Tiger Woods’ confession of sin

By Elizabeth Tenety It’s beginning to look a lot like scandal. After a week of swirling rumors and allegations following … Continued

By Elizabeth Tenety

It’s beginning to look a lot like scandal.

After a week of swirling rumors and allegations following a bizarre 2 a.m. car crash in front of his home, golf legend Tiger Woods today admitted to “transgressions,” “letting his family down” and not being true to his values.

Woods stopped short of admitting to an affair, but the evidence against him appears to include a desperate voicemail to his mistress in an attempt to shield the affair from his wife and, according to US Magazine, “more than 300 racy text messages” which his “other woman” provided to the tabloid.

In today’s press release, the married man and father of two young children used religious language to indicate that he wants to deal with his foibles privately: “Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn’t have to mean public confessions.”

But with so much of his life lived publicly — from becoming the youngest golfer to win The Masters at age 21, to working high-profile endorsements including one with Nike reportedly worth $105 million, and promoting his Tiger Woods Foundation for underprivileged youth — Woods should have known better.

It was Woods’ other-worldly talent, picture-perfect smile and apparent family values that made him an international icon.

With today’s admission, the once untouchable Woods is now the latest in a long line of athletes, celebrities, politicians and religious leaders whose private misbehavior has had major public consequences.

It does seem that public life leads some people to become desensitized to the consequences of their behavior. See Divine Impulses’ interview with former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey for his insight on being spiritually anesthetized by politics.

Yet another possibility is that when we see figures like Woods fall, we’re really seeing a reflection of our own human struggles.

According to an in-depth study by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, nearly a quarter of married men and one in six married women admitted to committing adultery. So in one crude way, Woods is more like the rest of us than we may have previously thought.

Either way, Woods’ admission of ‘sin’ (to use his word) is a disappointment to his fans and likely a financial liability to his sponsors.

When will those in the spotlight learn that we’re counting on them? Can our national heroes publicly sin and remain worthy of adoration?

Elizabeth Tenety
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  • ThishowIseeit

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

  • efavorite

    So what does it mean that tiger woods had an affair? He’s human like the rest of us. Because he’s famous, when he gets caught at it, it makes news outside his circle of family and friends. Period.He never was “worthy of adoration” except as a good golfer, which I presume he still is.

  • ccnl1

    Tiger just gave Jay Leno and David Letterman months of one liners. (Of course, Letterman might go a bit easy on the “bedding Tiger” considering his own “transgressions”)Some starting points:

  • ccnl1

    Tiger’s New Book:’Hand Jiving Would Have Been a Lot Cheaper!!!

  • obx2004

    “You are a DOG, then be one , but don’t bring everyone into your mess”Now wait a second! I’ll not sit here and have dogs being disparaged like that! Dogs rule!!

  • obx2004

    “God does and it is for the simple fact that God is a Being of Love, Pure Love.”You know, you’d never figure that to be the case when you look at the old testament and see the genocide, infanticide, collective punishments and other run-of-the-mill atrocities proclaimed to be from God. A little over the top for being pure love, I’d say.

  • khote14

    “nearly a quarter of married men and one in six married women admitted to committing adultery”I’m curious about those numbers. out of 100 men and a 100 women, apparently 25 men are cheating with 17 women. So this means more men cheat, but each woman cheats with more than one man.I wonder how many people cheat without admitting it.

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    Woods is a celebrity, not a hero. Whether he has affairs or not is the business of Woods and his family.What this has to do with this blog, I don’t know. I would imagine that an essay on adultery and religion would have had that as its focus. Not Mr. Woods and wife.

  • greg45

    TO OBX2004

  • schaeffz

    Its simple to me. If Tiger wants to be a true role model, now he needs to resign from golfing and use his hard-earned hundreds of millions for some redemptive good in the world. Every time I see Bill Clinton or Newt Gingrich or John McCain, I think “What a scumbag! Cheating on your wife, and trying to act to the world like it never happened.” Your spouse is the most intimate God-given partner on earth, and if you can’t live the truth with that person, you do not deserve the benefits of fame, regardless of how talented you are. As someone said, how else is each of these guys cheating in other ways? How can we trust them in anything? Until they exhibit true repentence. Then trust and admiration can begin to return.

  • MickNamVet

    Send Tiger to Afghanistan instead. Get some of Dad’s experience under his belt, instead of other preoccupations….

  • chuck2

    I so don’t care about Tiger Woods adultery. I feel for Elin and I think he’s a fool for cheating on a babe like that, but…this discussion is NOT WORTH OUR TIME. It’s a non-issue. If Brad Pitt’s indiscretions weren’t worthy of the front page neither was Tiger’s. End of story.

  • magnusdahl

    Mrs. Woods´s first name is Elin, not Helin as ThishowIseeit states. And Mrs. Woods is Swedish, not Norwegian, which seems hard to get in to the head of ccnl1. Getting facts right is a good start when you are going to do comments on other people´s life.

  • norriehoyt

    Live by publicity, die by publicity.

  • Athena4

    Perhaps Tiger should change his nickname to “Tomcat”? Seriously, who cares, other than the fact that it proves that yet another hero has feet of clay? The questions that should be asked of Tiger are not where he parks his ball bag, but of his business dealings with Dubai World, and his lack of comment on Nike’s child labor practices. Tha

  • cafinch

    No, and it’s a stupid question. How many have already asked this inane question and received the almost unanimous response of “NO!”? This is a waste of good copy space. Write something useful.

  • ggdecon

    Tiger thought he had a dumb blonde, but she showed him who was who. If he wasn’t ready for marriage he should have waited. It’s one thing to cheat with one woman but three or more, He’s lucky to have his head still attached. Okay you’ve done the unforgetable, but it can be forgiven but it will take sometime, this is not an overnighter. I believe he should have thought of what this would do to his family before indulging into such a mess. No matter how bad this maybe, there are children involved, and since he was running for his life, I believe that he might think twice before during it again. Hopefully, Erlin can forgive him and move on with her life inwhich ever way she chose. After all is said and done, she has to live with whatever decision that she makes forgiving him and try to work it out or get your bags and say “see you later”.

  • bigbrother1

    The last thing this world needs is some “journalist” tw[i]t accusing anyone of sin. Go to hell and stay there.

  • bigbrother1

    Oh, and to anyone else who thinks this story matters, why do you think you know Tiger Woods? Why is he someone important to you, so important you have to gossip and speculate about his private life as if he were your own brother? What sort of fantasy world are you living in? Grow up people, turn off your TVs and get some real lives.

  • mimiknight

    Tiger Woods was paid millions of dollars on an annual basics for the clean image that buyers would purchase a product that he endorsed. Children looked up to him as a role model. Other people such as Clinton,Spintzer, Stafford were not paid millions of dollars by GM, Nike, golf companies for that image. It took him 30 months to realize that he had errored in transgressions! The wife will stay for money, but why should the rest of the public buy a product that he endorses except for the NY stripper and waitress. Woods created his image, not anyone else. Women should very upset and not buy anything that he endorses. Kids need another role model. Woods is low-class rich.

  • bigbrother1

    If you encourage your children to look up to anyone as a “role model” because of their “clean image” you’re going to have a lot more trouble as those children grow up and learn that nothing in the world is “clean,” least of all their creepy parents.And if you use phrases like “errored in transgressions!” in real life, you can bet that your husband is cheating on just to get away from his harpy of a wife.

  • obx2004

    “Hopefully, Erlin can forgive him and move on with her life inwhich ever way she chose”Does anyone really think “Erlin” would have even married this guy if he was just Tiger Woods, the guy who cuts the grass at the golf course?

  • globalone

    “So what does it mean that tiger woods had an affair? He’s human like the rest of us.”What a low bar we have set for ourselves.Is this what we’ve become? “Sorry for all of the lying, cheating, stealing, and infidelity. That’s just how I’m wired. I’m human.”Actions, such as Tiger’s, should be rejected in the strongest terms possible. We need to mount a massive ad campaign (similar to HIV) that renews our belief in marriage and the impact that these “transgressions” have on the one’s we love. Marriage is not akin to ordering from the value meal and McDonald’s.It is time we stop coddling one another and sweeping things under the rug. It is time we held each other to higher standards of character and humility.

  • anilbhalla

    I hope for his sake, he will grovel all he can to apologize to Elin and win back her faith and love. I hope that from now on, he will be the person he says he should have been so that his kids will be proud of him.Other than I only hope to see him hit a six iron from the fairway bunker, over the water, on to the green, six feet from the pin. That is actually all I ever expected of him…..

  • Sonny53

    Frankly, I don’t care who Tiger Woods is sleeping with. I don’t know why celebrities occupy us so much. It’s not like the guy found a cure for cancer or diabetes. He can hit a golf ball. Period! There are more important things for us to focus on. You know, I believe that, in the end, we’ll all have to answer for our lives and it won’t matter if we are famous or not. The rules are the same.

  • softrefrain

    Tiger isn’t famous for being monogamous. He’s famous for being one of the best golfers who ever existed.I don’t understand why we think it’s our business to pry into the private lives of celebrities like Tiger. We put them on a pedestal and then mean-heartedly bask in the fact that they “aren’t so perfect after all” when we find out they’ve had some indiscretion.

  • dudh

    He should say ten Hail Marys, put a large sum in the poor box, etc., etc. Or maybe this isn’t especially a religious matter, but more a case of “I got caught.” It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

  • bigbrother1

    Globalone: People with sense keep busybody, holier-than-thou parasites like you out of their lives. People like you are a cancer in society and simply aren’t worth any effort at all. Have you lost a lot of friends because of your beliefs? I bet you have, because I don’t know a single person (even Christian ones) who would put up with your christofascist prudishness.

  • ThomasBaum

    obx2004 and greg45The reason that I say God Is Love is because I met God the Father and for that matter the Holy Spirit also.I have also met satan who is not a god at all but was created by God. satan can and does try to come across as mister nice guy but most definitely isn’t. One could liken satan to a bully because that is just what satan is.I happen to look at the bible much differently than some including many who label themself, Christian.Did either of you read any more of what I wrote?Don’t worry, all will one day meet God, the True, Living, Triune, Triumphant God.Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • Allannde

    Actually Tiger is not TOTALLY a taker. “60 Minutes documented a school he set up for “deserving” young people. That took both time and quite a bit of money.

  • globalone

    Believe what you will Brother.But if you can’t comprehend the negative, measurable impacts on young men and women that come from broken homes, then my words will truly ring meaningless.It’s not a question of me or anyone else forcing people to do something or believe in something. It’s a question of people holding themselves accountable for their actions. (And waiting for your wounds to heal while you stonewall the police department is not what most people would consider “accountable”)

  • ThomasBaum

    To whom it may concern:Jesus said, “He who is without sin cast the first stone”.It seems as if a lot of “Christians” have either never heard this, forgotten this or maybe think Jesus meant it for everyone except them.As I have said before, I can’t throw a speck of dust and I am thankful that it is God Who Is my Judge and not fellow human beings.Maybe one should attempt to live their own life rather than trying to tell others how to live their life.Two of the most thriving businesses in America: The gossip industry and the prison system. Something to think about.Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • hughes_168

    There is a sportman in India who plays a game called Cricket. His name is Sachin T. The guy has scored over 30,000 runs in both the instant form and long 5-day form of cricket.( each run between six stumps placed at some 21 yards is considered a run). But then he has had to face fast bowlers and spinners and some ten players waiting to stop the ball, like our baseball players. He is a demi-god in India. Almost every move, every word he utters is lapped up by crazy legion of fans. The guy is young: 35. Has two kids and a wife. Not once has he made a false move, not once has he been mired in any controversy. Other sportsmen from Australia, England and South Africa, New Zealand and others consider him to be an epitome of grace and character. The likes of Woods will gain by reading more about this guy. His accomplishments are possibly greater when compared with Woods’ swings on and off the golf course.

  • Georgetowner1

    Wait! How could he be such a naughty, bad little boy with that sweet choir boy face?! I mean, you look at the glint in Bill Clinton’s eye and you just knew he was a rascal but say it isn’t so, Tiger!

  • blankspace

    It’s actually refreshing to see that Tiger has feet of clay. Now perhaps the deification of him in the media will be tempered a bit since it was always somewhat overwhelming. I say “perhaps” since the promotion and sports cycle still seems to drive a deification of other less than perfect stars like A-Rod, Tom Brady, etc.

  • Georgetowner1

    With Bill Clinton, with that glint in his eye, you just knew he was a rascal but Woods, with his choir boy face, who knew he was such a naughty little boy? Say is ain’t so, Tiger!

  • boorah

    SHOCK he must be a republican next move he’ll check into a rehab somewhere to be cured of his religious downfall PLEASEEEEEEEEEE why do they always darg “GOD” into thier dark PITIFUL LIVES?MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL

  • HumanSimpleton

    Tiger Woods had sex with women other than his wife.Shocking as that might seem to the prudes out here, the only moral issues, if any, are between him and his wife.No one else matters.No one else has any say to call it moral or immoral.Does not mean that you cannot, just that it has no say.And yet you see hordes of Christians who otherwise would swear “it is not for us to judge, but for God” indulging in blatant hypocrisy and judging Tiger.LOL

  • bigbrother1

    Globalone: Yes, your words do ring meaningless, but mostly they ring pompous, judgemental and hypocritical. Jesus of Nazareth wouldn’t know you from Pontius Pilate.

  • marctrain1

    Everyone appears to be forgetting the possible financial aspects of this. Tiger has a lot of dough and he appears to be paying off the wife to stay married and his mistresses to stay quiet. This means more money in circulation. Actually Tiger loosening his purse strings may have a greater fiscal impact for our country that the stimulus plan ever did. Go Tiger Go!

  • Farnaz1Mansouri1

    I wish I understood how someone becomes a “hero” by virtue of his golfing prowess. Here and celebrity Heroism and celebrity are not identical. The fact that we can no longer discern the difference between the two bodes well for the Tiger Woods among us, ill for Abraham Lincoln, our values, our minds.

  • US-conscience

    No man is worthy of adoration. We are all sinful by nature…even Tiger Woods. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul ?We are all guilty and deserving of Gods just wrath and we will get what we deserve unless we repent and by faith get covered in the atoning work of Jesus. 10 out of 10 die and God is no respecter of persons. 145,000 people die every day, if today is your day how would you do ?

  • smc91

    Khote14 wrote: “nearly a quarter of married men and one in six married women admitted to committing adultery”

  • dutchess2

    Oh for cryin ice!We’re expanding WAHR in Afghanistan, the insurance companies have won the health care fight, we got no middle class, one in eight is on food stamps, 20% unemployed, the greed on wall street has stripped $5 trillion out of our collective pockets, and all we can talk about is Tiger Woods?They do, they don’t, they will, they won’t, they are not the first, won’t be the last, and its NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. Every ounce of breath, smidgeon of ink, sound of bombast is smoke and mirrors, we got real problems, and we need real newspapers to keep us informed, and we need every big of energy we possess to survive.sick sick sick

  • jameon

    >When will society learn to stop putting people on pedestals? Tiger Woods is not a hero, nor is any other Hollywood celebrity or famous athlete and they are not obligated to the public to perform as such. They are just ordinary people who got lucky enough or had the talent(in some cases) to make the money it takes to live the “charmed” life. You know what a true hero is? Jesus defined it brilliantly. He said, “Greater love has no man than one who will lay down his life for his friend.” This means not just physically dying to save your friend, it means going the extra mile to help someone or giving selflessly to a cause so that others may benefit. True heroes stay out of the spotlight. They need no worldy gain or fame to reinforce who they are and boost their self confidence. The only people Tiger needs to be a “hero” to are his two adorable kids.

  • 1toughlady

    Tiger Woods is an excellent golfer, and I love watching him, but adoration would be ridiculous. Maybe Americans should get a clue and stop worshipping celebrities.

  • icurhuman2

    It’s a bit rough that so many people are so judgmental about someone else’s infidelity, even though that person is touted as a “saint” by the media – at least until they are found out. From what I’ve been able to discern, this person was brought up fairly strictly and has been guided by his success to a lofty iconic stature – impossible to live up to. Motivation for risking his marriage for casual flings might come from any number of directions, but, being in his position – famous, wealthy and good looking – the opportunity for a dalliance would occur often and regularly and therefore the opportunity to do something about it is only a single mistake away. Having said that, I wouldn’t do it to my missus or girlfriend, if there’s an issue regarding the relationship you either sort it out or leave – best friend’s wives or girlfriends included. However, especially as he has kids, I would advise him to reconsider his recent past and patch it up with his wife. Whatever feeling he had for his wife regarding loyalty should’ve mangnified itself with her effort bringing two kids into the world – it’s a huge deal for a woman and men should take note.

  • logcabin1836

    You know, we’re all human. Its just this particular human has a billion dollars in the bank, worldwide adulation, and a beautiful Swedish swimsuit model for a wife with two beautiful children…..good grief! If thats not enough Tiger, tell me what is?

  • CrisHK

    Though very famous, he is just a golf player, not a saint. Are most people really interested in his private life, or the media just want NEWS? Leave him along and let him play his golf games

  • RadicalGlove

    I enjoy watching him play when he’s focused. His final put in the 2005 Masters will always be burned in my memory. Don’t care about the rest. The soap opera stuff is fanned because the media assumes that the average American runs on empty and will readily devour this kind of junk food.

  • SteelWheel1

    Let me start of by saying this is the dumbest question to be asking and certainly an absolute waste of reporting space. Tiger Woods has NEVER evangelized for Christ or any other religion through the game of golf. Tiger Woods owes the people/public nothing except a good golf match that the people/public pay for. The man violated a traffic law and he was dealt with. End of story. By the way, for all of those religion peddlers for political gain….tell me, did this happen to Tiger Woods because two gay people in New Hampshire got married??

  • nisnsd

    Thank you for your sharing.i bring u some interesting.

  • bob2davis

    The real sin is not Woods’ sexual escapades — most men would give their right arm to have similar opportunities — but rather the fact that he makes hundreds of millions of dollars for playing a game that has absolutely no consequence to the world (similar to football, basketball, baseball and all the other sports.) The people who do real work such as assisting the poor, discovering medical advances, and teachers, make far less for actually contributing to society. Anyone who spends his day playing games, like children do, needs to pay for that privilege not get paid. This is one more example of how sick our society is and how bizarre its priorities are. Let Woods have sex but stop paying him!

  • mraffetto

    Not surprised. He’s a man and is flawed like every other man. Pretty stupid in this age of technology to think you can live a double life. Just surprised that he wasn’t caught sooner. His “perfect” image that he worked to create is gone forever.

  • Alka-Seltzer

    No, of course they’re not. I’ve been to three Western Opens. Followed Jack Nicklaus the last time he played there. I think he was paired with the rookie rising star Corey Pavin on that day. Also followed Greg Norman, Andy North, and my all time favorite Seve Ballesteros who said of Butler National fairways(when they still played that course)that they were the best in the world. But one thing I didn’t do, I didn’t ask for one autograph. I’t didn’t even occur to me. I don’t associate myself with these people in any way other then their great skill in the game that I so love.

  • ccnl1

    Dear Mr. Woods,Declare yourself to be a Muslim then all your cheating and coveting will simply become your Allah-approved right to pursue three more wives. Sincerely,Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khameini

  • hyjanks

    “Woods should have known better.”

  • jimellis41

    People should worry about their own business

  • usapdx


  • jimcowles

    US-Conscience says “10 out of 10 die and God is no respecter of persons.”Really! So God loves Bill Gates just as much as God loves the little kid dying of malnutrition in Sudan!Welcome to the looking-glass, Alice!JIM

  • sunrise2

    This sleaze bag is married to a stunningly beautiful woman who has given him two adorable children; all that was required of him was to honor the marital commitment he agreed to. What part of that didn’t he understand? He now exibits remorse. I would argue that the only remorse he feels is that of getting caught! The irony is that these other women aren’t even interested in him, they are only attracted to his fame and fortune. The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

  • Vunderlutz

    I agree will all those who said something to the effect, “this story has nothing to do with me.”I will always enjoy watching Tiger play golf and I pray his family stays together and puts behind them whatever they think happened.On second thought, I also need to state this. It’s amazing to me this hubbub is posted on a so-called Faith blog or Under God section of the WaPo. What kind of drugs are you guys taking? You certainly aren’t reading scripture are you?

  • obx2004

    my friend’s husband had an affair on her for quite some time. Does anyone care?No, they’re not famous.

  • onesugar1

    I am so sick and tired of all those Holy Then Thy, Hiding behind the cross people,if you are not happy in your marriage and/or relationship with whomever you have then get out of it, Why cause all this DRAMA, First of all you should know what you do in the DARK , will, I mean WILL come out in the light, someday, some way,if you are not Happy in your relationship,then leave you are making people really dislike you.

  • ccnl1

    If Mr. Woods cheated on his wife, what else does he cheat on?? e.g. doctored golf balls, illegal clubs, his taxes, speed limits, illegal drugs to include steroids???

  • obx2004

    I think what’s also important in this matter is that Tiger would have most likely NEVER scored such a hot wife if he wasn’t who he was.And the mistresses? Well, you had to know this could become public, considering who he is and the voyeuristic society we have.

  • globalone

    “The man violated a traffic law and he was dealt with. End of story.”Not that this is the topic of the discussion, but…Tiger didn’t merely violate a traffic law. From what limited investigation the police have been able to conduct, it is clear that this was a case of domestic violence. Given that, officers in the stat of Florida are REQUIRED to arrest somebody when there is evidence of physical abuse as a result of a domestic dispute.Barricading himself in his home and stonewalling the police were clearly attempts on Tiger’s part to obstruct justice.

  • ccnl1

    Once again:If Mr. Woods cheated on his wife, what else does he cheat on?? e.g. doctored golf balls, illegal clubs, his taxes, speed limits, illegal drugs to include steroids???And who covered his a– for three years? i.e. how did he hide this from his caddie, golfing buddies, sponsors, butlers, maids, private jet pilots, yacht captain, et al.