Neither Obama Nor McCain is “The One”

A new John McCain campaign ad lampoons Barack Obama for being “The One.” The ad says Obama “has anointed himself” … Continued

A new John McCain campaign ad lampoons Barack Obama for being “The One.” The ad says Obama “has anointed himself” and it shows clips of the candidate’s lofty rhetoric followed by a shot of Charlton Heston as Moses parting the Red Sea in “The Ten Commandments.”

The ad is funny, says McCain. Obama calls it childish. It’s both. It also strikes me as a bit hypocritical: Surely, McCain hopes Americans will put their faith and trust in him this November and expects to be “The One” elected to the White House no less than Obama.

But hypocritical, funny or childish, the ad does more than mock Obama. It mocks all of us, and our habit of viewing our candidates every four years through a lens that is more spiritual than political.

In this presidential election, as in every presidential election, we’re all looking for The One who can lead us to the promised land, The One who can heal the economy, deliver us from demonic forces of evil, save us from the dreadful mistakes of The Previous One.

From the earliest days of its history to the present moment,” Reinhold Niebuhr wrote in 1952, “there is a deep layer of messianic consciousness in the mind of America.” Ironically, Obama has said that Niebuhr is one of his favorite philosophers.

I’m too young to remember this, so I looked it up — sorry, I mean I Googled it. Back in 1968, America’s messianic consciousness was pricked by television ads and campaign slogans proclaiming “Nixon’s The One.”

After Nixon, Vietnam and Watergate, I remember thinking that Jimmy Carter was The One. Here was an intelligent, articulate and accomplished man of God who promised that he would never lie to us. Here was a good Christian man who inspired trust and seemed to welcome the faith and hopes of a nation.

I found a poster of Carter wearing long hair, a beard and a robe, entitled “J.C. Superstar,” put it up in my Ohio dorm room, and that November proudly cast my very first vote for the Democratic savior from Georgia. I was only 18. What did I know? Like Herbert Hoover, another good Christian man, Carter turned out to be a much better ex-president.

It all makes me think of a comedy routine by Bret and Jemaine, two New Zealanders known as Flight of the Conchords.

Bret: You said Michelle was the one.
Jemaine: Yeah, she’s the one.
Bret: You said Claire was the one.
Jemaine: She’s another one.

It didn’t take me long to realize that Carter — like Kennedy and Nixon before him, like Reagan, Clinton and Bush after him — was just another one. A politician, not a prophet. A president, not a savior.

Obama isn’t The One. Neither is McCain. I’m sure they know that. Do we?

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  • Angela

    Mr. Waters, I actually caught the ad yesterday morning and really thought Obama had put out the ad. However, I do believe that the media feels that he is “The One”, “The Messiah” and most on Washington Post and “Newsweek”, along with all three network stations are caught up with the “Annointed One”. Personally, I found the ad to be right on the mark but did, however feel that McCain should just be himself instead of trying to out-Hollywood the “Annointed”…

  • saviours

    Saviours, messiahs, etc. are dangerous. The Jewish historian Josephus recorded the misery and catastrophic results of the Jewish fantasy about saviour messiahs. We don’t need religious or political messiahs, just people with decency and ability to lead and solve problems.

  • Athena

    I doubt that any Obama supporter believes that he is “The One” (like Neo in “The Matrix”) or a Messiah (like Muad’dib). At least, I hope not! Obama would be the first one to take issue with that, I’m sure. OTOH, how many conservatives still think that Ronald Reagan was THEIR Messiah? Or, for a more recent example, look at the Ron Paul supporters. The Paultards are about the most fanatically messianic group out there.

  • Mr Mark

    Nobody believes Obama is “the one.”Certainly not the people who have voted for and intend to vote for him in November. We see Obama as someone much deeper than a sound bite, especially those of us who weren’t initially on the bus. I have issues with some of Obama’s positions (like his support for bush’s fantasy-based initiative), but I’ve never been a one-issue voter.And certainly not the Rs who are looking to generate a negative narrative about Obama. They don’t care what sticks as long as something sticks. They don’t really believe any of the negative stuff they’re throwing at Obama is true any more than an actor playing a villain believes in the evil attributes of that character.Rs lose if the election revolves around issues, which is why McCain is trying desperately to make it about character, and an imagined character at that.

  • Vince.

    Neither McCain, Obama, nor Moses are the One. God is the One. “Our Father” is the One. People say “Moses parted the red sea.” Excuse me? It was God, his Father, who performed the miracle! Likewise with Jesus: “Why callest thou me good? For there is but one Good, the Father.”This McCain ad is blasphemous, and speaks about how our emotional investment as a culture is focussed luridly on our personalities and our wish for them to be important, instead of doing as we are commanded by God’s Word, praying without ceasing, that is keeping our minds “stayed on Thee,” on God the Father. The One. Our thoughts are meant to be uplifted and empowered by focussing on God’s Love, but we let them get swept away from our Lord by fretting over the supposed power of our ridiculous little personalities.It has been said that God is the only power, and that the devil is really just the suggestion that God is NOT Omnipotent, that men have power of their own.

  • Fate

    This is rather comical. I mean, the republicans put out Bush in 2000 talking to the evangelicals as though God was on the side of Bush. In the process these same republicans trampled on McCain, punishing him with attack ads and lies, as usual.Now Bush is leaving office and those same republicans are telling us McCain is the one to be president when they said the opposite in 2000. They now begin the same tired lies and distortion against Obama. No where in that ad was an issue raised, a topic debated, a path for this country described. It was pure attack and meant to hit at the stupidest of Americans. That would be those 25% who voted for Bush in 2004 but now think he is doing a bad job, even though little about what we know of Bush has changed between 2004 and today. The wrongness of Bush’s policies had to become obvious before they cold see it. These stupid Americans see ads like this and nod their heads not because the ad is correct but because it was done so well. These are the Jerry Springer watchers who applaud for the person with the most hard hitting dialog (or physical punch) while ignoring the actual situation or any sense of right and wrong.It is clear, the republcans, as expected and as McCain said they would not, have decided very early to go the low road. Its so sad that republicans cannot win without going negative, and its so sad that Americans actually watch the negative ads as though they mean anything, just as they watch Jerry Springer as though it means something.

  • Roy

    Considering the alternative of four to eight more years of the same neochristian fear mongering, corruption and creeping theocracy, Obama just might be “The One” this time.

  • Paganplace

    People are *terrified* of a well-spoken, dare we say, inspirational, liberal coming into office, after however many years of electing eejit pseudo-good-ol’ boys who seem safely and chummily-illiterate, while, of course, telling mean-spirited and stupid jokes… There’s fearmongering that Obama is some kind of ‘charismatic evil leader,’ for …what, saying, ‘Yes, We Can?’ That’s a *we,* not *he,* by the way. What he *can* do is unite us on some practical levels… *if* we decide to do that. He’s running for President, not High King. You bet we need the leadership and smarts right now. You *bet* the rest of the world is psyched to see him in the running, here, as opposed to the ‘born again’ untreated drunk/cokehead cowboy poser from Connecticut old money that’s been using our nation to strut around the world and smirk about bombing people. There’s *fearmongering* that he’s some kind of scary figure, …but his supporters don’t think he’s a Messiah. His *supporters* aren’t the ones who think that way in the first place.

  • dcp

    McCain is not going to produce “neochristian fear mongering.” Remember, Dr. Dobson is being very vocal about his opposition to McCain’s candidacy. McCain has said some things against the Christian right that made very angry.

  • Lies and breaches of truth

    This is retarded. People are hoping for a half-descent leader, america’s too skeptical to dabble in Savior-seeking.”The One” is a republican negative slur wrapped in a lie.Hardly anyone thinks that’s true to the core… republicans invented the “big as God” thing, then blamed obama and his followers for inventing and practicing god-worshiping.end of story.

  • Paganplace

    As for Mccain’s mockeries, he’s not even on Bush’s level. I’m sad that who I once thought was a respectable opponent went back on all his ‘maverick’ stances to toe the GOP/religious Right line, even as a tortured man reversing his absolute stand against torture among a field full of Republican dittoheads. McCain gets ‘forgiven’ for his tasteless ‘jokes’ to tasteless people, the media dutifully reports how badly the media treats him for claiming that ‘Obama wants us to lose,’ while *demonstrating complete bungling and bad memory of the *basic facts* about the subjects he blithely promises to ‘win’ at. He’s like, ‘Oh, all we have to do about Iraq is win.’ Brilliant. Cause I’m sure that never occured to anyone before. Only problem is, we went in with no clear or realistic idea of what constituted *winning,* or how to go about it. The Repubs just said, ‘Prepare for a tickertape parade in Baghdad, this’l be over quick and the oil money will pay for it.’ Who’s leading the blind, here? Frankly, I think *Mccain* *is* ‘slipping.’The ‘maverick’ is now a bum steer. Follows where led. Makes tasteless (and erroneous) remarks, doesn’t realize how flat they fall. Claims, ‘Oh, well, I’ll win,’ …while almost-proudly demonstrating ignorance about the situation. Smart bombs only mean you can more accurately execute dumb ideas. There’s no ‘Let’s just win.’ Not now. Someone already ill-used that particular pooch.

  • Kristin2

    McCain to speak tonight in Strugis SD at a motorcycle rally.Topless Women, Kid Rock, Bikers, And John McCain

  • pgr88

    The left is so hypocritical.Religiousity from actual religious figures directed to God or Jesus Christ is viewed as reactionary and toxic.Religiousity from the left for their own leaders is to be welcomed and celebrated. Two present day examples are Hugo Chavez and Obama.

  • M. Stratas

    One of the posters here “Fate” stated that the Republican operatives who who slimed McCain in 2000 to catapult George bush are ironically the same operatives helping McCain slime Obama. If Americans are capable of critical thinking, they really should avoid McCain and his cohorts. Why, after his horrible treatment, would McCain allow these scum bags to handle his campaign? Let us talk about how people will get jobs (5.7% unemployment) so they can support their families, end the war in Iraq, strengthen our troops in Afghanistan, solve energy problems etc. Putting Britney and Paris on an attack ad is beyond the pale; very unbecoming of McCain.

  • Hello

    Gosh, maybe the Obama Camp should put out an ad reminiscent of the old Wendy’s ad.You know the one where the old lady keeps saying, “where’s the beef.” Only with this one, it should be an old man who looks similar to John McCain.Hey, it should work; it seems the McCain Camp has a sense of humor. After all, it’s all in good fun, right?

  • Mr Mark

    Dear pgr88: As a lifelong Dem, I can state unconditionally that I am very much dismayed by Obama’s wearing his religion on his sleeve. In fact, I pointed out early and often in the campaign my belief that his overt religiosity would come back to bite him in the butt, and so it has.I would prefer that religion return to the sidelines in American politics. Strangely, the McCain campaign may be plowing the fields in this regard by openly criticizing Obama’s appeal as a candidate to religious voters. Just as it took a starch anti-Communist like Nixon to go to China, it may take the standard bearer of God’s Own Party to drive the nails into the coffin of America’s untoward alliance of religion and politics.If McCain can accomplish this over the course of the next few months, then I will be the first to send him a hearty cheer…and best wishes to his enjoying his continuing career in the Senate.

  • Wer Geharget

    Obsama is definitely the ONE. According to Jeremiah.

  • asitSeems

    Strange as it seems, to me it’s strange I mean, I don’t see either of the two candidates as particularly evil, nasty or for that matter – incompetent. Neither of these men is anything like Bush, not on their worst day.Normally I wouldn’t be willing to choose this early in the game, but I have seen one thing that disturbs me more than the gaffs and various flip-flops of these candidates – the people these candidates are using for their stooges.The campaign staff, the managers, the thugs, the good the bad and the ugly with whom they feel most comfortable. I see John McCain is surrounding himself with the Rovers. Perhaps he’s looking back at Bush’s successes with these scum and things he can use them until he gets in – then dump them.And I don’t see Obama surrounding himself with Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or that french looking guy from Louisiana (what’s his name?), the democratic equivalents of the Rovers.I don’t know what these things mean exactly, but it does tell me McCain has a level of comfort with the kind of people I’d like to see run over on the freeway … and I have to wonder if McCain would appoint another Monica Goodling or Alberto Gonzales … or Rummey or even Cheney.Sorry John, as much as I admire you for your history, and respect you for your service, I realize these positives about you are not necessary for a President of the United States, while the negatives I’ve mentioned here are enough to make me want to keep you as far away from the whitehouse as I can.

  • Farnaz

    David,You’re quite correct in saying that neither is “the one.” Moreover, political messianism is dangerous in and of itself. Unfortunately, many American Obama supporters, though not all, have failed to see that and continue not to as they ready themselves for the annointing of Jesus Christ Obama.On the other hand, while we are used to negative campaigning, thus far, it seems that only McCain has resorted to it. I could be wrong, but I doubt that McCain will do himself much good with the undecideds by continually attacking Obama, while the latter gracefully rises above the attacks.As for (non-idealizing) Obama supporters, McCain risks losing the respect some of us have for him, notwithstanding our support for his opponent. Should he win, he will want to assume the presidency with the best wishes of gracious losers, not the anger and fear that would go with thinking him less than fair and/or diplomatic.

  • Richard Conn Henry

    I read his first book, Dreams of my Father, and I liked it very much. He is smart and able. I like John McC. too, but he is not like Barack. We are going into a complex age, with good footwork needed. I’m voting for Barack.

  • rps1023

    Paganplace…I associate myself with your remarks, well-thought out and well-written.Our great country requires great leadership not just any old one.

  • Paganplace

    “You’re quite correct in saying that neither is “the one.” Moreover, political messianism is dangerous in and of itself. Unfortunately, many American Obama supporters, though not all, have failed to see that and continue not to as they ready themselves for the annointing of Jesus Christ Obama.”You do, of course, realize this is a fiction of the right-wing media? Or did you forget how readily most of we dyed-in-the-wool liberals were up in arms about his vote on FISA and his idea of reforming, rather than abolishing, Bush’s partisan ‘Faith-based Initiatives?’ I seem to remember telling ‘my own side’ to chill out a bit.

  • DEM now IND

    We know that Obama is not the “One.” But somebody needs to tell him!

  • Joe

    I watched the ad and it actually makes Obama seem fine. I think McPops may be wasting his money on this one. Its a positive pro Obama ad.

  • Paganplace

    Well, RPS:”Our great country requires great leadership not just any old one.”I’ll tell you this, …we, and the *world* *deserve* a statesman like this, but it’s we, as Americans who must make good on it, not profess ‘salvation or ruin if this guy’s in charge,’I firmly believe he’s the President America, and the world, *need,* right now. But we’re not electing a King or savior. We’re electing a guy who will lead us well, if the governed will consent to be led. We’re so used to the ‘Imperial presidency of the Idiot Cowboy Poser Born-Again Fratboy’ that we’ve *forgotten what it’s like* to have a statesman President well suited to fill the office as it was *intended* to be filled, not a surrogate elected ‘king.’ He’s not ‘The One,’ …he’s…. The Guy. For right now. To *lead,* not to call a tenth of percent of a majority a ‘mandate’ and start dictating all slimy-like. Leader. Maybe stepped up earlier than he should have had to, but if we Americans can’t make good on an Obama administration, forget about it. We’d certainly do no better with uninspiring illusions, politics of helplesness, and surrogacies of religious fundamentalism to make those screwed the most feel obligated to vote for the partisans of the greedy. We *need* the leadership, we *need* the inspiration. If it were to ever turn ugly, that’d be our own damn fault. So we should stop acting like we’re electing a dictator. We’re electing a President.

  • kl

    The secular messianic overtones of Obama’s campaign have really bothered me. I loved this ad! It was clever, funny and skewered something that I’ve fond very offensive.

  • avoice4us08

    Your article ignores the fact that Obama himself does not claim to be “the One.” He claims that “we are the ones we have been waiting for.” He has done more than any candidate in history to put himself in the hands of the ordinary citizens of America–by basing his campaign largely on small contributions from many people. He may have felt the loneliness of defeat in New Hampshire, but thousands of people were online sending him a few dollars. Nothing about his past activities or his present extremely effective political organization indicates that Obama thinks of himself or would govern as “His Oneness.” At the Harvard Law Review, on the streets of Chicago, in political negotiations in the Illinois legislature, and in his campaign meetings, he operates as a leader who listens and empowers–and who makes compromises and adjustments to take account of the views of others.On the campaign trail, Obama is known as a good listener as well as an inspiring speaker. What he promises the American people is a president who knows how to mobilize expertise and make judgments based upon our common interests, not the interests. Thus, Obama is not “the One” and he is also not a tool of “the Few.” McCain’s attack is ironic because his mockery is really aimed at the millions of people who are moved by Obama’s intellect, integrity, vision, and judgment. Obama’s idea is to make all of us part of the process and to listen carefully to all legitimate stakeholders.Your article is a rhetorical exercise, not an analysis.

  • Carprin

    This type of retoric is unfortunate. The two Canidates have every right to vie for the job as President. What disgusts me is the level of uncivil discourse I read in these postings and from some of the comments I hear from Talk Show Host and Cabe TV Commentators

  • DJ

    If you cherry pick comments from enough speeches, you can make anyone look like a demon or messiah. And that is all McCain’s ad does. I’m more than certain that in each quoted instance, the comments were preceded or followed by self-effacing or humbling comments. Obama may be plenty of negative things to people, but stupid is not one of them.

  • Paganplace

    Funny how some people seem ‘offended’ that the ‘Godless liberal’ candidate reads …to them…. as ‘Messianic,’ when he’s the guy saying, ‘We might have to, oh, I dunno, work at some things or something.’People seem so self-assured that Obama feels himself to be a ‘Messiah’ but, funny how only Faux News seems to be saying that. Just cause the disenfranchised liberal half of the country is *psyched* about the guy. You bet we’re psyched. But we’re not the ones who feel to need a ‘Messiah’ even if it involves voting for a cokehead who had his own criminal records sealed as governor of Texas.Could be, we’re psyched about this guy cause he actually proposes to *represent the American people.* (as ‘Bonzo Goes to Bitburg’ comes on the radio.)Yeah, we’ll take an Obama. Without delay. Don’t mistake us for *you,* though.

  • James

    Neither Obama Nor McCain is “The One”————–Actually, I believe there are clear differences between how Obama and McCain have presented themselves to the public, and Obama would benefit from a healthy dose of self-deflation. So would we.That said, the Republic has far more serious issues to contend with . . . . and I think you should focus your attention there.

  • A reader

    To pgr88:John McCain does not attend church regularly, has broken several of the Ten Commandments (including adultery), and has displayed lack of veneration for the Bible by comparing Obama to Moses. He seems to be exhibit A of how, in your own words, “[r]eligiousity from actual religious figures directed to God or Jesus Christ as reactionary” and unnecessary.

  • A reader

    To pgr88:John McCain does not attend church regularly, has broken several of the Ten Commandments (including adultery), and has displayed lack of veneration for the Bible by comparing Obama to Moses. He seems to be exhibit A of how some view, in your own words, “[r]eligiousity from actual religious figures directed to God or Jesus Christ as reactionary” and unnecessary.

  • mark

    McCain supporters will look back at the week Karl Rove’s minnion LOST McCain the White House with moronic attack ads, which ridiculed the McCain campaign 10 times worse than his opponent. Within a month watch for a MAJOR restructuring of McCain’s campaign, anyone who’s fingerprints are on these ads will go to the John Hagee-Phil Graham BLACK HOLE. You will get a preview of how much these Britney, Paris, Moses ads hurt McCain and helped Obama…when the August fund raising numbers of each campaign come out. I know I wrote ANOTHER check for Obama.”money talks…”

  • faroutdc

    The story of Moses is one of my favorites. A real account of the challenges of leadership and the precarious nature of the masses longing to be free. But Moses was a messenger not a messiah. He was “slow of tongue” as it says so in the bible but not on the big screen. The references are totally off in the attack ad, however, this one can stick — we don’t want to find outselves wandering in the wilderness for 40 years.

  • Lauren

    Maybe it’s a generational thing (I’m in my late 20s), or maybe it’s because I inhabit secular circles, but I don’t know anyone who believes that if Obama is elected all the problems we’re facing will disappear. McCain’s ad insults the many, many people who are supporting Obama because of careful consideration of his policies and his character, who hold no illusions about his status as a politician, but who are nonetheless inspired by his thoughtfulness and pragmatism and who believe he is far and away the lesser of two evils. It lampoons all those people who came out to hear his speech in Berlin as fawning, group-think idiots. I am sick and tired of politicians insulting my intelligence and the intelligence of the American people as a whole with unserious, gimmicky, distorting ads like this one. Obama may have a bit of a messiah complex, and some of his supporters may have naively invested too much faith in his abilities to get us out of the mess we’re in, but at least he makes a concerted effort to articulate his principles, support them with reasons rather than specious appeals to worst-case scenario hypotheticals, and provide detailed policy plans, which is more than can be said for John McCain. He’s Aquinas to McCain’s Calvin.

  • Diana

    I don’t think McCain or Obama are the one. I however, have felt that Obama in is arrogance and rehetoric has be perceived as though he he thinks he is the one. It doesn’t walk on water and he certainly can’t part the Red Sea. No man can. He can talk the talk out of both sides of his mouth. I don’t be voting for him.

  • Fergie

    Of course Obama supporters think he’s “the one” Look at the rock-star coverage, swooning supporters, and twittering commenters. Look at the language. He’s the smartest, most good looking, the most articulate, and the one only one who can save the whole planet. Jesus wasn’t this popular.

  • mark

    McCain was “the ONE” when he returned from the Hanoi Hilton, then McCain TOSSED his disfigured disabled wife,(who had worked 5 years for his release) two adopted sons, and a daughter…for a younger blond pillionaire (multi millionaire pill popper.)

  • behind the curtain

    McCain has no principles – all he has are ‘convictions’ and ill-placed at that. He’s not remotely presidential, but then neither was Bush. He’s just an old guy full of a sense of entitlement, bent on winning at any cost – and the flip-floppiest candidate on issues that anyone has ever seen. He doesn’t have idea number one about anything of substance. He’s winging it, and relying on others to ‘beat’ Obama. No way he could do it by himself on the strength of his own abilities and qualifications. That would take a man that McCain has no real identification with, nor any hope of ever being. His unscrupulous associates are all the proof anyone needs. McCain is as ‘over the hill’ as any politician gets, but here he is anyway – and to think this is the best the GOP could field. That’s really pitiful, but now we have to reckon with the artfully manipulated ‘pale and vulnerable’ underbelly of the white American Christian unconscious. All is very unpredictable when it comes to race, as McCain’s increasingly Rovian style RNC-managed campaign knows full well. And all that needs to be created here is ‘reasonable doubt’. Hopefully incipient racism in the USA can take a day off and voter IQ can somehow notch up about 20 points – at least long enough to elect the right man for the job.

  • Lucky Lakeshore

    Our politics has degraded to the point where the presidential election is now really just a competition to see which herd of friends, advisors, and various hangers-on will get the juicy jobs and ambassadorships and lucrative networking opportunities. Knowing several of the likely “winners” from each camp, I wish that both Obama and McCain could lose. It’s not about the country’s interests at all. They’re each “The None”.

  • Christopher Smith – Houston

    I am an Obama supporter, and I was glad to see this ad come out. Why? Because it’s a bad ad – further evidence that the McCain campaign is losing its direction and wasting its money. An effective ad needs to either change the minds of the undecided, or energize the base. Good ads do both. This one does neither. It’s as if Obama’s advisors have convinced him that his best bet is to riddicule McCain’s supporters as a bunch of mindless idiots who are following Obama like lemmings off a cliff – as if we’re so hypnotized and star struck that we’re unable to appreciate policy considerations such as Obama’s position on the war, the gas tax holiday, offshore drilling, healthcare, or his understanding of the economy. Who is this commercial supposed to convince? Undecided voters who are seriously considering both candidates will simply feel like they’re being insulted. And the Republican party faithful might chuckle, but an equal number will observe that the McCain camp is growing more frustrated and angry by the day. This isn’t motivating your base – it’s demoralizing them. So bring it on, McCain and company. Give us some more Paris, Brittney, and Moses. Undecided voters are watching, and they’re taking note.

  • pgbsan

    Obama being the “Messiah” or some other quasi-religious figure to his supporters is a figment of the right-wing machine.Every election cycle, there are people who energetically and unquestioningly support candidates on every level. Does Obama have more than the “regular” share? Possibly. Regardless, Obama has legions of supporters who disagree with him on several issues and loudly question his political maneuvering.Lest we forget, only 4 years ago, there were adoring crowds for W and nobody was calling him “Messiah” or “The One.” And W himself stated that he thought God Himself had put him on Earth for a mission… quite possibly the most messianic thing anybody can ever say.

  • Christopher Smith – Houston

    Typo: first sentence of second paragraph should read “…McCain’s advisors have convinced him that his best bet is to riddicule Obama’s…” in the last post. That will make more sense.

  • Christopher Smith – Houston

    Typo: first sentence of third paragraph should read “…McCain’s advisors have convinced him that his best bet is to riddicule Obama’s…” in the last post. That will make more sense.

  • Mr Mark

    Why hasn’t anyone noticed that McCain has already called HIMSELF “the one?” removes McCain calling himself “The One” from websiteIt looks like John McCain’s people are at it again. They just released an attack ad against Obama trying to make him the anti-Christ and calling Obama: The One. As they did with their “Celebrity” attack ad scrubbing on their website—it seems that they have scrubbed away John McCain saying that he is in fact: The One. John McCain’s Experience Sets Him Apart In The Presidential Field John McCain: “The difference between me and Mayor Giuliani and Governor Romney [is that] I fought against the failed Rumsfeld-Casey strategy and advocated for the policy that is succeeding. I’m THE ONE that did that. I’m THE ONLY ONE. And I said it in the summer of 2003, and I said it and I predicted that that strategy would fail because it was a terribly flawed strategy and I advocated the one that is succeeding now. That’s based [on my] military experience from service for many years on the Armed Services Committee as well as in the military.” (WKXL Concord, 9/4/07)If it was no big deal to McCain—why the scrub? Comments?

  • wardropper

    You don’t have to be “the One”, in order to be the only antidote available to Americans who are currently suffering from chronic GOP poisoning.We’ll see what Obama’s made of when he gets to the White House.

  • A.Lincoln

    McCain’s new attack ads are funny. I have to admit it. But those who laugh now, then vote McCain in November, will be weeping for the next eight years…guaranteed.

  • Arminius

    Coming into this election, let us not forget H L Mencken’s Law of Politics:No one in this world has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.This law was proven 4 years ago and 8 years ago. Let us overthrow this law this year and elect Obama.McCain is something of a tragedy – the contrast between the proud maverick of 2000 and the pathetic man today who so willingly prostitutes himself to any right winger is sickening.

  • rpatoh

    Worse than McCain making a mockery of the campaign is Americans who make a mockery of the Constitution by seeking the One.>>Mr Mark: John McCain: “The difference between me and Mayor Giuliani and Governor Romney [is that] I fought against the failed Rumsfeld-Casey strategy and advocated for the policy that is succeeding. I’m THE ONE that did that.

    That’s a strange comparison. McCain pointing out that he’s the only one who did something, and Obama simply proclaming that he is the One.

  • ejgallagher1

    I can’t help but thinking of an old slogan using the one term — “Nixon’s the One”. It was recycled when he was under investigation and being impeached.

  • Athena

    Yeah, the Christianist worship of Dubya as the Anointed of God that was going to smite all of the unbeliever Muslims was sickening. Ever watch “Jesus Camp” and see the kids pledging allegiance to the standee of GWB? What about Monica Goodling, Harriet Miers, and all of the other fawning minions? Republicans are the ones looking for a Messiah, not the the Dems. We had a deep field of candidates that all would have made good Presidents. Obama may not have been the most qualified of them, but it was a hard-fought primary and he emerged the victor. McCain was simply the most Presidential of a very weak field of Republicans.

  • Iliad Terra

    I appreciate this post by David Waters. It’s a rare and candid perspective and quite refreshing.This whole political campaign has become a farce. The dialog has meandered off course and the process has become overly complicated.But Mr. Obama has portrayed himself as the savior of this nation. This is a historical fact for this campaign and cannot be massaged or denied by rhetoric and skillful debate.Mr. Obama has preached the mantra of change, but no one has asked him to concretely illustrate his platform: change from what, to what? And what specifically qualifies him to bring about this change, which he espouses?It’s sad to note, every time Mr. Obama takes the podium, he peppers the audience with a barrage of “Thank You” as his adoring “subjects” applaud him. Humility would suggest that he should bask less in the limelight and care more about the consequence of his actions vis-à-vis the people of this great nation as it stands at the crossroads of crisis and opportunity.Let’s see a clear and visionary proposal based on sound policy addressing our immediate and long-term concerns explained and expressed in a way that defines change. We don’t need Mr. Obama to thank us when we applaud. We need leadership. The office of the president is ultimately that of a servant to the people. The nation deserves clear answers. The nation deserves capable management with vision and a strong action plan. We have yet to hear anything substantive form Mr. Obama other than his reactionary tactics.

  • Mike

    “He’s Aquinas to McCain’s Calvin.”Well said Lauren. Very apt analogy.Mike the older generation :o)

  • Choirboy

    This election is like watching Timmeh!’s and Jimmy’s ‘crip’ fight on South Park. These two nominees (sic) are so unworthy of the trust the office requires. Not only are neither The One but neither have the ability or skill.

  • GaryL1

    I find McCain’s kind of politicking worse than just distasteful. It really gives off an odor of rot that’s only a hint of how repulsive a McCain presidency would smell. I suppose his ads will convince some that Obama has actually said any such thing as the Republicans attribute to him. He hasn’t. Conservative pundits like Krauthammer and Berlinerblau have sneeringly and mockingly hurled epithets at Obama the false “Christ,” the “Redeemer,” a “left liberal Christ-like Messiah.” And, yes, Moses. Why is McCain taking up this unfortunate New Testament tone of messiah mockery, this stereotypical Pharisaic sneer? Are Republicans really ready to crucify the man in order to hold on to worldly power and wealth? That’s the role they’re playing into if you follow the metaphor through to its logical conclusions.

  • Patrick

    McCain is as woefully ignorant of Christianity as he is of the Internet. Moses was not “The One,” i.e. the Messiah. That would be Jesus Christ. Moses was a prophet given a mission by God. Moses wavered in his faith, which is why he himself died without reaching the promised land.

  • patriot76

    In the beginning John McCain created Barack Obama. And darkness was upon the face of Obama, for McCain had altered the face of Obama. And McCain said, Let there be Deceit and there was Deceit. And McCain saw the Deceit, that it was good: and McCain divided the Deceit from the Truth. And McCain called Obama “deceit,” and Himself he called Truth. And McCain said, Let there be Deceit in the midst of the people, and let Obama be Deceit and McCain the Truth. And McCain made the Commercial, and divided the people from the Truth, for Deceit was in His campaign:and it was so. And McCain said, Let us make Obama in our image, after our likeness: So McCain created Obama in his own image, in the image of McCain created he him; And McCain cursed Barack Obama, and McCain said unto Obama, You will not take the Presidency from Me, nor have dominion over the people of America. And McCain said, Behold, I have given this Commercial unto my people, to them it shall be for meat. And to every beast that creepeth upon the earth, I have sacrificed Truth for my presidential ambitions: and it was so. And McCain saw every Commercial that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.

  • Michael

    Again, the right wing uses God, but this time they are guilty of blasphemy.

  • spiderman2

    If Clinton handled Bin Ladin and Afghanistan correcty during his term, there will no be NO war with Afghanistan and Iraq today. If Clinton handled China correctly during his time and didn’t allow unfettered trade despite its still being a communist state, China wouldn’t have easily become a true Superpower in a very short period of time. An atheist superpower is always dangerous. In a way, the U.S is feeding it’s future enemy. All these MESS we have now were the SEEDS planted by Bill Clinton’s policies during his presidency. It all tasted sweet in the mouth during his time but actually were poisonous pills as time progresses.With McCain or Obama as president, the people will still pay for the MISTAKES done by this former president (Clinton). While Reagan made this world safer, Bill Clinton planted the seeds of Doom. He even made the White House looked like a wh*rehouse. Quite similar to what the world has become today.

  • mark

    McSame also scrubbed this line from his own website where he calls HIMSELF “a political celebrity”…make that a political hypocrite, Grampy!

  • GaryL1

    Thanks for remembering Nixon’s slogan of 1968, “Nixon’s the One.” But, wait a minute. Does that mean that Obama thinks he’s Nixon? But, wait a minute, in a recent op-ed piece, Charles Krauthammer wrote that Obama “thinks he’s King Canute.” (Go figure that one out on your own, I’m not even going to try to explain it.) But he also thinks he’s Charlton Heston. Or McCain thinks he thinks he’s Charlton Heston. Huh?On top of that, the Repubs keep putting in OUR mouths who WE think Obama is. According to the Republican sneer, we think he’s Jesus, we think he’s the Christ, we think he’s the Redeemer, we think he’s the left liberal Christ-like Messiah. (I’m quoting here. I’m not making this up.) Obviously it doesn’t matter too much to the Republicans who Obama thinks he is, so long as he’s not who he thinks he is. And so long as he’s not who they tell us we think he is.Republicans! If they weren’t so dangerous they’d be funny.

  • Anonymous

    Garyl1 wrote “Republicans! If they weren’t so dangerous they’d be funny.”Speaking of dangerous, the anthrax suspect was a liberal democrat.

  • Stratas wrote: “

    Stratas wrote: “Putting Britney and Paris on an attack ad is beyond the pale; very unbecoming of McCain.”But very typical of the republican party to which McCain is now enthralled. I admire McCain, but it seems he becomes slimy once he campaigns with RNC funds. I think the slime is coming from the RNC and not McCain, but if McCain is elected remember who will be making recommendations for positions in the administration, who will be running Justice, and who will ignore any cleaning up of the politicizing the Bush administration has done to the executive branch.Electing McCain is like bringing in termites to get rid of carpenter ants. Eventually the entire house will collapse. Sorry, but this country needs people who knows how to build. The RNC only knows how to destroy, people and nations, including our own.

  • AugustWest1

    I think Obama is the best choice for President. A vote for McCain is a vote for the anti-Christ and for the destruction of the United States.Why do Republicans hate the United States so much?

  • Fate

    Anonymous quipped: “Speaking of dangerous, the anthrax suspect was a liberal democrat.”The Unitarian church murder suspect was a conservative republican. Your point?

  • Anonymous

    Before the leftists get wrapped up in the bible here – lets keep some perspective. Leftists have hated Christianity as long as they have been around. They have mocked right wing candidates for going to church, they have mocked Christians for their values.Now that they have a semi-black candidate who is actively touting himself as the second coming – they claim the right is mocking Christianity.Goebbels is standing at attention and saluting at that one.Just how stupid do you fellow travelers think America is? Do you think we have forgotten your unforgivable attacks on Christianity?We haven’t. McCain’s ads are point on. They illustrate the shallow and insipid attempts of the left to pretend they now have moral high ground.They never have and never will. You people are disgustingly corrupt and morally bankrupt.November will see you shoved back into your holes where you belong.

  • Arlington, VA

    I read this interesting piece and found it thought provoking. Do we expect our president, from whatever party, to be our saviour, our protector, our…well…everything? I was interested in reading some sort of discussion on the essential role of a president but was dismayed to find that people just took this opportunity to excoriate both candidates. I’m checking out and don’t think I’ll check in again soon if this is the type of intellectual conversation I’ll find here.Signed,

  • Anonymous

    Fate wrote “The Unitarian church murder suspect was a conservative republican.”He may be a republican but are you sure he’s conservative? Also he’s a poor fellow whose anger could be a result of his poverty unlike the anthrax suspect who was supposed to be a rich scientist. The stupidity came from his being too liberal. I think he scribbled on a piece of paper “Death to America! ” ? Not quite surprising if you know him as a liberal.

  • Earl C

    Good article. However, Obama is “the one” for our times. It is time for the really old generation of McCain to pass the torch. Obama has demonstrated by his political campaign, his speeches, and his actions that he is indeed ready to face the tough challenges and search for the solutions. McCain needs to realize that the easy solutions have all been tried. McCain’s campaign, like many Republican campaigns is designed to attack the candidate, not the issues. The problem with attacking the person is that you have a marginalized President-elect as soon as the election is over. National unity becomes even more difficult than if issues were the things debated and discussed. For Obama to have gotten this far means that he has passed the basic tests. In all honesty, can the Republicans say that Bush passed the basic tests? Unfortunately, money seems the be the kingmaker.

  • Earl C

    “Before the leftists get wrapped up in the bible here – lets keep some perspective. Leftists have hated Christianity as long as they have been around. They have mocked right wing candidates for going to church, they have mocked Christians for their values.” signed anonymousThe premise is incorrect. The error of suggesting that “Leftists have hated Christianity …” implies that all Leftists do. There are those on the right and those on the left who have no place for Christianity in their lives. To suggest hate is too caustic. Indeed, it can very easily be deemed that conservatives hate liberals, or rightists hate leftists — attitudes that are not those articulated by our Lord and Savior. In fact, Jesus seemed rather upset with the established religious order of his day. Jesus’ actions were definitely liberal during his day. Today’s religious right would just as easily crucify Christ today as it did 2000 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Some loser who can’t even pick a name babbles: “Leftists have hated Christianity as long as they have been around.”Yeah, that Martin Luther King really hated Christianity. Geeze… turn off O’Reilly, Limbaugh and Savage for a minute and look around. Not all Christians are Republicans, and not all Republicans are Christian. Oh… and Matthew’s post about Bush being a God-fearing Christian proves my point. A lot of people think that Bush is the Messiah – or at least chosen to bring about the Apocalypse. Unfortunately, Bush is one of them.

  • Athena

    Oh, that last anonymous loser was moi.

  • Mr Mark

    Interesting how so many of the posts to these threads have adopted the “a pox on both their houses” tenor.This reaction is part and parcel to any success McCain hopes to have with his negative ads. Obama has tapped into a sense of hope that the American people are feeling, ie: that this election could be different and things could really change, The country is fed up with bush and fed up with Rs. McCain’s negative ads don’t seek so much to destroy Obama as they seek to destroy any sense of hope Americans might have for this election making a difference and marking a sea change in the country’s direction.This is made clear by the fact that McCain offers no hope, offers no change from bush and ignores the yearning that Americans feel for things to be different this election.In the past, bringing both candidates down to the level of earthworms has favored the Rs because people who are stripped of hope and who are just getting by reduce things to the most basic need: survival. Like civilians trapped in a war zone, it’s difficult to chase your dreams when your gut is empty, your children are in peril and the bombs are raining down all around you. Unfortunately, this war zone mentality has been used by Rs for decades to scare people into voting their fears, rather than voting their hopes and dreams.McCain is trying it again, but the prospects of it working this time are not so certain. America has bottomed out on Republican politics and policies, and they know instinctively if not intellectually that business as usual is not to their advantage.Vote Obama.

  • Roameo

    McCain also mocks religion in this irreverent, if not blasphemous, political ad. As a scoffing, cynical man who doesn’t take any religion seriously, he risks offending millions who do.

  • Lee in FL

    I have a niece who was brought up in our very God-fearing home, to use a quaint old expression. That home is also largely Democratic. She is attending a Christian college which is largely Republican. On a recent trip home, she asked me about the difference between Republicans and Democrats. I explained it this way. The Bible gives us two mandates. First, we are love God with all our hearts and that should result in holy living. Second, we should love our neighbors as ourselves and that should result in social outreach. In the secular world, the Republicans tend to emphasize the moral choices of holy living and the Democrats emphasize the need to feed the hungry, etc. Fortunately, I feel I was also raised in a strong Christian family. That helped me grow spiritually so I can make decisions about holy living on my own. With the massive needs of the world around us, I feel I need to be part of a larger entity, if secular, to meet the needs of that world. Others make the opposite choice. I had said what needed to be said. She nodded and went back to school.

  • Patricia Cogswell

    I find the ad very offensive.

  • Ryan Haber

    GREAT article, Mr. Waters. I’ve been waiting to read that SOMEWHERE. I think we are all taking this election just a bit too seriously.

  • Fate

    Ryan Haber wrote: “I think we are all taking this election just a bit too seriously.”My God I hope so. We certainly did not take it seriously in 2004.

  • Daniel in the Lion’s Den

    We’re taking a Presidential Election too seriously? I do not think so. In fact, it is all regarded with an unhealthy flippancy.Are we taking the Iraq War too seriously, too? After all, it is just billions of dollars thrown away and squandered, and thousands and thousands of peopole killed.But just chill.Right?

  • Arminius

    Ryan Haber,I am taking this election very seriously. The evils of the past seven years must not continue.

  • ZZim

    Hey Daniel in the Lions’ Den: I really liked your essay on why you like Obama. It was really well done. I noticed that you never mentioned where he stands on any issues as affecting your decision to support him. All I see is you like his style, his appearence, the appearence of his family, and the color of his skin.I agree with you on all those things. Obama is very stylish. He’s young, he’s smooth, he looked super-presidential on his foreign campaign tour, his kids are cute and electing a dark-skinned guy to the Presidency would be pretty in-your-face to all the stupid people who think Americans are racists. I’d support the heck out of Obama if I thought he represented any values remotely acceptable to me. But he’s a leftist.I’m gona have to vote for dowdy old “Senior Moment” McCain. I have confidence that he will represent me well on the world stage. He won’t look as great as Obama would have, but at least he’ll be doing the right thing.

  • Fate

    zzim wrote: “I’m gona have to vote for dowdy old “Senior Moment” McCain. I have confidence that he will represent me well on the world stage. He won’t look as great as Obama would have, but at least he’ll be doing the right thing.”McCain is promoting the Bush agenda, even the tax cuts McCain was against. Do you consider what Bush is currently doing the “right thing”, because that is what you will get with McCain and the entrenched bushies hired illegally throughout the government.

  • spiderman2

    Gerald Baker and John Lennon have two things in common. First, they are both talented writers. Second, they are both STUPID. Why? What they IMAGINE and dream about is exactly opposite to what will happen. Lennon did not imagine he would be riddled with bullets and Gerald Baker do not imagine that for as long as he is alive, this world would never achieve peace simply because stupid people like him abounds. Im not sure if he chosed to forget it but simultaneous with the arrival of the “child” is the Doom of the Stupid. That would usher in WORLD PEACE coz the idiots are gone. That’s the prophecy and the video he presented is the prophecy of the fool.

  • Nuccia

    Obama The One?This type of person can never be The One, let alone the President.

  • autonomous

    McCain is just a confused old dowiger – no wonder the guy can’t make up his mind. He tends to forget where his mind is half the time, misplacing facts, figures, and countries like loose change. Nope, he ain’t no Messiah! While Obama’s self-image may be a bit inflated due to the uniqueness of his position, I expect he’ll calm down right quick once the election follies are over. He’ll assume his position in the Oval Office with an even temper, modest demeanor, in control and full speed ahead. Now with a McCain government, someone would be making the decisions alright, but it’s unlikely to be McCain – who would be just another very unpretty face staring back at us every day in the news, and nothing more. Truly an empty suit shilling for Corporate America. Bold as brass, the neocons really think they can pull off the old hat trick – that is, pulling one very ugly rabbit out of the hat three times in a row … They’re getting desperate, so I think we can expect that the worst is yet to come from the RNC.

  • Arminius

    Autonomous,Right you are, McCain is clueless. He has sold his honor for a shot at the oval office. We are in for a bitter season as the Neocon droids pull out all the stops on a nasty campaign.How the hell does McCain even sleep at night?

  • Arminius


  • Angelo Causa

    Hey, folks, listen. We are engaged in an election, not an Anointment. OK?Please don’t misconstrue this important, critical, valuable exercise. The proper, sober, intelligent choosing of leaders is the fulcrum on which swings democracy and freedom and all the blessings that they ensure.A large part of mankind already have a bleak image of the USA and her citizens’ hold on reality. Don’t make it worse with all these silly issues. The most powerful nation today engaged in choosing veritably how the world goes in the next four years, and look, ma, they searching for The One, Messiah, etc. Come on!

  • karen

    “Obama isn’t The One. Neither is McCain. I’m sure they know that.”At least- McCain is tested. In the case of Obama.. I’m not so sure:”It has become increasingly clear in my travel, the campaign, that the crowds, the enthusiasm, 200,000 people in Berlin, is not about me at all. It’s about America. I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

  • Bill Kane

    Surely the ad is blasphemous. To use a scene from the holy Bible to mock another (a practising Christian in Mr Obama)is surely blasephemous and an attempt to cheapen a Book held sacred by many

  • Terabyte

    John McCain has disappointed me with the Moses and then the Paris/Britney ad. It seems he has lost all his principles, and is running just the same kind of sleaze they have in the past. I’ve been on the fence, but the last week has been pushing me towards Obama.

  • Anonymous

    On Faith – do your job and remove offensive posts that attack race, gender, creed, sexual preference and other posters in general. If you can’t monitor the blogs for said offenses, what good are you??

  • _kt_

    The Left has no sense of humor. People are already beginning to tire of their morose negativity and constant finger-pointing. The Obama campaign is using the old advertising strategy of first, making the target feel bad about his life, and then, offering him the magical cure. Things are not as bad as the Obama camp would have you believe, and Obama is not the Great Savior, but by his (short) record we see that he is just another politician. The McCain ads are rude and comically exaggerated, but they are also on point.

  • jhbyer

    Is the ad hypocritical or an act of desperation from the party that can’t get elected on issues only on persona? OMG! Obama has the issues AND the persona? But, but…the choice of McCain was predicated on his image without which there’s only…Iraq, health care, DOJ, Katrina, global warming, national debtIsn’t it obvious that Obama has the Republicans scared, because he’s as photogenic, upbeat, and gracious as Reagan with the same easy smile? Notice how McCain tries to emulate that smile? The GOP’s own polls tell them they can’t win on anything but image…

  • Way to go

    Both are politicians. Period. Don’t get carried away by smiles and great oratorical skills. Compare real achievements before election campaign.Compare policies, compare policies, compare policies…until voting day and then CAST YOUR vote, for every vote is important.


    Ever since the appearance of Homo sapiens this Good Earth of ours has seen a huge number of totally different religions , since RELIGION is a matter of FAITH and not LOGIC . So , everyone is free to believe in whatever he wants , though this is usually decided only a few years after birth ,as long as no material evidence has to be put forward as proof of any such belief . It is therefore a tragedy of human history that so many religious and even sectarian wars have been and are still being waged between people believing in the unbelievable !

  • Marc

    The point of the ad is well-taken: B.O. has absolutely no experience to speak of, and yet he wants us to entrust the most powerful country on earth on the basis of rhetoric and the ability to draw 200,000 left-leaning Germans to Polly-Anna speech. Let’s not even get into the last time Germans flocked around a rhetoric-laden political figure. B.O. is a fraud, but more importantly he is inexperienced and unqualified to lead this nation.

  • Way to go

    Senator Obama is the better pick for America’s image abroad. Is he also better for the majority of Americans? The vote will be decided on that crucial difference. Compare policies….

  • Fate

    Arminius asked: “How the hell does McCain even sleep at night?”I thought he slept during his speeches, with the rest of us.

  • Way to go

    A president only needs to have good advisers and have the leadership skills to sift through all suggestions intelligently and wisely. Senator Obama’s leadership skills will get him through. Are his policies thus far better than Senator McCain’s? That should remain the deciding factor.

  • husein the brain

    even your religion page is sniffing obamas toes. if there was any furhter proof that the media is elevating the One (who may actually be a ‘6’ as in “666” this “religion” page pretty much settles it. you leftist press types need to learn how much you turn us off when you force feed us your inane views of us conservatives. your supposed to be fair but youre not and you know you’re not and that drives us into the arms of fox news which you despise. you should try being fair

  • Cook

    I suppose St.John is the one ?

  • Anonymous

    On Faith – I’m lodging an offical complaint against very offensive postings. Please remove immediately.

  • Bud

    “But hypocritical, funny or childish, the ad does more than mock Obama. It mocks all of us, and our habit of viewing our candidates every four years through a lens that is more spiritual than political.”Yes, let’s try electing a President this time instead of a savior. Someone who does not talk to invisible friends that tell him to invade and destroy entire countries. Let’s try that just once …

  • Becky B.

    You would think that after the Rev. Wright, Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam close calls that Obama would sense enough to not portray himself as a radical religious fanatic.

  • AugustWest1

    The best thing about Obama is that he is NOT four more years of Bush policies.

  • DL

    Like Bush, McCain fails to realize that should he win he will be President of all Americans, and will also be expected to be a world leader. His response to that potential role is to ridicule all of use who support Obama as merely being infatuated with a “celebrity” and to send surrogates out to “Morning Joe” to sneer about Europeans. (At least the latter was discussed at the same time McCain was shown hugging who he feels to be the real Americans – tatooed, dirty, shirtless members of motorcycle gangs.)

  • unlibertarian

    Since the libertarians were taken over by the bob barr republicans many of us simply have no party worthy of our vote.So, I guess I’ll write my father’s name in, at least I know who he is and how he acts.In the meantime I’m going to enjoy the show, the democrats and the republicans, the liberals and the conservatives … all the true believers on both sides puking out their mutual hatred of each other. The no-holds-barred fratricide committed by the stupid American voter every 4 years is particularly entertaining this cycle since the two parties have chosen people unlike any we’ve seen recently. Now we’re seeing candidate worship from the liberals and a feeble attempt at pragmatism by the conservatives who actually despise their own candidate – 180 degree reversal.And all mixed in with this comes the usual god crap with no particular place to go. The fanatics are suffering, the pundits are stumped, the usual thugs and hitmen of both parties are finding the weapons in their arsenals ineffective; and the dull drooling voter sits in a puddle of urine on his couch and wonders: who am I supposed to be for this time? Who am I supposed to hate this time? Where are my simplistic themes, why isn’t anybody telling me to hate the homos or the secularists or the leftist elites or the redneck hillbillies … how am I supposed to know what to do!

  • The Summator

    “The point of the ad is well-taken: B.O. has absolutely no experience to speak of, and yet he wants us to entrust the most powerful country on earth on the basis of rhetoric and the ability to draw 200,000 left-leaning Germans to Polly-Anna speech. Let’s not even get into the last time Germans flocked around a rhetoric-laden political figure. B.O. is a fraud, but more importantly he is inexperienced and unqualified to lead this nation”GEE, that didn’t seem to bother anybody when G “dubya” Bush ran for office.

  • Way to go

    Don’t evade the hard work of comparing policies till the end.Fence-sitters – cast lots on the day of voting. Believers may say a prayer before they do. Simple.

  • Athena

    ZZim:Since you’re too lazy to look them up for yourself, which issues would you like to know Senator Obama’s positions on? Health care? The war? Energy policy? The economy? Just because you’re not hearing about it in the mainstream media doesn’t mean that these things aren’t available. Just go look on BTW, what is John McCain’s health care plan, anyway?

  • Mary

    Oprah told America Obama is THE ONE, and did so with Caroline Kennedy present. Ergo, it must be true, right? WRONG

  • Julian

    I had forgotten how infatuated we were with Jimmy Carter. That is, until his ridiculous message to the nation warning us about a looming energy crisis.Let’s hope Obama doesn’t make a similar mistake.

  • Arminius

    Athena,McCain’s health plan is the same as the Neanderthal’s that currently occupies the oval office: go to the emergency room. Real comprehensive plan, yeah, right. Bush has given me the creeps since he first ran for president, and McCain is beginning to have the same effect on me.

  • Arminius

    Tim, here’s a list of McCain’s flip flops:* McCain criticized TV preacher Jerry Falwell as “an agent of intolerance” in 2002, but has since decided to cozy up to the man who said Americans “deserved” the 9/11 attacks. (Indeed, McCain has now hired Falwell’s debate coach.)* McCain used to oppose Bush’s tax cuts for the very wealthy, but he reversed course in February.* In 2000, McCain accused Texas businessmen Sam and Charles Wyly of being corrupt, spending “dirty money” to help finance Bush’s presidential campaign. McCain not only filed a complaint against the Wylys for allegedly violating campaign finance law, he also lashed out at them publicly. In April, McCain reached out to the Wylys for support.* McCain supported a major campaign-finance reform measure that bore his name. In June, he abandoned his own legislation.* McCain used to think that Grover Norquist was a crook and a corrupt shill for dictators. Then McCain got serious about running for president and began to reconcile with Norquist.* McCain took a firm line in opposition to torture, and then caved to White House demands.* McCain gave up on his signature policy issue, campaign-finance reform, and won’t back the same provision he sponsored just a couple of years ago.* McCain was against presidential candidates campaigning at Bob Jones University before he was for it.* McCain was anti-ethanol. Now he’s pro-ethanol.* McCain was both for and against state promotion of the Confederate flag.* And now he’s both for and against overturning Roe v. Wade.

  • Harold Feinstein

    John McCain is an old school Washington insider, a career politician who is far too old and set in his ways to change. At this critical juncture in Americas history, we need new, fresh and innovative ideas. John McCain is a rotary phone in an iPhone era. Going back to the past is not the answer for the problems of the present or the future.

  • Angel

    For me, this is the kind of stuff that makes me vote for Obama. With all the important issues, McCain wants to distract people by making up exaggerated tales about how this man thinks as according to and based upon how his(McCain’s) party thinks. So they want everyone to shift their own thinking and say that Obama believes he’s Jesus?? I really believe that this party views the average person as an idiot. They are clever with something though and that something is deceit. A deceitful means of distracting people from the things that matter and from believing that the way things are done in our world can be better.I think the ad is ridiculously desperate, but isn’t that typical. If you can’t beat ’em intellectually, try to talk everyone else into thinking they’re dumb or nothing at all. School yard bullies name calling and making up stories to degrade those they feel threatened by. Then to use God…oh my! I look to God first in all things at least I feel I’d better so if he is close to God’s heart, he’d have my vote on that alone.

  • tim

    Arminius- I have NOT made a list of Barack Obama’s waffles because it would in no way be complete. We have been able to watch McCain function as a politician for a long time. Obama has NOT made himself clear about how he makes decisions or if he can lead. He is a waffling unknown. I supported Hillary Clinton- a known and talented politician and I now support McCain.

  • Arminius

    This endless chatter about Obama’s supposed lack of experience has me baffled. He served 8 years as a member of the Illinois senate, and is in his 4th year as a United States Senator. For a comparison, Lincoln served 8 years in the Illinois house, and one term in the US House of Representatives. By all accounts, Lincoln was one of our greatest presidents. Go figure.

  • Arminius

    Tim,That is not an answer, it is a cop-out. You made no defense, offered no rebuttal. Perhaps because you can’t.

  • George

    Simly do the comparisonMCCain ObamaGullible like Bush Intelligency level lot

  • Fate

    What I find interesting is that NO ONE is talking about carrying on the Bush agenda. No one at all, not even Bush. The republicans are not saying they have any answers for today’s troubles. They are not saying they can improve what they have wrecked. They are not even talking tax cuts anymore, publically anyway. They are not doing anything but the same old same old, attack attack attack and hope the mud sticks. Republicans are not even a political party anymore. Who leads the republican party? Bush? Hahahaha. They are just a bunch of special interests who stick together to become a force, like mercenaries. No ideology, no real platform except a patchwork of special interest agendas with each republican having his own agenda be it injecting religion into government, tax breaks for the wealthy, tax breaks for farms, wall street or oil, etc, but no common agendas like eliminating poverty, balancing trade or getting America off of foreign oil. Amerca needs at least two political parties that care about a wide range of issues and formost America’s future and not just today’s profits. We only have the democratic party. Hopefully, as the republicans implode a new party will emerge, maybe with the same name, but one that actually cares about America, its people and future. We have not seen a republican party like that since Nixon. But for now America has only one party that cares, and it will sweep into office with a vast majority this fall, not because they are so great but because America has no other choice. You cannot have let 3000 American die in their offices, launch a war on false pretenses and have gasoline go up 100% on your watch and say you have the right stuff to lead this nation. Even the 20% who still support Bush can see that, maybe.

  • Daniel in the Lion’s Den

    ZzimI think that in my critique of Obama, I mentioned a couple of the issues, which I said I DON’T CARE ABOUT, and I meant it. Who cares if they drill for more oil or not? Who cares about how the budget will be made, and how the taxes will be raised? Who ever is President, those things will get done, or not done. So what? Whoever is President, all the nuts and bolts of the government will keep creaking along, inexorably. Who the Hell cares about stuff like that?Not me.And you are wrong, I do not like Obama better than McCain because he is smoother or slicker. I like him because he seems more competent, more on the ball, more plugged in to the world around us; I hear people say that Obama is “vacuous;” but he is not vacuous; if he is anything, he is not vacuous; anyone who says that simply indicates their own ignorance.McCain has had his life. Now it is time for him to face the fact of his age, and retire gracefully. Obama is more fit in just about every way to President than McCain.The purpose of my original post about why I like Obama was to show that I am not a fanatic, that I do not think Obama is “the one,” that I do not regard him as some kind of Messiah; but I think it is great to have such a competent guy, for a change, to get so close to being President, and that he is black, is all the more ironic, and strikes me as humorous for all the sorehead people living in the sacred “heartland” dwelling in their faded memories of yesteryear.

  • S. Heriger

    Although I’m a Democrat, I used to like McCain quite a bit…back when he was still the maverick who went against the Republican status quo. Now he’s a butt & baby-kissing politician of the first rank, and no better than the people he used to criticize. Where’d the real John McCain go? Or was that even the real John McCain? Is Obama an egomaniac? Probably not, although he’s certainly riding an self-absorbed high right now. Truth is, how many of us could deal with the heady stuff he’s dealing with right now and not be affected by it? How he comes to terms with the crush of attention will be the real test. As for McCain’s ad campaigns, I think they smack of desperation. When your most talked about ads are simply dumb attack ads, you’re in trouble. They make McCain look petty, not presidential. In the end, I’m left to choose between a grumpy old man and a self-absorbed younger man, and I doubt that either is a saviour. In the end, I’ll settle for a good administrator who can lead by example.

  • racmonletobo


  • racmonletobo


  • Lee in FL

    It has not come out in the press here in the US, not sure why. Remember Barack Obama going to the Western Wall in Jerusalem? He inserted a prayer in the wall, as is the custom. Some irreverant reported removed it and spread it all over the Israeli press, shocking many Jews.I found the text buried in an article somewhere. It was short and very much to the point, the prayer of a man who looks to the Lord for his strength and forgiveness. If you are interested, I’ll leave you to look it up in the blogisphere. (sp?)I have heard Barack Obama several times talk about asking Jesus Christ for forgiveness for his sins. In the face of the adulation he received the day after he left Jerusalem and the litany of intractible problems which he had been listening to throughout the early part of the trip, his prayer was particularly apropo. I may not agree with everything he says he believes theologically in detail, but I am impressed with how this man’s spirit has been shaped by his relationship with Christ. I may be wrong, but it seemed to me that his speech on race was permeated with prayer. (Incidentally, I am white and have only visited a black church once or twice in my life.) I am still trying to understand what makes Barack Obama tick. He is a complex person. But I sense something more profound that we usually find in his spirit.

  • Bill in Philadephia


  • Daniel in the Lion’s Den

    The TRUTH about Obama supporters, from an Obama supporter:What I like best about Obama is the way he composes his thoughts and makes up his sentences on the spot, and comes up with ad-hoc, creative things to say, that not only make sense, but are in fact more than slightly intelligent. Of course,this is a quality that many people have, but is rare in a Presidential candidate’s public appearances; in fact, I have never seen this quality in any Presidential candidate in my life. No wonder he can make good speeches; he has a talent for language and a flair for words. I cannot help but like him for that. For most Presidential candidates, I can tell you how they will answer each question, before they say anything. In fact, I often put the TV on mute when they speak, because they are so tiresome. Listening to Obama speak is not tiresome. Obama is obviously intelligent with a breadth of knowledge. I am not worrying about his experience; I am going for it.When you pick a room-mate; or get married; or buy fruit; there is some degree of risk and gambling; that is also true when you pick a President. In fact, every step that we take in our lives is a risk; I am willing to gamble on Obama. Also, I have to admit, that I feel an inward glee that he is black, and what a fly in the ointment his appearance has made in the whole political system. If he wins, it will be huge; not huge, but HUGE! not HUGE, but YOOGE!!! As you can see by my humor, just the thought of this makes me smile.I would attend an Obama rally and I would make (and have made) a small financial contribution to his campaign. I think his family is enchanting, and his children are adorable. I like the fact that he is from a new generation.McCain and Obama argue about alot of things that I do not give a rat’s A-$-$ about; for example, the time-table to end the war; or for example, to drill for more oil or not. These things will just work themselves out according to some chain of events that I cannot understand or influence. They can pick at each other over these issues (and dozens of others) from here to eternity, but I don’t care. I do not think that I am an Obama fanatic. He is just a politicion who has the ability to dispel apathy. There is a big difference in dispelling apathy, and being a fanatic.People have gotten so used to grim, drab, colorless, bloodless politicans with their scripted cliches and plattitudes that someone like Obama is a strange curiousity. “Peopple actually like him more than just a little? Wow that sure is strange.”That is sad.

  • Anonymous

    Obama ’08