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By Tony BlairFormer British Prime Minister In all my time in public life, one fact has struck me with increasing … Continued

By Tony Blair
Former British Prime Minister

In all my time in public life, one fact has struck me with increasing force: that failure to understand the power of religion means failure to understand the modern world. People of different faiths are being brought closer and closer together. In the Middle East, Christians, Muslims and Jews have in many places lived side by side for centuries. But in many other parts of the world now, this intermingling of faiths is increasingly part of the demographic reality. In my country, the UK, a walk down many of our high streets will show you a microcosm of the world’s faiths in a few yards.

In this increasingly globalized world, we are more than ever inter-connected, but we are also more uncertain. What were firm boundaries of race, culture and identity are becoming more fluid. Electronic communication, physical migration, flows of world trade, all expose us to ideas which are different from those we inherited and to traditions which we may not have encountered before. And in such a world the role of religion becomes ever more crucial. It can either play a positive role, helping to deepen understanding for the common good, or it can be exploited to become destructive, emphasizing difference, excluding and mistrusting the ‘other’.

So religious faith will be of the same significance to the 21st Century as political ideology was to the 20th Century – indeed more so. And that is why I have set up my Faith Foundation, to work with others in the great faiths to help harness their full power to transform our shared world for the better. It is also why it was an honor and privilege to take part last week in the dedication ceremony of the new Baptism Centre at the official Jordan Baptism Site.

Both Site and Centre are a tribute to the generosity of HM King Abdullah and the Jordanian Royal family. And, magnificent though Site and Centre both are, they are only one manifestation of the Royal family’s consistent commitment to building better relations between the world’s faiths. The Centre will provide for all Evangelical Christian groups whose custom is baptism by immersion.

The ceremony was an auspicious event at a deeply historic place, close to the area where , tradition tells us, Jesus was baptized by John. And what was it that John in his ministry, and Jesus Christ in his, represented to the world?

First, that doctrine, whilst a support, can never be a substitute for the essence of faith which is: the demonstration of God’s love; of its power; of its mercy; of its plea to us to break free of our narrow confines and to discover the meaning of life.

Second, the honesty of it, the witness to truth even though truth meant death; John because he refused to countenance the behavior of Herod; Jesus because he refused to deny his nature or his mission, preferring to lose his life when so easily he could have yielded to Pilate and kept it.

Thirdly, what was this baptism that John gave to those masses by the River Jordan? It was a baptism of renewal, and renewal open to all who would submit to God. And as for Jesus, his Ministry was not bounded by race or tribe but was boundless. His love reached out. It was not hoarded. It was freely given.

Now, at this place which marked Jesus’ baptism, Jordan’s vision for the Baptism Site, to make it an international place of pilgrimage, is one of great imagination and profound significance. Significant because it honors the place of Christianity in the history of the Middle East. Significant because it recognizes that this region has for centuries been a home to the three Abrahamic faiths.

Indeed for much of that history, it has been a place in which interfaith relations have been, not just talked about, but lived out day by day — in the market place, on the street, in the daily interchange of neighborly relations.

Of course, there have been and still are times of tension and turbulence. At such moments, there is a tendency to see the world exclusively through the eyes of our own faith, race or culture. Recently I have been reading Amin Maalouf’s “The Crusades Through Arab Eyes”, a brilliant corrective to some of the history I was taught as a child.

But history shows that for much of the time members of the three faiths have worked out ways in which to live together to their mutual benefit and flourishing.

We need to recapture and build on that record for the good of the Middle East. And, because of its powerful symbolism, for the good of the whole world. That is one of the reasons why my Faith Foundation and I are working with the Coexist Foundation and Cambridge University to establish Abraham House, a place of encounter for the Abrahamic faiths, in which their common roots and values can be explored and enriched.

And I believe that we need to capture too that sense of renewal which I feel the Baptism Centre symbolizes. A sense of renewal that true love is not measured in the receiving but the giving. The giving not limited by human prejudice but enlarged by the infinite possibility of the love of God.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is founder of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

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  • colinnicholas

    How disappointing that the ex-prime ministerHe should spend a little time with Richard Dawkins, and perhaps read Victor Stenger’sBlair’s God is as real as Zeus and Aphrodite.

  • ravitchn

    According to the daring but persuasive theory of Robert Eisler (c. 1930) the baptism of John was a ceremony preparing warriors to do battle against the power of Rome. The connections between earliest Christians and Zealots has been obscured by centuries of theology, special pleading, and sheer ignorance.

  • MumboJumboo

    B-LIAR wrote “Both Site and Centre are a tribute to the generosity of HM King Abdullah and the Jordanian Royal family”.

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  • congratulations

    “sheisst supper, ich heiße lunch”is there any elder who approves not what You do, Builder Prime Minister? any elder who asks You to remind the full course?

  • congratulations

    Greetings to Elders that Keep Us Together in Love, in Respect, in Nurture and in Truth. Greetings to Formers, Greetings to Addressors, inviting to Mutual Company and Collaboration.

  • congratulations

    thanks for such an opportunity on such a day for this poet pre-hand to speak. regards, L.A. Bursa.

  • zero1

    Blair writes: A sense of renewal that true love is not measured in the receiving but the giving. The giving not limited by human prejudice but enlarged by the infinite possibility of the love of God.//My question: Why does Blair continues to receive when many young men and women ‘gave’ their lives for an illusion, a lie called Iraq war. They gave so others would be free. What does Blair say now that he is not in office: for the glory of God….his God.what hypocrisy!!!

  • katavo

    Why don’t you do your species a favor and work to free humanity from religion, rather than waste our time and our lives trying to fix this primitive practice.These ‘three Abrahamic faiths’ were invented in a time of barbaric superstition, you’re holding on to them is barbaric, to say the least.

  • captn_ahab

    It is all well and good to sponsor interfaith encounter and dialog between members of the Abrahamic faiths. In fact, it is a wonderful humanistic act. However, when the rubber meets the road, two of the three Abrahamic faiths are triumphalist. That is they purport to be the most important and final revelation from God. They in essence demand conversion as the true path to God. How interfaith encounter can overcome this almost insuperable obstacle to real understanding between the faiths will remain a miracle to behold.

  • coiaorguk

    Tony Blair was a man who has been complicit in the deaths of many children in Iraq whose souls can never be recovered. This man Tony Blair should still be waiting for forgiveness, still be ready to exorcise his soul. He is complicit in the greatest conspiracy of modern times and time is running out for him and others more powerful.Notice carefully my good friends the announcement of prime minister Gordon Brown tomorrow Tuesday 24th March, in what he will call ‘a new level’ in the ‘war on terror’. Yes, he needs to review terror in Northern Ireland but he is aware that scholars and scientist are inextricably breaking down the official ‘truth’ of the attacks on the World Trade Center. A once inattentive public in Britain and America is being mustered by a political will to prevail over lies and deception.This will evolve into a dangerous situation when the majority are convinced not only by the obvious truths that can be obfusticated, covered up or buried, but by the strength of movement. This will mean exposure of the administration and some military leaders.Gordon Brown is aware these revelations and exposures must lead to more terror, more ‘shock & awe’ and more loss of freedoms. As his enforcement plan unfolds we will start to see a ‘purge’ on activists, students and members of truth movements, a ‘purge’ to retain order even if the foundations of that ‘order’ are built on deception.Mark Golding

  • dibick99

    blair was the prime minister of an anti-semitic country. i think he hangs around the arabs too much

  • abhab

    I see those criticizing Mr. Blair’s assessment fall into two classes; Atheists and Islamists.

  • marquesa1793

    Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation. HA! The Flying Wallendas had more credibility – Elmer Gantry had more credibility as a Christian than this warmonger. He not only voted for the bloody invasion of Iraq, he caused it.When is your cohort in crime, George Bush going to give a speech at your imperial, quixotically named “Faith Foundation”, Mr. Blair?Who is financing this folly, I hope and pray to God, NOT the American taxpayers!

  • danroth777

    I pray God will bless Mr. Blair’s Foundation as an instrument of peace and mutual understanding, both of which are sorely needed in this world (and which are clearly lacking from many of the comments posted here).”Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.”

  • BobT2

    I’m appalled that I was actually taken in enough to vote for this sanctimonious, war-mongering hypocrite in 1997.

  • vig_raman


  • kevrobb

    I’m disgusted that a man who helped cook up a fraudulent case to attack a small, weak country, who helped start the worst and bloodiest war the Middle East has seen in decades, who created thousands of terrorists, hundreds of thousands of orphans, and millions of refugees should dare to write about prospects for Middle East peace.The best chance for Middle East peace is that war criminals like Tony Blair be prosecuted and brought to severe justice for their crimes.We already have a law against wars of agression. We just need to enforce it … on Tony Blair.

  • esthermiriam

    With all due respect for those of good intentions, one wonders… whether the region needs more encouragement for Christian Zionist travel and support, as that branch of Christianity looks to bring Jews back to (all of) Israel to complete *their* apocolyptic vision… or whether Jordan just wants some of those tourist dollars… or whether Blair, in support of the teachings of his new faith’s leader, also seeks to diminish Jewish claims of a continuing covenant that doesn’t need Jesus for salvation… or…? How, again, is this about bringing peace?

  • Zolko

    Tony Blair should be in jail, under prosecution by the International Criminal Court in La Hague. He as a “peace envoy” in the Middle-East is an insult to all the people who have died there recently, lergely because of this man’s lies.

  • hsnkhwj

    Tony Blair keeps the interests of the World’s largest colonial empire where the sun never set in the past. Colonialism has changed in form but not in its goals. The Iraq war is a reminder.

  • jisantiago

    Tony Blair is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!Most of the woes the world faces today was the consequence of the arrogant, antagonistic and criminal policies of George Bush and Tony Blair was the prime accomplice to these crimes.

  • ThishowIseeit

    Mr. Blair,

  • coiaorguk

    The ‘infinite possibility of the love of God’ was lost at Cleveland’s Hopkins airport some years ago.

  • hyjanks

    “People of different faiths are being brought closer and closer together.”

  • EliPeyton

    Anyone who endures Prime Minister’s Questions week after week, anyone who maintains an optimistic attitude in the midst of political pressure not seen since World War II, anyone who voluntarily puts his life in jeopardy by traveling to places teeming with terrorists, should be allowed to speak his mind without enduring the 5th grade belching contest as posted here.

  • hyjanks

    Captn_arab, baby! Does your diatribe on the superiority of the Muslim faith preclude you even entertaining my idea of the superiority of Ra,the Egyptian Sun god?

  • svengerald

    I wish your interfaith project well. The three Abrahamic faiths? islam is not a faith or religion, I know they try to make it appear so, but islam is truly just an ideology, an unhappy one at that. If you have any understanding of history you would know that the Crusades were a defensive move after almost 400 years of raping, pillaging, plundering and murdering Christians and Jewish people. You state in your piece;

  • Peter22

    Thanks to Tony Blair for his good work.

  • kase


  • optimist3

    Sadly the Monday Night Specialists are out in droves, lowering the discussion of this important topic to a third-rate seventh-grade locker-room spat. Interfaith dialogue is critical to creating forward movement among the traditional, religious cultures of the Middle East, and around the world. That vacuous imps masquerading as moderns defile their own modernity with drivel, should not color this initiative–even if borne of the American educated royal, Abdullah of Jordan, and detailed by the ever-striving, complex, if at times in the past, woefully-mistaken Mr. Blair. Thank you for this–your foray into post-war diplomatic revival and cultural healing. May it build upon the enormous and honorable efforts of Jimmy Carter, and meet with greater staying power.

  • groucho42

    Blair’s a fool who continues to ignore the reality of the Middle East. What does a Baptism Center have to do with equality of religions in Jordan? It allows Christians to come to Jordan, spend money and leave. It’s a tourism venture, not anything to do with improving religious relations.If Blair really wanted to improve relations, he’d ask why it’s still illegal for Jews to be citizens of Jordan.

  • wizarat

    Mr. Blair is not interested in making peace, he is interested in having a job making money and stay in the news. He is complicit in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

  • kyprios9281

    I have never understood what is Tony Blair’s job, except that being Bush’s poodle he was rewarded with a $400000.00 job to do absolutely nothing. I know that part of his salary comes from the UN, which in turn is part of the American tax payer’s money to UN.

  • kurringai

    Where I come from, we don’t look to war criminals for our wisdom. Mr. Blair, do the right thing and go to the Hague. Turn yourself in. You’re a Christian? Live a Christian’s values by taking responsibility for your actions. This does not mean further enriching yourself and accruing adulation.

  • dynamited777

    Tony Blair, what can I say, what a total disappointment. Your star shot so high, but failed to make the mark. You could have stop Georgie, but chose to make your smear on history. Much like I never once listened to one of Georgie’s addresses, I would never cross the street to meet you, nor read a word penned by you. Goodbye you fool, no more stories from beyond the grave.

  • khote14

    blessed are the cheesemakers

  • clearthinking1

    A Baptism Centre in Jordan.

  • demirjian_a

    Dear Mr. Blair,There is faith, which is individual, and there are religions, which are body of rules concocted by men, claiming divine authority. To start with I would like to mention, despite the tortuous effort you force us to endure in your writing, that you are a man of faith, unless you repent for your sins in Iraq, you sound like a heretic and a snake oil salesman.And about Abrahamic religions, well there is nothing Abrahamic in Christ. Jesus never mentioned Moses, Abraham, David, Isaac, or any of the Abrahamic prophets. He just gave the message of “love” which obviously you did not understand, otherwise you would not have poured the fire of death on your human brothers, if you believe in monotheism. Abraham fathered a child with his slave and said God told me to do it and then he kicked mother and child away, and you want me to believe that if I follow Christ I am to be considered Abrahamic? If Abraham was alive today, he would have been hit with child support so that never again to have coitus with a concubine and not be responsible for his acts.

  • pathina

    Blair is a wimp who made a fool of himself allowing the Bush crew to tell him what to do. However, he’s not entirely stupid and must be aware of Israel’s war crimes.

  • Epeeist

    Having handed significant chunks of the British education system to faith based organisations, including some creationist wing nuts, Tony now wants to do the same in Jordan.I see there are those here who criticise him for not just acquiescing with GWB over the war in Iraq but actively contributing.In addition to this I would add the betrayal of voices from the land of his birth, David Hume, Thomas Reid, James Mill, Adam Smith and others, all part of the Scottish Enlightenment.

  • confederatedunce

    There is only one currency in the world, which has Annuit Coeptis inscribed on it . . . Tony Blair, along with George.W.Bush will both be considered visionaries in the future, of that I am sure.God Bless President Obama, and all those who choose to be his friend.

  • vinceporter

    Adding fundamentalist christianity to the toxic mess in the Muddle East is a solution? How far can self deception go? Like Coleridge’s poetry, religion, too, requires “the willing suspension of unbelief”. People who possess this “ability” should not be allowed to govern nations. Too dangerous.

  • skata3

    Tony I was always temped to ask you: did you sex up the Iraqi dossier? you know the one about Hussein’s WMDs, your claim that they could deploy them withing 45 minutes and all the other crap…

  • GaryPeschell

    Dear Mr. Blair,

  • telsawy1

    It’s almost comic to see Blair, now happily relegated to the bin of irrelevancy, writing about honesty and faith. One should feel sorry and pity but then one also remembers his utter venality while in governance.

  • jcubie

    What about sin? John’s baptism was for the forgiveness of sin. The Christian faith is not an amorphous “God is Love.” God is also a judging God and he stands in judgment over the use of violence in the Middle East and elsewhere to achieve political ends. Unless all the faiths — and the faithful — are willing to ask for God’s foregivness and repent (ie.e change the way they treat each other) there will be no peace.

  • lennyjazz

    Tony Blair is continuing his image refurbishing tour.Now he want to be Holy Tony.The intolerance shown by these charlatans toward people who do not have a religion, or those who believe in Jesus’s admonition to keep religion a private matter between oneself and the God one believes in, is astonishing.The more these educated fools speak on matters about which they know little, the dumber they sound.If Tony wants to rehabilitate himself, he should apologize to the British people for lying them into war. Wearing sackcloth and ashes ain’t gonna do it.

  • jdwagner

    Tony Blair- talking about peace? He’s Bush’s war-mongering poodle. A spineless war-mongering poodle.

  • jimfilyaw

    on leaving office, blair converted from anglican to roman catholic. i’d like to know what it is about pledging obeisance to that ex-nazi in drag that he thinks adds to his faith.

  • St_Satan

    Mr. Blair must be feeling like a pathetic jerk! He traded his credibility for a hug from George W. Bush. Blair abandoned British pragmatism for U.S. ConfeRACIST conservatism of Cheney/Bush. What a shame. Now, Mr. Blair has lost his power, his voice, his religion, his credibility, his eloquence and his vision. Irrelevance is the word that comes to mind at the very sag, sight and sound of Toney Blair.

  • branfo4

    Tony Blair, War Criminal tells us all about his god. May he rot in hell.

  • asizk

    Tony,U must live on a different planet:after your co-war with idiotic W on Iraq where U two murdered over one million Iraqis and turned five million more into refugees,U have lost your credibility for good esepcially in the Arab World.After your co-war on Iraq U are still talking about God’s love!!!!!! Go tell the 3/4 of a million Iraqi widows and those victims of Conecnetration Camp Gaza about your “love and faith foundation”.Faith Foundation?? no Arab or Muslim have any faith whatsoever in a shamless lair as u are.What Abrahamic faiths????? Does this include the Crusaders’Wars on the Arab East-old in the 12th/13th century-and new on Palestine and Iraq.Do u recall Sykes-Picot and the Balfour Declaration? Who created the evil of “isral?”Muslims co-existed with Jews for centuries with love,peace and tranquility-but as only Jews and NOT, and Never as “israelis” occupying all of Arab historic Palestine and where they have ethnically cleansed over 70% of the indigneous Palestine Arabs and have been occupying the rest for the past sixty years.Peace in the Arab East-not the amorphous ME-can never exist unless the apartheid racist jewish nuclear entity is dismanteled as apartheid white south africa was and a secular democratic Palestine is set up.In the mean time the people of the Arab world would be so very delighted if u would stay away from their lands for good.U can socialize with your arab stooges in London-they would love to see u.

  • melodie2

    I am not very familiar with Tony Blair’s political career, but as someone who has visited the very site he describes, I appreciate his thoughts on the importance of faith. It makes me sad to see all the hateful comments- people like that are just the problem he describes. Until we can accept our differences without judging others, we will always have conflict in the Middle East. There is PLENTY of blame to go around for EVERYONE. It is time to focus on the future and stop belly-aching about the past.Lastly: in regard to the post by demirjian_a | March 24, 2009 3:16 AM :You need to read the Gospels if you think Jesus was not “Abrahamic”. Start with Matthew and its MANY references to the Hebrew scriptures. Matthew 5:17-“Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have not come to abolish, but to fulfill.”

  • lennyjazz

    Yea Tony speaketh and the snake biteth thee in thy keister.As the prophet saith, may he rotteth in the garbage strewn by the mulitudes in his path.

  • mtceramics

    Here in the UK some of us are looking on the bright side … the odious Blair now has a final resting place awaiting him which is suited to his behaviour in this life … HELL.

  • GrahamDavis

    Blair wroteHis Faith Foundation will be the repository for all the crackpot ideas that have screwed up the last 2000 years. The man is a danger because he actually believes this nonsense.

  • mtceramics

    Here in the UK some of us are looking on the bright side … the odious Blair now has a final resting place awaiting him which is suited to his behaviour in this life … HELL.

  • halozcel1

    Dear Tony Blair,Submission/islam is not a *Abrahamic faith*.Civilization is under Threat.This should be point and problem,not a few arabs(palestinians) from the Promised Land(such as written in the Book of God which is well known by Catholics).There are more than 200 million arabs and twenty arabic countries.Dear Catholic Blair,England is the Center of Anglo-Saxon Protestants and Anglo-Saxon Protestanism is the Base of the Present Civilization.

  • ThomasBaum

    DEMIRJIAN_AYou wrote, “And about Abrahamic religions, well there is nothing Abrahamic in Christ. Jesus never mentioned Moses, Abraham, David, Isaac, or any of the Abrahamic prophets.”Not only did Jesus, Who Is God-Incarnate, mention most if not all of the people that you referred to but Jesus Was a Jew. And the Jews, who are the “Chosen People”, were chosen and formed by God and the first Jew was Abraham.Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • MPatalinjug

    Yonkers, New YorkWith this lengthy essay that sounds more like a sermon delivered by Rick Warren, I wonder what’s gotten into Tony Blair’s head!I thought he is still on the job as a Special Envoy to the Middle East, but not a newly converted egangelical Christian.If he is still working as a Special Envoy for the United States, Mr.Blair confounds because he sounds utopian. His basic idea of the world’s religions coming together is utterly visionary, utterly idealistic, and utterly unrealistic.If he is a converted evangelical Christian, then of course what he says here is quite true to form. I hope he will have his own congregation soon–and his own megachurch.Mariano Patalinjug

  • Chaotician

    Faith, a belief in something with no rational foundation, no evidence, no facts, and contrary to common sense!

  • newageblues

    if beautiful words could bring the dead back to life, he’d be de man.

  • surfer-joe

    Mr. Blair is full of the brown stuff right up to his beady little eyeballs.I agree with Chaotician, who wrote: “Faith, a belief in something with no rational foundation, no evidence, no facts, and contrary to common sense!”There will be no peace in the Middle East till every one of one side or the other is dead.

  • DCSage

    Tony Blair is a fool on a fool’s mission. How does one help to bring a Middle East peace without dealing with the reality of the Nazi occupation, the Nazi strangulation of the civilian population in Gaza and the Nazi ethnic cleansing and implementation of a racist system of apartheid in the West Bank and East Jeruselem.Tony Blair turned his back while the Nazis attacked UN shelters in Gaza, targeted civilians including women and children for murder and dropped bombs on hospitals and ambulances. Nazi pilots strut around the Nazi Reich parading their medals, after dropping white phophorous incendiaries on schools and universities and burning children beyond recognition.The hapless Tony Blair is in bed with the Nazis and has no chance to do anything but to sell his soul to the Devil.

  • petrarca1

    There are two kinds of dreamers: the John Lennon’s Like and the Tony Flair’s Like.

  • BrianX9

    .What did you do when you had the chance to prevent the US from initiating the war of aggression against Iraq ? You, Sir, are a fraud. A hater-of-Arabs-and-Muslims fraud.

  • GerriM

    For COLINNICHOLAS: You really don’tknow if “Blair’s God is as real as Zeus and Aphrodite.” Blair is referring to the God of billions of people around the world, not just his God. That is a reality to deal with.Blair’s use of the but in the following should not be used as the previous sentence is not in contrast to this one “But in many other parts of the world now, this intermingling of faiths is increasingly part of the demographic reality.”

  • adrienne_najjar

    Tony – you miserable little bush lap dog. You have no credibility.

  • eeitreim

    It is appropriate that this column appears in the “On Faith” section of WAPO, because any hope of peace in the Middle East is surely based on faith and not on any facts.

  • colinnicholas

    Hi GerrimYou write;For COLINNICHOLAS: You really don’tknow if “Blair’s God is as real as Zeus and Aphrodite.” Blair is referring to the God of billions of people around the world, not just his God. That is a reality to deal with.”I reply;Well Gerrim you seem to be suggesting that the sheer number of believers proves that God exists. That is no argument. Millions have believed in other Gods. Millions have also believed the world was flat, millions believed the stars were put in the sky by God to make the night look pretty.Read this by HLMencken.”Where is the graveyard of dead gods? What lingering mourner waters theirHLMencken. From “Memorial”. reprinted inMaking up Gods who will watch over us and make us immortal – comes from our fear of death. We will believe anything that consoles and comforts us. It feels so good.

  • blipmore

    I share your vision and appreciate your effort to foster respect and understanding among all religions. There are underlying commonalities among all faiths, they are rooted deeply in our collective psyche, they are true and have the power to overcome the surface level differences that work to divide us. Our best possible future will be discovered in our deep abiding respect, compassion, and ultimately love for the mispercieved other.

  • phillinehan1

    Tony Blair Does GodTony Blair has confessed that, before he decided Iraq to invade,When his chum George had made up his mind,The name of the Almighty he never did mentionOnce Tony had left the Primer Minister’s homeNow his ever increasing displays of religiosityAs there his intervention was no resounding successHe who said the media acted like a feral beast when they did not toe his line,Tony stated that he wanted it well understood Its first task, he suggested, should be to donate mosquito netsIf any are offered by donors who do not in religion believe,What is his ultimate goal as he sets out to do good?

  • martin_ensemble

    I have read ALL the posts concerning Tony Blair and I have come to this conclusion:Second, if you are a TRUE Christian, that is, if you believe that Jesus of NazarethThird, The Q’uran is as Holy a book as the Holy Bible and the Torah. The problem lies in the LITERAL or material, interpretation of it instead of the FIGURATIVE, or spiritual message it contains. There is a There is something to be said of ‘fate’ or” And Jesus entered the room, as it was locked, and said to those assembled there