Palin’s Pastor Problem

In the fine, new American tradition of presidential campaign “pastor disasters,” Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin might have one … Continued

In the fine, new American tradition of presidential campaign “pastor disasters,” Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin might have one she can call her very own, complete with its own sensational YouTube video and stunned cable TV commentary. You knew it was coming — but probably didn’t suspect it would involve witchcraft.

Back in the fall of 2005, when Palin was running for governor of Alaska, a Kenyan pastor named Thomas Muthee preached several times at Wasilla Assembly of God, Palin’s church home for more than two decades. In one service, Palin joined Moothy onstage while he prayed for her.

“We say grace to be reigned upon her in the name of Jesus,” Muthee prayed while Palin bowed her head. “We are asking you as the body of Christ in this valley make a way for Sarah even in the political arena . . . Bring finances her way even for the campaign in the name of Jesus . . . Give her men and women who will buck her up in the name of Jesus . . . Oh, Father, use her to turn this nation the other way around . . . “

So far, not that unusual. Intercessory public prayer is a common and often powerful form of encouragement and blessing in evangelical or Pentecostal settings, for politicians or anyone else. But Muthee goes on: “In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, every form of witchcraft is what you rebuke. In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, father make away now.”

Turns out, Muthee began his ministry with a witch hunt against a Kenyan woman he accused of causing car accidents through demonic spells, according to the Christian Science Monitor, which first reported the story in 1999. Muthee publicly declared the woman “a witch responsible for the town’s ills, and order her to offer her up her soul for salvation or leave Kiambu . . . The woman fled.”

This past June, in a speech at Wasilla AOG, Palin gave credit to Muthee for her 2006 election victory. In another now-famous YouTube video, Palin says, “As I was mayor and Pastor Muthee was here and he was praying over me . . . He said ‘Lord make a way and let her do this next step.’ And that’s exactly what happened.”

Keith Olbermann, MSNBC’s designated derider and host of Countdown, was all over Palin’s witch hunter connection last Friday: “The Palin’s preacher problem: The minister who laid hands on her at the Wasilla Assembly of God in 2005, the one she credits with helping make her a governor, it turns out he makes Jeremiah Wright look like Father Flanagan of Boys Town,” Olbermann said in his opening.

Here we go again. People who were in a lather about Wright’s sermons know as little about African American church rhetoric and black liberation theology as people who are in a state about Muthee’s sermons know about Pentecostal church rhetoric and “spiritual warfare.”

As the CSM articles explained, Muthee’s ministry is part of a larger “spiritual warfare” movement that uses “an in-depth research effort called ‘spiritual mapping’ to identify ‘demonic forces,’ break ‘spiritual strongholds’ holding communities in their groups, and bring people to Christ. It’s also an effective way to put people in the pews and raise revenue.

Not to be too cynical, but Palin isn’t the first politician to use (however sincerely) the power of the pulpit to advance her own political career, and she won’t be the last. George W. Bush did it. Barack Obama and John McCain do it. You’d be hard-pressed to find a successful politician who hasn’t done it.

We’ll never know what Palin really believes about “demonic forces” and “spiritual warfare,” at least not before Nov. 4. But there are plenty of “demonic” forces to be concerned about in this election — the greed, fear and violence that are wreaking havoc on the economy, the health care system, the Middle East, our urban areas.

Can we forget the crazy preachers and try to get the candidates to focus on the serious problems?

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  • Paganplace

    She’s certainly more in bed with this ‘Spiritual Warfare’ witch-hunting than just one pastor. It goes beyond the ‘Prayer warfare’ of attempting to invoke some powers to hurt people of different beliefs, this brand of ‘Spiritual warfare’ can also get all too physical, especially in terms of the political ambitions of these folks. And it can get pretty surreal when you run into some of their followers, let’s say. This ain’t Mom and apple pie they have in mind. It’s not equivalent to the Obama smears. If you think so, ask her some questions from Dominionist theology. Not that she seems to ever know what she’s talking about in an interview, but it’d probably *really* put her in a pickle to have to tell us about what she really thinks about all this stuff. Not that the real radicals don’t think it’s perfectly OK to lie, but if she likes witch hunts, let’s go to town.

  • anonny

    Isn’t there some video of Sarah Palin shooting wolves from a helicopter or plane? That needs to be run over and over and over again. If she wins this election, it’s because the Republican party knows how to place its own voodoo on the voting public, using fear and intolerance instead of competence to get their power.

  • Edmond Dantès

    The difference with the other candidates is that everyones than matters assumes that Omama and McCain don’t really believe in that crap, but go through the motions as required by unwritten rules of American politics. With Sarah Palin, there is the feeling she bought into it. Is that the real prejudice against the governor of Alaska? Maybe that’s just the way to succeed in Alaskan politics. OK, maybe she is just dumb as a bush. It is 50/50.

  • Jeff

    “Here we go again. People who were in a lather about Wright’s sermons know as little about African American church rhetoric and black liberation theology as people who are in a state about Muthee’s sermons know about Pentecostal church rhetoric and “spiritual warfare.””This quote from David Waters misses the point. There is a difference between understanding why somebody says something and condoning what they are saying. Reverend Wright’s and Pastor Muthee both made negative statements about people that are not true – and that is unacceptable. In fact, Rev. Wrights racial stereotyping is particularly reprehensible, based on our supposed value of the individual as an individual and our supposed antipathy toward racism. Pastor Muthee’s campaign to have a woman in Africa branded as a witch was controversial in Africa– not just in the U.S. Moreover, Pastor Muthee has a responsibility to understand and honor the traditions of the country he is preaching in– especially when he is attempting to influence an election in that country. And in the U.S., branding someone as a “witch” is still a durogatory label that is at least an insult, and at most slander.Finally, Pastor’s Muthee’s comments endorsing Sarah Palin in a political election contest placed Palin’s church in violation of federal tax law, if it accepted tax exemption status and failed to pay taxes for that year.

  • noshediint

    What do the witch hunter and Mrs Palin think of McCain’s now-outed gay sex-party-king chief of staff?

  • China

    Fruitful blog reading for an insomniac – I may be ready for bed now. With 24 hour news cycles, phone video recorders, and UTube, it’s possible to take anything out of context and make a story out of it. The comment that religion and politics should be separate is a personal favorite of mine. The defacto position is no religion then. How can you believe something and not have that belief affect your behavior?Another favorite is the thought that it is wrong to believe something if it contradicts the belief of another. I certainly wouldn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings – so I’ll just stick with what I am spoon fed. Oh, I especially liked the Harry Potter blogger. The thought starts with claims of bigotry against Harry Potter readers and ends with bigotry claims against evangelicals. Stinks for me; I’m an evangelical that loves Harry Potter books living in China. – Good night.

  • scaredin20854

    Is anyone concerned about the fact that a religious facility – such as a church or a temple – is strictly prohibited from campaigning for or against political candidates? Remember when Al Gore got in trouble with his Buddhist temple involvement? That church should seriously fear the IRS…anyone’s preacher or pastor should not be preaching campaign politics from the pulpit. That is the law!Sarah Palin should stop being so “folksy” and start understanding the laws and regulations that govern our country.

  • Daniel in the Lion’s Den

    Chuckie said:”…And this constitutes some sort of fanaticism? Witchcraft is as real as the God it insults.”Duh!Yes, this DOES constitute some sort of fanaticism.

  • Restonian

    The witchcraft part is actually far less disturbing than the part in which Muthee talks about how the Israelites are controlling everything, and the part about infiltrating government. How does this man’s endorsement jibe with Sarah Palin’s assertion that we don’t second guess Israel, and her Israeli flag?

  • Anonymous

    Rev Wright:It is one thing to believe in witchcraft. It is quite another thing to organize a mob to persecute someone who is believed to practice witchcraft. The campaign of persecution which Bishop Muthee instigated against Mama Jane is the kind of campaign which often has deadly results in Africa. Reporters here in the US should not gloss over what Muthee is said to have done. This is not a frivolous topic and it’s about time the US press understood that.Read Tracy McVeigh’s 2007 article about modern day “witch hunts” in Africa. The article appears in the Guardian Online.

  • Cordelia R.

    Granny wrote: “Poor excuse for the media (Washington Post). So pitiful to dig this low for something to write about. It seems that these reporters haven’t much to do with rheir time”=====I do agree with you, however, that there are more important things we should look at. Republicans blew their corks and demanded impeachment when President Clinton was being yucky in the Oval Office. Now where are the senators and congressmen and citizens demanding that Dick Cheney be brought up on charges of high treason for starting this war to boost the profits of Halliburton, which will be where his pension comes from?Osama Bin Laden didn’t mess up our economy. It was Dick Cheney, hands down. After 9/11 the US was the darling of the world. After Cheney (because Bush hasn’t been in the picture for 8 years), the world sneers at us. Now they watch for us to tumble and take them into an economic abyss with them. This is Dick Cheney’s doing. One man can cause unbelievable grief. Look at history.

  • ChuckB

    Not only this, now she is saying we shouldn’t second guess Israel. Don’t we have our own foreign policy? Can it be assumed that what is in Israel’s interest will always be in ours? It is very probable that someone who has attended fundamentalist churches for so long can take other than a biblical perspective. Albeit that perspective is often schizophrenic: they are God’s chosen people, but Jews killed by Arabs deserve it? This only makes sense from the perspective of fundamentalists who think born again Christians are the new Jews, i.e., they have replaced them as the chosen. Also they often state that God’s plan for the Second Coming can’t unfold until all the Jews are gathered in Israel where most of them can be killed, with the remaining converting to Christianity. In short they have some pretty wacked out nutty ideas about all of this. To think she could ascend to the presidency is truly frightening, considering that people like the exorcist minister and the minister who said that Jews deserved to be killed by Arabs would stream in as advisers. Of course Christians looking forward to the apocalypse might relish the thought of her being in a position to destroy the world.

  • Mike

    A friend of mine is a Wiccan high priest, and according to what he’s told me, witchcraft can and does work.

  • motiv8ed

    I’m sure Sarah Palin has discovered by now that Dick Cheney has been performing his duties as Vice President from “the dark side,” since shortly after 9/11.Someone please inform her that there is more involved in this process than simply walking into the office and “turning off the lights!”

  • Walter Humphreys

    I worked in a mental institution for thirty plus years. I’ve seen the Reverend Muthee scenario perform and played out many times behind “locked” doors. It seem, to me, to be more and more mainstream these days outside the institution milieu.

  • Anonymous

    Mike: “A friend of mine is a Wiccan high priest, and according to what he’s told me, witchcraft can and does work.”Sure Mike we’ll take the word of a “Warlock”Right…Not a creditable source to say the least!

  • Dave

    I had hoped as I grew older that the US would mature and begin to tolerate and respect peoples’ religious beliefs. Unfortunately, if Palin somehow manages to convince people to vote against their own best interests (doesn’t take much) and elect her, religious freedom and respect for religious differences will be set back by generations. Bush is bad enough, but an evangelical who tolerates witch hunt pastors, believes god has chosen her to lead, and inserts her religious beliefs directly into her policy decisions is very scary and unaccepatble in an eclectic society.

  • Anonymous

    So we’re not to be concerned when a candidate for the nation’s second-highest office welcomes the spiritual guidance of a man who would have felt at home in Salem, Mass, circa 1692?

  • me again

    What to think ???

  • Goodbyeretirement

    Doesn’t the press have more important things to write about. Are we truly so starved for news that this is what they come up with. I’m not for McCain/Pailin, but lay off.

  • Walter Festoon

    This is by far the stupidest waste of time I have ever seen! So stupid I had to respond. Snap out of it people.

  • mommabee

    Being a Southern Baptist by upbringing (not necessarily by choice), I have more of a problem with Palin allowing her fundamentalist beliefs to dictate how our country is to be run than I do with whether or not Obama is Muslim…it’s a free country – right? Are we not supporters of religious freedom?? I don’t care what religion any candidate practices if we are to separate church and state…however, when Palin’s beliefs will support the teaching of creationism is schools over scientifically supported evolution, lack of personal choices for rape/incest victims or to her own teenage daughter, then outright lying, are only a few major problems any rational being should have with her – that she is supported blindly by any political party is JUST FLAT WRONG. WE ARE BEING FLEECED.

  • Douggie

    Why hasn’t any major reporting been done on Palin sitting in the pews during an anit-Semite sermon by another guest pastor? Funny how that got swept under the rug. And why hasn’t anyone asked her why her church believes the Jews must all be killed in order for Jesus to return. On that note, why no major news about her believing she will, indeed, see Jesus return in her lifetime. Doesn’t that mean that possibly someone with their finger on the nuclear button thinks Israel will be destroyed to make way for Jesus. Man this lady is whacko scary.

  • John Adams

    This Palin will be my president… Does China want any US refugees or should I move to Alaska which has generous neighbours in Russia / Canada.

  • Cathy, NJ

    Umm…is this real news worth reading? Attending a service one-time guest-officiated by a person of radical theology is not equivalent attending a church long-time officiated by a person of radical theology. Most regular church goers have at least once been in attendance where a guest pastor spoke who espoused unusual views.


    Witchcraft isn’t the issue. It’ how he characterized the “Israelites”. Interesting how you omitted that part.

  • John

    She met this guy once and had no idea he was witch hunting back in Africa. Obama sat in front of Reverend Wright for 22 years.So, why is it Palin who has a “pastor problem”? Why, because she’s the Republican, of course.

  • Jeff

    When did anyone in this thread ever do a deep investigation of their pastor, his/her full background, and the like? This is such a non-story; I just can’t believe we allow ourselves to spend time on this junk.

  • Blip

    Muthee also talks about his idea that “the Israelites” control the world’s finances.I can’t see why that wouldn’t be a part of the article. It’s part of the same sermon where he blesses Palin.

  • KenJr

    Who cares. Not to worry. Nobody in his or her right mind come election day is going to promote another 4 years of the current kind of conservative Republicanism anyway. Sarah Palin will be history.

  • William

    Chapter Contents

  • She’ll need it!!!

    Sarah “thanks but no thanks” Palin is going to need all the voodoo and magical incantations her pastor can muster in order to save her and grampa’s disaster of a campaign.

  • Dave too

    Men/Women of God can LEAD !!!Jimmy Carter was elected on a religious platform, see waht he did !Err, well, maybe thats not good examples !But it can be true!

  • Bill Tann, Spokane, Washington

    In the 1970’s, I went to Don Basham’s retreat at Elk Heights, Washington, and watched him cast out demons from the crowd of men. First there was the demon of “denominationalism”, then greed, etc. We were urged to cough out the demons. He would name a demon and a few men would try to cough it out. However, when he got to the demon of “lust” and urged us to cough it out, the place resembled a tuberculosis ward. I watched nearly everyone try to cough out the demon and just could not help but laugh hysterically. I was asked to contain myself.


    I just wonder if it had been Obama instead of Palin? The press would be chewing him up. It would be all over the front pages, every minute there would be a new right wing expert skewering him. But Palin gets away with it; just a few comments and on to the local sports reporting. Mainstream, liberal media . . . right.

  • Interesting characterization …

    ‘But there are plenty of “demonic” forces to be concerned about in this election — the greed, fear and violence that are wreaking havoc on the economy, the health care system, the Middle East, our urban areas.’Is the “The Middle East” a daemon?

  • Fred Jones

    Let’s compare:Palin — One silly comment by a pastor at a church many years ago which Palin has not attended for years; VERSUSObama — 20 years at a racist black liberation theology church. I’ll take Palin over the racist Obama any day of the week.

  • Anonymous

    You can not compare this to Obama’s pastor problem. Obama’s is far far worse.

  • RollaMO

    Again I beseech you, call upon the Lord to enter your body and let flow from your tongues; “lumlululumlum, hammana hammana hammana, boogity boogity, bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy…..”

  • Charles

    Fred Jones: Yes, let’s compare. Obama’s former church provided money and housing to the poor in their neighborhood. It also organized street crime prevention and neighborhood watch groups that lowered the crime rate.Palin’s church provided money for guest pastors to give sermons demonizing Jews and speaking of how Jesus would return in their lifetimes.Yup, I’ll go with the angry black people any day.

  • Mikein Reno

    Palin is currently running against an entire party of demons-the Demoncrats led by Reid, Pelosi and Obama.May the forces of goodness prevail.

  • Bing Poon

    Mr Keith Olbermann concludes one clergyman is closer to Boystown than the other clergyman, without how the conclusion was reached. Not everyone is knowlegable as Olbermann. Is there an umlaut, or however spelt, missing from his Occidental surname?

  • Wow

    Wow. I’m leaving this insane country.

  • Witch Hunter

    I say we settle this the way our great nation’s forefathers would have. Lets throw Sarah into the Potomac river to drown, and if she floats to the surface then it means she’s not a witch.Problem solved and our nation can move on to important issues…

  • No Surprise!!

    OK…for those that know a little about religion & where they came from & what the prophecies say….you can see things unfolding to the letter of the Word…..

  • Mr. Magoo

    The best result of Obama going up against Clinton in the primaries is that his religious affiliation has been completely vetted. In fact, the guy has been raked over the coals. Yet he has come out on top.The result of Palin not being in front of reporters has been that her past is coming back to haunt her. Her actions as a politician are the biggest monkey on McCain’s back and now her religious views will be the nail in the coffin. How many of you out there think Jesus will return to Earth in your lifetime? How many think that Israel needs to be destroyed for that to happen? The lady is a religious nutball, yet, because she’s a Republican, you stick your fingers in your ears, put hands over your eyes, but unfortunately, don’t put your hands over your mouths.

  • Braden

    Here’s the issue as I see it. Obama’s pastor made ridiculous comments while Obama was in attendance which Obama later denounced . All fine and good. This pastor made ridiculous comments while praying over Palin which she has since at least partially endorsed. That’s a problem. Until Palin publicly disavows belief in crazy nonsense like demons and witchcraft this is an issue.

  • Draesop

    Reverend Jeremiah Wright spoke as a black man raised in a racist country with centuries of slavery. His family sat at the back of the bus and was discriminated against in the worst possible ways for many generations. He served in the US Armed Forces and successfully pursued academic qualifications. He has an excellent history of service as a pastor and community leader. He spoke the truth from the pulpit as far as the racial history of this country is concerned. His wondering about the origin of AIDS is not dissimilar to the creation story….old and unoriginal. This Palin person is a white woman in America, attended many universities in search of a bachelors degree. Her public performances are unable to stand the slightest scrutiny once she ventures beyond the catwalk. Now there are references to witchcraft in her church in her community. Witchcraft is a practice that has a history in America where alleged witches have been killed for their beliefs and purported acts. Governor Palin has some explaining to do if we are to believe that Senator Obama’s persecution around Reverend Wright was not an extension of of the racist harassment so familiar to black men, women and children even in 21st century America.

  • Greg Conquest

    This is admittedly strange, but keep in mind that Muthee was not Palin’s preacher for twenty years. I would not put too much faith (pardon the pun) into this video.

  • Hey Fred

    Read the whole article. Not just what you want to glean from it.Do you not consider that scary? This was not many years ago. This was last June dude.

  • carl c

    All the more reason God and religion should be left out of politics altogether. You’ll never get any kind of consensus since every religion feels its the chosen one doing Gods calling. Personally, I think they’re all nonsense and are for weak minded people incapable of doing whats good and right without the threat of everlasting damnation or salvation and accepting that their fate is in their own hands. Enough already!

  • Tyler

    I’m missing the ridiculous comments, and am angered by the Washington Post to add “involves witchcraft” in the headline. The pastor DENOUNCES witchcraft!! Clearly the person who wrote this headline does not know the meaning of the word REBUKE! Go McCain!

  • No Suprprise again!!!

    Greg:Remember though that she is on a vid saying that it was God’s will to do this and that…politics has NO place in religion…

  • Linda

    Even though Alaska is one of our 50 ‘States’ the average American knows little about the State, its culture or customs. It was pursued as a ‘State’ for its close proximity to Russia and the Artic plus the vast natural resources it has.If anything this ‘blessing’ constitutes a greater show of acceptance of ‘Christian faith’ demonstrating a clear break from ‘witchcraft’. It is refreshing when Palin says I don’t have a passport cause I was working two jobs and I entered politics to make a ‘difference’. ALL Americans should ‘sit up and take note’. When she says she knows the “Northern Slope” she is NOT talking skiing! She, by virtue of living it knows our future engery sources BETTER than anyone else. As the ice melts in the Artic and the ‘land and resources’ grab has begun on resources long frozen over but now exposed I WANT Palin on my side.


    It is UNBELIEVABLE that you people can politicize this video. This was simply a prayer for Palin for protection. This man did not call for any racist action or a witch hunt. He did not damn our nation. You people who use this stuff are pathetic!

  • Republican for Obama

    There is a difference between Obama and Palin.First, Obama cannot be held accountable for the bad judgement of his pastor. Obama didn’t write the sermons nor was he necessarily present for them.Secondly, he denounced Rev. Wright. Palin chose to go on stage with Muthee and she credited him with her winning the election. Rev. Wright is an extremist, yes. Bishop Muthee is an extremist. Palin took an active in the extremism; Obama did not.

  • Anonymous

    A cease & desist order from local judges cannot fail to stop this political nonsense. We don’t have time or patience to coddle religion in any important sphere any longer.

  • Matthew

    I’m no Palin supporter but I don’t see coming down on him over the israelite comment. It is true that the jewish people control a large part of global finance. Rothschild, Warburg, Baruch, ect, ect. They also control the world’s ecstasy drug trade and illegal diamond trade. Noone like to point out the truth and if you do you are lableled a racist. The truth hurts sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    Greg Conquest: So, by your logic, I can go and listen to a Neo-Nazi speak, have him put his hand on my shoulder and give me praise for being a good member of the flock, then go about my daily life without anti-Semite rumors flying or me explaining it? All because I only hung out with him once?

  • Republican for Obama

    “It is UNBELIEVABLE that you people can politicize this video. This was simply a prayer for Palin for protection. This man did not call for any racist action or a witch hunt. He did not damn our nation. You people who use this stuff are pathetic!”It’s all about judgement. A leader’s judgement defines them. Being associated with extremism, is poor judgement!

  • Treaty of Tripoli 1796

    God isn’t real, but war is. You can’t see god, but you can see dead soldiers. I’m voting for the LHC this year.

  • Republican for Obama

    “Let’s compare:Palin — One silly comment by a pastor at a church many years ago which Palin has not attended for years; VERSUSObama — 20 years at a racist black liberation theology church. I’ll take Palin over the racist Obama any day of the week.”It was hardly one silly comment. It was in 2005, not many years ago and she also attended the church for 2 decades.

  • Matther

    Maybe being a religious scholar I have been exposed to more services or variations, because I don’t find the sermon that odd. I’ve been to odd services (naked pagan maypole celebrations, snake handlers in Kentucky, chanting Kirtan with Hindus for hours, Elf/gnome worshippers) and this doesn’t make the cut. They speak in tongues at AOG, at least they used to and that was weird for me.

  • marco

    and Christianity is relatively new to Africa….: And the people of Israel crossed Lake Tahoe i suppose. ignorant American!

  • Westexacan

    It is very scary to think that the Barbie Doll from Alaska will only be a heart beat away from the most powerful job in the world.

  • Orf

    “This man did not call for any racist action or a witch hunt”Witch Hunt is *exactly* what he was calling for. he was hunting for witches who might be bewitching Sarah Palin. That he thinks there are such creatures and that Ms Palin was seeking his help in being protected from them … this is not political now, this is insanity.How can you not see this?

  • HiloBob

    She ought to get some de-icer for her broom, fly back to Alaska, and stay there. Just listen to her Couric interview, especially where she goes on about Putin.That 2007 Teen Miss U.S.A. from South Carolina sounds like a Rhodes Scholar along side this cocky ditz. I thought I was going to laugh myself silly, thought about it for a second, and then just felt ill.

  • Jean

    LoL… that’s a scriptur he is quoting.. the violent take it by force… he is talking about being passionate about our faith and by violence he means getting into prayer, fasting and really living and believing what we preach.

  • Frank

    Fred Jones do you what you sound like? You either belong to no religion or you are a racist. If Barak is racist then he must be a selfhating one. You seem to forget that the man is half Caucasian and half African and raised by a Caucasian family. If there is to be any racism in his blood like you it must be against blacks.

  • Tj

    I would like to point out that Hitler thought he had God behind him as well.

  • Gene Venable

    If one has a bit of sensitivity to American history, one might recall that burning witches to death was once acceptable. This makes belief in that kind of witchcraft pretty scary.

  • asd

    It’s hard to mistake what “violent” means, don’t you think?We’ve seen time and time again when people under a religious hysteria choose to see violence as a justifiable means of reaching their goals.If you choose to have the word mean one thing inside your scripture and something else outside of it, how are we to know which “violence” you’re choosing at any one moment?The prudent thing to do is to assume you mean violence.

  • Bill

    Who IS this Jesus person that everyone keeps talking about?

  • Scy

    This is CRAZY. I mean there are religious beliefs, respect for beliefs, etc. but this is just nuts. The salem witch trials were 350 years ago. And they wanna put this woman in charge of . . . anything? Wow. I’ve sure out of that undecided column and gone hard left on this vote. How could he pick her? This is crazy.

  • Venerable

    A venerable republican trick, find the most nasty trait in your own soul and accuse your opposition of it.Rove is a master at this. The republican faithful have absorbed this the way children absorb profanity when it’s used in the home .. they don’t even know they’re doing it, and unless Rove comes down from on high and tells them they shouldn’t be doing it, the republican faithful will not see it as profanity either.And we know how likely that is.

  • Larry Clifton

    I just looked at a replay of one of the dozens of tapes that ABC has of Jeremiah Wright and his vile renunciations of my country. Sarah Palin, the next Vice President of the United States doesn’t have a pastor problem.

  • Monte

    There’s actually one key thing that separates Palin’s paster from obama’s… for all the negative things Wright has said he has never called for his church members to act out in violence and hate(though i must say i have questioned his “god damn america” stance since one of sermons sounded like he was very supportive of the Bill Clinton years… makes me think he is more selective as in damn the bush years); when it comes down to it, like it or not, his words are just words and as such are protected by freedom of speech. Palin’s pastor on the other hand, in this country, he would have gotten arrested for his claims… He actually called out that woman in kenya, in a town paranoid about “evil” and as such incited serious violence against her…”The angry townsfolk wanted to stone her in retaliation, and when the police entered Mama Jane’s home to intervene, they were apparently startled by what they believed to be a demon and shot her pet python to death. Mama Jane was then questioned by police, after which she left town.”For everything wright has ever said his words have been nothing more than just that, petty little words… Palin’s paster on the other hand caused serious grief to an innocent woman and could have gotten her killed. Guys like him were the ones responsible for the salem witch trials… the only thing holding him back is that it has become harder to identify a “witch” (the standards have gone up since over the centuries)

  • Our national security at stake!

    I think everyone should focus on this video

  • modify

    Larry Clifton, using the “Husein” in your speech marks your agenda, and that blatantly.You’re probably a good christian too aren’t you?

  • Ida

    Let me surmise what we know of Palin, since she won’t give any more than a few interviews:-She comes from Idaho.If I missed anything, please feel free to add it.

  • J. Clifford Cook

    David Waters, if you were giving an honest appraisal of Muthee, and not just an apology, you would have posted the entire transcript, which includes illegal instructions for the church membership to vote for Sarah Palin in the election, as well as a call for the infiltration, penetration and even invasion of the American government in order to impose right wing Christian ideology on Muslims, Buddhists and everyone else.Why don’t you try a second article that examines the truly serious problems with Muthee’s sermon, and not just the superficial weirdness of the word “witchcraft”?Mr. Waters also might want to explore the grave humanitarian problem of the tens of thousands of children who are killed, tortured, or abandoned because of the religiously-based anti-witch paranoia encouraged by the likes of Thomas Muthee.For Mr. Waters to lecture all of us about the need to get serious, but then ignore these serious issues, reduces his credibility significantly.

  • Darr

    Palin belongs to a fringe sect of Christian faith. The bible clearly tells us that “no one will no the end times” yet Palin seems to think she does. She’s clearly wrong, any God fearing Christian understands that she’s being deceived by a false profit.

  • Our national security at stake! Part 2

    The reason I posted the Obama video about destroying our military is because of this article He is going to leave this country defenseless!

  • Anonymous

    Right on, Clifford J. Cook!

  • Mike in mD

    You gotta be kidding me. This was reported two weeks ago in some other rag. Where was the writer. oh yea, probably hanging out with Merion in a crack den.Washington Compost really does fit!

  • Doug Hutchinson

    Am I imagining things, or was there a Presidential candidate who attended a church, for twenty years, at which the theme of a sermon was “God Damn America?” Also, is it my imagination that tells me this Presidential candidate only left that church when the revelation of his attendence caused him some trouble in his run against Hillary Clinton? Why pick upon a person who has some real achievements as the Governor of Alaska, and give a free ride to the junior senator from Illinois whose only contributions to the Presidential campaign are “Yes, we can,” and “Change you can trust?” By the way, can somebody explain to me what those two vapid phrases mean?

  • why

    I see two things happening here which confuse me.First I see the rightwingnutjobs declaring what Palin was doing does not compare to the great evil of what Wright said.Then I see the leftwingnutjobs declaring that what Wright was saying does not compare to the great evil of what Palin is doing.Hey, they both suck! Only in religious arguments can you find one side protecting their own freaks against judgment by comparing it to the greater freaks on the other side.By the way: I hate Wright, I’d drop a burning sack of dog poo on his porch if I knew where he lived. By I’m scared of Palin, and I”m even more worried that there are people willing to overlook what a FREAK she is.

  • al freeman

    Wow!!!! And conservatives are scared of Obama possibly being our next President??? This is nuts and McCain also be nuts picking this women. I have no problem if thats her faith but the fact that there was an actual which hunt scares me. I respect the fact that a women is on the ticket but just because she is a women doesn’t mean Americans are willing to let this pass the “sniff test” or will they? Don’t even get me started on that even more telling interview she did with Katie Couric.

  • Yeah Right

    How many Christians in this country eschew witchcraft…yet they are all over Sarah Palin and her link to a Christian minister who denouces witchcraft…a sad, cynical lot they are….reaaalllll newsworthy. Not.

  • PeterPamZ

    All I can say is if you’re going to call out Barack Obama over the people he’s associated with in his life (Wright) then how can you object to the same thing happening to Sarah Palin? (Muthee)

  • Not Qualified

    First, here’s Joe Biden telling the audience that Obama is not qualified and President is not on-the-job training

  • athiest

    I don’t have these stupid problems of believing in BS.

  • Paganplace

    ” Bridge to NoWhere:She did stop the bridge to nowhere.”She did not. She supported it till it became a national embarassment, and when it did, said she would turn down the earmark, but in fact just took the money and applied it elsewhere. Not that I have a problem with investing in infrastructure, but, no, she didn’t take so strong a stand on that, any more than she sold the government private jet on Ebay to pass up a personal luxury. A) It didn’t sell on Ebay and B) Was used for prisoner transfers to privatized prisons elsewhere in the country, not travelling in the lap of luxury.

  • atl

    Funny how everyone wants to give Palin the benefit of the doubt about her Pastor only because he didn’t say anything in reference to America, however Rev. Wrights thirty years of preaching was summed up in a thirty second sound byte, of something he was quoting from a whiteman. Such hypocrites.

  • Pepe

    God is a personal concept. Until somebody discovers God, including a picture or a video, keep God to yourself and ABOVE ALL keep God out of the political debate… since everybody has a CONVENIENT concept of what God might be. I understand the USA tradition is what it is but many newcomers, like myself, don’t understand this obsession with God. In this respect often the USA looks and sounds like a nation of fanatics not different from, let’s say, fanatics from Iran. And please don’t tell me again that “God talks to you” – yeah right!.

  • Norwalk, Ca

    herzliebster Writes: A witch represents just as serious a threat to the community as does a criminal (more so because the witch endangers the immortal souls of himself/herself and those in the community). As a spiritual leader of the community it is the pastor’s job to confront the witch and require that they repent or leave. Certainly, this does not suggest that a pastor or his congregation should in any way assualt or threaten the witch – Jesus himself set the standards in this area. The standard is love. The witch is, in fact, just as much a victim to the demonic. But evil, in all its forms, must be confronted and identified as such. The public should be made aware of a witch just as surely as they should be made aware of a sex offender. Evil must be identified and confronted. I don’t think it matters what kind of evil one encounters.This is not sensational. People have known for a long time that the propper responce to evil is to stand up to it. What’s at issue here, what is sensational, is that some find it embarrassing that Governor Palin may believe in spiritual evil. But if any of the other candidates were asked they would say that they believe in evil. People are just uncomfortable with the idea that it might come in demonic forms.

  • Paganplace

    ” Yeah Right:”How many Christians in this country eschew witchcraft…yet they are all over Sarah Palin and her link to a Christian minister who denouces witchcraft…a sad, cynical lot they are.”This minister didn’t ‘denounce witchcraft,’ …he went to Kenya and *accused* an old woman of causing car accidents through ‘witchcraft.’ Then she had him bless her political campaigns in her overtly-Dominionist church.

  • tye

    Bridge to NoWhere: Yet, she only stopped the STATE funding, dunderhead. And that was after any more federal funding was cut off. Nice try, but facts are facts.Palin and McSame lose by 30 electoral points. Lovely, sweet democracy in action.

  • Dave Southern

    What a coincidence, another Kenyan connection to this election, only this time it’s an African witch doctor exorcising witchcraft on behalf of Sarah Palin. I’ve heard that in Palin’s weird religion they speak in indiscipherable tongues. I’ve now seen all of Palin’s interviews, and I can attest that she speaks in tongues that I don’t understand. Does she make sense when she says her foreign policy expertise derives from her proximity to Russia?

  • jack

    where are the hypocrites at fox news (hanity) who wanted to associate obama with his pastor but I’m sure he has a very legitimate excuse for palin. Hanity is an idiot.


    >>Can we forget the crazy preachers and try to get the candidates to focus on the serious problems?Uh, yeah. But, uh, you brought it can YOU forget about it?The rest of us non-libs are not thinking about it.And the reason Olberman went after it is self-explanitory…He’s losing the ratings game.

  • Wax Wane

    The Salem Witch Hunts were the main impetus on this continent for separation of church and state. Since we are bound to repeat history expect that sort of thing again. We draw closer to that reality by allowing our politicians to engage in religion.

  • Serge

    While I’m not terribly impressed with Palin at all, I don’t think the media should get bogged down with trying to explain the specifics of what goes on in her church.If you’re not a prayerful Christian that attends a church similar to Palin’s, then you’ll trivialize what you see and hear about her congregation. You won’t be able to make sense of it and it will all seem “foolish” to you (Corinthians 2:14).The media should just focus on Palin’s credentials (or lack thereof) and readiness for the VP job. Clearly, there’s plenty to work with there already. Lay off her church and her beliefs.

  • Bridge to NoWhere

    “Media reports that Congress killed the Bridge to Nowhere are not accurate,” said Schatz. “The 2006 transportation appropriations bill allowed Alaska to decide whether or not to move forward. Governor Murkowski said yes; Governor Palin said no. Any discussion about the project should begin with facts.”

  • ds


  • Hilary Smith

    Burn the heathens! Yeeeehaw!OMG America, why would anyone vote for these people?

  • realist

    The top two causes of death in the world:1. disease.The first one is a natural occurrence.Therefore, ban all religion and you eliminate the second worst cause of death in the world.

  • Dave Southern

    I wonder if these people who defend Palin’s blatant lies and distortions believe that Iraqi pilots brought down the Towers on 9/11 and that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

  • Robert Ingersol

    Palin’s religious extremism should in the minds of the American people disqualify her from any office.It certainly does in the minds of the rest of the developed world. Case in point: this woman believes that dinosaurs walked the earth 6,000 years ago and that the destruction of Israel, thus heralding the end times and the return of Jesus, is the best thing that could possibly happen.The very good potential for her to end up as the leader of the free world, with nuclear codes, is a very serious concern for sane people everywhere.

  • Veritas Smithson

    I always ask myself, WWBFD?What Would Ben Franklin Do?Sometimes, I ask WWTJD? What Would Thomas Jefferson Do?I am a Jew. I am an American. I love the Constitution and the great Liberal, Enlightenment thinkers who composed and contributed to the Constitution. Rev Wright is a blowhard hate monger who speaks with a certain ethnic paranoia and anger. I do not like the man, and his religious politics scare me. On the other hand, Palin’s church and the statements of that African minister and her own minister scare me more. Those two men want to force me to convert. They look forward to a world war as a precursor event to the Second Coming. People like that would invoke a war in order to force the Second Coming. Then they would force conversion on Jews and everyone else. What would Ben Franklin do? He would scream in horror that he and his compatriots had hoped that they would have given us and legacy a country where people believed in God and did not force any particular conception of God on others. Palin is unAmerican in the sense that her views go against the original intent of the religious founders of this great country.

  • Jet

    What a sham. It is easy to analyze this story. and what party is running down,looking and finding any part of a sentence all they can to present some sort of mystery that sounds like bad Karma..My personal thinking . God is all knowing, all good, and Just. I would be afraid to be out collecting trash to put down a very good wooman One that has the nerve to say she beleives in Jesus Crist. and not afraid to listen to another visiting Pastor. Your junk story has convinced me to change my vote and work hard for Palin She will make a wounderful Vice President. Remember what goes around comes Around!

  • Dr Jack

    Once again the writers and most readers of The Washington Post demonstrate their ignorance by espousing their hate for Christians. It strikes me as funny that some that have commented pretend to be religious as they begin their comments, only to dive off the deep left into to the pool of crap that has spewed from vile mouths. As for a prayer to protect from witches, may that is some kind of secret Christian code for (b)itches. I don’t know this of course; but given the source and nature of recent attacks it would make more sense. On the preacher scale, if I have to choose from “protect from witchcraft” and “God Damn America” I will choose the preacher with the intent of protecting someone and not the one that advocates the demise of my country.

  • postal1

    “How does this man’s endorsement jibe with Sarah Palin’s assertion that we don’t second guess Israel, and her Israeli flag?”could be that many evangelicals believe it is of utmost importance to have the jews gathered in isreal before the rapture and the end of the world can occur.

  • Yeah Right

    Obama sat in Wright’s church for years.A visiting pastor from halfway across the globe shows up in Palin’s church one, two, maybe three weekends. Did she invite him? Did he tell her what he would say before she came on the stage?Hardly a comparison.

  • wtobias

    i think what he was really saying was he wanted to protect her from the hack liberal whitches

  • Roger

    Do they get Dancing with the Stars in Wasilla?

  • Ned Smith

    Barack Hussein ObamaThat name says it all.Americans don’t really know what problems are until they elect someone like that to be president of the U.S..He is a Chicagoan thug, started his political career in the living room of a terrorist, William Ayers.see proof:

  • charlie

    it was quite fair for right wingers to attack Rev. Wright. But to examine Palin’s pastor is proof of media bias. Wow!by the way has any one looked into Joel’s Army pastor Todd Bentley and connection to Wasilla AoG?now that is scary …

  • Vicki Hampton

    Desperation to peddle this rag(WAPO) only, ONCE AGAIN, magnifies your lack of taste and your ignorance.

  • joseph

    The bottom line this woman is a walking disaster, dosnt matter if she has pastor problems or not , just listen when she talks and tries to explain something like the ” I live right next to Russia ” .Is this idiot for real? and you followers of her ,do you have saw dust for brain ? This VP pick this election is a very important one , because we have Mc Cain wont make it through the first year in office, do you really one this woman for president and please dont compare Obama experience with her because if you do you just another republican idiot

  • Marcus

    There’s a lot of “Word” churches out there that sweep their church clean of eveil spirits before the congregation is allowed in. There’s a lot of Baptists that believe in the need for exorcisms. I don’t have a problem with any of that. That blacks still preach aginst white dominance. That’s a tenet of that church going all the way back three or four hundred years. It’s a part of their culture.Bringing any of that BS into politics is rediculous. There are too many different beliefs in this country to start throwing stones. I’d really like to see anyone, like Palin, that drags her belief systems into my government and tries to lay it out like I have to do what she does because her church says so???? No damn way. Ameica was founded on religous TOLERANCE. Not on religous majority rules. Abortion is the same. If they really think G-d is so stupid that He would put a soul into a fetus He knows isn’t going to be born, then it’s not G-d that has the problem. hat’s a sin of pride. Keep your beliefs to yourselves and let the government do what it was designed for. Protecting the individual against the masses or the elite.

  • dave

    It’s too bad this article merely plays into the hands of the Palin camp. Her faithful understand these code words, that the average secular do not.This just makes the media appear anti-church. palin has soooooo many obvious political faults, it would be nice to see the media not shoot themselves in the foot on this one.

  • roy

    most people who are writing on this know nothing about the bible because all i see wrote here is hate and more hate please don’t call yourself christians and write this kind of stuff.

  • Wholier than who?

    Action speaks louder than words. One person’s “holy spirit” is another person’s “evil spirit”. So if your ‘holy spirit’ is telling you to go to war (war is very unholy, by the way), you just may be listening to the wrong spirit.

  • robo1936

    To make a comparison between the Racist Jeremiah Wright and this Muthee is ridiculous. One talked a load of anti white rhetoric the other talked a load of rubbish. As regards the defence of Wright by one writer blaming it on racial prejudice may I remind that person that black people are not the only ones who suffered during the history of mankind. The American Indian did for a start the Irish immigrant to America did, the Chinese under Chairman Mao did, the Russians under Stalin did and so the list goes on and on so stop bleating about what a hard life black people have had in the past we all did at some time or other but we don,t keep going on about it especially when we live in a 1.6 milliom mansion in a luxury gated community whilst lots of white people live in trailer parks.

  • aunt mom

    To WOW, I thought about leaving too, but there is no place to go. Canada? I checked after the last election – they don’t really want us – may be if I was a doctor. The US will take them economically someday without a fight anyway. Europe? To easy to get trampled by others in wars. Mexico/South America/Africa? I don’t know how to barter or work the bribe system. Asia? I would die socially and be unemployable. New Zealand or Australia perhaps. But face it, for now USA=Rome. I’ve spoken at length to my kids & neice & nephews born in 1980 – 1992. They are perfectly content to have India or Europe take over as the world econmic leader while they get tatoos, facial piercings and play video games. I don’t get it, and it has me worried. I know otherwise rational people who like Palin – looks like the Rebublican agenda to keep education available only to the well-off has backfired. I AM NOT GIVING UP THOUGH!!! That generation might be mostly slackers, but they do still care on some level, and we have some valuable discussions. They are just tired of being lied to. It will be interesting times if they actually get the energy to get pissed off and do something. Having not been willing to work for anything, they don’t have much to lose.

  • Anonymous

    I simply cannot believe that this woman needs protection from witchcraft. Is she running for Vice President of 21st Century America or mayor of 17th century Salem, MA?

  • Steve Newman

    And what about the following anti-Semitic screed by that same pastor? (Also on U-Tube or go to Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic.)The second area whereby God wants us, wants to penetrate in our society is in the economic area. The Bible says that the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. It’s high time that we have top Christian businessmen, businesswomen, bankers, you know, who are men and women of integrity running the economics of our nations. That’s what we are waiting for. That’s part and parcel of transformation. If you look at the — you know — if you look at the Israelites, that’s how they work. And that’s how they are, even today.

  • hahaha

    ILOVESARAH: So, her saying that she isn’t in favor of earmarks, all while taking them, is now OK? And the fact that ordinary Alaskans didn’t know about the $500 million gimme to the Canadian company is OK too? Or that EVERY SINGLE EXPERT on this issue has said that the pipeline with take almost a decade TO START, now that the oil companies and native tribes are threatening lawsuits?Yup, she’s a real winner, that beauty queen runner-up with a BA in jounalism that has met ONE foreign leader (from Iceland) before the United Nations trip. Yup, that lady from the most corrupt state in the union who married a man that advocated the cessation of Alaska from the United States. Yup, that lady who promotes abstinence-only for kids, yet ignores her own while she gets knocked-up by a hockey player.Like many voters come Nov. 4th, I’ll be voting “Thanks, but no thanks”.

  • Monty Keeling

    I am no Sarah Paulin fan but I am an retired ordained pastor with perhaps some insight that praying for protection against witchcraft is not as crazy as it seems. Both in Africa and South America occult practices are widespread. I once knew a Mennonite couple who worked in South America driving out – yes – demons though overnight prayer rituals. To meet this elderly couple you would never suspect they would do something so out of the ordinary. I also had a friend who served as a missionary in Africa who told me he personally had witnessed the power of occult practices. Again, in all other aspects he was a down to earth pastor person. And, yes, I believe in demons. So belief in the occult, especially in Africa, is not so unusual as it appears to many Americans.

  • Anonymous

    To Roy:If you believe there is nothing wrong with this, then don’t worry. The last thing I would want is to be called the kind of “christian” that you purport to be.

  • KJB

    Oh get real would you! This an apples and oranges situation; just another smoke and mirrors move by the liberal media.

  • RollaMO

    Lord, save us from these liberals who would seek to destroy America, lululululu, momeemomee, heebee, blupblupblupblup…..

  • some dude

    Okay even if you leave out her faith(Which seems fair too do for arguments sake) how do you respond to the Couric interview? Was it just a bad day? Were the question too hard?? At one point you have to stop blaming the media because she had every opportunity to answer the questions in a thoughtful manner. If anyone can explain that Couric interview I’d be all ears.

  • kc2008

    After this article I don’t know if I should laugh or cry is this what the people have to look foward too? I came across a site that has lots of information about Palin it could either make you feel better about her or cringe you decide.

  • JRDevo

    I see a pattern:Palin, a V.P. candidate with more experience than Obama who is running for PRESIDENT, is somehow not qualified for the presidency….but it somehow it sticks while Obama walks away scot free (at least as far as the media goes) Palin – who goes to a Pentecostal church where a man who preached at her church & who believes witches have powers – somehow is a loon…but Obama’s 20-year mentor and pastor (remember – he can no more disown him than a family member?) who is openly and indisputably racist, venomous, anti-white, and anti-America – gets a pass….HOWZAT?!Although I’m a conservative voting for McCain-Palin – I’m beginning to see what Hillary Clinton was dealing with in the primaries…

  • Ahsay

    I just listened to the Chipmunks song “I saw the witch doctor” and laughed by backside off. If any thing it should be the campaign slogan for the Palin camapign. I saw the witch doctor and this is what he told me to do. Hillarious. If you have never heard the chipmumk song before try and listen to it, it hits the mark perfectly.

  • Anonymous

    *******”Once again the writers and most readers of The Washington Post demonstrate their ignorance by espousing their hate for Christians.”It is ignorant to espouse hate for Christians? I don’t get this statement. Can you illuminate me with your stunning prose as to how disagreeing with a non-mainstream belief system is somehow equated with hating Christians? Or are you saying that anyone not of your brand of Christianity is hate filled because they don’t believe as you do? Or are you saying that being associatted with left leaning beliefs makes us haters or non-Christians?

  • DoTheMath

    A major difference between Obama’s pastor problem and Palin’s is the participation of the candidate in the activity defined as a problem.Obama attended the church where Wright preached, but there’s no indication that he agreed with the objectionable speech Wright uttered in the much-publicized video clips. Although opponents repeat ad-nauseam that Obama listened to the clips’ few minutes of incendiary comments for many years, logic and evidence indicate that the clips’ few overplayed minutes are only a tiny – and not necessarily representative – fraction of the contents of Wright’s sermons over the years. Furthermore, plenty of evidence shows us that Obama rejects not only the specific statements in the clips, but the whole mindset behind those statements.Palin, on the other hand . . .

  • demon

    Aren’t demons able to take the place of humans when they want?How do we know that Palin isn’t demon possessed at this very moment?

  • no god

    there is no god, move along now.

  • Peregrinor

    “All your python spirits are belong to us.”The Republican VP’s office shall henceforth be known as the “Office of Compassionate Exorcism.”

  • Big Pete

    “Bill: Hay-zeus? He’s part of the Savez family. It’s been fashionable respelled “Saves” for awhile now. My guess it’s Spanish in origin.

  • Rose

    Is this part of the stuff that the 300 or so Obama investigators have dug up on this candidate? This pales in comparison to Obama’s hate spewing pastors whom he stuck with all those years. Sarah is NOT running for president, I don’t care how ‘old’ McCain is (he will undoubtedly last 4-8 years…look at his survival instincts and his 90plus Mom..)

  • dyoungm

    Political support from churches was normal I thought until over 30. Every black preacher in the low country of SC has told his congregation at one time or another how to vote and chastised them if they were in a all or almost black pole and the wrong candidate won. Witch craft is normal fare also in my some counties. Voodoo is still believed and even the young look a little worried when the root is mentioned. Not that they believe – oh no – not much!

  • mongoloversheriff

    Anyone who thinks it’s great to shoot wolves from an airplane and watch them suffer and die in the snow belongs in a mental institution, in my opinion, and NOT in the White House. Bush tortured animals when he was a kid (his own admission), and that’s enough of this sick behavior. Vick, the football player, is doing prison time for torturing dogs. And the Republic Party devotees think Palin in terrific? I don’t get it.

  • hey rose

    Hey Rose, McCain’s father died when he was 71, and his grandfather died when he was 69.

  • dean t

    give me a break!!!

  • some dude

    Still waiting

  • some dude

    Ned Smith-Thanks saw this on foxnews a while ago but still doesn’t answer the question about the Couric interview.

  • Tom

    I find it interesting to see how a good person can be so hated by so many, Just because she believes in God. Why does a moral athority scare peope?

  • BTW

    RELIGIOUS PEOPLE, YEAH YOU!Get a life, you are a quack.Try to convert me and I will pour a beer on your head, losers

  • Peregrinor

    Ned Smith is possessed: Pastor Jeremiah Wright & Senator Barack A Must See! Americans don’t know what real trouble is until you elect someone like this.You mean worse than python spirits whose heads we’ve gotta stomp? Yeah, right.Palin’s interview:

  • zenwick

    Rose wrote: Barring witchcraft, of course.

  • thebob.bob

    I’ve got a Pasta problem too. Sometimes I overcook it and make the sauce too spicy and the Flying Spaghetti Monster sends demons to give me a bellyache. All true Pastafarians need, at least, weekly instruction on proper forms of liturgical linguine. Good Grief!!

  • waterfrontproperty

    Oh, for heaven’s sake. That’s it?WaPo – you have (at least) two smear columns on Palin today. Do you think you might shake some of these so-called journalists loose to cover the armed robberies that occured at the U. of MD. They even caught the guys. Maybe a couple of column inches? A sentence, even?

  • Don W

    I sure would not want most of the people on these blogs to every hold any political office. The biggest part of you sound like a bunch of very weid, confused and stupid people.

  • Southern conservative

    This whole thing is weird.Be scared. She is unAmerican.

  • Rose, hello???

    McCain is a 5 time cancer survivor and is 72 years old. you think hes going to last 4-8 years, you must be high

  • Danielle

    The problem I have is that some of the same people that are trying to justify this witchcraft protection healing. By stating that in Africa witchcraft is normal they somehow keep forgetting that in the same parts of Africa it is women who are labeled witches and sometimes they suffer violence or even death. Are some of the same people that won’t let their kids read “Harry Potter” because of witchcraft. England dos not practice witchcraft in huge numbers and the author has stated several times that she does not believe in witchcraft.

  • ratl

    Palin’s religion is her business.

  • some dude

    Tom-I don’t hate Palin I just want to know how am I supposed to feel confident in this women after the Couric interview. Palin is accomplished in her home state and is well liked. I just dunno about VP based on that interview. She shouldn’t be mocked but if she’s going to give answers like she did then that could be a major problem. While not being a real Obama supporter I respect the fact he beat Hillary in a highly contested campaign.

  • orray

    Palin has a number of nutty viewpoints. Why is this different? In a modern and enlightened society–which we seem to have ceased to be–she would be laughed out off the political stage. Instead, she has the company of a number of other superstitious types who call themselves “Christians.”

  • McCainsPantsRPeeStained

    The Republicans are really smart to support Grandpa and an inexperienced know-nothing woman. Grandpas are easily manipulated, and a woman like Palin can be spoon feed her information, since she is a clean slate, they can easily formulate her perceptions. The Karl Rove’s and Cheney’s of Washington are frothing at the mouth . . . it worked great with Bush. McCains Pants Are Pee Stained!!!

  • Angela

    Mr. Waters,You know nothing about Christianity and any born again, true Christian knows that we have heard of spiritual warfare. But I believe you belong to a “good works”, “take communion” and only outward form without the power to stop writing these biased posts. You have distorted what was noted. if you’re a “true” christian, you would profess that we fight battles of spiritual warfare. Any Christian on this post that doesn’t agree may need to examine themselves. Here’s scripture to prove it. Ephesians 6;10-18; 10Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. 18And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saintsDon’t speak of what you don’t have a clue about. Stick to asking a fallen man for forgiveness of your sins.

  • Earl Eaking

    Didn’t she try to rid the Wasilla library of Harry Potter?

  • TAM

    Big deal. One weirdo preaches several times at Palin’s church, and it warrants a story in a major newspaper. Barack Obama went to a crazy, racist church for TWENTY YEARS and referred to the church’s pastor as his “spiritual advisor”. That is much, much worse than this non-story.

  • Tad

    This is to all those who think that anything (included most heinous crimes and disasters) happened without God being aware of that. You are IGNORANT. And ignorance is Man worst enemy. Everything what happened is a consequence of our deeds in this or previous lives.

  • Paganplace

    ” ratl:Palin’s religion is her business.”Too bad no one told *her* that.

  • Wholier than who?

    We’re going to have to smudge the WH come Jan 22, no matter who takes office.

  • Scared

    “Palin religion is her business.” unless it interferes with her governance where she demands rape victims pay for the rape test kits, and the nutty idea comes from her so-called religion that abortion, even in the event of a rape, is wrong.

  • Garak

    TAM–The real story is John McSame very actively seeking the endorsement of Catholic-hating Rev. Hagee and others like him and then saying, oops, I didn’t really know he says the Pope is the Anti-Christ, the Catholic Church is the Great Wh*re of Bablyon, and Catholics are condemned to burn in H*ll for worshiping the Pope instead of Jesus.Gee, that story seems to have dropped off the radar screen. Especially among conservative Catholics. Maybe there’s some Dem independent group out there that can run ads reminding them of what McSame really thinks about Catholics.

  • mishi

    Tom: “I find it interesting to see how a good person can be so hated by so many, Just because she believes in God. Why does a moral athority scare peope?”Well, I find it hard to take a woman who lies – repeatedly, and even after being found out – as a moral authority. The Bridge to Nowhere? She said “Yes, please.” Multiple times.Just believing in a god does not make you immune from criticism. The 9/11 conspirators, after all, were pious, too. A person who credits her career in part to the in part to the intercession of a witch hunter who hound innocent women for fun and profit, then claims to be a freedom-loving feminist, has a disconnect somewhere. You can put lipstick on superstitious nonsense, but it’s still hooey.

  • Oh Angela

    It was fine long as it was Obama’s Pastor being talked about.. But now you mad at Mr. Waters.. Its funny when stuff comes back to bite huh?

  • Anonymous

    Tom wrote:I find it interesting to see how a good person can be so hated by so many, Just because she believes in God. Why does a moral athority scare peope? ———————————–Tom, if it only was that simple. She is not hated by so many “just because she believes in God”. Her belief in God is not the issue. Religion can and has been twisted in oh so many ways throughout history, that one has to look closely at what a person has been taught in the name of religion. There are many people that believe in God, that have done many evil things, believe it!

  • Martiniano

    McCain’s “Shock and… Huh???” campaign continues. Now we see a pagan witchdoctor praying for Palin. The disgust never ends.

  • RFC

    About 80% of this country is in what could be called an unindividuated state of consciousness. Palin’s a great example.That of course means they don’t really think independently, for themselves (which of course they deny strenuously)….they depend on the established conservative order of things to provide the map, the only way to go.Sheep that follow other sheep over the cliff.They let parental like figures or institutions; church, state and gov. authorities do their thinking for them. Certainly don’t question what the authority says is the “truth”. Keep things very simple to, and don’t blink.The mentally and emotionally weakest members of this group are the ones the religious right and republicans pander to. Why they win so darned many elections. So frustrating, but what can you do.

  • Shelley

    Are you serious. Don’t even go there unless there is a piece called “Obama’s pastor Wright Story” Grow up

  • JOHN:

    I find it interesting to see how a good person can be so hated by so many, Just because she believes in God. Why does a moral athority scare peope?————Maybe she isn’t a particularly good person. I’ve see plenty of evidence that she is a petty, vindictive, dishonest, and small minded person.Maybe she isn’t hated. She’s certainly feared, and it isn’t because she believes in God. It’s because she has a kindergarten level understanding of world affairs at best and actually believes that she has a role to play in the coming apocalypse at worst. Either way, I don’t want her commanding a military force with the power to end civilization as we know it.Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because YOU are a good person who believes in God, that all other people who believe in God are automatically good people.

  • Taxbilly

    Trouble is this was not HER pastor and he did not preach to her for 20 years.

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny to me how the religious are seldom truely spiritual, and don’t know it, while the truely spiritual, are seldom religious.In fact, many religious persons have no idea that being spiritual is not the same as being religious.

  • Dolph T

    Don’t get too caught up in this phony looking video. I’m guessing it’s this years false document such as the one that took down Dan Rather in 2004 and defused the issue of why it was Bush didn’t go to Reserve meetings (probably couldn’t pass drug tests to fly planes). Even if this tape is a fake, Palin’s wacko religion certainly isn’t. They DO talk in tongues. They DO lay on hands. They DO believe in creationism and DO lack the intellect to say God created the world using evolution as a tool, so that they don’t have to take a flat-world anti-science position. They DO go to the extreme of opposing stem cell research that could save millions of lives in the name of religion. But that video? Sure looks fake to me — but it just doesn’t matter whether it is or isn’t.

  • Keepin’ it real!!!

    This is what is going to happen regardless of who becomes president: Things are going to seem to be going OK in the world then government is going to want to end all religion. When that happens God is going to bring Armageddon. Religion is a BIG money maker. It is going to come to an end. If you don’t think so just look at the banner link at the bottom of this page. HMMM…YUP….you see it right??? The bible says that “when they are speaking of peace and security then sudden destruction will be upon them…” Let’s see 1987 named the “year of peace” by the nations and religious leaders. Then after 9/11 what did this gov’nt form…YUP…you got it…Homeland Security…since then the WHOLE world has been thinking of peace and security… is only a matter of time before the end of ALL times…

  • Tad

    Tom wrote: I find it interesting to see how a good person can be so hated by so many, Just because she believes in God. Why does a moral athority scare peope? Not that many ! ! ! Only LOOSERS ! ! !

  • Omelas

    David Waters makes it sound so innocent. “Spiritual warfare” and “mapping out demonic forces.” But he covers up what happened in that town. That pastor riled up the residents with hateful lies to the point where they attacked her home and arrested her and she fled for her life. That poor woman!! And that’s what Palin and her crowd would like to be perfectly legal here in this country. Didn’t we get over this stage of civil society back when we ran different kinds of christians out of one colony or another? Please, let’s not devolve 200 years!!

  • CastleRidge

    While no candidate should be judged by what her or his pastor says, we ought to see how Palin handles this. Obama had to deal with it. Mitt Romney had to deal with his faith. So since Sarah just glided into the national spotlight without years of working in that arena, why should we give her a free pass?

  • Jeff J

    Can we PLEASE talk about Pastors? I have been dying for Rev. Wright’s comeback.Palin’s church is really not that out of the ordinary for Christian’s. Obama’s is.So let’s have this discussion. It will all but assure a McCain win

  • Big Sid

    Yawn…. I don’t get it – what’s the big revelation here? This pastor seems perfectly within his rights as a minister. There isn’t anything racist like Barack Obama’s ministers say and there isn’t anything that is anti-American like Obama’s minister Jeremiah Wright says. This doesn’t even seem newsworthy. I kind of think that the press just wants to give the impression that it has uncovered something big when in fact there isn’t anything here.

  • Steve Bennett

    This story will only have any meaning if there is a video of this pastor screaming “God damn America!” Until then, Obama’s Rev. Wright is the anti-American jerk.

  • Nathan

    What I find appalling is the blindness and excuses made for the sins of religion. These supposed “witch hunters” encourage violence against people, usually women, and you seem to not care about this?

  • Anonymous

    That’s the problem Nathan, these people think they do know his will and thought, and that belief has caused a lot of death and destruction and misery.

  • Mike

    Oh, well if Keith Olbermann said something against this preacher and Gov. Palin . . . I mean KO is so credible now-a-days, they former news-anchor who got fired from his job for being such a biased pro-Obama crank.Big deal. The pastor used the word “witchcraft” in a prayer. Newsflash: Most Christians don’t believe in witchcraft. Get over it. Next story.

  • Where’s the Press

    Obama was served up for months about a sermon delivered when he was not there. Sarah Palin is under the hands of a man who terrorized and ostracized someone for witchcraft. Where is the 24-7 press on this?Teh republicans are truly teflon. She would probably have to kill and eat a puppy on live TV for Americans to turn on her. And of course there would be those who’d say the puppy deserved it.

  • whynot

    This is not even funny anymore. I am starting to feel very badly for her. (not dumb enough to vote for her), but that not her problem that is John McCain’s for choosing her.

  • Athena

    Look, people aren’t disturbed by this because Sarah Palin believes in God. People are disturbed by this because it is religious extremism. It reminds us that a little over 300 years ago, we were killing “witches” in America. We, as Westerners, are also disturbed by this because it goes against our thin veneer of tolerance for other religions. Two things:1) This old “fortune teller” that Muthee and his mob ran out of town may have just been an old lady who had no family, and was supporting herself the only way that she could. She had no one to defend her. She may also have been sitting on a nice piece of property that Muthee wanted to build his church on. So, like in medieval Europe, what do you do with an old lady with a lot of property and no family? Accuse her of witchcraft. And of course the crime rate went down after that incident! People would have been scared to do anything, for fear that the mob would be after THEM next! Duh!2) I am a Wiccan. A witch, if you prefer. Paganism, of which Wicca is a subset, is one of the fastest growing religions in America. If Palin is elected, is she going to bring her witch-hunting pastor to go after US? Because we will NOT allow another Burning Times. Never again.

  • David B

    This lady is a person just like me, and maybe you. She has her faults, and they have almost all be made public, she didn’t have to go through this. She probably is doing an ok job in Alaska, at least the majority elected her. The Republican Party used her, for their own benefit! I mean used her! She was no different, that those caught up in the Sub Prime Mortgage Delima. She wanted to answer the call for her country. A good person. Is she ready for the Presidentcy? I’ll leave that to you. The Republican Machine, has kept her under wraps, and now taken off the cling film, you now get to see how bady the produce has decayed. Governor probably, President, NOT! As I predicted a few weeks ago, look for a last minute change just before the election. I am sure, all in the over-all plan, of who ever is still in charge, of the Republican Machine. I feel bad for her, and her family! Really!

  • Angela

    What’s really amazing is how pentecostals are portrayed and those who believe in spiritual warfare. Also, I’d really like to know what some call spiritual; believing in a God you make up to make yourself in tuned w/the true God’s requirements. Being spiritual means nothing….if you are not worshipping the one true God, then it means nothing. Also, most are so fearful of her and it is because she boldly confessing her love for Christ. On another note: Obamas ex-pastor spoke blashemous in additon, to being full of pride, hate and racism which isn’t godly. Not the same; every day, I put on the full armor of God because I believe that there are forces (satan’s disciples) who hate God’s children and will go around mocking and devouring us.

  • John


  • Mark Oller

    Since when is it against the law to be disrespectful towards Christianity, Judaism, Zionism and even homosexuality? Of course, it is perfectly acceptable to pretend that Muslim fanatics crashed the cgi jets into the Twin Trade Towers, and non-existent jets into the Pentagon and the empty crater in Pennsylvania. That atrocity was perpetrated by Jewish Zionists and Christian premillennialists. The Jewish Zionists were mostly atheists, but they still hate everyone and everything except the Jewish master race and Israel.

  • L.Kurt Engelhart

    CastleRidge: “why should we give her a free pass?”Because that’s what Republicans do for other Republicans. Only the enemies of Republicans are Evil, and deserve to be destroyed. You’ve heard it from Pastor Muthee. Essentially, his words are “God damn the witches who would keep Republicans from running everything.” If you want this kind of sentiment running your country, vote Republican.

  • welsh

    It always amazes me how angry the liberals in this country get when someone doesn’t agree with their values. I guess it would have been ok if Sara Palin supported witches and was for abortion on demand, maybe some of the negative comments about her would have been left out.

  • Enemy Of The State

    Religious people, especially ministers, say goofy things all the time. I didn’t care about Rev. Wright, and I don’t care about Pastor Muthee. The economy is imploding; we’re spending $10 a month in Iraq and Afghanistan; 47 million Americans are uninsured, and we’ve decided torture is OK.Let’s move on to issues that matter.

  • Mauro

    From reading all these posts, it’s striking to see so much hate spewing from both sides. It doesn’t even look like the same country! I believe that the philosophical divide is too great to be bridged. Now or ever! Was the civil war just chapter one? We are in a cold war between diametrically opposed cultures.It’s a pity for America, because this country did truly have the promise to be great and lead the world out of the darkness. Instead, darkness is descending upon us. This, not our enemies on the outside, will ultimately destroy us. I cry for the future that my 5 years old daughter is inheriting.Rather than all perish together, why don’t we just split the country down the middle and everybody go their marry way?

  • David B

    You know, some of you should read your comments tomorrow. If you still think they are correct, you should tell your families to run away from you, you aren’t fit to be with them. Who do you think you are, to down anyone, Palin, or Obama? If you are that fighting mad, about her, or Obama, the recruiting office for a job in Afganistan is open. Second thought, don’t bother, it’s people like you that kill the one trying to make a difference with FRIENDLY FIRE!

  • Tonio

    In political terms, the relevant difference between Wright and Muthee is that latter has used intercessory public prayer for an explicitly political cause. That’s not using the power of the pulpit for a cause. That’s attempting to reshape nonsectarian government according to sectarian doctrine. Muthee was effectively saying that Jesus wants people to elect Palin – such claims deserve no credibility.

  • latertater123

    good grief. is this all there is??

  • Valdar

    I can’t wait until people are being thrown into the water to see if they float or sink…..Well, perhaps not all people, just people who might disagree with Ms. Palin. Wonder if Putin will sink or float when he is cast into the water? What do you think Cheney will do?Actually, all of this should not be made an issue except the GOP did make it an issue with Obama. And just like Bristol being pregnant or Ms. Palin when she eloped….not an issue and unimportant, except Ms. Palin and the ultra right have made it an issue.But her knowledge of world affairs, economy, education, choice and freedom are issues and are important and here Ms. Palin should be held responsible and she should excuse herself from this election.

  • Furlana

    The issue is hypocrisy. The issue is self rightousness. The issue is actually believing in this nonsense.

  • G. Ziemann

    Some people wonder why there is a separation of church and state. They all see demons and witches as a threat.Wherever you go, there they are.

  • Hillman

    “Big deal. The pastor used the word “witchcraft” in a prayer. Newsflash: Most Christians don’t believe in witchcraft. Get over it. Next story.”Um, the pastor led an actual witch hunt, against a woman in his village. Apparently terrorized her to the point she was driven from the village.In most African villages being driven from your village is the absolute worst thing that can happen. It’s a very tribal society, and if you leave your village you may very well literally starve to death, as people from other villages often won’t accept you.The Wasilla church apparently knew all about this, as this ‘successful’ witch hunt was the pastor’s claim to fame.That’s a lot more than ‘referring to witchcraft in a prayer’.

  • Witches

    What’s the big deal about witches? Christians routinely beleive the most ridiculus things; witches and demons would be the least of it! Let’s see, we have: Virgin births; bodily resurrections; Triune Unitary Gods; Holy Cannibalism; transmutation of bread and wine; human sacrifice to appease God; genocide of enemies at God’s command; images in cheese sandwichs, subway walls, window shadows, twisted trees, etc. as examples of the omnipresent, omnipotent God; an Ark full of “every” creature, insect, bug, bird, bacterium to replenish the Earth after a Holy deluge of the whole planet; translation by an illiterate convicted conman of the “lost” golden tablets of the Lost Tribe of Isreal; holy rolling and shaking; talking in gibberish; the infallible word of the 10,000 versions of the “Bible”; ….. witches and Demons hardly show up in the list of phanyasies!

  • Cheryl

    Oh, good grief! Muthee did nothing different than what Pat Roberson and Oral Robertson has been doing since the 1970’s. Calling out demons, and calling out witches in people,hands on healing, and praying for political favors is nothing new in America.Wright used racial hatred, uses his gift shop in the church to spew his hatred for whites and promote black power and used God to damn America.

  • KS2 Problema

    Many people have been calling on the religious to “forget crazy preachers” for a long time — but many self-described religious people seem addicted to the high they get from the nuttiness of their pastors and spiritual advisers.I mean… you can try to take religion up out of the nuttiness but — look at the context — it’s pretty hard to take the nuttiness out of religion.And, yes, I do consider myself a spiritual person, even though I’m an agnostic. I just don’t presume to KNOW like the religious fantatics.

  • Anonymous

    So this is what Christianity has turned into, a group of modern day Phariees.The Pharisees . . . wished to embrace the whole people, and in particular through education. It was their desire and intention that everyone in Israel achieve holiness through the study of the Torah . . . Replace Bible for Torah, and there you go.

  • greystone

    Haven’t you omitted the fact that this preacher (while Palin was trance-like in front of him) prayed that Jesus would make it possible to put Christians in positions of power and remove the Israelites? I’m sure that this will endear Palin and her ilk to the voters in Florida and New York.Wow! speak about anti-semitism!!!! Check the YouTube video!!

  • Mauro

    OK, here’s something that totally puzzles me: Christian fundamentalists feel persecuted. (I don’t see why. This is not China or Russia. They can worship as they please). So they side with the republican party, which is without argument, more uncharitable toward the needy and the most warmongering. And also very pro-business, any behivour allowed for a buck, which leads as we have seen to very low morals.They are pro-life, as long, as that life hasn’t come out of the womb yet. Once born, that life seems less precious to them. They don’t seem to be that appalled by poverty, or by the dropping of bombs on poor, defenseless third world countries like Iraq. In fact, they call it “a mission that is from God”. You go figure! I simply call that hypocrisy. Christians don’t seem very christina to me that way.

  • Mike in Dallas

    I’m not convinced that Sarah Palin has done such a wonderful job as mayor or as Governor of Alaska, and I cannot imagine voting for such an obvious lightweight for second in line for the presidency! Having witnessed so much religious hypocrisy in the South in my lifetime, I am not convinced that this woman is at all ready to serve a national office as important as Vice President, at least not while the establishment clause of the Bill of Rights remains in effect.

  • L.Kurt Engelhart

    Anonymous: “many religious persons have no idea that being spiritual is not the same as being religious”I would say, instead, MOST persons. Let us hope this number is increasing. However, those of us who are spiritual need to understand the motivations of those who are merely religious. Religion is their local politics. It is their political party. No one can get elected to high public office without belonging to the right religion, and aspiring politicians have to submit to the will of powerful politicians to accomplish their goals. This includes professing a particular religion, which may have to change depending on the level of influence achieved. For them this is not hypocrisy. It is simply doing what has to be done.

  • Evelyn


  • Tonio

    “Muthee did nothing different than what Pat Roberson and Oral Robertson has been doing since the 1970’s.”True, but it has less to do with casting out demons and much more to do with advocating theocracy.

  • Mara

    I have some simple questions/ requests. Sarah Palin is running for VP. She is running with a 72-year old man with cancer and some memory problems and she could be our next President. When are the American people going to being to demand that we are given access to this woman? I want to know who she is and what she believes. I wish religion was not part of politics, but it is. I lived for 15 years in South Carolina. I’m very familiar with evangelicals. Sarah Palin was annointed by a man who believes in witchcraft. She has stated that the war in Iraq is a “task from God.” She has an Israeli flag in her office in Alaska. After living in Left Behind-Land for a good part of my life (40,000,000 copies sold) – I can tell you this isn’t a normal kind of Christian. This is the kind of quasi-Christian who read the Old Testament and then skipped to Revelations – and believes the Israel MUST exist for Christ to return. That kind of quasi-Christian believes that holy wars are not just fine – they are the work of God. I do not want my country’s foreign policy dictated by this type of madness any longer. When Israel bombed Lebanon – congress was FLOODED with calls of support – even though most Israelis were furious. They were not flooded by calls from AIPAC – they were flooded with calls from the Sarah Palins of the world – who have Israeli flags on their lawns and in their offices – as they await rapture – at which time, all non-believers, including Jews and Israelis will be slaughtered. I do not want this woman in control of America’s foreign policy and it is unbelievably naive to pretend that she is some kind of everyday Espiscopalian. And incidently – I am Christian – just not the Return Again kind.

  • 1qaz2wsx

    John Says:“UMMM…NOW HERE’S THE BEGINNING OF THE HARD PART FOR ME (HELP ME OUT HERE, IF YOU CAN):”I can help you out buddy! It’s called the Caps Lock key. Move your left pinky finger over one key. Are you attempting to shout your point at us or something?“HIS WHITE MOTHER THEN MARRIED AN INDONESIAN MUSLIM AND TOOK HIM TO THE CITY OF JAKARTA, WHERE HE WAS FIRST SCHOOLED IN A MUSLIM SCHOOL .”Same feeble rhetoric different day. He is a secret Muslim, right? A closet terrorist ready to launch a surprise attack on the US from the inside once elected. Why, because in simplified Redneck math: OBAMA = MUSLIM“SOMEHOW, SUDDENLY – HE WENT TO THE BEST HIGH DOLLAR PREP SCHOOLS IN AMERICA, AND NEXT HE GOT INTO A TOP IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE , AND LATER, INTO HARVARD LAW SCHOOL – HOW? WHO SPONSORED HIM? WHO PAID FOR ALL THAT SCHOOLING?”I fail to see where your argument is going, other than on a racist diatribe. So we should question why Obama got the money to get into such prestigious schools because his father was black and the white half of his family were the ones giving him the money? So, if he had a white illegitimate father all would be forgiven, right?

  • Mara

    I’m sorry – the series is Left Behind (as in those of us who are maybe not slaughtered) – Return Again is a sequel.

  • KPinSEA

    Wow …. demonic witchcraft …..Maybe she can solve the energy problem by using alchemy to turn snow into oil!

  • Cleese

    A witch! A witch! she turned me into a newt!

  • lgrahill

    I think Palin will have more to answer for regarding Muthee’s anti-Semitism than his silly witchhunt. His remarks about the “israelites” and their less-than-moral business practices will probably circulate more broadly and to greater impact.

  • kentrik

    ….. o.ODo we really have nothing better to be concerned about?Am I the only one that sees the proxy battles in Afghanistan, the collapse of the U.S. economy, the tension with Russia (especially with Venezuela and Iran as well), storms affecting a lot of the east coast, and our nation getting stretched so thin that it’s gonna snap soon?And here we have people getting flustered about the mention of witchcraft. Honestly.It’s the beginning of the end, people.So, why don’t we spend our time uniting in our communities, putting aside religious differences for our survival as Americans, and start doing things that help our fellow men?

  • Arminius

    Cleese did profoundly say:A witch! A witch! she turned me into a newt!My reply (still laughing!):What a movie!

  • Mauro

    MARA:Thank you for your sanity. I wish everybody understood what you are saying.Those types of christian fundamentalists scare the living hell out of me. Probably more so than crazy islamists. You know why? because they live in my backyard and because they are gunning hard to get hold of power in this country.God have mercy on us…

  • farkdawg

    Wow! This topic has stirred it up.I don’t care about the religious stuff. I think it’s funny that Palin is a Pentacost. My great grandfather was a Pentacostal preacher and it is cultish, disturbing and out of bounds for most. Don’t hold this against me.A few things that came up in this stream, firstObama family did not get out of debt from school loans until fairly recently when Barack’s first book sold well. Why he doesn’t talk more about this I don’t know.IF Obama were Muslim what would it matter? I’m not conceding the point, because it is nonsense, but if we were to say that he was – only the freak fringe of Muslims agree with terrorists. It would be like people in other parts of the world finding out that you are Christian and assuming that you must be a white supremecist or a fan of Timothy McVeigh. It is THAT big of a stretch to connect a Muslim to al Qaeda. GET OVER IT!!!Palin is a disgrace because she just isn’t VP material. Her answers to question from Katie Couric were embarrassing. Katie is not known for hard-hitting journalism. Alaska is 80% white, christian, gun rights advocates. If you are in that demographic then she’s your pick. If you aren’t then why would be impressed with her? Gov of Alaska just doesn’t deal with the issues of the country. They run a huge surplus and give money back every year since about 1980. All the gov does is decide what NOT to spend money on. She took the money from the bridge to nowhere and she didn’t sell that jet on ebay. She just says the opposite over and over. Sarah Palin is George W. Bush in lipstick, not a pitbull. All hat and no cattle. If you want to vote for the candidate that you would most want to have a beer with then go right ahead. Swagger is not a policy! If swagger is all you’ve got then we just proved in 8 LONG years that it makes for a LOUSY leader.

  • ChuckB

    This is a non-story? Funny, it was a story when Obama was photographed wearing traditional African garb, which seems to be much more innocuous than participating in an exorcism. She didn’t know the pastor’s background? As someone seeking the highest office in her state, maybe she should have looked into it, but, then, she replaced the director of public safety, because she wanted to take a new course, with a documented sexual harasser; she seems to be, at the least, a poor judge of people. Conservative bloggers and talk show hosts, such as Limbaugh, think it is worthwhile to continually play silly, childish games with Obama’s name trying to link him with Islam and, then, by extension, terrorism. Some have stated they don’t know Palin’s mind and whether she personally subscribes to the views of her church. Interesting as Obama was hounded about Rev. Wright, eventually repudiating him. How come no one has asked her to repudiate the anti-Semitic ideas of her church? The fact they were spoken by a visiting pastor is inconsequential. The remarks were so abhorrent that she should have walked out during his talk. Silence is a tacit agreement. It is difficult to know what would be worse: she doesn’t agree with the beliefs expressed by her pastor and visiting pastors, but keeps silent, or she does agree with them. Maybe she hasn’t thought it through. In an interview she should be asked about this: does she agree with the church’s position, does disagree but not speak out against them, or does she just not have an opinion. To be fair, she should be allowed to repudiate her pastor as Obama was.

  • L.Kurt Engelhart

    welsh: “It always amazes me how angry the liberals in this country get when someone doesn’t agree with their values.”First, it isn’t anger you are seeing. It is frustration. And the frustration is not because some do not agree with our values. It is because by some means we do not understand, ignorant, uneducated, unprincipled people achieve positions of power over us. Don’t worry! Some day we will figure out how it happens, and all you regressive anti-intellectuals will be history.

  • God loves you

    If our Message is obscure to anyone, it’s not because we’re holding back in any way. No, it’s because these other people are looking or going the wrong way and refuse to give it serious attention. All they have eyes for is the fashionable god of darkness. They think he can give them what they want, and that they won’t have to bother believing a Truth they can’t see. They’re stone-blind to the dayspring brightness of the Message that shines with Christ, who gives us the best picture of God we’ll ever get. 2 Cor 4:3-4There is hope.

  • Stephen

    Greetings,Supernatural forces are absolutely real. Angels are real. Demons are real. And there are only two sources of supernatural power: the God of the Bible, and Satan.If you turn to Satan for power, you will be destroyed, but not until he has tortured you first. “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8).However, if you turn to God for power, he will ask you to deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus (Matthew 16:24). For Christ is “the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1 Corinthians 1:24). Then, when your time on this earth is over, you will receive “a crown that will last forever” (1 Corinthians 9:25).For those who are tempted to dabble in the occult, or are frightened by it, take heart: “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:38-39).Here is your choice: Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10). Choose life! God exists, and He offers reconciliation, forgiveness and eternal life to all who will repent of their sin and put their trust in Christ for salvation.Curious? Visit the following website:Yours,

  • Mauro

    L.KURT ENGELHART:Awesome! Can I quote you?”First, it isn’t anger you are seeing. It is frustration. And the frustration is not because some do not agree with our values. It is because by some means we do not understand, ignorant, uneducated, unprincipled people achieve positions of power over us. Don’t worry! Some day we will figure out how it happens, and all you regressive anti-intellectuals will be history.”

  • Ron

    If you can’t keep up with the small things, how are you going to manage the big things? Once again, the good pastor in the YouTube video is not Governor Palin’s pastor; he was just visiting.There sure is a lot of vile talk here, but that is to be expected. Sadly, many people who have commented here have used some pretty harsh language, but that just seems to fit the mold. Honestly, I thought people were more educated than what their comments have shown: vile, despicable and hate-ridden speech.It’s one thing to disagree with someone, but to stoop to name calling and writing false statements which many of you know nothing about is just irrational. If you would spend time reading and meditating on God’s eternal Word, rather than spewing out hate and inaccurate statements, you would probably feel better about yourselves.Why all the hate? Is it because Governor Palin represents light instead of darkness? Grow up.

  • voter

    I’ve heard it said and read it here, time and time again. Christians just will not vote for atheists, even though atheists seem willing to vote for Christians (like we have a choice).Why do Christians feel this way? Could it be that they feel the faith of their candidate gives them insight into how that candidate will behave, what that candidate will do when difficult issues must be faced … isn’t that how it works?So you allow yourselves to judge a person positively based on their faith, but when we and many Christians find fault with Ms. Palin based on her freakish behavior and beliefs you say that we shouldn’t judge her based on her religious beliefs?That. Is. Crap.

  • Tiff in the OK

    The type of Christianity that Sarah Palin believes in is exactly the type of Christianity that scares people like me away from the church. I’ve grown up knowing too many people who believe in this spiritual warfare stuff, and they frighten me. They are the reason that I turned away from Christianity to find another faith. Then they spend years trying to scare me into coming back into their fold. Thanks but no thanks. And yes, I do now realize that not all Christians are like this (it took awhile to get to that realization though).

  • why

    Stephen why do you people do that? Do you think you’re going to change anybody?All you’ve really done is annoy people.I wonder if you do it to help you convince yourself.There is no godThere is no devil

  • farkdawg

    To James:Remember the movie “Stripes”? You are ranting. And what you are spouting is offensive and nonsensical.Nothing in Barack’s actions or words point to him being a racist. Even if I concede that his church had racist beliefs it simply does not become a conclusion that Barack complies. Not everyone takes everything they learn in church as literally as you apparently do (THANK GOD!!!).

  • farkdawg

    To Ron:I really hope you respond, I just have a quick question.You say that Palin represents “light”, do her policies on things matter to you? By my criteria for a politician she is far short of expressing to me what her policies might be and therefore earning my vote.Does a politician simply have to express their relgiosity in a certain way to get your vote? I guess that’s two quick questions but I would really like to know the answer. You sound like a reasonable person.Thanks.

  • Carstonio

    “Nothing in Barack’s actions or words point to him being a racist. Even if I concede that his church had racist beliefs it simply does not become a conclusion that Barack complies.”By contrast, Palin has invoked the supposed will of her god as justification for the Iraq war and the natural gas pipeline, which matches well with the Dominionism that Muthee appears to espouse.

  • hadrian1

    NO we cannot FORGET THIS. WHy?My family and millions more of law abiding, tax paying americans are WICCANS and we really NEED to know if we might have a president that would want to run us out of our homes or burn or kill us.Witchcraft persecution is very real, even when there is no wicca or paganism involved – those idiots killed a 111 year old woman THIS WEEK.I don’t want that in America – this scares me. NO WE CANNOT FORGET this.Please be fair – if she had a pastor that advocated harming or killing jews, would you shut up?

  • katz2

    Your excerpts from Muthee’s blessing neglects to mention the anti-Semitic portion, where he prays that “righteous” Christians will take control of the nation’s finances out of the hands of the “Israelites.”

  • PaganChild

    First Amendment -Hello! The last thing this Pagan Child wants or needs is another extreme Christian in the White House.

  • jalehw

    I don’t see anything wrong with this. People who believe in witchcraft will vote for McCain/Palin, those who don’t believe in witchcraft will not for them…what is the percentage of Americans who believe in witchcraft?

  • MarcMyWords

    So lets see. Sarah Palin doesnt believe in global warming, medical research or birth control but she does worry about witches and thinks human beings rode dinosaurs around.Could she be less in touch with reality? I doubt it!

  • seano1

    Cheryl says:…”Calling out demons, and calling out witches in people,hands on healing, and praying for political favors is nothing new in America…[But] Wright used racial hatred, uses his gift shop in the church to spew his hatred for whites and promote black power and used God to damn America.”If this is meant to justify Muthee, but to condemn Wright, it backfires bigtime. While praying for political favors may be commonplace, and goddamning white america’s latent bigory may be a tad anchronistic, certainly there’s at least more justice-seeking in WRights’s comments that Muthee’s oddball third millenium witch dance. Wright comes from a time not very distant and still present when the class divide is obvious but race was the dividing line. THankfully, race is no longer that line though classes still struggle; but witches vs politicians, I’m not sure who’s on this right side of that one.

  • DaveMiner

    Hide her, for God’s sake! Hide her.

  • OneWhoSpeaksTruth

    “Honestly, I thought people were more educated than what their comments have shown”Honestly Ron, I thought people were more educated than to believe in witchcraft and excorcisms.Palin should know better, and if not, she is not fit to run for office.

  • gabackpacker

    In response to FLYOVERCOUNTRY51 post below:I only checked one of the “facts” in the chain email you posted but I bet if I wanted to waste more time I could prove all of them are false. The one I did check on proves that Obama indeed has released his birth certificate:

  • beingajoe

    What was Sarah Palin thinking running for the Whitehouse with all of her baggage, and I do mean baggage. Someone should social news this – exposing the dirt on Sarah Palin!

  • ellenpaul1

    and Jesus – while you are at it, protect her from having an affair with her husaband’s business partner and best friend

  • baileywick

    Long time ago knew people like this. They scared my sister to death one day when they descended upon her home, traipsed around the outside of her property, praying to disspell any witches. My sister, a devout Christian who had her daughters in a Christian school, did not agree with *every* single aspect of their beliefs. She is simply the kindest, most wonderful person I’ve ever known and they terrified her and tried to make her feel bad about herself. I have no respect for such people who would witchify someone who does not submit to their entire belief system. When this stuff is allowed it leads to extreme behavior such as in Africa when they single out children as witches, abandon them to orphanages, take away all their love. It’s barbaric and wrong in every way. Jesus said, “let him who is without sin throw the first stone.” Remember that, Christians.

  • barferio

    Hey, you start out believing in gods, or a god, then in jesus, then satan, then the seraphim and the demons and the saints and the angels and the ancestors in heaven … you know when you list it all out like that … how much of a step is it to start believing in witches that cast spells? Numerology, astrology, psychics, ghosts … tree spirits, thor and zeuss and quetzalcoatl …That’s quite a spectrum of human beliefs isn’t it?It all sounds awfully primitive to me. how does one join this spectrum at one end without being tainted by the others?Either Sarah Palin really doesn’t believe this crap, is just a cynic who knows the goobers who are her voting constituency does believe – making her a cynic, or: she does believe this crap, making her insane!

  • Russell4America

    The United States is already a laughing stock thanks to Bush. Do we really need to add to the world’s hillarity by having a candidate who believes in witches? Seriously, Palin believes in witches? Like McCain, Palin is UNFIT TO SERVE.

  • analyst72

    I saw her interview with Kathy Kourac: poor Palin, she was pathetic. And this little ignorant idiot pretends to be our vice-president?

  • ar_irving

    She scares the crap out of me because (sorta quoted from an article in Newsweek) “Palin is a combination of confidence and absolute ignorance”

  • Dieterman

    Unferrrtchunatleee there’s witches and we gotta kill ’em and I said Thanks But No Thanks To That Bridge To Nowhere and there was some witches crossin’ at the time from Russia and they falled in the water and drownded!

  • EnemyOfTheState

    To Flyovercountry51 RE: Obama’s lack of a voting record in the Illinois State Senate:Obama’s state senate votes on some key issues:BUDGET & TAXESHEALTH CARECRIME & GUN CONTROLMISCELLANEOUSLooks like someone needs to do their homework.

  • bamatexan

    I couldn’t read all the comments here but I am convinced that this hack that calls himself a columnist is way behind. This is OLD news and this piece of crap is a pathetic attempt at a hatchet job and all you tools who fell for it are complete idiots.

  • dan30

    It seems like we’re in the twilight zone!

  • MarkFoxenberg

    Two thoughts – I’m Catholic and the Church has a hierarchy that looks into these sorts of claims of witchcraft before declaring them to be true. So the Church does believe in demonic possession and the evil of the occult. But it’s something to be dealt with by professionals. You can see why in a case like this. This person decided on his own that one, this woman was a witch, and two, how to deal with her. The Catholic Church would have handled this differently.I don’t know a lot about Africa. But the friends I know who have been there have told me that they have a big problem there with witchcraft and demon worship. I’ve seen the same thing in Haiti. This is a large part of their problems.But we’ve seen what happens when the problem is handled outside of the Church by a self-declared minister back in Salem in the 1600’s.Remember that the Exorcist was based on a true story that started in Georgetown back in the 1940’s. But that was handled professionally by the Church.We do have a demon problem in America in things like pornography. It’s all around us really. The answer is prayer, especially the Rosary.

  • gfr123

    I am an evangelical christian myself, and I am completely against mixing your personal faith and politics. We have seen many countries come apart because of this very issue, India/Pakistan, Yugoslavia (Bosnia/Croatia), Israel/Palestine, just come to mind.

  • maripil

    Palin and her wierd religious beliefs and motives scares me to death. This woman is not fit to be VP much less be president in the event McCain becomes incapacitated if elected!! There is so much at stake in this election that will affect the life of all Americans. We have already suffered so much with Bush’s lack of intelligence and extreme social beliefs that a third term of degeneration is intolerable!

  • barferio

    MarkFoxenberg, all I can say to you is … wow, just wow.Let me get this right, I want to understand it. Palin is wrong because she’s chasing the wrong demons in the wrong way?Wow, just wow.

  • mortified469

    Palin may be the anti christ. She is a member of the Assembly of God cult and this is one that believes in the end of days in December 2012. She is going to be bodily lifted to heaven to meet with Jesus and the rest of us are going to hell. She will do what is necessary to become president before 2012.Of course I don’t believe this crap but there are many who do.

  • agapian

    I have studied most religions around the world with the Mount of Jerusalem one of my favorite places and actually lived among Buddhists, Hindi, Muslims, Comanche Americans and so-called atheists. There are about eight ‘spiritual’ values common among all of them. One of these items of interest in this discussion is an idea that there is a ‘spectrum’ of life style values in which there are conditions of good and bad (careful with those words..) in any instance of a person’s life. At some point in the spectrum, there may have been an instance of deliberate harm to others that was off the spectrum. If you are making decisions about someone’s ability to govern, would the best choice be a person who had not carried out deliberate act of harm to others? AND, if governing, would that person be able to deliberately harm someone in defense of the general constituency or the defense of constituted authority of the governed, the Constitution?aside: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. (Arthur C. Clark) What scientific spectrum is witchcraft on?

  • homesower

    There is spiritual warfare going on all the time. Your not being aware of it doesn’t make it less real, it just makes you more vulnerable. Perhaps our ideas of witchcraft have been skewed by halloween commercialism and “Bewitched”. Witchcraft is simply trying to manipulate spiritual forces ourselves rather than relying on God. Its a catchall term that covers everything from communicating with the dead to love potions to cursing someone. Its condemned in the bible, so it would be rather strange for a Christian who has given it serious consideration not to believe in it. What Muthee did was simply to invoke God’s protection over Palin from these dark spiritual forces. The difference between Muthee’s prayer and a witches curse is that he is working as an agent of God in-line with the will of God, whereas the witch either does it for her own ends or to serve dark spiritual forces.I can’t attest to Muthee’s actions in regard to the alleged witch, because the article and the comments don’t throw much weight on what either of them did. Did he come against her violently or did he simply lead a prayer vigil against her activities? Did he pray for her soul or did hate her personally? Unfortunately the article and most of the comments simply assume that anybody who is fighting witches is some kind of nut job and obviously on par with the ministers in Salem and the professional witch finders in Europe.

  • kkrimmer

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told ministry students at her former church that the United States sent troops to fight in the Iraq war on a “task that is from God.”In an address last June, the Republican vice presidential candidate also urged ministry students to pray for a plan to build a $30 billion natural gas pipeline in the state, calling it “God’s will.”========— YOU WANT A FUNDAMENTALIST NUTCASE FOR PRESIDENT

  • fiveman3

    I do not see what this is all about. The pastor was saying that he was invoking God’s rebuke against every evil toward Governor Palin. He was not advocating witchcraft, he was saying a prayer against it. That he used the word “witchcraft” is what you are centering on. Do you know what rebuke means? Read what the pastor said again, and wake up and don’t bother us, the American people, with nonsense. You are supposed to be trained, EDUCATED, knowledable reporters, not the people Jay Leno finds on the street.Samuel Margolies – Las Vegas



  • herzliebster

    Spiritual warfare is one thing. Calling a public witch hunt (LITERALLY) against a woman about whom a community has formed a negative opinion is something else again. If Pastor Muthee did that in Africa, any American church that invites him and encourages him deserves any critical scrutiny it gets.

  • Rene Braches, Bonn, Germany

    Every nation has the leaders it deserves.

  • RobRoy1

    Ha, tell that to your Republican friends!

  • Hillman

    I agree with Herz. “Spiritual warfare” is a quite common term amongst certain Christians.But actually invoking against ‘witchcraft’? From a minister that made his career by driving a ‘witch’ from the village?Palin should have known better.It’s high time she states, categorically, whether she supports this guy’s war on ‘witches’. She also needs to state whether or not she supports her church’s efforts to ‘pray the gay away’ in ‘reparative therapy’ for gays…… they recently passed out reparative therapy literature in church.Obama was called upon to clarify his support of Reverend Wright.Palin needs to do the same.But she can’t. She does believe in witches, and she does believe gays can be ‘cured’.

  • smokeNmirrors

    Kenya sure has become popular in this election…who would’ve figured!I cast a spell that forbids nut jobs from living in the White House!

  • jkoch

    To compare the two pastors is unfair. Millions of Americans are obsessed with notions of demonic possession, satanism, and would probably consent to witch hunts, forced repentance, or banishment. The “trial by water” is already an officially sanctioned means of truth-testing, just as in the Middle Ages. Palin’s pastor is close to mainstream, or at least close to a big crop of believers. Wright, on the other hand, dared to question the trinity of God, flag, and country. This was heresy, since “true believers” know that the three are one, as reflected in the flag bumper stickers that proclaim “God Bless America.” Pick with that assumption, boy, and people will think you are worse than a witch.

  • nkem

    Quiet frankly I think people should stop attacking political leaders spritual fathers . Since a huge majority of the american population do not know anything about spiritual matters.

  • Martin Edwin Andersen

    Coming soon in a theater near you …”Sarah Palin and the attack of the flat-worlders.”See it, and weep for the Republic (but not for the Republicans, who filmed this horror movie.)

  • Momj47

    What a hoot. You gotta love those Pentecostals, they do take evil seriously. Heaven help us if she ends up as our VP.

  • hazwalnut

    It appears the WashPost is so obsessed with trashing the Republican candidates that they have gone over the edge. Every day there are unsubstantiated articles about her. I for one am disgusted that they feel this is the only way they can support their candidate Barack Obama. This just makes most of us become even more adamant about NOT voting for Senator Obama…and I’m a decades long Democrat.

  • ZZim

    Hahaha! Watch, Reverend Muthee will turn out to be a long-lost cousin of Barak Obama.

  • John

    Digging, digging, digging… not finding much so let’s attempt to make something out of nothing.

  • mzbond

    Sarah Palin has no religion under God, except, on our currency, which states “In God We Trust”. She only trust the dollar bill. Disgusting person. Free Alaska from this Imbecile and vote Obama 2008

  • Tom Weaver

    hazwalnut writes:”It appears the WashPost is so obsessed with trashing the Republican candidates that they have gone over the edge. Every day there are unsubstantiated articles about her. I for one am disgusted that they feel this is the only way they can support their candidate Barack Obama. This just makes most of us become even more adamant about NOT voting for Senator Obama…and I’m a decades long Democrat.”Actually, I read this article as a post *against* trashing the pols (certainly, the final paragraph states that in no uncertain terms).Personally, I find the entire idea ridiculous. I have good friends, at least one of whom I consider a spiritual mentor, that hold diametrically opposing views from mine on a number of subjects – some of them important to me. This whole “white-hat, black-hat” buffoonery works on many, sadly.

  • ov

    Let’s see, the writer did not refute anything regarding the veracity of the event. It is on film and Palin herself acknowledges it and is thankful for the intervention. “Palin gave credit to Muthee for her 2006 election victory.”The religious right demand that we know all about the candidates’ religious positions. Now when a candidate is exposed for what most people would regard as an extremist view, they whine and complain. We do know how Palin regards her enemies, with typical extremist contempt and retribution, how she attempts to impose her relgious beliefs on others, and now this episode. Although I doubt she has any sense of history, perhaps it is not too much of a reach to believe that the Salem witch trials are part of her political methodology as well.I wouldn’t want that woman near my family or anywhere else. She is completely unacceptable in my opinion, and we haven’t even discussed her lying or lack of qualifications. Shame on the religious right for supporting someone of such a flawed character.

  • AlexZ

    Yeah, sure, Sarah Palin’s pastor is a “Which”! That still sounds kinda’ mild compared to hearing “God Damn America” for 20 years straight!

  • Granny

    Poor excuse for the media (Washington Post). So pitiful to dig this low for something to write about. It seems that these reporters haven’t much to do with rheir time. I think we need to scale down the washington post and save them some money, lay off the no good for nothing so called reporters. Put them on the soup line with so many other laid off Americans. Lets get the media back on track with unbiased reporting. Instead of trying to destroy people. Lets talk about what they can really do for our great country instead of slamming soembody.

  • oh spare me

    That some seek political advantage by brandishing a Bible makes it all fair game. But more importantly, all the “unique attributes” of the candidate’s faith must be subject to public scrutiny so everyone can witness the breadth and depth of their mental illness. For example, if a candidate believes in the End Times and that the US was put here by God to defend Israel from the heathen Muslims in order to pave the way for true believers to be spirited off the face of the earth naked leaving only unconverted Jews and people like me to endure the enormous spike in gasoline prices that will ensue after the nukes drop on Iran, well, I think that’s relevant.I’m not making this up, and as bizarre as that all sounds, I am not in the least exaggerating: John Hagee preaches this exact doctrine. You don’t have to believe me. It’s on video for all to see. That, my friends, is a mental illness, there is no other way to describe it. It transcends reality not to nourish the spirit, but in a way that manufactures evil, exactly the type of hallucinations that drive al Qaeda, Tim McVeigh, David Koresh, James Kopp, Eric Robert Rudolph, the Hale-Bopp people, and Jim Jones. Can there be any doubt about the relevance of being a member of such a cult? I’m sorry for being so candid, but this is serious business: we cannot risk adding the name of Sarah Palin to that list. We need to know what the McCain campaign shields us from knowing. Curious, that.

  • Kid Charlemagne

    Goopers don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot. For weeks, all we heard from the know-nothing party was their bleating about Reverend Wright 24/7. Now that we learn that Palin has a rather dubious pastor in her past, they think that the press is going too far reporting it. Typical Republican hypocrisy.

  • Morgendis

    What an awful article.Wasilla Assembly of God, which is the church Sarah Palin has attended for most of her life, adheres to the same Apostilic-Prophetic doctrine Bishop Muthee adheres to. WAoG and Muthee have had close ties for years. Muthee’s crusade against Mama Jane, a fortune teller in Kenya, nearly got her killed and resulted in her having to leave her home and her town… all for the “crime” of being a fortune teller in Muthee’s spiritual warzone. This is all well documented by mainstream news sources and by scholarly studies on spiritual mapping practices.The claim that Mama Jane fled Kiambu after her confrontation with Bishop Muthee’s mob is a claim which comes from Muthee himself and which is not supported by any evidence I’m aware of. Considering the fact that Africans who are accused of practicing witchcraft often meet a fate far worse than the fate Mama Jane allegedly met, I see no reason to take for granted the claim that Mama Jane escaped Kiambu. Where is Mama Jane?If someone at Washington Post wants to do something worthwhile, I suggest finding Mama Jane.Morgendis

  • Gustav

    At 3:50 Sarah Palin says: “Pray that our national leaders are sending our solders out on a mission from God.”It is a fundamental problem to mix war and religion.

  • Unglaublich.

    Yes, there are plenty of people who believe in spiritual warfare. I think that they are dangerous.And let us not forget what witch hunting is about: covering up for ineptitude and greed by scapegoating someone powerles. Honestly, do we need that around here?May I just mention that my 8 year old son has come to the conclusion that he wants the Democrats to win this election? That is because he found out how fundamentalists feel about halloween, and about most of the books he reads (Harry Potter, yu-gi-OH, ghostly tales) and he decided that these folks would persecute him and the people he likes. No joke.If my eight-year-old can see the writing on the wall, why can’t this country?

  • ucanthandlethetruth

    looks like a wiccan church to me, not penecostal, (hattobegloree!)

  • Wow

    People have believed in witchcraft for generations in much of Africa, and Christianity is relatively new to Africa and some of the “old beliefs” are still around there. I’d like to see a little more cultural understanding — go get an anthropologist or a Christian missionary who has been in Kenya to provide context.

  • Christopher Neal

    To someone who doesn’t believe in the spiritual rhelm Pastor Muthee looks like a wacko…then again so does Billy Graham since his ministry also deals with the spiritual. So I understand the reaction. However, the spiritual rhelm is real (don’t worry, you’ll get it one day) and what Pastor Muthee did makes total sense. There is no problem. You’re making a story out of nothing. Go Sarah.

  • Gary

    “Millions of Americans are obsessed with notions of demonic possession, satanism, and would probably consent to witch hunts, forced repentance, or banishment. “Millions?I find that hard to believe. Yes, spiritual warfare is out there, but witchcraft seems to be heading down a different path.I wish people would keep religion out of politics. It should be more of a personal thing than public, in my opinion. I knew when Obama’s minister became public that we would see more of this down the road from all sides involved. It’s funny how American politicians need to wear their religion on their sleeve – something very different than in many parts of the world.But if one video of Palin speaking in tongues comes into play I think she could be kicked off the ticket! That is something so out there that the majority of Americans would probably flip out over it.

  • Wayne

    So you’re saying that spell I bought on ebay to bankrupt the McCain campaign is not going to work??? Oh well, I’ll just have to pray for it instead.

  • Isabel

    For me, the “witchcraft” part wasn’t the worrying part of this video. It’s an odd thing to say, but it’s not really offensive. The scary part was the pastor’s assertion that Christianity should pervade every walk of life so that children would not end up “worshipping Buddha or Mohammed”. Granted she did not say this herself – but after he had made the comments about Buddhism and Islam, which hint at the idea of outdated nasty religious cleansing, she did not object, she did not walk out in protest, she was not offended – she actually joined in a ceremony with him and then subsequently thanked him for helping her to victory. Religious diversity and freedom of expression are what makes America a great nation and the envy of countries around the world – so it’s worrying that the new VP (and potential Pres!) leader of America, Sarah Palin, is content to listen to and give credit to a pastor who says such things.

  • Wow

    People have believed in witchcraft for generations in much of Africa, and Christianity is relatively new to Africa and some of the “old beliefs” are still around there. I’d like to see a little more cultural understanding — go get an anthropologist or a Christian missionary who has been in Kenya to provide context.

  • it’s also wierd….

    I have never seen a witch do they live with the aliens and unicorns…Is Sarah a witch? she’s no where near as cute as that lady from Bewitched…now that was woman that could be prisident at least she was only an actor playing a witch and not a real witch…I don’t think that the white house chef will be able to cook a witches brew…maybe that’s why sarah fired her cook in gov mansion in AK. If your adding spiderwebs, frogs and snakes to your caldron you probably don’t want that to get out….more cover ups…unbelievable..a witch in the white house…maybe she can just cast spells on Putin and the guy from Iran and turn them into frogs or something…with powers like that she might get my vote.

  • Andrea

    Hazwalnut- you are a decades long Democrat like I am qualified to be VP. Although since you are obviously a republican- I am more qualified than your VP candidate- but still I am not qualified to be VP. I guess you were all up in arms when the Right started(and continues) to harp on Wright. You are so transparent- it isn’t really worth answering but I like to throw in my disdain for Palin’s lack of qualifications.

  • the one.

    what should she have done, she was running for governor and they asked her to come on stage. If she was a dumbocrat, it would be fine and not an issue.What did BO do at Columbia, besides being part of the Marxist party!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gypsy

    Hazwalnut wants to blame the Post for not voting for Obama. Please. Don’t hide behind that as an excuse. At least be honest. Its not because the Post like Obama thats upsetting to you and it is not Obama’s policies. Umm, what could it be?

  • Jay K

    So, did Sarah ASK for this blessing, did she DEMAND it? No. He gave it, no big deal. I have heard such things in modern day Catholic Churches from African Priests. This is not so uncommon. So what’s the turmoil? At least he didn’t DAMN the U.S.

  • William Madden

    Was Grace to be “reigned” or “rained” upon Palin. I understand the latter construction but the former leaves me scratching my head. For me, “reigned upon” summons images of Charles I or Louis XVI.

  • JWinGeorgia

    Spiritual Warfare – Believe it!

  • Maru Angarita

    What about compassion? I am outraged, and appalled by the amounts of animals that Palin has allegedly enjoyed killing!!! So, if McCain/Palin win I can see constant huge protests from environmentalists and animal protectionists non-stop. Thus, Palin must understand that she would be representing all of our nations values, and must behave accordingly. She must stop hunting, and understand it is actually killing disarmed living beings in their environment. If the animals were humans then it would be like a home invasion ending in their awful death which is a criminal act, and those who do so go to jail for many years.My blog is:

  • Jim Wigton

    As usual, the news media has little understanding of evangelical circles. Foreign pastors and missionaries commonly deal with so-called “witchcraft.” It is not uncommon for an evangelical pastor or missionary to rebuke the devil. This is not uncommon at all and is hardly any reflection whatsoever on Gov. Palin.

  • i feel real sorry….

    for you stupid people that support this crazed killer of god creatures. What did the wolves ever do to her…SHE SHOOTS GODS CREATURES IN THE BACK…..WOW….NICE LADY….I have an Idea…Sarah you should start hunting Polar Buffalo Bill you help to bring them to the brink of extinction…think about there they are big white targets swimming around some bay where their used to be ice looking for some food. Then overhead comes a helicopter and a lady in her red Elmer Fudd hat (Elmer might be smarter than Sarah and he’s only a cartoon character so shhhhh) blasting away at the emaciated bears and knocking them off one by one….how awsome would it be to have one of those polar white bear skin rugs in the white would match beautifully.

  • hamishdad

    My preacher says we need to vote for McCain/Palin because it will hasten the end of the world and the return of Jesus Christ.

  • loveandpeace

    God God God, this is the only thing Republicans can have in their narrow mind, just like their Taliban counterparts.

  • AsperGirl

    “Can we forget the crazy preachers and try to get the candidates to focus on the serious problems?”I don’t think so. Sarah Palin, who lived in a tiny community, getting blessed by a visiting preacher whose witchhunting Kenyan past she was in no position to be familiar with, doesn’t even begin to compare with Barack Obama’s 20-year stint in the paranoid, anti-American black supremacist Trinity Church.

  • MotherLodeBeth

    Every church in my area, be it the one I attend now or the Catholic prayer group I attended every Tuesday night where I lived before, had laying on of hands and prayer. And these were and are for healings, deliverance for negative/evil, prayers for blessings for needs in ones life and a strengthening of ones faith. Sometimes I think the elite media is so out of step with Christianity that is being practiced in the churches that are NOT losing members. ‘Mainstream’ churches who do not teach the gospel and the message of salvation are the churches the elite’s attend. Where you go in hungry and leave hungry. Humble yourself spend some time with everyday real people. For some of us our faith is a seven day deal not just a go to church on Sunday thing.

  • garygelormino

    Palin says she has foriegn policy experience because she can see Russia from Alaska…hahahah

  • mjo1

    As far as I’m concerned, what Sarah Palin’s crazy preacher says or does has no bearing on whether she’s fit to be VP, or potentially President. She can even attribute her election to this craziness if she wants to.But to be fair, after all the hubbub over Jeremiah Wright, aren’t we all justified in having just a little fun at Sarah Palin’s expense?Fair’s fair. The Republicans and fellow travelers were oh so quick to come down on Obama, even though he made it clear he didn’t subscribe to the more inflammatory views of his pastor. So I think it’s a delicious irony to see one of their candidates with some crazy pastor problems of her own.But then I suppose it serves McCain right for going through a proper vetting process. The chickens are coming home to roost, so to speak.

  • skramsv

    We have the right to worship (or not) as we see fit. The office of President does not have any religious requirements to qualify. I was against Palin’s preacher’s statement because he had said that everyone who did not believe as he preached was damned to ‘ell. He called for the death of blacks, Jews, Muslims, and a laundry list. He has made videos calling for the death of all non-believers.To be honest I was so angered over these videos and Palin’s statements, I never thought about the Wiccans. But I have to agree with a few other posters, I would much rather live next to a Wiccan than live next to those who share the militant and extreme faith of Palin’s church.

  • garygelormino

    Repubs are hilarious, they figured they surely would have been raptured by now. Little did they know, before their house was foreclosed on, that they would be begging a “liberal” for some food at the local foodbank, applying for housing assistance from a liberal org for a room at the local YMCA. They denied for years the economy was in trouble, McSame denied it up untill a few days ago saying, “The fundamentals of our economy are sound”…the posts from the fascist repubs show clearly they are affaid the rapture isnt comming soon enough.

  • bdunn1

    It’s the church of which she is a member of, just as Alaska is the state of which she is the governor, as she stated inartfully to Couric. The laying on of hands is particularly attractive to the middle-aged men who couldn’t care less about Muthee’s witchcraft.

  • tomwfox

    Sarah Palin is an “end timer” and believes that her “mission” is to help bring about Armageddon. Her Third Wave” Assembly of God church wants to “take back the earth for God” using physical force and to “infiltrate” the government to help bring the conversion or extermination of the Jews. I think that is totally pertinent information to have if she’s running for national office and I don’t know why the MSM has ignored this crucial data.

  • markoller

    SKRAMSV wrote: “I was against Palin’s preacher’s statement because he had said that everyone who did not believe as he preached was damned to ‘ell. He called for the death of blacks, Jews, Muslims, and a laundry list. He has made videos calling for the death of all non-believers.”It is hard to believe that you saw the video. Are you even aware of Thomas Muthee’s race? This is a transcript of the sermon:Thomas MutheeIn a moment, I’ll be asking you that we pray for Sarah, and I’ll tell you the reason why. When we talk about transformation of a community, we are talking about God invading seven areas in our society. Let me repeat that one more time. When we talk about transformation of a society, a community, it’s where we see God’s Kingdom infiltrate, influence seven areas in our society.Number one is the spiritual aspect of our society. Mainly, the church for a long has just concentrated on that dimension, whereby we simply want people saved, we want them to go to heaven, we want them delivered, and that’s it. But I’ll tell you something: if all we do is come to the church and get people saved and then they go, I don’t think much will happen in our society.So the second area whereby God wants to penetrate in our society is in the economic area. The Bible says the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. It is high time that we have top Christian businessmen, businesswomen, bankers, you know, who are men and women of integrity, running the economics of our nations. That’s what we are waiting for. That’s part and parcel of transformation. If you look at the Israelites, you know, that’s how they won. And that’s how they are, even today. When we will see that, you know, the talk transport us in the lands. We see, you know, the bankers. We see the people holding the paths. They are believers. We will not have the kind of corruption that we are hearing in our societies. So we go to the third area, it’s in the area of politics. Tell your neighbor, “politics.” Do you know what I discovered? This is funny. The people who actually split churches, they have the gift of politics, but they are exercising it in the wrong place. That’s what I came to know. There are people who are wired to politics because God wants to take the political, you know, dimension of our societies. And those people should be prayed for. That’s why I was, you know, I was so glad to see Sarah here. We should pray for her, we should back her up. And, you know, come the day of voting, we should be there, not just praying, we should be there. And I’m saying this because that’s what I’m telling our church. I’m telling them that we need this in Parliament. In here is what you call Congressmen, you know, you know, the, the Governors, we need the bretheren right inside there. Is anybody hearing me? You know, because who will change the laws of the lands? The problem is do we just pray, but we do nothing about it. If the believers had not done something in this country, your president would not be in office today. Yes or no? Am I right? Number three, or number four, it’s the area of education. We need believers who are educationists. If we had them, today we would not be talking about the Ten Commandments being kicked out of the church, I mean out of our schools. They would still be there. One of the things that you, you know, I would love you to know, I’m a child of revival of the Seventies, and that revival swept through the schools. They are open to preaching, you know, open. Open. Wide open. You go to any school, there is what we call Christian Union. Christian Union is nothing more but a bunch of kids that are born again, spirit-filled, tongue-talking, devil-casting. Is anybody hearing me? All over the country! Is anybody hearing me? We need God taking over our education system! Otherwise, we, if we have God in our schools, we will not have kids being taught, you know, how to worship Buddha, how to worship Mohammed, we will not have in the curriculum witchcraft and sorcery. Is anybody hearing me?The other area is in the area of media. We need believers in the media. We need God taking over the media in our lands. Otherwise we will not have all the junk coming out of, you know, coming out of the media. And not only that, we need God t___ [period of silence in video]. Why can’t we have our living church in Hollywood? Guess what will happen. If we have a living church right in Hollywood, we would not have all the kind of pornography that we are having. Is anybody hearing me?And the last area is in the area of government. Hello? We need believers there. We need men and women of integrity. You know, as the Secretaries of State. We need them right there. People that are born again, spirit filled, people who know God, and people who are serious with God. So in a moment if you do not mind, I’ll ask, you know, even before I go to do this thing, you know, I’ll ask Sarah, would you mind to come please? Would you mind? Come, please. Let’s all stand up, and let’s hold hands all over this house. Come, Pastor, come. [Sarah Palin comes to the stage in front of the congregation. Sarah Palin bows her head stretches her forearms forward and places the palms of her hands upward. Thomas Muthee lays hands on Sarah Palin’s head. Pastor Ed Kalnin and unidentifed man lay hands on Sarah Palin’s shoulders.]Thank you, Jesus. Let’s all pray. Let’s pray for Sarah. Hallelujah! Come on, hold your hands up and raise them. Hold them and raise them up here! Come on, talk to God about this woman! Come on, talk to God about this woman we declare favor from today. We say favor, favor, favor! We say praise my God! We say grace to be rained upon her in the name of Jesus. My God, you make your judgement, you make room. You make ways in the desert, and I’m asking you today, we are asking you as the body of Christ in this valley, make a way for Sarah, even in the [inaudible]. Make her way my God. Bring finances her way, even in the campaign in the name of Jesus, and above all give her the personnel, give her men and women that will back her up in the name of Jesus. We want righteousness in this state. We want righteousness in this nation. Because you say [inaudible] in the name of Jesus. Our Father, use her to turn this nation the other way around. Use her to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers so that the curse that has been there long can be broken. In the name of Jesus. Father, we thank you today. We come in the hindrance of the enemy, standing in her way to there. In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus! Every form of witchcraft, it will be rebuked in the name of Jesus. Father, make her way now. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  • Irischermann

    Clearly, Palin is NOT qualified. To say otherwise is complete foolishness. Only those who don’t bother educating themselves on Palin say she has what it takes and she’s ready for the job. Even a small amount of research will show who and what she really is.Here is one good source:As Americans, we’re supposed to deliberate peacefully with each other, both citizen and politician alike. Avoiding such debate is to undermine a major part of the American process. The fact that McCain is shielding the media from most of the interviews Palin has, even limiting the number of interviews/debates, tells me how ill-prepared she really is and sneaky McCain really is.

  • Arminius

    markoller -You are dangerous, and the enemy of freedom in America. I will oppose you theocrats with my life, if necessary. You will NOT be allowed to twist our Constitution to your old testament horrors.

  • redhunter43

    Comparing Wright and Trinity United to Muthee at Wasilla Bible is more than a bit silly. Of course Waters wants us to “forget the crazy preachers”; he’s desperate to take the attention off of the fact that Obama sat there at Trinity United for 20 years and listened to a kook hatemonger. I’m not happy with the witch business either, but to compare it to Wright and say “see, now they both have a problem” is absurd.

  • gl34

    markoller, thank you for posting the “truth.” Your statement to this poster, SKRAMSV, was accurate, full of sound wisdom, and insightfully knowledgeable regarding the detection of the intention of someone to defame another from pure unjustifiable inward hatred.I am a Christian and do not believe in everything that Palin does nor do I practice my Christianity as she does, but SKRAMSV’s comment had no merit to it outside of spewing hatred for someone’s else’s belief with the intent to discriminate against them by eliciting them as not worth having as a neighbor. I am pleased to meet you and honor and respect your integrity. It is refreshing.

  • ron_k

    This is nothing. Wait until her John Edwards moment gains traction!

  • levermontois

    This is a transcript from a video posted on youtube from palin’s church a few weeks ago while she was there…..tell me there’s no problem here

  • timscanlon

    I’m sure the state will let us know what religions are acceptable for citizens to worship under the new, `changed’ GOP regime.Perhaps those that worship the ‘right’ religions could wear flag pins, just so everyone would be safe from evil witches… Or they could form a ministry of vice and virtue…Perhaps, to make sure Gov. Palin’s innocent babies could be made safer if we collected all the witches in one place to contain the evils they leech into the aether.


    Witch hunt at its absolute best!Are you kidding me, to even consider this as a problem? Hello! Have you even loooked at Wrights message of intolerance, hate and call for murder of an entire race! Hello? The double standards of the press is absolutely appauling at this point.Obama is a joke, and those who continue to cover up for him needs to stop. We need to hold the press accountable for not taking Obama to task over his admission to Harvard, just who is the man who got him in, supported him throughout, and why did he groom him for this path? I want Obama’s links to shady characters still ongoing brought out to the surface by the American press, and please, oh please stop white washing his transgressions.

  • ravitchn

    Anyone believing the nutty evangelical nonsense of Palin’s brand of Christian delusion should not be a heartbeak away from the presidency. She should be put in a mental ward.

  • markoller

    ARMINIUS,This is the first time anyone ever called me a “theocrat.” I am no more a defender of Thomas Muthee than SKRAMSV. I just think the truth is more effective than lies, especially when there is no need to lie. Muthee IS a theocrat and a literal witch hunter.

  • EarlC

    An interesting article. I’ve been a Southern Baptist all of my life. I feel that in many ways the church of my youth has deserted me. However, I am still an active member in my church. My story is duplicated over and over. This is why one must listen to the testimony of the individual. I find Obama’s personal testimony, both oral and written, to be compelling. Frankly, I am not too aware of Sarah Palin’s or even John McCain’s personal testimony. I have heard Joe Biden’s testimony. I have attended the church that John McCain has attended (without joining) for many years. Again, for me, the personal testimony gives me the insight that I need. The rantings of this preacher or that says little. I know. I hear ranting from my church pulpit on some occasions, some of which is laced with racial and prejudicial overtones.

  • bikeman2

    This post is certainly attracting an unusually lot of beaned out nutcase comments.

  • gl34

    Arminius : “You are dangerous, and the enemy of freedom in America. I will oppose you theocrats with my life, if necessary. You will NOT be allowed to twist our Constitution to your old testament horrors.”Your comment was uncalled for. Perhaps your anger can be used for the betterment and good of all Americans by defending the “truth” instead of spewing hatred at those who voice it, live by it, and know how to honor it.The truth is the truth and it can stand alone on its own merit and should be held to a level of high honor. One who misconstrues truth for their own personal beliefs is selfish, immature, lacks integrity, and is certainly nothing less than a “bigot.” You were wrong and owe markoller an apology, although seeing your child-like performance with this issue leads me to believe that you will not present one; I hope that I am wrong in that regard.

  • markoller

    GL34,I appreciate your kindness, but I am not a Christian. Nor do I think that the crimes of relgion, including Christianity and Judaism, are confined to the middle ages. The official line about the September 11, terror is the most absurd hoax in history. Check “GHOSTPLANE” for starters. Robert Ingersoll blamed all the inquisitions and holy wars on the doctrine of hell. He said if this doctrine is true “all heretics should be burned at the stake along with their books.”I quote from the lecture, “Hell,” from The Forty-Four Complete Lectures of Ingersoll:The old church at Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare’s home, is adorned with pictures of hell and the like. One of the pictures represents resurrection morning. People are getting out of their graves, and devils are catching hold of their heels. In one place there is a huge brass monster, and devils are driving scores of lost souls into his mouth. Over hot fires hang cauldrons with fifty and sixty people in each, and devils are poking the fires. People are hung up on hooks by their tongues, and devils are lashing them. Up in the right-hand corner are some of the saved, with grins on their faces stretching from ear to ear. They seem to say: “Aha, what did I tell you?”Ingersoll also said that this doctrine “filled innocent sleep with leering fiends.” The best thing that can be done for Christian fundamentalists is to alleviate them of their terrifying superstitions.

  • vigor

    If we learned anything from the experience of the Evangelicals during the Bush reign it is that religious extremism has NO PLACE in American politics.Sarah Palin has no business in our federal government. Send her back to Alaska empty handed and send the Republican Party back with her.We do NOT need anymore Oil people in power.We do NOT need anymore fundamentalists either.

  • morryb

    So she has Faith as they say. In other words she believes in the Supernatural. Irrationality always trumps rationality in this country.If the press asked them “Do you believe in the Supernatural?” instead of “Do you have Faith?” it may have more impact on the population. Then again probably not.

  • blasmaic

    Witchcraft is a topic of local concern where the minister lives. It’s funny to me that the people who howl the loudest are likely those who live in the region of America that sponsored the Salem Witch Trials. The liberals in the northeast carry on about a prayer against witchcraft by an African minister, but 200 years ago the find residents of Massachussets executed a bunch of people for the crime of being a witch.

  • vigor

    The battle for the country’s future has little to do with McCain and Obama; it has more to do with the Republican Party or the Democratic Party.The Republican party of the last decade used the idea of religion (or as Karl Rove called them: the Religious Nuts) to exploit the country and allow the Party to decimate regulation and start a Republican War for Oil in Iraq that has cost us almost a Trillion dollars that we did not have.We did this to ourselves and the only way to stop it is to remove the Republican Party from power.

  • jrw1

    Frankly it is not hard for me to believe that Sarah Palin believes in witches; you may have noticed that she is not overly bright. Just when you thought George W. Bush was the bottom of the barrel.

  • IIntgrty

    Great. Maybe she can expunge these ghastly economic woes that the liberals created.


    Whatever..doesn’t change my mind a bit. People are weird. Just look at these posts. Buncha weirdos. We’re all a bunch of weirdos. But Obama is the weirdest, weirdo of them all. Where’d he come from? What has he done?

  • borntoraisehogs

    How can people elevate their own mysticism involving God of the Bible to such lofty psuedo intellectual heights and then openly scoff at anothers fear of Satanism ?

  • 2bits

    If it’s a Christian minister, it’s “spiritual warfare”, if it’s an Islamic imam, it’s “jihad”. But it’s all the same thing — and that’s the fundamental problem with fundamentalism: the believers have their heads up their fundament.

  • Arminius

    Spidey blathered,Well, 0 x 1000 = 0.At best, Revelation is metaphor, at worst it is utter madness. I am often tempted to think that Revelation is absolute proof that some of those early Christians were goin’ down on some really heavy drugs.Damned odd that Spidey has no use for the Gospels, but continues to claim absolute knowledge on Christianity. The mind that is sick is his.

  • samrosenbaum

    I agree with the post below about “the Book of Revelations.” It reads, not as credible foresight, but rather like John, or whoever wrote it under his name, took a mind-altering substance and went on wild trip, man.I very concerned about two issues that have been raised in this column and the comments to it. One is the subject of witchcraft and witch-hunts. Though not a believer in it, I’m sympathetic to witchcraft, or more accurately the Pagan belief systems including their modern incarnation, Wicca, which have been labeled “witchcraft,” as a historically persecuted minority religion. It’s true that, in Christianity’s early years, Pagan majorities persecuted Christian minorities. But once the Church came to power, it dispensed with “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and set out to exterminate all things that it considered Pagan, including science, which led to the Dark Ages. That policy, along with the Church linking certain traditionally female qualities with Paganism, resulted in witch-hunts, directed primarily at women. That some of the people posting here actually defend the actions of Pastor Muthee in terms of “spiritual warfare,” means that the mentality which led to the widespread torture and murder of innocent people in the past is alive and well today. It’s important to know whether Sarah Palin shares that mentality.The other issue I’m very concerned about is whether Sarah Palin believes, as some posts here and elsewhere indicate, in the “end times.” Is it just an internet rumor? If so, it’s a despicable one. Or is there real evidence that Palin believes, like James Watt before her, that “the “end is near, so why save it”? The MSM needs to do its job, and either discredit or validate this, for nothing would be more threatening to the future of humanity than a believer in the Biblical Armageddon with his, or in this case her, finger on the nuclear button.

  • Paganplace

    Even scarier, really, Sam, is the fact that these apocalyptic authoritarians *thrive* on strife and fear, and hard times. It gives them power. Happy and prosperous people don’t have much use for witch-hunters, after all.

  • jadada

    In Christian theology as I have learned it, saying “God make a way for Sarah to be Governor” is witchcraft. Saying “God, if it is in your will, grant Sarah the wisdom to pursue this path wisely” or something along those lines, is Christian faith in action.Saying “this guy prayed for me to me Governor and then it happened” is admitting to being the beneficiary of witchcraft.This all to me is extremely worrisome and disheartening. I may be the only one.

  • Notsogreatscot

    PaganPlace wrote: “Even scarier, really, Sam, is the fact that these apocalyptic authoritarians *thrive* on strife and fear, and hard times.”Sad but true. Literalistic forms of Christianity have always thrived when they felt persecuted. Paul thought the resurrection had already begun, so all those who believe in an inerrant bible have believed the end is near for ~1950 years. (posted by NotSoGreatScot, in case the MyPostID still isn’t working)

  • Arminius

    Jadada:So-called ‘witchcraft’ has nothing to do with the plague that threatens to sweep America. The cause is ignorance, bigotry, and the resulting hatred.I, a Christian, know people here, Pagans, who refer to themselves as witches. To a person, they are hugely decent, tolerant, and inclusive. I wish that each and every one were my neighbors. And I wish that the fundamentalists would live hundreds of miles away.

  • cacxo

    All that pales to insignificance next to Palin’s Palin problem; she’s the latest in line of false role models who serve as an inspiration for becoming a role model. No substance whatsoever.A true role model serves as an inspiration to become what the role model is and stands for, and not as an inspiration to become a role model.——————–

  • spidermean2

    Arminius, you are NOT a Christian. You don’t believe the Bible so how come you call yourself a Christian? Yes, it is true there are nice witches but it doesn’t take the fact that they will go to hell because of their unbelief and disrespect for Jesus Christ. You don’t know this thing because you are NOT a Christian. You are a a fake and even atheists here know that.

  • Arminius

    A Christian tries to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, to love, to help, to feed, to clothe, to shelter. A Christian tries to walk the walk, not talk some talk based on hatred and madness.Pray for Spidey. I do.

  • sparrow4

    “This world is reserved for true Christians. That’s what the prophecy says. It means that there’s a great possibility that Sarah Palin will become President. Unbelievers, eat your hearts out.”Ah, once again spidey2 refuses to understand that he doesn’t speak for G-d, 99% of Christians, Americans, or anyone else. If you are any indication of what a “true christian” is like, well, I’m glad I am not one. On the other hand I know quite a few people I would define as “True Christians” who have neither your xenophobic mindset, nor your admiration of Sarah. In fact they literally shriek in horror at the thought this absolutely unqualified woman could possibly become President.Palin’s problem and the root of her inability to be the leader of this country directly relate to her religion. Her faith is a close-minded, regimented reality that renders her incapable of understanding, accepting or compromising in a 21st. Century world. Her entire approach to politics, diplomacy, terrorism- even the environment and business is just too predetermined by a rigid, religious mindset that is dominated by fear.And I’m sorry but this world is a really complicated and dangerous place- Palin is not competent to navigate the ship of state in waters she can’t comprehend, with people she feels no common cause with.This is not a woman who is fit to uphold the Constitution and bill of rights because her extremist version of religion actually doesn’t believe in the equality of women, gays and “unbelievers.” I fail to see where anyone who believes that those who don’t believe as they do will burn in hell can possibly believe in and uphold the Bill of Rights.

  • sparrow4

    spidey2- I’ll wager in the eyes of G-d arminius is the real christian, not you. People like you are a plague to everyone. self-righteous, convinced of your own self-worth, arrogant to a fault. I am really out of patience with the likes of you. Maybe you need to believe the way you do because you’re so terrified of living. But it sure is a sad way to live.

  • Arminius

    Sparrow,Thank you, and God bless.Pray for Spidey. He walks in darkness, dragging the chains of hatred.

  • spidermean2

    Sparrow, that is only your opinion and it’s clearly false. Palin was tested as mayor and governor of Alaska and guess what? They love her too much that she’s the most popular governor the U.S ever had in history.Arminius, if you read this blog, it’s you and other unbelievers who are full of hate about Sarah Palin. We Christians are the one loving here. Set your mind straight.

  • spidermean2

    I’ve been with true Christians all of my life and i think I have never heard anyone praying to God to harm some people. But they do know that God will harm people who are unbelievers. They are just stating what God intends to do with these people.On the other hand, I think I’ve known only one witch and she’s always proud of hurting her enemies thru witchcraft. That’s the main difference between witches and true Christians.

  • Arminius

    Ah, yes, Spidey pathetically tries to sing praises to St Sarah the Moose Slayer. She who is under investigation by the Alaskan legislature. She who cannot answer a straight question in even mild interviews. She who claims to have foreign policy experience because Russia can be seen from a remote Alaskan island. She who comes from a church that hates Jews and damn nearly everybody else. She who continues to lie – so much for the 10 commandments. Palin is the most dangerous specter ever to emerge at the top of the political scene. Spidey would not know true Christianity if Jesus Himself came down and tried to explain it to him. Indeed, Spidey would be looking for timbers, nails, and a hammer.Pray for Spidey.

  • Arminius

    Hello, Sparrow,Know this, my friend: Spidey will never answer, either an accusation or a direct question. I have tried countless times, including very detailed questions. He never answers, only comes back with the same hatred. I never answer him directly now, just describe his fallacies in the third person.Note this quotation, regarding replying to Spidey:You and I, Sparrow, walk similar paths. I find hope in that. G-d Bless.Arminius

  • spidermean2

    Sparrow , you should learn reading confirmed news and not just false accusations wrapped as “news”. Here are confirmed facts from wiki pedia.”Palin served two terms (1996–2002) as mayor of Wasilla. She created the position of city administrator, and reduced her own $68,000 salary by 10%. Despite a turbulent first year in office, Palin gained broad favor with Wasilla voters. She kept a jar with the names of Wasilla residents on her desk, and once a week she pulled a name from it and picked up the phone; she would ask: “How’s the city doing?”Using income generated by a 2% sales tax that was enacted before she was on the city council, Palin cut property taxes by 75% and eliminated personal property and business inventory taxes. Tapping municipal bonds, she made improvements to the roads and sewers and increased funding to the Police Department. She also oversaw new bike paths and procured funding for storm-water treatment to protect freshwater resources.Palin ran for re-election against Stein in 1999 and won, with a majority of 74%.Palin was also elected president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors. Term limits prevented Palin from running for a third term as mayor in 2002.Polls taken in 2007 early in her govenorship term showed her with a 93% and 89% popularity among all voters. “

  • spidermean2

    Arminius wrote “Never try to teach a pig to sing. It only wastes your time and annoys the pig.”While idiots teach pigs to sing, sane people just watch them scratching their heads in disbelief. We watch the unbelieving idiots wallowing in the mud with the pigs. They never know that God will roast the pigs soon including those who play with them.

  • spidermean2

    This world is reserved for true Christians. That’s what the prophecy says. It means that there’s a great possibility that Sarah Palin will become President. Unbelievers, eat your hearts out.

  • markoller

    SPIDERMEAN2 wrote: “While idiots teach pigs to sing, sane people just watch them scratching their heads in disbelief. We watch the unbelieving idiots wallowing in the mud with the pigs. They never know that God will roast the pigs soon including those who play with them.”Do you think the extrmination of the Jews was justified? Why not send all Jews and any non-Christians to gas chambers to prevent them from reproducing and spreading their beliefs? I that recommend believers in hell read some lectures by Robert Ingersoll (1833-1899). Every one denounced the sadistic insanity of hell. Nowadays, Ingersoll would be totally censored by the mass media and the DHS would probably make him disappear.

  • ravitchn

    Palin’s religion is largely based on the Book of Revelations which many early Christians did not want put into the New Testament because it seemed less a revelation of God and more the delusions of a sick mind.

  • spidermean2

    ravitchn wrote ” (the Book of Revelation) seemed less a revelation of God and more the delusions of a sick mind.”That’s what the sick mind thinks. The book of Revelation is a thousand times more accurate than Nostradamus’ “prophecies”. A sick mind can never understand it.

  • treetopflyer

    “Can we forget the crazy preachers and try to get the candidates to focus on the serious problems?”Not until Palin’s addresses the National Press Club, raves about witches and starts dancing the bugaloo in front of millions of people, after which Palin will be forced to come on TV and renounce her pastor. Until then, let the fun continue.Once that’s done, by all means we can be serious again. ;-)What goes around comes around.

  • ravitchn

    Every lunatic has found something he likes in the Book of Revelations.

  • PostObserver

    There’s a vast difference between “using the pulpit” to advance your career when the “pulpit” in question is a mainstream, live-and-let-live faith, and “using the pulpit” to advance your career when the man at the pulpit is a “witch hunter” who made his fortune driving innocent people from their homes and livelihoods.Sarah Palin’s willingness to ignore the character of anyone who supports her is exactly the same as George W. Bush’s. She doesn’t care if this guy drives innocents to exile and starvation in the name of Jesus — she only cares if he’ll win votes. What self-respecting American would tolerate this small, ignorant person in the White House?Today, Germans are the most sensitive and thoughtful people in the world when it comes to fighting neo-Nazi fascist propaganda. They know they made a horrible mistake once, and they will not do so again. The same should be true of Christians. Christians must not tolerate such evil nonsense as “witch hunters” in the 21st century lest they allow past atrocities to repeat themselves.It’s not just a jokey “Weird News” bulletin. The guy made his fortune by driving a poor woman out of her home with accusations of witchcraft. It really happened. He’s a criminal and a fraud. It’s not okay to suck up to him for votes. Could this be any plainer? It’s true that Sarah Palin probably never gave him a second thought and that’s exactly why we should think twice about Sarah Palin.

  • 1rap

    I am not a part of the pentecostal church but I am a seminary graduate and understand this branch of the church. It is not unusual for those in the pentecostal tradition to pray against demons, witchcraft and the like. Praying for protection against dark forces would be consistent with biblical principals even though it is not regularly practiced by other branches of the church.

  • JoeAmerica

    If you want to elect the OLDEST PRESIDENT EVER TO TAKE OFFICE, you have a solemn duty to the United States of America to make sure your VP is ready to be president. Sarah Palin is not. If you want to vote for John McCain, thats your opinion and I wont fault you. But you have to email the McCain campaign and tell him to replace Palin with someone who is ready. Our country is on the brink of real, serious crisis. We cannot have Palin as President at this time. That is BAD FOR AMERICA. its is UNSAFE. Please recognize this and ask McCain to REPLACE PALIN.This is a matter of national security…

  • markoller

    After calming down, I realize that Senator Lieberman’s speech has to be fake. Whatever else can be said about Joel Lieberman, he is not stupid. No politician would say: But it gets worse. When Palin was Mayor of Wasilla Alaska she supported anti-Semite and Nazi-sympathizer Pat Buchanan’s campaign for President in 1996 AND 2000. In 1999 she even wore a Buchanan button and hosted him at an event in her hometown. Remember, this is the same Buchanan that has called Hitler a “man of great courage” who was possessed with “extraordinary gifts” and refers to Capitol Hill in DC as an “Israeli-occupied territory.”Capitol Hill is Israeli-occupied territory, but the Buchanan quotes are preposterous, and Lieberman would never get away such a lie. Politicians can get away with far greater lies, including blaming Al Qaeda for the September 11 terrorism, but Buchanan has the resources to defend himself.

  • aliden1

    I can understand that this is the rhetoric of the church, she was there, not wanting to make a big deal out of the whole “witchcraft” thing, etc. etc. but to later give him credit for her win? That seems to change the situation dramatically.

  • sparrow4

    markoller:”Capitol Hill is Israeli-occupied territory, but the Buchanan quotes are preposterous, and Lieberman would never get away such a lie. Politicians can get away with far greater lies, including blaming Al Qaeda for the September 11 terrorism, but Buchanan has the resources to defend himself.”Yep- you’re anti antiSemitic, pro-terrorist nutjob. since i was here on 9-11, and in fact under the towers when the 2nd plane hit, and then went back and worked in the recovery effort for 9 months. I find people like yourself who probably watched the attacks from the safety of your living room and yet make pronouncements based on your profound ignorance of both facts and history to be both laughable and despicable. There’s no arguing with the likes of you- your boundless ignorance,bias and lack of intelligence would make it an exercise in futility for me to try. enjoy your pathetic, truncated life.

  • markoller

    Dear Mr. Joel M. Lieberman:If you are typical of Jews, why shouldn’t one be anti-Semitic? Calling Patick Buchanan an anti-Semite and Nazi sympathizer was a despicable slander. You are also the only one who could make me sympathize with Sarah Palin and even Jews for Jesus.Are you aware that most Zionist leaders opposed any attempts to save European Jews, unless they went to Israel? They considered the extermination of the Jews necessary to create support for Israel. Here is a quote from Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl:Ten questions to the Zionists IS IT TRUE that in 1941 and again in 1942, the German Gestapo offered all European Jews transit to Spain, if they would relinquish all their property in Germany and Occupied France; on condition that:IS IT TRUE that the Zionist leaders in Switzerland and Turkey received this offer with the clear understanding that the exclusion of Palestine as a destination for the deportees was based on an agreement between the Gestapo and the Mufti. IS IT TRUE that the answer of the Zionist leaders was negative, with the following comments:IS IT TRUE that this response to the Gestapo’s offer was made with the full knowledge that the alternative to this offer was the gas chamber. IS IT TRUE that in 1944, at the time of the Hungarian deportations, a similar offer was made, whereby all Hungarian Jewry could be saved. IS IT TRUE that the same Zionist hierarchy again refused this offer (after the gas chambers had already taken a toll of millions). IS IT TRUE that during the height of the killings in the war, 270 Members of the British Parliament proposed to evacuate 500,000 Jews from Europe, and resettle them in British colonies, as a part of diplomatic negotiations with Germany. IS IT TRUE that this offer was rejected by the Zionist leaders with the observation “Only to Palestine!” IS IT TRUE that the British government granted visas to 300 rabbis and their families to the Colony of Mauritius, with passage for the evacuees through Turkey. The “Jewish Agency” leaders sabotaged this plan with the observation that the plan was disloyal to Palestine, and the 300 rabbis and their families should be gassed. IS IT TRUE that during the course of the negotiations mentioned above, Chaim Weitzman, the first “Jewish statesman” stated: “The most valuable part of the Jewish nation is already in Palestine, and those Jews living outside Palestine are not too important”. Weitzman’s cohort, Greenbaum, amplified this statement with the observation “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe”.

  • markoller

    “Whose War?” vindicates Patrick Buchanan. Buchanan is too sympathetic with Israel. Download

  • Libby5

    Anyone who knows African christians know that they often infuse their christianity with traditional African beliefs and customs. It is not uncommon to hear African christians (and I know a few African catholics who fall into this category) talking of things like witchcraft and use other wierd and colourful language.To me it seems all she did was turn up to church and participate in a prayer/laying of hands with a visiting pastor who then went off talking in a style of language not that uncommon for African christians. Yes it looks wierd to us Westerners but from her perspective she was being polite and welcoming and she probably looked past all of that other stuff.To all those who assume she is narrow minded and limited this in fact speaks volumes for her cross cultural abilities!

  • langs13

    Casting out demons. 2000 years ago ok. They thought the world was flat. It’s 2008. If you believe in casting out demons now something is wrong with you. You people have lost it. The true conservatives have left the party. They want Plain Simple off the ticket. They realize the Republican party has been hijacked by there invited guests. The Racists, Neo-Cons, Gun Nuts, and Fake Jesus Freaks.You must realize that anyone still supporting the GOP belongs to one of these groups. Unrational people. If John McCain announced Bin Laden as his running mate they would support him. The GOP might as well join back up with there former friends the Taliban because they have done more damage to our country than the Taliban could ever dream possible. You destroyed our economy in 8 years. Lied us into war. Mocked our laws. Sounds like the enemy to me.

  • rdeleys

    The insertion of religion into the political debate is really offensive. I view it as a sign of intellectual weakness and immaturity. Demons, witches??? Please, it’s so insulting. Religion is killing this country.

  • byrdland49

    Sure…after the media focuses on Reverend Wright for weeks on end, creating enormous problems for the Obama campaign, we are asked to “forget about crazy preachers”. I say no. I want Sarah Palin to have to answer at least as many questions as Obama…and to have the video of this witch hunting pastor played in an endless loop on Fox.

  • jmounadi

    Sorry Birdland49, this absolutely not the same thing. Reverend Wright preaches hatred towards white people, which means he doesn not peacefully co-exist with the white race, except in a fake manner.If I say to a cocaine dealer that his evil spirits should be casted out, it is because I believe that Satan is using this person to spread his evil amongst us. The person willingly chooses to continue selling drugs, which destroys communities, then he must either end his trade or be booted out of the community. I do not believe that cocaine is an accidential drug made by man, but rather an influence forced upon us by Satan, and it is killing our communities. Does this make me a witch craft believer, or someone that sees such threats as more than just man made problems.In either case, my view doesn’t spew hatred, and niether does Pastor Muthee. But Reverend Wright certainly does, and Obama believes it.

  • samscram1

    Forget the First Amendment.Palin obviously needs a U.S. Government/Christian issue pastor to whom she can turn for help when she deals with Red China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, and other countries that in her view are run by Satan, heathen and perhaps even witches.Hope she remembers the neocon’s marching order; “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

  • tbarksdl

    Count me firmly in the negative column on the question of whether we should be comfortable with the idea that someone who could be President of the United States is a not only a member of a religious group that practices witch hunting but glories in receiving a blessing from one of the witch hunters. I’m now required to justify my position? Like hell. It would be like requiring me to justify why I oppose anyone being president who believed that:– Black people are intellectually and morally inferior to white peopleI could go on, but you get the picture. The commentators who try to rationalize and excuse Pastor Muthee have accomplished exactly the opposite of what they intended. Far from reassuring us about the benign nature of True Believers as political leaders, they have scared the hell out of us. They have revealed the dangerous, medieval mindset that lurks just beneath the surface of the religious milieu of the Sarah Palins of the world. It would be one thing if some rogue pastor preached this gibberish about witchcraft. It’s quite another and far more chilling thing to be told that this mentality is just part of mainstream Christianity as practiced by Sarah Palin and others. A person who accepts witches and their punishment as real should not hold public office in the United States, much less be considered fit to be President of the United States.I’m particularly struck by those misguided souls who dismiss Muthee’s practices as just part of the blending of traditional African beliefs with Christianity. The very fact that it exists is justification for its existence.Let me see now. We now have an excuse for:–The German Nazis who infused their Christianity with the anti-Semitism of their traditional cultureLet’s keep this debate going. We begin to get at the mush for brains that rests at the core of too many religious enthusiasts.

  • spidermean2

    Arminius, good news for you. Markoller is here and his views are as stupid as yours. Now is your time. Talk to this guy.

  • spidermean2

    To all the idiots here. God is on Palin’s side and whether you like it or not, true Christianity will rule this world. That is the prophecy and you can’t do anything about it except to embrace your doom. Doomsday is coming to gather all stupidity in its big oven.No wonder we have this wallstreet meltdown which is run by mostly democrats in New York. They are run by idiots.

  • Alex511

    FR spidermean2:>…To all the idiots here. God is on Palin’s side and whether you like it or not, true Christianity will rule this world. …Prove that God is sarah palin’s side, please.

  • sparrow4

    “Sorry Birdland49, this absolutely not the same thing. Reverend Wright preaches hatred towards white people, which means he doesn not peacefully co-exist with the white race, except in a fake manner.” -jmounadi In fact that is NOT what rev. wright preaches. Suffice it to say rev. Wright also served this country as a Marine and as a Navy corpsman. He was on Lyndon Johnson’s medical team, in the White House. (Have you done your military service yet?) His G-d Damn America comment came in the context of condemning America for how it treated African Americans and if you want to deny that Black people in this country have not been poorly treated, you are totally mentally irredeemable. His church has founded many social and religious community programs and while you may not like what he said, he has done more for the people of this country than you and Sarah Palin combined. (Hmmm… for that matter so has my cat.)You need to get your information from a reputable source not from a white supremacist web site. As does Markoller- honestly if your antiSemitism weren’t so frightening it would be laughable but I always find it practical to take people seriously even when they are so highly uneducated and nearly illiterate. The website you quote is hardly reputable, being a fantasists’ ravings. I personally don’t care if you are an antiSemite. You’re well exposed for what you are, and I certainly feel quite sorry for you, that your life has been so deprived of logic and reason.Libby5- good try. I wish there was a pill for cranio-rectal syndrome, but alas. If Obama is elected at least you’ll have medical coverage to get it treated. If Mccain Palin are, get used to it.Spidey2- I see you are reduced to name-calling again. I know it’s difficult to debate well, so maybe you should simply stop trying and go on to other things where you might have a chance at success. I suggest crochet. Your prophecy is all you have to hold onto, I imagine. I realize it makes you feel special and, dare I say it? Chosen? …sorry- that’s my group. Jesus was one of us (for all you markollers out there- pays to remember that.) Have fun today, spidey2, playing in that little fallout shelter of a mind. Ecoclimber wrote:Oh yes? And yo can just imagine how hard it is for the rest of us to deal with religious fanatics like yourself who wish to remake the world according to their own beliefs. You don’t need saving from us, you need saving from yourselves.

  • spidermean2

    Alex511 wrote “Prove that God is sarah palin’s side, please.”Jesus said ” my sheep know my voice”. Those who are familiar with the words of God can easily relate with Palin. Her words does not contradict with His words.

  • sparrow4

    Oh right- that really proves it. forgive me if I can’t take you seriously, spidey2. Yours is not proof- its a stretch.

  • spidermean2

    Sparrow, it needs intelligence to comprehend the cryptic prophecies of the Bible. If you don’t understand it, it means your intelligence is lacking.

  • markoller

    To Newsweek:What reason is there not to print my evidence that the kamakazi jets of 9/11 are a hoax? Can’t you refute the evidence? Or, are you afraid that the DHS will bang on your door at midnight? So far, it has not happened to me. I do not know why. Christopher Bollyn was not so lucky.

  • Arminius

    I see Spidey’s back to his weird ‘prophesies’ again. These mindless moanings have nothing to do with intelligence, but might have something to do with LSD.Spidey seems to think God is on his side. He should remember what Lincoln said, and worry about being on God’s side.

  • spidermean2

    Arminius, I said intelligence and not idiocy. I’ll call on you later if we will need your service. Right now the topic is intelligence. Come back later when we’re back to stupidity.

  • Arminius

    Actually, the topic is supposed to be Palin, and stupidity frames that one well.Is 1 + 1 = 2 self-evident?

  • sparrow4

    “Sparrow, it needs intelligence to comprehend the cryptic prophecies of the Bible. If you don’t understand it, it means your intelligence is lacking.”And spideymean2- it’s so OBVIOUS you don’t understand it. You also confuse intelligence and education- frankly, I don’t see you possessing much of either.You can’t keep hiding behind one line zingers and rabidly opinionated commentary on the bible. You’re neither educating or communicating your point, just displaying the temperament of a 5 year old having a temper tantrum. If you think you’re winning adherents, you are much mistaken. If you really believe your version of Christianity is so illuminating and clear that others should to flock to your vision, you’re certainly not conveying that to anyone.

  • markoller

    I am unable to download large numbers of links, so I will have leave one short message after another. See “ghostplane” at

  • spidermean2

    The converts would be knocking on the Ark’s door when it starts to rain. There are many wise people out there who knows that rain clouds means rain. Not yet Arminius, the topic is still about intelligence. Come back later.

  • Arminius

    Sparrow,Remember that Spidey is renowned for making these silly blanket statements and predictions. He never explains them, because he can’t. And believe me, he has been asked many times. Obviously he hasn’t the smarts to cook up this hate-filled drivel himself, he must have heard it all from some dominionist jerk thundering from a pulpit.

  • sparrow4

    Arminius- that was a lovely thing to say and I am really honored you feel that way.spidey2 wrote:”Sparrow , you should learn reading confirmed news and not just false accusations wrapped as “news”. Here are confirmed facts from wiki pedia.”do you not know what wikipedia is? Read the header: Welcome to Wikipedia,Visitors do not need specialized qualifications to contribute, since their primary role is to write articles that cover existing knowledge; this means that people of all ages and cultural and social backgrounds can write Wikipedia articles. Most of the articles can be edited by anyone with access to the Internet, simply by clicking the edit this page link. Anyone is welcome to add information, cross-references or citations, as long as they do so within Wikipedia’s editing policies and to an appropriate standard. Substandard or disputed information is subject to removal. Because Wikipedia is an ongoing work to which, in principle, ANYBODY CAN CONTRIBUTE…”In other words wiki is written by anyone, and then their work gets changed, corrected or updated as another volunteer sees fit. this is not a primary resource for information- confirmed facts by wiki is like claiming Fox news is unbiased. I won’t bother to do your work for you. If you really are interested in all the facts about Sara Palin, not the press release put out by the McCain campaign, I suggest you do some more reading because Wiki is well known for lack of accuracy and completeness.As for this comment”We watch the unbelieving idiots wallowing in the mud with the pigs. They never know that God will roast the pigs soon including those who play with them.”

  • jdf36

    I think she gets a pass on this because she’s White.From what I can read here, her Pastor sounds wacko and has a background that is sounds like a far cry from that of the standard Catholic or Protestant clergy member, but he will be looked upon as a familiar. Wright, on the other hand, had the unfortunate luck to have been already a notch down on the “different” meter. People will probably also believe Sarah if she denounces him or says he is not her main Pastor, because most Americans can accept that white people have different points of view. If two Black people are friends, the cannot disagree, of course.

  • Amadeus471

    For something even scarier see the article at

  • sparrow4

    Arminius, spidey2 said “the converts would be knocking on the Ark’s door when it starts to rain. There are many wise people out there who knows that rain clouds means rain.”Ohhhh- just too cryptic and intelligent for me, I guess. Do you think he means a weather report? I mean, I always thought, myself that rain came from the water fairies in the sky sprinkling raindrops from their little fairy watercans. Now he says rain comes from rainclouds. Oh, what to believe. What to think?

  • mathnucl

    I received the following from a close relative. I have no way of verifying whether or not the criticisms of Gov. Palin are valid, but they are serious enough to be worth investigating.Most of you know where I seem to have stood on this presidential race. Regrettably, I am seeing and hearing too much negative stuff about Sara Palin, which I have verified and found to be true, to still have a closed mind. I am sharing some of theses things with you and telling you that my mind is less closed at this time and I am entertaining a position that20weeks ago, I would have said would have been impossible for me to entertain. Read on and be educated…………

  • Arminius

    Sparrow,Well, ya learn sumpin every day. I always thought that rain was the gift of water from the sky god to the earth mother… actually, my Pagan friends might be close on that. Or maybe rain is the Flying Spaghetti Monster doing… I’d better not go there! If Spidey is on his Noah kick again, perhaps he might entertain us with his falling-leaf theory about how the flood waters went down.

  • markoller

    MATHNUCL wrote: “I received the following from a close relative. I have no way of verifying whether or not the criticisms of Gov. Palin are valid, but they are serious enough to be worth investigating.” I want proof that Senator Lieberman actually uttered this tirade. I was unable to find it on the internet and it may be hoax planted by his political opponents.

  • markoller

    ‘Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’ is as fake as the Osama bin Laden imposters and the 767 crash videos. Naturally, he is fat, ugly and mean looking, and in dire need of a hair cut and a hair brush.The real Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was not fat, which is a chronic condition, and he was shot by the ISI on September 11, 2002. Nor is the date entirely coincidental. Download KSM also spoke fluent English, Arabic and Urdu and graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University, with a mechanical engineering degree. So, how could he have uttered “Most of these facts which be written are related to this hard drive. See page 11 of the BBC transcript of his hearing and confession,