Ann Coulter’s Anti-Muslim Name Calling

Now that Barack Obama is the official Democratic Party nominee for president, I hope Fox TV commentator Ann Coulter will … Continued

Now that Barack Obama is the official Democratic Party nominee for president, I hope Fox TV commentator Ann Coulter will live up to her given name (more on that below) and be gracious enough to stop referring to him as B. Hussein Obama.

Coulter, the author and conservative provocateur, is not particularly well known for being gracious. The Observer of London christened her “the Republican Michael Moore,” and did not mean it as a compliment to Michael Moore or Republicans.

Obviously, Coulter is trying in her sly way to associate Obama’s middle name with Saddam Hussein. How clever. It won’t work. This is a nation that elected men with such middle names as Gamaliel, Milhous and Rudolph. This also is the home of Elvis, Madonna, Oprah and Rush. We love unusual names.

Coulter’s name-calling isn’t just an example of her contempt for Obama’s candidacy or our credulity. It’s another slur in her anti-Muslim crusade. Coulter has a well-documented history of making outlandish and unconscionable anti-Muslim remarks.

In her 2004 book, “How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter,” she wrote: “I am often asked if I still think we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity. The answer is: Now more than ever!”

Maybe she doesn’t believe any of the hate and ridicule she trades in. Maybe she’s just trying to get on TV and sell books. Maybe she’s just a huckster and not a bigot. Whatever her motivation, she should have the grace to stop.

The fact that Obama, like Coulter, is a Christian isn’t the point. Coulter’s attempts to disparage Obama and Islam offend Democrats and Muslims. They should also offend Christians and all “fair and balanced” people of faith, including John Sydney McCain III (no, Ms. Coulter, J. Sydney McCain is not Australian; he’s not even Panamanian).

McCain was named for his father, a U.S. Navy admiral (from the Arabic ami:r-al-bahr, meaning “ruler of the seas”).

Obama was named for his father, a Harvard-trained economist. Like many of his fellow Americans, Obama’s first and middle names have biblical roots, as author David E. Scheim explains in an On Faith guest column.

Interestingly, the names Barack, John and Ann all have biblical roots in Semitic languages.

Barack comes from the Arabic word baracka, which like its Hebrew cousin baruch means “blessed.”

John comes from the Hebrew word Yohannan, which means “God is gracious.”

Ann is a form of Hannah, the mother of the prophet Samuel and a Hebrew name. Ann means “favored grace” or “gracious.”

Now that either Barack or John will be our next president, maybe Ann will favor us with her grace.

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  • rpage

    In a society filled with adolescent minds that view the world in stark opposites, Ann C. will be in demand, just as all those who would reduce the world to us verses them. For her to change would require giving up what is fundamental to her being and move toward a maturity of adulthood that would no longer give her a place in the Sun that she seems to enjoy. Maturity requires living in a world of ambiguity, falability, reality and identification of shared humanity. Nothing less than a radical intervention in her life that would enable her to live humbly would change her viewes from adolescent to adult. Too bad, but her maturity can only be in God’s hands.

  • pontificator

    Coulter is a sleasebag and typifies what Fox News is all about – a complete lack of character. This hose job is their main attraction. What they need is a very large class action lawsuit to clean them out – deep pockets and all.Coulter and her enablers appeal to the lowest common denominator in both the MSM and their kindred viewers. If Obama is elected, I suspect the focus of the nastiness will change, and in a big hurry. The funny thing is, McCain is absolutely the worst, least qualified presidential candidate since …hmm, let’s see now, George W. Bush??

  • Paganplace

    And, JJ, considering how many of your posts could be considered ‘denial of service’ attacks, maybe you’d best take whatever you think is so precious that all these people want to *steal* and go ahead and keep it safe. Somewhere quiet. Where no one can see it. 🙂


    Ann is also the name of the mother of Mary, mother of Jesus.

  • Jed Goodwin

    A. Hart Coulter is an attention crazy loonbat, and I hope we all start to call her A. Hart Coulter just to see how she likes her name rearranged! Why she is allowed airtime is beyond me. I guess people are excited by whacko sex bombs who are loose cannons on the air.

  • Obama Well Wisher

    It is better not to spend too much time looking for special meanings to the name for people are bound to come up with their own versions of it depending on their motive.I could say it means whatever I like in any language I choose. Who is going to know. So be on the guard against those who generously supply meanings.Why on earth can a man not have any name he pleases, even if it means nothing in anybody’s language? Is there an eligibility criteria for names that must be fulfilled to run for President.Come on… stop being silly folks!Vote the man, his policies, his party, NOT his name!

  • Obama Well Wisher

    If a woman is called Elizabeth, does it mean she is supposed to have the qualities of the Queen of England? If a man is called Jack, does it mean he is sure to be Jack the Ripper? Come on………stop being silly folks!Vote the man, his policies, his party, NOT his name!

  • Obama Well Wisher

    So having the name Barack Hussein Obama is no different from having the name Thomas Matthew Luke.

  • Anonymous

    VICTORIA:Ann is also the name of the mother of Mary, mother of Jesus.August 29, 2008 1:57 PM———————–Please provide the verse in the Bible to confirm it. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    If you want to do good deeds, don’t get into politics. Politics is more dirty deeds done dirt cheap. That’s why you need to be a crook to get rich in politics. They were selling BO door to door. That was in the onecorps days when John Edwards was pushing crack before he cracked. They’ll crack you up. What a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Be silly. The whole thing is silly, so why not join the fun? The new politics is all good deeds and Praise thee Politicians for the glory of God. God must be laughing out loud at this.

  • Athena

    “We may not like it, but Ms. Coulter must eat!”You wouldn’t know it by looking at her.


    Actually the arabic word baraka means the blessing one recieves from doing a good deed-

  • S. Heriger

    I think the fact that this particular post has so few comments on it speaks well to the fact that most of us don’t consider Ann Coulter to be very relevant these days. She’s practically a cartoon of her former self, and hardly worth more than a few lines.

  • singe

    I thought Ann had been abducted by Eco-terrorists and was tied to a mangrove tree in Cambodia being eaten by army ants. Too bad I was wrong.

  • Arny

    Or better yet, for this dispicable hater to just drop dead. World would be a least a little brighter.

  • Anonymous

    It always amazes me that we live, politically, in a liberal democracy and so many are interested in authoritarian conservatism. Democracies only go wrong when the people make bad decisions based upon the four sins of civics: ignorance, fear, anger and hubris. Ann the Coultergeist drips with all four and uses a particularly toxic form of sarcasm to gain attention.I’m glad to read so many good responses to the article. I would suggest reading John Dean’s “Conservatives without Conscience” for a good perspective into why some people seem to need the kind of validation that Coulter provides.Kind of sad.

  • meryl hart

    Syed Rahiq,likely a muslim,most of whom are bloodthisty terrorists,woman beaters and killers, languishing in the medieval age, How do you like your particular stereotype?

  • T23

    Those who argue in favor of Coulter and others who purposefully draw attention to aspects of Senator Obama’s name because “it’s his name,” are missing the point. If calling Barack Obama by his full name, including his middle name, were done out of a sense wanting to be accurate, then I’d expect that Coulter would refer to everyone by the entirety of their name, which she does not. In fact, she abbreviates his first name, which is not common practice when referring to others. Because of this, I’m left to believe that Coulter refers to Senator Obama as B. Hussein Obama as a way of slighting him, and is done purposefully to rely upon some people’s fear or hatred of all things “Arabic.” If someone’s Jewish name were used in order to play at some people’s hatred of Jews, e.g. F. ISRAEL MOSES (an early governor of S. Carolina, who, in fact, was raised Christian), it would not fly.

  • Thelaw

    It is amazing that calling some one by their name is an insult. Why is Barack Obama not proud of his name. It is his and he cannot dump it, unless he legally changes it. I hate Ann Coulter, but I think she calls him that because he attempted to hide it.

  • Deb Chatterjee

    Ann Coulter is a smart lady.She should ask Barack Obama and Joseph Biden if any concrete plans they have to combat radical Islam (Islamofacism). One of the ways seems to place a moratorium on Muslim immigration to the USA. UL is already reeling from the growth of home-grown radical Islam. Would USA want that to happen here too, especially when candidate Obama wants to go after the war on terror ? Of course, how will he do it is unknown. Given candidate Obama’s flip flops, I am not sure if he is at all serious about those issues he articulates so well. Being a savvy gabby, doesn’t mean he or team Obama can solve real problems for USA. Watch out for smart talkers.

  • chrisc20170

    But it IS his name! Does he want to legally change his name? Does he want to deny his heritage? He needs to speak up if he does. Tell the world he is ashamed of his name, go ahead.

  • Hussein in PacNW

    Funny suggestion. Thing is, that would require common ordinary decency, something Mr Coulter makes it his business to do without.

  • milo janus

    Ann is a bully, and like all bullies, they need to be smashed in order to realize there are consequences for words. Perhaps some bare-knuckled woman will take the opportunity to teach Ann a lesson or two.

  • Ed

    90% of you don’t get it (including the author)Ann Coulter is a shock pundit who will say anything to get under your skin.

  • Anonymous

    id u read my post on jihad?

  • Ro

    I can’t believe that I’m actually saying this, but I can’t wait to go to Iraq next week so I can get away from all you buffons on both sides. Ann Coulter is an ignorant raving biggot and there is nothing I’ve seen or heard about or read from her hand leads me to believes she’s something/anything else. For those of you running your mouths/fingers sliming either candidate on personal stuff or scared because Sen Obama has a Muslim name… you don’t deserve the sacrifices of the those serving this nation. All of you are takers, black holes, bringing nothing to the table, while consuming everything. I hate all of you and wish all of you would die, so american can take our country back.

  • Anonymous

    I find Ann Coulter very attractive and sexually appealing. Had I not been a happily married man…..

  • ewa

    I’m for McCain/Palin ticket, i’m not a republican, i am an independent, and I most certainly don’t care what Ann Coulter says. Also, I honestly believe that only a complete moron without a lick of sense would ever take this fame addict seriously. Please don’t bother writing or reporting about her, you’re only feeding her ego and with every comment that she makes and you publish or repeat, our great culture gets infested with ignorance and foolishness. Don’t encourage it!

  • Martiniano

    Let’s take a look at Ann’s last name: Coulter – one who throws colts. And then take a look at her horsey face. Her last name fits too.Ann Coulter, the gracious horse.


    Yeah, yeah. It’s his name. Fine. There is context to be considered though. She’s using it disparagingly as a pejorative for political ends, not to inform the “gentle reader”. To pretend otherwise is simply playing the partisan.It’s America and she’s certainly free to write pretty much whatever she likes and will without a doubt continue to do so, especially since she makes lots of money in the process. See my previous post.

  • Anonymous

    If you look carefully you can see an Adam’s apple.

  • Sue

    Ann Coulter is an ugly, vulgar and trashy person. It is sad that she has any relevance whatsoever.

  • SteveL

    Perhaps a good compromise would be for Ann Coulter to stop referring to Obama by his middle name, and instead refer to him by his physique. She should call him “Obama The Eunuch,” a label which is accurate and undeniable.I want you to know: I have nothing against eunuchs personally. I just don’t want a eunuch as Commander-in-Chief.

  • Unamerican

    I don’t believe in book burning. I do however happen to believe in campfires, which is the only imaginable use for the books.

  • Espi

    What is wrong in spelling out Barack’s real middle name HUSSEIN? If he claims he was NEVER a PRACTICING MUSLIM (but only born and raised as one!!) why did he not change (or drop) his middle name when Jeremiah Wright “converted” him to Christianity? It is stupid to claim Ann Coulter’s “motive” is to somehow “connect” Barack Hussein with Saddam Hussein! Obama has never satisfactorily explained to the American people the circumstances of his so called “conversion” to Christianity. There are clues in his autobiographies – that his embrace of Christianity is a clever, cynical move to gain political office. And if he is so very “broad” minded, why does he (and even more than he, his fanatical supporters among big media) not just ignore the chatter and boldly (and proudly) declare his middle name HUSSEIN! It could even be a virtue if he gets to be President! He could successfully fool Muslims to assuming that he is one among them and get a free ride to meddle in the politics of the Middle East!

  • Anonymous

    “DemsLoveIslam: But his middle name IS Hussein!!!! What’s wrong with stating reality? Hussein!! Hussein!!! Hussein!!!!”These are the arguements you make, and the names you use (DEMSLOVEISLAM) when you have no actual policy argument to make. We have seen what real Republican rule (presidency/both houses of congress) brings. Because Republican policies of the last 8 years have been an unmitigated disaster, resorting to 5th grade style name calling is the only thing they have left. Ann Coulter is just the personification of that fact.

  • Mark In Irvine

    “cyborg0418: Why is B. Hussein Obama so ashamed of his name? Why?”I don’t think BHO is ashamed of his name. cyborg0418, on the other hand, certainly appears to be, and it’s easy to understand why. ha ha ha.

  • huh

    Is the author really attempting to pass this off as the truth? Blaming one individual — Ann Coulter — for an obvious mental connection between the name of the ex-leader of a country that has been at the top of the news for decades and the name of one of our presidential candidates?Right in the middle of a major conflict with Iraq, we find out Obama’s middle name is Hussein.How many of you DIDN’T automatically think of Saddam Hussein when you heard Barack’s middle name? Whether your mental association was positive or negative isn’t the point. I’ll bet when you see a can of Bush’s Beans you think of GWB. This author presumes that we are stupid enough to actually believe that this automatic association is Coulter’s fault. Ridiculous. The author is ridiculous and any of you who believe this dreck is ridiculous.

  • whiny lib

    the amount of dumb in this thread is astounding.

  • hedge

    I gots an idea…lets lock away Ann Coulter and Al Gore in the nuclear repository in Yucca Mountain, NV; plant wind turbines in front of their mouths and solve our imaginary enrgy crisis. Solves a number of problems at once.

  • Chris

    I’ve long wondered, and increasingly do, where Ann Coulter got her sex change.

  • new lpga rule

    Yes, regardless how we ridicule her, Ann will always be in demand. I believe she’s temporarily out of favor with the media because of some disparaging words that she said on a Fox show some time ago about Jews in comparison to Christians. She’ll be brought back, just in time for the November election.

  • bigdaddy

    when did it become offensive to call someone by name? if it is that offensive, then he should change it. doesnt matter the McCain VPilf ticket will run a train on him.

  • Witless

    Why don’t you Coulter haters try something constructive? Find some Anne Coulter quotes and then rebut her facts. You cannot rebut her calling Obama by his middle name Hussein, because it is in fact true.I am waiting, Anonymous. SHAWN STILES: Wrote”Why give importance to an idiot and retarded women, her mental age is no less than 5 years old with an I.Q. of neocons (

    And I bet you think that Keith Olbermann is really the reincarnation of Edward R. Murrow.

  • Africana

    Hey Linguist: Fyi, the word Barack come from the Kiswahili word Baraka – meaning blessing. There is no Luo word for Barack. Luo is the tribal community from Western Kenya. Kiswahili stems from the combination of bantu and arabic. Islam has been on the East coast of Africa as early as 6th Century. Americans are waking up to really learning (if you can call it that) coulters version (and the likes of bin laden) of Islam in a rabid, unacculturated form without educated insight or understanding…. oops sorry we got fox news …who needs history lessons. There is an illegal war in progress in Iraq and what we got is coulter, limbaugh and O’reilly explaining islam. What an insult to my intelligence.

  • bigdaddy

    chris…why you wondering chris…are you confused>?

  • Pennsylvanian

    Ann Coltier has written an answer…under the name of Joan…it’s the same written style

  • Bimini

    Wow, someone really knows how to use wikipedia. arent they special.

  • dossier

    Get over it you leftist loonies!!!Barry Hussein Obama or B. Hussein Obama is fine with me. The WashPost is losing circulation in droves because it is a Barry H. Obama mouthpiece socaialist rag. Newseek/MSNBC is total 100% trash.

  • Wasting money

    does everyone see the b, hussein obama banner ad on the right….EVERYONE CLICK ON IT and waste his money!!!!

  • Shemp

    Stop referring to Ann as a her, for the love of god, thats a man dress in drag if I’ve ever seen one.

  • Gordon Tagge

    Oh good Lord,This issue did not need an editorial in the WP; unless you are a whiny liberal.

  • Richard

    I have no objections against Mr. Obama’s name Hussein, it’s a fine name. What is wrong with it?Ann is also a fine name, nothing’s wrong with it.It is just that Mrs. Coulter is a pretty disgusting person because of what she puts out.It’s just crap, at least, or even despicable. Every society has some weirdos and that is what she is. And that is because of what she says, and not because of her name.Is that too complex?

  • John Siordia

    Ann Coulter is nothing more than one of the Chief Republican Disinformation Officers.

  • Let’s discuss someone of value, please!

    While I understand the allusion, how does one demonstrate “grace” when one is so utterly lacking in dignity? Ann Coulter is a racist thug who has earned her fortune by feeding off (and then breeding) the ignorance of others.

  • Sushi

    Barak used to go by Barry and then reverted to his given name Barak. It would appear that he wants to embrace his given name.

  • Choirboy

    Why pay any attention to that pitiful human being Coulter? That is one sad, pathetic, suffering psychopath. Shouldn’t expect anything out of her, you know — I mean in the way of human potential.

  • david p

    Part of the problem is the great unwashed in this country are really ignorant of the intent of the Founding Fathers. These guys were deists, atheists and generally shunned organized religion. It’s no mistake people that upon formation of the Union that Catholics could practice their religion in my adopted state of Georgia. To those who say this country was founded on Christian principles I would only ask that you read this statement from the main author of out Declaration of Independence “Where the preamble declares, that coercion is a departure from the plan of the holy author of our religion, an amendment was proposed by inserting “Jesus Christ,” so that it would read “A departure from the plan of Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion;” the insertion was rejected by the great majority, in proof that they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mohammedan, the Hindoo and Infidel of every denomination.”-Thomas Jefferson, Autobiography, in reference to the Virginia Act for Religious FreedomSo please get your facts straight before you mislead everyone that with the notion that this Nation was founded on Christian principles…it was not. And the secular intent is was incorporated into the Constitution…the highest law of the land I might add. And while we’re at it these men were the best and brightest of their day…a product of the Enlightenment…not some half-baked religious furor. So you are correct in that most Americans are Christian…but the institutions in place are most certainly not.

  • jshackord

    She’s a racist idiot. The Islamic world should hold her in high estimation as they long ago held GWB. The rest of us aren’t listening – in the same way we stopped listening to the equally irrational, morally bankrupt, prez, veep, and GOP, years ago.

  • iliad terra

    I just came across this blog and frankly speaking I find it banal and circuitously offensive and self-defeating.While I don’t agree with everything Ann says, I do have to point out that Hussein IS Barack Obama’s middle name! There are many Husseins out there, the least of whom is the ex-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.Calling Barack by his middle name is in no manner an anti-Islamic gesture, no more than calling George Walker Bush by his full name is an anti-Christian gesture.It’s a sad state when certain individuals feel compelled to distort and twist words to fit their propaganda.Another similar distortion occurred when Mr. Obama grotesquely quoted Mr. McCain as defining the wealthy class those who make more than $5 million per year. We all witnessed that Mr. McCain made those comments in the context of a joke, and continued on a serious note to talk about his actual concept of what determines one’s wealth.So the question begs, why did Mr. Obama belittle his own stature by resorting to such a cheap trick? Is it because he underestimates our intelligence, or are some in the Democratic Party so unfortunately dense that they “just don’t get it?”

  • Jack L. (Greensboro, N.C.)

    That is his name AIN’T IT?

  • Anonymous

    Ah, my. The intolerance of the ‘tolerant’ is truly astounding to behold. And the MoveOn zombies enhance their ‘tolerance for diversity’ with physical threats against those who dare – how DARE they – opine a conflicting view.If you disagree with Coulter, try using your brains (assuming you HAVE any) instead of your fists/feet to bash her positions.The loony lefties are truly unhinged.

  • Amy

    Fox News’ Britt Hume called him “Barack *HUSSEIN* Obama” on the night of his big speech.Trading in bigotry is a staple of the right wing. They can do it because there’s an audience that eats it up. Britt Hume & Ann Coulter couldn’t get away with this if the country weren’t already full of bigots.

  • Levario

    Why, does the public want pay so much of attention to this DUMB BLOND, you have to consider the source, she a nobody, it just the MEDIA giving her all this air time, because TV STATIONS like FOX, MSNBC, CNN and other, dont have the guts to say what there really mean about a person running for high office.

  • Drew

    I suspect Barack Obama is a far better Christian than Ann Coulter could aspire to be. Given her hateful and toxic attacks on anyone with whom she has the slightest disagreement– which is coming to be much of the world outside her Hate-Powered Barbie townhouse– I would hope that fewer and fewer people would give this Republican snake the attention she so desperately craves.And if her name really does mean “gracious” then there’s never been anyone as misnamed as Ann Coulter.

  • Lakisha

    all white folks is racist. they are trying to destroy obama but that is ok cause we are taking over in november. just like the inventer of the peanut said, geoerge washington carver, the black man can’t get free until he gets up inside the white house.

  • Mike Kelley

    So, Mr. John Siordia, what makes your crazed and delusional, ranting, diatribe any different from Coulter’s? Back on the meds, dude, and quickly, OK?

  • spiderman2

    Jude wrote “Christianity is the religion of pigs.”There is true and false Christianity. If you don’t know the difference, you are in big trouble.You could end up being roasted.

  • Drew

    Oh, and Anonymous (way to be brave, not using any name at all on a public forum, btw)…What makes you think anyone needs to be tolerant of a hatemonger like Coulter? Do you love and accept anyone on the left whose views offend and outrage you? Do you think “oh, that guy may have a point” when you cannot stand anything they say?Don’t give us lessons in tolerance, please. You don’t know what you’re talking about. We don’t infringe on her First Amendment rights to spew her bile; that’s as far as tolerance needs to go.

  • joe

    Iliad said:”Calling Barack by his middle name is in no manner an anti-Islamic gesture, no more than calling George Walker Bush by his full name is an anti-Christian gesture.”I agree. people stop spinning this the wrong way!

  • Borderman

    Indeed, Ann crosses the line of being partisan recklessly. What makes Ann Coulter so strange is the civility of this country, which makes her look, feel out of place and unfit. No matter what our political affiliations and believes, we are all expected to display our differences, outrages, arguments…within a range of language or thoughts that is both understood and respected. Whenever a social “rogue” like Ann emerges, I always thank our forefathers and our great American society and its strong values for protecting us from such people. Without these layers of protections, I can’t imagine how Muslims or other recipient of Ann’s barrages would survive, lets say, not being Hitlerized?

  • jgavin

    There will always be racists hatemongers like Coulter. The issue isn’t her. The issue is that legitimate media outlets give her a forum for her views. That’s a disgrace.

  • Tim Connor

    Gee, remember when Jesus said “many will come in my name” (but they will not be from me). People like Ann Coulter were who he was talking about.The term “scum” is far too kind. Perhaps “lying scum” gets it. No, lying, evil, degenerate scum is about right.

  • Gamaliel Milhous

    Coulter is, imo, brilliant and ultra-beautiful, but her opinions are noxious, toxic, septic, mephitic, corrosive, and hazardous.

  • Paul
  • Absolutely Amazed

    I am not sure what Mr. Waters hoped to accomplish with this article and this follow-on forum. As many of the postings suggest, all this kind of article does is bring out the worst in people – people who hide behind an anonymous ‘name.’ Sadly, it has gone beyond mere name-calling – several posters have advocated kidnapping, rape and murder. Others have reduced whole groups of people to mere objects or satires. I hope that Mr. Waters and the Washington Post will think twice before they post this kind of article in the future. It serves only to bring out the worst in people.

  • dossier

    Ann Coulter > Barry Hussein ObamaBankruptcy to the WashPost, NY Times, LA Times all mouthpieces of policical correctness aligned with the anti-American move-on leftists.

  • Michael

    Actually, emphasizing that Sen. Obama’s middle name is Hussein is complimentary to him as a Christian. After all, he has the same middle name as his Lord, Jesus H. Christ.

  • Steve4

    What a waste of time, going after a writer and tv personality as if it was important. The airways are littered with left wing hate mongers that the old media take seriously. Anyone on the right is vilified. Who cares what anyone calls Obama…

  • Chan

    B.H. Obama picks on McCain’s houses, but does he live in a shanty shack like I do? I work two jobs and can barely make ends meet for my sons.

  • CalGal

    Obviously, it’s more than Ann Coulter not knowing the meaning of the word “grace.” She cannot even imagine a world in which there could be a concept such as grace.You’re blind if you think she will ever even try to achieve it.

  • Albert

    Only a person with little intellect would think a name is an argument. It reflects the thinking of a very silly person–in this case a hateful, greedy, silly person.

  • DemsLoveIslam

    But his middle name IS Hussein!!!! What’s wrong with stating reality? Hussein!! Hussein!!! Hussein!!!! We all know that Obama wants to quit in Iraq and throw 4500 American deaths under the bus for nothing – handing victory to Al Qaida. It’s obvious that Barrack HUSSEIN Obama is pro Islam as he was raised in an Islamic school and had to memorize the Koran. He supported the policy that forced our soldiers at Guantanimo to wear surgical gloves when handling the Koran so that their infidel nasty hands didn’t soil the book. All of this is self evident. Barrack Hussein Obama will use federal funds to build mosques across the American landscape.

  • Geno

    Boy, there are some scary and incredibly racist people posting comments here. I’m embarrassed by it.

  • frank rivas

    In her 2004 book, “How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter,” she wrote: “I am often asked if I still think we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity. The answer is: Now more than ever!”this idiot; someone is probably whacked her butt one day.

  • russell

    Unfortunately but fortunately for the world Anne Coulter and the other Ruppert Murdoch Clown Princes and Princesses of Fox Media time will ultimately run out and like the rest of us and will die. They along with Murdoch will journey deep into the burning Magma the Haters ultimate home.

  • jimbo

    According to his relatives in Africa his real name is Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama but our stupid liberal news media will never look into that or the fact that he may not even be a U.S citizen…probably born in Kenya…otherwise there would be no reason to put a FAKE birth certificate on his web site….Come on News People…do something other than TRASH HILLARY – get off your butts and really look into this scary creature called THE ONE – OPRAHS DARLING RACIST BOY HIMSELF !!! – the Obama – The Messiah…… or is the media gonna push him into the White House and then have to admit he really is a faKE !!! We all know bama – not now ..not %^^%# EVER !!! Hillary will have the last laugh after the DNC loses its power completely because the radicals hijacked it and screwed over the Clintons for Barry – both ways..Muslim terrorist !!!!

  • Lynda23

    So if I disagree with Obama, I’m a racist? Obama does nothing wrong, he’s perfect! But McCain on the other hand can do no right?

  • Doug Derryberry

    What a silly comparison of Coulter to Michael Moore at the beginning. Moore is not a hateful, dishonest, bigot like Coulter. There is no liberal who even comes close to Coulter (and probably 10 other conservatives) in their degree of extremism. This is typically dishonest journalism: conservatives may be bad, but so are liberals. Not true. Conservatives bury liberals when it comes to venom.

  • At Peace

    I am a secular humanist who was raised a Christian, and I’m very familiar with the teachings of Jesus as set forth in the Gospels.If I were still a Christian, I would be greatly insulted by Ann Coulter CALLING herself a Christian. She shows no love or compassion for others. She seems to love only herself (although perhaps she has no true love for herself either, but only a narcissistic solipsism), and forgiveness is nowhere to be found in her philosophy.To me, one of the greatest failings of Christians in the United States is their failure to speak up for the teachings of Jesus and to disavow the hate being spewed in his name.I think this On Faith site is a good beginning, and perhaps the failure is one of the media wanting ranting and raving to sell papers and ads on TV, and therefore covering the so-called Christians like Pat Robertson and James Dobson who have made hate a prominent part of their “ministries.”But the message that I took away from Bible School — love they neighbor as thyself — is certainly nowhere in Coulter’s message and is rarely found in Christianity as used in politics.

  • Naddem Zakaria

    Mrs. Obama looks like a sasquatch in a dress.

  • Anonymous

    anonymous at 2:05: Ann Coulter has no positions. she has punditry and insults. and as far as who can spew the most insults, republicans or democrats- I notice dems can point out what was said and by whom. republicans simply make the accusation and have nothing to back it up. Put your money where your mouth is and come up with some quotes.Hey Fate! nice to see you here too! (was on the non-religious cross thread)

  • kentuckywoman

    There are really an incredible number of STUPID PEOPLE on this board. I’m actually embarrassed to be an American and a Christian, by the looks of the company I’m keeping.Racists, bigots, gossipmongers, hateful, spiteful, STUPID people. The dumbing down of the American mind must be complete.

  • blueball

    I see it this way: In America, there is a certain group of people who buy the Calvinist view of the world. Essentially, these are self-appointed “saints” through whom Christ acts. They believe Christ has chosen them to be part of the Kingdom of God and therefore they are incapable of serious wrongdoing.

  • Bodo

    I happen to know several Jewish people named Barack or Baruch, as well a couple of Lebanese Christians. It is a very common name. One of the richest Americans of the 20th century was Bernard Baruch.

  • billp

    Why are you giving this spewer-of-hatred (Coulter) publicity? She dropped off the national radar a while back and rightly so. Is your own readership dipping as well, so you’re trying to court controversy (as she does) to attract interest?

  • soccerMom!

    Ann is a gracious warrior. When confronted with Democratic lies, we need a warrior goddess to cut through the lies and politics. I can’t wait until Obama and McCain debate.Oh yeah, where’s the change, McCain selecting Palin, or Obama selecting Biden, an old school inside the beltway dinosaur? Wait till Palin debates Biden! The Dems knew they had nothing, that’s why they created such a big distracting show to fool themselves

  • Mensa154

    Btw, Drew, I accidentally neglected to include my name (Tina) with my posting. Why does the appellation mean so much to you? Want my number? Address? Are you planning to date me or attack me?And I wasn’t referring to rational disagreement in my posting (can you actually read and comprehend?) but with the physical threats being made by the MoveOn, obamessiah zombies. And yes, I am a Mensa member and that is my IQ. Perhaps that is the reason I can so clearly see that MeeShell and her spouse are sophomoronic, anti-American racists.

  • Chip

    Geno writes: “Boy, there are some scary and incredibly racist people posting comments here. I’m embarrassed by it.”Coulter is a magnet for cretins. All you have to do is mention her name and they come flying out of the woodwork like flies drawn to excrement.

  • DS

    She has no grace and will probably never stop spreading the message of hate. There are plenty of others like that too. A pretty sad goal in life.

  • Marie

    Just in case she was irrelevant before, she’s been pretty much ostracized by the media since here crack about Jews being unperfected Christians to Donny Deutch on his show a few months back. It was about time she got the heave ho.

  • joe

    Kentuckywoman thinks anyone who doesn’t belong to the Obama fan club is STUPID and a bigot and racist and just scum

  • eastport1

    Ann Coulter is a mentally deranged bigot, oh yeah.

  • Camilla Outlaw

    If his parents named him Hussein, why should he (or you Dems) be ashamed of it?

  • Just plain sense

    Because I don’t want pigeon droppings all over my porch, I don’t feed pigeons. Because I don’t want the droppings of certain self-styled “commentators,” I find it best not to read them, read about them, and especially not to refer to them by name to anyone else.When no one pays attention, the sideshow closes down.

  • Adrasteia

    Ann Coulter performs the same function children’s fairy tales do; to remind us of the trolls under the bridge and the witches in the woods. Of course that’s assuming you want to live in a society of fear. We all know now there are no trolls under the bridge or witches in the woods but that doesn’t stop merchants of fear, like poster Terra and Ann Coulter from spinning their fairy tales and scaring little children.They want to ensure that the one thing that makes America stronger and better than any other country, our ability to accept people on their merits and not where they came from or what they look like or the orign of their name, dies once and for all. We must all look like and our names sound like the fair and vapid Coulter. We have to ask ourselves why Obama’s African blood weighs more to some people than his American blood. Why do the likes of Coulter think he is more influenced by the father he didn’t live with than the mother he did. What makes them think he is more allied with a country he didn’t grow up in than the country he did. Fear. Ann Coulter is the shameful manifestation of the worst of our fears and prejudices. Poster Blueball nails the justifications these self-appointed representative of God use.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sparrow,Oh intellectual one, the key word is “circulation,” I would never PAY for this rag, ie. Washington Post. As long as it’s free online like the NY Times and LA Times, it’s nice to see how politically correct newspapers try to influence the US electorate to support Barry Hussein Obama. Also, maybe the author and the readers can have their daughters become Muslim and choose their husband, if the don’t agree, stone them! Ann Coulter is a voice of TRUTH!

  • TedVides

    Irrelevant witch. get on your broom, put the cone hat on, and just fly away into the moonlight……….

  • GSB

    Well.. what i dont understand is that why everybody is making a big deal about his middle name? The US Constitution as i remember it does not have a religious test for the president of the United states. Sp what if he a candidate is a muslim..?? If he is a US citizen he has equal right to be candidate and contest. This why the middle east hates america. Its the worst hypocracy i have seen anywhere in the world. Hatemongers like Ann coulter can say that we should all invade their countries, kill them and convert them to christianity and the conservatives have no problem with it. They happily embrace her as their own.I am saddened by it. America claims to be better than this, but in reality is worse than the worst… The wost people are the ones who actually delude themselves into believing that they are the greatest people on earth.. SHAME ..

  • Joe

    She’s a wacked out hag and really really ugly into the bargain. Emotionally, physically, psychically and altogether uggllyy,,,

  • Randall

    Ann Coulter is only trying to expose Obama for what he is: the manchurian muslim anti-christ. I mean that in a nice way.

  • mark mcdonald

    If his parents named him Hitler, why should he (or you Republicans) be ashamed of it?


    Why isn’t Coulterguist in jail for committing voter fraud two years ago?Oh, that’s right, she is friends with the election fraud Neocon-Fascist Republicans in Florida.She has committed treason for her support of the worst administration in history. Her inflammatory words directed at Liberals and Democrats are so violent, she certainly qualifies as a domestic terrorist.

  • Shameless

    Republican women are much prettier than Democratic women. Why is that? Natural selection? LoL

  • Anonymous

    Camilla Outlaw: Such a coy comeback, Camilla. Of course you know it’s not the point. Obama and the Dems are not ashamed of his name. He has been very forthright about it. You know what Coulter and the others are saying. Coyness is cute at home, it’s pathetic anywhere else.

  • Jeffrey Hussein Salzberg

    > Ann Coulter is a voice of TRUTH!”Truth” in this case being defined as “what right-wing wackos desperately wish were so.”

  • eastport1

    Member of the Klan don’t need to wear sheets anymore. They walk among us appearing as normal people. They even write bestselling books and have tv and radio talk shows as they inspire people to shoot people in tennessee churches.

  • MZ

    Personally I don’t care about his middle name. But I must admit, during his big speech, I was just waiting for the moment when he would silence the crowd and ask everyone to bow down to mecca.

  • Frank Rau

    Coulters is a female Goebbels.

  • Mark Hamblett

    PC is not my style:Ann Coulter should be taken out and shot like the mad dog she isForgive me God for I have sinned

  • Sparky

    What’s in a name? Critics call the current Pres. “Dubya” after all…Was using Lieberman’s name when he was Gore’s VP pick anti-Semitic? Did people tap into the anti-Catholic, anti-Irish feelings when JFK was called Kennedy? Why is it OK to refer to HRC by her three names and not BHO? Their names are what they are, deal with them being used or change them.

  • sparrow

    anonymous- thank you for recognizing that I have an intellect. I would have loved to return the favor but alas! You don’t have one to recognize.what so impresses me about you anti-Obama people is not even the intensity of your invective, its your deep seated belief that you alone are the guardians of True America. never mind your modus operandi is so fundamentally flawed that you undermine the very reasons this country exists- its Constitution and the Bill of rights. But I don’t expect you to understand that either. After all, anyone who thinks Ann Coulter speaks the truth is himself so immersed in the odor of mendacity that he really has no idea what the truth mean. (Try explaining that to him, Mensa154. Lord, that a brain with so much potential should be so wasted. If you want to see sophomoric look in your mirror. Yes- same IQ as you. We’re as common as bedbugs, dear ).

  • christy

    Oh, the Iranians are loving folks, and they never chant “death to America” and “death to Israel…” It’s always our fault, from beginning of mankind’s history!“Damn America?” Isn’t that what the good Reverend said for twenty years with noBama sitting right next to him? Only to stab his friend for saying once again the same thing as always

  • Rick Black

    Coulter is a typical Republican. She is hateful and hating. Small minded and vicious. Unless the Republican repudiate her – loudly – they own her. Ugly vermin.

  • jm917

    Ann Coulter is coming pretty close to being the Julius Streicher of contemporary American conservaism. (Streicher was the long-time head of the Nazi propaganda organ Der Stuermer, infamous for its often obscene attacks on Jews. He was tried at Nuremberg and hanged as a war criminal.) Like Streicher, Coulter’s over-the-top, hate-filled rants inflame idiots of the kind whose intellectual handiwork is on display in many of the posts on this website. They also generate millions of dollars of income for this woman.I am awaiting news that John McCain, Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney appear as guests on such organs of public enlightenment as the Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity talk shows and denounce her as a filthy-minded spewer of lies and of racial and religious hatred that disgrace the conservatism, Christianity, and the United States and help inflame Muslim opinion abroad against the Great Satan. (Outside this country, Muslims tend to assume that Coulter speaks for Bush, Cheney, and Co. and for the supposed Christian Crusade against Islam.But I am not holding my breath.

  • expatriate

    Boy, after reading the some of the comments on this blog, I’m really glad I moved to Australia. Scary!

  • RedRat

    Hey as long as hyperbole gets media attention, the Ann Coulters of the world will get media space. Unfortunately, the wildest and most idiotic behavior or action seems to get TV and print space. Now the vast majority of Americans realize that people like Coulter and other celebrities are anomalies in the mainstream thought, they usually are ignored. If only that would be the end of it, but unfortunately we have far too many biased and prejudiced people, who by their nature, do not wish to utilize critical thought and judgment, and they hop on any bandwagon that rolls into town. Ann Coulter should be confined to the dustbin of irrational thought processes. She has had here 15 minutes of infamy, and now please step aside and let’s get on with life. No one is going to miss Ann.

  • Frank Rau

    “Muslims tend to assume that Coulter speaks for Bush, Cheney, and Co. and for the supposed Christian Crusade against Islam.”Should be: “Coulter speaks for Bush…”

  • redman

    Coulter is right! Answer her questions.

  • rk singh

    she needs a lots of spanking and pumping (choco variety) to flush out the venom from her system. She looks saturated with poison. Guys take protection before even approaching her.

  • Witless

    Sparrow,If you were to read the novel Ivanhoe, you might have more respect for the name Witless.You said, ” Coulter use of the name Hussein is to try to reinforce fear and lies in the minds of mental midgets such as yourself. “You give me far too much credit. I’ve always believed Coulter uses the name Hussein to demonstrate how you Barak idolizers ” We are the ones we’ve been waiting for ” like to dish it out, yet can’t take a punch. I have a great fear wondering how President Barry and you, will react to the kind of abuse that Presidents Bush and Clinton had to take. Obama WILL be subject to that once he is in office. I don’t care who gets in, things go wrong, and it’s always the guy in charge’s fault.Yes I do worry about the environment, health care, and our troops. I just think that an angry young community organizer from Chicago, is out of his league. What would happen if we had another Cuban missile crisis and President Obama’s teleprompter was sabotaged by the KGB.Lastly you said, ” You’re hero-worshipping the very person who has so much contempt for your mental capacity she can say virtually anything and you’ll believe it. “I don’t think that she has contempt for my mental capacity as much as you do. Any time you wish to match my knowledge of the issues, bring it.

  • Small Dog

    I do not always agree with Coulter, but I do give her credit for saying what is on her mind.There would be a lot better understanding, by all of us, for all of us, if everyone would give up all this PC crap and just speak their mind.You may not like the message, but as long as it comes from the heart, you will completely understand

  • anon.

    I feel considerably dumber than I already was for having read some of these comments.

  • Tom Kat

    Ms Coulter is a very entertaining writer. I’ve purchased several of her books and have enjoyed them. She has a quick wit and a terrific sense of humor.

  • asoders22

    Maybe she drinks coffee, which is an Arabic word? Maybe she even sometimes indulges in al-cohol, pure Arabic, means the spirit. Maybe she is using numbers when she is counting or dialing on the phone? They originate from the Arabic peninsula. And so on, and so on… Everyone is free to criticize Islam or any other religion for whatever reason, but associative slander like hers is just bad style and very low.

  • Thank you Waters

    Thanks for continuing spreading the message Coulter is saying by repeating her charge. Liberals are so dense. Where were you Mr. Waters when the Democrats were called Senator Allen from Virginia “George Felix Allen” denoting his Jewish heritage to the dismay of the hard right, Jew-hating bloc of voters? That’s right, you were loving every minute of it. Barack Hussein Obama….it is his name Mr. Waters.

  • Sick of Whiny Liberals

    There are many problems with this article.Since when is being compared to Michael Moore considered a compliment? Whale boy pumps out semi-fictional documentaries. It’s strange how liberals actually cite him as a source. (Because Moore claimed that President Bush gave permission to allow Bin Laden’s family to fly out of the country, liberals actually believe this? Show us some proof.)Obama claims to be a Christian now, but his own family claims claimed he used to be a Muslim. Who am I supposed the believe when Obama, himself, recently denied knowing and being close friends with that terrorist, William Ayers. So the writer of the article also claims Barack’s name is Arabic in origins. That proves he’s NOT a muslim? More liberal logic.But the real question is this: should anyone in America be permitted to be bigoted against a violent, ignorant, backward cult that hates women, wants infidels dead, encourages its followers to deceive non-believers, won’t tolerate the open discussion of the faith, and is the root cause of nearly every current war on the planet?Yes, just like Ann Coulter, I’m also bigoted against Islam in the exact same way I’m bigoted against other murderous, vile belief systems such as Communism, Fascism and Nazism. How much tolerance am I required to have for a religion like Islam that demands my death if I don’t convert.

  • Van

    What a totally phony column to write as “Under Faith.”

  • rosalynneus

    Why would somebody be offended if someone wlse calles him/her for her proper name? Isn’t Borack Omaba micddle Name Hussein? Is he changing his name the way he changed his church because it reveal his true colors? What will be his name if he becomes president: The president of God Dumb America, Barack Hussein Obama!Is that what we are waiting for? Not from me.

  • Freddie

    She has made a good living by being the most revolting pig on earth. What a great country!

  • Pam

    “Where is Mr. Obama senior – is Obama ashamed of him? Is he not presentable?”Probably not very presentable, since he’s been dead for years. Died in an auto accident.Obama is running for president – it’s not as though the information isn’t out there. Try being less intellectually lazy and do some actual research.

  • Gerald

    What can one conclude about America after reading the many answers to this blog? Perhaps news sites would be wise to rethink whether or not they should allow their visitors to post such offensive comments and blatant disregard for common decency. I know there was hate in America, after all look at the history of this land. With a country facing such enormous challenges, one would think people would discuss them and both candidates ideas in a adult and intelligent manner. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • NEO

    Why have a fit over using Barack’s middle name? It is his name, isn’t it?

  • MensaDude

    Hussein: is that his given middle name? Then, perhaps he should embrace it. As Ms. Coulter cannot be blamed for inaccuracy or even embellishment in this case, then perhaps we should embrace her First Amendment right.This pompous WaPost argument is about as absurd as the Dems saying the experience argument is now off of the table with the selection of Governor Palin. Guess what, I saw GOP ads this morning that continue to attack Obama’s lack of experience. Perhaps the control freaks at WaPost can refrain from telling anyone else what to say in their colummns, and the Dems can run their own campaign, and we will all be better off as a result.

  • Aldous

    I agree we should invade their countries. Now if we can only get Ann Coulter and her supporters in this blog to actually VOLUNTEER…

  • Dave

    No doubt that she, like Limbaugh and Hannity, makes a good living spewing their hatred. Most of us refuse to stoop that low.

  • NEO

    Also, I see no reason to “respect” a religion just because it claims to be a religion. A religion that teaches misogyny, bigotry and can be easily interpreted to support violence should not be respected.

  • JILL

    Ann Coulter is an embarrassment on so many levels. She is an irrelevant, tiresome, dried up bleach bottle blond who is not aging well, but needs to come out every so often when she needs money to build a new mansion. Who cares what she thinks? Why does she even warrant a minute of anyone’s time. Who is encouraging this sad, aging woman to come out from under her rock?

  • copperhead

    Islam , A belief based on nothing more than Ignorance and Stupidity.

  • Lighten Up St. Francis

    He’s F.B.I. Full Blooded Irish, O’bama.

  • Joe Mama Biden

    That would be Black Irish, of course.

  • sharon

    Ann is a racist and its people like her thats a part of whats wrong with our country.So what with his name even if he were a muslim which he is not i would vote for him i have nothing against peoples choice of religion As Americans were suppose to have that God given choice but people like ann thinks its their bussiness.

  • sparrow

    Witless: despite having read Ivanhoe many years ago, I still wouldn’t associate you with the statements you have made to a classic book. FYI- I don’t worship Barack, I don’t confuse him with a messiah, nor do I call him “the One.” dish it out? the republicans have made it a policy to insult, denigrate and cast aspersions on anyone who dared to speak out against their policies. You people are masters at it and on top of that you possess a rampant paranoia that makes you believe that 1. Obama will “give away the farm” (trust me, your party has already done that), 2. Everyone is against Christians in this country and 3. if you don’t agree, you aren’t a patriot.What you would rather do is put someone in the white House is can’t control his temper, knows little to nothing about the economy, the environment, or technology. he barely knows how to ue a teleprompter and do you think this bodes well for the leadership of this country if he can;t even use a computer? On top of pandering to the conservative right, he now picks a running mate who is a slap in the face to women (we share plumbing, not mindsets), completely inexperienced and ill prepared to be President should he die.Think this country will be in trouble with Obama? Just imagine “President Palin.” but by all means lets have another 4 years of the same policies that have worked so well (Yes, sarcasm) for the last 8.You think this women has more respect for your brains than I do? This is the same woman who said: ” My libertarian friends are probably getting a little upset now but I think that’s because they never appreciate the benefits of local fascism.”Yes. right. I thought we beat the nazis. Now I see we’re growing them. But this is the woman you say speaks the truth.

  • joeeb

    Thank you David P., for your comment and clarity!

  • Joseph

    McCain and Bush will never denounce Coulter because a certain, still large, segment of the right-wing Republican base still resonates with these beliefs. It’s not just anti-Musliim, but it’s also anti-black. Everytime you hear Obama called “Barry,” it’s just another code word for “the black man.” For Coulter, and still many in the rabid Republican base, somebody like Obama is a disgrace because the color of his skin means he should never have been successful in America. Seeing him with his children on national TV was another disgrace. What’s giving the “black man” the right to be successful in America?, is how they see it. And, if he is successful, he is suppose to take the “Uncle Tom,” role. And, always say yes to his Masters, sort of like Condi Rice listening to Bush and Clarence Thomas. As for associating Obama with Muslims, that’s mostly another racial association and code worded bigotry. You see, Arabs are darker skinned, so Obama by virtue of being darker skinned is therefore some kind of “terrorist.” The bottom line, Coulter, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, and many of the rest of them would prefer to see Obama and “the black man” in prison, then be successful in America. It’s a legacy of violence and hate that goes back to the era of slavery in the USA, that still survives in some forms today.

  • H. Giablomi

    Jon Scott, last I checked it’s Barack Obama and John McCain III on the ballot. We’re not voting for their fathers. I can respect someone chosing McCain over Obama for anything approaching a valid reason, but because of their fathers? Really? That’s just sad.

  • Marc Edward

    “Coulter is trying in her sly”Her?

  • devans

    give Ann a break……….i guess you already did. a barareak or barackabreak. i’ve never heard anything shes said, but will now. thanks

  • sparrow

    Some of Ann Coulter’s greatest lines:”My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times building.” (As someone who knows first hand about terrorism I can truly say whether or not you agree with the NYTimes Ann coulter is the same as McVeigh and the Muslim terrorists. If anyone resembles Osama bin Laden, it’s Ann Coulter.)”Women: “It would be a much better country if women did not vote.” ” The ethic of conservation is the explicit abnegation of man’s dominion over the Earth. The lower species are here for our use. God said so: Go forth, be fruitful, multiply, and rape the planet — it’s yours. That’s our job: drilling, mining and stripping. Sweaters are the anti-Biblical view. Big gas-guzzling cars with phones and CD players and wet bars — that’s the Biblical view.””I think [women] should be armed but should not vote…women have no capacity to understand how money is earned. They have a lot of ideas on how to spend it…it’s always more money on education, more money on child care, more money on day care.””It would be a much better country if women did not vote. That is simply a fact. In fact, in every presidential election since 1950 – except Goldwater in ’64 – the Republican would have won, if only the men had voted.””My libertarian friends are probably getting a little upset now but I think that’s because they never appreciate the benefits of local fascism.”And my very favorite, because nothing exposes Ms Coulter for the amoral, ignorant, unChristian, unAmerican piece of crap that she is than this comment:”You know, ok. I made a few jokes — and they killed 3000 Americans. Fair trade.”

  • Mr. Stiner

    I am an American born citizen… anyway I find it very disturbing and upsetting and ironic that allot of you ‘bloggers’ who may be American born citizens born in the USA, which history proves was founded on a basis of escaping European religious persecution, would turn right around and judge and persecute an individual like Obama on whether he is Christian or not. And so what if he is Muslim. He could be a Jew , Buddhist, Christian or even Scientology…lol. This is the land of the free….right? I am starting to see why the world is at odds with our Western image and mentality. But hey that’s my American opinion like you all have you own American opinion.

  • SMC

    Expecting Ann Coulter to be gracious is like expecting a pig to stay out of the mud. Not going to happen.

  • Steve

    Coulter is a moron and anyone that buys her books should be considered one as well.But I’d expect David Waters to at least be able to spell McCain’s name correctly. It’s “Sidney”, not “Sydney”.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. stiner:You, sir, are being too reasonable. When I think of the sacrifices our parents and grandparents made in the “greatest generation”, the war they fought to keep us free and rid the world of Hitler and his vision, i wonder what it all went for? Judging by many of the posts on this thread is seems the nazis won after all. And the most rabid are those who wave the flag the hardest, scream patriotism the loudest. Ann Coulter is every aryan’s dream. Is this the country our ancestors fought and died for? What a waste,then. Yet we still send our best and brightest to fight and die for our so-called American ideals. racism, fascism, anti-semitism,and Ann Coulter. sig heil folks.

  • Joseph

    Ann Coulter is just a shock jock like Rush Limbaugh and other conservative whiners. Anybody who takes her advice cannot think for themselves. She is truly about as toxic a person as you can get. I feel sorry for anybody who has to wake up next to her. Talk about a horrow show. She’s wrinkling awfully bad these days. I think all of her lip flapping is catching up to her ugly pruned out face.

  • asoders22

    Sparrow, I read your Ann Coulter quotes, and to my astonishment, most of them could very well be very bitter liberal sarcasms – such as this: “I think [women] should be armed but should not vote…women have no capacity to understand how money is earned. They have a lot of ideas on how to spend it…it’s always more money on education, more money on child care, more money on day care.”Someone who actually wants education and child care but realize we won’t get more because of male domination in legislation, might have said that.You know more about AC than I do, so if it’s common knowledge she is ultra conservative bording on fascism, I suppose you are right. But I was surprised.

  • Rudolpho de La Obama

    What is clear is that Ann is so yesterday. The self-proclaime leader of the school yard rhetoric solely seeks sales. For this shrieking class of bombastic idiots cater to the same classless and tasteless people of the body politic, for now we know that they at least make up 23% because at this late date of the imploding Bush and neo con legacy that is all what remains of their tattered die-hard support. Ann we hardly knew ye and let’s keep it that way.

  • Steve

    Jon Scott – since when is being “rooted in American history and American tradition” criteria for being President. McCain and Obama both grew up in the US. And basing your vote on their parents is just plan pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    THE MAIN SOURCE OF LIVELIHOODAfter Muhammad established himself in Medina, the main source of livelihood for his Companions for quite some time was loot from raids on non-Muslim tribes, mainly the Jews who were at least half the population in Arabia. TirmizI tells us that a goatherd belonging to the BanU SalIm once passed by a group of the Companions of the Apostle. When he greeted them in the Muslim fashion, they said among themselves: This man has saluted us in this way with a view to protect himself. Then they got up and killed him and took away his goats (vol. II, p. 889). Muhammad sent out his men to waylay non-Muslim tribes and to make raids on them. He gave the belongings of anyone who was killed to the Muslim who killed him as a sort of encouragement to the Muslims to participate in Jihad, as the translator puts it (note 2230).AbU QatAda reports that while accompanying the prophet on an expedition in the year of the Battle of Hunain, he killed a polytheist enemy and was awarded his belongings. I sold the armour (which was a part of my share of the booty) and brought with the sale proceeds a garden in the street of BanU Salam. This was the first property I acquired after embracing Islam, he says (4340). Umar tells us: The prophet sent an expedition to Najd and I was among the troop. They got a large number of camels as booty. Eleven or twelve camels came to the lot of every fighter and each one of them also got one extra camel (4330). He also tells us that he acquired land in Khaibar that had belonged to the defeated Jews, a property more valuable than anything he had ever possessed (4006). Khaibar was a populous valley inhabited by the Jews. They were raided and captured and their property confiscated.As the amount of war booty increased, Muhammad and the other Emigrants became rich enough to pay the ansArs for their help and gifts. Anas reports that after Muhammad s migration to Medina, a person placed at his [Muhammad’ s] disposal some date-palms . . . until the lands of Quraiz and NazIr were conquered. Then he began to return to him whatever he had received (4376). So did the others. When the Messenger of Allah had finished the war with the people . . . the MuhAjirs [Emigrants] returned to the AnsArs [Helpers] all the gifts they had given them (4375).

  • fito

    Neo, read the Bible, your words also can be said about Christianity.

  • RobG

    Sorry to intrude – as a European liberal, I’m obviously well to the left of Obama, and run across the room to change channel whenever Ms A. Hart Coulter comes on (fortunately, it’s very rare over here)Surely, it’s not a case of what Ms A. Hart Coulter says, but her motivation. If she did indeed speak about the President as G. Walker Bush, or the presumptive Republican nominee as J. Sydney McCain, nobody could argue with her talking about B. Hussein Obama. But as she doesn’t, and as she labels herself Ann Coulter rather than A. Hart Coulter, it’s pretty obvious that her motivation is pretty malicious.That (and the pure pettiness) is why it sticks in the craw.

  • Anonymous -PaulHi there Paul!Just wanted you to know that I didn’t waste my time visiting this website. Here’s one for you: wwwloosers.comGood night, scum bag

  • Jillian

    Message to the Post: Stop giving this racist, hate monger more press. If we ignore her, she might go away.

  • Anonymous

    MUHAMMAD’ S SHAREIn the distribution of the booty, the prophet received a fifth of all the spoils taken from the enemy. As a chief, he also had the first choice in everything, whether slaves or women or property. Spoils obtained without a battle went entirely to him. The properties of the exiled BanU NazIr, a Jewish tribe of Medina, were confiscated by Muhammad. He distributed some of them among his Quraish followers, to the exclusion of the ansArs, but kept a large part for himself. As Umar says: The properties abandoned by BanU NazIr were the ones which Allah bestowed upon His Apostle for which no expedition was taken either with cavalry or camel. These properties were particularly meant for the Holy prophet. He would meet the annual expenditure of his family from the income thereof, and would spend what remained for purchasing horses and weapons as preparation for Jihad (4347).One plot of land from the confiscated properties Muhammad turned into what is known as the summer garden of Mary, his Coptic slave-wife. He also had seven other gardens in Medina, which according to some were bestowed on him by a Jew named MukhayrIq, but according to others were a portion of the confiscated estates of the BanU NazIr. Similarly, he had properties at Khaibar, part of the spoils that accrued to him when the Jewish community there was defeated.

  • Peaceful1

    Ann Coulter is a nut. Always has been, always will be. She resorts to name calling because she doesn’t have anything substantive to say. Her antics aren’t inflammatory, just laughable.What a CLOWN.

  • Joe

    How sad, Mr. Obama is the puppet and poster child of the black power movement based in Chicago.When America most needs to move beyond race, she’s being dragged back down into it. Let’s move past this racial tribalism and onto a nation capable of leading and healing the world.Mr. Obama’s race is irrelevant, his name is irrelevant, his religion is irrelevant, but his dubious character is deeply relevant. I feel sorry for him as he’s a spokesperson for a movement, a hapless patsy!And I feel for this nation run by a patsy and behind the scene powerMcCain is a straight shooting maverick who owns his words. I respect that

  • Doc

    Compliment to Michael Moore? Why not focus on Moore laughing yesterday about another hurricane about to hit New Orleans, and attributing it to God, because it is at the time of the Republican convention? No matter that many hundreds of thousands will be affected, he’s happy. Now there is something worth commenting on in a column about God.

  • Anonymous

    THE QUARREL OVER MUHAMMAD S PROPERTIESAfter Muhammad died, there was a quarrel over the inheritance of his property. Aisha tells us that Muhammad s other wives sent UsmAn, the son-in-law of the prophet and a future KhalIfa, to AbU Bakr to demand from him their share from the legacy of the Holy prophet. But, Aisha sided with her father s faction and not with her co-wives. She told them what Muhammad is supposed to have said: We prophets do not have any heirs; what we leave behind is charity (4351).It was not much of charity, though, for as AbU Bakr says, the household of the Messenger of Allah will [continue to] live on the income from these properties, but there was no formal transfer of ownership. Instead, the properties were placed under the joint management of AbbAs, the prophet s uncle, and AlI, the prophet s son-in-law. The denial of this property so angered FAtimA, the prophet s daughter, that she never spoke to AbU Bakr again for the rest of her life (4352).In due course, AbbAs and AlI themselves quarreled over the property which they jointly managed. They took their dispute to Umar, who had succeeded AbU Bakr as KhalIfa. Commander of the Faithful, decide between me and this sinful, treacherous, dishonest liar [ AlI], petitioned AbbAs (4349).

  • Langx

    It makes me wonder what God are these so called value voters praying to. The Devil. The same with S Palin. She laughed and giggled as a DJ called her opponent the B word. What kind of Person let alone Christian would do that. I guess I have to add John Insane to the list because he did the same thing to Hillary. How can anyone consider themselves a Christian and be a Republican.It’s an oxymoron. You can’t be against abortion and for guns and war. It makes me wonder what God are these so called value voters praying to. The Devil.

  • Anonymous

    RAIDS AND BATTLESThe book refers to many forays, raids, and battles of the Muslims. These are of two kinds, ghazwAt and sariya. A ghazwAt is a military expedition led by the rasUl or imAm himself; a sariya is one led by his appointed lieutenant. The total number of expeditions was eighty-two, two every three months during Muhammad s stay in Medina. Twenty-six are the GhazwAt in which the Holy prophet himself participated and fifty-six are the Sariya (note 2283). Nine of the twenty-six ghazwAt expeditions were armed conflicts. So Muhammad s share of the booty must have been considerable.There are other traditions too, more or less in confirmation of the above. According to Zaid b. Arqam, the prophet personally led nineteen expeditions, in seventeen of which the narrator himself participated (4464, 4465). According to JAbir b. Abdullah, the number was twenty-one, and he himself participated in nineteen of them (4466). Another narrator participated in seven military expeditions led by the Messenger and nine led by his lieutenants including AbU Bakr and UsAma b. Zaid (4469).Many battles, not always in the order in which they were fought, are described by name; for example, the Battle of Hunain (4385-4392), the Battle of TA if (4393), the Battle of Badr (4394), the Battle of AhzAb, or as it is popularly known, the Battle of the Ditch (4412), the Battle of Uhud (4413-4419), and the Battle of Khaibar (4437-4441). The conquest of Mecca is also mentioned (4395-4396).

  • Anonymous

    EXPULSION OF THE JEWS AND CHRISTIANS I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslims, Muhammad declared to Umar (4366). Jews and Christians were at least half the population in Arabia.AbU Huraira reports: We were sitting in the mosque when the Messenger of Allah came and said: Let us go to the Jews. We went out. . . . The Messenger of Allah called out to them: O ye assembly of Jews, accept Islam and you will be safe. When the answer was unsatisfactory, he told them: You should know that the earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle, and I wish that I should expel you from this land (4363).Muhammad s expulsion plan began with the Jews of Medina and was implemented with great cruelty. He played on their hopes and fears and took them one by one. He first expelled BanU NazIr, and allowed Quraiza to stay on, and granted favour to them until they too fought against him. Then he killed their men, and distributed their women, children and properties among the Muslims. . . . The Messenger of Allah turned out all the Jews of Medina, BanU QainuqA, and the Jews of BanU HArisa and every other Jew who was in Medina, we are told by Abdullah, the son of Umar (4364).


    JOHN SHINNINGHi John!Just wanted you to know that I didn’t bother visiting your suggested website either. Here’s one for YOU: http://www.lunaticfringe.comGood night looser!

  • Boodica

    Christians have been invading, raping, torturing, murdering and even eating (yes, Virginia, Christians have committed cannibalism in the name of God) their enemies for hundreds of years (during the Crusades, for example). And they have not limited themselves to persecuting “pagans”…let’s not forget what happened to the Cathars in the 13th century and, of course, to the rest of the thousands of victims of the Christian Inquisition. And what about the burning of “witches”? That was a long time ago, you say? And I say to you, remember Omagh…the Christian spirit lives on. Try reading John 8:7, my dear Christian Ms. Coulter.

  • Scumbuster

    It is futile to appeal to Anne Coulter’s sense of decency. She has none. All it does is inspire her to greater heights of depravity. Sadly, we must consign Anne to the company of rats, cockroaches and just plain vermin.

  • Newsman

    But isn’t Hussein the “Orators” middle name?

  • Anonymous

    Barry Obama reverted to his Muhammadan name Barack Hussein Obama. He evidently is not ashamed of his Muslim roots. Why should Ann not honor Barack, formerly Barry, and not mention the Hussein part?

  • tarry Davis

    Mr. Scott,Your world is gone. It died many years ago and was buried with the dawn of a new century. Catholics can be president. Blacks do not have to go to the back of the bus and Jews can sit on the Supreme Court. The very idea that deep American roots qualify one to be president and the lack of them does not denies everything our founding fathers stood for. This is a meritocracy not an aristrocracy. John McCain may well be elected president this November but I am certain he would never claim the presidency based on his lineage. I do not know if Obama’s father was a drunk, nor do you, sir, any more than you know whether either of the McCain Admirals imbibed spirits to excess or why John McCain’s career in the Navy suddenly ended when the promotions stopped. He is an honorable American who should be judged on his contributions to our country, not who his parents were.

  • Joe B.

    what is Barack’s middle name?

  • Lord Terpsichorean

    Ms. Coulter like her male twin, Rush Limbaugh, has taken sensationalism to heights never imagined by the most hopeful press agent. If for nothing else, years from now she will be remembered for capitalizing on the Republicans’ penchant for obfuscation and down right lying. The GOP does it to elect their candidates, while she slings her muck to sell more books. Her presumed angst for Islam is very curious. Ms. Coulter looks more like an Afghan than those calling Kabul home. Ruff! Ruff!

  • Anonymous

    TOM KAT wrote:============================Gosh Tom, what an intelligent post! What else do you read,toilet paper?

  • John R

    Well, well. Obviously, the lib left has some sensitivities. For many years I have witnessed some of the most vulgar and malicious cartoons, editorials, and blogger comments about George Bush and Dick Cheney and many other conservative Republicans. So, Ann C. aggravates her detractors with a not-so-outlandish referral to the B.O. and the lefty’s cry foul and then start throwing the real mud. One of your commenters even refered to A.C as a “name caller” and then ended up by calling her names. Here’s more mud back into your eye, lefty.

  • tarquinis

    Hey, nothing matters in our corrupt and decadent society but money and celebrity. Ann Coulter has both and knows well enough what she is doing. The fact that I hate her only adds to her success. The television media exist for the quarterly profits for stockholders, so ratings are the only measure of anything. Full Stop.Right and wrong, honor or dishonor, have absolutely nothing to do with anything in American society. Only money. We therefore deserve what is coming, namely, national bankruptcy, ruin, and collapse.

  • scumbuster

    JOE wrote: How sad, Mr. Obama is the puppet and poster child of the black power movement based in Chicago blah blah blah…Sorry Joe. Another case of mistaken identity. It is tragic to see what Anne Coulter’s hate has done to weak minded people like you.

  • ano

    what’s wrong with Hussein? is he ashamed of it? Damned if you do and damned if you don’t! When it comes to B. Hussein O., the only options we have is to elect him and let this country go to hell, or vote against him and endure the wrath…

  • Anonymous

    Barack Hussein Obama spent a few years in a madarassa(Islamic school) in Indonesia soaking in Islamic wisdom. He must have some knowledge of Islam and perhaps what he knows he is not willing to acknowledge. Here is a gem of Islamic wisdom from Sahih Muslim, one of the six books of Traditions. Muslims believe that Allah, the Arabic god, spoke through the Koran and acted through Muhammad. Muhammad’s words and actions are faithfully recorded in the hadiths. Here Muhammad’s, and therefore Allah’s wisdom, is evident in this hadith from Sahih Muslim.Book 002, Number 0462: Abu Huraira reported: The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) said. When any one of you awakes up from sleep and performs ablution, he must clean his nose three times, for the devil spends the night in the interior of his nose.

  • concerned

    This argument is vacuous and irrelevant. Pundits take your eye off the ball, digging for the silver bullet that will serve the death blow to their political opponents. As long as media consumers are willing to swallow this slop and allow it to influence their votes, the outcome is fully deserved. As an American living abroad, this kind of political dialogue is deeply embarassing during a time of war and economic catastrophe for many. Coulter (and Moore for that matter) are cheap pamphelteers who believe that the political end always justifies the means. This typically involves tactics that would insult the intelligence of an adolscent.My conclusion is that this article is a waste of time. Revealing the absurdity of Coulter’s argument is not difficult and you’re preaching to the converted.

  • James Ziolkowski

    Ann Coulter speaks the truth. She says things that liberal don’t want to face. REALITY!Just listen to the hate from the far left wing Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and It doesn’t even compare.Liberals love terrorists and tax and spend, big government spending and they are weak on our national defense and promise things that they never do. (ie seee 110th liberal Democrat Congress)War hero vs black zero. The choice is yours America.

  • rwc

    Ann Coulter is a right wing christian, just a little bit more well-spoken … outspoken.Just as Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein, Ann Coulter is a rightwing christian.Mr. Obama can’t escape his middle name, and you rightwing christan fascists can’t escape Ann Coulter.

  • Jimson Crowley

    Just what I’d expect to read from a bunch of brainwashed marxist liberals. Hope you all enjoy your “Cultural Revolution” if you elect this moronic thug from the cesspool of Chicago politics. The only reason Obama is running for president is because he feels he’s entitled to the job, just as he’s been told he’s been entitled to everything else he hasn’t had to work for in his life. Sarah Palin has no less experience than Obama, and she’s merely running for VP. I noticed the person above with the stellar spelling skills calling for a class action lawsuit against Fox News–typical liberal solution to any perceived slight. If you can’t separate the conservative bias from Fox News, just as I have to separate the liberal bias from The Nation or Motherjones, your parents should probably revoke your internet priveleges. I’ve noticed that Obama is not trying to refute the attack ads linking him to Ayers–he can’t, so he’s trying to get the Justice Department to take the ads off the air. Liberals can’t stand any criticism at all–it interferes with their sense of entitlement, along the lines of Obama’s tiresome “How Dare He” responses to McCain’s attacks. It’s a presidential race–weenies are not allowed.

  • CF

    Ann Coulter is Joseph Goebbels in a dress.

  • Witless

    Sparrow,Thank you for responding. Some of the Coulter comments you posted were outrageous, but you also did not give any context to them. For all I know, they were sarcasm. You do know what that is, don’t you??????????????I find it amusing that you characterize Gov. Palin as unqualified. Now if I were a Democrat and you said that about one of my party’s girls, I would brand you as anti-woman. Seriously Palin is more qualified to be President than Obama. Senator Obama has ZERO executive experience. He has always been a lawmaker. He has never run anything. Palin’s short stint as Alaskan Governor trumps his whole career.Let us go to your comments on McCain. A President does not have to use a computer. On the economy, the environment, and technology, I’m sure that with serving in the US Senate, it’s committees, and his military history, he knows enough to do the job. He also knows what people he needs around him to fill in the gaps in his knowledge. He is at least as qualified as Joe Biden, and over qualified compared to Senator Obama.You said, ” 2. Everyone is against Christians in this country and 3. if you don’t agree, you aren’t a patriot.” Tell me, do you ever listen to the crap on MSNBC or read the NY Times? To them, anyone who votes against Obama is a racist. You act as if the mudslinging is new to you, or that it is one sided.

  • boutro

    Abu Huraira reported: The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) said. When any one of you awakes up from sleep and performs ablution, he must clean his nose three times, for the devil spends the night in the interior of his nose.Maybe he should clean his a ss instead

  • Flaco.

    Simple solutions for simple idiotic issues:If somebody’s name is suspicious or ugly, we should change his/her name.

  • HaveItYourWay

    People have a right to change their middle name. If Sen. Obama does not want anyone to use his middle mane, then he should legally change it.

  • itstrue

    It’s true. If you’re against Obama, you’re a racist.And if you’re against George Bush, you’re a traitor who wants the terrorists to win.You rightwing and leftwing putzes are destroying the country with your petty little arguments.Ann Coulter sells to the rightwingers becase they have a lot more hatred deep down inside them than they can deal with.The leftwingers buy crap that helps them feel smug and superior.I’m sick of all of you.

  • joe

    scumbuster — BHO is a made man.The president of the Chicago Democratic Party hand-picked him and ushered him up the chain…he’s the spokesman for the militant black movement and — why hide the facts? look at his friends throughout his career! This will affect our lives and we cannot not debate the facts!God Help our country!


    Ann THE Man…more man than any man I know…know what I mean ????

  • see you next tuesday

    Does it even matter? It’s Ann Coulter. Anyone still willing to listen to that classless uncouth naive trollop isn’t someone who’s looking to open their hearts and minds.

  • scumbuster

    It’s true. If you take Anne’s bait, she’ll just throw more s hit at you. Want to get back at Anne? Ignore her.

  • Cletus

    Ann colter is a fin humang bean.

  • Bubba

    what cletus sad, yeah. All y’all wanna do is hate.

  • TRD

    HaveItYourWay, you’re an idiot.

  • EagleJim

    Barack Hussein Obama. That’s a very catchy name. Lots of speculation that its origins are Islamc or Christian.A few days back, I read an email from a Christian missionary posted in the African area of Obama’s family. It was posted on the US church’s website who supported the missionary’s efforts. The email sender stated that she knew the Obama family. She also said he has another middle name of Muhammed. If true, Barack Hussein Muhammad Obama. Fascinating.

  • liz

    When are we going to start calling morons, morons even if they have a law degree?

  • jsc

    These postings are a sad record of the bigotry that still exists among too many in our society. They make me ashamed of America and quite frightened for the fate of Mr. Obama with such a current of hate running in our national bloodstream. Yes, Coulter is a hate-filled woman, but the structures that support her (Fox News and her publisher) are more to blame foe the ignorant bigotry that too many of these postings display.

  • enough already!

    What a narrow point of view and focus on Abrahamian religions that are, I must say, violent and have a history of blood amongst the Semite races (that means the Israelites and Arabs–no wonder their languages are similar).But even 5000+ years ago, if one is to believe the folk tales sold as “word of God” (i.e. the Torat or the Bible or the Quran), there were others in this world in equally important civilisations (say, China or Central Asia Aryans or Persians, Indians, etc.). So, it is best that these narrow religious infightings and crusades stop.


    Ann Coulter is a white suprimacist bigot, in the past white suprimacists took their rage on blacks and american indians. Now the new -n word- are muslim americans and arab americans. Silence of americans towards this white suprimacist says a lot about them.

  • Mariano Patalinjug

    Yonkers, New YorkAnn Coulter has gained widespread notoriety as a person who is filled with venomous hate and loves to spread it around generously.No wonder Fox News has given her a home where she is free to do what she does best–and gets paid well for it.There she is in good company with Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.The three of them constitute compelling proof that Fox News is objective and free!Mariano Patalinjug

  • CF

    Pointing to Sarah Palin two years of executive experience in government is kind of silly. Alaska’s population of 670,000 compares to cities like Memphis and Fort Worth. For McCain the price of regaining his maverick was the loss of the experience criticism of Obama.

  • Witless

    Flaco,You don’t know what simple is. In some countries if a woman is with a man who is not her relation, they kill her. Simple. If you insult a man who lived 1300 years ago, they kill you. Simple. If you draw a picture of a man who lived 1300 years ago, they kill you. Simple.In some countries they will pay you to drug up your kid, strap a bomb to him, and blow up a lot of people. Simple.In one country, if you dare to fight against these philosophies, they call you Hitler and threaten to impeach you. Simple.

  • spoof

    SICK OF WHINY LIBERALS said :Yes, just like Ann Coulter, I’m also bigoted against Islam in the exact same way I’m bigoted against other murderous, vile belief systems such as Communism, Fascism and Nazism.Hey SOWL,

  • spoof

    Christianity is the religion of pigs. – JudeOh, how true brother. Anne, she wears that damn cross around her neck. She’s a good advertisement for Christianity.

  • incredulous

    You don’t quite get it. Penitence is a sign of the balanced mind. There is nothing in Ms. Coulter’s past to suggest that she is or could be. There are diagnoses that can’t be cured.

  • Enemy Of The State

    That’s PRESIDENT B. Hussein Obama after inauguration day.

  • arlingtonresident

    Mr. Waters,If you think that Ms. Coulter’s “name-calling” (Name-calling? Calling Obama his *own* name is “name-calling?” But I digress.) “won’t work,” then why get your panties in a bunch? Seems to me that you think there probably is reason to be concerned.

  • Anonymous

    > for more about ISLAM refer to…….Links to insane, hate-filled rantings.

  • Josh

    You are way off base. Isn’t his name Barak Husseing Obama? So what’s the big deal? She is calling him by his name.And to Muslims he is an apostate not a Christian.

  • Mazinger Z

    People need to learn to ignore people like Coulter or Limbaugh. It is when we write articles like this that they become relevant. The shame is on the media that give them exposure and an air of legitimacy. Next time focus on them.

  • bane

    Paul is an idiot

  • DDSinNE

    Ann who? Never heard of hear, maybe she should make some outlandish statements to get some publicity. Fox News is for people who believe all of their problems are caused by someone else. We really need to get pass the liberal/conservative divide in the country and start working on our problems.

  • ham_sandwich

    I don’t watch a ton of commercial television, so in reading this column I was surprised to that people are still giving Ann Coulter a platform to distribute her nauseating views. And to be clear, it’s not that I disagree with her politics, I disagree with her bigotry. Ours is essentially a society of tolerance and the public discourse is not served by giving hateful people like Ms. Coulter our attention. She needs to get off the stage, and her sponsors should be “encouraged” with boycotts, if need be.

  • lmboggs

    I wasn’t aware that Ann Coulter is a Christian, but then there’s that dainty little cross in her cleavage. That’s the only way one can tell.

  • Bob Moses

    I agree that Coulter is a disgusting bigot, but criticism of her on the OnFaith blog is rank hypocrisy.OnFaith is the premier gathering place for anti-Christian bigots. It’s a good indictator of OnFaith’s partisan liberal spin that it overlooks the vile bigotry of its blogger to attack a conservative.Let’s see a column that addresses the hateful bigotry of OnFaith’s anti-Christian posters.

  • BattleGround

    Obama’s proper name is “Barack Hussein Obama”.Shame on Ann Coulter for not using his full name.That IS quite a weird name though.You’d think he would have changed it by now.

  • Josh again

    To David Waters, Barak does not mean “blessed” so I think you need to check yourself. Baruch means “blessed”Barak means lightning and Barak is also the name of a general who fought for Devorah in the Victory Over Sisera. Geez, you people can’t even get the simplest of things correct.

  • Linguist

    When you don’t have any ideas, or have ideas that most people would oppose, then the ONLY way to win is to demonize the other side.If there were a way to paint Senator Obama as anything bad, there would be an effort on the part of some to do so. I expect that, even as I lament it.But thinking that calling him names, or basing the demonization on his name is somehow a winning strategy or even notionally plausible just makes me shake my head. I am in awe of the cynicism of the modern GOP. Absolutely in awe of modern conservatism. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    Barak was the name of the half horse and half human that Muhammad rode to heaven from Jerusalem and met with Allah, Jesus, Moses and Abraham.

  • WLTP

    It’s virtually impossible to take Ann Coulter or anything she says serious enough to comment on (still less contemplate). Yet if suspiciously unusual names are now fair game as a base of critical political commentary, Coulter and her ilk must be having a field day asking what kind of mother (much less vice presidential hopeful) names her children Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig. PS. Whatever happend to faith being a personal matter in a land that divides church and state?

  • Linguist

    Battleground: “That IS quite a weird name though.”Serious question: Why does it matter whether a politician has a weird name? Does it matter?”Bush” is a pretty weird name, actually. So was “Roosevelt” and “Eisenhower”.We get used to “weird names”, especially when we hear them a lot, and when the person with the “weird name” shows he’s smart and can communicate good ideas to us. It’s happened before, many times. Seems to me that it is exactly what is happening now. “President Obama” sound less and less “weird” to me, now that I’ve heard it and thought about it for months.Trust me. We’ll get use to ANY president’s name pretty quickly.

  • MarkinNY

    So Coulter has been called the Right’s Michael Moore. HOW DARE YOU REPEAT THIS PIECE OF ABSOLUTE GARBAGE? Coulter’s rants have absolutely no connection to any kind of truth. Moore may be shrill but his documentaries are vigorously researched and largely true. Moore cares about this country. Coulter SAYS she cares about this country. It is insulting to your readers and to Christians to make this odious comparison and I have had enough of this garbage from people like you. Michael Moore is a great American. Ann Coulter is a lying, uncaring shrew worthy of nothing but our contempt. Got it? NOW I WANT TO SEE A COLUMN ON IT.

  • BANE


  • AMH

    Anonymous says:A true believing Muslim could be born in Spain or Russia, but would never be Spaniard or Russian. Their allegiance is mainly to their co-religionists. This as well as other behaviors do stamp them more of a cult than what we normally associate with a religion. Ali Sina in his book “Understanding Mohammad” has described in rather detail the cultic nature of the Muslims ideology.

  • ttj

    This seems like a totally partisan commentary. Why be nice about anyone’s name? After all, the Democrats have been masters at coming up with ridiculous monikers for George Bush, such as Dubya, Shrub, etc. (Didn’t hear you calling for that to stop). What then could possibly be wrong with calling Obama by his real, given name “Hussein” — would you prefer people, for example, to call him “inssein” — guess you haven’t been following nicknames in the current presidential race, huh? Beyond that, Obama frequently emphasizes his so-called “internationalist” bias, and it appears that he’s got several powerful connections from middle eastern countries like Syria lending a helping hand in his campaign (Rezko, Auchi et al.). I’m no great fan of Ann Coulter, but, you know, get off her case on this one because she is being no less gracious (or disingenuous) than any of the other commentators, including yourself.

  • Carlos Gentry

    Check out the lede

  • Anonymous

    The seventeenth book in Sahih Muslim is the Book of Religious Wars and Expeditions (KitAb al-Jihad Wa l-Siyar).Jihad is a divinely ordained institution in Islam. By many authorities it is counted as one of the pillars of Islam. Theologically, it is an intolerant idea: a tribal god, Allah, trying to be universal through conquest. Historically, it was an imperialist urge masked in religious phraseology. the chief motivation behind the Jihad’s was the booty that Muhammad obtained from them.THREE OPTIONSMuhammad told those whom he made chiefs of his raiding par-ties: Fight in the name of Allah and in the way of Allah. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war; do not embezzle the spoils. He also told them to offer their enemies three options or courses of action: Invite them to accept Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them. . . . Then invite them to migrate from their lands to the land of Muhajirs [i.e., Medina; in the early days of Muhammad’ s stay in Medina, living there was a sign of acceptance of Islam and loyalty to Muhammad], and inform them that, if they do so, they shall have all the privileges and obligations of the MuhAjirs. Muhajirs means emigrants. If they refuse to migrate, tell them that they will have the status of Bedouin Muslims and will be subjected to the Commands of Allah like other Muslims, but they will not get any share from the spoils of war or Fa i. . . . . If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the jizya ( a tax on non-Muslims). . . . . If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah s help and fight them (4294). Allah, the spoils of war, the jizya-all beautifully and profitably interwoven.RAID WITHOUT WARNINGIt is not always necessary to give warning or offer options in advance. If need be, this requirement can be waived. Religious conversion is likely to ensue from a military victory followed by pillage and plunder. The Messenger of Allah made a raid upon BanU Mustaliq while they were unaware and their cattle were having a drink at the water. He killed those who fought and imprisoned others (4292).All is fair in love and war, particularly a war fought in the Way of Allah. As the prophet says, war is a stratagem (4311), or, as some others have translated it, cunning. CHILDREN OF THE POLYTHEISTSIn Jihad, all arms-bearing males of the enemy are killed, but Muhammad disapproved of the killing of women and children (4319). Children were judged to be adults if they had pubic hair. They are generally taken prisoners and then enslaved or sold or released after ransom is exacted. But if they are killed, no song need be made about it. Sa b b. JassAma said to Muhammad: Messenger of Allah, we kill the children of polytheists during the night raids. He [Muhammad] said: They are from them (4323).From the hadith collection by Abu DawudBook 38, Number 4390: Narrated Atiyyah al-Qurazi: I was among the captives of Banu Qurayzah. They (the Companions) examined us, and those who had begun to grow hair (pubes) were killed, and those who had not were not killed. I was among those who had not grown hair.

  • Kaelinda

    Obviously, Ann Coulter is doing something right – she’s sure getting a lot of attention, and isn’t that what celebrities want?The fact that she’s behaving like a fourth grader doesn’t become her – but she doesn’t care, because she gets a lot of attention from behaving that way, just as Britney Spears got a lot of attention by showing off her crotch.

  • Anonymous

    Jihad continuedJUSTIFICATION OF BURNING TREESMuhammad surrounded a Jewish tribe called BanU NazIr, residing in the vicinity of al-Madina, and ordered their date-palms to be burnt and cut. Since destroying palm trees was something of a sacrilege in Arabia, this shocked the Arabs. So Allah hastened to speak through Muhammad: Whatever trees you have cut down or left standing on their trunks, it is with the permission of Allah so that he may disgrace the evil-doers (Koran 59:5; hadith 4324).Fortified by this revelation, Muhammad cut down and burned the celebrated vineyards of the enemy at at-TA if in the eighth year of the Hijra. That was another contribution by Muhammad to the new ethics of war, unknown to the Arabs before.SPOILS OF WARThe plundering of infidels and polytheists is a central concept in the Muslim religion, and was the linchpin in the economy of the ummah for centuries. Allah made war booty lawful for the Muslims. Eat ye the spoils of war, it is lawful and pure, says the Koran (8:69).One hadith tells us that the spoils were made lawful especially for the ummah. The spoils of war were not lawful for any people before us. This is because Allah saw our weakness and humility and made them lawful for us (4327).DIVISIONEssentially, the spoils belong to Allah and His Apostle. They ask thee concerning the spoils of war. Say: The spoils of war are for Allah and the Apostle (Koran 8:1). But since the mujahid does not live by Allah alone, and also as a favor and extra incentive, he is given a share in it.The translator explains: A mujahid fights to uphold the cause of righteousness and for the supremacy of Islam, and if in this fight he gets a share in the spoils of war, it is an extra favour to him (note 2229).Abdullah Yusuf AlI, translator and commentator of the Koran, in commenting on this verse puts the matter still more eloquently. He says that booty taken in a lawful and just war does not belong to any individual. If he fought for such accessory rewards, he fought from wrong motives. It belongs to the Cause, in this case the cause of God, as administered by his Apostle. Any portion given out to individuals are accessory gifts, windfalls from the bounty of the Commander. A GREAT MOTIVATING FORCEDespite the pious rhetoric, material incentives had to be provided. The lure of plunder was a great motivating force, all the more powerful because of the religious phraseology. In fact, Muhammad fully satisfied this motive and constantly appealed to it. He reminded the believers of how they slew a part [of their enemies] and another part made captive ; and how Allah gave them their [enemies ] land, and their dwellings, and their property for an inheritance (Koran 33:26-27).In fact, providing opportunities for easy booty was Muhammad’ s way of rewarding his followers. Denying such opportunities to the lukewarm was his way of punishing them. For example, the desert Arabs did not participate in his expedition to Hudaibiyeh, where resistance was expected to be stiff. Muhammad told them that the next time, when it would be easy to win booty, they would say, Permit us to follow you, but he would answer, Ye shall by no means follow us. The recalcitrant should earn their reward the hard way. Allah Himself directed Muhammad to say to the desert Arabs who lagged behind that ye shall be called out against a people given to vehement war. . . . then if you obey, Allah will give you a goodly hire (Koran 48:16).Muhammad was as good as his word. Within a few months, he set out on an expedition against Khaibar, which he took by surprise. The booty was very large, but Muhammad distributed it only among those who had accompanied him on the previous occasion.MUHAMMAD ACCUSED OF CONCEALING SPOILSThe spoils of war were most welcome, but the process of allocating the plunder was rarely easy sailing. The occasions when the spoils were distributed were, in fact, pretty rough. The atmosphere was charged with expectation and excitement, and was full of claims, grievances, recriminations, suspicion, and accusations. Even Muhammad was once accused of concealing spoils (TirmizI, vol. II, hadith 868), and supernatural intervention by the Arabic idol Allah, had to take place in order to quiet the suspicion. It is not for a prophet to cheat or be false to his trust. If any person is so false, he shall, on the Day of Judgment, restore what he misappropriated, said Allah (3.-161). Commenting on this verse, the translator of the Glorious Koran, Abdullah Yusuf AlI, assures us that those low suspicions were never believed in by any sensible person, and they have no interest for us now (note 472).The distribution of the booty was always a passionate issue. Ibn IshAq reports that on one such occasion, after the capture of Hunain, Muhammad was mobbed by the men. Divide our spoil of camels and herds among us, the mujahids demanded, surrounding Muhammad until they forced him back against a tree and his mantle was tom from him. He cried: Give me back my mantle. I swear by Allah that if I had as many sheep as the trees of Tilham I would distribute them among you. You have not found me niggardly or cowardly or false.

  • Buck Batard

    The sad thing is people like Coulter, and there are many of them out there, tend to cater to those lowest on the IQ scale. And as a group, many of these folks have a fighting Scotch-Irish borderer type mentality. My great fear is that Coulter or one of her com-not-patriots will incite some of these folks to radical violence, not that it hasn’t happened already. The last thing we need is more American terrorists, school shootings, Oklahoma City bombings, etc. The answer to people like Coulter is for the mainstream press not to give her an audience. Let her find her place on the blogs and the internet and if she can hack it there, then let that be her playground. Right wing radio and TV should shun her, but since they are not responsible citizens, they are her mouthpiece. And when more violence comes from Americans as it likely will if President Obama wins the election, they and she will be directly responsible. They should be prosecuted under the same legal theories as Charles Manson was, for encouraging others to engage in acts of violence, in such a circumstance. There is no longer a loyalty oath, but shouting fire in a crowded theater is still a crime.

  • Anonymous

    AL-GHANIMAH AND FAI There are two forms of war gains: al-ghanImah and fai . The first includes spoils which fall to the lot of the Muslims after an armed conflict; the other accrues when the non-Muslims surrender without offering resistance. If you come to a township which has surrendered without a formal war and you stay therein, you have a share [in the form of an award] in [the properties obtained from] it. If a town disobeys Allah and the Messenger [and fights against the Muslims] one-fifth of the booty seized there from is for Allah and his Apostle and the rest is for you (4346).The Koranic sanction for this principle of the division of the booty is contained in the following verse: Know that of that which you seize as spoils [ghanImah], a fifth-part [khums] belongs to Allah, to His Apostle, his family, the orphans, the poor, the traveller. . . . (8:41).The fai , gains from a war not actively fought, on the other hand, belongs wholly to the prophet. Along with the khums, it is entirely at his disposal. The very word and the principle of its disposal derive from the Koran: What Allah gives [afa a] to His Apostle of the people of the cities belongs to Allah, His Apostle, his family, orphans, the poor, and the traveller (59:7). This is based on the divine principle that all the possessions of the unbelievers must revert to Muhammad and his family and, when they are no more, to the Muslims in general.In due course, the rules relating to the distribution of booty and the disposal of fai were codified by the various fiqh schools. According to this code, it was unlawful for a Muslim conqueror to leave anything in the hands of the infidels. Such property must be carried away and four-fifths of it distributed among the soldiers. During a retreat, any such property that cannot be carried away, including the cattle, should be destroyed.From the beginning of Muhammad’s sojourn in Medina, all prisoners, whether men, women, or children, were regarded as legitimate items of plunder. They were either distributed among the believers as slaves or sold into slavery or held against payment of ransom by their relatives. Thus prisoners were a rich source of revenue. When seventy men were captured in the Battle of Badr, Muhammad consulted AbU Bakr and Umar about their treatment. AbU Bakr took a view that was more economic and also more humane. They are our kith and kin. I think you should release them after getting from them ransom. This will be a source of strength to us against the infidels, he advised. But Umar took a view that was more theological and also more cruel. He advised that they should be put to death, for they were leaders of the disbelievers and veterans amongst them (4360). The economic view prevailed, at least in this case.A Muslim chief who conquered a territory was at liberty to leave the land in the possession of the conquered, provided that they paid tribute and became tenants on their own land. This provision was supported by Muhammad s own example. When the Jews of Khaibar were defeated, they were allowed for some time to continue cultivating their land on the payment of half the harvest (3762). The chief was also at liberty to distribute the land among his soldiers, but more often this was not done. The land was considered fai and declared to be part of the public domain. It was used in the interest of the whole Muslim community (for the payment of troops and officers, and for the building of bridges, forts, and mosques), and kept as a permanent source of income for future generations.

  • Rob

    Josh again sez – “Barak means lightning and Barak is also the name of a general who fought for Devorah in the Victory Over Sisera.Geez, you people can’t even get the simplest of things correct.”Sure, in Hebrew. But Obama is not from Israel, he is of African descent and his Swahili name means “blessed”, not “lightning.”

  • Thomas M. Barnes

    Ann Coulter is no fool…she is a professional bomb thrower, it is how she makes her money. The more that she can be outrageous, the more her stature as a “radical” to the right wing increases. She is no idiot, she is a shrewd businesswoman. She can call people gay, cowards, freaks, demons, etc. and be secretly admired by the ultra-right wing nuts that buy her books. She is the modern, sanitized version of the Nativist Party of the mid to late 19th Century who were responsible for the Know Nothing Riots in Philly, NYC, Baltimore and DC. She is crazy like a fox, she is crazy all the way to the bank. The people who pay attention to her rants are the ones responsible for her damage. May God avert His eyes when she and they pay the price for their hubris.

  • acb

    Bob Moses, I’m an anti-christian bigot, you mean I’m not allowed to say anything bad about Ann Coulter, one of the finest examples of christian fascism in our country today?It’s not hypocrisy, hypocrisy is when you say you love like jesus loves and then defend Ann Coulter.Now that’s hypocrisy.

  • Anonymous

    Jihad continuedAL-GHANIMAH AND FAI There are two forms of war gains: al-ghanImah and fai . The first includes spoils which fall to the lot of the Muslims after an armed conflict; the other accrues when the non-Muslims surrender without offering resistance. If you come to a township which has surrendered without a formal war and you stay therein, you have a share [in the form of an award] in [the properties obtained from] it. If a town disobeys Allah and the Messenger [and fights against the Muslims] one-fifth of the booty seized there from is for Allah and his Apostle and the rest is for you (4346).The Koranic sanction for this principle of the division of the booty is contained in the following verse: Know that of that which you seize as spoils [ghanImah], a fifth-part [khums] belongs to Allah, to His Apostle, his family, the orphans, the poor, the traveller. . . . (8:41).The fai , gains from a war not actively fought, on the other hand, belongs wholly to the prophet. Along with the khums, it is entirely at his disposal. The very word and the principle of its disposal derive from the Koran: What Allah gives [afa a] to His Apostle of the people of the cities belongs to Allah, His Apostle, his family, orphans, the poor, and the traveller (59:7). This is based on the divine principle that all the possessions of the unbelievers must revert to Muhammad and his family and, when they are no more, to the Muslims in general.In due course, the rules relating to the distribution of booty and the disposal of fai were codified by the various fiqh schools. According to this code, it was unlawful for a Muslim conqueror to leave anything in the hands of the infidels. Such property must be carried away and four-fifths of it distributed among the soldiers. During a retreat, any such property that cannot be carried away, including the cattle, should be destroyed.From the beginning of Muhammad’s sojourn in Medina, all prisoners, whether men, women, or children, were regarded as legitimate items of plunder. They were either distributed among the believers as slaves or sold into slavery or held against payment of ransom by their relatives. Thus prisoners were a rich source of revenue. When seventy men were captured in the Battle of Badr, Muhammad consulted AbU Bakr and Umar about their treatment. AbU Bakr took a view that was more economic and also more humane. They are our kith and kin. I think you should release them after getting from them ransom. This will be a source of strength to us against the infidels, he advised. But Umar took a view that was more theological and also more cruel. He advised that they should be put to death, for they were leaders of the disbelievers and veterans amongst them (4360). The economic view prevailed, at least in this case.A Muslim chief who conquered a territory was at liberty to leave the land in the possession of the conquered, provided that they paid tribute and became tenants on their own land. This provision was supported by Muhammad s own example. When the Jews of Khaibar were defeated, they were allowed for some time to continue cultivating their land on the payment of half the harvest (3762). The chief was also at liberty to distribute the land among his soldiers, but more often this was not done. The land was considered fai and declared to be part of the public domain. It was used in the interest of the whole Muslim community (for the payment of troops and officers, and for the building of bridges, forts, and mosques), and kept as a permanent source of income for future generations.

  • NoDemPublican

    The Pubs have been called so many names at this point — I’ve called them some of those names myself. But we’re supposed to suddenly worry about Barack Obama being called names? Is this column supposed to be (yet another) lesson in political correctness? I mean, is it because he’s partially black? What else could it be? From Al Franken to Michael Moore to Ann Coulter to the people who routinely comment on political stories in the Washington Post and other places the name calling has been incessant from the left as well as the right. But the call goes out to stop calling one person in particular names. Go pound sand somewhere.

  • 555-eat-7448

    Call me at 555-eat-7448 for the finest in wooden crosses, pre-soaked with the finest southern kerosene.I have pre-owned bibles, only dropped once, never read.Vials of Ann Coulter air, collected after she stormed off somewhere. And posters too of her picking her nose and scratching her crotch.

  • JSC

    Anne Coulter is a national embarrassment and an accurate representative of the republican party.

  • spiderman2

    Speaking of garbage talk, we should start with our schools. Evolution is the biggest garbage that’s been spreading around unrestrained.Even garbage produces fruit. Evolution’s biggest fruit is Doomsday. Coulter opposes evolution. She’s much smarter than the idiots who run our schools.

  • Frank Rau

    “Ann Coulter is Joseph Goebbels in a dress.”Better:”Ann Coulter is Joseph Goebbels in a bikini.”

  • smu

    Spidey’s back, where have you been? This thread is over 600 comments long already and we haven’t heard your particular christian hatred once.The fact is, Ann Coulter is smarter than you, which isn’t saying much. She relies on you and your kind to line up at the bookstore. She’s wiping her butt with hundred dollar bills thanks to you and your kind.

  • NEO

    FITO:In respose to my post”Also, I see no reason to “respect” a religion just because it claims to be a religion. A religion that teaches misogyny, bigotry and can be easily interpreted to support violence should not be respected.”——You wrote,”Neo, read the Bible, your words also can be said about Christianity”—————–With all due respect, I have read the Bible and the Koran (among other religious texts) and find the statement I made to apply entirely to the Koran. The Bible may show some of these traits in the Old Testament, but the New Testament is relatively free of these sentiments. I am not supporting Christianity, mind you, all I am saying is that bigotry, and misogyny and violence are an integral part of Islam.The concept of Jihad (of which we have seen the practical result in 9/11 and the many terrorist attacks since then) is wholly Islam. The Christian concept of “turning the other check” and Jesus’ actions when he stopped his disciples from attaching those who attacked him (I believe it was “those who live by the sword, die by the sword” or something to that effect) stand in stunning contrast to Islam. Also, the Islamic punishment for homosexuality and adultery (flogging and death by stoning according to the situation) stand in violent contrast to “let him with no sin cast the first stone” of Christianity. Similarly barbaric laws such as cutting off people’s limbs for theft simply have no parallel in Christianity. Regarding misogyny, the worst that Christianity has to offer is Paul’s statements that women should not speak in Church, Islam allows wife beating, forces women to “cover up”, allows women to inherit only a fraction of what men inherit, specifies that women’s testimony is only worth half that of men and has outrageously misogynist marital laws (biased divorce laws, polygamy etc). The difference is quite clear.Over all, modern Christianity, as derived from the New Testament, is completely free of the things I mention in this post. By contrast, Islam is the very epitome of these ridiculous outrages. I am by no means religious, as a matter of fact I consider myself a secular person from a Christian background rather than a devout Christian. Islam is not to be respected, Christianity, a least deserves some respect for its moral stand in the New Testament.

  • Jock Johnson

    The main question is which of the candidates will most effectively attack the menace of Islamic terrorism. We should not fight American against American. We should fight together against the evil terrorists who seek our ruin.

  • already gone

    The rapture has already happened spidermean2, you’re one of the schmucks who got left behind.

  • willandjansdad

    Ann Coulter is many thing. Christian is not one of them.

  • CJ

    David Waters wrote, “I hope Fox TV commentator Ann Coulter will live up to her given name…and be gracious enough to stop referring to him as B. Hussein Obama.”Me? I hope the Washington Post will live up to it’s reputation as a serious source of news and be gracious enough to stop publicizing (disguised as criticism) nonsense from the likes of Ann Coulter.

  • sparrow

    Witless- I can see no context that would make the timothy McVeigh comment acceptable. Or the 9-11 comment. As to her women& voting comments, this is something she has said repeatedly. If you can come up with a context that makes them less offensive or ludicrous, please post one.Re Palin, you posted:” Palin’s short stint as Alaskan Governor trumps his whole career” It took me several minutes to stop laughing. I really don’t feel like taking the time to debate this point with you- look it up yourself, but if I were feeling overly generous I might think you were indulging in humor. Palin, in no way is qualified or suitable to be Vice President or- heaven forbid!- president. Soccer mom and governor as opposed to a law maker whose whole life story is about working for the common good. The fact that he has come so far to be where is is should tell you this is a formidable and able politician. Had Hillary won the nomination McCain never ever would have picked Palin and if Hillary had won, she would have had my enthusiastic vote. I don’t vote plumbing. I vote issues.No one questions McCain’s experience. I question his pandering and his politics. 8 years of Bush and the republicans in the white House and with a majority in Congress. The damage is squarely on them for the state we’re in today. I simply can’t understand how you can look around and see what has happened in this country and just not get it. I used to respect him, I even considered voting for him until I watched him twist in the wind on things he used to stand up for. 100 years in Iraq if necessary? Hell no. Evey policy he has paraded out is a Bush policy. He’s kissing the butts of people he never ever would have kissed up to before because he is so desperate to win. Had Hillary won, there is no way Palin would have been on the ticket. She is a cynical totally political ploy to win over the right while pretending to offer women a candidate for them. Instead she is on the wrong side of nearly every women’s issue that Hillary supporters want. Unlike men, women are not blinded by a set of breasts and a beauty queen title.In fact I do read the Times and MSNBC. Your idea of mudslinging is that someone disagrees with you. Mine is when someone calls names, and uses lies, deceit and innuendo. After all, isn’t it the Republicans who invented the word “swiftboating?” Since the campaigns began I have received numerous emails from republican friends who spread the most disgusting comments and lies about him, his wife, his religion (Christian , in case you need reminding), and his politics.and about that anti-Christian thing. You’re on shaky ground considering the majority of Democrats are Christian.Republicans take great joy in demonization of anyone and anything that does follow the party line. The only emails I get from democrats have been asking for support or laying out policies and plans. None include jokes about Hillary dying in a car accident, or Osama getting assassinated. On TV no less by some Fox news jerk. Democrats are proud to say we don’t have an Ann Coulter to speak for us. Don’t want one. Don’t need one. Never spawned one.

  • spiderman2

    I have a new puppy who needs extra tender care. He consumes my extra time I have for blogging. Sorry folks.

  • Richard

    Coulter could take her act, word for word, to the Daily Show, and people would laugh like crazy. She makes more money on the right, but she would be a whole lot funnier on the left by doing nothing different. And she might be able to keep her soul intact in the bargain.

  • Anonymous

    So, now we can’t call B Hussein by his name. Are we to assume that Ann Coulter made this up in some sort of anti-moslem rage?Or could it be that it is actually B Hussein’s name?This is PC gone over the edge. Coulter is not at fault here – you shameless, mindless obmarats are to blame.Where are you when Bush is called a nazi?

  • Bob

    He is what he is so get over it; she is calling it as it is. Quit your whining.

  • bin

    Bush is a nazi, you didn’t get the email?Even B. Hussein Obama knows Bush is a nazi, geez, where have you been for the last 8 years?

  • paul

    why is anyone still paying attention to this

  • jad

    Who cares what this opportunistic pig thinks or says?


    I dont believe we’ll have a president with a name like that.

  • Jim

    Ann Coulter isn’t going to change. And Fox isn’t going to change either. They invite her on knowing full well what kind of talk will come forth. They like it and they know their viewers like it. What puzzles me is why you think Coulter’s little trick won’t work. “Poll: 1 in 10 think Obama is Muslim”That’s a 10% block that I’ll bet won’t be voting for Obama.

  • spiderman2

    Billions of people thru-out history have pets but not a single person among them claimed their pet produce an offspring slightly different from it’s mother.Noah’s dog produces puppies and thousands of years later, dogs STILL produces puppies. Im hoping evolution is right so my dog would sire a CROCODILE. Fantasy sells that’s why evolution is a big money maker.

  • BobL-VA

    Ann Coulter is just a hate monger who has the audacity to call herself a Christian.

  • Timothy L. Pennell

    John. FITZGERALD Kennedy. Richard MILHOUSE Nixon. Ronald WILSON Reagan. So what’s the problem? Barak HUSSEIN Obama. THAT’S HIS NAME! What’s wrong with you people? What’s next? Riots in the streets because somebody prints some CARTOONS with HIS image? Get over yourselves. When this election is over, this know nothing, do nothing, slick talking street hustler, will be the Thomas Dewey, Wendall Wilkie, Adlei Stevenson, Michael Dukakis, of the 21st Century. Just another footnote in history, who came in 2nd. Pathetic.

  • William – Illinois

    “Obviously, Coulter is trying in her sly way to associate Obama’s middle name with Saddam Hussein. How clever. It won’t work.”Interesting comment by David Waters. If “it won’t work” why is Mr Waters so concerned about it? Ms Coulter is engaging in political satire just as the liberal satirists are doing every day when referring to Bush, McCain, and other conservatives. In fact the liberals have one of these people running for U,S. Senator in Minnesota.

  • Eisenring

    The important countries in central Europe have got laws that forbid anti- racism speeches in public, what fine and civilized places!Coulter would see punishments. And for sure many others such liars in US too.

  • Anonymous

    spiderman2 -it is so obvious you have no idea what you’re talking about. Have you ever heard of Mendel? Do you not understand how different dog breeds are developed? try looking at the Victorian bulldog, compared with how they look today. Try actually picking up a science book and reading it. Pick up a rock- try to understand the forces that produced it, and the millennia it took.Or better yet, smack yourself in the head with it. Maybe it’ll knock some sense into ya. Jeez you’re an embarrassment to education.

  • rbrandt

    B. Hussein Obama’s father was a Muslim, Marxist, Polygimast and abandoned various of his families, in addition to being a Harvard trained economist.Funny the only thing mentioned in this hand wringing article is B. O.’s dad is a Harvard trained economist.Don’t just share the love, baby, share all that you know. You won’t and that is why we need people like Ann Coulter.

  • Linguist

    Can anyone point to any time whatsoever that Senator Obama has said, “Please don’t use my name”?The ONLY people making a big deal of this are those on the Right who are desperately, desperately, desperately hoping against hope, praying, actually praying that maybe, just maybe, SOMEONE who would otherwise vote for this talented Senator will be swayed by this silliness to vote against him.Wow.

  • Anonymous

    Timothy Pennell writes: “John. FITZGERALD Kennedy. Richard MILHOUSE Nixon. Ronald WILSON Reagan. So what’s the problem? Barak HUSSEIN Obama. THAT’S HIS NAME!”That you argue like a five year old is proof of your low IQ and illustrates the type of people necessary in this country to have Bush “elected” to a second term.

  • Sal

    This is how we end…not destroyed by an external enemy, but destroying each other, the whole nation crumbling from within. There is enough hate in this forum to ignite a riot, whether or not it is clothed in doublespeak. What an awful waste.

  • Edgefield

    The reaction to Ann Coulter is further proof that liberals have no sense of humor.

  • spiderman2

    Linguist wrote “SOMEONE who would otherwise vote for this talented Senator will be swayed by this silliness to vote against him.”The SILLINESS is his preference for Abortion and Gay Marriage. When will you guys learn that ?

  • Josh

    Hi Rob,Is he swahili? Muslim? Christian? The point is we don’t know who he is.If his father named him, and his father is a muslim, then his name means lightning as well Buraq, after Muhammed’s horse, not baracka.Also you don’t have to be from Israel to have a Hebrew name. I suggest you re-read the article again where the author makes reference to Barack’s HEBREW name, not his swahili or Muslim. OBTW- he is not swahili either, he is Luo.

  • Chris

    There are some very sick puppies commenting on this column. I believe they should leave the ‘faith’ section, and consult psychologists.



  • Richard Morse

    I wonder why Obama is so ashamed of his Muslim roots and why his followers are too?Mohamed Ali embraced his new religion.Obama spent 20 years in a church spewing racial hatred. Odd.

  • Ørjan

    The problem isn’t his name or background. The problem is that he thinks he can talk sense to a madman like the president of Iran.

  • Anonymous


  • SupremeBeing

    I don’t usually respond to stupidity but I just have to say something after reading all the previous entries and responses. Ann Coulter and Michael Moore (to me) are on the same page in the respect that they are just being good capitalists (not a bad thing) and sensationalizing for profit. The difference of course is that Moore bases his info in real stuff and Ann just makes hers up. She is so fugly that you can maybe understand her views in this land that idolizes anorexia and botox. She just can be anorexic ENOUGH. The lack of nutrients has obviously twisted what probably started as a twisted mind even more. How many people in this world are named hussein? Most are probably some sort of islamic. ok. Anyone here ever been in the middle east? its like Mike or John. Obama’s dad was islamic right? Makes sense to me.We are supposed to have a separate church and state. that isn’t the case. The founding fathers, some of whom were atheists or deists, are probably twirling in their graves right now. And not because a black guy is maybe going to be president. Use your head and heart and the search engines to see which candidate embraces ideas that mesh with yours and vote that way. McCain is what, in his hundreds? If you want a hundred year old president who can’t even turn on a computer and proudly says he won’t learn how as the leader of the country go for it. If you want a guy who still has working arteries and a working brain that tries to solve problems that seem unsolve-able, vote Obama.We have to educate ourselves about the issues. It takes time to read all this stuff. When you finally do read the articles then make your decisions based on information not racial bias or hate mongering from nitwits like A Coulter.Personally I wanted Bill Richardson so I’ve had to educate myself on Obamas stands. I don’t like Michelle either and her “proud” comment really sticks in my craw. I have heard it said that it was taken out of context blah blah but I was watching the speech and it wasn’t out of context for me and it still offends me. Her better speech the other night didn’t make up for it, just acted as a balm for a mistake. we all make mistakes, just not on national television when our husbands are running for president. Still I don’t like her. But she isn’t running, Barach Hussein is. aside: how many of us go by our middle names out there? Mine is Anne. Never been called that. So leave off the b s about names and such, and educate yourselves about the issues and make an educated vote this time around. Remember: republicans are people too: mean, nasty greedy people.

  • drusito

    I have a theory that Ann Coulter is a man. I mean, seriously. Take a good look. She’s very manly. If she’s not a drag queen, you could knock me over with a feather!

  • WJS

    I don’t read her books. I don’t listen to her shows. But Ann Coulter provides a counter-balance to the tirades from Moore, Franken and the nutjobs. As long as Coulter keeps them busy, the rest of normal society can go about laughing at them and return to thinking for ourselves.

  • Anonymous


  • Teri Towse

    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. What is the point? That grown ups are waisting their lives calling each other names. I am as guilty as the rest. My new name for Barrack is “O Bam A” “Thud, Splat, Thump”. Whatever.I applaud the right to freedom of speech. I think whatever anyone says helps them to vent the frustration over the fact that since 9/11 no ones life has been the same. We all suffer from the dis ease that it could have been us and no one is immune to this fear. The tragic part really is the innocent ones have been silenced forever and I fear mostly forgotten. We spend our time playing the blame game when we are not at fault, we are all victims.

  • Freedom

    Freedom of Religion is in our Constitution. Many Americans lost their life to ensure that the next generation had a choice. Thanks for this constructive criticism of Ann Coulter. I pray that she becomes a better Christian. Spreading Hate and creating division is NOT Christian.

  • mikel

    that’s obama’s name for chrissakes! i’ve read you malign hillary clinton and others. you’re all doing the same BS!

  • Dave in A2

    Ann Coulter and the people who still read/pay to hear her speak, are beyond rational judgement. You are trying to be reasonable with people who believe the world is flat, the Apollo missions to the moon were a fraud perpetrated in a warehouse in Dallas, the Earth is the center of the Universe, UFOs are the subject of a vast government conspiracy–as are the Yeti and Bigfoot.They are the children of Savanarola and would gladly burn books and people with whom they disagree.Don’t honor them with rational discourse.

  • AverageJane

    Dear Ms. Coulter,

  • Anonymous

    spiderman2- eventually the accumulation of differences becomes another species. Just like you pour red paint into white. It turns different shades of pink, you pour in enough the white becomes red.Before you discuss the process of evolution you should learn what it is.

  • twasneva

    It’s his name. You want to elect someone with Muslim roots like Hussein, be my guest. I do not. See you in November.

  • McCain fan

    Since this is a post about names, don’t you think you could have at least spelled McCain’s correctly? It’s “Sidney,” not “Sydney.”

  • Chuckles T. Clown

    another media hack who adores the “mesiah”! What do you call an empty suit? B. Hussein Obama!”change this fool can’t even articulate1′

  • Gary E. Masters

    Another “problem” that just a bit of censorship will solve. How about “McBush” and all the other variations? Some which I can not even type here. Censor them too. Then censor any talk of an Obama tax increase?Sure. If a bit of salt makes my soup better, I should empty the cellar into it. After all the masses are so easily mislead.

  • Mike

    Do we really need another piece on Ann Coulter? Every time people write about her it allows her to crawl out from under her rock and play the “Liberals are whinners” card and allowing her to spread the B. Hussein crap for a few more TV and radio appearances. Of course, it helps you get attention for what you write by going after her. However, she has NOT been a prevalent voice in this campaign. Please spend your energy on someone else.

  • Gary

    The sad part is that we’re even talking about her.

  • Patrick

    Rove tactics are considered a “one trick pony!”Ann Coulter and others like her are just left to looking how they look based on their own actions and nothing more.Making distinctions of whom is good or evil based on their ethnic origin is racists and reflects poor character.Giving time to these people whom will disappear just as Karl Rove did is a waste of space and air.Names are important, but actions are more important than names. It is what you do, not what is your name. Plenty of examples; Son of Sam, Charles Manson, etc. All nice names until they killed people.Patrick

  • Anonymous

    Teri Towse: “I think whatever anyone says helps them to vent the frustration over the fact that since 9/11 no ones life has been the same. We all suffer from the dis ease that it could have been us and no one is immune to this fear.The tragic part really is the innocent ones have been silenced forever and I fear mostly forgotten. We spend our time playing the blame game when we are not at fault, we are all victims. “

  • sick of hate

    Then there’s Michael Reagan…son of the great “family values” president saint Ronald Reagan. Yes, that Michael Reagan who spews his venom over our airwaves…advocates killing Muslim mothers and their babies by putting grenades up their butts and lighting them. All this and more brought by the holier-than-thou party. Let’s face it…they all worship at the altar of the Almighty Dollar.

  • gary

    you dems created ann coulter. starting back in the 80’s. she is just the one who got tired of being referred to as a racist and a nazi. you guys started it.

  • cleaneduphippy

    I consider Ann Coulter and others of her ilk as somewhat “low brow” political entertainment and no more than that. I (and I certainly hope most intelligent people, no matter what their political leanings are) certainly don’t add her views into how I see any political candidate. Unfortunately, when articles like this appear then it elevates the “opinions” of people like Ann Coulter MUCH MORE than they need to be.

  • rwbiles1

    As a conservative, I can and will agree that Ann Coulter should stop her name-calling and apparent hateful speech. But your article needs to identify others on the left that are equally offensive and get no equivalent citation…like Bill Maher and Al Franken (running for Democrat senator). These are two hate-filled people that spew anti-Christian rhetoric whenever they can. Write your article declaring a bi-partisan desire to clean up political discourse.

  • Garak

    She can’t help. It’s the peroxide poisoning.

  • Elle

    This is the dumbest article ever. Way over-thought and far-reaching. Reaching for something, anything. The truth is Coulter is right about most of what she says.

  • Dolph T

    Expecting “grace” or “maturity” from Ann Coulter is like expecting intelligence from a toad.

  • postposter

    Mr. Waters,You know how actors always refer to the “Scottish Play”? This is to avoid some mystical thesbian curse that has become associated with MacBeth.”Coulter” is the MacBeth of political & socual web posts. It brings the furies and the crazies – some of these posts appear to be genuine Pentacostal speaking in tounges. I would not suggest invoking “Fox’s Thin Woman” again. It brings out the worst in people. Wow, I hope this is their worst.Oh, crap. You refered to the “Left Fat Documentarian” as well. Hell + Handbasket, buddy.

  • Egregious Philbin


  • Gerald

    What this whole blog shows is the extend of the hate that exist in this country toward the Islamic world. What I don’t get, however, is that while people is this country do not like the Arabs, the US the government and American businesses are pleading with the Arabs to buy more US issued bonds as well as to invest more in America in order to prevent the US from getting into a deeper hole. And by they way, there is nothing wrong with name Hussein and blaming Obama for a given name he could not control as a kid is just ridiculous, find another argument. You folks must find better arguments to defend the failures and incompetent acts of the last eight years. Using argument such as blaming Obama for the action of someone when he was eight years old in order to create fear is not going to work this. You republicans have yet to tell the country how will you fix the mess you have put us in. I get it, you have no ideas. In fact, you are basically clueless and you can never get it.

  • Geen!

    I would NOT hit that.

  • jhbyer

    Thank you, David, for going to bat for Team Decency. The ugliness of online commentary from readers is much bemoaned of late, but the influence of those who’ve gotten rich in America from talking ugly gets no press. BTW, Michael Moore makes films with a bias, but he’s never heard to talk ugly in interviews.Is Ann a bigot or a huckster? This is naive. We can’t routinely say what feels wrong to us, unless we’re experienced actors, who necessarily come out of character for decency’s sake. Habitual liars want to believe what they say. Stephen Colbert she’s not, or she’d have the decency, like him, to let us in on the joke. Admittedly, she’s gotten much uglier since the profits began pouring in – shame on the right for encouraging her to be her worst self – but there’s no doubt it’s a part of her, one she barely hinted at in early interviews with Chris Matthews. I’d be curious as to what he makes of her transition from normal conservative to cruel joke.


    So, David Waters didn’t give much thought to this piece.

  • PanhandleWilly

    >>>Democrats are proud to say we don’t have an Ann Coulter to speak for us. Don’t want one. Don’t need one. Never spawned one.Oh yeah…try Franken or Moore or that lightweight shyster lawyer Papantonio that yaks on Air America periodically. You got skeletons. At least Coulter is funny! And she’s right most of the time too.

  • Brent Mack

    She’s the “Republican Michael Moore”…That doesn’t even make sense. Moore is generally right on the mark with his observations.Coulter could be Hitler’s mistress.

  • Richard Morse

    I don’t know why Obama is so bent on rejecting his Muslim roots. And why did he spend 20 years in a church that religiously spewed racist hatred. Suddenly when he became a Presidential candidate his church became inappropriate.

  • jhbyer

    BTW, the reference to The London Observer recalls to mind what people across the pond are known to call one of their tabloids: The Daily Hate Mail. That name stuck, after a former chief editor of The Daily Mail said on record that his job was to, every issue, give the readers, front page and center, “something to hate”.Sad comment on us humans.

  • leaving trunk

    Let Ann Colter do whatever she wont’s to people with mental problems need to work too.

  • Silly column

    This is a silly column. The author keeps saying that by calling Obama by his ACTUAL name its somehow “name calling.” It’s just a stupid, stupid comment to imagine using a person’s actual name is “name calling.”

  • loulor

    What else do you expect from a bimbo Fox news-kind of bigot?

  • Karl

    Good grief, Mr. Waters. Don’t be so sensitive. If it bothers you, don’t watch Ms. Coulter! Televisions have an on-off switch. Reading is better for your anyway.

  • Banjo

    Coulter is the Don Rickles of political commentary. You either get it and laugh or you’re a humorless, thin-skinned left winger. Simple as that.

  • nleath

    Coulter hasn’t gone after Bobby Jindal, Governor of Lousiana whose name is Piyush Jindal (pronounced /ˈdʒɪndəl/) who was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to recently arrived Punjabi Indian immigrants Amar and Raj Jindal, who were attending graduate school. Maybe Bobby Jindal uses a nickname because of hate mongers like Coulter. Or, maybe he uses Bobby because no one can pronounce his given name. None of us are responsible for the names our parents gave to us; and most of us are proud of those names, even the sometimes weird middle names.

  • Anonymous

    panhandlewilly-and none of them have said anything remotely as obnoxious as Ann Coulter and the fox 5 pundits. they’ll stick to the issues. None of them have advocated Timothy McVeigh blowing up a building, or had the gall to say that 9-11 widows enjoyed their status.I know some of them. Enjoy is not the word I’d use.Sorry but when it comes to venality and insult, this is one contest I’m glad to say the democrats lose.

  • Karl

    BANJO, well put.

  • r

    In case you hadn’t noticed, Coulter thrives on criticism like that levied in this article. We’d all be best to simply ignore this venomous, anti-intellectual monkey. Perhaps then she will just go away.

  • jhbyer

    Richard Morse, you’re being deceitful and playing dumb. Obama has never rejected his roots. He rejects being identified as what he’s not, a Muslim, because he’s honest, and wants the record clear.He’s proud to be a Christian. As an ex-Christian, it intrigues me that so many Christians, who insist the opposite is true, talk as if Christianity must be inherited.Why did he spent 20 yrs in a church? Well, duh. Because he’s a Christian.

  • Anonymous

    diann72: So who died and made you the expert on Ugly? Or wait- you speak from first hand experience with your mirror. I don’t know who you are, or even what you are but I bet racist is just one word in the description in your bio.You’re the epitome of the southern redneck.

  • Jay

    Waaaaahhh! Mommy, Mommy make those evil conservatives stop showing me how ignorant and emotional American leftists are. Not to fear American leftists Sarah the Great is here. Long live Sarah the Great and her 24 years in the White House.

  • CK

    Idiot writer of this piece just empowers the hag by writing about her. Stoopid!

  • viejo1

    zogby (arabic for “counter of votes”) has McCain up by a few points, incidentally. BEFORE the Republican Conventeon.

  • Steven

    Ann Coulter is a good reminder that you can be well-educated and rich and still be white trash.

  • John B. — Washington, DC

    Mr. Waters is absolutely correct but there’s one problem with his essay: Coulter is a pathological attention seeker. This kind of commentary is precisely what she lives for, what she feeds off of, what keeps her spouting such drivel in the first place. As long as she keeps getting attention for spouting this hateful nonsense, she’ll keep on doing it–and the more outraged the response, the better. She is an especially pernicious blot on the face of the Republican party, and on America in general, because there is no way to counter her without giving her exactly the attention she craves.

  • LH

    This is the woman, who, among many many other nasty and evil comments, once called for the death of one of our Supreme Court justices. How disgusting and un-American can you get? She is a withered, ugly, nasty human being. She is not worthy of a Newsweek article.

  • Joe

    The thing about Coulter and her buddies is if a Black commentator or ultra left-wing commentator said the things she says about Whites or Christians they’d be forced off the air or print. She gets away with it because of the Conservative’s real control of the media – and their lies about liberal control. The power of the rightwing is built on fear, lies & ignorance…ideas left when Goldwater died.

  • memphis

    Why even write about Ann Coulter? It only gives her the attention she craves and makes her point for her. Don’t feed the parasite. Just ignore her and maybe, in time, she’ll just wither away.

  • viejo1

    faye kane”faye kane, homeless brain”So, you’re black?

  • DaTourist

    Hot dog! Ms. Coulter twisted the liberal animal’s tail again!So, will she cease and desist calling the Fresh One B. Hussein Obama?Whaddaya think?

  • fred

    are the libs starting to worry that hussein obama only got a 4 pt bounce out of his big party? it should be…

  • viejo1

    jhbyer”Why did he spent 20 years in a Church? Duh!”That won’t hold water. The BTK killer spent 29 in a Church.

  • DaTourist

    I don’t suppose David Waters ever considered writing Ann Coulter privately to request that she stop calling the Fresh One B. Hussein Obama, do you?No, that just wouldn’t be the Liberal Way, would it?

  • George Allen

    Please don’t dig to deep with this Ann Coulter person I don’t think there’s anything inside.

  • julianne

    Ann Coulter has no grace – you’re expecting way too much from her.Her caustic comments just paint her as a shallow-thinking windbag that doesn’t deserve the time of day.

  • DaTourist

    After the third consecutive Democratic Presidential debacle on November 4, 2008, I envision a David Waters article equating HUSSEIN (the H-word!) with the N-word!Whaddaya think? Is the Fresh One that sacred?

  • Patricia C. Gilbert

    Sadly, Ann Coulter is one of the most evil people born in the last 50 years. Shame on you Ann—may God forgive you.

  • FactChecker1

    Ann Coulter is unprofessional, undignified, unbalanced, and untruthful. Ever see her when she has been challenged on air? She gets up and leaves! Just like Limbaugh who never allows anyone past the screeners who might call him on his lies. Debate is out of the question. But as so many have said, this is how these people earn their living. They would never make it as true professional journalists or authors. It is their very nature as shrewish, nasty, hate-spewing bigots that brings them in their millions.Your admonitions should not be aimed at the source, but at the target of these sociopaths: Americans who refuse to see the world in shades of gray but prefer to retreat to their enclaves and claim this country as a white, Christian, heterosexual, gun-toting, male-dominated society that is all but closed to everyone who does not meet those standards. Without an audience, the Coulters of this world shrivel up and die.

  • viejo1

    Ann isn’t the dame you Emo-crats need to worry about.

  • Rob

    Josh – “Also you don’t have to be from Israel to have a Hebrew name. I suggest you re-read the article again where the author makes reference to Barack’s HEBREW name, not his swahili or Muslim. OBTW- he is not swahili either, he is Luo.”I’m sure this will be lost in the noise here, but swahili is not an ethnicity nor a tribe, it is a language. It is meant to be a more universal language in an area of the world where there are many, many languages and a lingua franca (as it were) is necessary. The author makes reference to a Hebrew origin for the name, which appears to be correct. The Swahili name seems to have a root from arabic/semitic languages that is related to the Hebrew name meaning “blessed”, but unrelated to “lightning.”

  • twasneva

    Just re-read the post and realized your fatal error: this flawed premise – “Obviously, Coulter is trying in her sly way to associate Obama’s middle name with Saddam Hussein.”Not exactly. I’m sure the Saddam factor is a nice little bonus, but what she and my fellow conservatives are doing is pointing out his Islamic roots. When lefties go insane about people “thinking Obama is a Muslim,” they’re missing the point. I doubt any kind of statistically significant number of people think he is a Muslim, but with a name like Barack Hussein, it seems ludicrous to deny he has Muslim family roots. His father was unquestionably a practicing Muslim at some time, and it’s hard to imagine he didn’t have a pretty fair amount of exposure to the Religion of Peace in Indonesia.I know that Barry the Messiah isn’t one of them, obviously, but many people go by their middle names. Ever heard of a guy called H. Ross Perot, for example? B. Hussein will lose for many reasons, his Muslim heritage among them.

  • Ben Franklin

    Sure, we ALL need to do what the WaPost tells us to do.

  • RowerinVa

    My, what a nasty comment string. May I may a suggestion? Anyone who attacks Ann Coulter must simultaneously attack Michael Moore and Al Franken. Likewise, anyone who defends her must defend them. Otherwise you’ll just expose yourself as a hypocrite. All three are factually-challenged in the extreme.These people are mere entertainers and provocateurs, constantly mining the outrageous to win a dwindling bit of public attention and publishing dollars. They aren’t contributing to serious public debate and they aren’t trying to (with the possible exception of Franken … but he appears to be merely deluded) and they’re getting rich off it (again, with the exception of Franken, who mismanaged Air America into a bankrupt millions-of-dollars bust — hah!). Just calm down and ignore them, otherwise you are giving them what they want.

  • Mark Foly

    Ann Coulter is a good representative for the GOP she makes living by stealing from her own party.

  • viejo1

    Patricia C. GilbertAnd you’re the dumbest in a century.Why don’t you read her stuff before you post, parrot?

  • Roy

    More shock jock appeal for the neocons pet bi*ch.

  • Josh

    twasneva – finally someone with some brains. I agree 100%. check this out also – Is his name Barry or Barak?

  • Roy

    More shock jock appeal for the neocons pet bi*ch.

  • Witless

    Sparrow,You said, ” In fact I do read the Times and MSNBC. Your idea of mudslinging is that someone disagrees with you. Mine is when someone calls names, and uses lies, deceit and innuendo.”I can’t believe that you can keep a straight face with that comment. Keith Olbermann makes AC look like Mary Poppins.You said, ” Palin, in no way is qualified or suitable to be Vice President or- heaven forbid!- president. Soccer mom and governor as opposed to a law maker whose whole life story is about working for the common good.”Excuse me, have you actually read anything about Senator Obama’s life. He was a community organizer. A state Senator, then he was in the US Senate for a year or two before he took on his current full time job of Presidential candidate. Actually I’m being kind and leaving out the dirt of Chicago politics. Ask some of his opponents what kind of politician he was.No executive experience at all. Never ran a business, never ran a small city, never ran what you deem an unimportant state. This is just how he stacks up against our #2 hitter. It gets worse when you compare him to big bad John.OK now tell me what he has ever run besides a campaign. Kicking Hilliary’s pant suit or speaking before a couple hundred thousand Germans does not make him ready to face Putin in Georgia, Osama bin Laden in a cave, or President I’m a nut job in Iran.

  • rj2z

    Ann Coulter is the result of a failed sex change operation. I don’t know where she/he started out and where she/he was headed, but she/he obviously got stuck in the middle.

  • Marc S.

    Barack’s name in Hebrew is not “Baruch” (blessed). Rather, Barack in Hebrew is Barak – lightening, and the name of an Old Testament warrior/general to Deborah.

  • lenny

    but it IS his name, why run from it, it is nothing to be ashamed of,

  • Reggin

    Hey davy,that would be like not referring to you as “dummy”,B O should have changed his name to something less threatening like muhammed.

  • Sierra

    Ms Coulter will reap 10 times the hate and lies that she has sown over the years. If she really is a Christian as she claims, she had really better fear her judgement day.She has a right to say whatever she wants, she also needs to accept that everyone else has the same right. She also needs to accept the responsibilities that come with her actions. That she continues to beat the Obama/Muslim drum shows that she worships at the temple of the almighty dollar and seeks fame, power, and glory. Most certainly not Christian values.

  • twasneva

    Thanks, Josh. What’s great about the Barry/Barack thing is that it’s so clearly manipulated. Growing up, to family and friends, he was Barry. When he got involved with politics, he very shrewdly understood that “Barack” would make him seem exotic and mysterious to that strain of Democratic voter that falls for that sort of thing. It’s out of the mainstream and the latte crowd fawns for anything that will ensure their non-provincial creds.

  • Strom Thurman

    Ann Coulter and the Republicans should just admit that they hate Obama because he’s part black think God the democrats took control of the state houses in Ohio so the republicans can’t suppress the black vote.

  • Dwight

    Ann is entitled to her opinion and if people want to hear her opinion, it’s their business not the presses or the goverments, freedom of speech and all that…

  • DFC

    lenny: //I’d encourage all the conservatives to keep up with the schoolyard taunts and name calling.It makes the idiots like lenny here much easier to spot.

  • groucho42

    As someone else already pointed out, Barak is a good ‘ole Jewish name. It’s not uncommon here in Israel. So does that mean we must wait for his middle name to blow up his first name?Coulter’s problem is just that she’s ignorant. It’s what gets a right-wing radio program and made her rich, so it’s really not much of a problem after all…

  • Russ

    What hypocrites! The point of Mr. Waters’ article is Ms. Coulter’s gracelessness. So how do you liberals respond? You lurch into a frenzy of name-calling.

  • J B Stoner

    I’m glad that Republicans admit that their a racist party it certainly put things in focus.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Waters is 100 percent correct, of course. But I have to agree with those who point out that snide and hateful provocation is Ms. Coulter’s stock in trade and exactly what her audience thrives on. Thaye don’t even have the brains to understand what the alternative is to this type of twisted, debased utterances. The best alternative is to ignore her media appearances and to boycott whatever sponsors advertise on the programs she appears on.

  • Roy

    Grandpa Simpson just isn´t intolerant enough for you hateful neochrisitans so Coulter and Palin fit the bill.

  • Camilo

    Good God, when will you stop giving this person the attention she wants to sell her stupid incoherent books full of fear and hate? Is this what appeals to you “compassionate republican conservatives?”

  • kchses

    Coulter peddles political pornograthy that Cons lap up as wit.

  • cometz

    it’s fascinating, in a sunday morning haven’t had breakfast yet so my faculties are a bit slowed way, that the comments by the republinazis here is so consistently moronic. loud, nasty, base, ignorant, loud, hectoring, loud. what are you ignoramuses afraid of? do you never actually use your minds or are they just a collection of synapses set to go off any time you think you see a… what is it that you think you see? you lot are laughable except that the rage behind your idiocy is dangerous. one step away from adolf and the white hoods.

  • Greg S.

    2 things about this.1. According to the words of Christ, we are to “love thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” This is the first and great commandment, and the second is like it, “Love thy neighbor as thy self.”Apparently all you “Christians” have forgotten those.2. On a more humorous note, I recall last election seeing Ann on the Imus show. Imus teased her and asked if she would “drop her top” for the Republican cause. She reached for the bottom of her blouse and asked “Here? Now?” Unfortunately, Imus stopped her.Good morals.The Republicans have lost any moral high ground that they once had when they allowed the religious nazis to take over the party. They are true extremists just as bad as the Muslim extremists.While she has the right to speak her drivel under our Constitution, I have the obligation to defend it for her. Fortunately, I don’t have to listen to the ignorance and stupidity that comes from Fox News.From a TRUE Republican.

  • Earl C

    Ann Coulter should have been shuned by her own group years ago because of many of the outrageous things that she has said. It just goes to show that the religious right has no qualms about hatemongers like Ann as long as she and others stick it to the “liberals.” In fact, the word “liberal” is hated by this group of lowlifes.James Dobson is also back in the mix. Can you imagine asking people to pray for rain so that the opposition will not have a convention, much less a grand final day. Since this was Dobson’s Because of past Republican convention performances, I’ll probably sit out this convention until the final night when I’ll force myself to listen to McCain and what’s her name, assuming that Gustav does not make its way to Minnesota. After the last 8 years, the GOP ought to go hide under a rock.

  • tslats

    If you would ignore her she’d go away. Her comments are geared to some narrow minded class of viewers of Fox and the few advertisers that support her appearances. I’d like to see her try to test her BS by actually running for governor or congress person sometime.

  • twasneva

    Cometz:I wonder if you’re aware of the irony of saying that people never actually use their minds while going off on a rant that covers several of the bases seen in every other Democratic Underground post? Having a nice breakfast in mommy’s basement this morning?

  • William Jorgensen

    Clearly you don’t have anti-vilification laws in America, if the stuff that comes out of this “female’s” mouth were publicly aired in Australia she would be facing a hefty fine the first time and a jail sentence after that. It just goes to show how backward America really is, besides the fact that all this right-wing cult religiosity seems to govern a fairly large percentage of American’s lives. It’s easy for us “outsiders” to appreciate how a thick-as-a-brick right wing nut-case with the IQ of a walnut has managed to snag the top job for the last eight years. Good luck with your next choice! I can see it now, McCain drops dead from some sudden illness as old people often do, and you end up with a president with the same values as this weirdo Coulter. Let me reiterate; GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

  • Woodie731

    70 years ago, Ann Coulter would have been Hitler’s choice as the Arian poster child for the Nazi Party for both her vampirish looks and evil disposition. Ann Coulter is BRILLIANT! Only a genius (we all know evil genius’ exist) could create this persona and suck millions and millions of dollars out of the “Hate-Mongers of America.” One need only look into her eyes as she spews forth her evil venom and you can almost hear herself saying, “They’re tearing themselves up wondering if I believe the crap coming from my blood-sucking soul-less hole. To make a buck, I’d sellout my good/late friend JFK, Jr.!”Folks, if she couldn’t make a buck off of this evil conservative crap, she’d switch partners and spew liberal crap. That’s what the soul-less do!

  • jhbyer

    Those who criticize Waters for being thin-skinned are apparently ignorant of the connection between ill-meant language and hateful behavior. Following 9/11, Muslims have been beat up here by strangers for simply being seen coming out of a Mosque. Language matters. The Holocaust didn’t arise in a discourse of grace. As for those jokers, who pretend there’s nothing ill-meant in America with directly referring to someone by his middle name, who goes by his first name, you are playing the joker. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the solid Western custom of not calling others by their middle names, which has made of it a form of teasing, you understand the universal disrespect shown by not using the name one “goes by”. In language every word counts. Would you have us believe you’re both mean and stupid? When was the last time you called someone by a name they don’t use? Why dumb yourself down by trying not to know better?

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing Christian about that woman.

  • gompa

    how do you spell harridan?a-n-n–c-o-u-l-t-e-r(with apologies to rolaids)

  • rick

    this is my first time on this site. I am thunderstruck by the ignorance and hatred on a supposedly religious site. If some of you call yourselves christian, you should be ashamed.

  • Greg

    I guess you missed 9/11 and all the Islamic terrorism before and since committed in the name of Islam by Muslims and cheered on by Muslims,Not only is Coulter correct to disparage that false religion and its false prophet, more folks ought to do so.Until Islam gets its act together and its followers begin to behave in a civilized fashion, contempt is all it deserves.

  • pgf

    Coulter is an intellectual light weight who makes a living off of hate. Why even give here the time and space?

  • twasnever

    Hey, William:Does “It’s easy for us “outsiders” to appreciate how a thick-as-a-brick right wing nut-case with the IQ of a walnut has managed to snag the top job for the last eight years” strike you as elevated discourse? Might somebody not reasonably perceive this as vilification? Please give me your address so I can report you to the proper Australian authorities. Sucks not having freedom of speech, huh?

  • Greg

    An earlier commenter said: “James Dobson is also back in the mix. Can you imagine asking people to pray for rain so that the opposition will not have a convention, much less a grand final day.”Gee — hoping for an event to be rained out — how horrible.I guess Michael Moore and former DNC chairman wishing for Gustav to devastate New Orleans and the Gulf Coast so that the Republican convention will be overshadowed is the height of love and well-within the bounds of what is acceptable to the Left.

  • Pragmatic

    Coulter has every right to spew verbal diarrhea. If she has an audience fine. She’s out there to make money !! You you get it ? Wake up people it’s THE AMERICAN WAY

  • It’s past time alright

    It is long past time for Ms. Coulter’s act to be retired. She makes a living inventing bigoted slurs in the service of those the Bible would have lumped with the Pharisees.

  • spiderman2

    Greg S. wrote “Love thy neighbor as thy self.CORRECT and unless you guys continue ABORTING fetuses and and MARRYING the SAME sexes, you would all end up BURNING like Sodom. Loving STUPIDITY is not preached in the Bible.

  • jhbyer

    woodie 731, what you say is spot on. You have to wonder if Ann Coulter doesn’t have some burdensome financial obligation that have driven her to prostitute herself intellectually. Perhaps she gambles or has a oxycondone habit like Rush.

  • Kerrie

    Hey Greg- maybe you missed Pat Robertson and John Hagee calling for the murder/invasion/death of various Muslim folks and or world leaders? Maybe if the Christians set the example like they were supposed to- “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you” These are the words of Jesus. As Christians, isn’t he the boss? I mean “Christian” means a part of/one of/does as/completely down with Christ, right? I guess some of us only have to follow the rules when it’s convenient. Greg, I pray for your and Ann and the rest of the intolerant hypocrites in the world. Time to go to church.

  • Annie Laurie

    Ann Coulter is a hate filled, loose cannon who only gets press because she is a hate filled loose cannon. The GOP always turns to dirty tricks when they sense they will loose. I do not care what Obama’s name is. Ronald Reagan’s Father was a drunk and loser too. And Like Obama, Reagan had a wonderful Mother who loved him deeply. Anyone who criticizes Obama for having the misfortune of being named after the deadbeat who left him at 2 is just mean, which of course, is what Ann is known for.

  • Anonymous

    “Does “It’s easy for us “outsiders” to appreciate how a thick-as-a-brick right wing nut-case with the IQ of a walnut has managed to snag the top job for the last eight years” strike you as elevated discourse? Might somebody not reasonably perceive this as vilification?” Not at all. You can insult anyone you like as long as you don’t incite hatred of a religion or a race. In Australia it comes under racial-vilification and religious-vilification laws. And, pointing out the obvious can hardly be described as “elevated discourse”; which sounds more like elevated discourse from the person who uses such a weak descriptive.

  • joe

    Ann, you go girl. You speak for most of the USA.

  • Realist

    Greg:Almost every group (I say almost because I do not know all groups) has had a historical period that included intolerant, intolerable behavior. Ann Coulter, and Christians, are no different from the rest of humanity.

  • trippin

    Ignore the witch — she thrives on attention like a parasite thrives on blood.

  • pj

    Ann who?

  • George Robertson

    Commenting on Ann Coulter is about like commenting on David Duke. Just giving either person attention in the media is more than either one deserves.

  • twasneva

    “You can insult anyone you like as long as you don’t incite hatred of a religion or a race. In Australia it comes under racial-vilification and religious-vilification laws.”That may be the most pathetic thing I’ve heard on a board filled to the brim with left-wing idiocy. You’re free to say anything you damned well like, but when somebody says something you don’t like, you hide behind “anti-vilification” laws.

  • Omitted Kingdom

    George W Bush is such a failure he’s given enormous power to a black man.

  • Worthy Evans

    Ann who? She’s still alive? Still doing the same thing she always does? Blathering on about something stupid to an audience of enraged-that-she’d-say-that persons?

  • Gil Cantlin

    What a laugh! Ann Coulter and religion? But then again, all one needs to do is read a chapter or so about the history of most religions, like Christianity in the fourth century, even worse, Christianity in the Middle Ages, to realize that Coulter fits right in there with the most irreligious, hypocritical, nastiest of them all. If she could get away with it, she’d be dressed as a Dominican friar, a drag cardinal, perhaps, and preside over the condemnation to nether regions, very quickly, without habeas corpus like her beloved Bush/Cheney, of anyone who disagreed with her sick, twisted, selfish, greedy thinking. Any publication that pays Coulter for a single word, any group that invites Coulter to speak a single word, isn’t worth considering civilized. It’s about time, also, that she act her age in appearance and quit fixing her hair and wearing sleeveless dresses with skirts half-way above her knees like a Barbie doll.

  • sparrow

    Over the last 8 years the republicans have tried to start a war in this country. An ideological and religious war between those who fit the republican conservative mold with its heavily pro-christian stance, and the rest of the country. They are masters of manipulation and labelling because anything they can do to put you off actually thinking about the issues, stops you from considering the last 8 years and how much damage they have done to this country.the republican party thinks its members are morons who can’t handle the truth about anything, so they dumb it down. believe in woman’s right to choose: You’re anti-christian. Think the war in Irag is a mistake: You’re unpatriotic. Worried about the economy: you’re a liberal whiner. republicans have slogans for everything to make you think they know what they’re doing. Yet polls show 80% of the country thinks we’re on the wrong track. There’s a lot of republicans in that 80%.It’s no fluke that Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O’reilly are the party pundits. Quick to insult, short on facts, long on slogans, able to disseminate lies and misinformation in a single bound. Think about it- the supposed voice of the neocons, the princess of punditry who claims to be the voice of the gop thinks you are so simple-minded that instead of talking about real issues or real solutions, she distracts you with worrying over Obama’s middle name. Never mind he didn’t name himself, never mind he is a life long Christian, half White and raised by that side of his family. Never mind he is intelligent, accomplished and offering a real challenge to the gop. No- she wants you to worry about his middle name because she doesn’t want you asking hard questions about what needs fixing in this country. Coulter has nothing to add to the debate on foreign policy, economics or ethics, so by all means lets attack Obama on the most unimportant issue of his name. but you have to hand it to her- all of you so frantically sure he is an Islamic terrorist, all you name driven navel-gazers piling on like a pack of dogs to insult the man who scares the hell out of you because he wants change – she has you where she wants you. In the stupid seat.

  • Patrick Rioux

    What the world needs is more criticism of religion in general and Islam in particular, since its followers/submissives believe their garbage enough to commit homicide through suicide. More cartoons of the Danish type, more documentaries of the van Gogh genre, and more undermining of theocracies like Iran. Coulter is a bit of a Christian militant herself so is in the end ineffectual.

  • SO WHAT?

    So what if Obama were a Muslim? As far as I know- there is no religious test for office in this country.

  • twasneva

    Careful, Patrick, you’re inciting hatred. The Aussie Gestapo might be watching.

  • Anonymous

    spiderman2: Greg S. wrote “Love thy neighbor as thy self.CORRECT and unless you guys continue ABORTING fetuses and and MARRYING the SAME sexes, you would all end up BURNING like Sodom. Loving STUPIDITY is not preached in the Bible.The nutcase is back!! Sweet…

  • MorganaLeFay

    The fact that the Republican Party has chosen hate filled, screeching idiots such as Coulter, Limbaugh and Hannity to be their front men and role models says a lot about the party.

  • das

    She is no worse than some of these “talking heads” on the network shows, i.e Chris Matthews, Joe what’s his name, etc.

  • jhbyer

    Greg, the ugliness isn’t wanting it to rain on anothers’ parade. What disgusts is that a Christian minister is on record asking his flock to ask God to do it, as if God were a cosmic frat boy. Why not ask God to stop the hurricane? Or is God another Coulter-style joke we libs stupidly take seriously?

  • Mike D.

    WILLIAM JORGENSEN WROTE: “Clearly you don’t have anti-vilification laws in America, if the stuff that comes out of this “female’s” mouth were publicly aired in Australia she would be facing a hefty fine the first time and a jail sentence after that. It just goes to show how backward America really is, besides the fact that all this right-wing cult religiosity seems to govern a fairly large percentage of American’s lives.”Wow, glad I live in a democracy with the right of free speech and not this Australia place you speak of.G’day and Seig Heil to you, mate.P.S. Say…how’s that whole aboriginal/white relations thing going?

  • Chris B

    You liberals need to develop a sense of humor, or do you only like humor that is aimed at conservatives?Why is Obama afraid of his name? Its just a name for goodness sake.Ann is great

  • “SupportOurTropes”

    Ms. Coulter is both the id and the unrestrained inner child of the conservative movement – she is its truth. In her words are revealed the deep hatred and unvarnished contempt that the conservative right has for America, Americans, and the values of our founders.We need her to continually serve as a reminder of the true nature of the heart of the modern GOP conservative: black, fetid putrescence. The other conservatives are merely masquerading – Ms. Coulter lays it bare, personally personifying every hateful, anti-American plank in the GOP platform.She is a useful reminder to those fooled by the bright shiny mask covering the bankrupt, immoral philosophy of the modern conservative.

  • jhbyer

    sparrow, very well said, thank you.

  • Chris B

    You liberals need to develop a sense of humor, or do you only like humor that is aimed at conservatives?Why is Obama afraid of his name? Its just a name for goodness sake.Ann is great

  • jhbyer

    Joe says Ann “speaks for most of the USA”. I know the USA. The USA is a friend of mine. Ann speaks for no one whose voice matters.

  • twasneva

    “everyone else figures it’s a great idea not to be able to publicly use race or religion as a hate weapon”See, I enjoy this crazy right-wing lunatic idea that we have freedom to express ourselves as we see fit. The men who led the American Revolution and founded this country felt the same way. I’m sure you can read this thread and see people expressing their contempt for Christianity and Christians in fairly vile ways and perhaps you have no problem with that. I don’t particularly either, as I believe in the marketplace of ideas and beliefs. Muzzling people’s points of view doesn’t make them go away, it drives them underground, where they fester and become far worse than when circulated, exposed and, when warranted, discredited. I can see how it’s attractive to stick your head in the sand and wring your hands about “hatred,” though. Much easier than coming up with counter arguments and actually debating.

  • spiderman2

    Talking about nutcases, Anon, you forgot to take your “holy” biscuit. And by the way, what made it holy? Is it because some “holy” water was sprinkled?Why can pedophile priests transform biscuits and water to be “holy” while they can’t transform themselves? Nutcase? Give me a break.

  • MorganaLeFay

    You have to remember that Coulter is an alcoholic. And the sorts of outbursts of hate and mindless rage that you see from her are typical of advanced alcoholics.

  • richard schumacher

    Cheerleading for intolerance provides her a good living, and she’s not troubled by any sense of humanity or honor, so why would she give it up?

  • Blown away

    Wow, It seems like emotions are high on both sides. I’m just very grateful to my parents for teaching me the value of logic.

  • Mike D.

    Nothing like a forum on slandering this group or that with vicious name-calling to bring out the vicious name-calling from readers.By the way, is there a website where I can keep up with the montly roster of social groups that are okay to slander in the name of defending social groups who have been slandered? I mean, I know it’s always acceptable to revile serious Christians, conservatives and white males while using genuine hate-speech in the process, but some of the others change too fast for me to keep up with.

  • Angie

    It’s his name, duh……………….

  • Blown away

    Correct Christian terrorism link

  • positive force

    Anyone who defends Ann Coulter’s emphasis of the part of Senator Obama’s name that corresponds to that of mass-murdering Saddam Hussein is a contributor to the lowering of American public discourse. We are not in middle school anymore.Whining? Remaining silent would be the cowardly, and un-American thing to do. Whining would be complaining that the mainstream media is biased towards the left, although somehow republicans have managed to have the presidency 28 out of the past 40 years. Just because Putin has managed to turn the Russian media into a set of governmental talking points doesn’t mean we can’t stand up to Fox News. Have they fired Steve Doocey yet for falsely reporting Obama was schooled in a madrassa? Just like Dan Rather deserved to be canned for believing the falsified documents about Bush.So Ann Coulter believes we should invade all the Muslim countries and convert them all? Following that logic, we should start by making Christianity the state religion here, abolish freedom of religion, send the Buddhists and Jews and Hindus to reeducation camps, Chinese-style. Then we can all be the same, safe, familiar. So much fear of difference.And if all muslims are evil, what about the Sunni Awakening, in which Iraqi muslims got fed up with the murderous ways of Al-Qaeda that had relocated to Iraq and began fighting alongside us? Forced conversion to Christianity seems a funny way to thank them. Those of us who are not afraid of difference, who believe “United We Stand” is more than just a catchphrase, are standing up and taking back this country. All are welcome, but hatemongering will be confronted every time. When either candidate talks about “Change,” this is what they mean.

  • saprrow

    Oh but she is. Her only weapon- er…talent is to insult at the basest level. there’s no real intelligence there, there’s no real understanding of the issues or what’s really at stake. No one who has any grasp at all of the extent and scale of or the complexity of the issues is capable of reducing them to a pundit’s slogan. The saddest thing about Ann Coulter is not her mental ineptitude, or her rabid, slash and burn politics. It’s that she (and the rest of FOX Channels’ pundit pack) has managed to fool so many otherwise intelligent people into believing what she practices is journalism. No wonder the Bush Administration loves her. She still manages to makes fools of GOP believers while Bushies being exposed for the inept, freak toy politicians they really are.

  • spiderman2

    “the whole nation crumbling from within.”Nope, only liberal states which allow abortion and gay marriages would burn.

  • Ben Matheny

    Coulter is a Lawyer. She is no dummy. Her books draw in the rattlesnake handling primitive baptists in full force. She is laughing all the way to the bank. She is a pure capitalist. Joe sixpack will love all her rants and beg for more.

  • Ayo Ogbon

    Ann What is her surname?.She is an attention seeker, this is what she wants.The best answer for someone like her is …………….. SILENCE.

  • John B

    Regarding Ann Coulter…….This person relishes the attention she attracts.By ignoring her, she will go away.She is not appealing and certainly does not reflect mainstream conservative Republican thought.

  • v

    Anne Coulter makes her living being vile.I can’t always tell if she’s just another PT Barnum though, taking advantage of the suckers, or if she really believes this crap.That the Jerry Springer News Network … I mean Fox, would use her to pander to their audience, more than any other thing Fox does, tells us who their audience is. That Karl Rove relies on the intense and bitter hatred of the republican faithful tells us who they are.In any case, being vile isn’t against the law. In my country, the way I see it, nobody is allowed to stop her. That would be … vile.

  • Bryson

    Greg claims that Michael Moore is ‘wishing for’ Gustav to devastate NO, a typical bit of right-wing exaggeration: Moore finds it ironic that Gustav will arrive just as the GOP convention begins, and jokes about it being a sort of message from God (unlike those Xtianists who seriously proclaimed Katrina ‘God’s punishment’ of NO). Moore also makes it clear that he’s hoping no-one is hurt. Can you say the same for real hate-mongers like Coulter?

  • Don Easley

    “Grace”??? How could Crazy Ann favor us with that which she doesn’t have? She’s a sick woman who would disparage her own mother if she could make a buck. I’m amazed that so many people take her seriously and believe her diatribe. But… we’re talking about her, aren’t we?

  • Neville

    Making fun of people’s names is so third grade. Those who read, listen and buy into that nonsense are obviously working with a third grade mentality. Unfortunately there are enough people out there with this juvenile mentality to keep the likes of Coulter and Limbaugh in business. I’m a liberal but I’ll listen to Liddy all day long. I may disagree with him but he has civil discourse and debate. That is what I respect and THAT is what we should protect with the 1st Amendment. That is what the amendment is about.

  • Linguist

    spiderman2 wrote, “The SILLINESS is his preference for Abortion and Gay Marriage. When will you guys learn that ?”Um, aside from being a complete non-sequitur, it isn’t true. I am gay, and to me, marriage equality is both an obvious civil right and an obvious non-issue to anyone who isn’t gay and planning on marrying someone of the same sex. Period.Senator Obama, however, doesn’t support marriage equality for me.Shrug.I still see him as miles above the Republican hate-mongering and demonization of innocent gay people. The Republican Party, to me, embodies the very height of political demogoguery. You would be hard pressed to find a more immoral position that that towards innocent gay people espoused in the GOP Platform.I’d vote for just about anyone over a Republican to oppose that obvious evil.That said, I find Senator Obama to be smart, articulate and able to explain and justify his policies in a pretty convincing manner. He’s going to make a fine president.

  • Patrick Rioux

    Anti-villification laws? The left and envirocrazies would face charges for villifying achievers, producers, business, and the whole western world. A legalistic try at intimidation; not only doesn’t it work, it’s sure to expose the PC crowd for the thugs they are. Like everything else they try the outcome will be the opposite of what they want.

  • GoldStarMom1

    Ann is a sick opportunist- she makes her living spewing hate. I stopped watching the Today show for having her on. I am always willing to listen to both sides of an issue, but I won’t listen to someone who acts like a neo-nazi.

  • Rick

    A whole column on Ann Coulter. You are adding to her fame. Way to go.

  • SamBrown

    What’s wrong with using “Hussein”? I think names matter alot!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous:VICTORIA:Ann is also the name of the mother of Mary, mother of Jesus.August 29, 2008 1:57 PM———————–Please provide the verse in the Bible to confirm it. Thanks.****************************************Please provide the verse in the Bible that says it alone is the only source of truth.

  • J Wright

    It never gets old or too juvenile to note how much Ann (which rhymes with man) actually looks so very much like a tranny. So it’s next to impossible to take her serious.

  • A foreigner

    Racism and racial prejudice is still rampant in the US society. Aptly seen on this forum, the US is still a society of white supremacists who believe that their forefathers (some of them slave owners!) declared that all men (Oh and did I mention “no women”) were equal. Hypocrisy is the hallmark of the US society and so even though blacks (and women) and non Christians can become hardworking honest US citizens god forbid if one of them has presidential aspirations. This election is the test for the steadfastness of the colors red, white and blue or perhaps of black and white…..

  • Ant

    Think about this if Democrats were smart they would be Republicans her last book.Hey Ann it looks like the Democrats won in 2006 for wanting to help also Barrack has helped people in the projects.But enough of that the Democrats stand to pick up a lot more seats in the house and in the senate. In fact if the Republicans don’t moderate their stance and change themselves there will not be enough of them to matter.So that said maybe the title of her book should have read “If Republicans were smart they would be Democrats.”Brought to you by a former Republican truned Democrats. Thanks for the help Ann you showed me the light.

  • Pro

    Regarding below:Not only is Coulter correct to disparage that false religion and its false prophet, more folks ought to do so.Until Islam gets its act together and its followers begin to behave in a civilized fashion, contempt is all it deserves.

  • Change What

    Who is this mysterious man anyway? Does anybody really know. No, nobody does. Yet he has cult members that have so easily been duped, been tricked, been taken advantage of in a mindless numb manner, continue to swoon, blindly defend him…..what do they know that we do not? They no nothing that is what. What the cult members do have, however, is an emotional bizarre need to be a part of something, anything, history if you will. It does not matter what IT is, but just something to fulfill their pitiful, ignorant empty lives. And there is where their cult leader comes into play. He is the ONE they have been waiting for, desperately needing.Odd isn’t it?

  • packrat

    Ann is essentially an ignorant and self-absorbed archetype of what we’ve come to expect from neo-cons. Sadly, their complete disregard for facts that, in any way contradict their ideology, have landed the entire country in debt and a likely decline in the standard of living for generations of Americans to come.My hope is that Obama will help rally us as a nation to recapture what makes this nation great.

  • ChuckB

    Germans at one time thought Hitler , Goering, Goebbels, Julius Streicher, et. al were only spewing forth invective filth for effect, and they weren’t really serious; no one believed Hitler would really try to exterminate a people. How many times has Coulter stated that liberals, Muslims and others she consider undermenschen (i.e., sub-human) should be killed? Such talk is protected as free speech? There are those rotting in Guantanamo for talking about committing acts of terrorism. A good RICO casse could be made against her, O’Reilly, Limbaugh and the others for conspring to incite their listeners to committ mayhem and murder. Coulter’s trash talk is every bit as vile and vulgar as that of the Nazis. At one time it was commonly suggested that Hitler should have been assassinated. The civilized nations did the next best thing to prevent another bunch of thugs from using slander and hate talk to cow a nation; they made it a crime. The Supreme Court has set the precedent that one shouldn’t be able to cry, “There is a fire” in a crowded theater. Reporters were arressted in Denver on the public streets as it was deemed they could incite a riot. Such hateful speech as Coulter’s can and should be made illegal, at least those from civilized nations think so.

  • jhbyer

    Annie Laurie makes an excellent point: To mock a man for a name given him by a parent, who abandoned him shortly after birth, is at once so mean and meaningless, it suggests an ideology in its death throes.

  • patso

    Have you noticed pat robertson seems to like Ann, he has her on his show often enough.I remember some time in the 90’s, the PC crowd on the left were trying to get across the idea that it should be against the law to offend anyone.But they were nowhere near accomplishing the same kind of suppression as would be implemented by the christian fascists running the republican party.Heresy, Blasphemy .. these are words only religions use. In the not so distant past people were burned alive for this “crime”, it’s still happening in the muslim world now in fact.The republican dominionists want to return us to that …We can’t and shouldn’t stop the Ann Coulters and Pat Robertsons from making a living off their hatred of America, but we should pay very close attention to them. Our peasants (republican faithful) are prone to witch hunting and cross burnings, we should be careful to note the spread of the infection.

  • sparrow

    twasneva- “See, I enjoy this crazy right-wing lunatic idea that we have freedom to express ourselves as we see fit.”Did you actually know anything about American history? The only reason a “crazy right-winger” such as you seem to claim to be hides behind freedom of speech is so they can use it to destroy, not express anything. I should also remind you that your constitutional freedoms have been radically infringed upon by the present administration in ways you can’t even begin to comprehend…yet. So you stick you head in the sand (as you so obviously have already done) about your freedom, your version of Christianity, and conservative politics, your very own party has done more to undermine the country in 8 years than any previous administration ever has. Talk about squandering a proud legacy.”Much easier than coming up with counter arguments and actually debating.” From someone who follows Ann Coulter, this is a hoot. I suggest you reread the definition of debate. It’s not a technique I see you using so far.

  • Mike D.

    Look, Ann Coulter’s not worth anyone’s time and effort, I don’t think there’s much disagreement on that one.But most of what I’m reading here…you could take the key nouns and adjectives, substitute their exact political or otherwise opposites, and you couldn’t tell the difference from something you’d hear on this dreaded Fox News Network we keep hearing about. (It’s still possible to change channels on one’s television set, right? Do we still have that technology?)All these bloviating pseudo-academic historical arguments that ultimately come down to “Christian, bad; non-Christian, good” . . . they’re no different than what any right-wing pundit does: cherry-pick the facts that back your point of view.Blah blah blah, we’re the good guys, you’re the bad guys. On and on.

  • Mary Mary

    You’ve got to be kidding. When Keith Olbermann is gagged and bound we might take another look at Ann Coulter. Till then, go away.

  • mhr

    Democrat president Harry Truman said of politics, “if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.” Obama’s middle name is, in fact, Hussein. That fact is worth noting and frankly every voter should know the candidate’s full name. And then decide its relevance. It is not for Obama and his fans to decide what can be said about Obama or his name. His relationships with the terrorist Ayers and the racist preacher Wright must be revealed. Liberals have to be reminded that the US is still a free country and that rules of political correctness that have stifled free speech on college campuses will not be imposed on the American electorate. Coulter is an opinion columnist- no one is forced to read her. If she bothers you, shut her out of your life.

  • Ali

    Coulter is a Nazi, or at least weak minded KKK.

  • jhbyer

    Chris B, why do you assume Obama “is afraid of his name?” He’s always dismissed this controversy with a smile. It consumes only his fans. He’s never complained about being called Hussein. When you think about it, it’d be insulting to Muslims for him to do that. This is not to say it isn’t rude to call him by his middle name against American custom, but nobody does itto his face. Interestingly, neither is there a record of his objecting to being falsely called a Muslim, though he takes pains to stress he’s Christian. Please don’t confound the man with his fans.

  • cs

    Coulter is a symptom. Maggots and Hyenas are symptomatic of corpses. so is Coulter.

  • Gretchen

    “What’s wrong with using “Hussein”? I think names matter alot!

  • willythekorn

    The best word to describe Ann Coulter’s antics is a Yiddish one used in the entertainment industry…SHTICKmeaning “an adopted persona, usually for comedy performances, that is maintained consistently (though not necessarily exclusively) across the performer’s career.” (thank you Wikipedia).It’s all about money, folks, and she has surely made a lot of it doing her shtick. So has Keith Olbermann, who had his 15 microseconds of fame doing the liberal moral outrage shtick and now does it relentlessly, becoming a parody of himself. Ditto Lou Dobbs. Ditto Michael Moore. Ditto Rush Limbaugh. Ditto Dana Milbank and Glenn Beck. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto.What’s really scary about Ann Coulter is that there are so many people on either side of the political divide that take her seriously and think that the excrement that comes out of her mouth is anything other than what it is — a shtick.The best way to evaluate someone like Coulter or Olbermann or Limbaugh or Moore or any of the rest of them is on the terms of their entertainment value. In my never-humble opinion, none of them have any entertainment value at all, and I wouldn’t waste my time with them.(What’s even scarier is that the big media moguls who have turned news and political commentary into a particularly stupid form of entertainment have gotten away with it. They are far more dangerous to the ideals America claims to value than any number of Ann Coulters.)

  • nerakami

    This womsn’s nasty, hate-filled rants have gone on long enough…. she will eat the her own seeds of hatred, and choke on her vileness…

  • shonny

    Why is anyone giving Trannie Annie any credence?

  • William Jorgensen

    Here’s the deal, personally I don’t care who wins the next U.S. presidential, even if I want to puke when I look at who’s been running the dump for the last eight years. America is dying a death of a thousand cuts and there’s nothing and no-one who can save it. Whoever wins the next election wins a poisoned chalice and they will be blamed for not fixing the economy that’ll likely collapse before the November election.

  • norman ravitch

    Right now is not the time to say this, given Muslim extremism of late. But Islam is more rational, more tolerant, more humane, and less crazy than Judaism or Christianity. And I say this as a NON-MUSLIM.

  • ProfPaul

    Ann Coulter? Is she still around?

  • Sara B.

    She should be removed from the air on the basis of hate speech which does incite violence and yet I’m surprised John McCain didn’t name her his VP pick.

  • Anonymous

    Of course Coulter believes the hatred she spews. Not the first, and won’t be the last. She helps make the world the miserable place it is today. I’m not religious, but if I were, I would refer to her as the devil and the epitome of evil.

  • Junkman

    Very rarely will I use the C**T word to describe any woman, but Ann Coulter is one nasty giant one.That is all I can say.

  • flast

    Ann and all her sick fans are sad, pathetic, ignorant xenophobes. I actually feel sorry for people who are that shallow. Obama supporters know that he’s above that kind of trash. He’s not racist, he’s not greedy and he’s not a war-mongering, murdering liar. He’s intelligent, is sensitive to other cultures, religions and traditions and is a true diplomat. He cares about people who are struggling and disenfranchised. He cares about human rights. He has genuinely good values. Find me one, just one Republican with those qualities and I’ll change my mind.

  • Richard

    This is all rather presumptuous as you assume Ms. Coulter operates on some rational plane…she does not. Why people give this woman any attention at all is a mystery. Her hate inspired rhetoric precedes her and no amount of rational discussion will sway a woman intent on wild ranting to attract attention and $spur $sale$ among the many rich wing-nuts that populate this nation. King Hussein wasn’t a bad guy, Saddam was. Lee Harvey Oswald was a bad guy, Lee Marvin was pretty terrific. Jesus of Nazareth was a prophet; Jesus Alou a pretty decent ballplayer. Muhammad Ali was a prophet, Muhhamad Ali was the best heavyweight champ ever.

  • Christine Joyce

    Ann Coulter is the perfect embodiment of what is wrong with this nation…she is part of the dumbing down of America. Only the really stupid, ignorant, closed minded people support her. And you know who you are. Karma, Ann. Karma. And you have nothing but BAD karma.

  • spiderman2

    I know there are differences on same-sex marriage, but surely we can agree that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters deserve to visit the person they love in a hospital and to live lives free of discrimination.” (Obama)For me it only means one thing. “Don’t oppose gay marriage coz it’s a form of discrimination”.If we don’t oppose gay marriage, 40 years from now, somebody would present his “first lady” but she’s not a lady. WEIRD folks.That would be the time when America will be the SLAVE OF THE WORLD. They would ban all weapons for America’s defense and would use the budget for INTER-CONTINENTAL ABORTION CLINICS and not ICBM.

  • sparrow

    then, MHR should we not remind everyone of the Rev. Hague and his remarks about the Holocaust? Or the Rev.s Falwell and Robertson saying the 9/11 attacks were punishment for this country turning away form “christian” values?On another thread a poster named Alan Lockett said he prayed for the taliban to be punished and then 9-11 happened (in answer to that prayer). I guess implying that we then went after the taliban in retaliation. Does anyone not see the arrogant twisted mindset here?Don’t know about you, but I don’t see that kind of thinking is so different from the Muslim fundamentalists. Liberals aren’t against free speech- we’re against liars, and fundamentalists who are all the same no matter what religious symbol they march under. And for the record, the GOP has been pre-empting possible protests by arresting protesters at pre convention strategy meetings for peaceful protests. (The democratic convention allowed them)That kind of blows your freedom of speech thing out of the water. That’s not what you really want. You want free speech for you only.

  • Mike D.

    I’ll say one thing about Miss Coulter — it’s amazing some of the ways internalized anger gets channeled. Lordy I’ll bet she’s a great [possibly offensive term for activity related to human reproduction deleted].

  • Linguist

    Lenny wrote, “but it IS his name, why run from it, it is nothing to be ashamed of, I think it’s primarily because his name is being used as a tactic by those on the Right to demonize him and focus on his “otherness”. If his name were “John Smith”, they’d find other aspects of his background or heritage to attack.It’s just a childish game, of course, and you and I and others who recognize childish games for what they are need to rise above them.Do YOU care that he has given names with Arabic roots? Is it relevant? If so, how? Is it relevant that John McCain’s given name has Semitic roots as well? If not, why not?I am less and less surprised by demonizing attacks. Alas, we all know what they are about. But we also know why people engage in them: they peel off just enough unthinking or uncritical votes to make a difference in close elections.With luck, we won’t let such moronic tactics matter this time around. We’ve already seen what happens when sliming the opponent works: We end up with a President like George Walker Bush. And for that, we all ought to be mightily ashamed.

  • jhbyer

    pro, thank you for posting to remind us that the Mideast has suffered far, far worse than 9/11 at the bloody hands of the West, most recently under the policies of Americans promoted by the ugly words of Coulter and her fellow ideologues here on this thread. Pro, you are not alone in being angry. Millions of us are furious at how badly our govt has acted toward Muslims for over a century.

  • Calvin King


  • wletmon

    The fact that Ann Coulter even has an audience speaks volumes to the degradation and decline that has overcome the public discourse in this country in recent years.

  • daweeni

    Ann Coulter is a really hot blond who says the same kind of things that really fat ugly redneck blonds say. I wonder if you put one of their pictures on a book, would it sell the way Ann’s literary diarrhea does? Nevertheless, I think she is right about needing to watch our for people with Muslim names. We seem to be forgetting, all too soon, what a fellow named OMAR Bradley did to this country and the world. And, OMAR wasn’t even his middle name!

  • travs6584

    She’s just…so gross.

  • buckshott

    Typical. When Ann Coulter refers to Obama as “Hussein” the libs go crazy, but when Maureen

  • Kirstin

    Of course Ann Coulter won’t stop calling people names; if she can refer to 9/11 widows as “harpies,” she will stoop to anything. “Gracious” shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence with her name. The best punishment for people like her is for them to be ignored.

  • Befuddled

    Some kill baby seals for a living, some slaughter whales, some practice extraordinary rendition, others outsource torture, some perform carnal pornography and Ms. Coulter performs political pornography and some media air it.

  • Mike of Atlanta

    The reason we don’t get along with the Muslim world has nothing to do with Christianity. We used to get along with all those countries just fine, and don’t forget that we liberated North Africa during WWII, and had conducted business with many of those nations for a hundred years.We got along just fine.Then along came 1948. Israel forced upon the world and Middle East.THAT was the turning point in USA/Arab/Muslim relations.It’s not a conflict of Christianity and Islam.It’s Judaism and Islam, and with the AIPAC running the USA, we are forced to take the side of the Israelis regardless of the issue or the way they handle their affairs.

  • Marc

    Setting aside the clear need for Ms. Coulter to work through some of her anger issues, with or without professional help….”The fact that Obama, like Coulter, is a Christian isn’t the point.” accepts an unfortunate assumption.More accurate journalistic languageAnne Coulter, who describes herself as a Christian,Anne Coulter, who claims to be a Christian,Anne Coulter, who attends a Christian churchAnne Coulter, a supporter of the politically conservative, fundamentalist, Protestant, anti-gay, anti-women’s right wing of ChristianityOr did I misunderstand part of the New Testament beyond the love your neighbor part?

  • Anonymous

    I’m angry at both its treatment of the entire Middle east situation and how tis country has manipulated it for its own purposes. And I mean manipulated both Arabs and Israelis. Not a popular viewpoint, but there’s 2 sides to that story, and the Palestinians were not just created by the State of Israel, but by the surrounding Arab countries as well. They have been political pawns by much richer Arab nations who didn’t want them except to use for political purposes.Aside to those who don’t know history: Look up the reason they were called the Dark Ages. You’ll find it was the Arabs who saved the wealth of science, medicine, literature and art of the ancient world while the Dark Ages in Christian countries were exactly that.

  • Natasha

    How in good Consciousness can Coulter call herself a Christian?May the Devil see her in hell soon!

  • William Jorgensen

    “Anti-villification laws? The left and envirocrazies would face charges for villifying achievers, producers, business, and the whole western world. A legalistic try at intimidation; not only doesn’t it work, it’s sure to expose the PC crowd for the thugs they are. Like everything else they try the outcome will be the opposite of what they want.”****************************************** Check out the peanut above. Besides he doesn’t know how to spell (or doesn’t have a spell-checker).He wants to compare personal attacks on industry and business with attacks on religion and race. But, he’s got me on the “PC crowd”, I’m not sure if he means Personal Computer crowd or Parents and Citizens crowd, either way, he’s lost me.

  • Brian Flanagan

    In defense of Ann Coulter, I’m sure I’m not the only guy in America who takes delight in imagining her choking on my own upright standard.

  • coulter

    I’m as conservative as they come and Coulter is a P-I-G. She could care less about conservatism, it’s all about her pocketbook. As far as I’m concerned she can join the soul she’s already sold.

  • Diego Rivero

    Isn’t this entire article nothing more than an example of the punditocracy feeding on its own detritus? Who cares over the opinions of the self-appointed? If one is interested in the perorations of the celebrity minded leave all of these meanderings to the Huffington Post.

  • Anonymous

    Mike of Atlanta- you need to be much more conversant on the history of the Middle East before you blame Israel for everything.

  • Gary

    I do agree with you that Ann Coulter should be more gracious in her name calling. Unfortunately, the times that I have watched he, she has been rude toward those that do not agree with her.If this behavior was exhibited by an elementary school student, the student would be reprimanded for bullying.

  • joe

    i say bravo to ms coulter for showing that in this country, anyone can succeed and find the american dreamshe’s an inspiration to all transgendered people that they too can make it with a little perserverance

  • William Jorgensen

    Natasha:How in good Consciousness can Coulter call herself a Christian?May the Devil see her in hell soon!******************************** Bravo, Natasha, but as much as I know about Jesus and Christianity altogether, I can say I only ever met one true Christian, an incredibly nice fellow but as mad as hatter, sad to say.

  • doer

    Yeah, well I’d do Ann Coulter too, but I would kick her out of bed for eating crackers. Or for opening her mouth. I know, it’s kind of hard to believe, I think it’s the pervert in me attracted to the degradation.

  • sparrow

    Witless-Do you have any idea what it takes to be a community organizer in a big city? You have no idea of the hard work, and political skill it takes to accomplish anything. Yes I have read about his life, I’ve read about Palin’s. She ran a business- oooohh. Yeah- that makes her qualify. Didn’t George bush run a business. Into the ground too, may I point out. As a community organizer Obama dealt with far more people and national issues than Palin did in her city. Of course if you want to talk about dirty politics, let’s talk about the investigation into wrong doing going on now about Palin’s use of her office to get her ex-brother-in-law fired from his job. Lastly, I I don’t think its all that wise to depend on Obama’s opponents for an unbiased view. Just a look through this thread ought to tell you that. I would also point out that Obama went into public service, as did Franklin Roosevelt, another commander in chief who never wore a uniform but nonetheless was the man who lead is through WW II until his untimely death. I realize you don’t consider public service as important to a political career, but Bush was a businessmen. I rest my case. Corporate greed all the way.Not that makes a difference to you and your ilk. You’re so blindly racist that you’ve even convinced yourselves that Obama is the racist. If this is the quality of thinking republicans depend on your party’s day is over.

  • Charles

    Rough draft of the speech that Barack Obama should give to put an end to this:

  • Witless

    It’s amazing how thin skinned you all are. You have Olbermann who bends the truth every night on his show. The man never has the courage to have anyone on his show who disagrees with him. You whine about Anne Coulter who merely uses Senator Obama’s middle name. Obama must be the only politician who it is politically incorrect to mention his real middle name. Anne Coulter routinely enters the lions den and debates people who disagree with her. Coulter has more guts and integrity than all of the Olbermanns and Michael Moores in the left wing universe.

  • sparrow

    Yes, doer- but you were refreshingly honest about it so you get points 🙂

  • Anonymous

    “Coulter has more guts and integrity than all of the Olbermanns and Michael Moores in the left wing universe.”You have some pretty low standards there bubba. Negative integrity is still negative. She’s scum, she’s an unflushed public toilet.

  • Anonymous

    witless. How appropriately named you are!

  • Marc

    As to the multiple claim below that the dreaded liberals are opposing free speech…Haven’t seen anyone on my side of the argument advocate imprisoning or killing the opposition, certainly not anyone who is treated as seriously as Ms. Coulter. But I could be wrong. Anybody want to cite an example.And freedom of speech, and of religion for that matter, guarantee the right to speak and practice. They don’t guarantee a right to present your ideasa nd not have them questioned. Ms. Coulter (like Limbaugh and O’Reilly), on thoserare occasioins when she can be questioned and doesn’t “control the mike” tends to pick up her ball and go home when challenged. Like most bullies, they can give it out but not take it.

  • Tony V

    If America likes unusual names then what’s your problem with Ann Coulter calling him B. Hussein Obama? Just because of this article, I’ll start calling him B. Hussein Obama too. The guy should be proud of his muslim name, it seems to me the only ones offended are liberal reporters.BY THE WAY, HE’S BLACK… DOES THAT MAKE ME A RACIST THE WAY IT DID BILL CLINTON???

  • WendyB

    She’s so horrible I almost feel sorry for her. She’s just an attention seeking buffoon who plays mean as her schtick. God I’m so glad I’m not her.

  • Anonoman

    Witless – Never has the name of a blogger been more appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    spiderman2- I’ve found that those who protest too much about gay marriage are usually those who worry the most they might be gay. It’s none of your business who someone chooses to love. Where do you get off thinking you have some direct holy line to the Almighty and you speak for Him? Of all the egomaniacal garbage you people spout, this is the worst. Gay people pay taxes in this country same as you. They have all the same responsibilities as citizens, they obey the same laws. If they started withholding their taxes in protest because they don’t have the same rights, your little hole in the wall fundamentalist church might have to make up the difference by paying some.

  • KO

    hey Tony V, I have some kerosene-soaked wooden crosses for sale, cheap. And a preview edition of Ann’s next book … oh, and some photos I took of her in that portojohn at the last RNC meeting.Call me a 555-eat-7448. Special discounts for church groups.

  • Transexual Annie Coulter

    The reason Ann Coulter is so bitter is that she wants the world to think she is a woman but can’t hide that Adam’s apple and the fact that she has a bigger penis that Long Dong Silver.

  • spiderman2

    “If Americans support abortion, let’s vote. . . Just this past term, in Stenberg vs. Carhart, the court expanded the apocryphal abortion right to an all-new right to stick a fork in the head of a half-born baby. ” (Ann Coulter)Ann is busy fighting vampires and vampires are fighting back.

  • B in Illinois

    Why does the public arena permit her to take part? Her diatribes are direct examples of hate speech. As with shouting “Fire” in a crowded theater, she has disqualified herself, in my view, from the public world of opinion.It’s disgraceful that anyone in the media gives her a voice. I challenge the publishers, including the Post, CNN and so forth, to simply IGNORE HER AND STOP PUBLISHING HER MATERIAL.In my more than 4 decades of watching politics, I’ve rarely seen anyone who has publicly used hate speech in this fashion and reduced themselves to a monster. Yet she’s one example. The public doesn’t deserve to have to be subjected to such violence.

  • Arif

    Bigotry still exits in USA and these bigots who post negative comments can not stand the fact that a black man might become president of this country. I agree that there should be law against hate speeches against race and religion. These people divide a nation.

  • JamesT

    We call him Hussein not to suggest that he is a secret IslamoFascist TerroristIt is more than amusing that a man who built his entire primary campaign on lies and slanders about his opposition should be so sensitive about his given name. The Race Baiting Surrender Monkey with his SC Race War memo has no standing in any conversation about civility.Actually it’s not amusing, not even surprising, just typical of the DemoFrauds.I have a suggestion for Osama, I mean Obama bin Biden…

  • Richie B

    I have not heard from Anne much lately. Hopefully she moved to Canada like she promised if McCain was elected the Republican presidential candidate. I do have admire her christian spirit for wanting to invade all the Muslim countries and kill their leaders and millions of innocent civilians in the process.

  • Mick

    Congratulations to all of the left side of the ile, you have become that witch you hate. Where is your all inclusive atitude your leader, the honerable Senator Barack Hussein Obama wants to aspire to. I personly prefer the middle of the road myself.You are helping Ann (mother of mary)to sell books because of your venimous out rage towards her and for that I’m sure she would like to thank you from the bottom of here heart.Keep up the good work in showing your true colors.McCane/Palin appericate your efforts in this matter.

  • wow

    Wow, between Arif and Jamest I wouldn’t be allowed to talk at all. If only freaks like you could engage in mutual annihilation.

  • Mike D.

    MARC WROTE: “Or did I misunderstand part of the New Testament beyond the love your neighbor part?”Yes, you did. You need to read the whole thing again, carefully. Jesus says some pretty scary and unpleasant stuff, if the accounts are accurate (and don’t forget, Revelations counts, too).Example: “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn ‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law–a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.'” Matthew 11:10:34-6 (NIV).I go up and down with all this stuff, but at least I make an effort to know the text in question.

  • Rakesh

    Why are we even talking about her?

  • tucanofulano

    That is his name, isn’t it? How about some tex-mex

  • Karen

    Let us remember the campaign of Jim Webb of Virginia. His campaign referred to Senator George Allen as George FELIX Allen, to stir up anti-semitism among Southern Virginia voters. This was okay with the WaPo at the time, in fact, the editorialista of this left-wing rag called Allen ashamed of his Jewish roots. Yet, the American people cannot say Barack Obama’s middle name, but Obama can and does when convenient (Obama has said his middle name will help him with muslim countries during interviews with Black radio and TV). The American people are sick of the rules of liberal first amendment rights: only criticism of republicans will be acceptable.

  • Robin

    As we must know by now, it’s not just Ann Coulter. There’s so much stuff circulating on the Web about this, so many e-mails passed on (and debunked by,

  • Flossie

    Ann Coulter is a bigot, racist,ignorant and full of anger – must be a joy to live with !

  • Issywise

    It’s time for Fox News to recognize that this woman is a hate monger. It is time for the FCC to institute rules so victims of such hate mongering have access to the public airways to shoot back.If Mr. Murdock can employ such mud slingers then he should have to make room for their victims.

  • eric

    What happened in Coulter’s childhood that has detemined who she is as an adult? She comes across as wretched human being and its very unfortunate that big media continues to pay her to spew her hatred. Because if there’s one thing that the world needs less of, it’s Ann Coulter and hatred.

  • w

    B in Illinois:Why does the public arena permit her to take part?******************** Controversy, my friend, controversy. I once took to task an Australian female journo by the name of Miranda Divine (her real name by the way) over a very negative and silly article she once wrote and she replied (privately) that she often wrote controversial material merely for the controversy as that was what the publishers wanted. Stands to reason I suppose. While I’m here I have to apologise for our export of Rupert Murdoch to your shores, thank Christ he doesn’t live here any more! While he was here he managed to do a bunch of slimy deals with various right wing parties on the proviso they changed media-ownership laws, it worked too, but those parties are no longer in power so it wasn’t like the effect lasted all that long. ha ha! But he must be right in his element over there where you can buy any politician you like as long as you quote the right price.

  • Cornell

    I would rather have a muslim president that a president who was part of Trinity Church in Chicago. I would rather have a president who listened to an iman than one who sat through racist and divisive sermons by Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

  • GladToBeInVA1

    Dear Frumpies,Couldn’t you find a more uncomplimentary photo of Ann Coulter?

  • jhbyer

    Linguist, I was sad to learn from you that Obama doesn’t yet back equal marital rights for all adults. As a older widow, I very much see it as inalienable right that will come to gays, just as voting rights and property rights eventually came to women and blacks.The march of progress seems assured by the 9th and 4th amendments of our Constitution, so long as we keep the Supremes free of ideologues. It’s amazing to realize laws restricting couples to one race, even as they now restrict couples to opposite sexes, were designed to prevent the existence of the likes of Barack. Banning gay marriage is just as mindlessly cruel and limiting.

  • itm

    Karen, there are plenty of us out here who find the liberals and the conservatives equally willing to suppress other’s speech. Right now the liberals are not in control, and the republicans are out of control.This thread is about a republican. Do we in the middle have to qualify every negative thing we say about republicans with an equally negative thing about democrats?What a child you are.

  • Bill

    On the rare occasions I refer to her I feel the need spit: two sometimes three times!

  • LOU

    Ann Coulter should be gagged and sent to the Middle East.

  • Marc

    Mike D.Without getting into a scriptural quote fest..I do know the text at least a bit. And even know the passage you cite and some of the scarier bits of Revelations. But I was referring to the “This above all things love one another” that I always see as the overarching trump card message.As to those, and you don’t sound like one, who are absolutely certain of the Almighty’s intent (which inevitably seems to support their own view and retention of power), I must quote my favorite Old Testament line,,,”I am what I am”. Presumably not what others would like.Of course all this assumes you aren’t a deist (like so many Presidents) who would assume that God simply stays out of human affairs

  • spiderman2

    Homosexuality is a form of sickness. We don’t legalise sickness, do we? God hates it and you can look it up in the Bible. It’s non-sense to ban inter-racial marriages. Skin color is not a sickness unlike homosexuality.

  • theduke

    If liberals want people like Coulter to stop making fun of Obama’s middle name by merely making mention of it, maybe they should condemn those in their own party who’ve been making fun of Bush’s name over the years by calling him “shrub” or associating his name with the female genitalia. This has occurred on a regular basis on liberal websites for several years now. I never saw liberals condemning their own for this kind of vulgar, offensive trash talk. Coulter is giving tit for tat. The problem with you liberals is that you can dish it out, but you can’t take it.

  • cyborg0418

    Why is B. Hussein Obama so ashamed of his name? Why?

  • Witless

    Anonymous or is it Anonomon. I bet you are the same person.I don’t feel the love and bi-partisanship coming from you. I thought that was what you Obama people were all about. The respected Senator is supposed to unite and lead us, in the spirit of change, beyond the partisan bickering.You are not setting a good example of what life will be like for us heathens, when the messiah comes to power.One of your prominent Democratic politicians called Senator Obama a Chicago thug. Poor Anne Coulter shows him greater respect by acknowledging his middle name, which he should not be ashamed of, but apparently you are.

  • cmon

    Ah, c’mon, Ann’s not such a bad guy.Ann is a stand up guy for giving them a reason to live.

  • Daliene

    I totally agree with Anne Coulter, she is right to say to talk about the TRUTH because the truth is the name of this democratic candidate is:I hear this and my stomach turn…but over here I am one christian among millions of islamics…i have to swallow what they say and be quiet to be alive.I look forward the day i return to America and live among my people and surely under an American President who is a true american be the President Black or White but one which shares our american values. Not this most ‘violent’ islamic values.This people is so violent, if i open my mouth to say a word against them…they can surely take my life away.So, I keep quiet. But here, on the Internet, I can write and I say, Anne Coulter is absolutly right on her quest about this matter.

  • Bob G.

    WendyB:She’s so horrible I almost feel sorry for her. She’s just an attention seeking buffoon who plays mean as her schtick. God I’m so glad I’m not her.August 31, 2008 11:24 PM |Exactly-

  • Ken

    Why would Fox want to change Coulter or fire her. She is a perfect fit with their other hate spewing and misinformation misfits, including Rove. Best keep them all in the same cage, that way you can ignore them all at the same time.

  • thishowiseeit

    According to David Waters Islam is just another Religion, but it is not, because it is INCOMPATIBLE WITH DEMOCRACY. Democracy means the rule of the common people (demos)or popular rule.

  • Draesop

    I accord Ann Coulter the same attention that she seems to give to the things that she says and writes. The various combinations of racist, bigot, educated and fool allow me some latitude. I can then move on to people like Will, Buckley and others whom, although living in a place vastly different to mine, do often have angles that cannot be reasonably dismissed without thoughtful reflection. Like others, she does have a significant following.

  • observer

    this section is titled ‘under God’.So let’s talk about what a President under God should do, it is a very conservative measure that has stood the test of many centuries. The worth of a President in society should be measured in terms of his or her efforts to keep the country happy and contented,peaceful and prosperous.Each person differs from the other and has different goals and it causes conflict. But that should be the main measure. Obama has emphasised service, and appealed to people to aim for a higher purpose. that purpose means elevating yourself materially and spiritually through learning and education. but since we are part of society, it means doing service to the community.In the end, the President should be measured not by his identity but whether he will deliver to the requirement. Mccain is a Scot descendant and his British ancestor were forced out by 1776, because we did not want them to rule us-but that should not be held against him. Democratic Presidents have a better record since 1948, and Bill Clinton was the most successful. Abraham Lincoln was a great Republican president.

  • bajacalla

    Ann C*ter?

  • PanhandleWilly

    >>>none of them have said anything remotely as obnoxious as Ann CoulterNow that is a matter of opinion and if you find Ms Coulter so obnoxious…why don’t you just not read what she writes…unless you secretly enjoy reading what she writes.

  • LH

    Please, please get this hag’s picture off of the Washington Post website! PLEASE!

  • spiderman2

    “She is a pig.”And liberals are like stale pig food. The good thing is Ann wants it stale so she is having a field day.

  • Anonymous

    Ann Coulter should be ignored. Completely and utterly forgotten so she can fade away like the sad, sad excuse for a human being that she is.

  • pgr88

    What a ridiculous article. To sum up : “let’s call Obama by his politically-acceptable name” and “if you do not assist in covering up the more unattractive aspects of Obama and his character, whether his name, assoc. with Rev. Wright, Ayers, Rezko, Pfleger, etc… then you are a bigot, like Ann Coulter.”Fact is, it is his name. Coulter is certainly spinning it, but after all, it IS his name.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Possum…

  • KPinSEA

    It’s long past time to ignore Ms. Coulter.Frankly I’m amazed anyone is actually watching.

  • Joe Yohka

    the simple minded, angry, and violent responses here sadden me. On the other hand, they appear to be typical examples of the liberal mind its sad flaws.

  • William Jorgensen

    Daliene:I totally agree with Anne Coulter, she is right to say to talk about the TRUTH because the truth is the name of this democratic candidate is:********************* Sounds like a made-up bit of fiction this one. “Here in Asia” isn’t how anyone would describe their location if they were “in Asia” as Asia covers a very big area. Australia is in Asia by the way, in fact the immediate area is called Australasia. Then there’s South East Asia where there are only two muslin nations, Indonesia and Malaya… Hmmm This person is saying the muslims are so dumb there that they think Obama is a muslim. I think they are not quite as stupid as the writer of this fiction.

  • Bryan

    Hurray for Ann Coulter

  • Ethicsbob88

    What ! Ann Sleasebag Coulter is still around on FOX?Who watches FOX?. No wonder we did not know – thought she was still in the slammer for “hate crimes” and slander-slease

  • Patrick

    At least Ann Coulter has had the grace to channel her visceral antisemitism away from its historic victims. Now if she could find it in herself to outgrow the need for antisemitic bigotry entirely there might be hope for her and her kind.

  • AJBF

    Kudos to David Waters for his intelligent, educated and responsible article about Coulter’s strident bigotry. This will fly right over the heads of those not rational or intelligent enough to make the obvious distinction that because some terrorists are muslim it does not follow that all muslims are therefore terrorists. There will always be religious fanatics on all sides, although I’m given hope by signs that the younger generation is moving beyond this pathetic limitation.

  • SMF

    Take it for what the issue is…the Lap Dog Lefty media are deathly scared some will think B. Hussain Obama is a Muslim. Fact is, he was born Muslim (Father) and raised so when he was prepubertal. Fact is, he hob nobbed with the racist bigot Farrakhan. He says he is now Christian and raised his children that way. Fine. The middle name jive is what the Lefty Press uses to signify white supremacy fancy shmancy crooks ie E. Howard Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy etc. It was a mark of ridicule. Made for good copy at one time. The Lefty Press is just getting its own bigotry thrown back. But lets get real here……Some people use it by choice when they don’t like their first name. Big deal. Hooray for Anne Coulter: no one better at holding up a mirror to the Axis of Evil: NY Times, Wash Post, LA Times, etc.

  • lvdjgarcia

    As loathsome as Coulter is, the people who continue to put her on the air (Hannity, O’Reilly, Mathews, etc.) are worse. They know what she’s going to say and yet, they still put her on the air.

  • samson151

    Here’s my theory: if we stopped listening (particularly the media), she’d stop talking. As it is, she makes a nice living offending people. She’s Don Rickles, except more butch.

  • pgr88

    Dear ReadersPlease – only use the politically-acceptable name of the Democratic Candidate, regardless of what his name really is.ALSO – please do not raise the issue of this candidates associations with Wright, Ayers, Pfleger, Rezko, Davis or the whole host of racist, terrorist, communist characters. That also is not politically-correct, and makes us very sad.Otherwise, we will be forced to call you RACIST.Thank you

  • Jack White

    “What’s sly about B. Hussein? Can liberals admit we are at war with Islamofascists? Or do Liberals have to attack the right wing conservative Christians because they cannot tolerate they’re “goodness”.” That would be their goodness, not they’re. And why exactly is goodness in quotes?”This country was started by CHRISTIANS. Sorry, read the Declaration of Independence, it’s right our of the Bible. We also speak ENGLISH here.” It’s right our of the bible? I’m sorry, could you please clarify that? I know that you’re a clear thinking genius, but this seems to be slightly off. And by the way, was the bible actually written in English, or did I somehow miss your point?”So unlike say Iran where you are murdered if you behave as a homosexual, or Christian, we tolerate those behaviors. Tolerance of destructive behaviors. Islamist are responsible for plane bombing, it just the truth. Not the Jews. Islamist. And homosexual lifestyle is very destructive to one’s health – look up the STD -including HIV data. Average life expectancy of a homosexual – 47 years. Ok, so why do we need to apologize about it?”Why do we need to apologize about what, exactly? Terribly sorry. I seem to be missing your point again. I guess your excellent English just goes over my unintelligent liberal head.”It the truth.”It the truth?”Islamist murder people for Allah, and being homosexual is slow suicide. Get over it.”Uh, okay. What is it I’m supposed to get over again? Are you, like, a conservative or something? Do you, like, not like homosexuals? Do you, like, think you are smart?Uh, no.

  • Jim Roberts, Jr.

    Coulter is a great lady!!! She makes me proud to be a BORN AGAIN, washed-in-the-blood Christian. Islam is a Satanic cult founded by a pedophile and mass murderer.Coulter stands up to the idiot liberals, homosexuals, pacifists and atheists in a way that few “conservative” men do (wimpy, namby-pamby men like Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Michael Savage who claim the “conservative” mantle).Barack Hussein Obama is a muslim, pure and simple. He’s not even really a U.S. citizen! Look at where his support lies; With the liberal left in the U.S., in socialist Europe, and in the muslim world! If Osamabama is elected, Israel is doomed, and America along with it. God will withdraw his protection from the United States if we abandon his chosen people and the Holy Land to the Palestinians. The West needs to stand up to this death cult if we wish to save what’s left of civilization. Of course, this may just all be a prelude to the second coming of Lord JESUS CHRIST! Maybe he’s on his way to deal with things personally…

  • Hank

    Ann Coulter is as gracless and insipid a person as has ever disgraced the airwaves with her voice and presence. A turd in the punch bowl of life, if you will. She has rendered herself, by her cartoonishly distorted comments, uncredible. Genuinly a human of no moment. She makes Paris Hilton look like a woman of substance.

  • feign

    Listen to the outrage of some of these people, “it is his name!You got Ann’s point exactly it seems, it worked perfectly on you. Your feigned outrage can be seen through by even the dimmest 6th grader.I had to leave the republicans when Bush took over. I used to think we had better ideas, better people than the democrats. I still think we have some left, but since Rove took over our success can only be explained by our pandering to the retards.If we can’t win the election without Cletus and Bubba, then maybe we don’t deserve to win. I’m sure the democrats don’t deserve it.Ah, what a world. Who would think that the cletii are to decide the next president?

  • Michael

    A pretty bigot is still an ugly bigot. A Christian who spews hate is not a Christian. For Fox TV to allow a bigot free rein to slander Obama and Muslims makes them an accessory to someone who is the lowest form of humanity…Coutler is a symbol of why we need to change 100% of those in charge in Washington, not just the top two spots…

  • Don

    Daliene: Are “islamics” in “Asia” really “greatful” about “BARRACK” Obama being elected president? You are either not really an American or in need of some remedial education in writing, as well as thinking. Anyone who thinks Ann the Man Coulter is right about ANYTHING is either seriously delusional or swallowing her shtick hook, line, and sinker.

  • jfp

    The very first comment on the page is to the point. Most civil people have been ignoring Coulter for a long time. Most of her gigs these days are with College Republicans which is a shame for the GOP. I had one young man from my youth group get involved with this kind of foolishness and it took several years for the wounds his mouth inflected on his family and friends to heal. Even while he was in the middle of it, you could tell that he felt some shame at being so verbally violent. He always hid it from me, the family’s pastor, and then over time it just disappeared. Eventually he decided he loved his family more than the ideas rolling around in his head. Coulter is just another in the long line of self promoting tin sales men. I believe we now call them “media personalities”.

  • Linguist

    “…Barack comes from the Arabic word baracka, which like its Hebrew cousin baruch means “blessed.”…”Maybe, but probably not. Sorry to be picky, but it’s hard to tell from the spelling because (1) transliterated names are ambiguous and (2)it’s hard to know which Kenyan language might have influenced the pronunciation/Romanized spelling of the Arabic.For what it’s worth, it’s more likely that “Bara(c)k” means “lightning”. As it happens, the Hebrew word for “lightning” is ALSO “barak”, as in Ehud Barak, former Israeli Prime Minister.”Blessed” in Hebrew is “baruch”, and the equivalent Arabic name would either be “Barakah” or “Mubarak”.Still, there’s no doubt that Senator Obama’s given name works in both Arabic and Hebrew.

  • Tony in Idaho

    Ann Coulter is a disgrace to both Christianity and America. It doesn’t take much of a stretch to imagine her as the reincarnation of Joseph Goebbels, endlessly repeating The Big Lie.Besides, what’s in a name? So Obama’s middle name is Hussein, so what? My middle name is “Cook,” but I’m no chef. I’ve also known several guys named Jesus who aren’t even close to being the sons of god!

  • RonNV

    It is what it is. His name is what it is. If he wnated to legally change he could have. He has a law degree and supposedly passed the bar exam. Therefore he could have easily gone into Cook County court and legally changed his name. He did not. Enough said.

  • Adam

    Where the preamble declares, that coercion is a departure from the plan of the holy author of our religion, an amendment was proposed by inserting “Jesus Christ,” so that it would read “A departure from the plan of Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion;” the insertion was rejected by the great majority, in proof that they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mohammedan, the Hindoo and Infidel of every denomination.-Thomas Jefferson, Autobiography, in reference to the Virginia Act for Religious Freedom

  • Amused European

    This name debating is just another good example why nobody in the whole world takes Americans serious. You are all children, thank God you are destroying yourself with your McCain/Palin-administartion, so EU, Russia, India and China can take over the world lead…

  • Gaston

    Ann Coulter is one amogn the lunatic fringe we, the American public should ignore. The only advice I have for Ann Coulter is; wake up Ann & smell the coffee, the party(GOP) is over, America in the 21st century is a multicultural, multi-religious country, multi-racial society, wheer Eid Al Adha is celebrated along with Christmas & CINCO DE MAYO is on the same par with 4th of July.

  • William Jorgensen

    It won’t matter soon whether you are a Muslim or a Christian, when the oil runs out and there’s no more cheap and easily gotten food, you’ll all be eating each other or starving to death! How about a secular state free of religious nut-cases who speak to god for guidance. Like, er, anywhere would be good. The ritual genuflection for the fearful masses looks as fake as it must surely be. I don’t see a lot of sweet charity floating around the rich religious republican lot either, so there goes their free ticket through the pearly gates. I don’t see any so-called Christian values amongst the most vociferous of them all. Fornicators and liars the whole corrupt bunch!

  • PatD

    You know I hadn’t heard anything about Ms Coulter for any number of weeks, until now that is. I pray that I can regain my previous state of inattentiveness vis a vis Ms … hmmm … who was that again ?

  • Judy

    A couple years ago, my family and I had the unusual experience of being at the next table in a restaurant when Ann Coulter was on a date. SHe is absolutely as awful, loud and hateful up close as she is on the screen and in print. SHe is a completely offensive and obnoxious person, even when trying to be charming.

  • Trying to make a name for myself

    Ann who?

  • Arny

    Repukes offended at negative remarks against Coulter? LMFAO Oh boy. Spare me the aligator tears Coulter freaks…I could post hateful negative remarks on my computer twenty hours a day for the rest of my life and still not even come close to all the hate she has spewed in mass media including her books. What a riot. If there really is a heaven and hell, her elevator is going down after her numbers up.

  • Anonymous

    Coulter has a lot in common with the porn star Jenna Jameson, except she’s not as smart or as good looking. My apologies to Jenna.

  • milimack

    Arabic is a language and Islam is a religion like English is a language and Christianity is a religion. One does not necessarily have anything to do with the other. Barack Hussein Obama has a Arabic name. It has nothing to do with Islam. Many East Africans have Arabic or Swahili(a derivative of Arabic and the official language of Kenya and Tanzania) who do not practice Islam. But all is fair in politics (including ignorance) and Barack Hussein Obama will need to get thick skin and simply ignore playground taunts. I am sure he has done this all his life or he would not be in this place.

  • A.

    Anne who? Fox what? I’m sorry but these references must be to people and shows airing on TVLAND because they are so yesterday. Thank goodness we appear to be getting past the day way when these hate-filled windbags were taken seriously. I wonder what Anne will do to make living now…maybe she can get a gig on dancing with the stars?

  • Lee Taylor

    Why do we keep talking about Hussein? Hussein is just a name. Hussein is not a name that conveys super meaning. Hussein is just Hussein. I mean if the name were Smith or Biff, I can see the point of talking about it. But istead, we’re talking about Hussein. When will the media stop bringing up this issue of Hussein. I stopped thinking of Hussein a long time ago. Hussein is a name which should be respected. Hussein is not a name that should be disrespected in the public discourse. Hussein is a name for identification purposes only. What exactly does Hussein mean? Does the word Hussein have any special meaning? If he just dropped his middle name of Hussein, or if he just switched middle names with his brother in Kenya, so that the Hussein issue could be dropped, I think this campaign could focus on something other than Hussein. The rains in Spain fall gently on Hussein. It could be that the name Hussein interesting because the last sylable rhymes with so many words–plain, train, gain, Jane, Hussein. It just has a nice ring to it–Hussein.

  • Enemy Of The State

    Hard for me to get a read on Coulter — if she believes her rubbish, then she’s a bigot; but, if she doesn’t, and she spews this crap to make money, then she’s even worse. Either way, she’s a piece of work.

  • Fate

    Ann Coulter has proven herself to cater to the lowest mentality in America, those who want to hear things a certain way and truth or accuracy is not a consideration. B. Hussain is just one more. To the Washington Post: It is long time for the Post to report what is real and accurate, not give a podium for people like Counter and report on why she is wrong. If the Post stuck to good reporting on facts, and backs them up, people might learn to ignore Coulter instead of considering what she says. The Post and other news media are not doing their job of keeping America informed. Its no wonder people say they know little about Obama. Where have the page long biographies been that the Post use to be known for? Without knowing Obama, Coulter has a fertile field to ply her trade. Do your job Post, America depends of a free and accurate press. Coulter and her kind exist *because* of your failure to keep America informed.

  • RBoston

    Expecting Ann Coulter to embrace graciousness is like expecting Osama Bin Laden to embrace Christianity. Ain’t gonna happen. She is vile beyond all measure.

  • I stopped listening years ago

    I’d rather Ann favored us with her absence but as A. pointed out, that seems to be happening on its own. bye, bye Ann — don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

  • Kate

    I find Coulter a big bore. I would imagine that she tires of herself at some point. Who can keep such an act going indefinitely? I feel sorry for her…no husband, no children. I doubt she has many friends. Wonder what she’ll be thinking in her last days? Should have spent even more time spewing venom? She’s yesterday’s news.

  • MIke D.

    This has got to be the most misleadingly named forum in any major newspaper. And here’s yet another–I don’t know, “article” or whatever it is–of many, many to prove it.

  • huh

    Is the author really attempting to pass this off as the truth? Blaming one individual — Ann Coulter — for an obvious mental connection between the name of the ex-leader of a country that has been at the top of the news for decades and the name of one of our presidential candidates?Right in the middle of a major conflict with Iraq, we find out Obama’s middle name is Hussein.How many of you DIDN’T automatically think of Saddam Hussein when you heard Barack’s middle name? Whether your mental association was positive or negative isn’t the point. I’ll bet when you now see a can of Bush’s Beans you think of GWB. This author presumes that we are stupid enough to actually believe that this automatic name association is Coulter’s fault. Ridiculous. The author is ridiculous and any of you who believe this dreck is ridiculous.

  • dvg of Tucson AZ

    Ann is working her bony butt off to defeat BO not because of his name or heritage, the approach is just a tool. Her efforts are to benefit America by defeating a SOCIALIST who should be run out of the country, not elected to ANY office where he can he can implemment subversive anti-American ideas.

  • Cleareye

    Coulter is no more than a side show attraction for Fox. But seriously, she should be offered help in extracting herself from this pit of horrors that she has sunk into. She is still a human being and needs help. Imagine what it must feel like to be so hated and reviled by so many people and everytime you try to talk your way out you fall deeper and deeper into the pit.

  • sls

    Obama is as Muslim as the day is long. Read the full history of Obama and his father and mother -their whole history not just that his father went to Harvard. It’s right there in front of you if you’re not too blind and stupid to see it. Ann Coulter is one of the few who have the courage to speak the truth. If she calls Obama, B. Hussein Obama then she is just calling him by his name. What’s the harm in that? I’m sure John McCain wouldn’t mind being called J. Sydney McCain. But it seems to bother the crap out of a lot of liberals for Obama to be called B. Hussein Obama. Wonder Why? DUH!

  • Michael Lofrano

    The word admiral has an Arabic root? Well, that does it for me. What argument could convince me more that all Muslims are peace-loving and all all Americans are bigots?

  • sandra


  • james wilson

    Ah, no.

  • Don

    Ronnv: And if Obama did change his name, I’m sure this would never have been mentioned at all by you and the others who apparently are so bothered by the one he has. He was, FYI, called “Barry” by most people who knew him — and still is by many in his family — until he consciously decided to start using his full name in college. Keeping “Barry” would have been the easy way out, as would have been taking his mother’s maiden name (Dunham) to sound less “Muslim”. It is to Obama’s credit that he didn’t take that route and is proud of who he is. It’s a pity that you and all the other bigots can’t see this, but then you never do.

  • Fate

    Enemy Of The State: “Hard for me to get a read on Coulter — if she believes her rubbish, then she’s a bigot; but, if she doesn’t, and she spews this crap to make money, then she’s even worse.”Oh its the money. I once was watching a talking heads show, can’t remember the name, just that it was all women (no, not the View, a real show). Coulter was harping about some democrat living in a huge house and that made them out of touch and other nasty things. One of the other talking heads asked Coulter how many square feet the house she was building in Potomac had. She smiled and shut up. A few days later on another show she was saying the same thing about the democrat. Its all for money, as usual. I don’t think she really believes more than 10% of it, but she knows her half brained followers believe 100% of it and that’s what makes the money.

  • bob

    And this is what succeeds in American society, this is what prospers: the espousal of clever phrasing used to incite hatred. How sad.

  • Linguist

    “…What exactly does Hussein mean? Does the word Hussein have any special meaning?”It basically means “handsome” or “fine” or “good”. It’s an extremely common name.I love names. But names really don’t have meanings as such. They are ways we refer to people. People like names that evoke certain feelings, of course, but in the end, it’s what people make of their lives that count, not what name is on their birth certificate that matters.There are silly games being played, largely by those on the Right in this case, to denigrate a fellow American citizen. I have friends, also Americans, with odd names like “Cecil” and “Marco” and “Gislinde” (I kid you not). While none of them is running for President, I would hope we would be grown up enough not to decide who could or could not run for president based on what their parents decided to name them.For the record, Gislinde hates her name and won’t let me call her that. 😉

  • KC

    It is past time for a low-life like Coulter to receive any attention whatsoever.

  • merrill1

    Grace, reason and tolerance do not become a demagogue. You ask a horse to bark like a dog.


    Come on, as the owner of a company used to say to me when someone would get upset about a transaction or negotiation – don’t take it personally… it’s just business. It’s a self selected group that buys her books and watches her on Fox. They buy what she is selling and no doubt her sales are doing quite well, thank you very much.

  • Amused “non-european”

    Why do liberals denigrate people because they have different thoughts – it is factually, his name.Why is Ann Coulter’s use of a man’s name news-worthy? I hear from every liberal that Barack has this election all wrapped up – so why the hysteria? Is this a case of don’t look too close?

  • expt

    I finally had to leave, man, that place is becoming a sewer. The children are running the playground and the adults are all drunk on booze or religion.America used to be the best place on the planet to live, but it’s not anymore. It had the brightest future, but it doesn’t have that anymore either.It had the most free society in human history, but you cowards have let our government crap all over the constitution under some delusion that these clowns are protecting you from the evil muslims.Between the whining democrats and the retard republicans, you’re destroying our country.Ann is a symptom, as someone here said. She doesn’t exist without her audience.Bah! It’s beyond hope.

  • Windfall

    The guy’s name is B. Hussein Obama. He could change it if he wanted to. He could also send $20 to his brother living in a shantytown shack in Kenya and double his annual income.All Ann Coulter is doing is calling someone by their actual name. You have plenty of Democrats calling John McCain, McSame or McShame or worse.But you stress out about someone being addressed by the name that he has and chooses to keep.You have no problem though with someone making $4 million last year and kicking his brother to the curb all the while lecturing about how we need to cough up more tax dollars to help out the poor.I don’t even need to put a name on this sort of thinking. Everyone knows what it is and what Jesus had to say about it.

  • Nobody Everybody

    Great WaPo. I had gone almost 6 months without thinking or hearing about this person.Thanks for bringing her, and her rants up to our attention again. NOT.Is she paying you?

  • W G

    The best way to deal with Ann Coulter is simply to ignore her. If she doesn’t draw any attention or create any controversy she won’t sell any books, then nobody will have her on T.V. and soon she will just disappear.

  • Charles

    I’m a conservative, and anyone who bothers listening to Ann Coulter deserves their reputation as an idiot.

  • FilmMD

    I think Ann Coulter needs plastic surgery again. She is quickly turning into a hag.

  • Rahiq Syed

    Despite his race, I am amazed by what Senator Obama has accomplished. I have been in this country for 5 years and when I arrived I was struck at how poor and uneducated most blacks are. I could never figure out why most had children out of wedlock, sold drugs, and were in jail. I suppose it is the slave metality from generations ago but at some point they will have to take responsibility. I think that is the reason Senator Obama appeals to so many whites because he isn’t 100% black. He has a black face but the mentality of a white person. That makes the vote palatable and they can feel good about themselves. I doubt many of these white voters would go for an Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson – just too black and they are for more representative of the black American – not Barack Obama.

  • Main Dane

    Insane. A lovely word. Has a kinda ring to it.

  • Kerrie

    I am so sorry we are spending any time on A. Hart(less) Coulter because she doesn’t deserve any further attention. Instead, since she obviously needs a great deal of attention, I think we should make arrangements for her to spend more time with Rush and they can spend their time seeing who is more outlandish than the other. Frankly, why we give either of these wacko’s any credence is beyond me. I’d much rather see us debate on the what obviously will be the renewed role of Evangelicals in the up and coming election.

  • Ellen

    Ann Coulter is a middle aged over the hill pundit……..her time has passed and she is desperate to hold on to whatever pathetic tidbits she has left. She is no longer modern, if she ever was.


    Why give importance to an idiot and retarded women, her mental age is no less than 5 years old with an I.Q. of neocons (<25). Fox news has collected a bunch of xenophobic, extremist, and people of Nazi kind of mindsets (to obliterate a population of the world), good example is this woman, who is very repulsive looking with malicious thoughts to prove her spitefulness.

  • Joan

    Democrats doth protest too much, methinks

  • Francisco Cardenas

    Isn’t this article a little foolish? … bloggers are constantly referring to McCain as McSame or McBush … and you have a problem with Ann Coulter saying “B. Hussein Obama”? As far as I know she is the only one who does … at least in the Media world.

  • kentuckywoman

    What puzzles me about most conservatives is that although they claim to be the guardian of all things decent, moral, Christian, etc., many of them, e.g. this Coulter swill, are the most mean-spirited, hateful, downright evil representatives of Satan-on-earth that there is. This woman needs to grow up and wash her mouth out with soap. After that, she might try entering a convent and spending the rest of her life praying to God and asking for His forgiveness.

  • spiderman2

    “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Rev. 18:4)Christians first warn the people. If the people don’t listen, they move out before the FIRE pulverizes the liberal cities.One way to prevent Doomsday is to follow God’s intructions. It’s that simple. Abortion and Gay Marriage are magnets of doom.

  • marik7

    What do you think Ann might do with guys named “Joe.”Compare them to Stalin?

  • Martiniano

    REALTAT, you care about Francophones, but remember that in English a “frank” also means a wiener. So when English diplomats hear “frank” they think wiener. And when we hear “french” we think “frog”.That is if there are any English speaking diplomats out there – oh, wait, there are!

  • Martiniano

    REALTAT = FROG WIENER.Do frogs have wieners? Yes… if they are French.

  • marik7

    A lot of people seem to think that Ann Coulter is funny.What would they say if someone posted a graphic description of how Ann should be tortured, dismembered, and killed?Would they “LOL”?

  • spiderman2

    “These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzis… These self-obsessed women seemed genuinely unaware that 9/11 was an attack on our nation and acted as if the terrorist attacks happened only to them… I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much.” (Ann Coulter)There’s a big difference if we present it piecemeal.

  • Fact — Christian?

    The column stated: “The fact that Obama, like Coulter, is a Christian isn’t the point.”Is one a Christian just by signing up, by saying they are Christian? Or is one a Christian by believing in Christ’s teachings and trying to follow them. I am not Ann Coulter, and maybe she does believe in Christ’s teachings and tries to follow them, but if so she is failing miserably at the two most important parts of Christianity – “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Her hate filled screeds betray little sign of either of these two foundations of Christianity.

  • marik7

    Someone mention “inside the Beltway”?McCain, that’s for sure.Born with a silver spoon. Replaced it, through marriage, with a silver shovel.More money for the rich, and to Hades with the middle class.McCain’s policies: more money for the wealthy–“pure and simple.” Of course, not all middle class people can tell what’s in their own best economic interest.

  • david

    yes, invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them. do it. the world would be better off, and so would the inhabitants of those countries.

  • Anonymous

    After reading all these comments, I think that voting for a guy named “Hussein” might be a great idea.I think I’ll do it.

  • spiderman2

    Anon wrote “After reading all these comments, I think that voting for a guy named “Hussein” might be a great idea. “It’s not surprising. The weird should vote for the weird. Doomsday is coming and nobody can’t stop it.

  • Jimbo

    Dear Sally and Jon,

  • tennismom

    Stop whining! Why so sensitive about Ms. Coulter calling him B. Hussein Obama?It’s his name, isn’t it?What are you afraid of?

  • Rick Jones, Fredericksburg, VA

    Hi Victoria,You are taking it awfully easy on our friend Ann Coulter. I know, she isn’t worth the effort.

  • Kathryn

    Ann Coulter is about as CHRISTIAN as Osama Bin Laden himself.Pure and simple, she is a TERRORIST of the worst kind.

  • Chris

    Why do you people feed into this woman’s obvious attempts to raise hell (and book sales)? She is locked in a downward spiral which forces her to say increasingly outrageous comments just to get print space. For some reason, you people keep biting at the proverbial apple. Ignore her and she’ll go away.

  • Johnnie

    Well, since Barak Hussein Obama is his name, what is the problem? You seem to agree then that there is something wrong with that name.But, to the real point, Obama supports radical islam, attended mosque as a child, and, as an adult, attended a racist church. There is nothing Chritian about Jeremiah Wright. You might want to look into that issue. What is Christian about whorsiping Africa and blackness? You are just an appoligist for the radical left and radical Islam. Do we need to point out to you that Muslim countries that you love so much execute homosexuals, adulterers, and unveiled women? Are you suicidal? If you love radical islam so much go live in Saudi Arabia, or Yemen, or Iran, or Pakistan.

  • Homunculus

    What a bunch of whiners. W H I N E R S Democrats felt the need to pick a presidential candidate with handicaps. So as the saying goes, if you make your bed, do not fear to lie in it. Dems think they are changing society and breaking the mold. How forward thinking, if not ill timed. If B. Hussain’s name was not anathema in

  • Robert James

    Some Americans are good haters. I mean VERY GOOD HATERS.Until I read your article I had not heard of Arn Cooler. Who is she?It seems that she follows Rupert Murdochs Principle: Controversy Makes Money.Vicious comments lead to more vicious comments. Ann is dangerous.

  • kchses

    Coulter is an example of what is wrong with so called conservatives today. They hate ‘liberals’ more then they love their country. They peddle political pornography and hate. Imbueing their followers with hate. It’s a dead end street. They need to pump out more and hate to get the same reactions from their followers. It’s the same street Arabs are on. They hate Jews more then they love their children. Today’s conservatives are on the same path.

  • the truth seeker

    Ann C is basically a person who has negative views about every 1 except herself. the irony is that she believes in all that. if some person for instance with black skin expresses that way he or she will be getting a different response. her comments about different religon are just !!!!***

  • SF Paul

    Ann Coulter doesn’t have a shred of grace, whether she means the sick things she says or it’s an act…whichever is worse!

  • mbspringer

    After the election she will probably switch to a better paying job in the porno industry


    The fact that Fox news has Coulter has a commentator says a lot about that network. They obviously deserve each other.

  • Charles L. Freeman Jr

    A Klansman, Ann Coulter, Satan and a chimp walk into a bar at the same time. Seeing them, the bartender hollers out, “Hey, no animals allowed in here.”A few minutes later, he slides a mug of beer in front of the chimp who’s sitting on a bar stool. The chimp thanks him, takes a sip and says, “I’ve got to be honest with you. I thought you were yelling at me.”The bartender says, “I was.”

  • Pat

    Thank you for this article on Ann. She has received a cult-like following from Religious fanatics that is very scary. I do not know how a true Christian can believe her words. I guess the only deduction is that they are not real Christians who would say what would Christ have said. She seems to forget the vital message from the Bible: Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself!!. To me that is the ultimate way.

  • puhleeze

    there have been several comments here along the lines of “it’s his name, why are you thenthitive dems angry that people use it?” yes, it’s his name, his middle name, and he chooses to go by his first name and always has. to continue to refer to him by the middle name is just being an antagonistic twit (or feel free to swap out that i and replace it with another more appropriate letter) and to make a link for him that doesn’t at all exist. before one of you knuckledraggers forward the “OMG he’s a muslim!!!!!111!!!” email one more time, obama. is. not. a. muslim. no matter how much you wish it were true, it isn’t.

  • Some guy

    — Ann Coulter was and is necessary —Living in a big city and using the phrase “mature” every now and then doesn’t make one so. Misusing media to further some liberal agenda is betraying the readers trust. Regarding Christians as a liability and every party opposing them as an asset isn’t viable. These positions only makes sense if the party disseminating them have no intention of contributing in the first place. Ann Coulter is the avenging media angel for many years of liberal secular narcissistic postmodern unsustainable shallow nonsense posing as “humanism”.Melanie Phillips says: Islamists rightly identify the west as decadent, no longer capable of defending its values as it can’t even remember what they are.If liberal “media” didn’t have a plethora of soft spots for Ann Coulter to hit, she wouldn’t have to and it wouldn’t work. Now, go suck it up.

  • Anonymous

    i like how the author of this had to use the rank of mccain’s father to link him to an arabic meaning of a word.when will the media stop stroking obama?

  • mmaza

    I thought she she was dead.

  • Alex

    fr soccermom:>Ann is a gracious warrior. When confronted with Democratic lies, we need a warrior goddess to cut through the lies and politics. I can’t wait until Obama and McCain debate.Um, maybe you should review what your “gracious warrior” said about (thankfully) former senator joseph mccarthy. You know who he was, connected with huac. Whiny annie had the gall to say HE was the victim of all those nasty commies, when it has been proven that he was NOT a victim. At all. Except of alcohol poisoning.

  • Satish

    May be she should marry Mullah Omar or Osama! After all like begets like and god knows, she may become a “good wife”!!

  • Stavros Kanakaris

    Ann Coulter loves to hate and probably hates to be loved. Her sex life must be terrible.

  • G.W. Haws

    There are very few people who are truly evil in this world — most are only human and may have evil tendencies that are tempered to some extent by good, redeeming qualities. Anne Coulter has no such redeeming qualities. I strongly, strongly feel that she should be burned alive at the stake before she has a tryst with Dick Cheney and conceives the antichrist. Perhaps we should be so fortunate as to have the “Islamofascists” put out a fatwa on her like they did to Salmon Rushdie…

  • Local Crank

    What people don’t seem to get is that Ann’s public persona is no more genuine than Stephen Colbert’s. Ann’s opinions are an act intended to separate slow learners from their money, and in order to do that, she HAS to be outrageous. It doesn’t work otherwise. Think of it as performance art, or “opiniotainment”. What’s scary though is that Colbert’s fans know it’s a gag; Coulter’s seem to have trouble catching on.

  • Franck

    Ann Coulter is a Christian? Surely you jest!

  • spiderman2

    “Like the Democrats, Playboy just wants to liberate women to behave like pigs, have sex without consequences, prance about naked, and abort children. ” (Ann Coulter)Coulter’s values are intact. Im not sure about majority of the people here.

  • Sara B.

    ?? Colbert employs satire or parody. He exagerates (not much) the views of the far right to mock them. Ann Coulter espouses hate not to fight it but to traffic in it. She plays on the base instincts of the Republican base and much of it has no place in responsible public discourse. She is probably a money maker but I have no respect for any political, news or information outlet that would hand her a microphone.

  • Joe Thomas

    It seems to me that the worst crime a person can commit in our culture is to be “insensitive” That’s insensitive to the dogma of liberalism. Ann Coulter’s real sins are to use facts, the actual words and deeds of liberals, reason, sarcasm and humor to highlight the inanity, insanity and humorless fascists tendencies of the left. She tells the truth about liberals and the foolishness they try to foist off on the rest of us as ideas. Worst of all she laughs at liberals and their ideas. How dare she! The lies, stupidity, vile name calling, historical distortions, self-righteousness and utter, terminal hypocrisy of the left is holy writ. I see no articles deriding the obscenity laced, paranoid rants of Bill Mahr, the Daily Kos and various leftist approved comedians, pundits and Hollywood producers and actors.Who do the left hate? Joe mcCarthy becaused he exposed them for the traitors they were and are. Nixon, because he proved they really were traitors and used their own tactics against them. Bush because he “stole” their elitist “we know best” birthright from them. Ann Coulter because she laughs at them.This pious article and most of the comments just prove the point.

  • Kase

    If the biotch could somehow get laid she may calm down…

  • Local Crank

    I agree, Sara, and the result of Ann’s act is vile, with no shred of Christian morality at its core. But my point is, it’s not real. It’s an act played out for The Base. She tells them that their most xenophobic fantasies are true (look down the blog and see how many call it The Truth) and in return they keep her in the spotlight and buy her books. I’d never put Colbert and Coulter in the same category when it comes to ethics. Colbert has some.

  • spiderman2

    “Liberals’ only remaining big issue is abortion because of their beloved sexual revolution. That’s their cause: Spreading anarchy and polymorphous perversity. Abortion permits that. ” (Ann Coulter)Coulter’s values are intact. Im not sure about majority of the people here.

  • Free Speech

    It’s sad to see the left trying to stop free speech. They always restort to that when anyone they support or any of their ideas are critized. You may not like what S.C. says, but she has the right to say it. During the last 8 years there as been a strong effort by the left to limit free speech and they have been defeated each time.

  • It takes one to know one

    Coulter is a sad gathering of cells that is fetid and raw. Of no social or intellectual value. She smells if you get close upShe is entitled to say what she wants, though. But why care about it? She’s a vapid,

  • Anonymous

    Assassination, like Jihad, is an extension of a fanatic creed and psychology. Muhammad had at his disposal a band of hatchet men ready to do his bidding. Through them, he got inconvenient elements eliminated, particularly those who questioned his apostolic inspiration and had the ability to put their opposition into poetry and satire. Who will kill Ka b. b. Ashraf? He has maligned Allah, the Exalted, and His Messenger, said Muhammad. Volunteered one Muhammad b. Maslama: Messenger of Allah, do you wish that I should kill him? The prophet replied: Yes. Then the assassin sought Muhammad s permission to talk to the intended victim as he thought best-even to talk ill of the prophet in order to win his confidence. The permission was given. Then the assassin, accompanied by some accomplices, went to Ka b s house at night. Posing as a disgruntled follower of the prophet, he lured his intended victim outside. Ka b s wife warned: I bear a voice which sounds like the voice of murder. But Ka b replied: It is only Muhammad b. Maslama and his foster brother, AbU MA ila. When a gentleman is called at night even if to be pierced with a spear, he should respond to the call. He went down and was killed (4436). Very soon, Ka b s head was flung at the feet of the prophet.Further details are available in various other accounts, such as the Sahih BukhAri, and the biographies of Muhammad by Ibn IshAq and TabarI. Ibn IshAq also quotes from the poems written by Muhammad s court poets to celebrate the event. Another Ka b, a poet, sang: Of them Kab was left prostrate there;HassAn b. Sabit, another poet, describes the assassins bold as lions, travelling by night with their light swords, who made the victim taste his death with their deadly swords, seeking victory for the religion of their prophet. Another tradition quoted by Ibn IshAq says that our attack upon God s enemy cast terror among the Jews, and there was no Jew in Medina who did not fear his life.

  • Anonymous

    Jihad TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER PRAYERReturning from the Battle of AhzAb, Muhammad announced that nobody would say his zuhr prayer (the afternoon prayer, recited when the sun has begun to decline) but in the quarters of the BanU Quraiza, the unlucky victims of his aggression, as we have seen. Some, fearing that the time for the prayer might be over, said the prayer before reaching the street of the BanU Quraiza. Others did not say it at all for fear of losing time and not reaching the spot in time. On learning this, Muhammad did not blame anyone from the two groups (4374).HELP FROM A POLYTHIST IN JihadThe last hadith of this book is about a man who approached Muhammad and said: I have come so that I may follow you and get a share from the booty. Muhammad asked him if he believed in Allah and His Messenger. When the man said he did not, Muhammad declined his offer till he corrected his theology. (4472).The translator makes an interesting comment on this hadith. He says that it apparently contradicts some other ahadith from which we learn that the Holy prophet accepted help offered by non-Muslims in his military campaigns. For example, SafwAn b. Ummaya fought on his side at the Battle of Hunain, and QuzmAn was present on the day of Uhud, and both were polytheists. According to the translator, these two instances go to prove that the help of a non-Muslim can be accepted when it is essential (note 2285).

  • Pat Rogers

    Ann Coulter is a fascist. By definition fascists recognize no moral, ethical or civil limits. For themselves.Ann Coulter is the symptom of a social disease in America that is growing worse with each year, right-wing extremist intolerance. This extremism has already claimed American democracy as a victim and it is looking to make America the first major fascist threat of the 21st century. There really is nothing that any civil human being can do about it until the rest of the world gets tired of it and bombs America back into the stone age. It is the only way that fascism is ever put down.

  • Ratzoe

    The party that favors killing babies, but not criminals is upset that Ann is using her constitutional right of free speech? Why am I not surprised?

  • Windhill

    There will topless photos of Ms. Coulter in heaven, and it will not be a sin to look at them.Anyone who has studied Revelations carefully is aware of this, and much more…..


    Linking Obama to Muslims is, frankly, insulting to both Muslims and Christians. Better to link him to Communism which is the religion of the socialists among us which would include most of the Democrat Party.


    La Coulter doused herself in perfume for her appearance in that famous Fox News show. She harbored hopes about a romantic link with the handsome host, that is, the handsome one of the two that conducted the show. She did not bother to prepare for the meeting; she could easily rattle off any of her well known inventory of invective against whoever was being attacked in that show. It was so great to be able to say anything in this crazy country! She mentally thanked those wealthy merchants that had devised such comfortable written instrument that allowed her the freedom of speech to knock, insinuate, nuanced, attack and vilify those she did not like. And she got paid for all that, which somehow revealed that the country was not only crazy but also stupid! She laughed to herself. She reached the door of the host and paused to arrange her meager cleavage and fluff her long blond hair, while her heart beat at a faster rhythm. She opened the door and almost fainted as she found half dressed Rush Limbaugh kissing her adored host in the mouth while they both caressed each other and murmured things like “I love your chubby body!”

  • spiderman2

    “Finally, all the candidates are willing to sell out any of these other issues in service of the one burning desire of all Democrats: abortion on demand. If they could just figure out a way to abort babies using solar power, that’s all we’d ever hear about.” (Ann Coulter)Coulter’s values are intact. Im not sure about majority of the people here.

  • Georgetowner1

    I have for years believed that Coulter is an idiot who says controversial things to make money on books. The best way to shut her down is to ignore her, don’t give her any more free advertising to reach the morons who buy her books. I am Republican and she does not speak for me, no way, no how.McCain in 2008!

  • JBBW

    She’s just an evil woman. It’s as simple as that.

  • spit_fire

    The perfect comeuppance for this biotch and other conservative right-wing fascists of her ilk is to have a plane drop them down, at night, in the middle of Baghdad or, even better, on the Afghan/Iran or Afghan/Pakistan borders and let the extremists do with them what they will–will solve all of our problems in one fell swoop.

  • spiderman2

    “I would like evolution to join the roster of other discredited religions, like the Cargo Cult of the South Pacific. Practitioners of Cargo Cult believed that manufactured products were created by ancestral spirits, and if they imitated what they had seen the white man do, they could cause airplanes to appear out of the sky, bringing valuable cargo like radios and TVs. So they constructed “airport towers” out of bamboo and “headphones” out of coconuts and waited for the airplanes to come with the cargo. It may sound silly, but in defense of the Cargo Cult, they did not wait as long for evidence supporting their theory as the Darwinists have waited for evidence supporting theirs. ” (Ann Coulter)Democrats and Europeans should rethink their love affair with evolution. If they think Ann Coulter is crazy, they should examine themselves the more. Only carzy people kill their babies even before it’s born.

  • Jim F

    “I am Republican and she does not speak for me”At the risk of emulating yet another idiot, “Mega Dittos”I have long though bigoted fools such as the aforementioned Ms Coulter (and He who shall not be named) are a disease infecting our beloved GOP who give voice to a frenetic lunatic fringe who systematically and with purpose attempt to destroy the bonds that make us “We The People”.In Jimzworld they would be executed for the traitors they are.McCain in 2008

  • returntocommonsense

    The only way to get rid of people like Ann Coulter is to ignore them. Unfortunately, they also seem to be the ones with the biggest mouths and now have Fox news to help perpetuate their garbage.

  • spiderman2

    “In the history of the nation, there has never been a political party so ridiculous as today’s Democrats. It’s as if all the brain-damaged people in America got together and formed a voting bloc.” (Ann Coulter)

  • socrates3333

    Ann Coulter, please pack up your gig and GO HOME!!!

  • TN

    Columns like this are part of the problem. Wasting bandwidth on A. Coulter is like picking at a scab: it won’t heal until you leave it alone.

  • Anonymous

    Democrats and Europeans should rethink their love affair with evolution. If they think Ann Coulter is crazy, they should examine themselves the more. Only carzy people kill their babies even before it’s born.————————————————-Just think, if you, that biotch, your kool-aid drinking fringe lunatic followers and leaders, all sign up for a tour in Iraq or Afghanistan, you won’t think about others killing babies because you won’t be here and (pray to God) won’t have perpetuated spawns of yourselves…your death and destruction is the only viable way for a true Anerican future.

  • Anonymous

    Posted on September 1, 2008 07:57 spit_fire: ————————————————–

  • keepingitreal

    David, You idiot. That is the man’s name!

  • spiderman2

    Anon wrote “your death and destruction is the only viable way for a true Anerican future. “Wrong idiot. The Bible prophesies that liberal people will burn. Evolutionists too. Conservative America will rule the earth for a very long time after Doomsday.American soldiers kill armed lunatics in Iraq and Afghanistan. While you idiots kill helpless unborn babies.

  • mainer

    Coulter is irrelevant. She’s a huckster and only gives a rat’s bahoody about how many hate books she sells. She’s an abomination.I’m also wondering WHY in nearly every blog response we see a post by some IMBECILE representing the anti-choice sector. Talk about lame and irrelevant comments. Do they seriously think what they have to offer has any meaning? Enough lunacy – keep to the topic. No one is interested in your rant.

  • Anonymous

    Ann Coulter needs plastic surgery again. She is quickly turning into an old hag.

  • spiderman2

    “Here at the Spawn of Satan convention (2004 Democratic Convention)in Boston, conservatives are deploying a series of covert signals to identify one another, much like gay men do. My allies are the ones wearing crosses or American flags. The people sporting shirts emblazened with the “F-word” are my opponents. Also, as always, the pretty girls and cops are on my side, most of them barely able to conceal their eye-rolling. ” (Ann Coulter)

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE how Bush spent BILLIONS of dollars on getting rid of one Hussein and now another one will be elected to get rid of him!!! God IS great!!!

  • Mark Skudlarek

    Who’s Ann Coulter, and why should I do anything but ignore what she says? The answer to these questions can be easily found by a simple scan of her words. She is an American Quasi-christian who says things with the sole intent of inciting hatred of her neighbors. Her words are a very good example of what Christ taught his followers not to say. Her religion is GOPism. “Just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them.” So if she is truly a Christian, she wishes for Muslim nations to invade her country, kill her leaders and convert her to Muslim.

  • Dave

    What’s the difference between Ann Coulter in gym shoes, and a tribe of pygmies? One’s a tribe of cunning little runts.

  • spiderman2

    “This is the way addled liberals really think. Even as they champion sucking the brains out of little babies, they think of themselves as indelibly compassionate because they favor an overweening, behemoth federal government.” (Ann Coulter, unsourced)

  • Phil fro NYC

    Who’s speech do we go after next? Enough said.

  • Zubairi

    Michael Moore? Hitler more likely. People like Coulter,Milosovic, Dracula and Hitler are to remind us of evil and unfairness inherent in some people that cannot be cured by reason. If Obama can be Islamist then Hitler was a devout Christian who said in persecuting the Jews ” I am doing God’s work”. We have the opportunity to thank God that so many Americans ( and Muslims, and Christians and Jews ) are not like them.In our hateful judgment we neutralized an anti-Taliban Saddam, another hateful tyrant of American patronage.

  • Frank

    Proof that leftists are mentally ill.

  • spiderman2

    Anon wrote “Christianity, the religion of pigs, is a dying religion.””Like the Democrats, Playboy just wants to liberate women to behave like pigs, have sex without consequences, prance about naked, and abort children. ” (Ann Coulter)Coulter’s values are intact. Im not sure about majority of the people here.”And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Rev. 18:4)Anon, the Bible is NEVER wrong. A few years from now, you would be like a ROASTED PIG. The trouble is, it doesn’t stop there. You will be roasted alive forever. What a sad plight you have.

  • Anonymous

    spidey2:You have totally lost control. I’ve watched your extreme mental deterioration through the thread and I hope the nurse returns soon with your full dose of meds.I could answer you on any number of points from the quotes you posted from Ms Coulter but you are simply not capable of understanding anything. But one thing you should understand. Evolution is a science, not a religion. I don’t care that you disagree with it, I just care that the ignorance both you and Coulter display is an indication of the lack of education, and the poor quality of thinking that seems to characterize your thinking and your religion.Try actually reading the bible before you make assumptions about what’s written there. I really hate thinking that the coulters and spiderman2’s would be seen as representing what this country and its people are really about. finally- if you’re not a woman, don’t tell me what to do with my body. If you’re not willing to support my child, send him/her to school, clothe them, feed them get them good educations, and love them, then you’re no better than the pro-choice people. I’d love a penny for all you hypocrites who scream about abortion, but once that child is born you could care less if it lives or dies. I’d be so rich. I don’t know the Christ you profess to follow, but if I could judge by the people posting here, I’d think satan before I’d think the G-d of Love. You’re just a jihadist who thinks they worship Christ. In fact you really know nothing about Him and that goes for Ann Coulter and all her admirers as well. You know nothing.

  • spiderman2

    Sorry for the mistake. It was Jude who wrote it and not Anon.

  • Bryan in VA

    While I see Ann on TV very rarely it appears that she enjoys the reaction to her sometimes harsh statements. A reaction such as this column is precisely what she wants. She has just been given material for another column.

  • kbird

    Coulter’s problem is her failure to recognize that the people she violently objects to are AMERICANS. She is ANTI-AMERICAN; she is a disservice to this country. Her violent and shrill message borders on treason. Check her license and voter registration. Did the politicized dept. of justice make it all go away? I am ashamed of her as an AMERICAN.

  • Anonymous

    Jillian Hull:”If Obama feels such great shame for carrying the name “Hussein” why doesn’t he just change it instead of demanding that Americans tippy-toe around it so as not to hurt his feelings?”Jillian- please learn how to read. Obama has said nothing about being ashamed of his name. NOTHING. It’s Ann Coulter, and those who blindly follow her who have said this. Can you read? If you can, do you believe everything AC and her mindless followers say? Please- go back to your soccer mom existence and leave the real thinking to others.

  • Ken

    This isn’t just a little recreational hate. Her popularity makes our enemies work easier. The problem is that Ann Coulter lends credibility to terrorists and others around the world that claim Americans hate the rest of the world. They quote her rhetoric and point out that she’s a best-selling author.

  • Arizona

    “I have a choice between a lawyer who said I should not be worried about illegal immigrates who do not speak English but I should make sure my children learn Spanish……..”Reference this please — when and where did Obama say this? Also, it looks like people do need to learn English spelling and grammar first, before we worry about Spanish.The point of this column is Ann Coulter. She is an embarrassment to our country. Why is she allowed to earn millions of dollars with her hatred?

  • Jose Rizal

    I don’t know why you liberal pundits don’t go after the jugular. There’s a hurricane brewing down in the South (redneck and evangelical turf).All you have to do is scare the hell out of them by linking the republican intransigence to God’s vengeance on their states by sending Gustav to coincide with their party’s convention. The republicans are being punished for killing 100,000 in Iraq, for ignoring the effects of Katrina, destroying the environment and other conservative ineptitude.They will listen because they are gullible like Coulter and there’s nothin in between their ears.

  • Anonymous

    Wow voice from texas- damnded with faint praise (and little thinking.). You think immigration is the biggest problem we face? That speaking Spanish is the worst thing we can do? that someone didn’t wave a printed piece of fabric as much as you’d like?No wonder the republican party is losing seats right and left. You’re so focused on issues that are meaningless if American doesn’t get it’s economic, environmental and energy act together. this country is on the verge of going under and you’re worried about Obama’s middle name, speaking Spanish, women’s right to choose, and liberal policies> I can’t believe how utterly stupid and futile republicans have become. You are so uncomprehending it’s no wonder we are the laughing stock of hte world.And FYI- Obama is a centrist, not a leftist. In fact he’s not even cosidered a liberal. But if he were, it would still be far preferable to the uneducated, venality spewing, dumbed-down, bigoted, version of conservative the republicans are today. Goldwater and Reagan would be rolling in their graves.

  • mmouse

    I have decided I am voting for obama or whatever his name is. I make over $130,000 a year, and obama says he will not increase my taxes. as soon as he is elected I will discontinue paying for medical insurance, and get it free from the government. I will not pay my children’s college tuition, but will get it free from the government. I will research every one of the obama give away plans and get first in line. Then as I get richer and richer, I will volunteer my free time at abortion clinics and try to talk every pregnant minority person I see into getting rid of that horrible burden in her gut. I think I will do very well with an obama presidency!!

  • spiderman2

    Anon wrote “You know nothing.”Im an Engineer and spent a few years as computer programmer. Science is my world. I can interpret the Bible more accurately than most preachers do especially if it concerns prophecies.Yes, I know nothing. I know nothing about your world – the world of stupidity.Show me an evolution theory that works. Present it in the laboratory. There’s none, idiot.

  • Wake up America

    Ann Coulter is nothing more than a hate monger and that is all. Fox seems to enjoy paying people to disparage others on national TV.As far as people concerned about English as our “official” language, perhaps we should have thought about that before we forcibly took over Puerto Rico, called them American citizens but refuse them the right to vote in Presidential elections.We may speak English predominately, but America owns territories where they speak other languages, where English is barely taught, where they pay US taxes without representation.The fact is, we are a Nation of numerous cultures pure and simple. To deny that fact is to spread fear and hatred for those who don’t look like you.It’s not a sad day in America, it’s history repeating itself. Who remembers pelting the Irish with patatos, claiming they would destroy America? How about the Italian invasion who were labeled WOP’s (With Out Papers)Wake up America. Drop the hate.

  • KC

    This isn’t a debate about ideas and it’s not about whether or not something is “true.” It’s a verbal slight designed to inflame and/or mislead.

  • Johnnie

    If the middle name is irrelevant why are all the posters here whining so hysterically about Coulter using it?Clean the 2×4 out of your own eyes hypocrites. Your comments have been childish, petulent and mean spirited.

  • Jillian Hull

    “Obama has said nothing about being ashamed of his name.” – some anonymous (with good reason) drive-by complainer Then why the demands Americans dare not intone _his own name_? He can whine about it as much as wants, but the only thing that will relieve him of his embarrassment for certain would be to change his Islamist family name. It’s not up to Americans to worry about hurting Obama’s feelings. Since he can’t stand hearing _his own name_ the crybaby should change it. If this is the most difficult issue he has to face he is way too emotionally fragile to be elected to even his local Library Board.

  • Haggus

    The phrase “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it” is proven time and time again.We forget how when the Irish first came over in the 1850’s, they were treated like dogs by the Bluebloods, and formed their political machines to protect themselves from the rampant discrimination. Why? Because they followed the Pope. The Jews and Italians were in ghettos not out of choice, but because they were the only places they could live. Catholic churches grew in areas which used to be these ghettos. The mafia got its start from local Italians needing protection from the predatory practices of others in New York City on the poor. The modern US mob came as much from Jewish gangsters as from Sicilian(Meyer Lansky, Dutch Schultz, Bugsy Segal).It was just 48 years ago when a young Irish Catholic scraped through a presidential election, losing many votes because of ignorant, intolerant people worrying about him “taking his orders from the Pope.”The irony is,we have the descendants of these same people,such as Ann Coulter(French immigrant) and Bill O’Reilly(Irish Immigrant) making the talk about Barack Obama. People’s views of history, especially their own, are myopic. Shouldn’t we rather love the fact that we have a man raised in the Christian faith who truly believes in the Golden Rule and helping your fellow man? These are concepts, by the way,that a lot of so-called “religious” Rights forgot a long time ago.

  • Anonymous

    spiderman2-I’m not here to educate you. If you’re such a brilliant engineer grab some science books and read them yourself. Glad you think you can accurately read the bible more than those who study and live by it. Got a little ego there, Rasputin? Glad I know nothing about your world- the world of the nut job.

  • spiderman2

    Haggus wrote “Shouldn’t we rather love the fact that we have a man raised in the Christian faith who truly believes in the Golden Rule and helping your fellow man?”Good if that is true. His preference for Abortion and Gay Marriage shows what kind of Christian he is. These two sins will cause many parts of America to burn. California, watch out. You are first on the list.

  • Anonymous

    Jillian Hull:”Then why the demands Americans dare not intone _his own name_? He can whine about it as much as wants, but the only thing that will relieve him of his embarrassment for certain would be to change his Islamist family name. It’s not up to Americans to worry about hurting Obama’s feelings. Since he can’t stand hearing _his own name_ the crybaby should change it. If this is the most difficult issue he has to face he is way too emotionally fragile to be elected to even his local Library Board.”Is that eminently clear to you yet? It’s the rest of us who are taking Ann Coulter to task for trying to use and distort his name to tie him to Saddam. falsely.But it seems to be working with dolts like you.Now do you understand? Do I need to repeat this again? (Whew! talk about fragile mentalities.)frankly I’m surprised you even know what a library is, judging by the low level of your reading comprehension.

  • Anonymous

    spiderman2- I think you’re already in hell but its one of your own making. The day you speak for what Christ wants, will be the day Ann coulter becomes a democrat. (We don’t want her).

  • norman ravitch

    Mea culpa! I want to revise my earlier comment that Islam is more tolerant than Christianity or Judaism. A current article by Benny Morris, a respected Israeli historian, not a fanatical Zionist, in The New Republic (which is a fanatical Zionist publication, nevertheless) reveals that Islam’s anti-semitism from its very start was considerable, vicious, and deplorable. Islam like Christianity needed to demonize the Jews because both had appropriated the Jewish idea of God and the Old Testament and needed to claim that the Jews misunderstood their own bible. The Muslims revised the Old Testament stories in their own favor and the Christians made the Jews Christ-killers. All these religions remain, nonetheless, evil example of semitic intolerance and barbarism.

  • sparrow

    Ann Coulter is running a smear campaign, trying to associate Obama with the man this country hunted down and murdered without provocation or reason. Had Hussein been Osama bin Laden, Bush would be a hero, instead of the head of a morally, ethically and intellectually moribund party. Hussein was rabidly anti-Al Qaeda. If you care to recall, it was Al Qaeda that was responsible for 9-11, NOT Saddam Hussein. But then, don’t let a few facts get in your way.At least have the honesty to admit your racism and bigotry because there is really no other excuse for the truly disgusting comments posted here by Ms. Coulter’s defenders and fans. Get off the “G-d is on our side” thing- He’s not. If He were, bin Laden would be dead, not Saddam and republicans wouldn’t be losing seats in Congress.

  • Jillian Hull

    “Jillian- idiot. May I call you that?” – You may certainly call me anything you wish. Unlike Obama I’m not ashamed of my name and don’t have a nervous breakdown at even just the prospect of someone saying my name. I surely wouldn’t run away from _my own name_ as Obama is running from _his own name_. Note that “_his own name_” is the key here.Obama’s fear of Americans saying his Islamist name (“Hussein”) is his problem, not Americans. If he were ever sworn into office would he break into great heaving sobs and throw a hissy fit because he would have to say _his own name_ in public?By the way, in addition to my name you can also intone “Fitzgerald”, “Milhous” and “Sidney”. Or, in full on that last name: “John Sidney McCain III”. You may become outraged in so doing, just don’t expect Americans to join in Obama’s middle-name shame game. So have at it – enjoy outraging yourself because you said some middle names and have a great holiday! Buh-bye.

  • Anonymous

    Jillian Hull- I’d like to point out to you that repeating a lie, as you are, doesn’t make it so. If you want to convince me that Obama is ashamed of his name or has complained about the likes of Ann Coulter making fun of it (which is what she’s doing), then prove it. Get out the quote marks and do so. (Gosh! I thought I was so clear before that even a 2 year old would have understood what I said).But if all you can do is repeat the same uninformed comments, without the capability of understanding or acknowledging facts to the contrary, then I feel deeply sad for you. As they say, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

  • Jillian Hull

    Well said, Charko. The crying and whining because Americans are calling someone by his given name is silly. If it’s that terrible and driving Obama to the brink of a breakdown, it costs what? – maybe a couple hundred dollars at most to process a legal name change. Obama can afford it.Charko825: You liberals are always hung up on the most ridiculous things. If Barry (his nickname) can’t handle an American journalist/writer calling him by his full name then he most assuredly is NOT even remotely ready for the Presidency. Mr. Waters—“get over it dude”

  • spiderman2

    Anon wrote “Sorry- engineering is not biology or geology or paleontology. Just because you can design a house or a machine doesn’t make you a scientist. It doesn’t make you an expert in understanding the theory of evolution . “Engineers make life easier for biologist and all the other “gist” you have by providing them state of the art probing devices. Engineers are trained to deal with APPLIED sciences or sciences that WORKS. I read theories about evolution but no single evolutionist has shown a WORKABLE kind of evolution science. It’s all in their mind. A theory to “prove” another theory. Another meaning for the word theory is SPECULATION. That’s right, you guys are mere speculators. Engineers don’t work on speculation. Our science deal with FACTS and certainly, repeatable in the lab.Just imagine, 150 years of your science has not proven anything. What a bunch of idiots.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell does Jillian Hull mean? Throwing out middle names? Lord, spare us from those who cannot read and those who cannot understand what they are reading.think Obama will throw a hissy fit? Break down in sobs? You can pray for that but it won’t happen. You will though, when you have to call him President. Or- you could move to say…Iraq.

  • spiderman2

    A weird set of people. a. They believe that they came from monkeysThe terrible thing is they want these weird beliefs to be written in our Constitution. Their objective is to make the Constitution the COMIC book of the land. Truly, a weird set of people. But God is almighty. He created this world in a way that the weird will annihilate the weird. They will self destruct. Once a person is convinced that chocolates can bake all by itself, you can EASILY feed all kinds of garbage in his mind without resistance.Garbage like abortion, gay marriage becomes NORMAL in their sight. Whatever is normal becomes abnormal. The NORMAL constitution which served America for so many years becomes ABNORMAL to them so they have to CHANGE IT to become like themselves — TO BE ABNORMAL.

  • Jillian Hull

    “If you want to convince me that Obama is ashamed of his name” I don’t need to convince you since you’re one of those who are making the case he is ashamed of _his own name_ . Or that he should be. And then demand that Americans not even say his name so as not to make his shame public. That leaves you with either an extremely weak, lightweight candidate or an extremely weak, lightweight argument. Or both. When you get totally freaked out over someone’s middle name, that’s your problem – and Obama’s – not Americans. I truly hope this is the most traumatic thing you, Obama, or anyone ever have to deal with in life. But you’ll still just have to deal with the reality.I’ve already buh-byed you, but feel free to go on telling Americans that they dare not say Barack’s name. Be forewarned, though – when you issue an order to Americans that it’s verbotten to say something, it usually comes back to bite you in the hindquarters.

  • Anonymous

    omigod. Jillian Hull wins the thickest brick award. Do you not read what people post? because I have a hard time believing someone who can use a keyboard can be so inherently stupid. but make yourself happy- keep perpetuating the lies and fantasies you have. I’ll be smiling the day you choke on saying the words President Barak Hussein Obama, American.

  • Alex

    whiny annie coulter is sadly in need of: 1) a preschool manners class, and b) a grade school refresher US History course. It’s obvious that she failed both of them.She’s also overdue for her diaper change, bottle, and nap time.

  • spiderman2

    Aonon, none of what you quoted can be considered as science. They are mere speculative.I know what is science and I know what is baloney. I deal with science while you deal with baloney.Understand this statement : A theory to “prove” another theory. Like all speculations, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. That is how you think – SPECULATIVE.Continue your speculations. And by the way, unwanted pregnacy is a product of poor speculation. That is your kind of science. It’s faulty and that is why you guys always end up ABORTING. IDIOTSc ya later

  • Anonymous

    spiderman2- Again, there are none so blind as those who cannot see. I posted definitions which you’ve rejected because they don’t fit your mindset. Your problem, not mine.I do wish you would get a dictionary also- it would help you when you try to make an argument. In the meantime, I hope I am never in, around or using anything you’ve engineered. If you think science is speculative, I hate to think what your engineering skills are.Time to end this discussion. It’s no fun debating with a brick.

  • NAC

    Coulter’s hatred shows on her face. What a ugly and ungracious look she has!

  • Paul

    Matthew 28:19 (King James Version) 19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:I don’t understand why Republican Christians don’t want others to clain that they are christians. Obama is Christian and I think the so-called “christians or Evangelicals” should thank God

  • Anonymous

    Sparrow,You said, “You’re so blindly racist that you’ve even convinced yourselves that Obama is the racist. If this is the quality of thinking republicans depend on your party’s day is over.”You know, previously you complained that Republicans call everyone who disagrees with them unpatriotic and unchristian. We were just discussing the qualifications of the candidates. I did not mention race, yet as usual, you Democrats have accused me of racism. I of course represent all Republicans who oppose Senator Obama. Admit the irony of the situation.I am sure that the job of a community organizer is a tough job. A bus driver also has a tough job. The skill sets for those jobs are not necessarily comparable to being President.A Governor’s job is the closest to being President that you can get. I disagree with your assessment of President Bush. History will be kinder than you are.The point is still executive experience. Spin it how ever you want. Senator Obama comes up short.

  • Sara

    That IS his full name. Is he ashamed of his own name?

  • Anonymous

    spiderman2- What makes it your business? And why do you even care? i can just hear you screaming if you were subjected to the kind of treatment you espouse. If it bother you so much tell the US Government they can’t take taxes from gay people you shouldn’t take money from “sick ” people should you?Your version of Christianity is disgusting. It’s fake. It’s pathetic. It’s a lie. It’s an affront to Christ’s teachings. The golden rule is Do unto Others as you would have others do unto you. If I were you, I’d be pretty damn scared about that.

  • DGOP

    “She is a pig.”You were insulting the pigs!

  • Martiniano

    Barack Hussein Obama is his name and he is as proud of his name as you are yours.His name is not the issue.The issue is that Horsey Face can sway the slight-of-mind into thinking that because his name is Hussein that he MUST be a terrorist.

  • Martiniano

    So let’s follow that logic:Sara is a biblical name so all Saras are Jews, not Christian.Matthew and Michael must all be Jews, not Christian.That is the exact same logic that Horsey uses and you buy it.How stupid is that?

  • David

    The hating class in our culture is very happy with Ann Coulter. All she does is appeal to the lowest common denominator of their passions, namely who do I hate more than myself.She’s pretty good at it too.In taking on Obama it’s a two-for-one. Racism AND bigotry.

  • realtat

    The French meaning of Barack’s name, which speakers of French cannot help but think of when we hear the name, is a small, poorly constructed, not solid house or a house or establishment where people are not comfortable, such as one where the heating doesn’t work.Let’s see. Sarkozy and other francophones will think “poorly constructed, not solid one” every time they use the name. A problem? Probably not. Calling a spade a spade is OK.Remember when diplomats spoke French? Wait. A lot of them still do.

  • Anonymous

    A$$ hole Coulter

  • Rufus

    Note to self: More evidence that the truth makes Leftists angry.

  • luvmynaturalself

    “The fact that … Coulter, is a Christian … .”**************************************************To call Ann Coulter a Christian is an insult to Jesus Christ, the Word of God that teaches us to love one another, and those of us who live daily to follow the law of Christ which is love. We don’t claim to be perfect — I certainly don’t — but I no of no true Christian who would say or do the things Ann Coulter says and does. Quite the contrary.1st Cor. 13:4 (NLT) –Ann Coulter is an extremely mean-spirited, hateful, evil woman. She is NO Christian.

  • asoders22

    History will not be kind to Bush, since he has not been kind to the world. He has cost too many lives, he is too ignorant, narrow-minded and shallow and he has shown a complete lack of empathy for everyone suffering in Iraq, be they civilians or American soldiers. he know nothing of the world outside America and very little of America itself, except for big business. He is against even early abortions but couldn’t care less for the well-being of poor young mothers and children. He is so fundamentalist he is giving Christianity a bad name. No, history will not be kind to George W. Bush.

  • sparrow

    panhandlewilly- I don’t read her. But i am well aware of who and what she is.====================And yes- I think the GOP is a party of racist. there’s ample evidence here. whether you are or not personally I can;t say but I haven’t read you posting any denials of Ann Coulter’s remarks. Please don’t try to insult my intelligence by telling me she is simply calling him by his name. You know exactly what she’s doing.

  • Anonymous

    SPIDERMAN2:a. They believe that they came from monkeysThe terrible thing is they want these weird beliefs to be written in our Constitution. Their objective is to make the Constitution the COMIC book of the land.

  • marik7

    Who needs to know Obama?It’s enough to know that McCain is a rich man who will undermine the middle class every chance he gets. His economic policies are a perfect example.Ann Coulter’s opinions of Obama are irrelevant.McCain will harm the majority of Americans in order to benefit the minority of Americans. Call it “affirmative action” if you like–with his wife as a chief beneficiary.If Ann wants to help McCain in his assault on the middle class, it’s no surprise. Like McCain, she’s among America’s economic “elite.”

  • Patti in Dallas

    Hmm, OK…if Coulter’s followers blindly & boneheadedly buy into & eagerly repeat the smear/lie that Obama supports radical Islam and is really a Muslim and actively ignore the clear facts, then I could just as blindly & boneheadedly start repeating the internet rumor that Palin claimed new son Trig as her own in order to cover up her oldest daughter’s first pregnancy.Both are lies, both eagerly ignore the truth, both are designed to be nothing but petty political smears that appeal directly to the worst fears in non-thinking people, and everyone knows that both are false. Those who perpetuate any part of either smear do so knowingly, willingly, and eagerly.

  • Hunky Santa

    I love Annie!

  • Anonymous

    Spiderman2, Actually I love Playgirl, any pictures of you in it?I would be interested in seeing them, up close and personal……