America’s secular saboteurs

By Bill DonohuePresident, Catholic League There are many ways cultural nihilists are busy trying to sabotage America these days: multiculturalism … Continued

By Bill Donohue
President, Catholic League

There are many ways cultural nihilists are busy trying to sabotage America these days: multiculturalism is used as a club to beat down Western civilization in the classroom; sexual libertines seek to upend the cultural order by attacking religion; artists use their artistic freedoms to mock Christianity; Hollywood relentlessly insults people of faith; activist left-wing legal groups try to scrub society free of the public expression of religion; elements in the Democratic party demonstrate an animus against Catholicism; and secular-minded malcontents within Catholicism and Protestantism seek to sabotage their religion from the inside.

Yesterday’s radicals wanted to tear down the economic structure of capitalism and replace it with socialism, and eventually communism. Today’s radicals are intellectually spent: they want to annihilate American culture, having absolutely nothing to put in its place. In that regard, these moral anarchists are an even bigger menace than the Marxists who came before them.

If societal destruction is the goal, then it makes no sense to waste time by attacking the political or economic structure: the key to any society is its culture, and the heart of any culture is religion. In this society, that means Christianity, the big prize being Catholicism. Which explains why secular saboteurs are waging war against it.

When Jesse Jackson led students at Stanford University in the late 1980s screaming, “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Culture’s Got to Go,” it was a way of undermining this nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage. When Yale University returned $20 million to Lee Bass in the 1990s because the faculty objected to its being used to expand its Western civilization curriculum–they wanted multiculturalism–it showed the power of radical secularists.

Sexual libertines, from the Marquis de Sade to radical gay activists, have sought to pervert society by acting out on their own perversions. What motivates them most of all is a pathological hatred of Christianity. They know, deep down, that what they are doing is wrong, and they shudder at the dreaded words, “Thou Shalt Not.” But they continue with their death-style anyway.

Secular saboteurs have often seized the arts to make a statement. That’s why the blasphemous often tracks the obscene: if the goal is to put an artistic dagger into the heart of culture, then it makes sense to use all the ammo available by attacking the sacred. And they are certainly masters of that art. From scatological artistic exhibitions to the latest obscene installation, the charlatans have succeeded in politicizing the arts and denigrating Christianity.

There was a time when Hollywood made reverential movies about Christianity. But those days are long gone. Now they just insult. And when someone finally makes a film that makes Christians proud, he is run out of town. Were it not for Mel Gibson, there would have been no “Passion of the Christ.” But for every Harvey Weinstein who likes to bash Catholics, there is always someone else waiting in the wings to do the same.

The ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State harbor an agenda to smash the last vestiges of Christianity in America. Lying about their real motives, they say their fidelity is to the Constitution. But there is nothing in the Constitution that sanctions the censorship of religious speech. From banning nativity scenes to punishing little kids for painting a picture of Jesus, the zealots give Fidel a good run for his money.

Catholics were once the mainstay of the Democratic Party; now the gay activists are in charge. Indeed, practicing Catholics are no longer welcome in leadership roles in the Party: the contempt that pro-life Catholics experience is palpable. The fact that Catholics for Choice, a notoriously anti-Catholic front group funded by the Ford Foundation, has a close relationship with the Democrats says it all.

Secularists within Catholicism and Protestantism are so out of control that it makes one wonder how any serious-minded person would ever accuse these religions of being oppressive. Insubordination of the most flagrant kind is routinely tolerated in a way that would never be countenanced at the New York Times, yet the bad rap always goes to Christians. We’re not talking about those pushing for moderate reforms: we’re talking about termites eating away from within.

The only way secular saboteurs can be stopped is by an alliance of religious conservatives across faith lines. The good news is that this is already happening. In the fight over gay marriage, the scorecard is 30-0: traditional Catholics, evangelical Protestants, Orthodox Jews, Orthodox Christians, Muslims, and Mormons, along with a big contribution from the Latino and African American communities, have succeeded in throwing a roadblock at this crazy idea.

The culture war is up for grabs. The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits, while secular saboteurs have shut down: they’re too busy walking their dogs, going to bathhouses and aborting their kids. Time, it seems, is on the side of the angels.

Bill Donohue is President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. He is author of the new book “Secular Sabotage: How Liberals Are Destroying Religion and Culture in America,” published by FaithWords.

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  • razzl

    This is one of those diatribes that’s impossible to answer in its specifics, and there wouldn’t be any point, because people like Donohue construct a world inside their own heads which are impervious to fact or reason. The lesson we can take away from this is that old social class resentments still run deep in the society and some of the walking wounded are walking time bombs…

  • justiceandgrace

    He says that he is defending Christianity, but all I hear is his own frustration and anger. I recall Jesus saying, “Love your enemies.”

  • acebojangles

    The one positive to be taken from this rant is that Mr. Donahue is wrong about time being on the side of the “angels”. Polls about gay marriage tend to break down starkly along age lines with the young supporting this “crazy idea” much more often than their elders.

  • bdc9977

    Why is Donohue so angry? Anger, insults, and contempt for those who disagree are all modern religious leaders seems to give us. If Donohue and other of his ilk want to expand the reach of Christianity, how about beginning by following Jesus’ direction to love your enemies and to turn the other cheek. Do good things for others, live by example, and show people what religion would add to their lives. Don’t just quote bible verses, tell people they are going to hell, and demand the world turn to your point of view or else. Why would anyone want to join up for that?The growth of contempt for religion is not the fault of non believers. It is the fault of believers who have lost sight of their duties as Christians to behave as Jesus did. Jesus taught us to love, not to hate. And btw, Mr. Donohue, Jesus did it without ever raping any young boys in his flock.

  • onofrio

    DonohuePining for the day

  • onofrio

    Bill Donahue writes:O for the days when repressed gays – properly, piously curbed and robed – were the mainstay of the Catholic priesthood, eh Bill? Not enough sturdy Catholic guilt around these days to herd those boys into chasubles…You’ve seen the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Bill? That masterpiece of homoerotic display? Dontcha love those pert little walnuts garnishing the great epic…For those who can’t make it to the Vatican, there’s the local crucifix, its lissome youth spitefully spread, loins tastefully draped for the children’s sake, and to shield the pious from temptation…And you’ve seen Bernini’s St Teresa in ecstasy? That paradigm of nunly porn? What a shame not more women drape themselves modestly in the burqa, and relocate their wombs to their hearts, there to receive the burning arrows of divine love… And no doubt you’ve rejoiced in those Iberian dead Christs, with their lovingly carved bleeding holes like man-wombs, all in lurid polychrome? Gibson has…Do you practice rigorous mortification of your flesh with whip, cilice, and hair shirt? No? Surely then you endorse it fulsomely for those who attain to sainthood…De Sade is unthinkable sans such foregrounds and foundations.

  • onofrio

    Bill Donahue wrote:And such lovely looking boys they are, eh Bill? All milky skinned, golden haired, and fetchingly draped. You might even *take* one for a girl…If you try very hard with your mortifications, one might deign to finger your wounds, or better still, usher you up to kiss Christ’s.

  • onofrio

    Bill Donahue wrote:And while Hollywood was cranking out The Robe, Ben Hur, King of Kings, and Quo Vadis, cast, producers, and crew of same were all busily entagled in their carnal Babylon. That’s how you like it to be, isn’t it Bill. Let all the serpents seethe, so long as the veneer is a blue-eyed Christ.Rather like Mons Vatic-anus…Veneer, Vidi, Vici.

  • Freethotlib

    Time may be on the side of the Angels but the contempt conservative religious zealots have for our laws would amaze even the Angels. Two examples:Where was the Catholic leadership when its priests were abusing children? They were forgiving and transferring the criminals. AND ignoring the hideous crimes against innocents. How many instances of abuse could have been prevented had the Catholic leaders done right rather than throw the victims under the bus while transferring the abusers? Is this the conservative religious leadership Mr. Donohue is talking about? If it is, then he should follow the Pope’s lead and FORGIVE those he is ranting against. A good Catholic forgives!Or is he talking about the Bush Justice Department’s blatant disregard for civil service hiring rules by (Christian?) lawyer, trained at an evangelical college? In this case, it was okay to violate the law because she had accepted Christ and knew that he forgave her. Or, she was just arrogant.I prefer the leadership of ordinary men and women to that of GOD’s soldiers. Such is safer for humanity.

  • Schaum

    Donohue lives in his own reality. Which he is certainly entitled to do, like the rest of us. But he uses inflammatory catch phrases like “libertine” and “culture” and “agenda to smash the last vestiges of Christianity in America”, all of which can mean something (which he does not bother to define or clarify) or nothing at all. He is a whiner, and he is whining very shrilly. Well, get used to it buddy…the times are changing and you are falling far behind.

  • Alex511

    fr the article:>…They know, deep down, that what they are doing is wrong, and they shudder at the dreaded words, “Thou Shalt Not.”…Bill, I suggest YOU start off with “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and “Judge not, lest YE be judged.”. Just some suggestions for you, from a married Christian GAY woman.

  • arminius3142

    Donohue, it is sadly obvious that you have never read the Gospels. I mean READ them, not give them lip service while you dredge all the tribal hatred you can from other sources to support your despite of all that Jesus teaches and loves. I pity you, and all your pathetic kind. You are an enemy of true Christianity.

  • nevermeant

    It seems Bill’s touchhole is clenched so tightly around the shell of a half-century-old, dusty, outgrown Catholic (read: white) viewpoint that the pinkie of truth can’t even slip in.

  • onofrio

    “You are an enemy of true Christianity.”Ah, that scarce beast, rare as a thylacine,of which so much is heard, and so little seen.

  • gratefolks

    I’m a Jew, Bill. Am I doomed to hell? Are you hoping I end up there?

  • arminius3142

    And by the way, Donohue,

  • onofrio

    Correct, Arminius.

  • arminius3142

    Onofrio, I forgot to mention – that was a nice couplet.

  • pseudonymousinnc

    Who died to make Bill Donohue Pope?Last time I checked, the Catholic Church wasn’t lacking in hierarchy, so while Mr Donohue has proven highly successful at getting on TV, plugging his books, and shouting about everything that annoys him, he has precisely zero authority to speak for Catholics.

  • weavermiami

    Radical Christian soldiers always looking for a new war to wage, a new battle to fight, an new arrow to sling, a new enemy to slaughter. Enough.

  • nunivek

    This rant generally has little to no constructive material in it. I generally disagree with much of the article and certainly the tone.

  • harrumph1

    The WaPo gives us the opportunity to report offensive comments, but for some reason, I could not find this option for the main essay by Bill Donohue, easily one of the more offensive things I have read on this web site.

  • ceblakeney

    One of the reasons I fled the Catholic Church well over 30 years ago was to get away from overindulged, fat old white guys (in dresses or otherwise) deciding what the rules were. Too bad the Almighty still has put up with them speaking on Her behalf.

  • sasquatchbigfoot

    The anarchists are winning, led by the ultimate enemy, the disaffected former Catholics. Bill, your church is living on borrowed time.

  • ccnl1

    Billy D. sounds like Henry VIII, the founder of the Anglican/Episcopalian Church!!!

  • harrumph1

    Where is the option to report offensive comment for Donohue’s essay itself?

  • clogwearer

    Hey Bill Donahue:

  • rwolf01

    I am not a radical. I’m far from “intellectually spent” (and I have the patents to prove it). I have perfectly clear values, morals and respect for culture and civalization.But as a scientist and a gay man I simply have no use, or room in my life, for your bitter devisive kind of religion.In a way, this shrill desperate rant seems like proof that the church has lost it’s death grip on society. The catholic league and the taliban are really not so different. You are both lost in the modern world and desperately clinging to ancient superstitions. It’s fine. I really don’t care what you think, but I draw the line at suicide bombings and any other attacks on actual civalization in the name of your god.Frankly, I think the world would be a lot better off if we gave free psychiatric help, including anti- depressant or antisychotic drugs, to anyone who hears voices, talks to ghosts, or thinks all the answers to lifes mysteries can be found in some ancient badly written collections of short stories. (Koran, Bible, whatever.)Thank god the US is not a theocracy. If it were, bitter loonies like you would be in actual positions of authority, and we’d be no better off than Iran or Afgahnistan.

  • harrumph1

    PS re “secular saboteurs have shut down: they’re too busy … aborting their kids.”I am wondering whether the rate of abortion is really higher for “secularists” than it is for poor undereducated Christians in this country. The “secularists” are generally smart enough to use birth control, a common sense approach that even the Pope and his gang are too stupid to accept for Catholics in the world.

  • clogwearer

    “The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits, while secular saboteurs have shut down: they’re too busy walking their dogs, going to bathhouses and aborting their kids. Time, it seems, is on the side of the angels.”NOW we know why the knuckle-dragging military-christianity complex is against birth control!

  • sannhet

    Is Bill Donohue a serious person? This is utter nonsense. Shame on Meacham and Quinn for thinking this essay was even worthy of discussion. If Donohue’s essay represents conservative intellectual thought, then heaven help us all.

  • pdxer

    “The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits, while secular saboteurs have shut down: they’re too busy walking their dogs, going to bathhouses and aborting their kids.”The Washington Post is really publishing this crap? Everyone connected with the Post should be ashamed of how their once fine newspaper has become garbage.

  • Counterww

    Donahue, judging by the venom spewed at you by the wonderful people on this forum , you hit the bullseye…..What is that saying[ “me thinks you protest too much”Keep up the good work. The fools on this board are all in a tizzy.

  • washpost29

    What can one say in response?Good, at least, to be reminded first hand that there’s still a dangerously loony swath of America demented enough to think they are at war with a world that’s out to get them.

  • homer4

    Oh for the magical days of the 1950s when women knew their place, those colored folks couldn’t vote, and everyone pretended that the priests were celibate straight men!!! So where exactly is the “Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights”? How many people are employed by this organization? Or is it, as Kathy Griffin once noted, a lonely old white man in front of a computer…

  • kingcranky

    Poor Bill Donohue, so irrelevant, so whiny.

  • CAC2

    This man has absolutely no idea what real Christianity means, and perfectly shows why after being raised Catholic and attending 12 years of Catholic schools, I can no longer in good conscience call myself a Catholic. It makes me very sad that my religious tradition has been stolen by angry religious zealots with more of an interest in politics than God. I think they are in for a rude awakening when they come face-to-face with Him someday and have to explain themselves.

  • pgr88

    I agree with many of the posters here – homosexuals, some posing as priests, are the main cause of sexual-abuse of children, especially young boys.

  • weareone

    Mr. Donohue’s rant is so poorly written and sophomoric that I honestly thought that it was a joke. He appears to be in need of medication or something that will calm him down and help to peel himself from the ceiling.He’s moved himself into the paranoid hate-mongering, not-making-a-bit-of-sense territory. He’ll probably dwell in that house forever. Sad. Really sad. And scary.

  • Chops2

    Relax Bill, seriously…. The America that the world loves is not red state America, its the NY’s and San Frans where diversity and tolerance are more representative of the American brand than narrow minded religious bigots who need to just accept that humanity is moving on beyond brone age doctrines of morality.As i said b4, take a deep breath mate, chill out a bit.

  • markbau

    Is this guy for real? What a trip! Lot’s of anger in his words, if he truly believes what he writes I actually feel a bit sorry for him. “The heart of any culture is religion” For some I guess.

  • micron26

    Is this a joke?This offesnive, absurd and cliched screed wouldn’t get published in a respectable college newspaper. Why is it on the WP website?Keep to the church newsletters, Bill.

  • TheAuthor

    One question… Since most Americans claim to be Christian, and since Catholicism is by far the single largest sect within America’s Christian population, where does this victimization come from? Christians number far more than all the card-carrying ACLU members, Democratic party members, assertive feminists, avowed secularists, Hollywood movers and shakers, and “sexual libertines” combined. If the supermajority is so very afraid of, and outraged by, the minority, they must not have a great deal of faith in their own beliefs.

  • kls1

    It’s one thing to disagree with the author. But when people attack the Washington Post for publishing the opinion piece itself, the saying comes to mind, “methinks thou dost protest too much.”

  • MJR3

    Mr. Donohue should request a constitutional amendment to install an office of Holy Inquisition into Acts Against Christian American Culture. “American culture” being an oxymoron defined by oxy-contin addled morons.

  • andio76

    Marquis de Sade….Wasn’t he FRENCH?…How does he destroy AMERICAN culture???I wonder if beads of sweat formed on his forehead while he typed this rant….That’s right Bill…lick the spittle from the corners of your mouth.

  • daniel12

    The man here is over the top, but in one area there is certainly room for concern. A great deal of the liberal agenda is for white people to become a minority group such as blacks, Latinos, etc.–in other words a call for America not to have a dominant culture within which people integrate but rather be a multiculturality. By 2050 demographics predictions show all other peoples taken together being in the majority in comparison to whites. This is frightening because wherever we look in the world and find a nation which is composed of many different ethnic groups, religions, etc. we see conflict, economic failure, etc. All one has to say is Lebanon; the former Yugoslavia; Iraq and so on. But liberals in America apparently fear nothing of this. They think America can beat the odds on this problem. They fail to observe all by which the odds can possibly be beat was discovered and created by white people (count all the patents and see how they break along racial, ethnic group lines). Essentially we have white people creating a culture which should become multicultural and downplay white achievements (the dead white man story) and this multiculturality is not only not considered a danger but an improvement–that society will be improved by multiculturality. But is this born out by history? Certainly no one expects any European country or Asian country or Israel to increasingly become multicultural. It seems only the U.S. is SUPPOSED TO, that anything other is oppression, a lack of human rights, etc. I just hope the liberals are right that there is nothing to fear, because they are going to get to see the results of their efforts–America is without a doubt moving in the direction liberals desire, and there is nothing to be done about it. I think liberals should reflect carefully, because if their ideas result in economic decline, internal conflict, they will be discredited for years to come, just like the more radical elements in their party have been discredited by the collapse of the Soviet Union. Reflect carefully on what you desire. You might get more than you asked for. But just as the country is becoming more in line with the liberal agenda it is reflecting less and less on what might become of it. Just reflect for a moment on the liberal agenda: the supposed creation of a secular state beyond religion, race, ethnic groups. But paradoxically room for every race, ethnic group, religion. That is a lot to ask for. Has any nation been successful at this project? Certainly for it to succeed we must become citizens like we never have before, completely responsible and enlightened–with a firm grasp on what goes by the name civics and so much more. Can we do it? The least we know is we are headed in the direction of the liberal agenda. The rest is unknown.

  • lee8798

    The author of this article is the leader of a Catholic extremist group… he’s a scaremonger.The lead paraphrase to this article shows us all just how arrogant and hateful the man really is… he refers to those who want a separation of church and state as “cultural nihilists” because they’re mostly Atheists.But nihilism is to believe in nothing. And as an atheist I can tell you there’s plenty of things I believe in… For example, I believe religion is the most hateful, evil, murderous and toxic idea ever devised by con men and liars and charming freeloaders throughout human history. And my belief in that idea is every bit as strong and unshakeable as Mr Donahue’s belief in his silly fairy tales.But in his mind I’m a nihilist because if I don’t believe in his god, then in his mind I believe in nothing.And people say I’M arrogant… lol… this guy is one of the world’s biggest jokes.Peace

  • TheAuthor

    A couple of thoughts for Daniel12… During the 1980s and 1990s, I lived in the Middle East and Europe, while working for a very large American company and many western European countries today are far more multicultural than is the United States. France, Germany, and England, for example, have far higher percentages of people from minority groups living within their borders than does the United States.Secondly, I would like to understand how you know that white people hold so many more patents than people from minority groups. It may well be so, because whites outnumber all the minorities combined, but since the patent office does not keep racial data on patent applications, this must be pure speculation and not based in any verifiable facts.And let’s not forget the sentiment that America and Lady Liberty proudly display to the world…”Give me your tired, your poor,

  • MyCut

    This article is proof of how religion can drive one mad.

  • katavo

    As with all True Believers, and more especially for those who once felt themselves in power, this man mistakes the urge to free ourselves from religious oppression with the urge to free ourselves from religion. And this in a general overall sense I mean.I was never infected with religion Bob, so I have no need or desire to free myself from it. I have no desire to free you from it, no desire to stop anybody from having their religion as they see fit.Who is stopping you from being Catholic? Christian? Who is stopping you from being a religious fanatic? Who is telling you that you can’t say these ugly things you say about everybody who isn’t … you?One can only imagine the horror of life in these United States with men such as Bob Donahue controlling the religious police. And you who call yourselves Protestants … your antecedents already fought war after war with these Catholics in Europe. Are you going to ally yourself with this kind of man? Do you think having Christian control of the government here is going to lead to anything less than war between you once again?Lastly, Bob, you are an ugly little man with a hate-filled heart. Keep your religion to yourself, imagine that – you’ll never hear from these nihilists again. And the day is coming, Bob, when humanity will in fact be free of religion completely. We’ll cast it off as we have cast off Alchemy, Astrology, and witch hunting. It will die because it will become useless, not because these people you whine about have tried to destroy it but rather because your own kind will begin to ignore it.We don’t have to do a thing. Stay with the ugly, Bob, you’re doing the unbelievers a bigger favor than you know.

  • nomad2

    Why is this garbage on the front page of the Post? Pity…

  • bobbarnes

    Please get your religion out of my government.

  • MarineBugler

    He is just afraid that what the first “American Christians” did to the Native Americans, who were here first, will happen to “his people”. Remember, it was “All in the name of the Lord”! Give me a break.

  • steveboyington

    Ahhh. Having women sit down and shut up and do what we men say. That is a culture now? You can have it, then. I’ll take today.

  • billjames0

    This insane essay is extremely offensive. He is surely not speaking for the majority of Catholics? Such hatred of others is completely against the tenets of Catholic faith. No wonder that the church is in such decline with spokesmen such as him. To me, your ideas, sir, are blasphemy, a true perversion of Christian values and Christ’s teachings.

  • patmatthews

    I cannot believe this is being offered as anything in reality. Stating that America was founded on Judai-Christian attitudes is 180 degrees out of the truth. America wqs founded on religious freedom alone and not based on any Judai-Christian, Muslim, Buddhist views, but the freedom to choose for oneself without any reservation.To make a connection between Democrats and American religion is totally wrong with respect to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and every other document of American Equality. Obviously this article was written by one of those Christian School Graduates; GOP; that has a narrow view on the world that only includes them as in charge and the rest of us as following them.Patrick

  • elgropo1

    The Philistines are out today! Keep swingin’ that jawbone, Bill!

  • wvining

    Now where have I heard such talk? Oh, yeah: “I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped this happen.'” Yup, Jerry Falwell. Religious extremist, homophobe, and hell-dweller (if you believe in the afterlife), blaming those he hated for 9/11. Can you say “demagogue buffoon”?Morons like Bill Donahue and Jerry Falwell DO NOT LIVE THEIR LIVES as Christ did. They are just posers looking for publicity. If Jesus was alive today, he’d urinate on these fools.

  • kentuckienne

    I’ll believe in the radical homosexual agenda when someone shows me the radical homosexual day planner. Until then, I’ll believe in people just like me, who deserve to love and be loved, no matter what hatred Mr. Donahue may spew.

  • burtonpaul

    Wow. Wow. This is one of the most paranoid, ignorant pieces of fear-mongering hooey I have ever read. Swap roles and insert Catholic or evangelical in all the places he references liberal or radical and you have a mirror image of what secularists believe the church is doing to this world. This comment strikes me as particularly absurd: “Secular saboteurs have often seized the arts to make a statement”.Anyone, and I mean anyone, with a modicum of education knows that the church has been the single biggest supporter of the arts throughout human history. If not for the church, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and dozens of other people we consider masters would not have painted tens of thousands of masterpieces including such miracles as The Last Supper or the ceilings of many dozens of cathedrals around the world.

  • Carstonio

    “I’ll believe in the radical homosexual agenda when someone shows me the radical homosexual day planner. “Yes, that phrase amounts to fearmongering because it implies that the agenda involves trying to convert all straight people. It would be cartoonish if there weren’t so many straights who seem to genuinely feel threatened by gays. I’m straight and I say the real threat is when any group is the target of such McCarthyist scapegoating.

  • DawgFan

    What a loon. He should seek psychiatric care immediately.

  • burtonpaul

    “The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits” … Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing if they were collectively more intelligent than a rabbit.

  • blinwilly

    since the death of your christ the christian religion has hads more blood on it’s hands than any other religion. your holy book is full of heros that would slice the throat of his child, give up his daughters to be raped have sex with their daughters, sons who had sex with them. Leaders who will have good men killed to get their wife and kill all who disagree with them, so i have no pity for you.religion has been one of the most destructive of forces in history tring to keep us all in the dark and ignorant or dead.

  • katavo

    “… yet the bad rap always goes to Christians. …”No, Bob, the bad rap always goes to your type of Christians. And to you.And this up for grabs culture war … you already lost it even if you don’t know it. Most of the rest of us aren’t fighting it anymore, if we ever did. The entire notion of a culture war was invented by you and Jerry Fallwell and Pat Robertson … are you sure you want to be associated with these men?They are the some of the most evil people our country has ever produced, and it was not because they were Christian. They were evil despite being Christian, or their claims to being Christian.It is good to see your kind dying off. Your days were numbered to begin with, it appears you have exceeded your fresh date already. Now go climb into the dumpster and rot like a good little fanatic.

  • ccnl1

    What Billy D. should have said about homosexuality but did not:Hmmm, the NT says nothing about gay sex? Au Contraire!!! Thou shalt Not Commit Adultery and Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbors Wife/Husband/Partner with the corollary of Thou Shalt Not Fornicate pertain not only to heterosexual couples but also homosexual couples. This probably is no concern to non-Christians or non-Jews but it should be a major concern to those religious types that believe in the teachings of the OT, NT, the Commandments and all of its corollaries. So we have a Christian God who supposedly created all of us to include homosexuals. Said God is therefore responsible for the defective gene/mind-set that causes homosexuality? One might conclude from this that the Christian God would therefore approve same-sex unions since that is the only sin-free state where any type of couple-sex can be performed.

  • bdunn1

    This is a parody, right? Maybe from the 13th century? This Donohue sounds dangerously warped. Wonder what’s in his closet.

  • khote14

    What a despicable little man. I feel like washing the dirt off of my eyes just having read it.

  • WmarkW

    Yes, western culture has problems and liberal solutions are not the answer, but neither is religion. We need to establish a fact-based society.FACT: Cultures are not equal, and the traditional West’s is better than most.FACT: Demographic groups have important differences in intelligence and preferences, and discrepancies in achievement are NOT proof of societal barriers.FACT: Two parents are better than one, and a demographic that doesn’t practice it is handicapping itself.FACT: Traditional gender roles were NOT based on JUST sexism.FACT: Creationism is crap. Even belief in God has no evidentiary basis.FACT: Western society really began advancing when it threw off the primacy of religion 500 years ago.OPINION: Both the right and left wings have fables they prefer over facts. The right’s is traditional religion. The left’s is belief in universal equality of ability and culture.OPINION: The most important thing America needs to do is throw off our speech and print restrictions on potential offensiveness and start honestly discussing these issues.

  • dougenglish

    This just leaves me wondering: why do conservatives hate America?

  • gimpi

    “The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits, while secular saboteurs have shut down: they’re too busy walking their dogs, going to bathhouses and aborting their kids. Time, it seems, is on the side of the angels.”It’ hard to know how to respond to this. I’ve never seen anything so vicious and irresponsible from the actual correspondents on this site, only the bloggers and responders. This is something of a shocker, and one of the best posts showing why I, personally, have such difficulty trusting conservative Christians. In the case of this man, he really seems to want to rule the world. And here I thought “freedom” was a true conservative value. Freedom to do as he says, in his case. How dare people live their lives as they see fit, for their own beliefs and happiness, not deferring to his ideals. OOHH NOOO Mr. Bill!However, one comment on his final point, quoted above. Religion does not “breed true” in any sense. Many Americans will change their religion over the course of their lives. Religious freedom and all that, don’t you know. That, in part is why we tend to be more intense on the subject. Converts often are. A few personal examples; My husband was raised Episcopalian, his family comes from Mormon roots, and he is now pretty much a Taoist. His daughter was raised Mormon by his ex-wife, she is now Wiccan. I was raised generic Christian by a believing father and questioning mother, and am currently most firmly in the “none of the above” category. This background is part of what drew me to sites like this one. I’m interested in the diversity of the dance.These are typical American stories. If Mr. Donohue is counting on “…breeding like rabbits,” in order to enforce his rule on the nation, I think he’s in for a disappointment. It is to be hoped for, anyway.

  • tomfin69

    I cannot believe the WP actually printed this diatribe against society of which Donahue is just striving for attention and you took the bait.

  • gimpi

    “FACT: Cultures are not equal, and the traditional West’s is better than most.I’m not sure where you get your “facts” but they are certainly in dispute. I know Chinese and Japanese people who are just as sure of the superiority of their culture. And any genetic researcher worth their salt will tell you there really are no genetic difference between groups of modern humans. “Races” as we perceive them are an illusion, so all that’s left in the differences in your “demographic groups” is culture, of which bias is a very real part. Knowing the difference between facts and opinions is very important, at least as important as the open dialogue you say you want. Without that knowledge, and respect for it, no real dialogue can take place.

  • cmckeonjr

    Funny thing is, in the lost world of the past Donahue longs for, he would be an outcast among his own kind. He is divorced.

  • Hillman1

    For a Christian this author sure is full of hate.And apparenty he has no problem with bearing false witness.First, the ACLU. He paints them as Christian-haters. He neglects to mention that they spent a ton of money protecting the rights of Christian street preachers to preach on streetcorners in Las Vegas.And secularists go to bath houses? Really? I live in a major US city (DC). And I know of exactly one bath house, which is on the verge of shutting down because of lack of business.And the MCC is one of the largest growing churches in the US. And it is a gay-welcoming church.Painting gays as Christ-haters is just plain wrong. It’s a lie.And lying is a sin.

  • stantheman1

    Good good. If this is the voice of Catholicism then it surely contains the seeds of its own destruction and deserves its downfall. Donohue gives no particular reason that anyone should be reverent toward Catholicism, only laments the fact that it does not hold sway over millions as it once did. Why does he think that is? Maybe because it was wrong about many things – the role of women, the possibility of loving gay relationships, priestly celibacy (which leads in to the rape of children), the morality of invading the rest of the world in the name of god – the age of the earth and its position in the universe, for that matter. Why would so many people, allegedly created by god, be doing things that “they know deep down are wrong”? Christianity has no special claim on our reverence unless it earns it. Donohue is surely not going to help it do that.

  • hbc1

    “The ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State harbor an agenda to smash the last vestiges of Christianity in America.”This whole piece is a disorganized mishmash of unsupported claims, but this point really stood out to me. “Last vestiges?” If Christianity was truly tottering on the brink of annihilation, how on God’s earth can they generate a majority vote to stop gay marriage? Believer or secularist, I think we can all see the contradiction of logic (and math) here.Psst, Mr. Donahue. When you want to argue two opposing theories, it’s best to split them into two different articles. It’s harder to catch that way.

  • WmarkW

    “I’m not sure where you get your “facts” but they are certainly in dispute. I know Chinese and Japanese people who are just as sure of the superiority of their culture. And any genetic researcher worth their salt will tell you there really are no genetic difference between groups of modern humans. “Races” as we perceive them are an illusion, so all that’s left in the differences in your “demographic groups” is culture, of which bias is a very real part.”China and Japan are two of the cultures and demographics that quite likely are equal to the West’s, possibly even superior. Here’s a global IQ map:

  • gimpi

    “FACT: Cultures are not equal, and the traditional West’s is better than most.I’m not sure where you get your “facts” but they are certainly in dispute. I know Chinese and Japanese people who are just as sure of the superiority of their culture. And any genetic researcher worth their salt will tell you there really are no genetic difference between groups of modern humans. “Races” as we perceive them are an illusion, so all that’s left in the differences in your “demographic groups” is culture, of which bias is a very real part. Knowing the difference between facts and opinions is very important, at least as important as the open dialogue you say you want. Without that knowledge, and respect for it, no real dialogue can take place.

  • t1123

    Oh for the good old days. When no one else except those good old christian boys had a voice. Anyone who didn’t fit in was considered either a degenerate, outcast, sinner, criminal or any and all combinations of these. Stop your belly aching, Billy, times have changed — but not all that much. There’s still a lot of changes coming. And, yes, Islam will be the dominant religion throughout the world – not Christianity or Catholicism. Think you’re upset now, just wait until then. Oh you neglected to mention the sexual abuse of children by priests that has gone for decades and how the Church let it happen. Denied, defended and covered up the abuses. And you wonder why people seek changes. Why did Wash Post even print this diatribe. Just a spewing of angry opinions without any backup.

  • andyinbethesda

    Why would the Post have such hateful garbage posted as legitimate opinion? Are you going to let Osama be a guest commentator next week?

  • lafont1

    Donohue.The perfect example of why I am a secularist.Thank you for reinforcing the certainty of my belief, with thanks to Christopher Hitchens, “religion poisons everything”.

  • DaveR1

    “…too busy walking their dogs, going to bathhouses and aborting their kids. “What an interesting world Mr. Donohue lives in. There really is no way to address his “arguments”, since he gets to make up his own facts and most of us are restricted to the reality-based world.Perhaps he can get better meds after we get health-care reform accomplished.

  • jhpurdy

    Okay Mr. Donohue, refute these facts. For decades, not only in the U.S., but in Ireland, Italy and France, the Catholic Church at the highest levels engaged in an orchestrated coverup of tens of thousands of instances of sexual abuse by priests. The Archdiocese of Wilmington DE just declared bankruptcy as a stalling tactic to prevent having to settle for these outrages–and that is not the only diocese to do so. To be lectured on morality by a man who represents an organization that has long condoned child sexual abuse is, perhaps, the ultimate insult that could be perpetrated on the survivors of that abuse.

  • katavo

    Bill Donahue is one of the Guest Voices that appear in this section now and then. Though his opinion is garbage, his very existence is garbage, I see no reason to accuse the Post of anything but fair play in giving him his chance to show us … what garbage he is.Read through the comments below, as far as I can tell there is yet to be any support for this man. I find that refreshing.

  • ablankinship

    I am very disappointed in Mr. Donahue’s remarks and can say that despite his position, he doesn’t speak for Catholicism. Only someone really out of touch could write something like this piece. Reading it, one would think the year was 1968.In Catholicism, it is the intent that gives the moral quality to the act. It follows that to properly judge another’s actions, one must correctly identify the intent. This Mr. Donahue fails to do, be equating liberalism with nihilism. Yet a reading of the New Testament (Conservapedia afficionados aside) would indicate that Jesus Christ was very liberal in his treatment of others. The real Christ was calm and gentle, yet authoritative and devoted.Mr. Donahue’s remarks are also in the worst spirit. There is none of the sense of charity that is basic to the Catholic faith. It’s stridency is Catholicism dumbed-down and downright Nixonian – paranoid about supposed forces out there to destroy it.When I think of my own faith, I think of the moral fortitude of St. Thomas More, who paid for his devotion to his faith with his life, as depicted in “A Man for All Seasons.” I also think of the Jesuit missionaries who saw worth in the illiterate Indians of Paraguay and risked everything to convert them, as depicted in “The Mission.”Despite Mr. Donahue’s ravings about Judeo-Christian heritage in Western civilization, Christianity does not require Western culture to exist. It’s principles are there for all humankind. The big project at the Vatican these days is the conversion of Sub-Saharan Africa to Catholicism – hardly a bastion of Western culture.Again, Mr. Donahue’s remarks show that he is really out of touch. We need a new president of the Catholic League.

  • FrancisD

    “Sexual libertines, from the Marquis de Sade to radical gay activists”Excuse me for my ignorance, has the Marquis de Sade joined the democratic party ? This is outrageous and I understand why Bill Donawho is so upset, the guy is French !!!

  • ebleas

    “The heart of any culture is religion”Hmmm, no. The heart of any culture is it’s people; working and living together to build a better life. It’s a group of people with common interests and goals who respect each other and strive to make their own life, and those of their neighbors, better and richer. To be brutally clear – NONE of this requires a religion. None. Period.

  • faith_82

    I thought this was satirical when I clicked and began reading. I am surprised that the Washington Post(usually a reliable, reasoned source of news) would allow such bigotry to be published on its site. I think Fox News has got that covered.

  • Utahreb

    Wow – this man is really a hater! Reading this reminds me of why I no longer go to church. “Sexual libertines”? Is he speaking of the priests who have abused children?My feeling is that this man is afraid, very afraid, that what he has believed in all his life is now showing definite signs of cracking. Why else would he attack so viciously those who might disagree with his form of religion?”The best sermons are lived, not preached” and I have friends who are atheists who exemplify the good in the religious fields better than the supposed “Christians”.

  • brian_gtr

    Amazing- I have to give Mr. Donohue points for honesty since he has clearly not held his tongue. His words absolutely drip with contempt for, well, EVERYONE. There isn’t even an appeal to the middle here, and not a trace of compassion. What’s interesting is that if you replaced christian with muslim terminology, this could read like an official statement from the Taliban. Apparently everyone who isn’t a fundamentalist Christian is a conspirator in the plot to destroy civilization. As a dog owner who doesn’t yet have children even I am attacked here. Time for me to start making some intelligent, compassionate babies to do battle with Donohue’s fantasy-army of backwards inbreds.

  • wrybread1

    Mr. Donahue apparently thinks people “walking their dogs” is a sign of the apocalypse. The man has become so full of hate he literally HATES PUPPIES. What more is there to say?

  • UsedtoBinDC

    I am a graduate of Catholic University in D.C. This guy ought to be on Glenn Beck.The fact of the matter is that science has eroded the basis for Western religions. The mistake that the Bible made was trying to explain the workings and origin of the universe without any knowlege, and then linking it to people’s fears about their own inevitable deaths and trying to use it as a social control device. Once it was proven that the earth was not made in seven actual days, and that all life was not created in an abra cadabra moment in the forms it is in today, the legs were shot out of the religion. The only thing that has kept it going is stoking people’s fear about death, which is where the religious right gets it’s power. Eventually, however, even that runs out and people have to face these questions squarely.Sexual morality really should have nothing to do with religion anyway. The real morality is how we treat each other and the earth.

  • sherri66

    Wow, I am amazed that someone actually has the nerve to tell the truth. I fear the day when I am told that my Cross necklace can’t be worn because I will be “offending” somebody. Or that I can’t read my Bible in a public place because that also might offend someone. I am already told that I can’t say “Merry Christmas” at Christmas! How does that make sense? Well it makes sense when as this article claims close-minded secularists have taken total control of this country’s culture. But, there are many of us Christians and Jews and any person of any other faith who will fight to keep our religous freedoms. The secularists try to get people of different faiths to fight with each other. Luckily,that doesn’t really work. People of true faith are accepting of all people of faith and we want to be able to express our beliefs without fear. Nobody is going to take my religious freedom away without me standing up for my rights. I know many others feel the same way.

  • US-conscience

    The reason all the comments so far are negative and angry is because the readers and commentators of this “anti-faith” section of this anti faith paper are the exact people he is talking about. The truth often hurts and it makes those living in darkness angry. Jesus is the truth and He made those who loved their death style so angry they killed Him. No one expects less today. Today: right is wrong, good is bad, morality is intollerant, perversion is the norm and the truth is despised. The only thing hated more than those antiquated words “thou shalt not…” is the forbidden and unutterable word: Judgment.

  • bdunn1

    Get back to your cave, man.

  • 2moons

    The Compassionate Conservative, George W. Bush, exposed the “soft bigotry of low expectations”. On the other hand, President Teabag’s letter exposes the hardened, overt bigotry of White-Male-Christian Supremacists (i.e. Conservative Base).Saboteurs? Death-style? Termites? This guy sounds more Taliban than Catholic. He’s trashing millions of American’s. Come on!

  • katavo

    “…People of true faith are accepting of all people of faith and we want to be able to express our beliefs without fear. Nobody is going to take my religious freedom away without me standing up for my rights. I know many others feel the same way.”sherri66 … there, there, little martyr. You can read your religious stuff anywhere you like, at any time. You can wear your religious paraphernalia anywhere you like too. Nobody is trying to stop you, in fact nobody even cares about you.And you don’t even have to feel like an underdog to do it … unless, that is, this is what you want. Some kind of fetish maybe? Defender of the true faith, I guess you have to feel you’re being attacked in some way in order to defend it.Really, where do you christian reactionaries get off thinking anybody is trying to stop you from being christian? You can wipe your butt with whichever hand you like, just keep it out of our face.

  • xconservative

    Where to start??? Obviously this man is off his meds. Like some of the other readers, I too thought this was a joke until I realized that the crackpot was serious.The most ironic part of this hate filled spewing is that it comes from someone associated with one of the most morally bankrupt institutions in the world – the Catholic Church. That pack of pedophiles and hate mongers have absolutely no moral standing to talk about other people.If Donohue really believes in God he should be very, very frightened about how he will be judged for spreading his hate. He might also try reading the Bible some time. He obviously has no idea what is in it.

  • kwires

    How old are you? The whole communisim/socialism argument should have been mothballed years ago when the Soviet Union disappeared and Red China became our banker. This shrill argument is just another chant in the religious america chorus. The true strength of America has been its ability to be a secular nation that tolerates all beliefs. It is not a Christian nation. It is not a Jewish Nation. It is not a Catholic Nation or Protestant. The wisdom of the founding fathers was to build the virtual wall between religion as practiced and the government apparatus. You can be whatever you want to be in America. You can be a devout Catholic and decide that you will only abide by half of their restrictions and traditions (as an ex, that is still quite a few). You can be Jewish and eat shellfish and bacon. You can be Muslim and drink in public. America leaves the culture war as a personal struggle. From time to time we get the religious fanatics that believe that the government’s role is to enforce religious doctrine as Mr. Donahue states as part of the cultural wars. Many do find the strict traditions of Religious orders to be comforting and an aid to leading a good and productive life. The true beauty of the American system is that you, as an individual, are free to adhere to these restrictions for yourself and nobody else.

  • jerseycityjohnny

    American Taliban, plain and simple. But Mr. Donohue has certainly elicited some excellent posts in reply.

  • maggots

    How do comment on a column that reads like a vitriolic comic book? It just radiates pure rage and hatred.I feel sorry for anyone who is possessed by a demon like this and thinks it is Christ talking to him.

  • Terlee

    “The only way secular saboteurs can be stopped is by an alliance of religious conservatives across faith lines. The good news is that this is already happening. In the fight over gay marriage, the scorecard is 30-0: traditional Catholics, evangelical Protestants, Orthodox Jews, Orthodox Christians, Muslims, and Mormons, along with a big contribution from the Latino and African American communities, have succeeded in throwing a roadblock at this crazy idea.”Interesting comment from someone who decries multiculturalism as a means of ‘sabotage’ of his Western (Catholic/Christian?) Supremacy!

  • US-conscience

    Rail till your hearts content. Spew the venom. Laugh with your cohorts. Mock the warnings. Scoff at the inevitable. Rage against the machine. The law of the land today is “do what thou wilt”. The only thing hated more than those antiquated words “thou shalt not…” is the forbidden and unutterable word: Judgment.

  • lke16

    I’d post a longer comment about how I thought this was brilliant satire…but I’m too busy aborting my child, at the bathhouse, of course.

  • squier13

    The fascists won’t return in brown shirts wearing swastikas. They will come clutching bibles and draped in the American flag.

  • Enlightened_Independence

    Very easy to dispute. Catholics do not make a majority of Christians in America, nor are they the focus (primarily) of leftist ire. My guess is that would be the Mormons and the Southern Baptists.Either way, as a Christian I am offended when ignorant paranoid morons are elected or appointed to the highest positions of my chosen religion. My faith is not in them nor in the symbols that they wish to violently defend, but in the spirit that they seem to lack. It is so sad that the servants of those who faith the ‘Prince of Peace’ seem so hell-bent on committing to continuous cultural war.

  • schnoodc

    The absurdity of this column shows that Donohue has already lost this fight. It’s really not worth engaging in a discussion with someone who wants to take us back to the dark ages.

  • hartman_john

    This writer is more paranoid than anyone thought possible. And why is it that the Catholic League thinks that our current societal structure is so great anyhow?We got endless killing on the streets.Yes, America has it all. No need to change. No need to look forward when backward will do.

  • EliPeyton

    The comments support the premise of the article.

  • simpleton1

    Why don’t you try to get Catholic priests to stop molesting little children and then get back to us, Mr. Donohue.

  • jimfilyaw

    from what i’ve read and heard about this cryto-pervert, this column does not surprise or offend me in the least–its what one would expect. what surprises and offends is how frequently this once emminent newspaper feels obliged to give these disturbed people a national platform. in the 50s, it wouldn’t have published george lincoln rockwell, nor in the 60s, would you have read bull connor here. its amazing, and terribly sad.

  • henrydoss

    Seldom have I read a more irresponsible, paranoid diatribe — particularly one issuing from the soul of a purported person of faith.There is one fundamental threat to religious life in America today, and it’s not one of those cited by Bill Donohue. The real threat is the weak, frightened, confused, hate-purveying leaders of American mainstream doctrine. So long as “faith” is confused with “absolute right”; so long as doctrine is confused with salvation; so long as “The City of God” is confused with “The City of Man”; so long as ideology is confused with theocracy; and so long as ignorance regarding the Constitution is confused with a moral stance; pure, Anselm-like faith/intellect/revelation is under a dire threat.There are so many fundamental wrongs in this diatribe that it’s just impossible to get my head around them all. My perspective is that a real religious life will always be a part of our country, and the world. And it will be in spite of hate-porn purveyors like Bill Donohue, not because of them.I would suggest that you actually read the Constitution, perhaps revisit Augustine, and try to give up your addiction to paranoia as a favorite means of recruiting religious conspiracy theorists.A shameful, inexcusable, absolutely horrible excuse for thinking. By anyone.

  • hitpoints

    From his fatwa:”Insubordination of the most flagrant kind is routinely tolerated in a way that would never be countenanced at the New York Times”Yep, that’s a Catholic leader speaking, all right. The idea that what’s between me and God is to be refereed by another person in charge. Insubordination, indeed.Christianity, and Catholicism in particular, with its obsession with creating guilt over everything sexual, with its prurient interest in everyone’s bedroom, while their leaders take the innocence of alter boys, is what I call a perversion of culture.Religion, or spiritual practices and beliefs, has always been a defining aspect of a culture – but there’s no reason, and no historical evidence, that the beliefs have to be static and never-changing.Donohue’s final paragraph is an ignorant sneering bit of hatred not worthy of someone calling himself Christian. It’s as if Jesus on the cross spat down “oh yeah, well my followers are going to breed like rabbits and will crush you!” Imagine that.

  • akmzrazor

    He has a point, though he is a bit over-zealous. We are smack dab in the middle of a culture war. Those who would seek to abolish religion from our culture are as maligned as those who would seek to force it on our culture. We are a christian nation, founded by christains and built by christian principles. Many of the cities we now have began with the building of a church. When the pilgrams arrived it was the first permanent structure they constructed. To try and tear out our roots for no other reason than you don’t like their label is a recklessly dangerous position. To a true secular person, it would not matter. Religious expression would be no different than any other form of expression. Religous symbols, would be only symbols with no other meaning. To call out and demonize one form of expression is a movement of anger and hatred, religious or secular. If we are to truely live togethor in harmony, tolerance is the name of game. Our constitution says that Congress shall pass no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the pratice there of. I think each side of this battle is forgetting one half of this statement in our Bill of Rights. For the record I am a non-christian.

  • gimpi

    wmarkw,I apologize for the double-post. I was told the post was being held for timing, and assumed I’d have to re-post it. I wasn’t ignoring your response.Chinese and Japanese culture are different, not superior. It’s your assumption that one culture (or one people) are inherently better than others is what I contest. Japanese culture, for instance, tends to be poor at innovation and excellent at adaption of other people’s innovation, something that concerns some Japanese. The very conformity and courtesy that makes it harmonious appears to stifle innovation. Does the lack of innovation make it “worse?” The harmony make it “better?” All cultures have something to teach each other, if only what does not seem to work well. As to your map of development, I don’t understand your point. Vestiges of colonization, corruption, control of natural resources, agricultural practices and long-standing hostilities (to list just a few factors) all play a part in underdevelopment.If you seriously think it’s just about race, religion or “culture” I might suggest a look at the southern state in the US. They are doing better now, but some of the factors that I cite above held them back for years, yet they were the stronghold of traditional American Christian culture.

  • dstreet208

    Mr. Donahue’s rant is one reason why I turned my back on Christianity and converted to Judaism. I feel more comfortable as a Jew than I ever did as a Methodist. And just to set the record stratight, the Pilgrims and the Founding Fathers (Washington, Jefferson, et al) were all Christians – not a Jew amongst them. So can someone explain why folks like Mr. Donahuse use the phrase “Judeo-Christian heritage” to describe America’s past? The only connection I can think of is the 10 Commandments and the fact that Jesus was, in fact, a Jew. And by the way, if it weren’t for the Romans (the real Christ killers just for the record), Christianity would be nothing more than an offshoot of Judaism. Food for thought.

  • drazen1

    The so-called “culture war” is unwinnable because culture is forever changing, a moving target. Perhaps that’s what’s driving Donahue’s outlook: the fact that things DO change, and sometimes not to one’s liking.

  • jerkhoff

    Wow. This fool is trapped inside his own echo chamber. I think he needs to up his prescription — the meds are obviously not kicking in. Who on earth is responsible for vetting this garbage? Does the Washington Post have ANY standards left?

  • WmarkW

    GIMPI, Let me simplify my point: the right and left both have myths that they prefer to facts, and even honest investigation of facts.The right prefers religion to questioning whether moral values and cosmological answers that were the best that could be done 2-3 thousand years ago are the best answers today.The left prefers to believe that people of all demographics and cultures are equal in ability, with the implication that any discrepancy in achievement can be assumed to represent a societal barrier. Where is the evidence for this?

  • coloradodog

    Comes now the stereotypical red-faced ranting Irish Catholic bigot Bill Donahue spewing his hateful venom instead of the love of Christ, bashing gays while his Church not only lets its pedophile priest still walk the streets but doesn’t even defrock them.But like evangelicals who don’t denounce their Fred Phelps and like Muslims who don’t denounce their murderous terrorists, Catholics don’t denounce the hateful agenda of this kook.Poor Jesus.

  • chert

    In other news, a Catholic bishop was recently caught at an airport in Nova Scotia (returning from a long child sex tourism jaunt to Spain, Thailand and other meccas of pedophilia) with a laptop utterly saturated with kiddie porn.(Speaking sexual libertines … I’m just saying …)

  • gimpi

    “…I fear the day when I am told that my Cross necklace can’t be worn because I will be “offending” somebody. Or that I can’t read my Bible in a public place because that also might offend someone…”Let me put your mind at ease, sherri66. No one I have ever heard of wants to take any freedoms from you. We just want those same freedoms for ourselves. I want you to live your life according to your beliefs, and hope they bring you happiness. I want that same right, for me and everyone else. Gay, straight, believer, non-believing, liberal, conservative, and everything in-between, we should be equal before the law. We should all be able to state our beliefs proudly without demanding official endorsement of them. We should all be able to follow our own hearts in the search for love, and follow our hearts about how those relationships should grow. And we can all be reasonable to each other. I assure you, I am not offended by “Merry Christmas” and I trust you can take my “Happy Holidays” in the same spirit. The spirit of good will and mutual respect.

  • sophia86

    Articles like this make me happy both that I left the Catholic church and that I no longer read the Washington Post on a regular basis. This is not a well-reasoned opinion piece, this is a screed attacking anyone who dares to disagree with Mr. Donahue’s position, which seems to be that Catholicism and Western civilization are superior to secularism and “multiculturalism”. Yes, how horrible that I want gay people to have equal rights and that I think we should value all societies and cultures rather than just Western ones. Mr. Donahue’s bigotry, small-mindedness, egoism and hatefulness deserve no place on the Washington Post editorial page.

  • jmccas

    Like any other lobbyist, Mr. Donohue relies on creating the biggest boogey man possible to increase donations to the Catholic League, I assume he’s an effective fund raiser. The good old days Mr. Donohue seems to yearn for were the days in which Roman Catholics were routinely kept from the portals of power. The rants emanating from this lobbyist are similar to those I heard as a child from my rabidly anti-catholic Grandparents.

  • pechins

    Excellent article William. You must have touched some of the seculars where it hurts the most. Why is it the Catholic Church is always persecuted here in America? Since this country was founded we have been attacked and persecuted. Why? I read most of the above responses and you could distill them down to one or two responses that have been perpetuated for countless years. It is not even worth answering them because their minds are closed. Something must have happened in their childhood for them to be so scornful with their comments. One of the reasons you write editorials like this is to engender a response from the readers and to place out there some ideas that can be discussed intellectually. I am always amazed that those who know the least yell the loudest and make fun of other people. Hmm? Why?? You have won Bill! Because of the immense response that has taken place here today you have most certainly won.

  • gimpi

    wmarkwThank you for your response. I’m a bit confused by your use of the word “demographic.” I guess I suspect you mean “race” and, as I have said, genetic sciences have pretty much proven that race does not exist. If that’s what you mean, I’m sorry, but you are simply mistaken. There is no evidence that one group of people is “better” than any other. “Barriers” I guess could mean culture, but there are many aspects to culture. And barriers are certainly real. For example, the middle-eastern emphasis on controlling and restricting women effectively ties up half their human capital. It’s like running a race with your legs hobbled. That cultural aspect slows them down. (And it slowed us down when we shared it.) However, culture means much more than barriers. Cultures that encourage education and innovation do better. Both current African-American and American-Southern cultures have discounted education – to their detriment. Japan and the Middle-East discourage innovation (for different reasons) – and it slows them down. Yet each of these cultures have strong points – devotion to family, loyalty, courtesy – that others cold learn from. I guess I suspect that, under it all, you are trying to prop up racism. Am I wrong?

  • geneven

    Thank you, Washington Post, for publishing this amazing diatribe. People just don’t realize how rare such uninhibited drivel is! This piece should be kept in a museum and republished every hundred years. I’m sure it will make as little sense then as it does now. It’s nice to see that we at least have some standards that will not erode with the passage of time.

  • JaneDoe4

    Mr Donohoe is a racist, homophobic bigot and a throw back to the Middle Ages.Everytime I see his hate-filled face on tv or hear what his latest diatribe is about, I am so glad I left this awful church years ago and I made sure none of my 5 children were raised in the catholic church, or any organized religion.

  • Sitka1

    Jesus, save me from your followers.

  • WmarkW

    GIMIP: “I guess I suspect that, under it all, you are trying to prop up racism. Am I wrong?”No, racism and its discriminatory relatives would be excluding demographic (racial, ethnic or gender) groups from jobs or neighborhoods for belonging to that demographic. I simply oppose programs based on the assumption that observed differences in achievement can be assumed to represent one of those -isms. The fact that there are few women in IT and many in nursing, for instance, should not be assumed to represent discrimination.

  • zudnic

    Where’s the “Report Offensive Content” button for the original article?

  • razzl

    “old social class resentments still run deep in the society”Sorry, as an ex-Catholic I thought other Catholics here would understand that my reference was to Donohue’s rant being filled with the coded rhetoric of resentment that Catholics felt in an earlier era over ethnic exclusion. There can be no Irish Catholic in any large American city whose grandparents didn’t pass down the stories, real or not, widespread or not, about the “no Irish need apply” signs in shop windows, or the open anti-Catholicism of the KKK and some Protestant denominations. I’m supposing a lot of Donohue’s resentments have been simmering for a half-century or more and are coming to a boil…

  • toc59

    “Sexual libertines, from the Marquis de Sade to radical gay activists, have sought to pervert society by acting out on their own perversions”. What gall. How soon he forgets. Of course he conveniently neglects to mention his own child molesting-child raping priests and their catholic church protectors and enablers. It wasn’t secularists who were paying out hush money and sending these pedophiles from parish to parish. It was their fellow priests, Bishops and Cardinals. It is astounding, in the 21st century, that self-appointed blowhards and propogandists like Donohue, peddling their lies and fearful superstitions, are taken seriously. I’m sick and tired of demands from hypocritical frauds like Donohue and his ilk about how the rest of us must kowtow tho their fantasies and superstitious beliefs. If he wants to live his life based on some 2000 year old fairy tales, fine. Leave the rest of us alone.

  • A-lo

    This is the most hateful and stupid written piece I’ve ever seen in the WaPo. But it’s good to know who the fools are in the open!

  • coloradodog

    Since I have posted part of this before, I will use ccnl1’s classic disclaimer, “For Donahue’s eyes only:”May the karma of Catholics like you who bash gays but say nothing about those who protect pedophile priests be that you are brutally raped by your clergy in your next life. 14 would be a good age – it was young enough to terrorize me pretty well. The only difference for me was the priest was not part of my clergy – I was visiting CYO with my Catholic friend because young Catholics and Protestants had to stick together in oppressive, intolerant Mormon Utah.You are a hateful, alcoholic stereotype and an embarrassment to Catholics everywhere.

  • RichardHode

    Onofrio, I love your clever posts …

  • Brisimp7

    Wow! Really? Do you think he actually believes this stuff? “If destruction of society is the goal…” Wow!

  • ravitchn

    Usually it is good to forget anything Bill Donohue says, since his idea of Catholicism includes the burning of heretics, the persecution of Jews, and the prohibition of birth control. But sometimes he is right. I stopped supporting Americans United for Separation when they campaigned against public funds to preserve the California Missions from decay and neglect. This precious part of our heritage was deemed by them as support for religion. I realized, finally, how extreme and fanatical they were and Bill Donohue, I hate to admit it, is right about them, as he is right abou the ACLU and the pro-gay marriage proponents. If only Bill would learn to be polite. I once wrote him that I would not like to meet him in a dark alley. He replied, why a dark ally? Ha!

  • moemongo

    Are you so weak you cannot have another voice? You also forget about your own betrayals throughout history. What or who gave you a monopoly on morality or reason?

  • mschneider2

    Sherri66, To my knowledge, it’s not a felony to say “Merry Christmas.” However, in your typical right-wing self-absorbed Christian point of view, you apparently assume that everyone–whether Christian or not–wants to be be greeted with Merry Christmas and that you have no obligation to consider the feelings of others. It would be nice if people like you would be at least a little sensitive to the fact that not everyone celebrates Christmas. But people like you conflate not being allowed to impose your values on everyone else with being persecuted. As for others that talk about “the truth hurting,” when I hear the truth I’ll let you know.

  • sunnie2


  • October10S

    Bill Donahue: My soul hurts and my communion in the Catholic Church is deeply shaken by people like you, who take our faith and use it as patina to dress up unadulturated biggotry and hate. You shame those of us who truly believe in the love of Christ. You disgust me. You make me abhor the leadership of our Church. You bring legitimacy to every claim of duplicity, hypocrisy and Machiavellian manipulation leveled at the Catholic Church. I hope God shows you more compassion to you than you are capable of showing others. I sincerely wonder how you attained any noteriety in the Church, for you are neither scholar nor leader and are an ugly stain on the multi-cultural fabric that is the body of Christ. As for your fear of moral nihilism, you are in good company. Every generation since history has been recorded has had its alarmist, who have sworn that the next generation would bring about the moral apocalypse. And every generation’s Chicken Little has been DEAD WRONG!! Without exception. You are just another in a long list of idiots who are incapable of embracing change and seeing the good in all people. As my Grandfather used to say, “Being a stick in the river, ain’t gonna stop the flow.” Neither you, nor your cohort of conservatives is going to stop change in society. The future does not belong to you, and your diatribes make you less and less relavent to those who will pick up the gauntlet and move us forward. Mr. Donahue, you give all Catholics a bad name. And you seem to forget that of any religious group in this country, the Catholic Church has the LEAST moral standing to accuse any others of perversion or moral decay. You seriously need to re-read (assuming you ever read them in the first place) Jesus’ teachings about judging others. Please, in the name of all that is Holy, shut the _____ up!

  • Gonzai

    Exactly how far down under the rock did WaPo have to dig to find this writer?

  • jimcowles

    Donohue is one more reason why, if the First Amendment were up for consideration in a referendum / plebescite today, I doubt that it would pass. To many of his fellow members of the American Christian Taliban would vote against it. JIM

  • liliburlero

    Are you kidding me.

  • fgominho

    A badly written essay, expressing a Neatherthal point of view. Is this guy for serious? Where does WaPo get writers like this? Indeed, American journalism is dead and buried since the days of the War on Iraq and MSM’s complicity with the Idiot in Chief!

  • askdrphoto

    I thought this was a joke at first, a caricature of extreme nutters who live in an alternate reality. If this is how the author really sees the world, there can’t be much discussion.I disagree with every premise, every perception. If you are using Jesse Jackson in the 80’s, then you should look at the Catholic Church’s attitude to sexual abuse of children by priest during the same time period. The author would object to the entire Catholic Church being smeared today by the very bad actions of some very bad leaders in the 80’s. But this author just lives in an alternate universe, a world of his imagination.

  • s2car

    This just in.We always feared it was true and Mr. Donahue has confirmed our suspicions.Conservatives hate dogs! Or at least walking them.

  • stoplying

    We must shame the lunatics like the author of this article at every turn. Only then will we be able to enjoy our lives without some American Taliban wanna-be trying to interfere with our fundamental human rights.

  • ginonicolini

    I read in the bible that Jesus took a whip and with it he hit everybody who was making business in the outside patio of the Temple. He indeed made a good clean up, and the pharisees didn’t oppose to such an action.If loving your neighbor is demonstrated by punishing the sinner in order to making change his wrong ways, then we must do the same, we must ask for a stronger enforce of the moral principles which must be preserved until the end of the generations.The trick spread by secularists is that God loves everyone, but because they want to ignore God’s existence and teachings, their opinions are also far away of being the correct interpretation of what God says . We can read clearly that God rejects homosexuals, that God condemned to death and called this practice as an abomination. We can find that at the end of the bible, the same Jesus says that “dogs, (read homosexuals), adulterers, etc” won’t enter to the new kingdom, in other words, God really don’t love them at all. Secularists, on the other hand, are lying to themselves when they believe that God still loving them even when they reject His commandments, His teachings, His moral principles.So, the triumph of secularists over religion is based in lies and misinterpretations of what religion writings teach about morality.My suggestion is to use the same tools used by secularists to combat this confusion about what is freedom and what is licentiousness. The current increasing of people infected with sexual diseases including HIV is because the new “progressive” tendency is everything but positive, this is to say, that such a tendency is the best way to destroy a society, its order, its moral, and its decency.The worst is that we have a president who appears to be another member of such “progressive movement” and this means that in this administration the US society will decay faster than in the former ones. I won’t be surprised if the president’s daughters some years from now will end as lesbians serving in the army and his wife having tattoos in her private parts. Now well, please don’t think that I’m making a personal attacks against president Obama’s family, but actually president Obama is preparing the way for this to happen TO YOU dear reader, for libertines rule over the ones who stand with freedom conserving moral principles.The best that president Obama must do is to stop lying and quit the faking that he is a religious person, he must take away his masquerade and portrait himself as a 100% secularist who will give a dime for religion. Because his double standards faking to be a religious person but ruling for libertine changes in society, president Obama is the greater saboteur of all… too bad Jesus is not here with a whip in his hand…

  • Skowronek

    Wow. We have Applebaum defending Polanski, Cohen too (but first he wants to hit him with his manicured fist), now Donohue and this bizarre screed. I think we can sum up Donohue with a quote from Orwell’s “Animal Farm”:”All animals are created equal. Some are more equal than others.”Substitute “people” for “animal” and it’s all the same.Let’s not overlook this one, “The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits,”I wonder if Donohue was encouraged by Octomom’s contributions to a growing American citizenry too?

  • Katya2

    Please don’t take Mr. Donohue’s comments as representative of Catholics (indeed, the Catholic League in no way speaks for the Church). I read his rant and I hear only hate, fear, and self-righteousness, which is the antithesis of Christ’s message of love, hope, and compassion. One should be able to stand up for one’s beliefs without spewing hatred and vitriol against those who disagree. One can be concerned about cultural trends without subscribing to the divisive idea of a cultural war. I am appalled that the Post decided this venom was worthy of publication, and am reminded why I typically avoid their coverage of religion, which is shallow, ignorant, and merely provocative (and not in a good way).

  • jaysit

    This ridiculous creature once said that the abuse of children by Catholic priests was “a homosexual scandal, not a pedophilia scandal.” Uh no, you old bat. Two priests going at it behind the altar would be a homosexual scandal, a priest buggering a child is a pedophilia scandal.

  • severn2

    “The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits, while secular saboteurs have shut down”Interesting that the writer considers religious conservatism to be hereditary. I think he might be just a bit wrong. It may well be that many of the children will reflect on the misery resulting from uneducated people breeding like rabbits and develop an entirely different world view.

  • curtb

    And how do religious conservatives intend on stopping this fearful takeover? Apparently by re-writing the bible by excising all “liberal” passages. Won’t be much left of Jesus when you and yours get through with it. As for your liberal “War on Christmas” that you’re all so fond of pointing out, every recent holiday season American consumers are blamed for not spending enough to keep retailers happy and boosting the economy. It’s not hard to see who’s attacking Christmas. Corporate America, yet again. Happy Birthday Jesus but we’re going to have to get rid of that little temper tantrum you threw against the moneychangers. Too liberal for the bible.

  • paultaylor1

    From the front page heading, purporting cultural and national meltdown because of gay rights, I thought this article was a satire…a joke. And I’m still waiting for the punch line, as I finish the reading. It just doesn’t seem to be here. So, ok, I’m going to read it again. And this time I’ll accept the humor in the lines, and search further between the lines. I’ll give the author that much credit, that he is delivering an artful lampoonery.

  • Trakker

    This is probably the most insulting screed I’ve ever seen in a purportedly respectable media outlet like the WaPo and Newsweek.It’s intentionally insulting to anyone who disagrees with Donohue’s vision of what America is (probably 70% of the population), and insulting to the reader’s intelligence.Really, would a column so illogical and insulting to so many (nihilists?!!) about any other topic be tolerated in the Post?I think the Post/Newsweek owe the readers some justification for posting an insulting screed that is so obviously based on lies, bad logic, and thigh slappers like: religious fundamentalists will win this culture war, not because their God is all powerful and supreme, but because they breed like rabbits. Really, this crap is posted on the Washington Post website?

  • artsy01

    Oy vey!

  • GavinM

    Why is the WaPo giving this hate-merchant a voice?If I was a Catholic – i’d be both embarrassed and terrified at the same time.This clown is the most powerful voice for your religion in America – and he is a complete creep.Pray hard on that.

  • tn71

    This piece sounds like plea from a desperate man. Christians are ‘breeding like rabbits’? Really? I think Donahue needs a little more alliteration and hyperbole in his diatribe.

  • Doug20

    This column is completely unworthy of comment or consideration, but what I would like to say is THANK YOU, Sally and Jon, for allowing this hideous monstrosity of invective, hyperbole and gross illogic to stand as a representation of American Catholic thinking and as a piece otherwise worthy of inclusion on your ridiculous On Faith site. Boo, hiss.

  • dunvegan

    Hey there Bill – You say that a modern secularist like me is out to “annihilate American culture.”It’s crazy talk, even for a religious fanatic. And what’s with the fear and anger? Isn’t religion supposed to make you happy and full of kindness for others?You don’t need to be become more Catholic, Bill. You need Prozac and five years of couch time with a competent Freudian.

  • irae

    You read a lot ABOUT dinosaurs, but hardly ever get to read anything BY one. Fascinating, but it’s time for my Islamofascist, homobortion, Jeebus-bashing pot orgy and I only have half an hour to slip into drag, so I really must go.

  • aloysius1

    The commenters on Bill Donohue’s blog have proved his point. Touché Mr. Donohue.

  • angecollier

    “Insubordination of the most flagrant kind is routinely tolerated in a way that would never be countenanced at the New York Times, yet the bad rap always goes to Christians.”Funny choice of words there: Insubordination. Christians attempt to put forth the veil of a loving, giving society and yet the only thing I see from this is contempt for those around them who do not share their views. “Follow blindly like lemmings or stay out of our clubhouse.” If you stop to think for yourself you’re a radical leftist. If you stop to criticize the views of someone “in charge” in your religion you are obviously on the slippery slope to communism or are a secularist, attempting to sabotage the moral fabric of America. Give me a break.This is America. The fact that there is nothing in the constitution strictly censoring religious speech does not mean the rest of us have to be bombarded by it. We have the right to be free of your religious views just as you want to be free of our secular ones. And yet, when someone steps on Christians’ toes, the first words that spring up are “Religious Persecution”. Nobody is persecuting you for your religion, we simply DON’T BELIEVE THE WAY YOU DO. You stay on your side of the dancefloor, we’ll stay on ours.

  • NewMoon

    OMG!! No wonder people are leaving the catholic church like rats off a sinking ship. And this moron is ‘president’ of something?! Get a grip. Humanity is on the rise and ‘culture’ is a living, ever-changing representation of society, not the sole domain of backward and primitive religious heritage. And, BTW, the sign in the picture says “Love knows no gender” and that is abosolutely true for those that know the difference between love and lust.

  • gimpi

    wmarkw,I guess one of the differences between us is how we define the word “racism”, then. I agree with you that blatant discrimination is a part of it, but I also feel that assumptions of superiority (or inferiority) are in the mix as well. As to the example that you cite, there are many reasons for women’s current under-representation in the sciences, but they don’t mean we are somehow lesser than men. One of the principal reasons, for instance is that women bear children, and do most of the work involved in rearing them. I had a discussion with a chess-master on this very subject not too long ago. He was bemoaning the promising female players who stopped perusing their game in their early to mid 20’s. What he hadn’t thought of was that that was when they started having children. Men start having children at around the same time, of course, but they don’t get pregnant, they don’t give birth, they don’t breast-feed, and they generally don’t do much of the sheer exhausting work involved with child care. It’s hard to peruse a demanding vocation while devoting over half your waking hours to caring for an infant. It’s easier if your wife does the lion’s share.This does not mean women are not as smart, not as analytical, not as focused as men. It just means we often have more demands on our time. Yet this very intelligent man, (chess-masters tend to be smart) had not even thought of that, despite the fact that he had three children, mostly cared for by his wife. (He coaches our chess club, while his wife “has the kids”.) He was a bit stunned by the revelation. Perhaps the “biases” that you dismiss are every bit as real, and every bit as invisible to you?Too often, we look at others who don’t seem to be excelling as we think they should, and make assumptions about why. Before dismissing bias, you might want to think about the old “walk a mile in my shoes” idea.

  • hitpoints

    I’d say that Bill Donohue has proved the secularists’ point: radical religiousity is corrosive to society and its attempts to inject itself into governance must be fought back at every opportunity, because it is fundamentally contrary to the American way of freedom of conscience.

  • beargulch

    Where’s the “REPORT OFFENSIVE COMMENT” link for Bill Donohue’s diatribe? To say that religion is under attack from the secular nihilists is pure garbage. There is no lack of people wanting to believe in the made-up belief system that the Catholic church sells, even when Mr. Donohue speaks from the lack of moral authority that being part of a pedophile-protecting organization will bring you.This divisive tripe serves only to further grow non-believers’ contempt for religion, not convince us of its value.Apparently there is nothing love- or life-affirming in his world view.

  • tmcproductions2004

    The hatred and anger is virtually dripping off his pen here.You need some kind of medication, or “christian” counseling. Catholics have religious retreats where you can go and reflect on your life–go now.This article should be shown to a psychiatrist. I hope you don’t own any guns.

  • msh41

    Hmmm. There’s a story about a ruler who asked his wise men for a saying, to engrave on a cup and keep in his sight, that would be always true and always instructive. The wise men came up with “This too shall pass.” Personally, I’ve found use, again and again in recent years, for “The dogs bark but the train keeps moving.” I think I’ll put that on a little brass plate on my wall.

  • rextrek1

    Hey Mr Donohue—you remind me of Rush Limbaugh….cause the both of you NEED your Kidneys to Fail.

  • ScottChallenger

    and Fox News will run this as the lead story tonight. This is how they will present it. Did you know Secularists are attempting to hijack American culture and sabatge this country? Let’s go to Hannity for more on this breaking story…

  • tmcproductions2004

    WAPO–did anyone of you read this before you printed it? If you layed off the “screener” or editior or whoever reads this stuff–get them back!!

  • ScottChallenger

    Somehow, this “factual” story didn’t make it to Fox’s broadcast yesterday. If this guy is president of the Catholic League, Catholics are in deep do-do. And so are religious types who actually subscribe to this Fox Newsroom chatter. No wonder Islam is the largest religion in the world…and growing.

  • rextrek1

    Seriously…I heard the other day on NPR..The Diocese of Wilmington Del. Claiming Bankruptcy..WHY?? ALL the Lawsuits brought on my Molestation charges….and UP in Maine, they are closing churches/Catholic schools due to low enrollment/monies..but YET, they HAVE money to FIGHT EQUALITY for LGBT Mainers in the Upcoming Nov 4th election? The Catholic Church of Maine has give several hundred 1000 dollars???? Hypocracy thigh name is Religion! ..and its NO wonder Im no longer a Catholic.

  • pgr88

    I see a lot of people posting here who erroneously believe that Christ preached “anything goes.” Sorry people, but that is your own PC, feel-good interpretation. Choose not to believe if you want, but don’t create what is not there.Matthew 10:34 – “Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household.”Luke 12:49 – “I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled! But I have a baptism to undergo, and how distressed I am until it is accomplished! Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division.” After reading this blog, I see exactly what these passages mean.

  • MarkDaniel

    Bill Donohue, your motivation for writing this column is unadulterated hatred of other religions and cultures. Can’t you see that? I don’t disagree with you, mind you, because I really, really have a distaste for those uppity Buddhists.

  • Loonesta

    I am not going to be intimidated by some altar-boy-buggering old man wearing a black dress.

  • Garak

    Do Catholic priests have to pay their own NAMBL dues when they retire, Bill?

  • Emmetrope

    Bill Donohue went over board with his hateful views when he spoke out against chocolate Jesus.The greatest thing about America is that the government is not a religious government. Just look at the crappy religion based countries like Israel and Iran.


    Bill needs to live amongst the Amish. I bet people of Bill’s ilk were also angry at “cultural nihilists” who faught against the status quo for civil rights!

  • sux123

    Wow, talk about making the Catholics look derranged and dangerous – a whole lot of hate and intolerance here and not much else. I wonder if he sobered up after writing this and is kicking himself now. No wonder Catholics are leaving in droves. BTW, I used to be one – I’m an Atheist now and much happier.

  • washpost18

    What’s this? Ah, the BillDo trying to feed his persecution complex again. Wake me when they find a guest voice with a real axe to grind.

  • MarkDaniel

    Bill Donohue, you found me out! I am indeed a secular saboteur. My goal in life is to destroy American culture as we know it. Today, I said a polite “hello” to a gay man. Tomorrow I think I’m going to patronize an Indian restaurant. That’s right baby, you Catholics are going down!

  • DouginMountVernon

    “they’re too busy walking their dogs, going to bathhouses and aborting their kids”This is about the most disgusting, purely evil thing I’ve ever heard any purportedly religious person write.You sir, are a disgrace to Christianity.

  • jamiemchugh

    What a nasty old man he is! No surprise that the modern Catholic Church is increasingly becoming irrelevant just like the GOP – both having been hijacked by the reactionary right wing. It’s a pity as the Catholic Church did have a progressive tradition, with people like Dorothy Day, of truly living out the ideals of the Sermon on the Mount. Let’s hope people within the Church can rescue it from obsolescence.

  • edbyronadams

    I see this argument both ways. I think the post modernist tendency to look at all cultures as if they are equal has been an error and multiculturalism often turns on comparing the worst of us against the best of them, which is totally unfair.The freedoms that many who assault the primacy of Western culture are sports of that culture. The idea of individual freedom, scientific investigation of the natural world, the liberation of women did not arise elsewhere. Attacking the bedrock structures of that culture, especially the family, could easily undermine the edifice that generated the freedom to question and protest. Changes in basic tenets of society bring about unpredictable responses. For example, who could have known that the freedoms won by gay males immediately after Stonewall would result in the death of most of a generation of urban male homosexuals?We must stress both a liberal openmindedness to all ideas but conserve the best of our own culture.

  • sherri66

    Katavo, lovely response. Thanks for showing what true hatred is. And actually somebody does care about me and that is my Savior Jesus Christ. As a Christian I feel sorry for you and forgive you for posting such a hateful post. Please, we can all have different thoughts and feelings on a subject, but why do we need to be so hateful to each other?

  • MDD1

    anti catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice in America.Long Live Western Civ.

  • jromaniello

    …Is this guy for real?

  • rextrek1

    To watch the demise of Mr Donohue in cartoon form was SO SWEET on that episode of SOUTH PARK….wasn’t it Christ character who used a Slicing Frizbee like-gadget on him,and cut him in half? LOL


    …. and people wonder why so many in the west are spiritual but not religious? Dogma – especially hateful and ignorant dogma such as this – turns loving peoples’ stomachs inside out. Bill, nothing separates you from ignorant and intolerant Evangelicals in the south. If a theocracy is what you want, move to a third world country and enjoy all wonderful oppression and lack of human rights that comes with it.

  • MarkDaniel

    Bill Donohue, I know you believe going to bathhouses or having an abortion is evil. But what’s wrong with walking your dog? Are you suggesting my dog get no exercise? How cruel that is. Or is it some type of bestiality reference? Please clarify this. I don’t want be all destroying American culture when I take Boomer for a walk this evening.

  • WmarkW

    “anti catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice in America.”Except it’s not a prejudice. Being against Catholics is prejudice. Thinking Catholicism is a disproven and backwards philosophy is an opinion that can be justified.

  • outragex

    What a hoot! This is not real right? I am guessing the “YES Men” just punk’d the WAPO and reactionary Catholics.This liberal Christian is laughing his a**, I mean tush, off. What a great send-up of Christians who get it EXACTLY BACKWARDS. Amazing satire!

  • bacaje

    wow…there are so many straw men arguments strewn about in that article i have no idea where to start. even though there might be a legitimate argument somewhere close to the ballpark (though certainly not in the same one donohue is in), he loses all credibility by reducing the opposition to such ridiculous arguments.

  • sux123

    Hey, wait a minute. Did the “balloon boy” Dad really write this??

  • MartinZook

    “Pretty good satire,” I thought as I started to read this column. Then I realized…Donohue’s parodying himself.It makes me wonder: Does Weymouth know her paper has lowered the bar to Donohue’s level? That’s depressing.

  • rjackson1

    I believe Bill Donohue (Jesus’ Douchebag) is right.

  • MDD1

    –Thinking Catholicism is a disproven and backwards philosophy is an opinion that can be justified.And I wonder, if I replaced Catholicism with Multiculturalism in your sentence, would I be branded a racist?

  • stinejc1

    Bill, you are totally on the ball about multiculturalism, it’s a bunch of garbage. That’s about all you’re right about.

  • clairevb

    When religions left the pulpit and became political lobbyist they allowed themselves to become criticized. When they lobby in our faces we respond. If all religions would forego becoming political lobbying groups and stay in their churches they won’t be exposed to those who opposed their political beliefs. Politics is the business of people, religion is the business of souls.

  • ccnl1

    Impressive list of gay people who did not let their yucky defect get in the way of being a contribution to society. Unfortunately, they were not able to contribute to the evolutionary process of DNA improvement via procreation. From below, on top, backwards, forwards, from this side of the Moon and from the other side too, gay sexual activity is still mutual masturbation caused by one or more complex sexual defects. Some defects are visually obvious in for example the complex maleness of DeGeneres, Billy Jean King and Rosie O’Donnell. Of course not all having these abnormal tendencies, show it outwardly as alluded to in the following synopsis:From Wikipedia:

  • ccnl1

    What BD should have said about homosexuality but did not:Hmmm lets see, in gay sexual activity, who plays the guy and who plays the gal? Who is on top and who is on the bottom? A coin flip? To say the least, an unusual situation. Then there are those “made in China” toys/strap-ons. Lets hope the FDA has checked them for lead and other toxic components. And do said “toys” come with sanitizers and/or sterilization instructions. Lots and lots of “gays” doing their hot and heavy things on Internet tube sites but nothing about coin flipping, who is on first, and sanitizers sites?? There must be some “Gaying It For Dummies” books out there somewhere. Hmmm, I wonder if said books/sites have to have FDA and CDC approval??Is said activity wrong and worthy of a trip to hell? Of course not but to the general heterosexual population it is yucky, unusual and not normal to them. With that mind set, approval by the majority is not always sanctioned in law.The general population to include many of the voters in California, rightly or wrongly, find gay sexual activities, married or not, to be “yucky” and unusual and typically associate such activity with the spread of AIDS which is of course wrong. Said AIDS epidemic in the gay male community at the start of the AIDS crises will always remain unfortunately a stigma on the gay community.” And after all of this rhetoric, gay “marriages” simply simplify and somewhat sanitize what are still “yucky” acts caused by a variant gene(s) and/or hormone imbalance. One wonders if stem cell research will find a cure?? continued below:

  • Dr_Gonzo

    People like you are why I don’t go to church anymore. Do you have any idea how crazy this piece is?

  • eyeswideopen2

    I’m sorry Washington Post, but this column is especially offensive and hurtful all around. I can’t believe a loving God would speak in such a contemptuous and self-satisfied voice as Mr. Donohue’s. I think it’s self evident from the commentary here that the Washington Post is not at all contributing to constructive dialog between different viewpoints. It’s easy to see how people could be offended. This is not “a conversation about religion and politics”. This column is a screed, and it’s clearly provoked a lot of hateful and ill-considered responses. Where is the editing, and where is the moderation? Again the Washington Post is shirking its real responsibilities as a thougthful steward of the fourth estate, and the Post, and newspapers in general, will be diminished by the callous attitude of the editors here.

  • chelseakanyer

    Donohue isn’t afraid to say what’s hard and true. The ACLU and organizations like it have been covertly attacking Christianity under the guise of “defending the Constitution” for decades. It’s time that someone demands an honest account of what they are trying to do. They hate Christians and everything that Christianity stands for. The “secular” movement is truly an oxi-moron. Whether one admits it or not, when one decides that he or she is not religious, the anti-religion becomes a religion. This explains why the “secular” movement attacks Christianity with a passion and fire that closely resembles a war between religions. I hope real Christians heed Donohue’s warning that a big part of the problem stems from within the Church. Religious freedom comes at a cost, and it is not to be taken for granted. Rather, it needs to be defended.

  • rextrek1

    Even tho I do NOT believe in Religious Dogma BS..I have to wonder….IF Christ existed,and CAME BACK NOW…I have NO doubt it would be Mr Donohue and his Ilk,along with the American Taliban who would be the first to Re-Crucify Jesus..after all Jesus was said to be a LIBERAL, and Mr Donohue Hates Liberals. Also, Jesus would WANT the Vatican to recind its wealth…and well, we know THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN….so OFF to GITMO with Jesus, or just re-Crucify him.

  • colinnicholas

    Mr Donohue;Maybe you should concentrate on cleaning up the disgusting mess inside the Catholic church before ranting about your displeasure with America.

  • MarkDaniel

    Bill Donohue, I just ate a falafel sandwich for lunch. It was from a Middle Eastern restaurant. Am I going to Hell?


    To pgr88 : People can pull any esoteric segment of the bible to attempt to prove a point… …. and Saint Attila raised the Hand Grenade up on high, saying: “O Lord, bless this thy Hand Grenade that with it thou mayest blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy.”And the Lord did grin, and the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals and fruit bats and “First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Amen.Reciting verse to make a point is as funny as this Monty Python bit.

  • Athena4

    This bigot is one of the reasons why I left the Catholic Church and became a Pagan. I’d rather hang out with the libertines, homosexuals, and people destroying our culture rather than people like Mr. Donohue any day of the week!

  • WildWest1

    What a pant load, LMFAO. The self righteous are amazing. It’s the fault of everyone else for their insane existence and narrow vision of life on plant earth.Donohue, with your head up your butt so far, I am surprised you can speak let alone breath while standing on that false moral high ground waiting for the end.

  • outragex

    I expect the WAPO to publish thought-provoking, sensible debate in this forum. I can read hateful dribble like this in any unmoderated relgious forum. Is this sad diatribe really worthy of a national newspaper? At least the hundreds of dissents from offical Catholic leaders coming in are encouraging. They are coming in right? There is not some net breakdown causing all bishops and priests to lose their access simultaneously?…and Jesus wept.

  • Mortal

    Where to begin? Where to begin?I would like the blogosphere to know that here at least is one proud left-wing liberal Democrat, who is also a staunch, Mass-attending “practicing” Catholic. I assure you that the two identifications go along together quite nicely.This lunatic does not speak for me!

  • dcheretic1

    The Vatican is a monstrous entity that has committed countless crimes against humanity. Many of the shameful episodes of Western civilization, from cultural genocide against the native populations of the Americas to the rape and forced servitude of children in Europe and America, can be laid at the feet of this lustful and greedy monster. Signed by a proud American who loves Western civilization and cherishes his Western lifestyle and heritage.

  • CynthiaD1

    “…. Because his double standards faking to be a religious person but ruling for libertine changes in society, president Obama is the greater saboteur of all… too bad Jesus is not here with a whip in his hand…Posted by: ginonicolini—-Dear Jesus, save us from your followers!

  • drihl

    In what way do Homosexuals keep you from going to Mass and living your life as you see fit, Bill? How is it that the First Amendment is a tool only for the Catholics? Isn’t it true, Bill, that the same amendment mandates a separation of church and state? Why is it that you seem happy to exercise your right to free speech, but object to others exercising that same right? And when did this nation become a Christian Nation? It may have been founded by men who were all Christians, but they were thankfully wise enough not to force that on the people. What of the Jews, or Muslims, or Mormons? Are you suggesting that their views and contributions to the national fabric were and are unworthy? What of the passage “Judge not lest yea be judged”? Are you telling me that because I don’t believe in your god than I am amoral? Have you ever met me? Do you have any idea what my moral standards are?It is people like you that drive those of us away from religion. It isn’t the atheist, the homosexual, the liberals, or the dog walkers. It is the hate filled rhetoric of false prophets like you who have brought about the decline of religion in this nation. Keep up the good work, Pal. Maybe you can get another book deal out of it.

  • TedFrier

    I think I remember reading this same column 40 years ago. No, wait, it was from 400 years ago! This guy is still pissed over the Reformation.

  • ryanatl

    Why on earth does the WP give Donahue a legitimate forum? He’s a hateful man who is president of a 1-person organization.

  • kenk3

    Hey Donohue,

  • DouginMountVernon

    I guess Mr. Donohue is lamenting the fact the American culture has shaken off the burden of false witness, hypocritical morality plays, and the idea that it’s OK to infringe on anyone’s civil rights.I honestly feel sorry for you, Mr. Donohue, trapped in a mentality like yours.God IS great, and loving, and He loves all of his children, even the gay ones (who He created). He will rejoice when his children are treated equally and supported by love and acceptance from all their family and friends and community, because then it is that He knows His true message has been heard.Salvation belongs to all human beings, and until everyone learns how to earn it–through LOVE–I will pray for those who are still lost by the darkness that stains their precious hearts.God Bless you, Mr. Donohue. May you recover from the dark matter inhabiting your soul.


    Were it not for “cultural nihilists” we wouldn’t understand our environment; we would continue to hate those who don’t know “the true way to salvation;” we would kill what we don’t understand; we would burn books; we would think the Earth is flat and that all the planets revolve around us; humans – – fallible humans – – would censor anything they deem to be “anti-god;” there would be no diversity and intellectual curiosity. Bill, feel free to move to an uninhabited land to establish your cult and take all the brain-dead, intellectually incurious with you. America will improve exponentially were you to do so!

  • eyeswideopen2

    I mean, I’m serious. If you left all of these commenters in a room together with a box of aluminum bats, you’d come back and no one would be left standing. How is this “a conversation about religion and politics”? How is this constructive at all? How is this even conscionable? None of this happened in the print edition of the Post. Having a new medium doesn’t mean throwing away all standards or ethics. The paper has a responsibility. What you’ve created here is an anonymous space for people to say things too hateful or snarky to be said face-to-face. I don’t call this news at all.

  • TiminTakoma

    The Post asks us to “Report Offensive Comment” after each entry by a reader. How do I “Report Offensive Comment” by the original author? This column by Mr. Donohue is not a thoughtful discussion; it is one long offensive comment, and I’d like to report it.

  • probashi

    Panic in the papacy? That is what Bill Donohue’s column job made me think of. Support for the Catholic Church will continue to slide. It is out of touch with the real world.

  • TedFrier

    Interesting that Donohue does not actually say how he thinks these “secular saboteurs” should be stopped. He ominously mentions an alliance of religious traditionalists. He does mention the anti-gay marriage referendums. But how exactly does he intend to “purify” our culture against all those undesirables in order to make this a “Christian Nation.” He’s used 700 words to get folks all riled up with no place to go. Maybe that’s because he doesn’t have the guts to say out loud what he is really thinking and wants people to figure it out for themselves.

  • rashomon

    “religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits”Maybe so, but lunatics like Donohue are the biggest reason why many of their children will continue to reject their parents’ narrow and hate-filled world.

  • doom_of_cthulhu

    Mr. Donohue is simply the Fred Phelps of Catholicism. It’s a shame that the Post gave him free advertising for his new book. This is one hateful and twisted old man. Vatican-style Taliban anyone?

  • wharwood

    Such hard words. Since this is an open discourse “on faith,” lets examine some relevant facts. These fiery indignant words about public morality come from a mouthpiece of the organization famous for setting up entire cities housing the disowned bastard children of their “celebate” priests from Manila to Rome, up to this very day harboring fugitives for child-rape conspiracies under the cloak of Soveriegn Immunity, up to this day paying millions in confidential settlements to muzzle single mothers raising the children of their celebate officials, and every day laboring to malign the attempts of ordinary gay americans to live a quiet, tolerant life of peace and happiness while at the same time tolerating openly-known homsexuality within the ranks of its own priestly bureaucracy. It sucks to live a glass house sometimes, but so it is. And the Jesus of the gospels was pretty clear on swinging moral brickbats when you can’t get your own house in order; and in this case, spend your days sweeping up shards. Regarding Constitution, the founding fathers, the most prominent among whom, as students of the Enlightenment and the recent ruinous wars among resolute religious partisans, were culturally tolerant athiests, carved the document with a clear eye on preventing demagogery like this from corrupting their project. People who view their own beliefs as the only true way to live are outraged by the fact that this country was not designed for their personal cultural comfort, and thus never cease their acrobatic exertions to show it as otherwise.

  • MotherSkadi

    I wonder if Mr. Donohue includes John Shelby Spong, the retired Episcopalian bishop, in his list of people and groups out to destroy American culture. Bishop Spong’s writings suggest that in many ways he could be complicit with the secular nihilists out to destroy America. Except that he isn’t out to destroy America.Mr. Donohue is a very frightened man who represents a very frightened group of people. He, and they, cannot deal with the changes going on around them so their best response is to demonize those behind the change. Thus this article.

  • jnardo

    This is a truly remarkable post. It’s hard to imagine living in a mind so filled with self-righteousness and hatred. What part of the Biblical teachings does Bill Donohue not get to allow him such venom? And hey, here’s a solution, out-reproduce evil.

  • jetchs

    It’s very interesting to read this article in conjunction with Karen Armstrong’s piece that was published in Foreign Policy. Armstrong points out that religious fundamentalists’ greatest fear is that of annihilation. Donohue illustrates this perfectly, except that it’s not American culture he truly fears for, it’s his view of American culture and his faction’s capacity to force others to live according to fundamentalist precepts. As Razzl points out, this view is “impervious to fact or reason.” But it’s helpful to note that people like Donohue have been saying these things for many decades, and such views were once held more widely. It’s not that the fundamentalists have changed, it’s that society has moved away from them in ways that they find extremely threatening. So I approach such folks the same way I approach anyone else who feels obviously threatened — very carefully…

  • mbus

    I spend $13,000 per year for my daughter to attend a Catholic high school.Mr. Donohue, with his vitriolic paranoia, has me considering a public school.

  • norriehoyt

    Bill sleeps soundly and dreams of his perfect America:The Pope is President.The Grand Inquisitor is the Attorney General.Congress is dominated by former I.R.A. members. Sessions begin with the recitation of the Catholic version of the Lord’s Prayer. Protestants are gavelled into silence when they try to say the closing phrases of the Protestant version. [This actually happened to me and my elementary school class in Massachusetts during the era of school prayer.]The Supreme Court majority consists of retired hangmen from the old Papal States.**[The U.S. is 25% Catholic. The present Supreme Court is 67% Catholic. Neat trick. And Bill says the secularists are destroying Catholic culture and influence.]Time to wake up, Bill, and look at reality.And while you’re at it, could you spare a dash of Christian charity?

  • battleground51

    There is an evil force that infests and infects worldwide humanity. In the Bible it is called Satan. Today we don’t know what to call it. We are too politically correct to call it by any name.Go down any city street and you can see it. The vile, filthy wretches that haunt the night and sleep all day like vampires.Strange, alien looking creatures that defy nature and natural law. Sometimes a normal person feels like he’s in a low budget, horror movie.You can call them perverts, freaks of nature, demented, nihilists, anarchists or whatever. They are hollow, souless, empty shells that only want to drag the rest of society down to their level.The old saying, “misery loves company” is golden.

  • ravensfan20008

    See? This is why I’m not a Catholic.For the record, I am one of the “secular saboteurs” he’s talking about. Well, perhaps not as radical as he paints with his examples. But I want to make this clear: I don’t hate America. I’m okay with capitalism if there are safeguards to protect the entire population. And I’m totally okay with people practicing their religion in private, or in church, or anywhere I don’t have to be exposed to it. I just don’t like organized religion, which is not America, or vice versa. And with a piece like this, I see no reason to change my sinful ways.Now, off to write a movie script about over-sexed faux born-again Christians who convert to Hinduism and study Marxism.

  • blackjackshellac

    God help the little children that end up in the clutches of the Catholic Priests! Donahue is a bloviating barf bucket, who should rightfully not be allowed to spew his venom in polite society.My kids, and those of all of my other atheist friends (we are legion), sleep better at night knowing that Pedophile Priests aren’t diddling our kids.

  • pirate1

    Please. “Wild Bill” has been ranting like this for decades. His motto is,”I’m more Catholic than the Pope.” Even the organization of American Catholic bishops (US Conference of Catholic Bishops) keeps him at arm’s length (which infuriates him, btw). His organization is one man with an internet connection. Read his organization’s federal tax return (form 990). You can get it on And don’t miss the episode of SOUTH PARK which featured him! Glad to see that the organization Catholics for Choice still makes him foam at the mouth. Must send them a tax deductible donation today …

  • marmstrong2

    Mr. Donohue is plainly a very disturbed person. Religion often does this to people. One is better off without fairy tales. I believe we should all strive to help each other and ourselves through all the grievous, painful periods of our lives and share in celebrating the joyful times. Our mutual goal should be peaceful acceptance of whatever comes that we cannot change to suit ourselves.

  • xandersun

    Oh my God, Bill, this is so weird! I just saw you the other night in that movie “Paranormal Activity,” and here you are blogging! Great job, by the way — I think the boyfriend might have been a Jesus-hating Jew, so kudos for what you did to him!

  • MarkDaniel

    My secular saboteur activities continue unabated. I just put that Sean Penn movie “Milk” at the top of my Netflix list. Now I’m just waiting for American culture to wither and die.

  • bproulx45

    It seems to me that the thing you are attacking IS American culture; freedom of expression is a uniquely American idea. When the Catholics became pedophiles in the eyes of the American public your time ended. Say what you want, I never saw Hollywood making movies about how great it is to do terrible things to children. The religious people in this Country have a lot to answer for.

  • bproulx45

    RE: Strange, alien looking creatures that defy nature and natural law. Sometimes a normal person feels like he’s in a low budget, horror movie.You can call them perverts, freaks of nature, demented, nihilists, anarchists or whatever. They are hollow, souless, empty shells that only want to drag the rest of society down to their level.I call them Catholics, but they could be baptists or Pentecostals whatever…

  • neal10

    If we could only live the values of bible Leviticus 21:”No one at all who has a defect shall be qualified: no man who is blind, or lame, or has a limb too short or too long; no man who has a broken leg or a broken arm; or who is a hunchback or a dwarf, or who has a growth in his eye, or who has a boil scar, or scurvy, or crushed testes.”I’m tired of all of the people with crushed testes profaning sacred places.

  • washpost18

    Personally, I find the final remarks in this column to be very offensive and have contacted Wapo about it. If you agree,… – Posted by: maggotsWhile I agree the remarks are an insult to both morality and intelligence I don’t see any value to demanding the Post not publish such tripe. If the BillDo isn’t given the occasional opportunity to publicly demonstrate just how vile an individual he is outside of the little echo chamber that is his one-man vitrol operation there isn’t an opportunity for the majority to show just how far off the reservation he is. BillDo is too much of a coward to allow any commentary on his own site, only ever appears on sympathetic Fox “news” broadcasts and is thus never challenged to provide (the non-existent) proof of any of his claims.I say let him have these opportunities to expose his intolerance and hatred in the big world, then he can go back to his little Mr. Shouty bully soapbox in the park until someone feels the need to trot him out again to demonstrate, “Yep, see, we’ve still got problem children like the BillDo in the world so the rest of you don’t give up the fight to make this a better place.”

  • Riograd

    The Catholic church has many wacky beliefs, many of which are harmless. However, its policies on human sexuality are not harmless. It denies that man/woman were created by God with an irresistible instinct for sex — after all, it is how we reproduce. This denial insults God, who after all gave us this instinct. The Catholic church is also in denial about the inevitable consequences of exponential population growth — hunger and war. Listen up Catholic church, time to stop denying the form of man/woman thatGod created and start dealing realistically with it.

  • theosnyder

    Bill Donohue is the contemporary Fr. Charles Coughlin — the anti-semitic radio priest on the 30’s who the bishops eventually reigned in. But none too soon. Why are the Catholic bishops allowing Donohue to represent the church in the public square? I doubt even a fraction of the Catholics I worship with weekly –a crosssection of American Catholcism– would have much truck with Donohue’s rants. Our parish puts its energy into our central city grade school, our community meal that feeds hungry fasmilies, our free medical clinic that treats the uninsured (legal or not), etc. The parish has been around for 120 years; guys like Donohue come and go, but offer nothing that resembles Jesus’ command that we love/serve our neighbor.

  • fmschiav

    Wow – talk about shooting oneself in the foot. This guy is so filled with hate that he impresses as being the one person in the universe farthest from divinity.

  • Fate1

    I would like to hear the pope’s take on the vitriol expressed in Mr. Donohue’s article written in the church’s name. The Catholic church has changed quite a bit from my childhood. They were champions of the poor, the under privileged, even gays, not in promoting the lifestyle but in standing up to societal hatred. But, I guess all things change. The church once stood against evolution. Now evolution is accepted. It seems, over time and with education, fear can be surmounted.Mr. Donohue can define what Catholics are but in most cases he is wrong. I wish he could give specifics where attacks on religion have reduced religion in this country, a country where religion is practiced more than almost anywhere else in the world. He imagines a secular fifth column attacking American culture, as though it is a planned attack. I wonder where he thinks the sabatours meet each week.Such a paranoid man who imagines much but shows little evidence is a poor choice for the defender of a religion, but imagined emenies are just what a person in his position needs to justify his job. If Mr. Donohue wants to know who is sabatoguing Catholicism he need only read his own writing here. Words such as his are driving Catholics away in droves. Catholics want to be taght who to love, who to protect, who to feed and clothe, who to provide assistence. They do not want to be told who to hate, who to be afraid of, who to question, who to deny rights. Time for you Mr. Donohue to go to confession!

  • willemkraal



    Columns like this should be posted in religious forums rather than news forums. These columns accomplish nothing other than point out how some guide their lives on emotion and other more enlightened folks base their decisions on intellect. But nobody is going to convince the other side to change. Therefore, THERE’S NO POINT TO THESE COLUMNS BEING IN NEWS SOURCES! These columns need to remain on religious sites where all the lemmings can perform one big circle-jerk and get off regurgitating verse.

  • CathyB3

    Bill D. is just out promoting his new book and using the Washington Post to do it.He is the Rush Lamebrain of the Catholic Church. Sick! Really sick!No offensive comment could be more offensive than the article itself!

  • CharlesADavidson1

    This style of argument saddens me for the simple fact that the author immediately discounts any opposing view as persecution. If I disagree then I am a godless heathen not worthy of having a voice.I would welcome a well-reasoned, logical, cogent argument on any of the issues Mr. Donohue raises. Unfortunately I have yet to find one and certainly his isn’t either.When I read such hate filled commentary I am reminded of what my mother used to tell me as a child. “When you point a fingers, you are pointing four back at you.” What horror must be hidden in Mr. Donohue’s closet that he carries with him such malice?Mr. Donohue I feel genuine pity for you and pray that someday you will be able to exorcise your demons before they do anymore harm to yourself or others.

  • mathstat

    At first, I was concerned that WP would publish such ridiculous stuff. After some more thoughts, I am actually grateful: the world must know that these extremists exist if it is to protect itself!

  • pioneer1

    The fundamental point is that a mythology-based belief system is not a prerequisite for having political or social views. Like most of the articles in this part of the paper, there is only the lightest veneer of “religion” to the discussion; this is just another us v them, red v black, liberal v conservative, etc etc colloquoy. To my mind that is further evidence that the mythology-based belief system is irrelevant to real discussion in society; such beliefs really add something only when discussing the number of fairies on the head of a pin, the banned foods you must avoid for no real reason, and the particular others whose beliefs in alternative mythologies condemns them to eternal life in assorted mythological netherworlds.

  • AngryCyclist

    As a Catholic, I am embarrassed that Bill Donohue is somehow seen by the media as a spokesman for our faith. Mr. Donohue: judge not, lest ye be judged. Better yet, put a clamp on it. Your rantings may have had a place during the Spanish Inquisition, but no more. You do not represent my Catholic beliefs any more than Osama bin Laden or Mahmoud Ahmedinejad represent the opinions of all Muslims.

  • penance091

    Oh Bill…How insane you must be…There are many things in life of which I am certain. I am certain that as a gay man who grew up in a loving Catholic home, you’re hateful views on faith are not shared by anyone with a brain. I am certain that I do not hate America, nor do I hate Christianity. I am diametrically opposed to something that would strip me of my rights and burn me at a stake at the very first chance. Also, I am certain that “deep down”, as you put it, I know what I am doing is right. I am as I was born. Lastly, I am certain that it is you who hates America. You hate America because it no longer resembles the lily-white neighborhood you so fondly remember.So, Bill, you righteous defender of antiquated, hurtful ideology, I leave you with one thought:Get up off the cross. Somebody else needs to wood.


    This from a liberal secular humanist with 5 kids, all of whom are grown up and liberal secular humanists: You’re going down Bill!!

  • Fate1

    I spend $13,000 per year for my daughter to attend a Catholic high school.Now, now, now…there is no reason to go nuts here…Not to get onto a new thread here but the idea that Catholic schools are somehow superior should be questioned by anyone who is considering sending their child to one. Many are very good but in some areas they are only as good as the public school and in other places worse than the public schools. My sister who moved to Denver put her child in Catholic school only to pull her out after a few months when the obvious lack of professionalism became obvious. The local public school was better. Everyone should study the schools they are considering and not assume that because they are Catholic or private that they are better than the local public school. And consider that a Mr. Donohue could be invited to speak at your child’s Catholic school. This will probably appeal to those who want to pull their kids out of school when Obama makes a visit. So sad that Catholicism is moving in this hatefilled direction.

  • citizenw

    America, too, has its Mullah Omar.

  • Fabrisse

    Christians and Catholics specifically no longer have a seat at the table? Or leadership in either party? I could have sworn there were six Catholics on the Supreme Court now. The last one appointed by a Democrat. Nor do I see the people I know attempting to blaspheme. I see people of deep faith being torn apart because their churches are rejecting them as members of the body of Christ.

  • ReneeK08

    C’mon Washington Post – this isn’t an article! How can you actually print stuff like this? This type of retarded ranting should be reserved for his personal diary or blog. It should certainly not be deemed worthy to print. (Dropped the ball, eh?) No one but his mother could possibly want to read his raving and blathering on and on. I should think that even most Catholics would be embarrassed by this representation. Get rid of your alien contributors – get some real people to write down something they’ve actually thought about. Or just fill in with more advertising! I’d rather read paragraph after paragraph of misspelled words and poor grammar than volunteer my time to give audience to the ridiculous and inane rantings of an angry old man.-only could get through first paragraph…moving on to NY Times…, NC

  • Chagasman

    Bill Donohue is obviously a paranoid religious nutcase. He should be confined in an institution and sedated.

  • arminius3142

    It is obvious from Donohue’s tirade that he is not Christian. He should open his bible to the Gospel of Matthew, and read all four Gospels, and then re-read them, ignoring all else in the bible. Then, maybe, just maybe, he would ask

  • AdamDC

    This editorial is so appalling that I couldn’t even finish it.


    And what extremists like Bill and his blind followers don’t realize is that they sound exactly like Islamic fundamentalists – just that each believes in a different son of god and have a different good book used for purposes of proselytizing converting. And they’re blind to the fact that they both aspire to deny others human rights, decency, freedom and freewill. It’s comical – conservative nutcases scream about their fear of government and its “desire to enslave” Americans. Yet – they’re the same loons who call themselves “devout followers” who push for religion in government and desire theocracy and all the limitation of rights that come with it. Your right wingnuts are braindead.

  • orthodoxheathen

    Bill Donohue said: “Sexual libertines, from the Marquis de Sade to radical gay activists, have sought to pervert society by acting out on their own perversions. What motivates them most of all is a pathological hatred of Christianity. They know, deep down, that what they are doing is wrong, and they shudder at the dreaded words, “Thou Shalt Not.” But they continue with their death-style anyway.”That’s as good a description of a Catholic priest as I’ve ever seen.

  • 6thsense79

    I often wonder how these religous conservatives would fare in the times of Christ. After all the things Jesus preached during his time went against the conservative norm of his day and were dare I say radical and liberal. If Bill Donohue

  • Pensfans

    This guy makes a lot of sense. He is a true Catholic. Those who say they are Catholic and on supreme court are really pagans.Individuals and churches can display all the religious scenes they want. It is when government does it that it becomes an issue. Does he believe gays should not be involved in politics? What about the log cabin Republicans?

  • tpress

    Just another “baiter” looking to sell books I suspect. No I know. I will not aid his efforts by posting a “come back” that could be scraped from the web by his PR firm and used for marketing to the base of folks looking for things like this. The hate of diversity and pluralism is point blank anti-American in my view. I am really surprised the WPost would host this. But then again if it generates “page views” for ads then perhaps the WPost is becoming more like Fox that I thought.

  • linguine33

    Ah for the good old days when you could:

  • Buddydog

    Donahue is a perfect example of what happens when people lead insular, sheltered lives constantly self-selecting the information they wish to receive. The internet has facilitated the growth of this phenomenon. I have no doubt that Bill sees his world exactly as he presents it, even if the rest of us see it as delusional and paranoid. Thinking adults, both religious and secular, know that our society does best when people are exposed to various points of view, are involved in their community beyond a small tribe of like-minded individuals, and are tolerant of those who may be different than us. The opposite viewpoint is taken by the Taliban and other religious fanatics, who believe that free information is apostasy, and alternative perspectives are to be viciously repressed. Fortunately, we can all take a look at how the Taliban’s version of society fared, and how Western society fared, and make our decision about which is preferable. Obviously, Donahue’s already made his choice.

  • GayAtheist

    So we can report an offensive comment. How do we report an offensive article? Because what Mr. Donohue had to say was deeply offensive to me and I hope he represents only a tiny minority of catholics (preferably a minority of 1).

  • dunvegan

    Tax the churches.

  • fishcrow

    Yes, he represents a minority. But morality is not a consensus – it is absolute. When Christ had only 12 disciples, they were the minority. Donohue knows the meaning of the straight and narrow, and why the Church is not meant to step inline with society; why it is not meant to conform to society’s standards.

  • roedel74

    Ever notice we’ve never seen Rosie O’Donnell and Bill Donohue in the same place at the same time? Hmmm….

  • trippin

    Hey, Archie Bunker: feeling the hot breath of a free people down your fat neck? Disappointed that we don’t subjugate our reason to a childhood fairy tale? Your authoritarian patriarchal panties are all bunched up, aren’t they?I got news for you, blowhard, we aren’t going anywhere. As for conservatives breeding like rabbits, well, given your perverse preoccupation with sexual matters, I’m not surprised. I’m just surprised you find someone to do it with.What I’d like to know is: why do you Christo-fascist religious zealots hate America so much?

  • DrWho2

    From the article, in Donahue’s world people wake up in the morning and say to themselves, ‘I think I’ll spend the morning annhilating American culture and if there’s spare time this afternoon, I’ll spend it perverting society’. How, you ask? By skipping mass and spending my tithing money and time to go and see a movie.Oh, the EVIL I will have wrought…

  • Gutavo

    Self-loathing, self-closeting homosexuals are so sad.

  • ravitchn

    What few are recognizing here is that Donohue is a throw back to Catholicism as it was before Vatican II. Since Vatican II the Church has actually come to believe in religious freedom, the right of Jews to remain Jews, and the right of conscience. Amazing, isn’t it?

  • ModestProposal

    If I weren’t already aware of Donohue’s existence I would think that this was a piece of performance art aimed at exaggerating and lampooning religious conservatives’ arguments and paranoia. Nobody wants to take your crosses and Bibles. Nobody wants to inhibit you from living and identifying as a Christian. Nobody wants to keep you from attending your church and raising your children as you see fit. Your First Amendment rights are your entitlement, and nobody wants to take them from you.Tolerance does not mean endorsing “lifestyles” that don’t mesh with your beliefs. It doesn’t even mean you have to say nice things about people you don’t agree with, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to like them. What it means is that you acknowledge their right to live the same free, unhindered, and equal life under the law that you enjoy. How can all this talk of “saboteurs,” “death-styles,” “communism,” and “perverts” possibly come from a man who considers himself to live life in Christ’s word?I honestly feel sorry for Bill. It must be hard being so terrified of everyone that isn’t quite like him.

  • TerryMcT

    Bill Donohue is not a representative of the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic League is something he made up and runs out of his house. How can the Post act as though he speaks from a position of authority?

  • granger3

    Not to mention the Protestants, namely Southern Baptists from Mississippi, who asked me if I was “Christian, or Catholic?”

  • SwissRoots

    This is such an angering article to read. This is why I steer clear of organized religion. It breeds hatred and passes judgment on those that are different. It’s the main cause of most wars throughout history. I know there are some Catholic churches that are changing with the times and realize that the views of the past no longer apply in modern society. The world changes and evolves with time and it seems that Bill has not evolved at all. His words are frightening….that someone can actually believe this drivel is unfathomable to me.

  • mhr614

    How the US has changed since I attended Catholic schools in the 1940’s, a child of immigrant parents. I was never treated as what liberals today call a “person of color.” No one in the school treated me and my siblings as “minorities” in that marvelously condescending way liberals do. Our prayers included one for the conversion of Russia- can you imagine anything more retrograde from the liberal point of view? I became an American, more American I must say than many who call themselves Americans today, those relativists who believe all nations and cultures are equal. I served in the US Army, attended university and thanks to my Catholic education excelled in my studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels. GK Chesterton said it best about secularists- “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe nothing; they believe anything.” The sky is falling belief secularists harbor about “global warming” is as good an example as any. Liberals of course call people who have a different point of view all kinds of names-“racists, bigots” eg. The responses to Donahue are typical. Emotional creatures, these liberals.

  • gimpi

    “Yes, he represents a minority. But morality is not a consensus – it is absolute….Donohue knows the meaning of the straight and narrow, and why the Church is not meant to step inline with society; why it is not meant to conform to society’s standards.”fishcrow,As long as you don’t try to pass laws to enforce your “straight and narrow” on those of us who don’t share your views, I have no problem at all with your statement. If you feel your standards are better than those of the majority, go for it. I wish you all the best. Just understand, those of your fellow-citizens who don’t share your views have the same right to follow their own beliefs, not yours. Just as you don’t want society to force you to conform to what you view as a lower standard, those who believe differently want the right to follow their own standards, which they most likely view as superior. Does that work for you?

  • Buddydog

    Scared, frightened men who find comfort and meaning only to the extent they are victimized by others, playing out the hero’s archetype by challenging invisible enemies to war… While I find the psychology of people like Donahue fascinating in the abstract, I unfortunately realize that there is no difference between a “culture war” and a “holy war.” Jihad is the next step. Everyone get ready.

  • harttenj

    Bill, as many posters above have stated, you have over-reached in describing the various events and people you attempt to use to make your argument. You may succeed in denigrating them rhetorically, but the reader is left wondering where is the reasoning and evidence necessary to prove your point. Seems unduly negative.

  • org2

    This editorial qualifies as hate speech. It’s ironic that a “follower of Jesus” could follow a path of hate.

  • sasquatchbigfoot

    Mister Donohue, can we get your first wife’s reaction to this article? You know, the wife you divorced before you paid the Vatican enough money to buy an annulment?

  • harttenj

    Bill, as many posters above have stated, you have over-reached in describing the various events and people you attempt to use to make your argument. You may succeed in denigrating them rhetorically, but the reader is left wondering where is the reasoning and evidence necessary to prove your point. Seems unduly negative.

  • colinnicholas

    “The study of theology, as it stands in Christian churches, is the study of nothing.Thomas Paine. 1737-1809; American Revolutionary hero, from “The Age of Reason.”Who makes more sense, Donohue or Thomas Paine?

  • seasalt

    Bill Donohue, America’s voice of religious tyranny.

  • leilaash

    Um… this Op Ed has absolutely no substance whatsoever…. just accusations and buzz words like “secular saboteurs and the “annihilation of Western Culture.” I was hoping for an actual argument.Leila

  • bacarey58

    Until your “church” deals with its pedophile priest problem you have zero room to point fingers at society at large. Sorry you’ve been so braindirtied by modern “conservativism” that you perceive “liberals” to be the enemy – as a former catholic I’m still proud to call myself a liberal.

  • Skowronek

    linguine33, you left out preventing 51% of the population from voting!Of course, in the REALLY ‘good old days’ that Bill seems to long for, the voting population was miniscule. White, property-owning males.What’s particularly sad is that Donahue doesn’t represent the Catholic Church at all. I’m kinda surprised that he hasn’t gotten into a world of legal trouble using the Catholic ‘brand’. Catholic readers, please not that my use of the use of the word brand isn’t intended as a slur–I’m simply drawing a blank as to a better term. No doubt it will come to me milliseconds after I hit ‘submit’.

  • cleanfront

    Jeezy Peezy!I got a free coupon to the new multiplex bathhouse/abortion clinic, Sexual Libertine Depot, just around the corner. You can tag along and grab some culture war. They even walk your dog for free!

  • wildfyre99

    Sounds an awful lot like you are just trying to protect your rice bowl Bill. Anti-religionists don’t want to replace religion with “nothing” We want to replace “superstition” with “logic and reason.” Your assertion that religion forms the basis of culture just points to the fact that you are simply trying to maintain your religion’s perverse grip on the world.

  • arminius3142

    I am not particularly a fan of the RCC, but I seriously doubt that the Vatican, even the pope himself, would agree with much of the vitriol that Donohue vomits here.

  • schala1

    Jesus’ example of unconditional love and acceptance is why I support gay marriage. “Secularists” don’t want to destroy the fabric of society–why would they? The question is, why does the fabric of your society involve unequal rights for gays, ignorance about other cultures, and preventing women from making choices about their own bodies? Taking those things away would destroy society for you? How? Why? Isn’t society about so much more than keeping certain groups of people down?

  • stackeddeck82

    Is this any different then the hate speeches spewed forth by the Nazi, Taliban,Al Qaeda, and other terrorist sects? Have the Chatholic Church and its followers not commited murder in the past and killed hundreds of thousands of people to maitain their hold on world and prospered financially by doin so?Why do we let these religions get away with not paying taxes, rape of alter boys, and their attempt to oppress any and all who oppose their beliefs. Dont be mad cause there are over 850 million non-religious people, wich is just under half the amount of Christians in the world and getting stronger everyday. We simply dont like the hate you breed and feed into your subjects and know how to think for ourselves. I must thank you Mr. Donohue for showing the world the churches true identity once more and for showing so many ppl why they should refrain from practicing your hate and move towards free thinking. Our numbers will grow because of you.As for this paper printing such a hate message, I for one will never buy or read the Washington Post ever again cause you obviously have no regard for all the people , but a select few who pay top dollar. This is not journalism and you should feel ashamed for printing this nonsense. How much would you charge Bin Laden to print a story in your paper? I hope you all join me in the botcott of this biased filth they put into the world and leave this trash to the bigots and hypocrites who believe it.

  • lloydamy

    Easily the most hate-filled, retro-conservative, reactionary, and un-Christian thing I’ve read in recent months. His opening rant of a paragraph pretty much disqualifies this piece as a serious piece of work. It is a seriously vitriolic screed that wouldn’t/shouldn’t qualify as even an op ed piece. Can’t imagine why this fool was invited in, and I refuse to ascribe his xenophobic utterances to the rest of the Catholic community. And to his comment about those who presumably think like him “breeding like rabbits” I simply point him to the vastly underrated film Idiocracy for the end-state of what he and his fellow miscreants find desirable. On the day of judgment, may God be more understanding than this faux Christian.

  • bigbrother1

    Anyone considering voting for Bob McDonnell in VA should read this. Because this is exactly the kind of thinking you’ll get with a Republican governor. He may try to disguise it, religious intolerance and insanity is what he’s all about.

  • wildfyre99

    StackedDeck… The problem with intelligent and enlightened people boycotting the WP is that then drivel like Mr. Donohue’s article would go unchallenged.Have you ever heard the phrase “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”??? It’s important to watch and counter people like Mr. Donohue and to do that you have to be engaged in the trenches where he spews his hate and misinformation.

  • stackeddeck82

    This is not an article done to bring light to the hate he is selling but to promote it.

  • rmcgolden

    At first, I thought this guy was a hoax like the balloon boy, but I guess he is for real…Amazing…

  • HillWilliam

    No one expects the Spanish Inquistion!

  • arminius3142

    wildfyre99 has it right – WaPo does us a favor by posting Donohue’s screed of blind hatred and anti-Christian ignorance. One of the maxims of warfare is

  • gtsimpson3

    What kind of “news” paper would give a platform to this hateful drivel?

  • stackeddeck82

    I dont see the oppossing side here, all I see is his story and a promotion to the book. If this paper and others did’nt print crap like this it would not spread.Side Note: Less then 5% or people in prison are non-religious, whats that tell you?

  • Alex511

    fr counterww:>Donahue, judging by the venom spewed at you by the wonderful people on this forum , you hit the bullseye…..What is that saying[ “me thinks you protest too much”The ONLY one “spewing venom” here is billy donohue himself. He is NOT doing any “good work” except probably for his pocket.

  • MarcMyWords

    All Donohue’s rant proves is that he can dish it out but cant take. Right wing religious folks seem to think they have the right to criticize everyone and everything they disagree with, while presuming that by calling their own personal beliefs “religious” they are above reproach and immune from criticism. If religious folks want to attack those of us that dont share their beliefs, that is their right, but stop pretending that the fact you call something “religious” makes it any more right or wrong or valid than a non-religious viewpoint. You live your life the way you choose and Ill live mine. Such a simple concept but apparantly much too complicated for the fanatically religious to get their head around.

  • Skowronek

    I am not particularly a fan of the RCC, but I seriously doubt that the Vatican, even the pope himself, would agree with much of the vitriol that Donohue vomits here.Posted by: arminius3142 | October 20, 2009 2:31 PMI wonder if they’ve taken note of what he had to say and will be issuing some sort of statement disavowing, or distancing themselves from the author. I would be surprised if they weren’t eventually made aware of it. The question is, what will the Vatican do about it? If anything, of course. You never know.

  • EcoAZ

    Wow. An honest opinion from a mainstream American sure sets off the left wing screeching, screaming and hatred.Why so upset?Oh yeah. In Left Wing Zealot Land nobody is allowed to disagree with the Party Line.

  • Scola

    What an incoherent rant. Instead of blaming the outside world perhaps Catholics should look inward. Their numbers are declining because people like myself who were raised Catholic don’t need Hollywood or gay-rights advocates or any of the boogeymen out there to reject Christian nonsense. The Catholic Church loses us all on their own.As for his defense of our country’s “Judeo-Christian heritage” and “Western culture” against multiculturalism, surely he must know how absurd this sounds. The term “Judeo-Christian heritage” was coined in the 20s by liberal activists fighting antisemitism. It was spread by the US military during WWII to hold together morale in a multifaith army. The traditional western culture the Catholic church espoused supported fascism, from Mussolini to Franco. It’s the church of the inquisition. The “traditions” he is trying to defend are the ones his predecessors savaged only a few generations ago.

  • ricklein

    The fact is, organized religion, a form of tribalism, is the most destructive force in the world today. Mr. Donohue’s rant is a demonstration of why.

  • EcoAZ

    Constitution of the United States”Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  • Jumper1

    Overall, a refreshing rant. Not that I agree. I too find a dark side in the libertines; they often want you to throw out the ethical baby with the blue-stocking bathwater. Of course, in this world anyone whose “religion” forbids birth control, is essentially advocating the destruction of the planet Earth and is for all intents and purposes working for Satan himself. Person of “faith.” Psshhtt! Yah, right.

  • tomstaph

    B-Dog should read Max Blumenthal’s Republican Gomorrah. He’s the quintessential example of a freedom-hating zealout; one whose own personal shortcomings preclude him from living moderately and making choices, opting instead for total prohibition and annihalation. Distrustful of humanity, he craves a divine, authoritarian, all-powerful, surrogate Father-figure, one who can fill deep-seated childhood voids and abuses he himself no longer can nor wants to explore on his own. Epitomizing the typical insecurities and sado-masichistic tendencies that plague the religious right and their hatred for variety and moral grey zones, he dwells on self-confinement, punishment and redemption. Just like his church, he needs strict black-and-white boundaries, without which, he’d be lost. Ironically, nothing is more threatening to his worldview than humanity-inspired choice and freedom, two values which he claims to enthusiastically embrace but woefully lacks.

  • bpkell1

    Washington Post,Please stop this desperate measure to not be billed as a liberal-biased paper by publishing guest writers like Bill Donahue. Posting inflammatory articles, conservative or liberal, will not present a balanced viewpoint, and will only foster further irrationality in future dialog. If Donahue can make a serious argument (and sell a book about it) that liberals are seeking to destroy our cultural heritage, than why not make an argument that conservatives want to freeze the culture to a mythological version of the early 20th century? What exactly are people getting from this vitriol? What will be solved or gained?We need to treat each other a little more seriously and understand that our opponents never hold opinions that are completely bankrupt. There are no angels or demons, only people.

  • octobertea

    You lost me at “There”

  • octobertea

    And anyone using the word sexual libertines has been dead for 200 years.This blanket statement should cover all debate: If you’re religious, you are wrong.

  • EcoAZ

    I too, find this a refreshing rant against the overt intolerance and hostility of a radical left wing that laughably considers themselves champions of diversity.Quite the opposite is true. The new and very loudmouthed left wing is creating enemies of everyone and everything that does not agree with their radical opinions.Hope to see more gutsy “rants” like this.

  • david6

    What a vile, hate-filled, dishonest old grouch. Mr. Donohue is the saboteur bringing disrepute upon those who claim to believe.

  • EcoAZ

    This blanket statement should cover all debate: If you’re against religious freedom, you are wrong.

  • Scola

    Ecoaz: Who is upset? The article was so absurd to not be worth much. The only bit that bothers me is the bit about a “culture war”. The last thing I as an atheist wants is a war. Let’s face it, those of my ilk whether atheists, secularists, gays, whatever are on average more educated, better off and generally in a better situation than the superstitious bumpkins. The last thing we want is a fight that might damage our good life. I’m happy to let you freely participate in your absurd pagan rituals. Just leave me alone. I mean, if you’re all perfect and we’re all going to burn in hell, why do you have to fight a war with us anyways. You already won, right?

  • cedricvl

    Just a few questions Bill:1) Did your mommy and daddy not love you enough?

  • EcoAZ

    For the record, Scola: I am not religious. You can surely make your self-centered talking point without interjecting false assumptions against others.


    At the end of the day, religious consertives and secular liberals sit down and eat dinner, go to work together, say hello as neighbors, and call each other friends.Those that don’t are missing the best of what it is to be an American.

  • Scola

    Ecoaz: No one on the left is against religious freedom. The right is the one declaring a “culture war” against those who don’t share their religious belief. To say the 1.6% of the US who is atheist or agnostic is oppressing the beliefs of the 76% who are Christian is absurd. Those of us in the minority just want to be left alone to live true to our beliefs. Freedom of religion includes freedom for me too.

  • EcoAZ

    “At the end of the day, religious consertives and secular liberals sit down and eat dinner, go to work together, say hello as neighbors, and call each other friends.Those that don’t are missing the best of what it is to be an American.”That beautiful statement should go viral. Excellent.

  • ModestProposal

    As a devout dog walker, I take deep offense to Mr. Donohue’s vitriol…Ah, who am I kidding. I’m out to destroy America. You got me, BillDo! Fine work, old chap!

  • obrier2

    Pay taxes or shut up!

  • EcoAZ

    Scola, I don’t know where you dreamed up “The right is the one declaring a “culture war” against those who don’t share their religious belief,” but that is completely false.Religious groups have been on the defensive for years now; for no other reason than they are not secular.

  • Scola

    Ecoaz: Did you read his remarks: “The culture war is up for grabs. The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits, while secular saboteurs have shut down: they’re too busy walking their dogs, going to bathhouses and aborting their kids. Time, it seems, is on the side of the angels.”On the defensive? Christian groups as tax exempt. They get money for their “faith-based initiatives”. The fights are about spending public money, my tax money, on religious indoctrination. Atheists like me have to pay our taxes in money with the absurd statement “In God We Trust” (I’ll tell you I don’t trust a figment of your imagination). Just leave us alone and stop imposing your beliefs on us. They are absurd and we just want you to stay out of our business.

  • ScottChallenger

    Mr. Donohue – if you’re the President of the Catholic League, then you better reconvene the meeting for an impeachment vote. You are an embarassment to relgion and everyting is hopes to stand for. You are an icon to hatred, bigotry, and the Republican Party.

  • Fate1

    Ecoaz wrote: “I too, find this a refreshing rant against the overt intolerance and hostility of a radical left wing that laughably considers themselves champions of diversity.Yea, well, all you have to do is look at the conservative republican party convention and the liberal democratic party convention last fall and see which was a show of diversity and which a show of homogenuity. Oh my, republicans homogenious!?! Get the to a nunnery! And while you’re at it Donohue, tell your religious elders to keep their sexually deprived hands off the kids and get wives, as God said was “natural”.

  • arminius3142

    EcoAZ posted:Well, that’s strange. I’m religious, and do not feel threatened in the least. Also, a fairly recent PEW survey identified maybe 2% or less of Americans as identified non-believers, and maybe 15% as non-committal. So are you saying that 85% of America is threatened by 15%, or even 2%?

  • CntrvilleCitoyen

    After reading this, I am concerned that the WaPo is next going to solicit Mullah Omar for his thoughts on the evils of secularism.

  • Fate1

    Religious groups have been on the defensive for years now; for no other reason than they are not secular.Yea right. Who is paying taxes and who is tax exempt? But if you feel you are on the defense for wanting to shove your religion down my kid’s throat then prepare for your kids to receive Islamic, Moonie, and other just-as-nutty religious indoctrination. You have no idea how good you have it in this country where you can imagine anything you want and not only believe it but get a tax exemption for believing and practicing it. Maybe its time to revoke 501(c)(3) tax exemptions just to remind you how coddled you are in the secular USA.

  • maggots

    If you plan to read Donohue’s book, just steal it. According to him, you are going to hell anyway.

  • DrWho2

    Hello Bill, are you there? Hello??Oh darn, he’s busy doing his rabbit thing. Wild Kingdom must have been on last night.Well, remember Bill, you are not supposed to be enjoying it, that would be sinful, even for you, self appointed voice for the catholics. Course if you donate a few bucks to …just might be able to shorten your stay….well, you know the rest.

  • lartfromabove

    This article is just opinion without facts. Has no relevance to anybody.

  • Tolheer

    Excellent article, Mr. Donohue. You have inspired me to become a member of, and make an impassioned monetary donation to, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. Perhaps others will follow a similar

  • rcvinson64

    When will the KKK be given space to preach their hatred? Nice job, WaPo. When producing films under censorship, who could openly criticize the State or church? I don’t long for the good ole days when Blacks had few rights, women were pawns and children had no safety net. If the past was so great, why’d you all let it slip away? This guy does very little to draw people to the church or his cause.

  • mj2000

    This is nothing more or less than a hyper-paranoid and libelous rant. When Donohue accuses the “ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State [of] harbor-[ing] an agenda to smash the last vestiges of Christianity in America. Lying about their real motives . .,” he aligns himself with his historical brethren who accused Thomas Jefferson of similar motives because he like the ACLU and Americans United saw keeping government and religion separate as essential to democracy, and as the best way to avoid the kinds of theocracies that plagued Europe at that time. Perhaps Mr. Donohue would be more comfortable living in a Catholic version of the Iranian theocracy where citizens could be punished for “slandering religion.” He clearly is not at home in a pluralistic democracy where his sect doesnt get to impose itself on everyone else by force of government power.

  • Athena4

    Two comments:1) Mr. Donohue, please walk in to any Catholic Church in the Washington DC area on a Sunday morning. You will find more multi-culturalism there than you’d think. While the priests are still old, white men, the parishioners are predomininantly Africans and Latinos. 2) People like you make me glad that I left the Church years ago. I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, as Billy Joel sang.

  • bigbrother1

    “At the end of the day, religious consertives and secular liberals sit down and eat dinner, go to work together, say hello as neighbors, and call each other friends.Those that don’t are missing the best of what it is to be an American.”And because of the violence and hatred of Bill Donohue, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, etc. this is becoming increasing difficult to do. Soon it may be impossible.The American Taliban complain about the “culture war” and then do what they can to bring it about. If it really comes it will be ugly, but the Talibani will lose. We don’t want this war, but if our hand is forced, sane Americans (secular and religious) will do whatever it takes to put those demons in a pit for 1000 years.

  • kenk3

    FRIENDENEMY Said:”At the end of the day, religious consertives and secular liberals sit down and eat dinner, go to work together, say hello as neighbors, and call each other friends.Those that don’t are missing the best of what it is to be an American.”—————————————Why would a person want to be friends with religious conservative? As far as I’m concerned, if I never saw one or spoke to one ever in my life, existence would be better.My version of of hell would be interacting with religious conservatives.Speak for your yourself freindenemy, you jackass

  • EcoAZ

    Doesn’t take much to dredge up left wing secular hatred, does it? Left wing zealots dish out political hatred by by the shipload, but can’t take it. What a joke.

  • washpost18

    Thin skin coward thy name is conservo.

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    Catholic neo-con? Or just Catholic? Concentrate on getting the Vatican to release its Hitler era archives. It’s been fifty-four years; one would think that the clerics have had the time to do the filing.Next, settle with the heirs of the money stolen from Jews, Serbians, Roma (Catholic, btw.) by two hundred PRIESTS, who ran concentration camps, cut their victims to pieces with ribbons, and deposited the loot in Vatican Bank, where Pope Bennie (Prada Bennie) intends to keep it.Gay marriage is not your business. Cleaning up your house is your business. Keeping it clean is your business. America will run itself.

  • Tolheer

    I put my money where my mouth is. Just donated $100 to Americans United.

  • akadreadlocks

    I write this off as just another right wing lunatic rant.

  • pr41

    I am a committed and life long Catholic. I am also a sinner. I am called not to judge others because as Christ says, “Stop judging, that you may not be judged. The reason that our society is losing its moral compass is that we’ve not only stopped loving God; we’ve stopped acknowledging his existence! God wants nothing more than to love us and to take care of us, and all he asks is that we love him in return. But that means in our covenental relationship with God, we have responsbilities to him as he has responsibilities for us. This is for our own well being — not to oppress us nor to beat us down, but to liberate us. Everyone on this earth is a sinner, including the Pope (he’d be the first to admit it), and everyone makes mistakes. It is clear from his statement that Mr. Donahue reveals frustration and not a little anger, and his words have offended many of you.While I don’t agree with the lifestyle choices of many people, everyone, no matter their choice or station in life, still has worth and dignity, and all of us are so deeply loved by the LORD.Whether you believe in God or not, I pray for you. I pray that you may know his loving care, particularly when no one else loves you. I pray that he brings you comfort in times of despair and grief, and that he eases your pain during times of suffering. I pray that he brings you peace during times of strife, and perseverence during times of hardship.

  • WmarkW

    Pr41: I agree with just about everything you say, except the part about God. The Christian doctrine of Original Sin can be expressed secularly as you put it “everybody makes mistakes.”The primary cleave in our society is not the one Mr. Donohue espouses — believers vs. secularists. But is between those who think they’re better than everyone else and those who don’t.

  • SueK1

    What the H-E-double hockey sticks is this guy ranting about?

  • rbaldwin2

    Razzl, above, hit the nail right on the head..Sleep tight…

  • AM12

    If this guy is the leader of my people, I want to leave my people. How dare he spread hate in the name of Jesus and the name of Catholics.

  • maggots

    Doesn’t take much to dredge up left wing secular hatred, does it? Left wing zealots dish out political hatred by by the shipload, but can’t take it. What a joke.Posted by: EcoAZ | October 20, 2009 5:10 PM####################################I suggest that EcoAZ go to confession and ask forgiveness for supporting political hatred instead of condemning it.

  • rodneythecat

    “The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits”Or to put it another way, religious conservatives are humping each other like dogs in heat, they’re doing the nasty, getting they’re freak on, hooking up, screwing around, etc., and Bill Donohue is bragging about it. Ever notice how losers who couldn’t get laid in a cathouse brag about sex?

  • willemkraal


  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    Bill, Tell the Vatican to return the blood money deposited in Vatican Bank fifty some odd years ago by 200 murdering Croatian priests, one of whom went to trial. (Sound familiar?)Bill, then tell Bennie to release the Vaticans Hitler era archives. His filing should be done by now.In 1941 Croat Fascists declared an independent Croatia. Italy and Hungary (also a fascist state) joined forces with Hitler for a share of Yugoslavia. Hitler had issued his plan for a partitioned Yugoslavia, granting “Aryan” status to an independent Croatia under the Catholic Ante Pavelic. This resulted in a campaign of terror and extermination conducted by the Ustashe of Croatia against two million Serbs, Jews, Gypsies, and Communists between 1941 and 1945 (Note that the Croats were Roman Catholics, the Serbs were Orthodox Christians). According to Cornwell, “Pavelic’s onslaught against the Orthodox Serbs remains one of the most appalling civilian massacres known to history.”From the outset, Pope Pius XII and the Vatican knew of the racist and anti-Semitic statements made by the Croats even as the Pope met with Pavelic and bestowed his papal blessing. Not only did the Croatian Catholic clergy know the details of the massacre of the Serbs and the virtual elimination of the Jews and Gypsies but many of the priests took a leading role! Monks and priests worked as executioners in hastily set up concentration camps where they massacred Serbs. These killings had gotten so brutal that even the Nazis protested against them. By the most reliable reckoning, the Catholic fascists massacred 487,000 Orthodox Serbs and 27,000 Gypsies between 1941 and 1945 in the independent State of Croatia. In addition, approximately 30,000 of the 45,000 Jews died in the slaughter.

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    ContinuedFrom the very beginning the Catholic clergy worked in collaboration with the Ustashe. Archbishop Stepinac got appointed spiritual leader of the Ustashe by the Vatican in 1942. Stepinac, with ten of his clergy held a place in the Ustashe parliament. Priests served as police chiefs and officers of in the personal bodyguards of Pavelic. There occurred frequent BBC broadcasts on Croatia of which a February 16, 1942 typical report stated: “The worst atrocities are being committed in the environs of the archbishop of Zagreb [Stepinac]. The blood of brother is flowing in streams. The Orthodox are being forcibly converted to Catholicism and we do not hear the archbishop’s voice preaching revolt. Instead it is reported that he is taking part in Nazi and Fascist parades.” [Cornwell, p.256] The French cardinal Eugene Tisserant, a Slavonic expert, told a Croat representative on March 6, 1942, “that it is the Franciscans themselves, as for example Father Simic of Knin, who have taken part in attacks against the Orthodox populations so as to destroy the Orthodox Church in banja Luka….” [Cornwell, p. 259]Even though petitions against the Catholics and their massacres got sent to Pius XII, not once did Pacelli, the “infallible” Pope, ever show anything but benevolence toward the leaders of the Pavelic regime. His silence on the matter matched his silence about his knowledge of Auschwitz.

  • jph3

    Mr. Donohue: I’m sorry no one believes in your fairy tale anymore. If you want, you can still leave a cookie out for Santa right after you get back from pretending to eat the flesh & blood of another imaginary old man in the sky.Maybe you would feel more comfortable in Saudi Arabia, though, where faith is enforced at gunpoint?

  • jph3

    It’s funny that we have the option to “report offensive comments,” but nothing in the comments has been as offensive as the article itself.

  • jph3

    “The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits”Especially the illiterate & unwed teenaged ones!

  • beargulch

    ecoaz says: “Doesn’t take much to dredge up left wing secular hatred, does it? Left wing zealots dish out political hatred by by the shipload, but can’t take it.”———-Please don’t confuse someone’s reaction to a hateful diatribe with the original hate. Mr. Donohue is full of hate while professing to be a loving person. What you are reading here is not left wing secular hatred, it is people reacting to having such vitriol aimed at them.

  • jph3

    Oh, wait, NOW I get it!This article was supposed to be published by the Washington TIMES, not the Post.

  • rashomon

    “Left wing zealots dish out political hatred by by the shipload, but can’t take it.”POSTED BY: ECOAZ | OCTOBER 20, 2009 5:10 PMSo ecoaz, you’re saying that left-wingers can’t take political hatred? At least you acknowledge that that’s what Donohue’s tirade represents. That’s a start.

  • MillPond2

    Wow. Someone is really cranky. I recommend a good nap.

  • papafritz57

    Today the Archdiocese of Delaware filed for bankrupcy under the pressure of over 100 Catholics suing for sexual abuse by their priests. This is the “church” that gasbag Donohue wants us all to follow. I have watched Donohue on TV many times and to see how red his face gets when someone hits him with the truth, is a pleasure. He no more represents anything that Christ spoke of and has no understanding of morality and his lack thereof. He cannot defend his unholy premises and shouts and screams when challenged. He is perfect for Faux News and has his followers there. The Catholic Church in Rome should sue his ass off for heresy against the church. Any day now I expect to read that he suffered a stroke in the midst of calling us all evil liberals. This is one deranged and dangerous man and he shouldn’t be allowed out of his nuthouse.

  • Schaum

    Millpond2:”Wow. Someone is really cranky. I recommend a good nap.”Nap??? I’d say he’s long overdue for a good enema.

  • SensibleJoe

    Mr. Donohue really needs to sit down and read what Jesus Christ actually taught in the Bible before he goes off on another “everyone and everything is anti-Christian” rant. Feeling criticized and insulted? Jesus said to expect it: “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first” (John 15:18). How did Jesus say to deal with it? “Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44). And Mr. Donohue would be shocked to find out Jesus’ first followers were hardly private-property, free-market, every-man-for-himself capitalists: “All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had…. There were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned lands or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone as he had need” (Acts 4:32-35). Geez… Sounds sorta… hmmm… socialist?

  • Scola

    AM12: Have you read any of the doctrines out of Rome recently? They don’t couch it in crusading language but the decrying of everything secular is the same. No point he raised is out of line with current Catholic doctrine. American Catholics are Catholics in part out of identification. I know when I stopped believing I lost a connection with family and with my Irish heritage. As such most continue belonging and pretend they are members of the church they want to belong to, not the one they do. As the Catholic Church relies on their dollars to fund itself, it rarely points out this split as clearly as Donohue does.

  • datdamwuf2

    The author states as fact: “Sexual libertines, from the Marquis de Sade to radical gay activists, have sought to pervert society by acting out on their own perversions. What motivates them most of all is a pathological hatred of Christianity.”Tell me, what motivates Christians to pervert society by acting out on their own perversions? A pathological hatred of all people who are not Christian? A society is inclusive and shares values, this screed tells me I don’t share many values with the cult of Christians the author belongs to. I’m supposed to tolerate people who vilify half of the human race? And if I don’t I’m “persecuting” a religion? This is a straw man, the author does not share my values, nor even those of the majority of the religious.Unlike others I’m glad WAPO gave him a place to mouth breath his hatred, it is essential that we know what evil people are in our midst so we can guard against them.

  • Justadad1

    Is this an experiment with the random association of words, or is this guy trying to make a point? If it’s the latter, I would suggest including an actual fact now and then instead of the non-stop fiction Donohue clearly enjoys.There are “no practicing Catholics” in the Democratic Party leadership? Well, except for that Vice President of the United States fellow and the actual head of the Democratic Party. Mel Gibson was run out of Hollywood because he made a movie about Christ? Well sure, his drunken anti-Semitic tirades might have helped a wee bit. And wasn’t the Marquis de Sade French and isn’t France still around? I guess his efforts to pervert and destroy the country and its culture were unsuccessful.Donohue’s “contribution” to the dialogue on faith would be much more valuable if it didn’t read like a crazy uncle’s rant at a family picnic.

  • wmswadley

    As a recovering Catholic who remembers the hubbub surrounding the release of The Exorcist over 35 years ago, all I can say is, same s$$t, different day.

  • Scola

    Ecoaz said “Doesn’t take much to dredge up left wing secular hatred, does it? Left wing zealots dish out political hatred by by the shipload, but can’t take it. What a joke.”You don’t get it. First of all this isn’t a left-right debate. There have been plenty of religious leftists, even leftists Catholics (example: liberation theology) and atheist right-wingers (example: Ayn Rand).As for hatred. So what? If Mr. Donohue or you or anyone else hates me, so what? Contrary to your paranoia, you just aren’t that important to me. I couldn’t care less what you do or what your religious practices are. The reaction is simple. He brought up culture wars. Wars involve trying to kill the other side. A lot of theology centers around a struggle between good and evil where those in opposition to “the angels” are vanquished. Needless to say to my 1.6% of the population that’s a bit scary.This is the common thread in all these debates. A lot of religious people don’t understand the distinction between acceptance of a person’s right to believe something and acceptance of a belief. You assume those you hate share that way of thinking. We don’t. I never get up in the morning and think “how am I going to defeat the forces of Christianity today” because I don’t think there is anyone I’m fighting for.I think a lot of religion is misguided but I see no reason to keep a misguided person from doing whatever they feel. Why should I…it’s no hair off my chest. If you want to waste an hour of your time every Sunday while I watch football, that’s ok with me. Mr Donohue is advocating restricting those who disagree with him from living their lives. Whether they are gays or “sexual libertines” or simply secularists. Hate me. Tell me I’m going to hell. Write nasty news pieces. Then leave me alone to live my life.

  • crossingsg

    What a nut this guy is, suggesting that the Democratic Party is now run by gay activists. What is that supposed to mean? And to suggest that the answer is to join hands with other conservatives, regardless of their religious affiliation, is an absurdity, in itself. No wonder the numbers of Catholics are dwindling, with nut cases like this guy supposedly leading the charge.

  • nenabob

    From the whole paid salon scandal we know that WaPo isn’t above prostituting itself, but now they’re evidently giving it away to anyone with a pen and an axe to grind. Sad, truly sad. As far as I can tell, the only purpose of Bill Donohue’s Catholic League is to make Opus Dei look like a mainstream organization.

  • Scola

    Wkristol: I disagree with every line this guy wrote, but I will go to my grave defending his right to have said it. He has done more to set back his cause by putting it out and exposing the ugliness than any opponent could. It is through open debate that the old superstitions and hatred of liberty Mr. Donohue espouses can be exposed for what it is and left in the dustbin of history.

  • cletus1

    When I was a kid at Catholic Church, we used to sing a song that went, “They will know we are Christians by our love.” I never saw much evidence of that, and judging by Donahue, still don’t. But I guess it’s better than “they will know we are Catholic by our pedophile clergy.”

  • branfo4

    Doesn’t Mister Donohue have better things to do, like raising money to defend the defrocked priests that molested all those kids? Perhaps, just maybe, he is a molester too. Think about it.

  • m_ms09


  • postman2

    Isn’t this the crazy guy I see yelling on television from time to time? He’s not exactly Fulton J. Sheen, is he?

  • RinOregon

    Do you have no decency and civility standards for guest columnists? I am stunned that this bigot gets table space for the vile stew he is serving. I do know one thing, you would never allow someone from the left to smear conservatives or believers like that.

  • alexindc108

    This guy sounds like a parody of himself…

  • revbookburn

    Easily one of the most unhinged fantasies published this year. Mullah Donohue sees a communist behind every bush and people free of holy cults behind every door. The Taliban would be very proud of Donohue’s efforts to establish a theocratic dictatorship. We can only speculate if this article helped him get a date with an altar boy. Rev. Bookburn – Radio Volta

  • melvin_polatnick

    A small burning ember in a wood pile takes a strong wind to create a large blaze. The wealthy if in danger of having their belongings taken away can create that strong wind. It will set in motion frustrated millions who want white power to enslave the world.

  • lindascott3084

    Donahue is long on wind and accusation, short on fact. The man is either paranoid, or plays to conservative paranoia.I find it hard to believe news outlets give him any play.

  • -pamela

    How ironic that below each reader’s comment is a link to “REPORT OFFENSIVE COMMENT.” Mr. Donohue’s entire diatribe is nothing more than offensive commentary.

  • studentoflaw

    don’t you have an alter boy to be molesting, mr. donahue? stick to what you know.and with that, off to have my latest abortion. after i stop at the bathhouse and walk the dog, of course.

  • pythonS

    Darn — our plot to upend the cultural order and put an artistic dagger in the heart of society by acting out our perversions has been uncovered! Quick, comrades: to the barricades!

  • markinirvine

    Pseudo-Christians like this fool Donahue and his ilk have become idolaters of phony-religious fetishes and are perverting Christ’s example and teachings. Not soon enough for me will they return to dust.

  • tdisante

    That the Washington Post Co would publish this fact-free fulmination is further proof that a once great newspaper can’t even take itself seriously anymore. Katherine Graham is spinning in her grave, with the paper more of a rotting corpse than she is.

  • AxelDC

    There is a button to report offensive comments, but where is the button to report offensive editorials.Will you next be allowing members of the KKK to tell us why Jews and Blacks are a danger to this nation?The WP should be ashamed for publishing such hate-filled nonsense. Do the editors of the Post really believe that antigay screeds are still acceptable to publish?

  • pythonS

    “The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits, while secular saboteurs have shut down: they’re too busy walking their dogs, going to bathhouses and aborting their kids. Time, it seems, is on the side of the angels.”Personally, before I started going to bathhouses, walking dogs and aborting kids, I came from a conservative, religious family. I suspect that many sexual libertines and cultural anarchists could say the same.

  • djmolter

    Ah, yes … America and Hollywood in the good old days, when everyone knew the TRUE religion was Christianity, Indians were played by white men, blacks shucked and jived and women were pointy-bra’d baby/cooking machines who were not allowed to hold full time jobs or enjoy sex. Life was good then: we knew who to hate; Americans were the Good Guys; we had the Bomb and everyone else knew we’d use it; the Godless Reds were trying to brainwash us; Christianity — but no other religion — was encouraged in schools; queers were beaten; women were raped because they asked for it by wearing short shorts. Mohammedans were cruel hooked-nosed towel heads living in the Sahara; Japanese were still just Nips; Slanty Eyed Gooks were just around the corner. The Krauts — well, they learned their lesson, didn’t they? Alcohol and tobacco could kill you, but that’s how real men died. Sniff … I miss my Sweet America.

  • rmnelson

    If the score is 30:0, it’s a bit hard to take seriously the fear-filled claim that the culture war is up for grabs.But Mr. Donohue isn’t known for his grasp of reality.And to think that the WaPo was once a good paper…

  • nodebris

    There isn’t anything that qualifies as a thought in this piece. Is the Post really so desperate for opinion articles, that they are reduced to publishing tripe of this sort? No wonder WaPo is running a pundit contest.

  • benjallen

    Everyday I see something in the Post and think “they really can’t sink any lower.” Then I wake up, log on, and the Post proves me wrong. It’s just sad.

  • ripvanwinkleincollege

    Donohue is right about one thing. Can anyone honestly say that the world is a better place because what he calls “sexual libertines”? The world was a better place when what people did behind closed doors stayed behind closed doors and not on display for all- including impressionable youth- to see, whether they want to see it or not.

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    FOLKS!CHECK THIS OUT! You can click on the link for his book. Look at what this foolish man actually had placed on the jacket as an ENDORSEMENT!!·” “Wake up, America! The secular minority has cut the brake cables on America’s In-God-We-Trust-Mobile™! Not even all 43 of our Christian presidents can save us now.” – Stephen Colbert, host of “The Colbert Report” “

  • maggots

    “The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits…”#########################################The bad news is that rabbits don’t believe in marriage.

  • tcranenj

    Hey Jon Mecham. How proud are you right now that your face appears at the top of this column. If you wish to maintain your standing as an honest broker of ideas, I suggest you find someone to offer an appropriate response to this immature tirade disguised as a Washington Post op-ed. My Newsweek subscription hangs on your next move.

  • WayneInSF

    “Report Offensive Comments?” I’d like to report the entire essay.”…they’re too busy walking their dogs, going to bathhouses and aborting their kids”??Really?Mr. Meacham and Ms. Quinn should publicly denounce this hate-filled diatribe; they should do so immediately; and they should refuse any additional essays by the author.

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    A BLURB FROM THE JACKET OF HIS NEW BOOK:·” “Wake up, America! The secular minority has cut the brake cables on America’s In-God-We-Trust-Mobile™! Not even all 43 of our Christian presidents can save us now.” – Stephen Colbert, host of “The Colbert Report” “

  • clubchampion

    This is the kind of garbage that is usually found in guest columns in the Washington Times. The WaPo has completely lost my respect. Mr. Donohue makes me embarrassed to be a Catholic. Perhaps Mr. Donohue is angling for a radio talk show, or he’s just unhappy at home, or something. He does not speak for all Catholics, that’s for sure.

  • brandonesque

    Wow, WaPo, yeah…I mean I have no problem about having a national conversation and all that. I am waiting for a serious right wing to emerge. But this is beyond the pale. A baseless invective at best. Seriously, this is the first time I have wanted to complain to your higher powers or give up reading all together. Since when is dealing in completely offensive generalizations worth posting? How can the fact free inspire any debate?

  • bullmurph

    Hey Donohue, just come out of the closet for Christ’s sake.

  • timscanlon

    The last time I checked, these were not the positions of the Vatican. I suppose I should check to see if they are on the same page with this vicious nasty man.This man’s words are so filled with hatred towards others that they can not be described as being in keeping with the most basics of Christian doctrine.I’m not a Christian, I’m a Buddhist. Before I commented on this driveling pile of hateful snot, I read and commented on how it wasn’t right for Mel Gibson’s privacy to be violated when he went off on a drunken rant that he totally regretted later. I didn’t agree with the things Mr. Gibson said when he was drunk, and I don’t now, but I respect him as a person, and his work, much less the efforts he made to deal with the consequences of his acts responsibly. So I felt it was worth defending his privacy when it had been violated.Mr. Donahue needs to stay out of other peoples bedrooms. He spends way too much time thinking and yapping about what should be the private matters between other people. He has no need to carry on like he does.Honestly, he comes across like a very hateful pervert, and I really don’t like what he says at all. I don’t think it has anything to do with any motivations of a divine being. He certainly is so far removed from the basics of Catholic theology that he crosses into heresy.Speaking about what he wrote in an evangelical context, it’s quite obvious to me that Jesus was no where present in that room when he wrote and submitted this for publication. In fact, from what I have read of His life, He would be appalled at this sort of behavior in others. It’s right there in the Bible how He acted towards others, and it was certainly nothing like this.In an Abrahamic context, hatred & anger are the common tools of evil & Satan. So inside that theology, I have to question the intent of those who obviously wield them. From what I can see there are wretched theological abuses riven through Mr. Donahue’s ugly screed, and in a logical context that treats Christian theology as truth, this sort of behavior is a cause for alarm, because it appears there may be a manifestly evil influence involved. Not being Christian doesn’t mean I haven’t studied it any, or don’t respect the religion. The fact is that this so lacks respect for the basic dignity of others that there is something really obviously wrong with what he is saying in most any religious context.He is the type of person people need to be careful of that much is very certain. I worry about what order he wants to start coming for people in. Who gets to be first in his hateful pogroms?

  • angelos_peter

    Bill Donohue’s horns and cloven hooves are showing. The remaining question: Where has he hidden his pitchfork?

  • timscanlon

    After reading the comments, I can think of one very good reason to publish what he said. Mr. Donahue’s words ought to leave Catholics wondering if they want him as the president of something called the “Catholic League”? Really, that does seem to be a serious issue to me that he raises for debate by engaging in these public attacks on others.

  • Sam_

    What possessed WaPo and Newsweek to publish this worthless screed?

  • maurban1

    Bill Donohue obviously pines for the days of the inquisition. Heaven help us all if his ideas ever find widespread acceptance.

  • m_ms09

    Re: FARNAZ1MANSOURI1 I had no idea that there was such great involvement from the Vatican/etc. in regards to the atrocities committed during WWII against the Serbs/Jews/Roma people.Really though, nothing has changed. Things like this are bound to happen again and again, in the name of ‘religion’

  • chop1

    As a Gonzaga HS grad and a Catholic, I’d like to say: can the Post not post commentary from this Bill Donohue moron as if he speaks for Catholics? Most Catholics aren’t amped to follow the lead of a xenophobic, homophobic pig-headed bigot like Donohue. Give us some respect, and give the legacy of your newspaper some more respective by letting fools like Donohue publish his asinine screeds elsewhere…

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    m_ms09,Two hundred (200) priest murderers, heads of concentration camps, killers with their own hands. It gets worse. And that is only these Croatian Franciscans, may they rot in hell. In the interim, the Vatican holds on tight to the blood money. But, recall, for sixty years, they have held onto their Hitler era archives. If we start looking at the Catholic Nazis, who killed with their own hands, we get beyond the priesthood. We get to ordinary men and women, church-going people, simple folk, who started bloodbaths as soon as the Germans were nearing there countries. But, we have a long way to go before we begin with your ordinary Catholic killers all across Europe.Why, we haven’t even come to Josef Mengele, nazi “doctor,” he, who slaughtered 25,000 in a single night, who stuffed a little Roma boy into an oven ALIVE. And that was merely Catholic Joe’s beginning.We should stick with the Catholic clergy, though.Do you know much about FR. Tiso, nazi head of Slovakia?

  • gsroselaw

    Why would the Post give a major platform to such a vicious hater? Meacham and Quinn must be losing their minds.

  • scottb3

    Who knew dog-walking was anti-religious?Donohue is a maroon.

  • vitaminb12

    “Indeed, practicing Catholics are no longer welcome in leadership roles in the Party”I’m pretty sure the Speaker of the House is Catholic. Also, the Vice President is Catholic. DNC Chairman Tim Kaine is Catholic (a former Jesuit missionary worker in fact). I assume those count as leadership positions in the Democratic party. Maybe they don’t count as practicing Catholics in Bill Donohue’s eyes, though.Most of this column is weak conjecture, to put it mildly, but this statement is refutable on its face, and I just wanted to have it pointed out.

  • rashomon

    vitaminB12: You left out the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, John Kerry.

  • jnardo

    There’s a line under the poster’s name, “REPORT OFFENSIVE COMMENT.” I suggest adding another, “REPORT OFFENSIVE ARTICLE,” to cover public insanity like this Donahue article.

  • bigdick1

    why are you so concerned with stopping gay rights while you work behind the scenes to allow priests to molest little boys?

  • bigdick1

    ps-where is the button to report offensive editorials?

  • Neal3

    Mr. Donohue exposes his lost soul.Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

  • Mum48

    I’m an ex-Catholic, and it’s partly because of people like Donohue that I made the decision to go into permanent exile, when I was a teenager more than 40 years ago. And the kind of thinking (or hatred and division) that Donohue espouses definitely prevents me from even considering return. I have found refuge in another path. That being said, I know many Catholics (and I have a family that is nearly entirely Catholic, although the degree of adherence to Catholic doctrine varies widely among them), and most of them would read this screed by Donohue and, after they stopped laughing, they would assign it to the shredder and suggest that Donohue should seek psychiatric help.The Washington Post has slipped seriously from the journalistic standards that some of us were foolish enough to believe that it at one time adhered to, but that time is long past. The function of an editor is TO EDIT, and for someone who is an editor of a thematic series, the job is to choose articles or stories or photographs that advance discourse and discussion. The Donohue piece is nothing short of a mad rant. If he were delivering it in person I would expect to see spittle flying from his mouth, while his finger pointed accusingly at his paranoid hallucinations.You should be embarrassed for having published such ignorance and hatred – not just because you insulted your readers, but because you have also encouraged the public to believe, if even for a moment, that Donohue may represent Catholicism in toto. He does not. He just has a big mouth, and a cold hateful place where his heart and soul should be.

  • katavo

    Bill is being honest here. We should appreciate that for what it is.Is this what really lives in the heart of every Christian, despite all their protestations of love? Is there some foul little dungeon in the bowels of their brain, full of pus and vitriol, aching to break out of the civilized veneer they affect?I’d like to believe this is not so. That this man is really just a deviant. For now, I guess I’ll just have to take it “on faith”

  • Neal3

    Mr Donohue would be advised to recall that many of his fellow right-wingers despise his Mary cult as much as they despise liberals. Perhaps after they vanquish the secularists they will come for him?

  • wapoisrightwingrag

    Why isn’t the Washington Post ashamed to publish such a vile screed? I thought Meachem and Quinn were promoting a dialogue and a conversation in this On Faith Section.This is a Beer Hall Rant by an embarrassingly hate-spewing demagogue.This is the Post’s idea of a thoughtful conversation?

  • Mickster2

    As I read through many of the comments, I can’t believe the number of people who are at all surprised by this article–that is, who have never heard such arguments before. Where have you been? People like Donohue have been making this same commentary for years, if not decades. I do not know why the editors allowed this to be published, but in some ways I’m thankful. Obviously the WaPo’s readership has been completely blind to what some very conservative Catholics/Christians have been saying about the state of American society: “It is all in decline, and you are all going to Hell.” It’s hateful, and it despairs over what American “has become”. Read Donohue’s words and realize that millions of Americans have been reading (if not also sharing) similar such sentiments for some time now.

  • Gatsby10

    Donohue’s rant is unhinged and incoherent. Why is WaPo publishing this nonsense?

  • SensibleJoe

    Mr. Donohue: Mel Gibson wasn’t run out of Hollywood because he made an inaccurate, vulgar and sordid movie about Jesus Christ. He became a pariah because he was a mean-spirited drunk, womanizer and anti-Semite who attacked cops and cheated on his wife. Christianity could do with less “representatives” of his type, who obnoxiously talk the talk, but don’t sincerely walk the walk. “A tree is identified by the kind of fruit it produces,” Jesus Christ said (Matthew 12:33). And as a divorcee who has sired only two children, you’re in no position to speak about the “sanctity of marriage” or “breeding like rabbits.”

  • thebump

    Amen! You are an invaluable truth-teller, Mr. Donohue!

  • Peace-time

    CORRECTION. CORRECTION. CORRECTION. History is OUR Jury.We ‘Neo-SECULAR’ Nationals (contrary to Neo-Cons) are not your typical ‘Nihilists’ whether within or out side of any Tax-Exempt Temple, Church, Mosque or place of Organized ancient worship, especially such Institutions; are Still in-DENIAL to selves, WORLD, friends and Loved Ones., especially Reality. Talking about Waking-up?To US ‘Neo-Secularist’ Movants (international and local) our real “CONSTITUTION’ is the Universe; And our own (internal and External) ‘LAWS Of NATURE’ are Our Clauses thus having a innate but Religious like FEELING. AndMORALITY, uder the ‘Rule Of Law’ [Secular, not Biblical] is OUR trustworthy Friend, in a Mofern and Dynamic Planet. So This Means that as long as Tax-Exempt Churches keep, congregationally, getting into Secular Business, because theologians are Bored to death or have nothing else better to do, via Politics dabbling, Lobbying, Cunningly Using voter-potential-Bribery etc. (thus knowingly, acting as if looking the other way, yet always internally flouting/conspiring the against the Secular’s Establishment Clause’s, not Church’s own Constitutions, bylaws, rules, clauses..) means, that ‘insiders’ too are getting turned Off. So they need to Organize somewhere else. Example: Can the ‘Creationist” and the ‘Intell-Designer’ DENY, to US, that they out-right (wrongly) LIED to “The People’ (Us Secularist Partys) , w/Straight Faces, to a “FEDERAL JUDGE” during the ‘I.D.” Court Hearings/Trial of 2005 via Hon. Judge John E. Jones 3rd in “KITZMILLER Vs. DOVER”?Note The “LEMON TEST”! This can also be applied to this article. And the Verdict is, “Guilty” of Deception. a/k/a “SITUATIONALLY LIEING” (got Caught Trying to Scientize and Sneak-in Mr/ Jesus there). So blame the Growth Of The SECUALR international/local Movement to such, self causing/serving real Court Cases mentioned above. And not to mention such Exposed Acts/Behaviours via their own CLERGY’s crimes against Humans. Note: This applies to ALL the Synogogues, Churchs, mosques, Temples.. Leaderships therein. Example: Merging the English based Anglo Saxon Church’s with the Roman based Vatican will never hide or cover-up [DENY] Church based Crimes via their Leaderships; i.e., Mass Pedophilia Acts. Or Corroborating with Both Sides of the Enemy’s during past World Wars; where We Secularists will prevent World War 3, not Churches, Mosques, Sinogogues, Temples etc.. Hint: So the old ‘Adage’ (still new) is; “Leave the POLITICS to the Politicians and Leave the RELIGION to the Theolicians.” Fact: SEX is not LOVE; LIFE, is LOVE. Besides Preventing ‘godless Lonliness, This is why we appear, in MIracle, never via any Biblical SIN story’s. Hence REALITY awareness (not Mystical) is OUR innate Faith/Belief/Religion (nameless; only Heart/Mind FELT/Senced).

  • DanielintheLionsDen

    There is such thing as the Catholic League; it is just this Bozo, Bill Donohue with a word processor in his basement. He often appears on Fox News with his loud, obnoxious, over-bearing rants against any perceived slight against Catholicism; often he is in a snit with a fellow Catholic, airing the dirty laundry of Catholic dissension in public. I am certain that he has no crediblity within the Catholic Church, and in no way speaks for Catholicism.

  • artmann11

    Blow it out yer ax you child molesting scumbag mofoer.

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    MEMBERSHIP in the Catholic LeagueThe New York Times reported that the group had 11,000 total members when Donohue took over the Catholic League in 1993. This grew to 233,333 paid members in 1999, a figure which the League allegedly multiplies by 1.5 to account for non-paying members in the households of paying members, resulting in a League estimate of 350,000 members.[1] This 1999 estimate is the last statement about overall membership numbers that the League has made. The League’s 2003 statement about membership claimed 15,000 members just in Nassau and Suffolk counties of New York.[13] Annual donations entitle members to home delivery of the print version of Catalyst, the group’s monthly journal, which is also available for free on the Catholic League’s website.–Wikipedia

  • katavo

    “… What motivates them most of all is a pathological hatred of Christianity. …”You really shouldn’t be using a sentence with “pathological hatred” in it, Bill. As the enemy in this culture war, it’s good to know you came unarmed. What an incredible loser. I almost feel sorry for you, Bill. You’re walking around with a “kick me” sign on your back and crying about all the people who are kicking you.

  • leftoflarry

    As usual Bill goes on his hate speech diatribes that make absolutely no sense and are filled with complete and utter propaganda lies. yup. The only thing that makes me feel good about this is that this shows us that fundamentalists are scared and on the run.

  • jake14

    For shame, washington post for publishing this disgusting piece of garbage. At long last, have you no sense of decency?

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    Members of the Catholic League’s board of advisers include conservative author and media analyst L. Brent Bozell III; conservative radio host and syndicated columnist Linda Chavez; right-wing pundit and author Dinesh D’Souza; former Republican presidential and senatorial candidate Alan Keyes; and National Review Washington editor Kate O’Beirne.

  • coyotl

    Really, Washington Post, you’re printing fact-free hate speech now? Have you no shame? What has happened to the newspaper I used to respect?

  • Fate1

    “I almost feel sorry for you, Bill. You’re walking around with a “kick me” sign on your back and crying about all the people who are kicking you.”You don’t get it katavo, the Catholic League can only exist IF the church is under attack. Of course he has a kick me sign on his back! How else can he justify his job of “protecting” Catholics unless he shows that Catholics have enemies? By writing such obscene diatribes as he did here, he can then pick and choose some of the more knee-jerk responses in the comments and hold them up as anti-Catholic and thus the need to keep him in his job. In other words, he put the kick me sign on his own back for a reason, to justify his job. If he did nothing there would be no “anti-Catholic attacks”.

  • teachey

    This is just trash… extreme paranoia at its best, hate-mongering at its worst. I’m all for free speech, but why is the Washington Post carrying this? Let’s get real, people.

  • bogardp

    WaPo — I know you need to generate some internet traffic by creating some controversy, but posting a rant by a homophobic narcissistic lunatic is something I expect from the washington times, not the post. Whichever editor let this turd on a piece of paper slip through should be fired.

  • gbe2

    Dear Washington Post, Jon Meachum & Sally Quinn:This piece contributes to a civil conversation about religion and politics HOW???

  • Fate1

    Who did Donohue have to sleep with to get this piece of trash printed here anyway?

  • edbyronadams

    There is no secular conspiracy to destroy the culture. They are completely unaware that their ultimately empty philosophy will have that effect.

  • Peace-time

    Afew Minutes ago, Moderators Sally Quinn posted Ex-Anglican (not SECULAR) guest, turned Catholic (not SECULAR) ex-Prime Minister, Tony BLAIR’s Video Interview.It is captiond: “Ex-PM tells Sally Quinn that people of all faiths must work together to address ‘secular and religious’? extremism.”But if He and ANY Church Leader can See that there is only “RELIGIOUS” (not SECULAR) “EXTREMITISM”?, a/k/a FUNDAMENTALISM against SECULARists, then he is awakened, else He’s and his entarouge are still sleeping/somber.!Note: One of the Greatest Theologians in our Time, his Honorable “MARTIN MARTY” (an occasional Guest here ONWAPO) de-Mystified the Theo-Minded’s meaning of 5 basic Commonalitys via “FUNDAMENTALism/EXTRMITism”:1) MEN Lead; 1) RULES of Their-Religion is complex; 3) THERE is NO-PLURALISM; 4) THERE is a distinct group of ‘Insiders’? et al are OUT-Siders?; and 5) THEY pine for an Older-age (backwards, nostalgia Thinking) and wane for a past time when their religion (not OURs) was pure, as largley they no-longer see-it as such..” Fact: There are 6.3 Billion People On S.S. Earth. Almost Half are SECULAR (includes China and Russia et al) or going NEO-SECULAR Dynamic Minded folk not Ancient Static THEO-MINDed’s like Mr. Blair et al.As Proof: It is the RELIGION folk, not the Secular folks whom are Commiting Crimes against HUMANITY or ITs Naturally/Automatic Born Citizenary Unjustly. And the SECULAR folks are Trying to Stop Them “SABOTEURS” from Hurting/Damaging each the other Wrongly. SoToday It is the SECULAR international Movement that Smells like a Rose, and not the War Mongering Theo-Heads whom conspire to enforce their man-made un-godly Jealousy movements belief/Sytems by ENFORCING their, or someone elses, Evil “DRUNKIN racist NOAH” Story etc… Interestingly: As a Re-Excerpt of me “SECULAR is a RELIGION” post via the LEMON TEST (of America , not England) saying, “If ‘ANY/EVERY/ALL of these 3 prongs are violated, then the government’s action is deemed un-CONSTITUTIONal under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.” ButThe RELIGIONISTs (not Secularist) Should also Adhere to their Own Ecclastical Rules, Laws, Clauses etc.., thus having their own Theo like Lemon TESTs, to stabalize their own Dogmas instead.Remember: The ESCHATOLOGICAL Phenomonon/a or Possibility’s of OUR-SELVES (Earthlings) are Endless. Hence WE make ATOM-Bombs to Kill, then We can also Un-do Bombs to Generate Electricity for PEACE instead. This is how WE Secularist Think, contrary to THEOCRATs, includes MONARCHs, AL TAQIYAHists, HINDUTVAists.. (excluding Modern Israel and CO.,)too!


    I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, and every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight; “and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together.” MLKI take the word Lord metaphorically.

  • osullivanc1

    This has got to be the most offensive piece I have EVER read in my 21 years of reading the Washington Post. Why should I continue to read a paper that goes out of its way to print such offensive nonsense? This is just an angry tirade, it’s not “thought” at all.

  • dbhonig

    Catholics aren’t welcome in leadership positions? Ted Kennedy, may he rest in peace, would have been surprised to hear that.Mel Gibson was not run out of town for his movie. He was run out of town for being a virulent anti-Semite.There is something pathological about somebody purporting to speak for Catholics writing about radical gays and their perversions, don’t you think?

  • coloradodog


  • kmwa

    Funny. I don’t take my moral direction from the sponsors of the Inquisition, the genocide of the Aztecs and the Incas and the American Indians, nor from the pedophilic hypocritical Nazi drag queens that now occupy the Vatican. I have just cancelled my Washington Post subscription. Enough with the homophobia and ignorance. Go out of business, WaPo…the sooner the better.

  • michaelbindner

    Some issues are entirely secular or have secular aspects which must be addressed (like abortion). As far as culture, I have always found it abundantly amusing that Fox News is subsized by the Fox entertainment establishment, which has some of the raunchiest entertainment in the marketplace. As far as sexual morality, it exists not for God but for people, because God loves people and because He is intrensically happy regardless of our moral behavior. When the Catholic hierarchy creates dogma that ignores this fact, the people in the pews are right to ignore it. Secularism is good here, since it prevents violence on the part of religious authorities to enforce their idealistic and wrongheaded views.Bill Donohue seems to discount that the President of the United States started his career as a Catholic Charities employee and the Vice President and the Speaker of the House are Catholics and Democrats. Six Justices on the Supreme Court are Catholic – the last of which was appointed by the current Democratic President. Of course he has his own version of who is or is not Catholic. He is not entitled to an opinion on this, however.Finally, it is the liberals in the Church and public life (and the voting booth for Obama) who see economics as the solution to abortion. We are begining to win the day – starting with health care reform and the raising of wages for the least among us. Don’t count out our ability to increase the number of liberals once our economic agenda gets done. By the way, it is false to alledge that abortion and ideology are linked – many conservatives resort to abortion when their children end up pregnant, or when they cannot afford yet another child. Indeed, given the economic status of many conservatives, the Democratic economic proposals may not actually help our cause – however we are not so callous as to have political motivations for doing good.

  • Dieterman

    One of the most hysterical rants I have ever read, but you’re known for that, Donahue. I can’t say it upsets me – you do an excellent job of laying bare the theofascist heart of the religious right for all to see who believe in the principles upon which this country was founded. Keep up the good work.

  • wiatrol

    All I can say is WTF. How does the Post justify publishing this kind of screed?

  • Tiparillo

    How can such a hate-filled man claim to be a Christian?

  • wiatrol

    Hey Bill,Thanks for endorsing catholic pedophilia!

  • wiatrol

    Hey Bill,How can you be a catholic if you are divorced? Unless, of course you endorse pedophilia!

  • wiatrol

    Who did Donohue have to sleep with to get this piece of trash printed here anyway?POSTED BY: FATE1

  • Connie151

    What? You couldn’t get Fred Phelps to write an op-ed for you so you asked Donohue? The Post should be ashamed to offer editorial space to the likes of someone who only advocates hate, homophobia, exclusion, paranoia, misogyny and general looniness. He’d be right at home during the Spanish Inquisition.

  • durk2

    Yes, We the hyper-religious right wingnuts- Crazy Uncle Bill Donahue, Gov Sanford, the Newtster, Senators Vitter & Craig, Rudy!, the C Street Family Gang- must unite to destroy sexual libertines. That way we can get more for ourselves, as it guaranteed by the old white man privilege.

  • coloradodog

    This column is, to use Donahue’s own words, “One of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever.”He’s the poster boy or O’Reilly Catholics.

  • AHermit

    “..religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits, while secular saboteurs have shut down…”So boasts Bill Donahue, divorced father of two…What a silly, bigoted blast of hot air.

  • tuvent

    What has happened to my Washington Post over the last few years? I sincerely hope you guys go out of business.

  • lisby

    “What motivates them most of all is a pathological hatred of Christianity.”What motivates me against you is your pathological hatred, Mr. Donohue. You need a liberal dose of the message of the prophet you follow.As for this formerly august newspaper, what made publishing this seem like a good idea? This is vile hate speech, bordering on psychotic rambling. You should feel shame for printing it, unless your unstated goal was to expose Donohue for the vicious, sad fellow he is.

  • wiatrol

    It’s been said that Bill Donohue is a proponent of pedophilia; including participating in the rape of adolescent choir boys. Why hasn’t he denied these allegations?

  • Fate1

    “..religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits, while secular saboteurs have shut down…”Err, this begs the question. If Donohue is divorced who is he breeding like a rabbit with and what does the church have to say about it?

  • Kal-L

    Maybe I should found a phony organization that doesn’t represent anyone too. Then maybe the media will take me seriously as a social commentator. It worked for this guy.

  • wiatrol

    It has been stated that Bill Donohue has a stable of choir boys that he regularly abuses in a sexual manner. I don’t understand why he will not deny those allegations.

  • cali5

    There needs to be a “Report offensive comment” link under Donahue’s column.

  • tedplaw

    This is one of the most offensive things I have ever read. I never liked Dobson, but I am shocked that the WashPo would give something like this a venue.You know, Bill, Catholicism seeks to regulate your behavoir under the threat of everlasting damnation. But who decided what conduct was okay and which was not – the Pope in Rome, the people who wrote the bible thousands of years ago? It is simply irresponsible and lazy to abdicate our responsibility to make informed judgments about what conduct does or does not infringe on the rights of our neighbors. To ideolize “Western Culture” is likewise absurd – Do we have to take the bad with the good? Should we maintain racial prejudices because white supremacy was a cultural value for centuries? Should we go back to believing the Sun rotates around the Earth? How about we get our brains working instead. I know it’s hard for some people (cough – Dobson – cough).A regulated economy is not socialism or communism. Should we let businesses (many of them, based outside the U.S.,with no motivation to serve American interests) decide what they can and cannot do based on the sole criteria of profitability? If that were the case, they would all be selling heroin. Oh, and gee, you know what is a huge buisiness? SEX. Much bigger than Jesus, but you blame Hollywood for not having enough movies about Jesus. I’m sorry – should we regulate the free expression of ideas from Hollywood? Force the studios to stop producing “Family Guy” and make more episodes of “Davey and Goliath?” But you evidently want to regulate the entertainment industry (just like a darn totalitarian dictator would) AND abolish Free Speech. God help you, sir! Now, I will admit that am a sexual libertine, I like sex. And you know what? As long as it is a consensual, medically safe activity between two adults, I don’t care what people do. I don’t need to hear all about what people are doing. Really I could care less; I particularly do not want to know what Roseanne Barr is doing. I’m too busy just trying to get laid regularly. What makes sex “wrong”? Who decides what is wrong and what is not? I mean, sure, it should be totally consensual (of course, minors do not have the legal capacity to consent) and no one should end up in the hospital just because he or she is trying to get their rocks off. Other than that, it’s none of your business!Bill, I am sure your book will be a bestseller. There are plenty of crazy cooks in this country. But, please, just leave the rest of us alone.P.S. Evolution is a Theorem, not a theory.

  • SDLinTN

    The last person to call me a termite was the man who shot up my “liberal” church in Knoxville, killing two people. Good company there, Bill! Keep up the good work of bringing Jesus’s message of love to the people.And thank you to the Washington Post for providing a valuable forum for spreading the meme that liberals and liberal churches are subhuman termites worthy of extermination. I know UUs everywhere are grateful.

  • maddymappo

    The tension between the religious and the secular in our modern culture is an interesting and important topic for discussion. Why has WaPo undermined it with this ignoramus’ diatribe?

  • NEskeptic

    Exactly how does this screed contribute to a “conversation” on faith? Please do not help religious bigots promote their books. Let his publisher purchase advertising.

  • DanielintheLionsDen

    Bill Donohue made the comment that gay people hate the Catholic Church. But it is just the opposite: the Catholic Church hates gay people; if gay people react negatively to this hatred that is unceasingly directed against them, then why is that so hard to understand? It is disingenusous to suppose that Bill Donohue does not realize why gay people react so hostilly to people like him, who in fact, seek the physical destruction of gay people.Just to set the record straight and to correct Mr. Donohue’s libelous remarks against gay people, gay people are not bad, they are not sinful; they are not perverted. When Mr. Donohue vilifies and demonizes gay people in the name of Jesus and God, then he is spreading false doctrines. You can listen to false doctrines all you want, and can repeat them over and over to yourself and to others, but that does not make a false doctrine true. Being gay is not a sin. Repeating this false statement does not make it true. Appealing to Jesus against the gays is futile because Jesus does not hate gays. Likewise, I am sure that such an appeal to God could have almost no meaning. Gay people are normal. Gay people are good; they are as good as straight people. Denial of these facts does not change the facts that gay people are as good as straight people.Mr. Donohue thinks he is better than other people; he walks around with sure knowledge that gay people are “perverted.”

  • Fate1

    Bill, instead of chastizing the secular for attacking Catholics I think you should stop attacking the church yourself, because, according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, your divorced soul is in mortal sin. Better stop taking communion and get to a confessional fast. Oh yea, and get back with your wife as you promised God during the sacrament of marriage you would be with ’til death.”Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) #2384: Divorce is a grave offense against the natural law. It claims to break the contract, to which the spouses freely consented, to live with each other till death. Divorce does injury to the covenant of salvation, of which sacramental marriage is the sign. Contracting a new union, even if it is recognized by civil law, adds to the gravity of the rupture: the remarried spouse is then in a situation of public and permanent adultery. And, CCC #2385: Divorce is immoral also because it introduces disorder into the family and into society. This disorder brings grave harm to the deserted spouse, to children traumatized by the separation of their parents and often torn between them, and because of its contagious effect which makes it truly a plague on society.”

  • coloradodog

    If you are as deeply offended by this column as I am, write the Washington Post’s Ombusman and tell”On Faith” is becoming more and more like Fox News, pandering to hate mongers for sensationalism. Shame on Meacham and Quinn.

  • bob2davis

    It is nice to see that most of the posters view Donahue as a crazy person. Unfortunately, his views are share by millions of “traditional” catholics as well as most orthodox jews, evangelical christians and conservative muslims. Now if these views are archaic and yet long-held beliefs of all religions, isn’t it preposterous to think that the whole god story, which preceded the crazy beliefs, has any validity whatsoever?

  • dolgre

    Of course Donohue’s screed is offensive and ridiculous. It’s all he does and as long as someone gives him a microphone or a news column, he will continue to crap his ugly diseased thoughts into the mind of anyone who happens upon him. My problem is understanding why we have arrived at a day and time in public discourse where it’s no longer necessary to hold one’s ugliest thoughts inside their heads. Why is it that now, in 2009, under the guise of “Freedom of Speech” the most vile and baseless diatribes are given full airing on a 24 hour basis? This tiny-minded man is only one of a cacophony of prejudicial, dishonest, hateful and uncivil spouters of “opinion as fact”. Is there nothing people will be ashamed of saying anymore? When will we get back to the days where someone punishes you for being a complete jerk? You know, like when were a little child and saw a morbidly obese person and you started to shout “he’s REALLY FAT” but your mother smacked you before you could get the words out because it’s impolite and cruel to just let your lips flap. You’re supposed to try and move past those human but base feelings and thoughts, aren’t you?

  • Fate1

    “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”

  • stone11777

    For the Washington Post to publish an op-ed piece so overtly bigoted is astonishing. I canceled my subscription several weeks ago over the patently false Fox ad, but this is unbelievable. I love the nice touch of a using a Hollywood Jew, Harvey Weinstein, as a fall guy. I wonder whether the original passage actually read, “But for every Hollywood Jew like Harvey Weinstein who likes to bash Catholics”.

  • JD1973

    Dear Mr. Meacham and Ms. Quinn,I was so sad and troubled to see On Faith run Bill Donohue’s latest piece.  It’s one of the most hateful, paranoid, homophobic–and here’s the important part–factually inaccurate pieces I’ve ever seen on a major news site, and certainly well beneath On Faith’s high standards.  Did you actually read and approve this piece?  I’m really asking.  I have long held great respect for you both, but I don’t know how to reconcile that with your choice to print this kind of piece.

  • andrewjkerr

    Your website is considerate enough to include a “Report Offensive Comment” link in response to reader’s contributions. After reading this piece by Mr. Donahue, I believe this consideration should extend to the opinion pieces you choose to print. The only purpose behind this hit job appears to be to offend and insult. The only suitable response to Mr. Donahue’s slurs would be to insult and attack in return–and there’s plenty of low hanging fruit offered by Donahue and his ilk. But that response would be equally insulting to a whole group of Americans. Why would the Post choose to go down that road? Certainly there are other voices the Post could find that might actually add something to the discourse without demoralizing millions of people? Or does the Post actually buy the argument that intolerance will soon rule the day and religious fundamentalists are going to breed themselves into the nation of their dreams? In their dreams.

  • rich3324

    Pardon me, is this the “On Faith” or the “On Hate” section? It’s hard to tell.

  • jcindc2002

    Good use of ad hominem attack – with not one example.No one is a bigger victim than Christian white Republicans – the first to blame anyone other than themselves or their policies.

  • Vachon33

    I see there are links where you can report offensive comments. Is there a spot where we can report offensive “guest” postings? Mr. Donohue’s entire “column” is pure garbage, and I’m extremely disappointed that the Post would think it fit to be posted. How far it’s fallen.

  • JayHo

    Dear Washington Post,As a response to your editors’ appalling lack of judgment in publishing this utter garbage, I will be boycotting your advertisers, and actively encouraging my family, friends, and business associates to do the same. Furthermore, my efforts will include letters to these advertisers, so they can be made aware of your impossibly low “writing” standards, and the consequences of their supporting the distribution of such crap. Shame on you.

  • coloradodog

    See Jon. See Sally. See Jon smile. See Sally smile. See Jon and Sally generate comments about religion. See desperate Jon and Sally scraping the bottom of the sh!t pile and pulling out Bill Donahue to generate comments.

  • sdavis5

    I’m disappointed that the Washington Post would publish this piece which is offensive on so many levels and represents a view that I, as a Christian, simply cannot support. The separation of Church and State is the best thing for the Church. It’s only a good thing when your beliefs are in favor and I am always amazed how quick people are to forget the history of religious persecution that haunts the history of the Western world (Spanish Inquisition anyone?). His reference to Gibson’s Passion of the Christ is particularly laughable. The film was excessively violent, blatantly anti-Semitic and disturbingly loose in its portrayal of history. It is the highest grossing Christian film ever made but seeing as how it was far more focused on the brutality of Jesus’s death than on his teachings, I think perhaps it was not was not the best example.

  • ryanf1088

    “In this society, that means Christianity, the big prize being Catholicism.”Hmm, well Bill, in the US there is such thing as religious freedom. So you can’t force your religion on everyone else. Also, about a quarter of the US is Catholic, so why exactly would that be the “big prize.” Non-Christian Catholics are double in numbers. Not that this even matters, even if 99% of the population was Catholic, there would still be a separation of church and state and even the smallest of minorities are supposed to be protected.

  • Schaum

    Donohue’s “essay” is clear proof why both catholics and republicans must never again be allowed to come to power in the political structures of the US.

  • EddDoerr

    Compared to Bill Donohue, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, and their like come off like innocent choir boys. Did he get that nasty all by himself ir did he have help? Guys like Donohue do serious damage to Catholicism, almost as much as clerical pedophilia and church officials’ worldwide endless coverups of same. Has Donohue ever gone after the rascals who have done sp much damage to his church?

  • CardFan

    Wow… what a shame the Washington Post has dropped its standards so low. I’m not going to be surprised to see Glenn Beck as editorial page editor any minute now…

  • bloviator

    Today is a good day to delete my link to Buh bye.

  • GrayMaxwell

    Mr. Donohue is certainly entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts. He claims, “Catholics are no longer welcome in leadership roles in the Party: the contempt that pro-life Catholics experience is palpable.” OK, just off the top of my head: Vice President Joe Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Assistant Majority Leader Richard Durbin are all Catholics, and the Democratic Party has embraced, not rejected, pro-life Catholics like Senator Robert Casey (D-PA). Indeed, some of the strongest anti-Catholic sentiment in this country resides with many of the conservative, evangelical Christians who are the Republican Party’s base. The Left Behind series of books written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, so popular with this element within Protestantism, is fiercely anti-Catholic. I wonder if Mr. Donohue has read any of those books…

  • rashomon

    The idea that conservatives will emerge victorious from a culture war by outbreeding their dogwalking nemeses is possibly the most deranged statement I’ve ever read in a newspaper. That includes the Washington Times.

  • jsbrooke1

    I’m perplexed as to why the Post allowed this rant. Please ask your writers to consider a through-line in their works. Of course, this acid-trip induced “article” could be Donohue’s way of saying he’s all for drugs.

  • papa_monzano

    I emailed the ombudsman, but received a polite reply that On Faith does not fall under the news ombudsman, and that complaints should be directed to this address instead:onfaith@washingtonpost.commy email follows:Washington Post has obviously left the news business. Now I, and countless other Americans who attend church without villifying the rest of society or reveling in false victimhood, will simply wait for you to shut your doors. Good riddance.

  • gaskinml

    You people complain that Donu is ranting but reading all these posts I see an emotional outburst galore. You folks are silly……

  • babsbabs

    Donohue is unhinged. For the Washington Post to print his lunacy reflects poorly on the Washington Post. These hateful religionists like Donohue don’t understand the First Amendment’s separation of church and state and think that government representatives can impose their personal religion on citizens in the name of the local government, state government, or federal government. But a city council person at a council meeting may not, per the First Amendment, impose their personal religion on the citizens as they are representing the city council. A city council person must maintain the separation of church and state. The religionists can practice their personal faiths at home or in their places of worship in private. Lunacy like Donohue’s really need not be printed and the Post should have known better than perpetuate the idiocy of these religionists.

  • bugmenotplease

    Bill Donohue proves what I always say: “The Catholics are the second most dangerous cult in the world!”Oh, we could argue all night on the first (7th Day, Mormons, etc.), but everyone knows and agrees that the Catholics are second!

  • brennaro

    This commentary should never have been published. It lacks any understanding of the Establishment Clause of the First Ammendment. It imagines vast conspiracies that could not possibly exist and sees Catholicism, the largest centrally organized religion in the world as put upon. The ignorance behind this piece and its vast overgeneralizations should have disqualified it from publication, and I believe it is incumbent on the Post to apologize to its readership for having published a piece with such enormous disregard for facts and for such gross mischaracterization of groups libeled by the author. This certainly calls into question the credibility of this feature in the Post–and perhaps it should be discontinued in the aftermath of this shocking lack of judgment–and the paper as a whole.

  • gracieandgeorge_2001

    Mr. Donohue, you are a complete nutjob. You make me ashamed to have been raised Catholic. You’re the worst kind of bigot. How your words find their way into print is beyond me.

  • gwbush2323

    I sure hope Catholics and everyone else here takes a moment to call out a bitter hateful jerk like Donahue. This clown has been spewing his bile for years, as if he actually talks for Catholics. Gotta love the Washington Post. They’ll let anyone write for them. maybe Robert Mugabe has a column or two in him?

  • newspeak101

    If the Post is looking for a way to “save the traditional media” – it needs to discover better ways then publishing the hateful diatribes of scolds like Donahue.Hang your heads in shame – Meacham, Quinn and Wapo

  • osiuerer

    I see I can report offensive comments, but how do I go about reporting this offensive article?

  • brennaro

    You can report your displeasure with the article by emailing:onfaith@washingtonpost.comand,ombudsman@washpost.comI recommend you (and everyone else) do so. This is a huge lapse of judgment in publishing a factually inaccurate, largely paranoid (conspiracy theories), and hateful article, that never should have been published.

  • Counterww

    Lots of crying going on here. You guys are protesting alot. Must be an awful sensitive wound you have there. Never seen such a reaction on this forum. Wailing and crying , way too much.For DILD- God love all mankind. He hates sin, and lists many sins he hates in the word, divorce and adultery among others.

  • lucy2008

    Instead of publishing a paranoid and ill thought rant full of lies, this author would do better for his religion by simply practicing the core values of his religion.The core values of Jesus are simple. The rest is noise. Love thy neighbor. Turn the other cheek. And the most important is to serve the least among us which are the poor and ill in the world.By writing with obsessive lies, the author teaches everyone about hypocracy. There is nothing so deadly to religion than hypocracy. This is why your religion is dying.

  • lester11

    What a hoot! If Bill Donahue is reading these comments he is saying, “I rest my case.” Talk about hate.

  • Skowronek

    For Bob2Davis:”TRADITIONSee? There’s a t-shirt that addresses Bill and his ilk.

  • willfb

    I lived in MD for many years, pre-Internet, and read the Post faithfully. I now live elsewhere. But if I did still live near DC and I paid money to buy the print edition that this column appeared in, it would be the last copy of the Post I would buy.Absolutely disgraceful and a stark reminder of how far a once-great American newspaper has fallen.

  • Paganplace

    CounterWW:””Lots of crying going on here. You guys are protesting alot. Must be an awful sensitive wound you have there. Never seen such a reaction on this forum. Wailing and crying , way too much.””Why, yes, in fact. This bigotry and injustice against LBGT people hurts *many* people. Funny how many people who claim to think theirs is a religion of mercy and justice and love seem to see the fact you have and are *hurting people* as merely something to call weakness in them and an excuse to hurt them some more. Yeah, there’s wounds. Would you like another poke at them, Christian?

  • JohnnyB1954

    It’s terrible how people are taking Gods out of our culture.

  • kingthamus

    Bill, why do you hate America?

  • dwharbin

    The Catholic church doesn’t need any “Secular Saboteurs” to sink it as it’s doing a perfectly good job of doing that on it’s own. This dude is really going to sit here and blame everyone but the church for being so out of touch with normal reality that they’ve become unrecognizable. Throw in their predilection for covering for pedophiles and their absolute refusal to even consider allowing priests to marry and they’ve created their own path to extinction, they need no help from the likes of me. At the rate they’re going all I have to do is sit, wait and say “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out”.

  • dsundertaker

    Mr. Donahue’s paltry intellect and fervent, yet ignorant, religopathic bent is truly something to behold. One that bases his worldview on unfounded fiction–mere antiquated stories passed via oral tradition by illiterate Levantine fishermen–is obviously not sane, insightful, or enlightened. Mr. Donahue, your mention of the words “thou shalt not” as striking fear into non-Christians implies that you uphold Jewish law. If so, what animal have you sacrificed in the Temple of Jerusalem lately? Do you not read your own Bible? Do you not know that Paul, the first century CE founder of Christianity, preached a message that discarded Jewish law in favor of faith in Jesus? You obviously don’t believe in any of the other litany of gods that have been worshiped throughout antiquity to modernity, so why do you believe in YHWH? I maintain that we are both atheists…I simply believe in one fewer god than you.

  • jillcohen

    WWJD? Not what Donohue does.

  • notfooledbydistractions

    Ghandi replied, “Oh, I don’t reject your Christ. I love your Christ. It’s just that so many of you Christians are so unlike your Christ.”Mr. Donahue exemplifies this quote.

  • edfunk1

    Catholic League President Bill Donohue = POS

  • DanielintheLionsDen

    The Catholic Church is one of the most virulently anti-gay organizations in the world today, disingenusously promoting an extremely passive aggressive doctrine that gay people are “intrinscially disordered” not sinful, not ill, but disordered, created in a broken state, which can never be repaired. This wicked doctrine by a sexaually repressed gay Pope, with his was committe of lawyers, for the purpose of doing away with, once and for all, the “gay problem.” The Catholic Church seeks to identify people that it thinks are gay, and then to wage a personal war of destruction against them. This Roman Catholic animas towards gay people extends even to their families, which it also seeks to destroy.Yet, at the same time the Catholic Church gives refuge to gay priests, who repress their homosexuality, as they cling to their religious mania to atone for the “wicked sinfulness” of their homosexual struggle. This is a freak show, this man, Bill Donohue demonstrates, with his feverish Jesus mania and his obsessive preoccupation with gay men and male homosexuality.In short, the Catholic Church is twisted up in knots over the subject of human sexuality in general, and over homosexuality, in particular, extending all the way to the Pope, who is obviously gay, yet presides over a great Institution that hates gay people. HOW IRONIC!If he were anybody but the Pope, his general effemitate swishiness would be widely recognezed as a charateristic of a gay man. Poor, weird, freaked out Bill Donohue who hates gay people, but loves the Pope, whom he does recognize as gay.And by the way, I love gay people and do not think it should be considered a rude remark or an insult to acknowledge the Pope’s homosexuality. Only homophobic people who hate gay people will take it as an offensive slur.

  • DanielintheLionsDen

    With regard to Bill Donohue’s anti-gay agenda on behalf of his so-called “Catholic Leaugue,”…I don’t have alot of patience with arguments for and against gay marriage. To me, it is a simple matter of right and wrong, of justice and injustice, of morality and immorality. Given the small length of time any of us have on earth, it is immoral to squander any of it. Promoting and maintaining the subservient position of gay people in society is a worthless waste of ones efforts and of ones life. At some future date, when gay people are freely accepted as equal citizens, when they may marry like anyone else, I hardly think that there will be any monuments erected to Bill Donohue or those like him, who sought to obstruct progress, and I hardly think that there will be a special place in Heaven for any of them, either.

  • Counterww

    Meant to say-“not positive in society”typing too fast

  • DanielintheLionsDen

    counterwwYou compare gay people to liars and theives, merely by the fact of their birth and existencem and by no oither action or criteria. To you, they are the untouchables, the outcast, the lowest of the low, the intrinsically disordered.I am not whining or complaining. I am merely pointing out that YOU are big stuck-up snob, with your pitiful and weird sense of superiority over people better than you.In your comment, do I assume that Bill Donohue is your guy? A man red-faced with hysteria in his hatred towards all that he perceives to be non-Catholic? How could anyone get farther from Christ than he has gone? How could you possibly imagine that you are even a remote facsimile of a Christian, you who support such an ugly, ugly face of Christianity?Being gay is not a sin. Jesus Christ did not teach it, and no good and moral person would believe so. It is your personal predjudice and bigotry which leads you to this conclusion. And you citation of Jesus Christ as your justification for your passive aggressive ill-will towards gay people merely, drags Jesus down into YOUR mud. What a hypocrite you are Mr. CounterWW.

  • DanielintheLionsDen

    CounterWWHomophobia is not part of Christianity. It is an add-on. If you are homophobic and feel that homophobia is such a central part of who you are that is must be incorporated into you religion, then fine. That is your belief, animosity towards gay people. But so not call it Christian; don’t grab onto Jesus’s hem to try and show how good you are and justify your bigotry, because it doesn’t look right, and it won’t work. Don’t drag Jesus down to your own base level. Better for you just to let go, and form your own church, centered around your own base predjudice and bigotry.Homophobia is an add-on, your add-on, and has nothing to do with Jesus or the teachings of Christ.

  • DanielintheLionsDen

    A typical Christian slogan against gay people is that “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”This is usually followed by a little smirk, and self-congratulations at being so clever and witty. But it is not witty; it is the same old tired anti-gay crap.It is not funny; it is snarky, snide and flippant. It is a light-heated and mean-spirited way to dismiss a whole group of people, with a laugh, no less.But, if God did not create Adam and Steve, then who did?I am waiting for counterww to tell us all what God thinks on this matter, as though no one else but him could have a clue.

  • wapoisrightwingrag

    I would like Mr. Meacham and Ms. Quinn to explain why they publish the Beer Hall antics of this professional hater.The Washington Post just sinks further and further into the depths of the Right Wing Echo Chamber.And with their “Ombuds” person determined to redefine the job–Mr. Alexander is a wannabe right-wing stenographer who specializes in writing inane columns on trivial matters occasionally spiced with finding “left wing bias” on a newspaper that has only neo cons and right wing columnists with a few brain dead writers like Ruth Marcus and the abominable Richard Cohen and actually dead writers like the late David Broder who continues to grovel to the right while pretending to be centrist.Even the On Faith is going to be like watching Fox News. I truly do not understand how you can elevate the snarling and spewing of a rabid dog like William Donohue to a “Guest Voice”.And meanwhile, Ms. Quinn is out defending Fox News and their great standard of Journalistic Integrity.Young people could never know, but the Post was once a great paper. Not anymore.

  • ChristopherWChase

    Mr. Donohue is not interested in civil discussion or presentation of the issues–no one who tells the world their opponents are busy casually aborting their children can be.And as usual, Mr. Donohue claims to speak for Jews and other religious people while in essence talking only about Christianity. Mr. Donohue’s “Judeo-Christian tradition” has no place for the Mishnah, the Talmud, or Rabbinic Traditions, which have very different social messages than his own. Of course he never mentioned in his column anything about “actual” Jewish culture.In the end, most Catholics are very different than Mr. Donohue–they would not defend anti-Semitic comments, as he has done–comments he made and the infamous ones made by actor Mel Gibson. And most American Catholics clearly did not agree with Mr. Donohue’s public comparison of President Obama with former KKK member David Duke. Its very important that all of “On Faith”‘s readers know the difference between genuine Roman Catholicism and whatever religion Bill Donahue claims to practice.

  • ashleystephens127

    Mr. Donahue, before you chose to speak on behalf of any Christian again, please please please read your own book. I think you will find there is a pretty clear message on judging others.”Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven” Luke 6:37″Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Matthew 7:1 “But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.”

  • b00shpil0t

    1st Amendment at its best. I’m saddened to say that his voice has some influence. A friend of mine, for example, is currently attending Franciscan University for a masters Program has bought in to this sort of hatred. Despite a seemingly intellectual curriculum the extra-curricular activities have begun to brainwash my friend, who during our under-grad years, was an extremely open-minded individual who went to great lengths to convince others that multiculturalism was a pathway to understanding and peace in the world. That friend died when he “returned” to his Catholic roots!

  • a2audrey

    Dear Editor,While I agree that it is critical to have divergent content from different and opposing viewpoints, this author and article totally fail in achieving this goal. You might as well have had my dog take a dump on your computer screen and smeared it into content to equal the inanity of this one.