Satan, a Real and Present Danger

Satan is a real and present danger, but Christians err on the other extreme by misunderstanding Satan and exaggerating his power.

Does Satan Exist?

Yes, Satan exists. Biblical Christianity understands Satan to be all too real. The Bible presents Satan in a straightforward and honest way. He is a real and present danger who sets himself as the enemy of God and His purposes – and as the enemy of God’s people.

Contemporary Christians often err, on the one hand, by denying Satan’s existence, influence, or power. This is to deny what the Bible clearly reveals. Satan is revealed to be a tempter who seeks to subvert God’s purposes and to destroy God’s people. Satan tried Job in order to discredit God and he tempted Jesus Christ in order to destroy His mission and ministry. In both cases, Satan was unsuccessful.

Satan is a real and present danger, but Christians err on the other extreme by misunderstanding Satan and exaggerating his power. Christianity is not a dualism, with God understood to be the holy deity and Satan construed as the evil deity. God alone is God. Satan is a created being who rebelled against his Creator, and even now is the enemy of God’s purposes. He led a rebellion against God in heaven and now leads a continuing rebellion against God on earth. But Satan is no equal to God, and his own defeat was fully secured by Jesus Christ on the cross.

C. S. Lewis has the Christian attitude toward Satan just about perfect in his little classic, The Screwtape Letters. Give Satan no more or less than is his due. Deny him his victory by giving him neither too much nor too little attention. In the end, he is no threat to those who are secured in Christ. We do well to mock him as he seeks to mock our Christ.

Satan exists today as a defeated foe, who still has the power to oppose God and to seek to discredit God’s purposes. His judgment by God will be awesome and terrible. As the great reformer Martin Luther majestically wrote in his classic hymn, “one little word shall fell him.” That word is Christ.


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  • DanielintheLionsDen

    The Bible, in fact, has little to say about Satan and the Devil.

  • katavo

    Satan is just an excuse, a demigod invented by christians so they can forgive their god for not being truly omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent.Your superman god loves everybody, but invents this devil and gives it power over those he loves and then damns them for eternity for having been influenced.What a crock. The supreme crock. It teaches the believer how to swallow obvious crap in one area so they can more easily swallow the Big Lie.

  • rsproul

    And we are back to the crux of these discussions: faith. You either have it, or you don’t. Those who don’t take an empirical view; since they cannot touch it, taste it, or otherwise quantify it, they tend to denigrate it.I choose to believe. While I cannot quantify my wife’s love for me, I know it exists. God’s love is no less real to me.Neither good nor evil can exist without the other; they are opposite sides of the same coin. And that is what Satan represents to me; the diametrical opposite to God. I see no way to accept the existance of one without the other.

  • coloradodog

    “….a tempter who seeks to subvert God’s purposes and to destroy God’s people.”Sounds like homophobic religious fanatics who hate, judge, condemn and exclude others like your fellow Baptists in Westboro, Kansas.

  • Chops2

    Mr.Mohler:Join us in the 21st century and take responsibility for your own actions. Blaming satan is a cop out and only gullible fanatics believe this garbage. Grow up.

  • ender2

    Satan was created in Man’s image, just a much as the Cults of Abraham created their god in Man’s image.All of the Evil necessary to destroy the world and keep Humans killing each other for 2500 yrs exist satan in and jehovah/allah, as they were created by warlords, Abraham, Constantine and Mohammed.The closest real thing to satan can be found on any Saturday or Sunday morning behind a pulpit or on the floor of the mosque.

  • imgary3

    So many athiests spending so much time trying to convince others not to believe. If you don’t believe why are you trying to convince others not to? Death will answer