A Faith-Friendly Communist Party

Good news for Americans of faith who aren’t happy with the Democratic or Republican parties. The Communist Party USA has … Continued

Good news for Americans of faith who aren’t happy with the Democratic or Republican parties. The Communist Party USA has created a new Religion Commission to reach out to “welcome people of faith into the party.”

Wait. Wasn’t it Marx who said this? “Religion is the impotence of the human mind to deal with occurrences it cannot understand.” And wasn’t it Lenin who said this? “Religion is the opium of the people.” Isn’t communism by definition anti-religion?

This isn’t your great-grandfather’s Communist Party, apparently. “Some of the greatest leaders in our history have been men and women of faith, and our party has been proud to work with them,” Tim Yeager, Religion Commission chairman, Chicago trade unionist and Episcopalian, said in a statement.

As Yeager notes, the party’s constitution states that membership is open to “any person living in the United States, 18 years of age or over, regardless of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or religious belief…”

Yes, there are religious Communists. Robert Mugabe, for example, the brutal Marxist dictator and president of Zimbabwe is a Roman Catholic. OK, bad example. There was Thomas J. Hagerty, the Marxist Catholic priest from New Mexico who co-founded the Industrial Workers of the World (the Wobblys Wobblies) and once said, “The Ballot Box is simply a capitalist concession. Dropping pieces of paper into a hole in a box never did achieve emancipation of the working class, and in my opinion it never will.” Another bad example.

Religious communism could be a tough sell, even in America.

By the way, the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party USA should not be confused with the much smaller Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, which called George W. Bush a “Christian Fascist” and whose chairman, Bob Avarkian, is author of the book “Away With All Gods! Unchaining the Mind and Radically Changing the World.”

I guess that means the more traditional godless Communists are now the fundamentalists.

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  • Paganplace

    Well, I guess with more actual Communists around, the Right’ll have someone else to call Commies besides those who don’t want to get gouged on health insurance. 🙂

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    “And wasn’t it Lenin who said this? “Religion is the opium of the people.”David,Actually, no, it wasn’t Lenin. The quotation, “Religion is the opiate of the people” (a translation of “Die Religion … ist das Opium des Volkes”) originates in Marx’s introduction to “Contribution to Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right” (1843). The earliest like sentiment in print is “This opium you feed your people” [L’Histoire de Juliette (1797)]. Adorno took up Juliette, brilliantly, in “Dialectics of the Enlightenment.”Farnaz

  • jwendland

    I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised at how poorly the author researched for this post. The quote attributed to Lenin is actually a rather famous quote by Marx; and if you read the passage in full Marx actually expresses a great deal of sympathy for religious people. WaPo mighta shoulda tried to interview the Communist guy before making such a fool of itself with this rather silly post.

  • Paganplace

    “I grew up in Mormon Utah where everything all my life there was the fault of the “godless communists””Which is kind of funny, given their tithing, stockpiling and distribution. Still based on unsustainable capitalistic expansion, in too many ways, but they’ll call ‘Communist’ in government what they do in their own religion, just for their own and those who obey.

  • jitl

    communism could be RELIGIOUS but it’s NOT CHRISTIAN.. religion and christianity are as

  • ceflynline

    “communism could be RELIGIOUS but it’s NOT CHRISTIAN.. religion and christianity are asPosted by: jitlSince EVERY Catholic, and for that matter Orthodox, monastic order is by definition communist, there is no actual truth to your proposition. Since the Marxists and the Leninists, and the Maoists

  • ceflynline

    Since EVERY Catholic, and for that matter Orthodox, monastic order is by definition communist, there is no actual truth to your proposition. Since the Marxists and the Leninists, and the Maoists expropriated the concept of communism, and then subverted it, letting them get by with ownership of the term is a bad idea. By the way, the founder of my order, certainly a communist order, although not a monastic one, Francesco Bernadonne, was born in the Communo of Assisi, into a communist city in the not quite communist Papal States. HE, and we, do sort of think of ourselves as christian.Pax et Bonum.WE had the term more than 700 years before Marx and Lenin.

  • bird-1

    I have no use for Robert Mugabe, but Father Hagerty sounds like my kind of guy.

  • vulfplotkin

    Contraposition of communism and religious faith is a mistake, because communism (as I know it from spending a lifetime under its practical realization) is itself a religious cult with every attribute of religion except a god. It is an atheist religion different from its monotheist and polytheist rivals only in the basic creed – instead of “There is God” or “There are gods” it was “There are no gods”. After all, isn’t it more convenient for the communist priests to have no god to fear and obey!

  • Luighi

    The Communism is:giving according to how you own, but receiving according to how you need.

  • dataflunky

    Would religious communists be classified as “fellow travelers” or “useful idiots”?

  • coloradodog

    Please God, let the “religious” right go back to demonizing Communists for anything and everything. Gays, Muslims, Mexicans and Liberals need a break from their incessant droning from Hitler’s and Atwater’s playbooks to make others the common enemy for rallying the mindless masses like Limbaugh’s LemmingsI grew up in Mormon Utah where everything all my life there was the fault of the “godless communists” In the 70’s, the “prophet” Ezra Taft Benson allowed John Birch Society meeting in the local wards (churches) and the “Avenging Angels” rode again against anyone and everything they didn’t like including me one night as a Top 40 disc jockey playing “commie” rock and roll in LoganHow disappointing to them when Reagan “single-handidly” defeated the Communists (what a coincidence the system fell apart from the inside at the same time).Now lacking a Rovain “wedge issue” they have turned to gays, Mexicans and Muslims while continuing to call liberals “socialists” and “communists” as well. Let’s hope these weak minded bigots now return to their original scapegoat, the hapless communists and leave the rest of us alone for a change

  • Luighi

    An Spanish communist said communism are human rights cause in this statement it is said that EVERYBODY has the right to live with dignity, EVERYBODY has the right to have a home, a job and that respects their integrity; and that’s what communism aims.If someone wanna understand what I’m saying only need to read The Second Habana statement.

  • jimbob5

    Religious Faith within Communism is an oxymoron.

  • duppy_conqueror

    Incredibly interesting discussion.Communism as a ScienceCommunism is both a science and a revolutionary political movement. It is also a goal—not a utopia, but a liberating goal whose potential basis lies within the situation that confronts humanity, a situation where a leap is possible to a radically different and much better world.To understand the world, and to change it in the interests of humanity, people need scientific theory. Science is not some set of mysterious laws “belonging to the scientists.” Science, all real science, is a vital human activity that aims to learn the causes of phenomena the reasons why things happen and how they develop—and it seeks these causes in the material world, which includes human society. A scientific approach does not seek supernatural “explanations” nor does it accept any explanations which cannot be tested, and verified or disproved, in the real material world, but instead develops an initial theory based on evidence from the world, tests out the theory in actual practice and against the results achieved, and through this process arrives at a deepened understanding of what is true. That understanding must then be further applied to reality.Communism is a radical rupture from all religious outlooks. It has shown the way out of the spiritual slavery in which oppressed classes have been chained throughout history. It matters to know what’s real. There is no need to invent gods who supposedly control the natural world and humanity’s destiny. Without a scientific outlook, people are deprived of an understanding of the means and dynamics of change, of their own potential role in bringing about change—and of the joys and grandeur of discovery.And, beyond the break from traditional religion, a truly scientific and revolutionary outlook cannot be—must not involve any element of—a “resurrection” of religiosity in new forms. Communism is not a dogma or a set of scriptures. Just as there is no god in heaven, there is no predetermined “earthly end” toward which everything is bound to proceed. There is no idealized version of “nature” or “history” working toward the “inevitable” goal of communism. Tendencies toward such thinking that have existed in the history of the communist movement must be broken with. We need science, we need a scientific approach to everything. And the communist method and outlook provides that approach.

  • hightech2

    God on Abortion?J.T.:Me:The Male planets the seed, and should be responsible for the Fruit/Child the seed makes, whether Genetic or Physical Defective Children, or Multi-births, and conjoined births.Adam and Eve were born Equal Clone Adults, not Children, and were Good Fruit, they started Reproducing Children by Body Birth, Bad Fruit. Why?Were the Adam and Eve Clone Equal Society, ‘Innocent’ as to what made Heterosexual Body Birth Evil Fruit, on the Tree of LIFE?When the Snake/Male Member deceived them, they did begin Evil Fruit on Earth. Celibacy began, for Monks and Nuns in All Religions. Where did Human Celibacy come from, before Jesus’ Celibate Movement? There is an Asexual Designation for Humans, besides the Heterosexual Designation which makes GLBT Designations. Bill:The Wages of Body Birth Sin, is Death to a Planet. Body Birth Humans, lost their Virginity ‘in the beginning’, and have Evolved since the Planetary Flood. Humans again Reproduced by Body Birth, up to the High Tech Science Fetus and Clone Reproduction, like Adam and Eve Generation.Eternal Physical Life is for High Tech Purebred Human Male and Female Clones, ‘After Birth’, on Planets and in Spaceships.

  • SunsaraTaylor

    Dear Mr. Walters:Please explain why my post sent twice on Thursday and again on Friday has been censored from the comments.Thank you.

  • SunsaraTaylor

    (correction to previous post):I meant to address this to David Waters (not Walters)Looking forward to your reply.Thank you.

  • free_thinker

    After all this time, we Americans can’t divest from our predilection to assimilate religion into every fabric of our daily lives. The “wall of separation” was created by our enlightened founders and enacted in our very Constitution, because they understood the damage that religion can foster in any society. I’m neither a proponent or a detractor of people of “faith” – although, I’m adamant on their rights to practice and believe. However, until men and woman of all races, ethnicity, and religious believes can act more like the religions that they preach – act with tolerance, charity, and magnanimity, we need to be vigilant in our our support of the separation of church and state; whether it be demarcated in our pathetic two party state (what third party?) or the Communist Party.

  • zaphod71828

    Some poster sais:”…communism … is itself a religious cult with every attribute of religion except a god.”Yeah. And “” is a sentence with every attribute of sentences except words.”After all, isn’t it more convenient for the communist priests to have no god to fear and obey!”Nope. It’s been proven time and again that rulers do better when there is a god to fear. Look at Iran.

  • hightech2

    Bill:Me:How many different Faiths are there, besides Denominations? What kind of training can be given to Judges of different Faiths, to Rule on Faith Matters?How many different Faiths are there on Earth and in the USA, in One Religious Denomination? Christian means many things, and has resulted in many Denominations. If Members of Christianity cannot agree on their Basic Faith, how can All Judges and especially Five, possibly Six, Catholic Supreme Court Judges?Just ‘saying’ Jesus is God, since 300, has made many Planetwide Religions. American Christianity has many Synods, and are different from European Synods, etc.So What Federal, State, City, or County group, will come up with One Faith Rules in Government?Is the USA getting ready to make New Religious Faith Rules for Judges, about Abortion, and Marriage is between a man and woman, as Federal or State Laws? And Overturn Same Sex Marriage?How Educated and Free from a State Religion, are the Citizens and Children today, with the Faith in our Many Forefathers?

  • cmarshdtihqcom

    Godless communism would not fly in Cuba.

  • hightech2

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  • hightech2

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  • hightech2

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  • hightech2

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  • hightech2

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