Christian Right Revival?

Is the Christian Right retooling, regrouping or just rebranding? Leaders of two dozen organizations announced this past week the latest … Continued

Is the Christian Right retooling, regrouping or just rebranding?

Leaders of two dozen organizations announced this past week the latest alliteration iteration of concerned conservative Christians. They are calling it the Freedom Federation, a direct descendant of the Moral Majority, the Christian Coalition and Values Voters.

Founders say the new group will have a broader membership and a kinder, gentler, more nonpartisan approach than its ancestors. “The stereotypical media-exacerbated image of the angry white evangelical will be replaced by an evangelical movement that will reconcile uncompromised values of compassion, truth with mercy, and righteousness with justice,” Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, told reporters last week.

We shall see. But what’s most interesting about the Freedom Federation isn’t who’s participating.

It’s the conspicuous absence of evangelical America’s three most influential organizations — Focus on the Family, the National Association of Evangelicals, and Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church network, all of which seem to be making new and sincere efforts to take a more inclusive, less judgmental approach to social and political issues.

Jim Daly, the man who is following James Dobson as president of Focus on the Family, recently praised President Obama as a family man and said the pro-life movement needs to find “a kinder, gentler way to approach this topic and see if we can make abortion rare without, as pro-lifers, abandoning our desire to see it eliminated altogether.”

Galen Carey, the NAE’s new Washington lobbyist, says his organization will continue to push a broader evangelical agenda that includes “creation care” (the belief that evangelicals have a biblical responsibility to the environment), care for the poor, and immigration reform (care for the neighbor and the stranger).

And Rick Warren, the megachurch pastor who delivered the opening prayer at Obama’s inauguration, is scheduled to speak Saturday evening at the annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America.

The Freedom Federation seems to be making an effort to broaden its white, evangelical Protestant base by adding the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and Catholic Online to the mix. But the roster is filled with such culture war veterans as the American Family Association (Donald Wildmon), Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly), the Family Research Council (Tony Perkins) and the Traditional Values Coalition (Lou Sheldon).

“We are not wed to a particular partisan candidate or party,” said Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel (a product of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University) and one of the Freedom Federation founders. “We are wed to core shared values.”

But those core shared values, found in the new group’s Declaration of American Values, reads more like the Republican Party platform than the Sermon on the Mount. For example, it calls on Christians to oppose progressive tax systems and “to encourage economic opportunity, free enterprise, and free market competition.”

It also includes opposition to abortion and homosexuality (emphasis on gay marriage) and support for the Second Amendment, the Ten Commandments (“the freedom to acknowledge God through our public institutions”) and the U.S. military. The new grouping also seems to oppose health care reform and hate crime penalties.

The old New Christian Right survived the Clinton administration (with a lot of help from Newt Gingrich) and was revived during the most recent Bush administration. Is the Freedom Federation something new or is it just a revival?

“The Freedom Federation will stand as the first multi-ethnic transgenerational evangelical Christian federation in history,” declared Rodriguez.

If you don’t count the Church or its thousands of denominational iterations.

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  • Paganplace

    Smokescreen on the same greed and hate. Lipservice to environmental efforts they still oppose, doing the same socially-regressive things and sticking a different label on it. Adding a new name to dissociate from past screwups and scandals and pretend it’s something fresh and new and spotless.

  • Impartialobserver

    Same bunch of delusional psychos, different name. I can hardly wait the fun part: When these guys get caught smoking meth with male prostitutes and stuff..

  • ccnl1

    Dear Freedom Federation,Jesus of Nazareth was an embellished, simple, preacher man. Now that you know, go play some golf on Sunday!!!!

  • coloradodog

    One thing is for sure about the right-wing Huckabees is that no matter what new perfume they put on to hide their stench of hate and exclusion, it’s the same smell underneath.”Freedom Federation” is another Rovian attempt to deceitfully expand the Republicans’ voter base of wedge issue neochristians. Using the name “Freedom” is like “The PEOPLE’S Republic of China” These Huckabees are the enemies of religious Freedom in America and their agenda is their own private theocracy for the rest of us.

  • coloradodog

    Maybe they can hire Jack Abramoff’s once-cute-little-darling intern Ralph Reed to be their leader again. (If he’s not to busy spewing hate on RNC Fox News).

  • hal28

    If the best the Republican Party can trot out for a new generation of Americans is Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, and Newt Gingrich, it follows that the best the religious right can put forward is purveyors of the same tired, offensive ideas freshly wrapped in spin. It is tragic that these anti-intellectual yahoos do serious damage to persons inside and outside the church, and they contribute to the decay of the church universal. (I’m a mainline clergyman.)It also diverts our attention from what is truly important on the national agenda: universal healthcare, ending two foreign wars, and getting the economy (read: jobs) back on track.

  • norriehoyt

    ‘The Freedom Federation will stand as the first multi-ethnic transgenerational evangelical Christian federation in history,” declared RodriguezIf the FF were to become the first multi-ethnic transgendered evangelical Christian federation in history, it might be worthy of some notice and attention.Until then, forget it.

  • norriehoyt

    ‘The Freedom Federation will stand as the first multi-ethnic transgenerational evangelical Christian federation in history,” declared RodriguezIf the FF were to become the first multi-ethnic transgendered evangelical Christian federation in history, it might be worthy of some notice and attention.Until then, forget it.

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    A short bibliography on the noexistence of Jesus, this is a good place for all those who gave this Imaginary Friend.BibliographyBarker, Dan, Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist [Madison, Wisconsin: Freedom from Religion Foundation, 1992)Doherty, Earl, The Jesus Puzzle: Did Christianity Begin with a Mythical Christ? (Ottawa, Canada: Canadian Humanist Publications, 1999)Edelen, William, Toward the Mystery (Boise, Idaho: Joslyn & Morris, Inc., no publication date)Parsons, Keith M., Why I Am Not A Christian [Atlanta, Georgia: Freethought Press, 2000]Templeton, Charles, Farewell to God: My reasons for rejecting the Christian faith [Toronto, Ontario, Canada: McClelland & Stewart, Inc., 1996)Wells, G.A., The Historical Evidence for Jesus (Buffalo, New York: Prometheus Books, 1988)Wilson, Ian, Jesus: The Evidence [San Francisco, California: Harper & Row, Publishers, 1984)

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    Correction to previous posting: Should have written, this is a good place for all those who HAVE this Imaginary Friend.

  • bikesac

    Jesus was a real person but the so called Christians today are not followers of Jesus. Jesus was a conservative Jew. His activities were documented by the Romans and are a part of the historical record. He was at the Seder dinner when the Romans came and got him. If he were alive today, he would have a long beard, wear a black coat, keep kosher, spend every spare moment reading the Torah, would not do any manner of work from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, have a large family and a subservient wife.That said, the Republican right wing thinks you should vote for people who think the world was created just a few thousand years ago, denies the evidence of evolution, subverts science and facts to superstition and faith, and is genuinely backward.

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    You can choose him or not. To say he did not exist just gives an excuse for not wanting to confront what he had to say or claimed to be. It’s a very minority view that is kind of ridiculous.When Christians leave the Tanakh alone, excise the antisemitism from their religion, sticking to their manGod, leaving us Js in peace, then, whatever gets them through the night.

  • Independent109

    People see what they want to in God and in Love. There’s no way that the FF can turn people like spidermean into a bunch of “nice guys” in order to get Palin and Huckabee elected in 2012.

  • rj2008

    I always remember the news report about how a reporter looked into the dumpster behind Falwells TV ministry and found all his letters opened with the money taken out but all the letters asking for help or prayers were still in the envelopes never even looked at. Is that what they want to revive? Or how about the ridiculous remarks made by Falwell and Robertson after 9-11. These people need to forget about a revival and adopt a whole new philosophy.

  • kingcranky

    Hey, SpideyYour hypocrisy is absolutely stunning.You would have been the first to scourge Christ, nail him to the cross, mock him unmercifully and drive the spear into his side, and all your BS comments prove that better than anything else.Christ ALWAYS sided with the oppressed-which you’re not-and never with the oppressors-which you are.I’d suggest you stop your easily-debunked whining about “liberals” and start getting yourself right with God.Oh, and if you’ve got actual proof that McVeigh & Von Brunn were liberals, then post it, as “because I said so” is NOT proof of anything except someone who can’t prove their statement.When you decide to stop representing the McVeigh/bin Laden wing of the GOP, your life will become so less heavy with hate, which is why you probably won’t do it, your hate is just too comfortable to part with.

  • mradams

    Egovangelical maniacs marching as to war.

  • kadafybest

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  • kadafybest

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  • lufrank1


  • meand2

    Same BS, different day.

  • orthodoxheathen

    “Freedom Federation” is a misnomer, just as “Moral Majority” was, in describing a bunch of evangelicals.I can’t blame them for false advertising, though, as a more honest name such as “Loony League” would surely attract fewer donors.

  • TalkingHead1

    The separation of Church and State in America, as mandated by our founding fathers, continues to be difficult with a religiously-motivated political organization such as the Freedom Federation. Unless most Americans wish to transform our nation into another theocracy, like Iran, no one religion must be allowed to influence the politics for all.

  • wcmillionairre

    I pay absolutely no attention to these religious zealots…and neither should you.

  • arancia12

    The comments of Spidermean and CCNL1 are driving decent posters away from boards like this one where ideas might be explored.Maybe that’s a good thing. When everyone else is gone those two nut cases and perveyors of hate will move on too.

  • mac2499ca

    The minute I read the new name that the religious right had chosen for their new organization ‘Freedom Federation’ or ‘FF’ for short, the initials SS popped into my head. I think the reason for this is that I think that members from this organization can easily become like the members of the SS. All that they would need is a charasmatic leader.

  • hyjanks

    Why do I have the feeling that the FF’s attempt to add a sheet of canvas to their tent in order to accommodate those they’ve excluded in the past is nothing but a charade? As soon as Rove and Kristol get overtly involved, there will be no doubt in my mind where this is all heading–and it isn’t toward better understanding of the human condition outside the church, support for a greener earth or paying more attention to the poor and dispossessed.

  • rashomon

    Of course the Fruitcake Foundation supports “… the individual right to own, possess, and use firearms.” What could be more Christian than that? It’s in the Book of Armaments. Right after the bit about the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

  • Brittman1

    Who cares what these gay bashing phonies call themselves? They’re still bigots masquerading as “Christians.” Somewhere God is puking.

  • onestring

    Same crimes. Same cast. Same hypocrisy. Same violations of US tax law, and US election law. Same lies. Same transaction immorality. Same begging money on TV from poor senior citizens. Same failed NEOCON ideology. Thomas Jefferson was RIGHT: SEPERATE CHURCH AND STATE AS REQUIRTED BY THE CONSTITUTION ON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  • Sitka1

    Freedom Federation. Freedom sure, but you only get that freedom if you follow their evangelical Christian values. Everyone else? Forget it.Same intolerance wrapped up in a shiny new package. If they really want to have people believe that they’ve changed, then they have a lot of work to do.

  • TomfromNJ1

    As a Catholic, I would be horrified to learn that any Catholic group was joining these people. First they come from a very anti-Catholic tradition (these are the same groups that called Catholics un-American for not sending their children to public schools until desegregation when they started their so-called “Christian Schools.”But more importantly, they are a front for the Republican party since, as the article states, their principles are not that of the gospel, but of lassiez-faire capitalism.Indeed the scriptures oppose most of the platform that is mentioned. As for economic considerations, the big thing Jesus kept saying (far more than any reference to abortion or homosexuality by the way) was constantly telling the rich to sell what they have and GIVE to the poor. And these people oppose progressive taxation? So to get the same income we would have to tax the poor more and the rich less and they call themselves Christians? They oppose gun control. Have they ever heard about swords and plowshares? I never hear them say much about turning the other cheek either. [and, on this Independence Day weekend, I hasten to point out how our founding documents were very much against a standing army as it was one of the complaints against King George — so much for the original intent folks who oppose judges who want to do what is right.] As for socialism, the Acts tell us that the early Christians lived a form of what might even be called communism with a small “c” not unlike the religious orders among the Catholics and some Episcopalians among others. They oppose health care reform and claim to follow the Man who called upon us to heal the sick? I have no medical knowledge, but the least I can do is pay higher taxes so that my fellow man can be healed. They are against hate crime penalties. So we should just let such things go. I guess it is not better that millstone be put around the neck of those who do some bad things.But the real thing is that what Jesus most condemned was not the sexual sinner (He was remarkably gentle with the woman at the well or the one taken in adultery); but His wrath came down upon the hypocrites and that is what I see most in this group from what this article says. It sounds to me that their major motivation is greed and the last time I looked, that was a deadly sin. If they really believe in the Scriptures and if what is reported is true, they should really be worried now.

  • Harley4

    Would someone please explain to me and others exactly what Religion is.The Jews claim that since they dreamed the idea up they should have the rights to being called the chosen people. They also claim that this man called Jesus was nothing more than an impostor trying to get a piece of the action from the rabbi’s racket. All other so called religious movements were merely more of the same. To me this seems somewhat confusing. Who’s telling the truth or is there any truth in any of it?

  • JMGinPDX

    I have a few points to make in regards to the….YAAWWWWWWNNNNNNNN!!!!!…oh wait, I don’t have any points to make because frankly I don’t give a rat’s posterior about the increasingly-irrelevant, national joke that has become the religious right. I put them in the same category as the Art Bell foil-hat-wearers, those people who are 40 years old but go to Clown School, and the orangutans at the zoo. They think they’re doing something important, but really everyone should just point and laugh at them.

  • heuristic77

    Oh, so now they’re going to go nice on us. Jesus H. Christ. Excuse me while I go puke somewhere.

  • demsRwimps

    others have stated it above so eloquently and forcefully: same old hate-filled greedy fascist authoritarian bigoted hate-loving difference-fearing wolves in faux sheep costumes.i have no doubt jesus would vomit, chase them from the temple and then get to work seeking social justice for the targets of their hate, bigotry, stunning hypocrisy and unending greed..

  • eslinda

    Oh, please, gimme a ^%$$# break! Here we go again with the “Pigs With Lipstick” brigade. These homegrown ayatollahs just won’t give up, perhaps not realizing that the rest of us don’t really give a holy poop about them and DON’T WANT THEM, regardless of their disguise du jour. How dumb can they be? One of the things we voted for in November was to get rid of their presence in public life. Seems to be working. Stay away, your holinesses.

  • critter69

    So the “Freedom Federation” calls on Christians “to encourage economic opportunity, free enterprise, and free market competition.”Exactly where in the Bible are those principles written?I know it discusses slaves and slavery; the obligation of a man to marry his brother’s widow; and various other things, but where is, especially, “free enterprise, and free market competition” discussed?As to opposition to homosexuality, did Christ make any reference to that subject?Also, didn’t Christ state “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s”? Implicit separation of church and state, isn’t it? And isn’t formulating tax policy a state, not religious, function?

  • ravitchn

    The book of Revelations, like many other books not found in the Bible but found among the Dead Sea Scrolls represent fanatical ant-Roman sentiments on the part of messianic Jews filled with fear, delusion, and hope for a divine end of the world. Many Christians have doubted the value of this book, not always for the right reasons, often out of anti-Semitism. But in any case anyone quoting Revelations is probably as crazy as the authors of the book in the first place.

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    Tacitus and Jesus”In his Annals, Cornelius Tacitus (55-120 CE) writes that ChristiansTwo questions arise concerning this passage:1. Did Tacitus really write this, or is this a later Christian interpolation?2. Is this really an independent confirmation of Jesus’s story, or is Tacitus just repeating what some Christians told him?Some scholars believe the passage may be a Christian interpolation into the text. However, this is not at all certain, and unlike Josephus’s Testimonium Flavianum, no clear evidence of textual tampering exists.The second objection is much more serious. Conceivably, Tacitus may just be repeating what he was told by Christians about Jesus. If so, then this passage merely confirms that there were Christians in Tacitus’ time, and that they believed that Pilate killed Jesus during the reign of Tiberius. This would not be independent confirmation of Jesus’s existence. If, on the other hand, Tacitus found this information in Roman imperial records (to which he had access) then that could constitute independent confirmation. There are good reasons to doubt that Tacitus is working from Roman records here, however. For one, he refers to Pilate by the wrong title (Pilate was a prefect, not a procurator). Secondly, he refers to Jesus by the religious title “Christos”. Roman records would not have referred to Jesus by a Christian title, but presumably by his given name. Thus, there is excellent reason to suppose that Tacitus is merely repeating what Christians said about Jesus, and so can tell us nothing new about Jesus’s historicity.”Source:

  • treetopflyer

    Spidermean2 -“Woe to you who desire the day of the LORD!Amos 5:18-20If you really believe your (and my) professed religion, perhaps you should leave the judgment of sinners to God and the loving and tolerance of them to yourself, knowing that you yourself are one. We may be forgiven, but we are NOT innocent, and therefore in no position to judge.

  • jamesmmoylan

    Counterww said:There are plenty of writers that argue and point to evidence of Jesus also. Lots of conjecture in the those that come up with “logic” or “evidence” or “argument” that he never existed.Jesus was born, died, and rose again.You can choose him or not. To say he did not exist just gives an excuse for not wanting to confront what he had to say or claimed to be. It’s a very minority view that is kind of ridiculous.A minority view? Tha majority of humans have half a brain which is far more than you need to dismiss the story as a load of gibberish.I might be able to cope with Christians a bit better if they actually followed their leaders teachings but they are a bunch of hypocrites of the first unto others (unless you are gay, Islamic, etc etc)the chances of a rich man entering the kingdom of heaven are the same as a camel passing through the eye of a needle (unless you are a christian in which case money = goodness. Poor = godless.I hope all of you ‘Christians’ choke on your hypocrisy.

  • semidouble

    “The new grouping also seems to oppose health care reform and hate crime penalties.”they are against hate crime penalties???”the freedom to acknowledge god through public institutions”…and also the obligation not to misinform on behalf of an imaginary friend!

  • explorers100

    These people are so naive. They have been used by the Republican Reactionaries–Aristocracy of America. Their job, hopefully unknowingly, is to stampede the ignorant segment of the electorate primarily located in the Solid South and in the cover generated from the dust of the stampede the likes of Goldman Sachs and Haliburton and American International Insurance continue to loot the nation.Just yesterday I heard one of these idiots trumpet the tenth commandment as a rationale against taxation. If these creeps had their way we’d be like Iran–a Theocratic/Facist State.

  • opita1

    Is the Freedom Federation related to the Freedom Fries? Foolish flibbertigibbets falling for Flen, flyys and freris …

  • leah1946

    How about a Christian religious group who will actually follow the words of their diety? “Guns & God” is a theme amongst the RW religious, regardless their title(s). Lets not forget the hate mongering…..for those who disagree with them, or have an ethnic name, a darker skin color, different sexual orientation…..Family values are only important if it’s another’s family who doesn’t live accordingly….Something new within the Christian following would be for Christians to believe in & follow the words of their diety.

  • ElectricBill

    Just lipstick on a pig. Same cast, new front man. It won’t take long for their true colors to show. Kris Kristofferson wrote a great song in the 1970’s called “Jesus Was a Capricorn” that describes the religious right perfectly. The last verse finishes with, “reckon they’d just nail him up if he came down again.”

  • ggrant9170

    Its all in the open, the unrelenting efforts to marry church and state. Now a new tactic to the effort! History teaches certain truths, one certain truth about marriage of church/state is that is when serious persecutions occur. Examples, crusades and the papacy during the dark ages! It starts out to be a good idea and everyone is going to get along everyone is gonna be treated with dignity and respect and kindess and once its accomplished its ignorance is bliss so we can control you because your just too dumb to think for yourselves!

  • ggrant9170

    Revelations means to reveal. Revelations is the last book of the bible and its the revealing of Jesus Christ. David Asscherick has a 24 hour study of Revelations for any of you that care to know what the Prophesies of Daniel and Revelation are saying about history and future events. Ignorance is not bliss as the papacy would have you believe during the Dark Ages. If you don’t do your own thinking then someone else will do your thinking for you! If you feel a desire to learn about Christ learn about what John is prophesy in Revelations then I highly recommend you get your Bibles out and learn what the Bible says about how this earth is going to end and you can be prepared and educated. Its a learning tool you will have to guide you.

  • ggrant9170

    Christians are to spread the good news of Jesus Christ Son of God coming to earth in human form to save us from ourselves! God is love. If any of you think that this universe is just a randam event then you are the naive ones! If God can make the universe He certainly can walk on water, put a man in the belly of a whale, rise up from the dead. Jesus Christ was about love, He died a horrible death on the cross because He loves us. We choose to take that cross and beat people over the head with it, why? Christians number one job is to spread the good news, Jesus is very explicite when He is ask how to follow Him, he says, take care of the sick, the elderly, the poor. Nothing about wars, nothing about judging and forcing others to follow HIm or else, nothing about forcing. When you force others to do what you demand, that is not love, that is a form of rape. There are so many out there giving the word Christian a bad name and has a misguided interpretation of Christ’s teachings. when you wake up tomorrow morning go and watch the sun rise, before you go to sleep you view the moon and the stars and tell me then its all a randam event.

  • jpsbr2002

    “Freedom” Federation?? Oh just put the word “Free” in something and it sounds good, right (or far right)? Oldest advertising gimmick in the book. Cuz nobody’s against freedom, right, of course right, and little details like trying to restrict the freedom of non-believers can be conveniently lost in the details. But then I suppose calling it the “Propaganda Partisans” would be a little too honest. I wonder if this new group is going to be standing behind Sanford and Vitter and Ensign and …..

  • ecglotfelty

    As Shakespeare would say, “What’s in a name?” While I see some effort from some Evangelicals to build bridges towards other groups, especially other ethnic groups, the presence of such hard-liners like Wildmon, Schalfly, and Perkins almost assures me that this will be another Christian Association of Angry White People Determined to Eliminate the Separation of Church and State.As with all the other alliterative groups before them, I predict this group will have some influence before flaming out entirely. When will these people ever learn? I highly recommend reading the book, “Blinded by Might”, written by On Faith contributor Cal Thomas and Ed Dobson.

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    Hi ColinNick,Thanks for the book recommendation; I’ve added it to the short list I published above, having read the reviews. I look forward to reading it.Farnaz

  • mikebythesun

    As a Christian, I am offended by this group’s mission. To mix regressive taxation and sink-or-swim economics with Christ’s message of putting others before yourself is ridiculous and corrupt.

  • spidermean2

    It is only today that a preacher run the risk of going to prison coz what was regarded as the word of God is now a hate crime.Imagine the stupidity. Sodom’s destruction would be seen as peanuts or a walk in the park compared to the coming “great city destruction”. The stupidity today simply dwarfs their stupidity.I ask the Christians in the military to take a very long leave of absence. Destruction will first come to America and it’s not defensible. That is the prophecy and it will only endanger your lives if you try to stop the prophecy.Let Obama have his way. Let the gays take over.

  • Draesop

    A bunch of people who cherry pick phrases from a very old book to support positions based on inconsistencies and changed whenever politically necessary. The Christ they claim to follow was a lot more accepting of women and open to children of all races. He also, according to the Bible, used to be on the stump with many ordinary people. His words about rich men and heaven do not seem to be shared by many of these mega and not so mega pastors. I willl not be allowing any of these people to sneak back on to my stage.

  • post_reader_in_wv

    Heuristic77wrote:Hey CCNL1. Screw Jesus. If he ever comes back, I’ll be the first one to help nail that c ocksucker back on the cross.________________________________ And THIS isn’t offensive comment??? (tried to report it using the link, but it didn’t work).Do you WaPo guys ever READ and MONITOR this stuff? George Carlin knew this was offensive. Apparently you rely on your inadequate software. Geez, he puts in a space between the “c” and the “o” and everything’s fine????As for heuristic77: you have every right to believe or disbelieve what you want. Knock yourself out. You even have the right to be completely offensive, and you’ve managed it brilliantly. But I’ll paraphrase the Ron White rcomedy routine: you have the RIGHT to remain silent, but you obviously lack the ABILITY and WISDOM to do so . . .

  • kkrimmer

    “Let Obama have his way. Let the gays take over.”ANOTHER PSYCHO SHOWS HIMSELFThe worst are the bible-thumping tell you how to live your life while having sex with prostitutes or young boys religious righteous psychopaths. They are no less dangerous than the psycho-mullahs in the Islamic world and the psycho-rabbi Zionists. Extremism is bad in any and every form. God save us from the psycho extremists.

  • kkrimmer

    I saw a bumper sticker: “The bible was written by the same people who said the world was flat.”Although that is true, the bible still contains metaphors and stories for moral teachings.

  • hayesap8

    Can we please bring on the Rapture to get rid of these people?

  • washingtonpost31

    The day they start fighting for health care, education, and food for the poor as any *real* Christian would do, then maybe we’ll listen.

  • Dale8

    Jesus is shaking his head in shame. My atheist friends exhibit more christian qualities than these jokers.

  • ElectricBill

    I expect spidermean to be out tomorrow morning dressed in sackcloth shrieking “The end is coming,” or something equally ridiculous. The problem with him and his pals is they think they are OK hating everybody else because they believe they are washed in the blood, but it turns out they are just nuts. Go quote your scripture someplace else Pharisee. Nobody takes you seriously.

  • Maddogg

    If America wants values and freedom stay away from Christians. They offer anything but!

  • treetopflyer

    May I propose an alternate and more apropos name? “Whitewashed Tombs”.

  • rjdeleon

    In reading these comments, I’m stuck by one major error. I don’t know about the Jesus that is being talked about in these posts, but the one of the bible never advocated social reform, social justice, nor the overthrow of a repressive government. He dealt with the individual, and his message was about bringing the individual into a right relationship with God. None of the individuals mentioned in this story, the so-called evangelical leaders, are addressing the only question Jesus really dealt with, the problem of sin and the need for repentance and justification through his sacrifice on the cross. To the more liberal, and obviously more compassionate bloggers who have graced this site with their thoughts, I wonder how such caring and compassionate people can be so vicious and judgemental. Isn’t that the purview of the right not the left? I am a Christian, who believes that the church in America is without shepards, the Laodocian Church that is committing the great apostasy. I pray for this nation, and call it to repent, for the time is short.

  • CalSailor

    Freedom Federation. There is nothing religious in their title, and nothing Christian in their core values.CV#1: “…the dignity of and right to life for disabled, the ill, the aged, the poor, the disadvantaged, and for the unborn from the moment of conception.” [until when? Catholic Social teaching says it much cleaner: From the moment of conception to natural death. Of course, that would rule out the death penalty, and we all know that the FF people cannot BEAR to give up the DEATH PENALTY!!]CV #4: Free exercise of religion including the freedom to acknowledge God through our public institutions and the military….without penalty.Let’s see, now. David Waters thinks they are referring to the Ten Commandments disputes, but let’s take them at their word:Muslim prayer 5 times/dayAnything else one can suggest? Then let’s see whether the FF supports us.Also, their upheavals in the military are destroying the Chaplain Corps, turning military troops against one another over who’s the “real” Christian, and that we are, in fact, acting like a crusader army, and vindicating all the fears that Muslim extremists have been accusing us of.CV#7: The right to bear arms????? What the h**l does that have to do with religion in general, or Christian values in particularCV#8: Checks and balances among the three branches at both state and Federal level—but watch out so that the Judiciary isn’t too strong….yea, right.CV#10. Anti- progressive taxes. In addition to the quotes above about Ceasar and taxes, etc., there’s also the command of Jesus that to whom much is given, much will be required. So, folks, just turn over the first $30k or so per person…and if those at the bottom of the ladder don’t have any left, well, obviously you aren’t “blessed” by God enough. (and don’t ask the state to help out…that’s socialism!)As a mainline Christian clergy, and former military Chaplain, I believe that we have seen a very dangerous trend especially over the last 15-20 years. Who would ever believe that at the beginning of the 21st century, we would have a strongly theocratic element in society, so convinced they are right (in both senses of the word) that they feel “free” to use any sorts of coersion they can muster.Pr Chris

  • colinnicholas

    Farnaz;Nice list. It could also include Tom Harpur, who wrote “The Pagan Christ.”For Harpur, both literalist and modern critical attempts to locate the Jesus of history are dead ends. Transcending both positions, he believes that the real Christ is a universal archetype; a classic, pre-existent myth, known essentially by all humanity. He believes we need to re-mythologize, not de-mythologize (or historicize) that Jesus.”From Tom Harpur’s website.PS; I thought Templeton’s book was a real eye-opener.

  • spidermean2

    Christ said not to give pearls to swine. I guess the idi*ts will have a hard time understanding that.Atheist liberals, it’s over guys. Your leftist president is messing up. Palin would swallow your candidate whole come 2012. It would be a landslide victory.The children of Christ will inherit the earth. That’s the prophecy and nobody can stop the prophecy.You either believe it or be doomed. And doom you will be coz the swine can never appreciate pearls.What a pity. The idi*ts are eating their own vomit – drowning in their own ignorance and stupidity.

  • dwdave67

    When are these corporations known as “religions” going to be taxed? The religious right phonies are simple manipulators. That is what they all are. The pick and choose from the Bible only when it suits them. We should tax them and help reduce our deficit. These people deal in fairy-tales and have an all-too-eager group williing to be led around by the nose.

  • analyst72

    This new “federation” of failed evangelicals are NOT conservative christians by any estretch of the imagination.

  • critter69

    @ spidermean2 and others of like mind:If the Bible is unerring:- Why are there two differing accounts of the creation in Genesis? For example, in one account, God made Adam and Eve on the sixth day, both were made of ‘the dust of the Earth.’ In the other account, God made Adam after the seventh day, then decided that Adam needed a mate. He put Adam asleep, pulled a rib from Adam, and created Eve from that rib.- Who did the children of Adam and Eve marry, thus being able to have children without incest? Or did they have incest within the family? If incest, was it with Eve, or with sisters (and who were those sisters – they’re not named in the Book of Genesis)?- Why are there two different versions of the Lord’s Prayer in the New Testament, one version now used by the Protestants, and one version now used by the Roman Catholics?

  • bobmoses

    Perhaps some day liberals will make “new and sincere efforts to take a more inclusive, less judgmental approach to social and political issues.”Based on the comments on this blog, we are a long way away from that. Most of these folks are actually proud of their anti-Christian bigotry.

  • mickle1

    People like Pat Robertson and Rick Warren and the others like them don’t worship a god almighty, they worship the GAWD AWMIGHTY DOLLAR. And those who suck up to them pay dearly.

  • spidermean2

    “Heaven and earth shall pass away but MY WORDS (like atheists frying in hell) shall not pass away”. (Jesus Christ)A few years back, science thought that this statement (earth and universe will pass away) is not possible. That old science was based on the doctrine that matter is indestructible. But new science shows that it is possible. That matter can be “destroyed” and turned into pure energy. A very loud noise or extreme heat will be generated if such event takes place. Quite similar to the accounts given in the Bible when the Lord will render His final Judgment.The Bible’s words are firm. Science makes mistakes but not the Bible.100 percent, all the atheists posters here will fry and I feel very sorry for you folks.100%. No doubt about that.David Waters, aren’t you afraid that your beliefs don’t differ so much with atheists?

  • Dieterman

    One gay man here who’ll never be fooled by these wolves no matter how many sheep skins they don. But good luck to them trying to expand their appeal. They’re in the same pickle their Republican party is in – their xenophobic and fundamentally racist base won’t go along. Their day has come and gone. Bush, their former “dear leader” and hero, saw to that. America has had enough of these Christofascist nutcases for a long time to come. You creeps can rapture now.

  • EnemyOfTheState

    I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but this sounds a whole lot like a marketing stunt to rebrand a failing concept. Of course, the various groups involved may be sincere in their efforts to be more inclusive and less judgmental; time will tell. Having Phyllis Schlafly and Tony Perkins involved doesn’t particularly inspire confidence.

  • lewes17266

    It worries me when our lawmakers and politicians go to these people for endorsement.

  • maxim678504

    Reloading is much more like it!Gotta love those posting biblical verses.”Thou shant stake a claim to mowrul superiority without direct sanctification from one of our confirmed vewses of Gawd.” Or something like that.

  • catfish5437

    I question the use of the adjective “Christian” in relation to this group. For the past few days I have been listening to the American Family Radio program, which is on several different FM frequencies in our area. The frenzied comments about President Obama and his programs that dominate their shows are not “Christian” by any means. They are successfully competing with Fox News, Rush, Shaun, Bill, and that rabid rightwing crowd in the lies, misrepresentations, and utter nonsense in support of the Republican agenda. Oh, yes, they do intersperse their venomous commentary with an occasional sermon and/or religious program, but how that bunch can be classified as a 501-C3 non-profit organization is an obvious failure of IRS oversight. They are nothing but an arm of the Republican National Committee, and they don’t even have to pay taxes on the enormous contributions from their misled followers.

  • claywillis

    Jesus said, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” This column and its comments filled with, sarcasm, rancor and vituperation makes the point clearly.

  • spidermean2

    “Alas, alas, that great city… for in one hour it is made desolate” (Jesus Christ)Aren’t liberal atheists crowd in that great city today? And is there a weapon in our time today that is bale to destroy a great city in les than one hour?How accurate.100% the Bible is accurate. Not only did the Bible prophesied that atheists will fry in hell, but also during WW3 before they leave this earth towards their permanent abode which is hell.What a pity and yet they won’t understand despite this warning coz as Christ said, pigs can’t appreciate the value of pearls.Wow. How amazing in its precision. And yet they will never learn. What a pity.It’s over guys. Your leftist president is messing up and with his help undermining our defense force further, the prophecy of doom is going to take place in that great city. That great LEFTIST city.

  • dataflunky

    Same s(tuff), different bowl.

  • spidermean2

    Would God allow our military to win wars so liberal atheists on our shores be continually protected while they curse God?The answer is a BIG NO. Our military will be defeated in time so the prophecy of the destruction of atheists hiding under the protection of this once godly nation will be annihilated.And a big thanks to our leftist president who continue to make sure that our defense capabilites will weaken. Veto budgets for any high tech defense system and spend it in things that will cool the earth. Destroy morale by filling it with gay army men.Wow, how stupid can this country get under a leftist president? The oil will deplete first or be replaced with new technologies before any warming will take place. Why can’t the idi*ts get it?They cannot coz pigs can’t appreciate the value of pearls. The dumb cannot fathom intelligence.

  • post_reader_in_wv

    Thank you, hal28. Like you, I am a committed Christian who happens to believe that the so-called religious right often does actual damage to the gospel of Christ. The “core values” of the right often have little to do with the pronouncements of Jesus. While I won’t apologize to non-Christians for my Christianity, too often it seems like the actions of the politically-active Christian right constantly require the rest of us Christians to remind people of other faiths and the non-religious among us not to judge all Christians by the behavior of the most judgmental of Christians, those on the right.P.S. I won’t apologize to those on the Christian right for being a non-fundamentalist Christian, either.

  • treetopflyer

    Spidermean2 – The Armageddon usually stems from one’s own personal inability to cope with it. It’s merely an extension and a sanctification of one’s own murderous desire to be rid of one’s enemies as well as personally exonerated. It’s a basic human instinct that seeks to preserve one’s own right to exist at the expense of others’. What that has to do with Christianity, righteousness, love, what have you, is anyone’s guess. True Christians pray for the world’s redemption, not its destruction. It’s taken me long decades to journey from where you now to seeing how wrong I was. I’ll pray that you learn your lesson faster than I did, in the least costly way possible. Now get off the computer and find a more useful way to serve God and your fellow human than being angry at strangers on the internet. I’ll follow my own advice and do the same.Peace.

  • spidermean2

    If one reads the Bible and can’t seem to understand or unable to connect the dots, there’s always a reason for that.It’s like we humans trying to recreate life from scratch and despite “knowing” all kinds sciences , we humans can’t still break the mystery on how life can start from nothing or from a non-living to living.The Bible is a creation of God and so is life. Man’s brain just can’t fathom all its secrets. When the idiotic world thought that the world is flat, the Bible already mentioned that the earth is hanging on nothing or FLOATING IN SPACE.Since when does a hammer partner with another hammer? Or a nail pound another nail? It’s not science nor it is sane. It’s insanity. Plain and simple. The Bible is just a book of advices. You still make the choice but the question is , can you reap the consequence of that choice? The Bible lays out what are the consequences.You can always throw it away and play the game of Russian roulette. If it’s telling the truth, you burn. If not, you win.But based on historical facts and how they were prophesied in the Bible the odds of one burning in hell who trashes the Bible is 100% on the losing side. The gun is fully loaded and no manifestation of bullet failures.Atheists try to imagine there is no bullet in it. They are wrong. The chicken egg cannot be recreated from scratch and hatch by itself. Science is not on your side despite how hard you may try to woo it.Atheism is the dumbest doctrine ever and if some “believers” think that they can side with these people, it’s like jumping on a high tower. No survival chance. 100% doomed, just as the Bible says.

  • treetopflyer

    “The Armageddon usually stems from one’s own personal inability to cope with it.”Should read:”The desire for the world’s destruction usually stems from one’s own personal inability to cope with it.”Too tired, sorry.

  • dnealesq

    What this “new” old group is about is not religion–it’s tribalism. To be a member of this tribe you must espouse to the following tenets: nativism, anti-intellectualism, fundamentalism, conservatism, and militarism. Only a fool believes that the focus of this group is salvation of the soul. It’s an attempt to put a prettier face on an ugly body of political ideology.

  • palmtree2001

    Who cares?These Federation folks should take a starship back to Kansas.

  • spidermean2

    The book of Revelation is a book of metaphors. It’s almost impossible that unbelievers can decipher it. I know for sure who are the people who will set the stage for a nuke showdown. They are not the believers of Christ but people who trashes the Bible.It’s there but it’s not there. There for believers to see and not there for unbelievers to NOT see. Just like the existence of life, it’s enigmatic – a creation of a very high intelligence.

  • dubhlaoich

    Sam Rayburn said to John Kennedy before the speech to the Houston Ministers in 1960 that they were not preachers they were politicians. Same can be said of today’s preachers. Plus they’re businessmen. After power and money.

  • spidermean2

    Why would countries (those who don’t believe the Bible like Iran and NKorea) push their luck to make nukes?It’s all in the prophecy. Where the danger is, they will rush to it. Why would the leftist liberal U.S. states scorn missile defense systems despite its demonstrated capabilities?It’s all in the prophecy. They are set to be doomed and if they have fail-proof defenses, the prophecies would fail.It’s all in the prophecy and these people are servants to that prophecy. They fulfill it despite their efforts to trash it. Nobody can outsmart a higher intelligence. Resistance is futile.

  • ggrant9170

    The continued relentless efforts by the far right religious zealots to marry church and state is horrifying if one choose to read history. Its never a good thing when church marries state. That is when history reads the most persecutions of the people by the “ones that feel like they are chosen to enforce morality under the guise of Christianity. It will be forced religion. That is called rape.two examples:1. crusadestens of millions murdered by so called “Christians” !!! i have no doubt we as a people will not heed these warnings!

  • jef2

    This is nothing but wrapping the far-right Republicans in a new title and a disingenuous mission statement to make them sound more mainstream. They’re still the far-right outliers of American society.

  • spidermean2

    1. crusadesNone of which is related to Christianity. Ignorance is the root of stupidity.

  • jaynashvil

    Rev. Samuel Rodriguez’s comments were telling. He claims that “the stereotypical media-exacerbated image of the angry white evangelical will be replaced”. By what? The same Republican party supporters, it seems. Don’t be fooled: the same “angry evangelical” behavior will be on public display in short order. They don’t know how to do anything else. It would be helpful if they’d realize that the media was not to blame for their negative reputation; they do it to themselves and this time will be no different.

  • ggrant9170

    the Messiah Complex. its happened throughout history and it will happen again. False Chruch will never rest until it marries the state. That is as history proves the most persecution and murdering happens. During World War Two Hitler made a very successful effort to have appointment made in the Catholtic church so he could do his evil. The crusades under the guise of freeing Jerselum slaughted many jews and muslims alike. The dark ages the Cathotic Papacy slaughtered hundreds of thousands who dared question their theology which was by the way, not biblical but self promoting and an enrichment by fleecing the people out of their money thru ignorance. Once again we see this happening. People Christians don’t bother to read the bible and know what is actually in it. They depend entirely on leaders of the chruch to direct them and this is never a good thing.We see the relentless attempts to MARRY CHURCH AND STATE and these folks will never stop until its completely done.

  • whocares666

    Charlatans !

  • yamamah

    The far right wing-nuts have repackaged the same old crap.

  • spidermean2

    Freedom of Conscience in which the First Ammendment is based on is a principal Baptist doctrine.Atheism on the other hand love bondage. See North Korea, Cuba, etc and look at how the atheist-supported Obama cling to big government ways almost similar to Hugo Chavez.If it’s possible that this leftist president Obama holds office for 10 years more, a new American Revolution would be in the offing.If you want bondage and less freedom, chose a LEFTIST atheist-supported president.FREEDOM and true Christianity are always partners.BONDAGE, atheism and stupidity always go hand in hand. Destruction always follow at their tail.FREEDOM FEDERATION. This is so timely. Let its voice ring loud before this LEFTIST president do irreparable damage to America.

  • ceflynline

    Esse quam videri to be, rather than to seem.Here we go again, the Republican Church of Jesus for us takes a natural republican stance: We aren’t of any political stripe, we want inclusion, blah blah blah, just don’t pay any attention to the man in the little booth giving us directions. We don’t need ANY religious organization, cult, sect, or Church, High or Low giving us instructions to vote Republican painted over. We know their values, as Ensign and Sanford were both epitomes of their kind of candidate. But the new name is a good sign, it means they have decides that the voters see through their old incarnation and therefore they need another cover organization to hide within.

  • Independent109

    The bible also says: When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptiously; you shall not be afraid of him. It is obvious that Jesus and Paul believed that the world would come to an end in their generation. It didn’t happen.

  • khote14

    There’s a certain large percentage of our species that are born suckers for religion and god nonsense. Throughout history, and throughout the planet, these fools are everywhere.The problem this christian right crowd has is that they’re losing the fringe idiots, people who are only barely infected.So they are refactoring, trying to shed their ugly image …. they will keep the spidermeans and other full-time morons like that, but these people don’t bring in any new idiots.They need the fringe idiots. Will it work? Well, who is competing for the fringe idiot attention right now … Jerry Springer, Fox, crystal meth, another wife to beat and another prostitute or two …

  • spidermean2

    “angry evangelicals”?I thought it’s the leftist atheist liberals who are the ones always angry. Just compare their internet web pages if you want some sort of proof. Live with them if you’re not convinced.Tim McVeig, Von Brunn, school shooters.. they are not evangelicals but atheist liberal fools.The stupidity of these atheists are so tiring. No wonder they imprison themselves and are not allowed to travel abroad if they rule a (atheist communist) country.Pigs and pearls..pig and pearls.. Why are these people not able to see the value of pearls?Wow, just imagine the idiocy.

  • Counterww

    Farnaz-There are plenty of writers that argue and point to evidence of Jesus also. Lots of conjecture in the those that come up with “logic” or “evidence” or “argument” that he never existed.Jesus was born, died, and rose again.You can choose him or not. To say he did not exist just gives an excuse for not wanting to confront what he had to say or claimed to be. It’s a very minority view that is kind of ridiculous.

  • spidermean2

    If the idiotic atheist fools would believe the prophecy, then it would be an unfulfilled prophecy because for whom will all the said destruction be poured upon?It’s only normal that their ways must not change and they continue to be fools so that the prophecy remains accurate.If the pigs begin to appreciate pearls, then it won’t be a worthwhile saying.The stupidity must continue and Obama’s vomit must fill the whole land until …

  • JoeyAdams

    The christian right is neither.

  • EliPeyton

    Meacham has skillfully designed a little corner of the Compost for the periodic mocking of Christians, no doubt a tribute to his high school. My guess is the hatred has something to do with hyper-fundamentalists from Tennessee Temple whom he no doubt encountered in Chattanooga while growing up there.

  • CalSailor

    Michael Kessler » The founders urged tolerance of religious diversity. They knew that faith flourishes when left alone by government.Michael Kessler’s comment is very astute. Compare this to the religious right’s fear that somehow their brand of religion can’t compete in the open marketplace of ideas. If one is confident of the vitality of one’s faith, why do we need to impose it on others? A faith based on fear, which is what comes through in this new Freedom Federation documents. They are losing the debate on ideas, and they want to impose it on people. Otherwise, they are done.I don’t need my religion supported by the state. A vital faith in a living God will survive just fine on its own.This is the strength of freedom of religion in our society: the freedom to seek a faith that one can commit one’s life to, or a freedom to seek meaning in another way, or in a life of no religion.What a failure to trust in God!Pr Chris

  • CalSailor

    I don’t know about the Jesus that is being talked about in these posts, but the one of the bible never advocated social reform, social justice, nor the overthrow of a repressive government. RJDELEON: I don’t know where you got your ideas from as you quote them, but the Jesus of the bible was the inheritor of the prophets of Israel. Amos, Hosea and Isaiah, just to name three are advocates of social justice. In Luke 4, Jesus introduced himself and his mission with the words from Isaiah: The Spirit of the Lord is upon me; he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor, he has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord.And in Matthew, Jesus says that those who will be commended on the judgment day are those who fed the hungry, clothed the naked, visited those in prison.Dom Helder Camera, priest and martyr said: When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist. The church has ALWAYS been called to social action. The church in Acts describes the earliest church as one that held everything in common; those who had money gave it to the leaders, who provided for all the people. So, please explain your understanding of “social justice”?Pr Chris

  • papafritz57

    Take the money out of “religion” and the Bible would gather dust on old bookshelves. If you want to believe in a God, take your tithe of 10% and give it to the poorest family or person you know. If you need moral guidance, then follow the Ten Commandments. You do not need another person to interpret them for you. The FF is nothing more than the Republican party money arm and there is nothing religious about their aim. Yes, they want a theocratic society, but they want to be the ones who run it. I am convinced that there is very little actual education and literacy among their followers. As long as people look for others to lead them, they’ll gladly stay behind unscrupulous leaders. Republicans lost their way when they decided to use God as their lucky charm, and lo, thousands of fools believed their lies. Most of the neoconservatives who sent the sons and daughters of other Americans to their slaughter in Iraq, did so because they knew they personally would have nothing to lose. They never served in the military themselves and made sure their own children didn’t either. It has always been that way and always will be, until and unless we stop these charlatans.

  • SteveMD2

    For some of the believers here, it is instructive to note that most all the worlds wars were fought either because of, or with the cooperation of religion. Certainly in the west.Religion is nothing but canned BS, intended to terrorize people if they don’t do as they are told, along with the great scam of life after death insurance if they do do as they are told. Of course, there is no proof at all, except for some stories from an age of total ignorance and superstition.If you want to believe in God, that is fine. But the very first commandment should be to use the brain that God gave you. And not pay attention to the power mongers and their hypnotic prayer sessions, where “everybody else is doing it” becomes the excuse to follow. Rather then ask why why why.And what are these so called religious people really afraid of – we are only 25 years away from creating basic life from non- life. And blowing up the story of creation, and with it mankind’s greatest superstition, and source of power and control over others.And ultimately – try to project where we have gone in the last 100 years to the next hundred years, and it seems certain that our minds can be cloned in “computers”. Death will end. We will get to live in a virtual world conncected to the current physical – biological world inhabitants.And God will be the source of power, whatever form it may be, that keeps the computer running and our ‘minds’ intact.And the only question will be whether to keep some of the church builings as monumnets to mankind’s greatest mistake, religion.And perhaps we can go out and populate other worlds with life – that doesn’t have the inate desire to take control of other peoples minds. And life that doesn’t have the greed we see all over the world in our economic systems of a small % filthy rich, and the rest poor.And remember that for the religious right – they want the people poor – because when things are hopeless, more people will flock to their churches in a desperate anything goes desire for ‘salvation’ – from the very people who ruined their life in the first place.

  • leah1946

    If everyone, especially those who say they follow a religious path, paid more attention to their own lives than to the lives of others, they would not have the time or the inclination to spend judging others. You can talk/witness for your diety all you want but it holds little value compared to the life you live. Wasn’t it Christ who invited the person without sin to cast the first stone? There are a lot of people preaching their version of Christianity in these posts…..and throwing stones in their judgment of others. Live your own lives up to the standards of your diety and when you are perfect in this, you can tell others how they should live their lives. How can you “spread the word”, if you cannot follow “the word”?

  • leah1946

    Better yet, how can you “spread the Word” if you cannot “live the Word”?

  • gimpi

    True Christians pray for the world’s redemption, not its destruction. It’s taken me long decades to journey from where you now to seeing how wrong I was. I’ll pray that you learn your lesson faster than I did, in the least costly way possible.If I may ask, how did you get there? I find spidermean’s type of judgemental, blind and mean type of Christianity all to common today, and have found too few who have been willing to talk about leaving it behind. Yet I know some people who have, and found better, more mature and reasonable ways to explore their beliefs (their words, not mine). They have, in general, been unwilling to discuss this transormation, and I haven’t wanted to push.I’ve had to tear up a couple of belief-systems in my time, and I know it can be hard, but I also know sometimes it needs doing. The “my way or you’re all damned” branch of Christinaty seems especially hard to revise, and painful for those that must undertake that revision.So I’m curious. If it’s not too personal to ask, to treetopflyer (or anyone else to whom the question pertains) could you tell me about this spirtual journey?

  • bigbrother1

    No matter what face they put on themselves, the “christian” right (aka the American Taliban) remain the single greatest threat to the country and the freedoms we are supposed to enjoy. These are people who’s stated goal is the destruction of the Constitution and the rule of law. If there was any fairness in the world, they and their followers would be subject to the kinds of harassment that suspected “commies” were in the 1950s. But that wouldn’t be right. Evangelicals deserve the protection of the 1st Amendment as much as anyone. That said, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and these are the ones we have to be vigilant about, always.

  • vballboy60

    Evangelical or orthodox (or whatever general term fits) Christians do not preach the universal love and compassion taught by Jesus. Sometimes their demands that all Americans adopt their “values” is scary. They verge on preaching hate at times. And for whatever reason, they have been seeking larger and larger influence in politics? Religious groups should stay out of politics or be taxed.

  • James210

    Obviously we have several graduates from the Harvard School of Business, Leadership Course’s?I intentionally failed,Farnaz?J

  • TomfromNJ1

    Calsailor -Good point. Your insightful critic of those who claim Christianity had nothing to do with social justice was very well researched and expressed. How anyone could read the Beatitudes and not see social justice is beyond me. And, if the right says all of these things apply to individuals and not the state, I would only ask how they feel about the politicians who say they are personally against abortion but that it does not apply to the state? These people pick and choose what they want from religion to reinforce their political beliefs rather than starting with the religious beliefs as they would want us to think.

  • free_thinker

    By recognizing that the “new” Christian Right has to be more, “kinder, gentler, more nonpartisan” in its approach – does this mean they admit to being the converse in their previous incarnation? Well, if their hierarchy is still presided over by the likes of Donald Wildmon, Phyllis Schlafly, & Tony Perkins, I think NOT!

  • kadafybest

    God said (hat religion in Alqrouan God of Islam ) Muslim Praise God always says yes,Muslim has the problems but always say thank God and ask forgiveness of God mistakes KADAFYBEST

  • kadafybest

    ALLAH said in Quran (that Alqrouan religion with ALLAH is Islam), yes,Muslim he has problems, but always say thank Praise ALLAH and ask forgiveness of ALLAH mistakes KADAFYBEST

  • willandjansdad1

    Donald Wildmon, Phyllis Schlafly, & Tony Perkins…Hard-core haters with a proven track record. I lived down the street from Wildmon in Tupelo and he couldn’t cut it as a Methodist minister. His wife told my Mom back then that they were looking for a ministry where Don didn’t have to preach. His public persona is that of a down-at-the-heels undertaker.

  • ka_albion

    Freedom and Religion cannot exist together in any form of governing partnership.

  • goodgovernment

    If you will research the origins of the so-called evangelical attachment to the Republican party you will see they needed to raise money for the campaigns of candidates who would create a “Christian” government. The Republican party was their choice of a fund-raising tool. They are still at it, through the formation of this FF interest group. The only religon they practice is the religion of greed, selfishness and “I got mine.” I feel like I’m looking at a parasite that has completely taken over the body of the host. The Republican party is no more.


    A NEW RELIGIOUS FEDERATIONThe theme of the Federation is not new; the organization is new. Unfortunately, if its goal is to soften its principles it will be doomed from its beginning. There is no compromise on murdering unborn children.Curiously, one post ask, “If everyone, especially those who say they follow a religious path, paid more attention to their own lives than to the lives of others, they would not have the time or the inclination to spend judging others.”Man is a social creature; he lives in, and depends on a society. What affects one in society affects everyone in that society and therefore, if the social order is disruptive, all that live in that society are affected. Everyone in that society has not just a right, but also a duty, to be concerned about the order and the common good of the society. Therefore, all republics create laws that judge the behavior of others. Our Civil Laws regulate social behavior and our courts judge if one violates them.This same post asks, “How can you spread the word if you can’t live it?” The only two people I know who were perfect were Jesus and His Mother. Consequently, such counsel would proscribe Jesus’ Apostles. To the contrary, Jesus came to save sinners, and for the fallen, He gave His Church the Sacraments, one being Penance to strengthen their resolve.The antagonists, troglodytes, iconoclasts, barbarians, and philistines that form the party on the Left reflect the American majority who has twice elected a sexual pervert and consummate liar, Bill Clinton, and subsequently Obama, a social terrorist, to head America.Under the auspices of the Left, we have murdered some 50 million unborn, legalized sodomy, and we have created the Sexual Revolution and the Culture of Death. Marriage is under assault, and the family is being redefined. The Court’s contempt for the Natural Moral Law, the foundation of all societies was expressed in “Lawrence v. Texas, “when it declared traditional moral values serve no purpose to the State and are not a basis for Civil Law. Is that not the concern of everyone? Hitler, Saddam, Mao, and Stalin did not think so; should we?


    Here we go again. Same crap, different bag.

  • BillSamuel

    Groups have the right to pursue any political agenda they want. I notice Christian is not in the name, and I hope they will not claim to be a Christian group. Jesus Christ certainly did not go around advocating militarism and guns.I am puzzled by Sam Rodriguez’ involvement in this. Not so long ago, he stood for Gospel values. I attended a workshop he led on the consistent ethic of life. This group seems to clearly oppose that ethic. I wonder what happened to him.

  • screwyou

    A “kinder and gentler” group of America-hating theocratic gasbags. Lovely. That’s just what the world needs…

  • probashi

    Too bad that despite the Jesus freaks’ talk about Armageddon (Second Coming) nothing happens. I keep waiting for the whooshing sound of Born Again Christians leaving the earth for heaven. The world would be better off without the bigots but it seems that heaven is not eager to have them. As the saying goes: “the Christian Right is neither Christian nor right.”

  • praxitas

    @CounterwwJesus was NOT a conservative if you understand the meaning of the word. he espoused what amounted at the time to a radical interpretation of the scriptures and the role and responsibilities of mankind in their relationship to each other and God. it was this radicalism and threat to the existing order (i.e. the conservative view) amongst others that cost him his life.

  • Candrew3

    Christians shouldn’t bring their agendas into politics. I love Jesus, but also realize and respect that this nation was formed largely due to religious oppression, and as such we allow a freedom of religion here. Implementing a Christian agenda would kinda go against everything the founding fathers wanted.Also, Jesus preached love, not hate. “Sinners in the hands of an angry God” was so seventeen hundreds. If thats the path you aim to follow, please do the rest of us Christians a favor and re-label yourselves as what yu are, Puritans. God help save the “witches”. Excluding Anne Coulter, of course.

  • Pheidole

    The hardest thing for evangelicals to admit is that they have been repeatedly led astray by irresponsible and/or ignorant leaders who portray God as a card-carrying Republican and who selectively quote the Bible to justify a very cynical, worldly political agenda. This is the kind of gross travesty of true religious faith that, in the Hebrew Bible, caused God to feel he had to send in the Assyrians and the Babylonians to clean up the mess!

  • Grandblvd03

    If most people in this country want a small group of overweight white guys with pompadours telling them what to do, that’s great. Not me.

  • baddabing1

    Reorganizing is fine – but somebody has to remind these guys, and keep reminding them (because they don’t seem to get it) that Americans have a right under the First Amendment to NOT be Christians and NOT live according to conservative Christian doctrine. If they’re actually committed to freedom they need to specify, for each and every one of their proposals, how they will ensure preservation of the rights of individuals who do not agree with their values. Otherwise they’re the same old would-be Christian Taliban they’ve always been.

  • Rationalista

    As usual, Spidermean is obsessed with vomit, blood and “frying atheists” (mmmm…sounds tasty). He’s kind of stuck on one note, isn’t s/he? Being an atheist myself, I find it interesting that CCNL1 got so upset when Farnaz recommended works discussing the historicity of Jesus. CCNL1 says Jesus existed because the Bible says so, but that’s like saying there really is a Hogwarts because I read it in the Harry Potter books. (Christians–please don’t start frothing at the mouth over Harry Potter–it’s fiction, for crying out loud). My point is, Farnaz brings up a real debate that’s taking place among serious scholars now. Can’t we engage the evidence (or lack thereof) as serious thinkers, and not become so quickly partisan? It’s probably too much to ask…And as for the Freedom Federation? Same wolf, I imagine, different wool, but we’ll have to see, won’t we?

  • ggrant9170

    Americans absolutely have a right not to be Christians! Anything else would be “rape”. Christians number one goal is to go out and spread the “good news” Jesus came on earth in human form to save us individually who choose to believe. Jesus also said to follow Him was to help the poor/sick/elderly/less fortunate. There was no instructions for forced worship, wars, or marrying Christianity to Government! As a matter of fact, God refers to governments as beasts in the bible. We as a people should learn when you combine/marry Christian/Government you get things that start of good intentions like the 1. crusades 2.dark ages. both cases tens of millions maybe hundreds of millions of folks were murdered with good intentions. another example, hitler put in bad priest into the papacy that went along with evil. so will we learn or just keep down the same path. WE WILL KEEP DOWN THE SAME PATH OF MARRY RELIGION WITH GOVERNMENT. its in prophecy!

  • ggrant9170

    Government will eventually be one with Religion. Its prophecy and has happened throughout history, so why would now be different? I won’t. they and what i mean by they(politcal well intentioned religious with a zeal to enforce their morality/faith/ideas on others because that is prophecy and it will happen again.Jesus life was one of a kind loving Saviour that loved us human race so much he came down to be stuck on a cross shed his blood to wash away our sins, save us from sin. There was no mention of forced faith, retaliation for His beliefs, wars, or getting back at those that rejected Him. Jesus loves all of us, believers and non believers! Jesus forgives all sins if we choose to believe and have faith in His word. That is all it takes. You don’t have to sign anything, you don’t have to force your morality of what it is to be a Christian on anyone. Being a Christian is a choice, a belief, based on faith. So marrying church/state is a bad bad bad idea folks. Caring for the poor/elderly/sick is a good idea which Jesus instructed His diciples to teach. Stop trying to make Christianity a war like forced religion!if you don’t believe in Christ so be it. the end of discussion. forced religion has a bad word attached to it, its called RAPE!

  • poitoueksophia

    The early Christians were persecuted by the Roman emperors because of their defiance of Roman laws, and their intolerant attitude toward Roman religion. The Roman Catholic Church filled the political and spiritual vacuum left by the decline of Imperial Rome. The Catholic Church brought a systematic theology and orderly structure to the practice of religion in the West for over a thousand years. The schism created by Martin Luther and the emergence of national churches included many elements of the old church; particularly the ideas of central control over religious practice and doctrine, and reconciliation of the church with the needs of the state.So-called puritanism, in all its forms, holds out the promise of a return to the values of the early christians–before the Catholic Church consolidated its power within the Roman Empire. From what I can tell the evangelical movement in America is consistent with the christian movement in Rome in style but not in substance. Like the earlier christians, evangelicals rebel passionately against all forms of temporal power: government, science, arts, and, of course, non-christian religious beliefs.The American evangelical movement resorts to high-and-low ended displays of outward piety, political intimidation, and faux victimhood because they long ago dispensed with using reason and argumentation to advance their cause. One of the reasons for the eventual success of the christian religion was its use of Greek philosophy to counter the arguments of the pagans. The early church fathers co-opted the tools of classical civilization to persuade the powerful Caesars and the powerless minions to convert to christianity. American evangelicals have not demonstrated the will to engage in such rational argumentation. Instead, they seem to believe that appealing to bigotry, fear, and small-mindedness will advance their agenda. ‘This is what I believe. Take it or leave it’, seems to be their only way of dealing with anyone who challenges their faith. But because they do not justify their religious beliefs in a rationally compelling way, why should people respect them? On this last point, they can learn much from St. Paul, St. Jerome, St. Augustine, and St. Anselm.

  • theobserver4

    But those core shared values, found in the new group’s Declaration of American Values, reads more like the Republican Party platform than the Sermon on the Mount. For example, it calls on Christians to oppose progressive tax systems and “to encourage economic opportunity, free enterprise, and free market competition.”It also includes opposition to abortion and homosexuality (emphasis on gay marriage) and support for the Second Amendment, the Ten Commandments (“the freedom to acknowledge God through our public institutions”) and the U.S. military. The new grouping also seems to oppose health care reform and hate crime penalties.

  • Brittman1

    These Falwellians are nothing more than creepy bigots looking to justify their own unique brand of hate – judgmental prigs who love no one and hate everyone who doesn’t subscribe to their twisted dogma.The good thing is that they have lost the war.

  • Karmicquickdraw

    As a dog returns ro its vomit….

  • theobserver4

    But new science shows that it is possible. That matter can be “destroyed” and turned into pure energy. A very loud noise or extreme heat will be generated if such event takes place. Quite similar to the accounts given in the Bible when the Lord will render His final Judgment.

  • imZandor

    “The stereotypical media-exacerbated image of the angry white evangelical will be replaced by an evangelical movement that will reconcile uncompromised values of compassion, truth with mercy, and righteousness with justice,”This sounds like an oxymoron to me!!The Christian right can say they are changing but a zebra can’t change their stripes. They can talk change but they can’t change. They are incapable of real change and true meaningful discussion of Gay rights, the failed war on drugs and even abortion and stem cell research.This is just re-branded pandering to try and maintain power in Washington.The Religious Right needs to STAY OUT OF POLITICS!!! The last 8 years has been a disaster for America under their leadership!!!

  • spidermean2

    The Hiroshima A-bomb is a result of a half gram of matter turned into pure energy. The loud noise and the extreme heat it produced is garguantum. Yes just a half gram of matter “passing away”. And yet the whole universe will “pass away” and only God knows how extreme would that loud noise and extreme heat would be before he appears in the final Judgment.”in the which the heavens shall pass away with a GREAT NOISE, and the elements shall melt with FERVENT HEAT..”How precise these people describes how matter “passes away” despite their seeming lack of education baffles the mind. Unless of course it comes from a HIGHER INTELLIGENCE. The intelligence which created life. And sadly will destroy life “without dying” in hell. Terrible but real. One would think what Jesus said of Judas : “It would have been better if that person was not born”.Tragic and yet those words apply to many people in the world today including lots of posters here.You may accuse me of hatred but that’s not the case. I really pity you folks.


    IN REPLY TO (IRT)IRT:ANS:IRT:ANS:Obama, today, is funneling millions into ACORN, which has openly professed to turn this country into a Socialist nation, has expanded its movement to ACORN International that is spreading social anarchy across the world. “ACORN International moved from Delhi and then Mumbai where demands were made in India on the central banking authorities. Then we had a Twitter report from Toronto where members were inside Scotiabank in downtown Canada. Next, there were pictures of our members inside another Scotiabank in Ottawa making sure the demands were faxed immediately.” These are the same tatics used in America that engendered the collapse of today’s financial system.The Left is also represented by the ACLU that has attempted to banish God from the Public Square. They have gone so far as to even prevent a minute of silence in the Public School classroom and to rescind “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, even to remove the Pledge completely. They have defended gay sex and the removal of all public exhibitions of religion in the public square including the Bible and the Crèche. The ACLU filed an amicus brief for the defense in “Lawrence v. Texas” that ruled to legalize gay-sex. Moreover, the Court ruled that traditional moral values served no legitimate purpose to the State, and that morality could not be a basis of Civil Law because it is relative. The ACLU defended Pornography, prostitution, Abortion, NAMBLA, Nazis, attacked Abstinence programs, and defended Material Evolution that man evolved from matter, negating man’s eternal destiny, an implicit assualt on Christianity and Judaism. .

  • heuristic77

    The myth of christ and the bogus religion named after him are the most wicked and debased things eve to come out of human history.


    IN REPLY TO (IRT)IRT:ANS:The Court has legalized the murder of some 50 million unborn, elevated gay sex to the dignity of conjugal love, assaulted Marriage, denounced the freedom of religion, and proscribed the use of traditional morals as a basis for Civil Law when it is the basis of all Civil Law.Moreover, the Court banned the mention of God in the public square, in a huddle of a football or basketball team, or at a graduation.The Court delegitimized display of the “Ten Commandments” in the Public Square. The Commandments are the inherent, explicit and natural moral laws for all civilizations. The Court rationalized that the Commandments could corrupt the little minds of children, a victory for the anti-religious ACLU and the amoral Left.Consequently, “Thou shalt not murder, steal, lie, covet thy neighbor’s goods, thy neighbor’s wife, commit adultery, and the precept honor your parents can no longer be licitly displayed in the Public Square. In fact, in the eyes of the Court, the Commandments, and all moral laws are relative. Subsequently, morality, on the left, has been rendered subjective and meaningless.Although Christmas is a federally recognized national holiday, the Court ruled the Crèche was henceforth illicit if displayed in the Public Forum.Of course, one could logically argue it was Bill Clinton who set the moral agenda and standards for contemporary America. Hence, the American majority did not mind their leader was arguably a traitor, took bribes, and was accused of rape. Clinton was an unmistakable pervert, a proverbial sexual maniac who molested women, a professed consummated liar, and a perjurer, whose lewd debauchery disgraced the Presidency. In an implicit endorsement of Clinton’s social virtues, the majority re-elected him. Unfortunately, Obama has enlisted the Clinton cronies to finish the destruction of the moral culture that originally made this nation the greatest nation in history.

  • lewes17266

    to heuristic77the most wicked and debased things ever to come out of human history are the famous millionaire televangelists who feign holiness, words of knowledge, and healings on tv in order to capitalize on gullible, desperate souls.

  • heuristic77

    Is Benny Hinn a member of cabal of excrement eaters? He’s the most predatory of the lot and fabulously wealthy. Visit his web site and sign up for his “automatic giving plan” and receive a pair of Jerusalem candlesticks! Or you can buy any number of over priced religious gewgaws, like dog tags inscribed with the Lord’s Prayer. A bargain at only $100. Or a set of “Psalm 91 Bracelets,” essentially three rubber bands with crap from the bible written on them. A steal at only $10.00. He travels the world fleecing the gullible, even in the poorest of third world countries. The list of his crimes goes on and on, like a rap sheet from hell. The FF would love him. Hey, you reap what you sow. It’s in the bible. Thank you Jesus!

  • HumanSimpleton

    Christians believe in a three-in-one god who impregnated his virgin mother to be born as his own son so that he may sacrifice himself on the cross to spare his own creation from his own wrath.Fitting that the humanly insane worship the divinely insane!

  • HumanSimpleton

    The ACLU defended Pornography, prostitution, Abortion, NAMBLA, Nazis, attacked Abstinence programs, and defended Material Evolution that man evolved from matter, negating man’s eternal destiny, an implicit assualt on Christianity and Judaism..POSTED BY: TTWSYFAMDGGAHJMJ2 ..and Oliver North, and Rsh Limbaugh among others.Thank you, ACLU!Christians believe in a three-in-one god who impregnated his virgin mother to be born as his own son so that he may sacrifice himself on the cross to spare his own creation from his own wrath.Fitting that the humanly insane worship the divinely insane!

  • HumanSimpleton

    Jesus was born, died, and rose again.POSTED BY: COUNTERWW So was Zeus!

  • HumanSimpleton

    How stupid do you have to be to believe in Jesus’s divinity?Pretty fornicating insane, I tellya!

  • HumanSimpleton

    The Bible’s words are firm. Science makes mistakes but not the Bible.100 percent, all the atheists posters here will fry and I feel very sorry for you folks.100%. No doubt about that.David Waters, aren’t you afraid that your beliefs don’t differ so much with atheists?POSTED BY: SPIDERMEAN2 | JULY 5, 2009 10:39 AM LOL