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It is important to continue to educate people about history and tell the truth. It is also vital to the … Continued

It is important to continue to educate people about history and tell the truth. It is also vital to the fleshing-out of the Gospel to extend forgiveness to everyone, including those who don’t even deserve it, because none of us do. We all are frail, imperfect beings. It’s my experience that people who are filled with such hatred for a race or religion other than their own are also suffering from a massive case of self-hatred, and are projecting. In the meantime, it feels to me like a waste of human energy for any of us to point a finger at those who wish to create controversy. That behavior only spreads the virus that is their discontent and hate, fueled by lies – it sows division and confusion.

Pope Benedict is trying to reconcile a group of Catholics who have been out of communion with the Church. Bishop Williamson happens to be part of that group. The fact that he is delusional and a victim of his own brand of self righteous finger-pointing and bigotry, although unfortunate, is purely a coincidence. It does shine a light on whether or not he is in the right state of grace to re-enter full communion with the Church. But that is between him and God, and his confessor.

However, if it is not for moments like this that we need grace and forgiveness, I know not another occasion. These problems are not theological in nature, but they definitely go against the rule of natural law, and the rule of love, that they deserve to be taken in consideration when examining his case for communion.

I hope and pray that the Tribunal in Rome does do that.

Matt Maher
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  • justillthen

    Thank you for this post. I agree. You speak from a Catholic concept, which I like anyway, but could and should apply not only to all christians as followers of the Teachings of Jesus, but all peoples. It is one of the hardest things to maintain compassion in the face of what we, personally, find vile or revolting. But then that is the best moment to practice our discipline and commitment to what we value. It is far easier to descend into darker human habits. They lead nowhere that is worth the time or journey. Value comes from being challenged to elevate ourselves above the comfortable. Compassion, love and forgiveness does not mean that everything may continue as it was before the crisis. But it does help resolve the crisis and arrive at a better overlook.It is all about scenic overlooks. Especially in the middle of the crisis…