Prejudice, Faith Directly Connected

Racial prejudice reflects on one’s religious beliefs in one key way- that one is not listening to the word of … Continued

Racial prejudice reflects on one’s religious beliefs in one key way- that one is not listening to the word of God and the teaching of all religious teachers if one persists in one’s feelings of racial prejudice despite knowing it is wrong. All animals treat those who are different from them with fear or distrust or dislike.

The point about being human, and being given the intelligence and indeed the teaching that goes with human education and aspiration, is that we know that feelings of difference are to be celebrated rather than used as an excuse for despising others and treating them badly. The rabbis taught that it matters not whether a person be Jew or gentile, male or female, free person or slave, it is according to his/her deeds that the Holy Spirit rests upon a person- and that is the teaching that should govern us all- irrespective of which faith we belong to.

Julia Neuberger
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