Questions of Church-State Separation

If I could ask one question of the candidates it would be this: “The Bill of Rights contains two religion … Continued

If I could ask one question of the candidates it would be this: “The Bill of Rights contains two religion clauses that protect the Free Exercise and No Establishment rights of all Americans. How would you deal with the tension between these two Constitutional guarantees?”

If I could ask a second question of the candidates, I would ask: “What do you believe is the proper role of religion in politics and government?”

If I could ask a third question, I would ask the candidates to explain how their administration’s policy toward the Faith-based Initiative would protect the separation of church and state.

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  • Athena

    Rev. Walker… take this as a complement from a Pagan, but you are DA MAN!

  • garyd

    I’ve a better idea rather than worrying about faith based initiatives lets get this government which has spent in the last forty years since the LBJ presidency in execess of ten trillion dollars fight the war on poverty and has only managed to make the plight of the poor ever worse while making it ever more difficult to escape from poverty out of the charity business while there are still some people left who have enough money to actually create a few jobs.


    With over 20,000 protestant denominations, it should be a no-brainer to keep government and religion separate. This isn’t even counting Judaism, Islamic, and Catholic splinter groups. People just can’t agree about religion so it should be kept separate from government to protect everyone’s rights.

  • Michael

    It appears that we are heading towards having a Secretary of Religion. Certainly they would not appoint an atheist in the position overseeing these massive religious grants, so in effect, we’ll have a high-level administrator or cabinet member in the White House who must pass a religious test.

  • michael

    I think it is clear that the Founders intended religious freedom of conscious. They clearly did not want any established national church or denomination, but they also engaged in various religious activities mixed with politics, such as hiring chaplains, sending money to missionaries and allowing a church to meet in the capitol building. It seems that they did not have the same apprehensions about allowing political people to share their religious views and opinions that some people have today. There are some good articles about the history and purpose of each amendment and clause of the Bill of Rights here:

  • Faith Based Initiative money

    When I see CHURCHES and their representatives say that that won’t take Faith Based Initiative money You could miss a wonderful opportunity to save souls when a person needs a job and is brought to your church.Do what GOD wants you to do; not what man wants you to do. Jesus never allowed people to hurt other people.