When Muslims Saved Jews

“As Muslims we welcomed them all. We welcomed them with bread, salt, and our hearts.” We hear many accounts of … Continued

“As Muslims we welcomed them all. We welcomed them with bread, salt, and our hearts.”

We hear many accounts of what happened during the Holocaust. The atrocities committed; the times and places in which unspeakable acts against humankind occurred; the millions of lives stolen too soon.

But the story told above by Nazlie Alla, whose Albanian Muslim family sheltered Jews from Greece, Slovakia, and Germany, is less well known.

It’s hard to imagine that in any European country there were more Jews at the end of World War II than before it began. But almost every single Jew in Albania, whether they were Albanians or refugees from other nations, survived during the German occupation.

And Albania was the only European country to have a Muslim majority.

The Jews were protected, through the raids and searches and the times in between, by Albanians who followed the national code of Besa: a code of honor, the deepest promise a person can give, and the word that is never broken. Under Besa, Albanians took Jews into their homes, treated them as family, fed and clothed them, and sacrificed their own safety and the safety of their families for the sake of their guests.

Norman Gershman, a photographer and historian who traveled throughout Albania documenting the accounts of Muslim families who protected Jews, put out a book entitled Besa: Muslims who Saved Jews in World War II. He recalled that “What Besa says is that if some one knocks on your door you have an absolute obligation – no matter who that person is – to save their lives.”

Albania at the time had around 800,000 citizens, only about 200 of whom were Jewish – though over 2,000 refugee Jews from Greece, Austria and Italy were taken in to the homes of Albanians as well. And it wasn’t just Muslims making sacrifices – the entire population, approximately 70% Bektashi Muslim, 20% Orthodox Christians and 10% Catholic – risked their lives to save Jewish strangers.

The stories of righteous Muslims in Gershman’s book reveal that they understood Besa as an expression of the Qur’anic teachings of mercy, hospitality, and protecting the weak. Kujtim Civeja, a member of a traditional Muslim family of scholars, said “Our father wrote that when he had the opportunity and privilege to shelter so many Jewish families it gave him joy to put into practice his Islamic faith. To be generous is a virtue.”

Hamdi Mece explained “We never took money from those we sheltered. We took them in under our Besa. We are true Muslims, and God granted us the privilege of saving Jews. All life is precious and given by God. To save a life is God’s gift.”

Each portrait of a righteous person in this book is moving. But one in particular – Sadik Kalaja, who was twelve years old when his family sheltered a Yugoslav Jewish couple, allowing them to light Sabbath candles in their home – struck me.

He said “My father gave us an order: If there is a knock on the door, take responsibility.”

It’s an ethic of the Qur’an, it’s an ethic of Albanian national tradition and it should be an ethic of the 21st century.

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  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    I’m a little confused by the terms here. Were the Jews who were saved Albanian, or did they come from somewhere else? If they were Albanian, then does the article mean to discuss the assistance some Albanian Muslims offered Albanian Jews?I’m not questioned the substance of the piece at this point, merely asking for clarification.What is meant by “Albanians” in this discussion? What is meant by “Jews”?

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    Albania at the time had around 800,000 citizens, only about 200 of whom were Jewish – though over 2,000 refugee Jews from Greece, Austria and Italy were taken in to the homes of Albanians as well.Also, you should have given the nazi definition of “Jew,” which is/was unique.This is erroneous: “And it wasn’t just Muslims making sacrifices – the ENTIRE POPULATION (emphasis mine), approximately 70% Bektashi Muslim, 20% Orthodox Christians and 10% Catholic – risked their lives to save Jewish strangers.”

  • billy8

    Whatever the past, it seems that now most Muslims are unable to distinguish between Judaism and Zionism, and therefore seem to hate Jewish people.

  • adrienne_najjar

    My personal experience is that it it the ARAB culture that fosters the hatred of Jews. Even many Christian arabs exhibit those tendencies. Muslims in non-arab countries like Indonesia are overwhelmingly neutral when it comes to Jews. Bottom line: it is the self-loathing arabs with their tendency to blame everyone else for their sorry condition when it is their own stupidity that causes them so much grief.

  • 12thgenamerican

    too bad you named the people who helped those jews. the headcutters will be hunting down their decendants now.

  • practica1

    Benedict founded a religious order in which old values were codified – welcom the stranger — but if he prove to be argumentative, have two stout monks toss him out; to the Abbott: ‘break not the bruised reed’ when disciplining or tasking the brothers. Balance each day with work, study, and prayer. All things permissible should be used in moderation.Today, we talk about making sure we don’t leave any money on the table in our interactions with one another.On the other hand, we’ve (mostly) given up hanging drawing and quartering criminals – and women are only rarely burned or hanged as witches.Such a zigzag dance we dance…

  • maxim678504

    As a sixteenth generation American with direct ties to Jamestown and a chartered plantation there, I’ve always found it perplexing to have strafe-bombing, napalm dropping, atomic bomb deploying, state-torturing, munitions dealing, territorial acquisitioning, war-profiteering-enthusiast Americans presuming to lecture Arabs about, unh, anything. But hey, that’s just me.

  • FedUpIndian

    “Besa [is] an expression of the Qur’anic teachings of mercy,hospitality, and protecting the weak” These Qur’anic teachings must be the reason religious minorities are treated so well in Muslim countries, and why they prosper and flourish there. From Wikipedia:Afghanistan: 99% MuslimHere’s what the Qur’an actually says about how Muslims should treat religious minorities: “When the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.” Sura 9:5Qur’anic teachings of mercy and protecting the weak, my ass!

  • mir_wsu

    @FEDUPINDIANI am not sure how many times I have seen someone like you just posting a line from Quran and declaring the religion of 1.3 Billion people as something it is not. Lets start with the verse you quoted. Let just add couple of verses before and after the verse FEDUPINDIAN mentioned.Sura 9:4 –> (But the treaties are) not dissolved with those Pagans with whom ye have entered into alliance and who have not subsequently failed you in aught, nor aided any one against you. So fulfil your engagements with them to the end of their term: for Allah loveth the righteous.Sura 9:6 –> If one amongst the Pagans ask thee for asylum, grant it to him, so that he may hear the word of Allah; and then escort him to where he can be secure. That is because they are men without knowledge.The 5th Verse of the Sura only applies to people who did not live up to the previous agreement. History says Muslims were intimidated,tortured and obstructed repeatedly during that period despite the pact with Pagans. Anyway,Mr/Mrs FEDUPINDIAN. Ignorance and intolerance always goes hand in hand. Try not to judge a religion based on one verse.If we do so, there are not any religion on this planet which can be termed as civil. Let me give you some example:In the cities of these nations whose land the Lord your God is giving you as a patrimony, you shall not leave any creature alive. You shall annihilate them — Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites — as the Lord your God commanded you. (Deuteronomy 20:16-17)Go now and fall upon the Amalekites and destroy them, and put their property under ban. Spare no one; put them all to death, men and women, children and babes in arms, herds and flocks, camels, and asses. (1 Samuel 15:2-3)After the conquest of Jericho: “They devoted the city to the Lord and destroyed with the sword every living thing in it — men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys.” (Joshua 6:21)And one more thing while we are at it. Wikipedia is not a good source for information. In Bangladesh ( Country I am from )Muslims constitute less than 85% of the population. Hindus constitute more than 14% of the population. And then you have Buddhists, Christians and some other tribal religions.

  • chatard

    cOINCIDENTALLY, pATEL WAS APPOINTED BY oBAMA TO SERVE ON THE fAITH PANEL. pATEL IS FROM cHICAGO. pATEL, OFFICIALLY, IS AN “INTERFAITH” TYPE OF ‘CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?’ GUY. i BELIEVE THE QUESTION IN 2009 IS NOT WHAT MUSLIMS IN EUROPE ARE DOING TO PROTECT THE JEWS IN EUROPE, BUT MUSLIMS VOWING TO WIPE THE STATE OF ISRAEL FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH. The apologist for the Quaran passage apparently thinks it’s okay to spare the life of the infidel as long as he agrees to be inculcated in the virtues of Islam, or otherwise stays the hell out of the way of the conquering of the world.

  • FedUpIndian

    Mir_WSU: “I am not sure how many times I have seen someone like you just posting a line from Quran and declaring the religion of 1.3 Billion people as something it is not.”You and I can agree that there are horrific exhortations to violence in the holy books of most of the religions of the world. The caste system that my ancestors practiced is an example of horrific violence against minorities, and as you point out, the Old Testament is filled with blood-curdling passages.Nevertheless, I see genuine efforts within Hinduism and Christianity to reform some of the more despicable aspects of these religions. In India, Dalits now have special quotas for admission to colleges and for jobs to help them improve their economic situation. We have had a Dalit President, and it is very likely that we will soon have a Dalit Prime Minister (Mayawati). None of these things would be possible without the acquiesence of upper-caste Hindus. Similarly, Mormons did not allow non-white people to join their church, but today they actively seek out Asians and blacks to join their church. There is a long way to go before these religions become civilized but at least there are genuine efforts at reform. Unfortunately, I see few signs of reform within Islam. In Iran, Zoroastrians have been wiped out, and the Bahaii are being killed for their beliefs (the biggest Bahii temples are in Tel-Aviv and Delhi!). In Pakistan, Ahmadiyas and Ismailis are being persecuted by the government. In Saudi Arabia, it is forbidden to build churches or temples, and in many Muslim countries, apostasy (converting from Islam to some other religion) is a capital offense (mandated by the Qur’an, no?).In the end, actions speak louder than words. Muslim countries are the most dangerous countries in the world for religious minorities. I will agree that there is much to be admired in Islam when I see Muslims acknowledge openly that there is also much to be reformed in Islam, and that there are horrific passages in the Qur’an, like in other religious texts, that need to be abrogated. Until then, statements about “Qur’anic teaching of mercy and protecting the weak” should be seen for what they are – an attempt to hide the true nature of Islam as it is practiced, to hoodwink the rest of us. Finally, about the proportion of Muslims in Bangladesh – the State Department website says 88.3%, while I said 90%. I’m not sure this is an issue to quibble over.

  • maxim678504

    “…MUSLIMS VOWING TO WIPE THE STATE OF ISRAEL FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH.”The State of Israel currently holds captive 14,000 Arab Muslim political prisoners, and, to most of the Muslim world right or wrong, is recognized as having constructed a religiously and racially exclusive state upon lands that at the time of Israel’s founding were inhabited by a considerable number of Muslims-many of whom now live lives of squalor in refugee camps.One might understand why the wild man of Teheran might wish for the “Zionist regime be wiped from the page of time,” which is the actual quote from Kohemeni that Ahmadenijad recites. What exactly might that mean when placed in context?

  • maxim678504

    “Unfortunately, I see few signs of reform within Islam…persecuted by the government…it is forbidden to build churches or temples…apostasy is a capital offense…In the end, actions speak louder than words.”That is not to suggest that there is no crime conducted by Hindus against Muslims in India…Which begs the question of context. When put upon by outside forces, those who self-identify turn inwards and destroy their own societies in reactionary rage. The most simplistic, flawed analogy is America during the Red scare–a time when cultural minorities had no easy ride either. With the whole of the West seeking to stake a claim in Muslim territories using every tool at her disposal, and the gaping wound that is bleeding Iraq, Afganistan, and Western Pakistan, Palestine, and the special history of mineral conquest in Iran, is it no surprise that Muslim societies have cracked down on religious minorities? It is economic development, opportunity, and generalized prosperity that drives openness and liberalism within any culture. If in Muslim societies the resources of state are plundered by tribal autocrats, planted within Western banks and companies, and, if local autocratic structures are cemented in place by willful collusion with Western security arrangements–what chance does street-level Islam have to emphasize and obtain its inherent openness and benevolence?One thing is certain: not much by way of bombing Muslims back to the stone age.

  • shovandas

    Dear Mr. Patel, I have one question – Why has the Hindu population in Pakistan dwindled so drastically while the Muslim population in India has grown three fold. These are all silly attempts to show Islam as a tolerant religion while it is not. Of course there are are tolerant Muslims but that is more personal and ideological with human instincts. It has nothing to do with religion. So let us not confuse the issue.

  • AmericaMyLove

    Hey, let us not be idiots to believe that everybody with claims of faith or culture is all good and religious. There are always good and bad people in every race, religion and breed. One has to be suspicious of anyone who uses religion or culture to spur up hate. It calls to mind the very first commandment to beware of those who use the name of God in vain. When anyone uses faith to denounce another, or preach his/her importance, he/she is merely serving Satan’s desires… and should be the least to be trusted. We tend to preach faith and forget the most essential call from God… the Ten Commandments.

  • alysheba_3

    So what else is new?An article which tries to point out that all Muslims are not “terrorists” gets bashed.

  • robertjames1

    Besa is a beautiful idea: if some one knocks on your door you have an absolute obligation – no matter who that person is – to save their lives.

  • robertjames1

    Besa is a beautiful idea: if some one knocks on your door you have an absolute obligation – no matter who that person is – to save their lives.

  • garrafa10

    “I’ve always found it perplexing to have strafe-bombing, napalm dropping, atomic bomb deploying, state-torturing, munitions dealing, territorial acquisitioning, war-profiteering-enthusiast Americans presuming to lecture Arabs about, unh, anything. But hey, that’s just me.Posted by: maxim678504” Do you find female-suicide bombers in Iraqi markets and bus stops equally perplexing? What about Salafist mayhem in Somalia?; or Pakistani decapitations of hostages; or attacks in Mumbai? There is plenty to lecture not only Arabs but all Muslims about the disparity between the “religion of peace” and the practices of many of its followers.

  • Catcher50

    Mr. Patel. Please check on the activities of Haj Amin El Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, during WWII. Then come back and describe how many Jews were saved by Muslims.

  • abhab

    Eboo asserts:Wrong! It is a pre-Islamic tradition among the tribes of Yemen and Hijaz. The Ghassanide Christian Arab tribes of Yemen practiced this tradition of extreme hospitality and protection of whoever asks for it before and after Islam.

  • AlbanianAnarchist

    Fisrst of all: albanians are not muslims, albanians are albanians, just like jews are jews. So saying that Besa is a muslim tradition is like saying that bar mitzvah is a christian tradition. Besa is equally important to every albanian. Religion is not importat!

  • AlanGoldberg54

    This is interesting but highly misleading. The fact is there were only 200 Jews in Albania because most had left due to persecution.Albanians in Kosovo rounded up about 600 Jews, most of whom died in concentration camps and Albanian. This was done in part by an Albanian SS division allied with the Nazis.In addition it should be noted that Albania was under Italian occupation during most of WWII. Germany occupied portions of Albania for about a year but were never in total control as it lacked the manpower to control Albania and large sections were under control of Albanian communist forces. In addition, it was not as oppressive an occupation because the Germans tried to maintain Albania as an independent state.Still, it is meaningful that the small number of Albanian Jews survived the short term German occupation and some Albanians protected and sheltered Jews from the Germans.

  • AlbanianAnarchist

    Besa is considered one of the oldest codes that has survived until our times. It is the corner stone of the albanian tradition, but is vastly threatened under todays modernization. In fact people who still honor Besa today are considered hyper-conservative.

  • FedUpIndian

    AlySheba_3: “So what else is new? An article which tries to point out that all Muslims are not “terrorists” gets bashed.”Those of us who have criticized Mr. Patel’s article would agree that most Muslims are not terrorists. But we are arguing that that is because most Muslims are good human beings, not because the Qur’an “teaches mercy and protecting the weak”. I am happy to respect Islam just as soon as Islam respects other religions. I don’t really care that you prostrate yourself in front of a black stone in Mecca, or believe that an illiterate businessman in 7th century Mecca with 14 wives and who knows how many slave girls was a prophet, so why do Muslims care if I worship stone idols, plastic idols or matinee idols? Finally, no discussion of this sort would be complete without a multi-culti Westerner demanding to know why we cannot all get along, and our “16th generation American” Maxim678504 plays the role to perfection. Maxim678504 claims to be perplexed that “napalm dropping, atomic bomb deploying, … war-profiteering-enthusiast Americans presume to lecture Arabs about, unh, anything”, and goes on to argue that openness and liberalism will flourish in Muslims countries when there is “economic development, opportunity, and generalized prosperity”. In 2007, the GDP (PPP) of Saudi Arabia was $24,000, and native-born Saudis live like kings, compared to say most Indians or Chinese. Lots of “generalized prosperity” there, and yet Saudi Arabia is the wellspring of Wahabbi poison that has now contaminated the world. One wonders whether Maxim678504 finds this perplexing as well.

  • dcampbell1

    To albaniananarchist: are you saying that no citizens of Albania belong to the Muslim faith? Jews are not only jews. They, like everyone else, can choose to lay claim to a national identity.

  • AlbanianAnarchist

    My grandfather worked for a jewish businessman in Prishtina and during the war (WW2) he joined the partisans. He helped the jewish man and his family escape from Albania (Kosovo) back than without any compensation. Although he did not offer help because of Besa. He did it (as he told me) because of the albanian tradition of helping other people no matter how risky that is.

  • AlbanianAnarchist

    According to the latest studies. Most of albanians (70%) belive in a god but are not religious. What I wrote earlier was a slight exaggeration of what being an albanian is all about. Albanian may not be considered a religion, and it probably should not, but albanians have a lot of their own traditions and stories related to a god and gods that have transformed from pagan times, and christian-muslim influence. If you want to see some statistics about religion in albania you could read here:

  • maddymappo

    AlbanianAnarchist: So the name of this commentary should be When Albanians Helped Albanians.

  • hairguy01

    Bulgaria also saved all of its Jews, at one point by people lying on the tracks in front of the deportation trains. For details see “Beyond Hitler’s Grasp: The Heroic Rescue of Bulgaria’s Jews” by Michael Bar-Zohar, Adams Media Corp., 1998, 2001.

  • AlbanianAnarchist

    TO LIVEANDLOVE: You just made that up! Besa in albanian does not have anything to do with “Best Wishes”. It means TRUST! This article is about albanians, and BESA as a word and as a custom is only present in albanian culture. There might be similar customs in other cultures but they are not called Besa.

  • AlbanianAnarchist

    You cannot blame a religion for a terrorist act. You can blame people for a terrorist act!Just a clarification. Albania is in Europe. Near Italy. Besa is belived to be a albanian-illyrian tradition. Because linguist and historians could not find any other link for this name. Besa in albanian is a synonymous for trust. And has to do with everything from hospitality to business. So if someone knocks at your door it means that that person trusts you so you are obligated to give him shelter. But besa (trust) is the same in other fields. It is like an unwritten contract. Nothing to do with religion.

  • Christopher3

    If this site had any integrity they would fire this author as he is nothing more than and Islamic propagandist.1.What matters today is the everyday threat to Israel.

  • liveandlove

    In German/Dutch “We wish you the BEST” [BESA? is translated, “Wir wünschen Ihnen das BESTe. In a way, the German Word BESTa, of which Albanian dailect borrows; can mean a form of “SH{OLOM” [Hello, Welcome Friend, Peace, even Besta Wishes etc..].Note: from other Albanians i [WE] also knoweth that many joined the STASi & participated with Anti-Western Elements. Especially During WOrld War ONE with Fighting for the OTTOMAN Empire pre-1919!Soo, “BES[t]A” = a form of Hello Friend & Bye friend?

  • liveandlove

    ooops. “WHEN JUDEO-JEWS” saved “JUDEO-MUSLOMS”?

  • liveandlove

    Oooppsaa again:Sounds like the Alban-ians folks are Angels compared to the POLAND-ians folks of WW-2!

  • liveandlove

    “IT” [G-D, Allah, Ishvara, Lord, Rock, aka “iTSELF”… by 1.000 names & no longer by 99] is neither a “HE” or a “HIM” nor is S.S. Earth(s) are “HiS”! Nor is “IT”, a “SHE” or a “HER”s either!For Genuine “HEALING OF NATIONS” & “TRUE (opposite MYTH) PEACE ON S.S. EARTH, aka S.S. GAiA, S.S. GEOiD, S.S. TELLUSng something; that This [Pre-Apocalyptic] thinking or Mentioning’s Ye god(s) “INSTEAD OF (OUR) G-D”, as be a “HE” or a “SHE” needs to END! (not the World!)!Hence ; Better END YE (Pelegian Race) than Ye ENDng US (JO{KTAN Eberu Race) via Ye (not OUR) J-E-A-L-O-U-S-Y(s)! All Pre-Apocalyptically INSTEAD of APOCALYPTICALLY, Competing for a Name-For-Manmade-god(s), Instead of OUR G-D innate/Natural SYSTEMS!.

  • liveandlove

    1 of 2:continued, “When Judeo-Jews” saved “Judeo-ISLAM”:According to the CHUMASH(old-Basorah)/BiBLE (new-Masorah) and in their, not OUR, “Most Evil Story Ever Told”; The DRUN-KiN Racist NOACH Story’s” [& continually ‘Enforced’ upon unsuspecting Potential HUe{MATES till today by Pre-Apocalyptic believing Abrahamics & Vedics, Pagans, Wicaans etc..] THATBiblio “HAM” (Worshipped in QURAN/Koran also, the Black/Brown/Tan folk & “JASPETH” (White/Yellow/Red) was below “SHEM” , aka the “P-E-L-E-G-i-A-N” Eberu Race/Descendants/Family TREE(man-Made Systems built on JEALOUSY) Faith? Systems. So as a “RACE” sprouting out of YE “Abraham [PASSOVER] Lines story, not OUR’s, concocted by Novel-Star Mr. MOSES & CO., . aka the god(s) Player (not OUR G-D) of his time (not OUR), THATin Fact; Copy cat Abrahamic Al “ISLAM” [Religion of S-U-B-M-i-S-S-i-O-N] of Today via Mr. Mu-HAM-mad, was Stolen from the “S-H-E-M-i-T-E’S” (Judeo-Jews) folks.Note: HISTORY is OUR juryist, judgeth & Witnesseth. Originating from OUR (not Pelegian thinking) Arrow of ‘TIME’ (Holyi ‘TEMPerature’; not via man-made clock). Soo,we [i] JO{KTANian EBERU’s” race (not Peleg race), on THIS Blesseth, never Sineth nor Cusrseth, Holyi NEBULA-BUiLT Miraculous S.pace-S.hip EARTH (of many), Hath now appeared toSAVE THE EARTH from PRE-APOCALYPTARIANITY!Commentary: According to the Drunkin Racist Noah Story; that Copy Cat ex-Pagan Judeo-ISLAMICS, Copy cat ex-pagan Judeo-Christians, ex-Christian Judeo-Mormons et al, are the LOWER & the LOWEST on the Judeo-Jewish Todem-Pole so to speaketh! Soo,especially Judeo Musloms, not only Christians, Owe, their “MY Religion” Complex’s/Syndromes fanaticism to the “Ya-Who-di” {People of the [original] Book?, aka Judeo’s,-JU’s].continued 2 of 2:

  • liveandlove

    IT was & is the Original JUDEO’s (not Judeo-VEDIC, not via Judeo-Buddhists..) that That Al iSLAM, aka MUSLOMS, Moslems, Muslims, Muzzleman-womb’s who must never Byte the Religio Hand of the PELEGians whom Gave Them (Stolen, not Borrowed) R-E-L-i-G-I-O-N! Soo,Albanians, before, during & after, as Islamics Had/have NO-CHOICE but to “Welcome [All Judeo-Ju’s] Point: All, every & any “HAM”ite’s or “JASPETH”ite , i.e., like iSLAMites via their gods fearing Musloms anywhere on S.S. Earth, must Bow/Submit via “BESA” or BESTA’s of their Nations! So Ye ISHMAELites (Canaanites, not Arabous, aka ARABites)& Ye ESAUites (Canaanites, not Arabous) must Bow down to every JEWish Man/Woman & Child on S.S. Earth & must Care for them Yadulla’s (Jew’s in Hindu/Urdu) or Yahudi (Jew in Arabic) or Hoodio (Je in Latin); For They gave Ye Pre-Apocalyptic PELEGian’s (not US Apocalyptic Jok{TANites Race; as Prophecied) Mono? “R-E-L-i-G-I-O-N”! So,Islamic Albanians? was/are obligated to care for Any Judeo-Jew(s) on S.S. earth.TRiVIA: Did Ye Knowth that All the JUDEO Chumash/Bibles, JUDEO-Quran/Korans, JUDEO-GITA/KANGYURS are all in fact POLY-THEO & Zero MONO-THEO Faith/Belief/Religions SYSTEMS (man-Made zero innate/Natural)!????Note: iF Ye don’t believe i [US; JO{KTANian Nationals on S.S. Earth] THEN please read or reread what ZEUS lover Mr. Moses Novelized?, includes Mr. Je{ZUES, Mr. Muham{mad, Mr. Vyasa, Mr. Gautama, Guru, Confusion.. are really singinging therein & Act therefrom!END of ‘The [Old-time] Beginning. And BEGINs the Beginning of the Prophetic a NEW-SONG, as Promised in all them INFIXUS-BOOKS comething from All YE (not OUR) oldy’s folklores but still hath some goody’s therein writtenly [by Man, not innately/naturally via “IT” , aka “iTSELF”].hint: OUR ‘CLAUSE’S to uphold, to magnify & to make Honorable. like the Scientific-Method; “To KNOW in order to PREDICT in Order to CONTROL” = “IT”s own LAWS OF [OUR] NATURE & “IT”s “CONSTITUTION” = OUR (not Abrahamics, not Vedics etc.. man made gods Systems) our “UNIVERSE!!! [never CHURCH, Mosquew, Shuel, Temple etc..]!!This is the TRUTH (opposite MYTH)!

  • belisar

    I don’t get how this is related to religion? Albanians and religion… well you could write many books on that and I bet that at least a dozen new religions will pop out. Albanians religion is Albanianism. This was what the Albanian renaissance tought Albanians when they first learned to read and write. No religion is important more than national traditional values. The “Besa” was a concept that was present well before the Ottoman invasion of Albania and was reinforced in Canons such as that of Lek Dukagjini where the only religious references are made to the church and not to the mosque. Albanians saving Jews has nothing to do with religion or Albanians being a Muslim majority. It would be shameful by Albanian standards if someone was killed while being guest at your house. The Canon states that if that happens the host has been ashamed and as such has the right of blood over the one that killed the guest, meaning he would have to kill him or one male of his family. Albanians did not care what happened to Jews around Europe but once in their homes, they were their responsibility. It was never about the Jews but about the honor of the host.

  • Rev6

    Hilarious how fast this comment section turned into another Islam bashing fiesta!Wow, look at the ignorant and radical comments, shocking and amazing at the same time.Well, this is nothing new, the Jews have been hosted by Muslims for centuries and they are thankful for that, it is only the zionists and the brainwashed monkeys that still don’t get what’s going on in the world. Nay, I doubt it that they even read histor (I am not talking about some propaganda books)To the haters:

  • liveandlove

    This is recycled material from Pamela Taylors Jealous Blogg.As an female? Imama & with U.S. “1st Amendment RiGHTs” in Mind Ye that hath sinned a Great Sin! Allah & Muhammad are angry now. Ye will see o’ Islam My [un-godl’s] Astrays; not Children!Moderator(s); Stop deleting to PLAGERIZE or Covering-Up i ESSAY’s which is TRUE (opposite MYTH)! Ye art Using US [i] WE for the NEW-SONG. How Lost & Jealous ye HUMAN(s) are! O’ EKLAHTi; O’ LORD!Is it Jealous ISLAM or Jealous WAPO staff/Crew who does/did the Deleting [i] ESSAY’s Again.??Ye hath Jealously & Discriminately & Prejudically “Deleted” “2 of 2” on June.27th.09; 9:57Am. Imagine Blocking the Word “MU-‘HAM’-‘MAD” (Muhammad) [NO pbuh]! Nor JEZUES & Co.! Ya Ya!2 of 2: Reposted:Musloms are LAST to Explore, what they thought was Flat & Jinned, miraculous World/Planet, borneth from OUR Holyi Cosmic NEBULA (not Korans….) ; Or discover the Deeper Places , like deeper Prophecy’s, waiting to be discovered & Unvailed to & for HU{eMATE-Kinds, not HUMAN-Unkinds!) America is meant for the “JO{KTANian EBERU Race [Little Uniters; aka in arabic the KHATAN people of the Book, aka US [i] in U.S. of A.]; not PE{LEGian Eberu Race [big DIVIDERS]! This is the Prophecy! Not Mr. Moses a Macho-Man, Not Mr. Jesus. not Mr. Muhammad, not Mr. Vyasa, not Mr. Gautama, not Mr. Guru, Mr. Confusion etc..In Desert Climates the Burka in a way is not “CARCINOGENETIC”; meaning it can be a good SUNSCREEN! But Conventional westernized HATS look better & are justly as effective, if not MORE!Please; Give US American “HU{eMATE(s), aka Jok{Tanians & CO., a Break!Wow! How Jealous Ye are for i being Authentic via High I.Q. [We art SUPERIOR [Akbar!] not Inferior & We [i] art Fearless & Non-Jelous’d; only Natural & innately aware’d] ..Pleas a Allah & Muhammad; Forgive them for they no not what they Doeth! O’ HOLYi-NO-MAN/WOMB!Amazing No Grace ().

  • helmsman

    i wanna ask every muslim stop trying to teach a person who doesn`t even care & happily living at lies cause they know the truth would be a shame for them they know it they accused islam but never try to read quran they accused Mohamed but never try to read his biography ! what do u wanna tell them ? that islam is not terrorism & that they occupied iraq for oil not for poor iraqi people cause they r not saints ! that they r helped & helping jews at Gaza Holocaust to bring the christ back to spread peace !!!!