Dobson, Whoopi and Waffles

Christian Right icon James Dobson went on the air Tuesday to scold Whoopi Goldberg and ABC’s “The View” for linking … Continued

Christian Right icon James Dobson went on the air Tuesday to scold Whoopi Goldberg and ABC’s “The View” for linking him and his organization, Focus on the Family, to a gag product that ridicules Barack Obama, African-Americans, Hispanics and Muslims.

Goldberg and her co-hosts discussed the product, Obama Waffles, last week on their show. “Last Saturday, conservative groups American Values and Focus on the Family sponsored a Values Voters Summit that offered something called Obama Waffles for sale,” Goldberg told viewers while showing pictures of the product. A co-host asked, “Who did this? Dobson’s Family Council?” Goldberg said yes.

“We had absolutely nothing to do with the Obama Waffles,” Dobson explained on his daily radio show broadcast on more than 4,000 stations nationwide. “This is a classic example of the liberal media attempting to marginalize us and other conservative voices in a political season,” Dobson said.

Conservative bias meet liberal bias. Goldberg and company apparently didn’t bother to check whether Dobson actually was involved in the gag (he wasn’t). Dobson didn’t bother to mention that the two men who created Obama Waffles used to work for Focus on the Family. And the culture war goes on, as insults are added to injuries both real and perceived, perpetuating a climate in which someone can dream up something as repugnant as Obama Waffles and try to sell it at a “values” conference.

The waffle makers, Bob DeMoss and Mark Whitlock, say they were trying to be funny when they took their cheap shot at Obama. “Our intent from the beginning was simply political satire and comedy to highlight the debate surrounding Senator Obama’s waffling. Nothing more. Nothing less. We truly regret that anyone has misinterpreted this satire,” the two men said in a statement on their website.

As Dan Rather, lion of the liberal media, might put it, you’d have to be dumber than a bag of hammers to misinterpret Obama Waffles, which ridicule Obama’s race and perpetuate the lie that he is a Muslim. Satire should sting, not sucker punch: “By presenting a mad or contemptible partisan sentiment as a mainstream one . . . (it) unwittingly reiterated the misconception it meant to lampoon.”

That was Lee Siegel’s explanation for why the New Yorker’s July cover cartoon of the Obamas failed in its attempt at satire. It’s the reason Pat Oliphant’s recent cartoon making fun of Sarah Palin’s Pentecostal influences was so offensive. And it’s the reason Obama Waffles failed. True satire is not smug derision.

Obama Waffles were so derisive and contemptuous they were condemned by the ultra-conservative Family Research Council, one of the co-sponsors of the Values Voters Summit where DeMoss and Whitlock tried to sell their gag-me gifts earlier this month. FRC officials told DeMoss and Whitlock to leave the exhibit area and dismantled their booth. “We strongly condemn the tone and content of materials that were exhibited by one of the vendors at this weekend’s Values Voters Summit. The materials represent an attempt at parody that crosses the line into coarseness and bias,” FRC’s David Nammo said.

Not to mention racism and bigotry.

On their website, the Obama Waffles makers complained that most news stories haven’t mentioned that DeMoss is married to a Hispanic woman and Whitlock and his wife have adopted a daughter from China. “Is that what racists do?” they ask.

No, but are Obama Waffles what Christians do?

On his blog, Whitlock, whose Christian book credits include “50 Nights of Family Fun” and “Very Veggie Family Adventures,” wrote about the power of stories and songs to convey the Christian message. “Our culture screams, ‘Tell me a better story and then I’ll believe in Jesus.'”

Obama Waffles are not a better story.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey David Waters- what a timely post as Barack Obama is just about to serve another of his waffles in response to McCain’s request to suspend the campaign and return to Washington to work on a non-partisan bailout.

  • marie

    Waffles that “ridicule Obama’s race and perpetuate the lie that he is a Muslim”? Racist waffles that only a bigot would put a fork in?I had to see this so I went to the link you gave. The waffles aren’t chocolate. They look like a regular waffle. What a huge spin you put on this.From the site”Whether you’re clinging to God and your guns in Pennsylvania or just hungry for a change in one of the other 57 states, Obama Waffles are what the world is craving.”

  • Cooder

    Sorry, David, but Oliphant’s cartoon was funny because it makes fun of stupidity. The New Yorker cartoon was not funny because it forgot about the stupidity.

  • LJC

    Obama Waffles are just one more example of the hate spewed by so-called christians of the religious right. It’s time someone called these people what they are, poor dumb rednecks.

  • Enemy Of The State

    “Obama Waffles” sounds a whole lot like Uncle Ben’s Rice or Aunt Jemima Pancakes: They aren’t necessarily meant as slurs, but are demeaning nonetheless because they cast minorities – albeit fictional characters – into stereotyped roles as servants.Yea, Obama may waffle on issues from time to time – just like McCain and every other politician. But let’s find a better, more race-neutral way to use parody (and I’m a huge fan of parody, used toward liberal and conservative alike).

  • associate christ

    Dobson is just po’d because his god didn’t rain on obama’s parade at the convention in denver.Oh, and because his boyfriends in Minneapolis told him they were too ashamed to be seen with him any more.Dobson asked Whoopi out on a date once, trying to prove that he’s not a racist and not a homosexual at the same time.

  • tomK

    Well….can you get maple syrup with them?

  • Christian238

    Okay. So if they were called McCain Waffles…….who would be offended?? No one! So move on. Isn’t it funny how people turn a simple marketing idea into something racial. Can we move on already??? Why does Hollywood get to keep deciding the fate of the country? Is it because their voices are louder? I don’t see how a named waffle can cause so much DRAMA!

  • harold

    Ralph Reed said “Leviticus, Chapter 4, The sin of igonorance:”THERE WAS NOTHING IN THE ARK SAVE THE TWO TABLES OF STONEThese six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:“My son, keep thy father’s commandment”He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.“had not Moses his chosen stood before him in the breach”If thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which are written in this book of the law, and if thou turn unto the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul.“For this commandment which I command thee this day”There was nothing in the ark save the two tables of stone, which Moses put there at Horeb, when the Lord made a covenant with the children of Israel, when they came out of the land of Egypt.“There was nothing in the ark save the two tables of stone”And he declared unto you his covenant, which he commanded you to perform, even Ten Commandments; and he wrote them upon two tables of stone.“And he declared unto you his covenant”“LEST YE CORRUPT YOURSELVES”“WHEN THOU SEEST THE SUN”“THE LIKENESS OF ANY FISH THAT IS IN THE WATERS BENEATH THE EARTH”“THE LIKENESS OF ANY THING THAT CREEPETH ON THE GROUND”“THE LIKENESS OF ANY WINGED FOWL THAT FLIETH IN THE AIR”““THE LIKENESS OF ANY BEAST THAT IS ON THE EARTH”“THE LIKENESS OF MALE OR FEMALE”“MAKE YOU A GRAVEN IMAGE”“LEST YE CORRUPT YOURSELVES”“LEST YE CORRUPT YOURSELVES”In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

  • dcp

    I clicked on the link. I didn’t see the racist part of it. Someone please explain it to me. Were they supposed to draw Obama as a White man instead? Or did they see this as a play on Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben? Should we pull them off of the shelf too? Along with the White Gerber baby? That might be too racist.

  • test


  • confused

    I think Mr. Dobson is incorrect in his use of the term marginalize. IMHO, the ultra conservative segment of our population have been effective in their own marginalization for their extreme and intolerant views.Thankfully, this does create so many opportunities for humor that the ‘liberal media’ just can’t help but take advantage.

  • dcp

    dcp writesHere’s a thought – print up the picture and take it to some black folks (teenaged males would be a good start) and ask what they think. It’s a ‘grinning negro stereotype’. Maybe if your people used to be denied jobs, homes and sometimes your friends would be lynched because local white people were bored you’d get it.————————

  • Marc Edward

    Hey DCP

  • dcp

    People draw cartoons of Bush as a smiling dufus all of the time. People draw cartoons of Clinton as a smiling pervert all of the time. People love to make fun of politicians. Why should Obama be exempt?

  • Marc Edward

    Hey DCp, nobody said Obama should be immune from satire. Maybe you should argue with what people say rather than what you wish they’d said.On the other hand, you might ask your parents or grandparents what they think of the Obama picture.

  • Anonymous

    Ok Marc- Chocolate in reference to a man’s skin is like the n-word: commonly used by blacks and racist if used by a white person.If the waffles were meant to be racist- they would have been chocolate.I can see you are thinskinned and find anything slightly critical of Obama a direct attack on his skin colour. So consider this. Obama is NOT black- he is mulatto. Those waffles would have had to be mocha with extra cream to truly reflect Obama’s colour. We have had a real black presidential candidate and no one took notice. You probably don’t even know his name- but I can tell you he is 100% dark chocolate. So who is the REAL RACIST??

  • Steve-o

    “Sorry, David, but Oliphant’s cartoon was funny because it makes fun of stupidity.”Sorry Cooder, but your way off. Making fun of the mentally ill is in very poor taste.

  • Anonymous

    OK Marc you are really uninformedYou say-Growing up when he did it would have been impossible, in the USA for him to be treated by society as anything but black, period.Obama was raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii. You clearly know nothing of the culture of Hawaii. You’ve probably never been there and so you think it must be like living in the south. “- he is mulatto.”Is it hard to get grass stains out of white sheets? Just wondering.Just because I point out Obama’s colour status you infer I am KKK. Look in the mirror. You know nothing of black culture. We notice and speak of a person’s colour openly. To you a man with a drop of black blood is BLACK- yet there are a myriad of colours in black America- yellow, high-yellow, molasses, umber, caramel, black-as-night, coffee, honey, cocoa, taupe, bamboo-brown, copper, buttered toast, henna, ebony, tea, chocolate.”We have had a real black presidential candidate and no one took notice”You clearly have no idea who I am taking about but I will tell you he is a black man married to a woman from India and he is more of a man than you.You are the uninformed bigot who sees racism in some plain white waffles.

  • Anonymous

    Every time someone is called out for things like Obama waffles or thing like the cover of the New Yorker, they pass it off as satire. We all know that jokes like that are purely racist in nature. You may as well do a skit in black face and call that satire as well. When people do things like this they know the type of attention they will get and it is their way to keep racist attitudes and thoughts going well into the millennium.

  • Adrienne

    excellent analysis but it will fall on deaf ears. In my 42 years on this planet, every last minute of it black, I’ve learned that it is almost always pointless to try to have these discussions though. There are people who would say that what happened to James Byrd in Texas (the black man dragged behind a truck) was just hijinks gone wrong. They’d say that the Civil Rights movement was playing the race card. Cheers

  • Mike

    James Dobson and his crew are nothng short of craven opportunists. They aren’t Christian’s, they are greedy evil money and power hunger opportunists that prey on morons. For Dobson to have the unmittigated gaul to open his yap, to blather about anyone and anything, is so stupdi, so insipid, so nausiating, that it INVITES ridicule. This piece of trash has done more harm to the church, to Christ, and to the very idea of faith than any other single individual in modern history. He should be ignored by everyone until, like gas passed in a crowded room, he slowly fads away.

  • Marc Edward

    Anonymous writesPersonal attacks don’t make an argument.”You say-‘Growing up when he did it would have been impossible, in the USA for him to be treated by society as anything but black, period.’Obama was raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii.”So what? You think if he walked down the street anyone looking at him said “hey, there does a white guy!” – think you are rather ignorant.”- he is mulatto.”Is it hard to get grass stains out of white sheets? Just wondering.Just because I point out Obama’s colour status”Making a point of his ‘clour status’ sure makes you look like a racist.’you infer I am KKK’That was your guilt speaking. I never said anything about the KKK. I bit sensitive aren’t you? You racists are all the same – you like to trash talk than squeel like stuck pigs when you get caught.

  • Hypocritical Bigots!!!!

    People draw cartoons of Bush as a smiling dufus all of the time(and give him big lips big ears and big eyebrows or looking like a monkey). People draw cartoons of Clinton as a smiling pervert all of the time. People love to make fun of politicians. Why should Obama be exempt?Because of Obama’s skin color you are not allowed to treat him the same as peope treat Bush or Clinton.You ask “Isn’t this a double standard,doesn’t that make the people that laugh at the pictures of Bush as a monkey,but get offended of anything critical of Obama at al,doesn’t that make them HYPOCRITICAL RACIST BASTARDS?? YES YES IT does!!!Believing one’s own group is better then others or deserves better treatment especially based on Color-is clearly the definition of RACISM. look it up for yourself.So you ask why is it racism if you make fun of Obama but not when you make fun of any other person or race??? The one’s saying that are bigoted fools….i.e. the Main Stream Media and other bigots do that so they can form a pecking order of the people.who they feel is better or should be put upon a pedistal. DISGUSTING IS WHAT IT IS. Many of us have mixed family members and thank GOD they were raised better then Obama(and many in here) and don’t USE race as a defense for everything.

  • Not Adrienne

    Adrienne: CheersAnd you ADRIENNE still will look at people of other races with distain and not treat them as well as someone that is the same color as you.You wil still attacks others as being racist without knowing them(Pre-Judging them)based soley on their color…YES Adrienne racism does exist,please look in the mirror and you wil see a fine example of it,oh but the MEDIA will never vett you on that the same way they have never complained about Obama’s racism….REV Wright is not racist or radical If you believe Obama and many in the MEDIA that cover his a$$ on everything.Thanx a lot for hating me for being different Adrienne… LOVE YOU TOO =(( HATE is color blind,wish you could be too Adrienne.but alas i don’t think you could ever be.

  • Todd1

    Re: Comments (35)This hysterical piece of hyperbole is just plain ridiculous. No one from the Obama camp made a big deal out of this (‘played the race card’). DOBSON DID!It absolutely has racial overtones, though i doubt Sen Obama would give a tinkers darn about nonsense like this. If W was black then the monkey cartoons would have racial overtones too but he isn’t.People with the better ideas wind up on the pedestal, and people who steer the country into a ditch, fighting an endless war, bankrupting the treasury, and ruining the economy by reckless deregulation wind up a mockery.get your facts straight before you vent your personal biases on some personal tangent.

  • Former Christian

    Not Adrienne said: Wow. This is a pretty big leap to turn a couple of facts about life as a black person into a rant that Adrienne must hate all white people. I don’t see how you can jump to a conclusion so quickly, with so little evidence but I guess you either “know” this to be true based on divine intervention or you believe anyone pointing out racial disharmony hates everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    ‘the Main Stream Media and other bigots do that so they can form a pecking order of the people.who they feel is better or should be put upon a pedistal.’Never ceases to amaze me how people who have a PARANOID hostility/fear of the ‘cultural elite’ in the Media are BLIND to the ‘cultural elite’ clamoring for wall street bailouts and top-tier taxcuts.father does not always know best.

  • Roy

    How about “Dobson Douchebags”I think that would just be a satirical joke, too.

  • Inga

    It doesn’t matter onw whit where those guys work to carry a charge a racial insensitivity.What matters is that an organization who sponsors a “Value Voters Summit”, by that very act endorses what does on there. And Dobson can wriggle on that hook as much as he likes, but he’s still on there.What is relevant is that the guys USED to work for FoF. What we can imply from that information is that the attitudes they expressed might not be that uncommon in the Colorado Springs zip code of 80995.And Whoopi Goldberg expressed stong ( all be it wrong ) opinions? I don’t think we need to hold the presses for that revelation.

  • RB-Chicago

    Re: Dobson, Whoopi and WafflesDobson is a LIAR. Has ALWAYS been a liar. And if spewing fairy tales and fiction is all he can do, what good is he and his brainwashed flock worth??NADA…now go away..

  • jon

    Roy thinks”(dobson douchebags) would just be a satirical joke, too.”Google Search Results 1 – 10 of about 20,500 for Dobson Douchebags.ROY-That’s stale.

  • Eggy

    Um, I think a lot of you people are missing the point. It’s a JOKE! It’s FUNNY! Get over your stupid, hypocritical, liberal humorlessness. If Obama can’t take a joke about his incessant waffling without having a screechy fit, how’s he supposed to deal with Hugo Chavez?

  • Anonymous

    OK Marc-You prove your ignorance. A REAL black man has run for the presidency and you don’t know who he is.

  • Judy

    Racism is caused by ignorance.If a person is ignorant, and knows it, the likelihood is it can be changed.If the ignorant person is ignorant and is too ignorant to know it, that may not be changed since of lack of mental capacity to change is not their potential. THAT is sad.

  • Draesop

    James Dobson is a racist religious bigot whose focus on the family diatribe is sexist and homophobic. He fully deserves the accidental association with the Obama waffle idiots.

  • Priver

    Dear Mr. Waters,I have tried to contact you via other means and have been unsuccessful. I’d created a washington post user ID many years ago based on an account that someone hacked into unbeknownst to me to try to spam my contacts. But now that’s the only ID I’m allowed to sign in with. To keep things simple, my new email account has similar handle.. but it’s not the one I use here, and I need to be able to change my WaPo user ID to something that is as recognizable as the one I normally use here.Please address this problem.Thank you,

  • Roy

    jon:Roy thinks”(dobson douchebags) would just be a satirical joke, too.”Google Search Results 1 – 10 of about 20,500 for Dobson Douchebags.ROY-That’s stale.JON,Please let me clarify. The internet references were in regard to Dobson’s followers.My suggestion is for an actual product with the old fat Pharisee’s likeness stamped on latex rubber. That wouldn’t be as stale as Obama Waffles unless one is referring to the graffiti on the condom machine that says “This gum is stale”Thank you.

  • Jesus Christ


  • Ralph Reed

    Leviticus, Chapter 4, The sin of igonorance:1 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 2 Say to the children of Israel: The soul that sinneth through ignorance, and doth any thing concerning any of the commandments of the Lord, which he commanded not to be done: 3 If the priest that is anointed shall sin, making the people to offend, he shall offer to the Lord for his sin a calf without blemish. 4 And he shall bring it to the door of the testimony before the Lord, and shall put his hand upon the head thereof, and shall sacrifice it to the Lord. 5 He shall take also of the blood of the calf, and carry it into the tabernacle of the testimony.2 “Ignorance”… To be ignorant of what we are bound to know is sinful; and for such culpable ignorance, these sacrifices, prescribed in this and the following chapter, were appointed.5 “The blood”… As the figure of the blood of Christ shed for the remission of our sins, and carried by him into the sanctuary of heaven.6 And having dipped his finger in the blood, he shall sprinkle with it seven times before the Lord, before the veil of the sanctuary. 7 And he shall put some of the same blood upon the horns of the altar of the sweet incense most acceptable to the Lord, which is in the tabernacle of the testimony. And he shall pour all the rest of the blood at the foot of the altar of holocaust in the entry of the tabernacle. 8 And he shall take off the fat of the calf for the sin offering, as well that which covereth the entrails, as all the inwards: 9 The two little kidneys, and the caul that is upon them, which is by the hanks, and the fat of the liver with the little kidneys, 10 As it is taken off from the calf of the sacrifice of peace offerings, and he shall burn them upon the altar of holocaust.11 But the skin and all the flesh with the head and the feet and the bowels and the dung, 12 And the rest of the body he shall carry forth without the camp into a clean place where the ashes are wont to be poured out, and he shall burn them upon a pile of wood, they shall be burnt in the place where the ashes are poured out. 13 And if all the multitude of Israel shall be ignorant, and through ignorance shall do that which is against the commandment of the Lord, 14 And afterwards shall understand their sin, they shall offer for their sin a calf, and shall bring it to the door of the tabernacle. 15 And the ancients of the people shall put their hands upon the head thereof before the Lord. And the calf being immolated in the sight of the Lord,16 The priest that is anointed shall carry of the blood into the tabernacle of the testimony. 17 And shall dip his finger in it and sprinkle it seven times before the veil. 18 And he shall put of the same blood on the horns of the altar that is before the Lord, in the tabernacle of the testimony: and the rest of the blood he shall pour at the foot of the altar of holocaust, which is at the door of the tabernacle of the testimony. 19 And all the fat thereof he shall take off, and shall burn it upon the altar: 20 Doing so with this calf, as he did also with that before: and the priest praying for them, the Lord will be merciful unto them.21 But the calf itself he shall carry forth without the camp, and shall burn it as he did the former calf: because it is for the sin of the multitude. 22 If a prince shall sin, and through ignorance do any one of the things that the law of the Lord forbiddeth, 23 And afterwards shall come to know his sin, he shall offer a buck goat without blemish, a sacrifice to the Lord. 24 And he shall put his hand upon the head thereof: and when he hath immolated it in the place where the holocaust is wont to be slain before the Lord, because it is for sin, 25 The priest shall dip his finger in the blood of the victim for sin, touching therewith the horns of the altar of holocaust, and pouring out the rest at the foot thereof.26 But the fat he shall burn upon it, as is wont to be done with the victims of peace offerings: and the priest shall pray for him, and for his sin, and it shall be forgiven him. 27 And if any one of the people of the land shall sin through ignorance, doing any of those things that by the law of the Lord are forbidden, and offending, 28 And shall come to know his sin, he shall offer a she goat without blemish. 29 And he shall put his hand upon the head of the victim that is for sin, and shall immolate it in the place of the holocaust. 30 And the priest shall take of the blood with his finger, and shall touch the horns of the altar of holocaust, and shall pour out the rest at the foot thereof.31 But taking off all the fat, as is wont to be taken away of the victims of peace offerings, he shall burn it upon the altar, for a sweet savour to the Lord: and he shall pray for him, and it shall be forgiven him. 32 But if he offer of the flock a victim for his sin, to wit, an ewe without blemish: 33 He shall put his hand upon the head thereof, and shall immolate it in the place where the victims of holocausts are wont to be slain. 34 And the priest shall take of the blood thereof with his finger, and shall touch the horns of the altar of holocaust, and the rest he shall pour out at the foot thereof. 35 All the fat also he shall take off, as the fat of the ram that is offered for peace offerings is wont to be taken away: and shall burn it upon the altar, for a burnt sacrifice of the Lord: and he shall pray for him and for his sin, and it shall be forgiven him.

  • Costas

    Whoopi’s views on Focus on the Family are well known. Her stance did not surprise those who knnow her and it was wrong and David you are wrong in trying to even-hand o it. What if those guys worked for the Focus on the Family or Washington Post for that matter? You better wake up to the implications of inferring on tit bits. This is not journalism at its best.

  • John O’Neal

    This was a well written commentary. Life could be so much better if we: a.) Check the facts before we run our mouthsI know, I know, its just too much to expect.

  • Susan W

    James Dobson, I recognized that you are one who bought the devil’s great lie. Pride. You are so puffed up… you look funny. You are a deceiver.

  • Mark

    The book of Romans Chapter #1, verses 24-32Very Plain New Testament verses. Why would anybody argue with the One who created it all?

  • Larry Linn

    Please G*d, I pray that you use your power to allow Dobson and the houses of worship express political endorsements based upon what you tell the religious leaders in personal illusions. I am sure that if they want to participate in elections, and that they will be willing to pay taxes like other businesses and other taxpayers. As I pray to thee, please tell me why you inflated your son to 800 to 900 feet, had him tell a television evangelical that he had to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to find a cure for cancer? Lord, since you are G*d, would it not have bee easier to just tell this Evangelist the cure?

  • Marc Edward

    Anonymous writes You prove your ignorance. A REAL black man has run for the presidency and you don’t know who he is.”A number of black people have run for President – what does that have to do with this question? No black man has recieved the nomination of either major political party up till this year.

  • Dean

    The issue is not waffles or racism. The issue is are people who call themselves Christian going to act like Christians? Or are they going to act like James Dobson?

  • Waffle?

    Someone is watching too much TV, reading too much trash articles, and not looking in the mirror…at all! All these comments about the other person (side) being bigots, racists, and so on, and they do not stop to hear how they themselves sound.Someone has a big imagination, or they are listening to others who have one, because at 52 years old, and having traveled this globe many times over, I do NOT come up with racist when I hear waffle…and neither do you except someone TOLD YOU that it connects, it fits into your, “let’s be tolerant of everything, UNLESS it doesn’t fit in with your intolerence”; then you lable it bigot or racist. Children, grow up, get some virtue about yourself, look in the mirror.


    SHUT UP dobson!!

  • Hillman

    I’m far more concerned about Dobson’s hatred and denigration of gay people.He is on record as being in favor of denying health care, old age benefits, and other life-altering benefits for gay Americans.Who Would Jesus Deny Healthcare To?Oh, yes, that’s right. He wouldn’t.

  • J Seidel

    Not all evangelicals support McCain/Palin. Look for “EVANGELICALS FOR OBAMA” car magnets (aka bumper stickers) from evs4obama [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • Ipanema

    Anonymus & Marc Edward:The Portuguese term “mulato” or “mestiço” is a perceived as pejorative and demeaning in some cultures (see Wikipedia)! For those of you that are unsophisticated in the Portuguese language, the closest equivalent in the English language to these Portuguese words is “half breed.” As a Christian, I would never refer to anyone as half breed, as that is against the Word of God.

  • Alex

    fr hillman:>…I’m far more concerned about Dobson’s hatred and denigration of gay people.He is on record as being in favor of denying health care, old age benefits, and other life-altering benefits for gay Americans….SO true. He’s a bigot, and knows it. The problem is, he goes on (and on and on and on ad infiniteum) about just how AWFUL glbt’s are, uses false information, and has brainwashed a LOT of people. My mother had dobdumb’s gulag send me a book of his (I’m gay). I sent it back unopened, refused, return to sender. I also sent dobby’s gang of four an email saying NEVER send me that garbage again.

  • Daniel in the Lion’s Den

    Hi David WatersI have been trying to figure out how to register on some of the other threads so I can still make comments. But so far, I have been unsuccessful. It is too hard. I am trying to follow the instructions but somehow, I am not understanding what I am to do. This is biased towards younger people, since they all seem to be more computer literate. Maybe you could put more detailed instructions or some kind of video tutorial. Thanks

  • Mark

    Hillman writes:He is on record as being in favor of denying health care, old age benefits, and other life-altering benefits for gay Americans.Who Would Jesus Deny Healthcare To?Oh, yes, that’s right. He wouldn’t.”So Hillman & others: Why do you speak of Jesus, and you do not even know Him?#1 The Bible talks very plainly about Sodomites. All you have to do is read what Jesus (God in the Flesh) said about the abomination of Sodomy. But…You will not, because you are willfully ignorant concerning the truth. #2 Again, If someone does not agree with YOU concerning your world view,(not Gods), you label them, you start calling them names.#3 You are best off to read the book of Revelation, and see exactly who this Jesus is, and what He is going to do when He returns to rule this earth.#4 Now, If you don’t believe in God, or God’s word the Bible, there is no answer for your ranting about being a sodomite and wanting every one to be on your side. You have made up YOUR rules, and want everyone else to play by them.

  • AlexP1

    John McCaint has suddenly gotten quite concerned about the crisis on Wall Street. Just more lies….So much so that he has announced he’s suspending his campaign and rushing back to Washington so he can work with Congress on solving the problem and he wants Obama to do the same which will mean putting off that pesky debate they were supposed to have on Friday. The situation was so urgent in fact that McCaint called up David Letterman personally to cancel his appearance on his show so he wouldn’t waste any time tackling the problem. Except that he apparently had time to stick around long enough to film an interview with Katie Couric, to “expalin” the pathetic interview with peeeuuu Palin whereas she fumbles and get confused on such a simple subject….and literally self destructs on CBS…..So while McCaint was at the West 57th street CBS News Location… same point in time he would have been on Letterman. Needless to say, Dave wasn’t impressed. In fact Dave had some pretty good points to make during the course of the show. David Letterman was absolutely furious at Senator John McCain for snubbing him and instead making an appearance on a CBS News interview with Katie Couric. According to Letterman, McCaint personally called him and apologized for bailing out at the last minute. He said he was suspending his campaign to rush to Washington and help fight America’s biggest economic crisis since the great depression. Letterman understood the urgency of this issue and said it was ok.Boy, Was he mad when he knew that McCaint did not actually go to Washington to solve the ‘Crisis’ and fix the ‘Crater’ in the economy? Letterman stopped his interview with Keith Olbermann midway to show a live TV feed of McCaint getting makeup for his interview with Katie Couric. Letterman said something is terribly wrong with McCain’s campaign ..and it smells….(peeeuuu Palin anyone)and that he was just playing a political game by saying that he was suspending his campaign. And when Dave saw McCaint with Couric having makeup applied to his cancer ridden head he yelled out and said: “Hey John, do you need a ride to the airport??????.He felt this a political gimmick to stop his sliding poll numbers from sliding further. He repeatedly asked the same question – ‘Where is your running mate, Sarah Palin?’. You do not suspend a campaign a month before elections, you get your second in command to run the show instead. A total of 10 minutes was used up by Dave Letterman to shred McCain and his publicity stunt into pieces.View David’s Anger @ After the Walter Cronkite moment of 1968 now 40 years later for McCaint on David Letterman……I don’t think McCain will be scheduling a follow-up appearance anytime soon. Thanks Again Dave…. for showing us the truth..yet again……McCaint can’t multi-task…..Its the end of the peeeuuu Palin bubble and McCaints lies…….”Thanks but no thanks for more of the lies that bridge America to nowhere……”

  • AlexP1

    ..What ever happened to this commandment…..Obama is for teaching Kindrgarteners “sex” esucation…Why are the republicants so exempt fron this 1 of GODS 10 Commandments?.Thou’ shalt’ not bear false witness thy neighbor.

  • Ralph Reed

    Harold,In regard to McCain’s melanoma:1: And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron, saying,

  • Roy

    For Dobsonite Mark:May God bless you with a gay child or grandchild so as to shut your intolerant mouth as He did with the hateful old Dick Cheney.You are a neochristian not a Christian. Read the words of Jesus instead of cherry-picking Leviticus and Revelations for your own “orthodox Christian” political agenda – you know little about Him and neither does Dobson.

  • Mark

    Roy,The entire Bible is the writing of Jesus.How simple!Your name calling is a cheap defense, because you have no answer other than Guilty.Why do you hate God,His Virtue, and Principles?It matters not the sin, it’s all paid for if we receive it.God even died for me, a wicked, hell bound sinner. That is mankinds nature; to sin. This is nothing new. I do not hate you for your sin, any more than I hate me for my sin. I just hate the act of my sin, knowing that it offends my Saviour. I need to confess to God EVERY day. But I cannot excuse my sin just because I personally like it, or that it makes me feel good. Wrong is wrong, and our name calling is just a mask we put on because we do not want to face the fact of who we are, against who HE is! God is perfect and Holy.I try, like others have said, to hate the sin, and not the sinner. You are of great worth to God, so much so that he came down in human form and paid the price for your iniquity and mine.I am no better than any other human being, I have just chosen to follow after the one who created me, and I do a miserable job at it; but I try. How about you?

  • Anonymous

    These are prime examples of them to whom Jesus will say…Depart from me, ye workers of iniquity, I know you not…What poor wretches they are, and so many hypocrites like them.

  • coloradodog

    Mark,Who are you accusing of sodomy? Are you casting the first stone. In your ignorant reaction to my defense of gays do you automatically assume I am one?This is a glaring example that you are nothing more than an evangelical neochristian.