In this book, Ron Paul provides answers to questions that few even dare to ask. Despite a media blackout, this septuagenarian physician-turned-congressman sparked a movement that has attracted a legion of young, dedicated, enthusiastic supporters . . . a phenomenon that has amazed veteran political observers and made more than one political rival envious. Candidates across America are already running as “Ron Paul Republicans.”

  • Ibrahim Mahfouz

    Eboo says:


    it always seems to be the same tactics- externalize the evil, abstract and vilify the “other” so they become dehumanized in te process so they are acceptable targets for your prejudices and hatreds- and in the process sanctify your own verbal violence and whatever particular group you may belong to- i consider it a social service to be a lightening rod for his various assertions and biases

  • Observer

    Victoria asks:

  • Deb Chatterjee

    Victoria,Would you seriously consider it obscene/offensive if someone speculates that you are pregnant (with a lot of ideas) ?

  • Anonymous

    anyone there want to chat with a single girl who is lonely? Let’s mingle here at +++++(((((((—–u k i n t e r r a c i a l m a t c h . c o m——)))))))+++, where many black and white singles who want to meet and seek fun & love seriously! Join us to begin our connect!


    observer- there is no difference between your obscene prejudiced rants and anti-semites or the KKK- the ugliness isn’t coming from outside of you- but from within your own heart- your cowardly attmepts to justify your own fears and paranoid xenophobia by projecting them outwards does nothing to add to the human race-

  • Observer

    Victoria says:”observer- there is no difference between your obscene prejudiced rants and anti-semites or the KKK-“Al Razi and Avicenna belonged to the school of thought called the Mutazallah that placed reason above faith. AlGhazalii and Roomi belonged to the Asharria school that made reason subordinate to faith and so glorified stupidity. The latter school dominated and made the former extinct over a thousand years ago. Had it been the other way around the course of history for Muslims would have definitely been better. It could not be any worse than it is now.

  • sally

    Seems more and more singles want to find online friends to talk about relationship, love, marriage or others… I heard that the single club—- ++++ (((((( UKinterracialmatch . c o m))))) +++++ —- is a wonderful place for all singles to have fun together…


    i’m watching washington journal right now- Jose Antonio Vargas who is the Politics and Internet Reporter for Washington Post is on there right now discussing the internet rumors that Obama is a muslim- people from all over america call in and air their views- i’m glad to see how most americans feel- it puts the islamophobes and haters here in perspective- you’re betraying american principles of inclusion and plurality and freedom of expression with your fearful and demonizing rants against muslims-wake up- you are in the minority and not represntative of anything but your own personal paranoias

  • Anonymous

    Deb Chatterjee asks Victoria:Would you seriously consider it obscene/offensive if someone speculates that you are pregnant (with a lot of ideas)?Is Victoria going to give birth to an idea? It’s been a long pregnancy.

  • dnn

    I think Vicky’s typical rant is pretty much established.Any legitimate criticism of the hypocrocrisy or contradictions exposed are “hate speech” in herRead “The Last Patriot” Vicky – you claim to be one, right?Oh, You’ll just love that book!


    DNN- well, it seems the book was only released 4 days ago- i don’t have any inerest in thrillers- nor deisre to be thrilled or titillated- i’m reading ‘a lawyer’s journey’ by morris dees-one of the founders of the southern law poverty center- It starts with this quote- patriotism is one of those concepts that people only seem to use to put others down- i have a very deep gratitude and appreciation for my home- for the benefits and protections i have in america- but im not a flag waver, and have a kind of fear when groups of people start pumping the flag – it seems to be accompanied by some aggression- by some exclusionary bravado- it always seems like a prelude to something unpleasant- i really wonder at folks when they try to take some personal credit- gain some selfish glory- for something they had absolutely no part in- we accrue no praise from others for what is an accident of birth- we are certainly extraordinarily blessed to be born here- and i am thankful for that- thanks for the book reccommendation- but there is plenty enough of injustice in the world and real conspiracies to frighten myself with- nationalism- mob mentality- and that includes CAIR, which i have no contact with, nor influence from whatsoever-

  • AMH

    Victoria accuses Americans of the following:Is this not the “foreign policy” of the cult that she belongs to?


    no, certainly not all americans- i’m one myself- this was a pointedly specific and personal comment to the haters here-

  • AMH

    Victoria says:“no, certainly not all americans- i’m one myself”.A true believing Muslims could be living in China, Russia or Canada, but will never be Chinese, Russian or Canadian. Islam is an ideology masquerading as a religion, and practicing members owe their allegiance only to the Umma; the Sharia ruled state headed by Khalifa, who represents Allah on earth. This is why you never see an American flag inside the vast majority of mosques in this country.


    arif- there is no khalifa on earth though- so your argument kind of falls apart from that perspective- also- you are just plain wrong- but even citing the display of the flag as proof of one’s ‘american-ness’ is the most superficial, silly and hypocritical criteria for such a determination. why do you spend so much energy on hating and spreading fear of muslims and islam?

  • Arif

    Victoria, I hope that your confusion between AMH and myself are clear by now. I know you spend 8 hours/day on these blogs spreading the message of Islam so you will read this. Even though you may have mistook me for AMH however my view of sharial and the khalifa may be the same is his and to you strange. Questions to you are; do the Saudis understand Sharia? Do the Iranians the Pakistanis or the Muslim world understand Sharia? Do the thousands of Muslims witnessing stoning of women under laws governed by strict sharia understand Sharia? Or is it you who are better at it? I simply state that I understand Sharia exactly like those people in Afghanistan, Sauria Arabia, Iran and Pakistan do who execute women wearing burkas by stoning them to death. They chant Allah-hu-Akbar when she screams till she no longer can.Arif

  • AMH

    You (Victoria) are assuming that AMH is Arif. You are wrong as usual. I am AMH and am not Arif. Arif never would use another identity because he is not doing anything he is ashamed of and more importantly he is a man of integrity. I could tell that from his posts.

  • Psy17

    Looks like this thread is dead. My only point is McCain should be revered as a war hero. If I were his press sec. I would respond to that question like this:”You’s an in house J lookin boy. You’s a dope lookin boy. You’s a five fingers in jello lookin boy'”One more question and a 9mm would alert you to the fact that a marine just fired it.Strong language, but seriously… Leave the man alone. I do not want to collapse.