The Little Secret about Kashmir

There is a little-known secret of South Asia. You ought to know this one if you want to understand the … Continued

There is a little-known secret of South Asia. You ought to know this one if you want to understand the escalating religious conflict in Kashmir, pitting two new nuclear-armed nations – secular India and Islamic Pakistan – against each other.

This is the secret: from every newly-formed Muslim majority area of South Asia – without exception – including Pakistan, Bangladesh and in India’s own Kashmir, non-Muslims have been massively cleansed and driven to Hindu-majority India.

It is for the above reason that Pakistan is at least 97% Muslim and India is at least 15% Muslim.

Besides implying the inability to co-exist, it may be reasonable to interpret these data as a form of conquest in the name of Islam.

The scary part is that the religion-based passion for conquest never stops!

Muslim-concentrated areas in nearby non-Muslim lands are singled out for further conquest. We now have documented evidence that a long-term and systematic funding process was put in place to indoctrinate the Muslim majority in Indian Kashmir to develop hatred toward their Indian nation, to identify with pan-Islamic aspirations, and to sponsor armed insurgencies.

While Pakistan and just about all Muslim nations support “self-determination” of Muslims in Indian Kashmir, they are deafeningly silent in acknowledging that the portion of Kashmir Pakistan holds is almost devoid of non-Muslims.

Also conveniently unspoken is the complicity of the Kashmiri Muslims in driving out over 300,000 non-Muslim Kashmiris to the rest of India and the religious apartheid practices of the ruling Muslim Kashmiris over the non-Muslim subjects within the state.

Seen in the appropriate context, the claims of “self-determination” of Muslim majority Kashmir from India is an all too clever prescription for conquering more land at the expense of non-Muslims, by attaching the land of Kashmir to Islamic Pakistan.

Is it not ironic that Pakistan would want more land from India when it owes India significant portion of its real estate as a compensation for having driven out its non-Muslim population to India?

India has had to absorb the non-Muslims driven away from Pakistan’s Kashmir without a murmur or two.

Disgruntled Indian Kashmiri Muslims who want to live in an Islamic state have a land next-door; it is called Pakistan.

The beleaguered secular Indian state which gave even more rights and generous subsidies to Muslim-majority Kashmir has been successfully portrayed as an “occupier” of Muslim lands and an “oppressor” of Muslims.

The die has been cast.

Indoctrination and recruitment of Muslims for terror has now extended into the Indian heartland with devastating consequences. At this rate, capital flight is inevitable and so is the systematic destruction of the Indian economy.

A slower version of the Darfur-like situation is indeed developing in India.

Thanks to subsidies and the high cost of fighting terror, Indian Kashmiri Muslim children do not die of malnutrition. But children in the rest of India do – about 6,000 of them every day! Even sub-Saharan African states are no worse than India when it comes to malnourishment of their children.

The excitement of a resurgent India is fast getting replaced with a nation that is undeservedly on its way to becoming a graveyard of tens of millions malnourished children and their parents forever trapped in grinding poverty.

These little Indians deserve to live – and that alone is a moral high ground India can rely on to resolutely fight back without ceding any more land to the agents of conquest.

Moorthy Muthuswamy is author of the forthcoming book: “Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War.”

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  • imran

    hello i am imran read this articlekaskmiri could not get their natural rights of living as per their desireinspite of the facts their majority muslims but why indian secular not thought about purely secular principlesif india claims they provide better facilities to kashmiri muslims so why Military exist in this areawhy people of kashmir are killed and why they not accept Secular policies (if secular really right on his position)why secular indian have not been able to create a sense of justice in minds of kashmiri while 60 years passed, i hope you will undestand this situation and if you analysis this situation in detail then you will come to know in reality worst human rights situation in kashmir

  • Rishi Aggarwaal

    Dear Moorthy,I think you simplify some things a bit too much and completely miss out the phenomenal contributions of Indians (should I say Hindus? – I wont because I still think that there are a large number of Muslims who feel same way for the country but are just too ghetto-ised by their community) in bringing upon them the consequences.When you mention the hungry and dying children you do not account for what I see. I see numerous corrupt Hindus (starting with politicians from all the top Right Wing Nationalist Parties and more) stripping the country bare and weakening its immune system to fulfill their greed and undiminished hunger for power and chicanery. I see a Congress Party which so conveniently played the minority card all these years.I see a country whose numerous Hindu politicians unabashedly distort economic policies which impact the lives of millions of people (including those children) and I see a million of these cowardly Hindus refusing to do anything about it.Do have a look at my blog post where I share my observation from an assignment of mine.The recent bomb blasts and all the noise about them (have covered in one of my previous posts) remind me of Oswald Cobblepot. One of our senior leaders looks uncannily similar to him too.There is a lot which is wrong with some of the followers of Islam but lets stop being self-righteous. Time for a rethink.

  • arish sahani

    Its unfortunate.we have many intellectuals it his world. United nation after forming has become as part of muslim agenda as we have 50_+ muslim nations.and no Hindu nation to protect any hindus in this world. Analysis of Dr Moorthy is clear Islam is after the land of kafirs and their souls.

  • Deb Chatterjee

    Hail Moorthy “garu” !This article is actually a honest description of the situation in Kashmir vis-a-vis “political Islam” (Shariah), and, the non-Muslims (Kashmiri Hindu Pandits). Isn’t it a shame, that Kashmiri Hindu pandits live as 2nd class citizens after fleeing the Islamic butchers from Kashmir ? And our Congress-led UPA uses (and had used in the past) them as canon fodder ? The same is happening in Bangladesh with non-Muslims (Hindus, Buddhists, Christians). The link is Keep up the good work in defeating the ugly behemoth of political Islam (aka Mohammedanism).Islam is a barbaric religion.

  • Jonathan

    Sameer provides an interesting sick, racist site, which somehow links Jews (I kid you not) to the situation in Kashmir and also pronounces Obama a Muslim. Get this: Obama is a Muslim, Sameer’s site says, whom the Jews are trying to Keep out of office!!! I kid you not! I swear. Go to Racist Sameer’s link, please.SAMEER, MUSSELMAN MORON, MUSLIM PIG. You make the essayist’s case for him. Whatever sympathy I may have had with you just vanished as your racist Mooselim self provided all the evidence. Who needs Deb Chatterjee, racist pig, Sameer, when we have your racist muslim self?

  • Dan

    Look, the bottom line is that Islam is often barbaric as Deb says. We may not like it. It may not be politically correct, but it is the case.Terrorism is not an equal opportunity employer. The world’s terrorists are Muslims. That’s it. It’s a fact, politically correct or not. It’s fact.Followed Sameer’s link, and what Jonathan says is true. It is a piece of racist filth. I’m sure that there are elements in the Islamic community who wince at this despicable, slanderous site, and throw up when they see a post from the pig, Sameer. Unfortunately, he makes the case for Indian control of Kashmir. Who wants his type in control of anything? Why the hell are they here? Isn’t one WTC enough? Are we waiting for the next Marriott, as in Islamabad? Get them all the hell out of here.They’re a bunch of primitive racist pigs, in the main. Backward morons.

  • Alina

    The best answer to the Kashmir question is a national referendum that will enable the Kashmiri to determine their own future. A lot has changed in sixty years.Jonathan, Dan, that Sameer is a racist pig (and he is) is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the Pakistanis and Indians are running guns in Kashmir and are making a bundle out of it. In this, the Pakistanis are more to blame, much more, but it is less the Pakistani people than the Pakistani army behind all this.Time for a Kashmiri referendum.

  • Deb Chatterjee

    Alina wrote:”The best answer to the Kashmir question is a national referendum that will enable the Kashmiri to determine their own future. A lot has changed in sixty years.”This is pure garbage. Referendum ? For what ? Did India steal Kashmir from Pakistan ? No. So, what referendum ? To cuddle with Muslim jihadists’ perverted Quranic ego-trip ? Perhaps.Surely the blogger going by the name Alina has just ignored what Moorthy has written. It is the same: implement the Shariah and place it in the comfortable cloak of “Kashmiriyat” – known otherwise as Muslim self-determination. (There has indeed been changes in the valley in the past 60 years as the blogger states; non-Muslims have been ethnically cleansed and have fled their ancestral homes there. It is thus easy to claim the need for self-determination.) If by any stretch of imagination referendum is held in the “Indian-held” Kashmir, how about the Pakistan-held (1/3 portion) Kashmir ? Why are the Muslims deafeningly silent when it comes to Pakistan-held terrirories ? Or did Allah mian forbade them to raise such issues ? Islam is a barbaric religion.

  • Ajith

    There is a fear when oppressed class unite. When you call them racist or Pigs you are looking at your own shadow in the mirror. Moreover Deb, Jonathan, Dan all speak same language – They are all one and same person in different names [ They appears in other familiar names too ].Names like Moron, Pigs etc suits you guys more than Sameer

  • Deb Chatterjee

    Ajith,Methinks your fulmination is misplaced on this Kashmir-specific blogsite. Going by your outburst, were you forced to carry the nightsoil of uppercaste Hindu Brahmins, by any chance ? Have you converted to Islam yet out of frustration for Brahmins ?


    Bless you Moorthy Muthuswamy.When you keep placing the words POLITICAL and ISLAM together it is a true mark of genius and pinpoints the threat of Islam to the free world.Shariah Law is the instrument through which Islam seeks political and economic control. It should be opposed wherever it is encountered.-it is an imposition of theocracy over democracy -it has an appalling history of abuse of human rights -it institutionalizes discrimination -it denies a human of dignity and individual autonomy -it punishes those who choose to live differing realities -it requires a grotesque severity of punishments

  • irshad

    the author is not acquainted with the feeling and sufferings of kashmiri, majority of kashmir want freedom from both india and paskistan and author of pan islamisation is absurd.

  • Anonymous

    Indians and Pakisthanis should join together to fight extremism on both sides; Sang parivar in India and Taliban in Pakisthan

  • fronkle

    The 500,000 non Muslim Kashmiris he talks about are the Pandits who were driven out with the cries of “Hindus get out but leave your Women behind” from the loudspeaker of mosque in the dead of three winter nights in 1990. Most Kashmir Muslim are forcibly converted Pandits over a 1000 year period of jiahd. Typical Jihadist tactics seen from Thailand, Balkans, Darfur were the choice is death or conversion.Now besides a expansionist Muslim population India has an aggressive new wave Christians. They Vatican wants to harvest a billion Hindu souls with their aggressive conversions using a $800 million budget and hired goons to conquer India for Jesus. Conflict is inevitable, and a weak state emboldens even the meek.Further the real ruler of India being the Catholic Sonia they feel emboldened. So emboldened that you have an American connected to recent terror bombings revisiting India after he was found to work for a fake company posing as a front for missionary church. This is after leaving India against the advice of India’s anti-terrorism police.The biggest problem India faces is its Congress party government is an alliance of Christians and Muslims out to cleanse India of it native Hindu culture, and persecute Hindus. This government is not only anti-Hindu it is anti-Indian and pro-terrorist with the only goal to plunder wealth and stuff it in Swiss bank accounts. They even want to wreck the only thing working in India its Army. The talking points of the Indian Mujaihdeen and the Congress party are very similar so this is no surprise. Unless Hindus unify India is looking towards a sad future were it will be dismembered by terror, Jihadi demographic warfare, illegal immigration from Bangadesh, Dhimmi Hindus, and the ever present Saudi money. Kashmir is the sign of things to come for India unless they wake up.

  • daps2322

    MM’s facts are indisputable. But with 125 million Muslims within India and the type of Westminster democracy chosen by the country at the time of its Independence, there is little elbow room for stemming the Muslim challenge to overtake the country.Fear of violence and woolly-headed ‘intellectuals’only make matters more intractable.