Glenn Beck’s anti-Catholic rants

Few people are better at making accusations with code words than Glenn Beck, the Fox News celebrity. With his chalkboard … Continued

Few people are better at making accusations with code words than Glenn Beck, the Fox News celebrity. With his chalkboard logic, Beck creates conspiracies that almost always make him a savior against anything named “Democrat” or “Obama.” Ordinarily, it is convenient to ignore such prattle as just as empty as Beck’s interpretation of history, but now he is using his lies and distortions to take on my Church.

The irrepressible Mr. Beck has made quite a stir recently by equating priests who promote the social justice ministry as Communists and Fascists. Beck calls on Catholics to switch parishes and report social justice priests to the bishop. (Beck’s broad brush includes other denominations as well, but I know Catholicism best.) Forget that his plan to “rat on” priests is the same strategy of the Hitler Youth and the Polish Communist Party, and just examine the porous logic of his rant. While I think others like Fr. Martin of America have provided a more developed analysis this is my perspective.

Beck claims that the Bible does not promote economic and social justice. But look at Acts 2: 44-45: “And all that believed were together, and had all things in common; and they sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all, according as any man had need.” And just so there is no mistake, this model of economic justice is repeated in Acts 4: 32. These passages echo Jesus’ words about “selling everything and giving it to the poor” (Mt. 19: 21) and about how hard it is for rich people to get into heaven (Lk. 18:25). I don’t know what bible Beck is reading, but it’s not the Catholic one.

Beck says that ending poverty is a “personal responsibility” whereas the social justice ministry puts it all on the government. This is a lie. The papal encyclicals define Catholic social justice by requiring a balance of personal, organizational and governmental efforts. Blessed John XIII included international organizations like the United Nations in his Mater et Magistra. Apparently, Beck would have us be cafeteria Catholics who say, “Mater, sí; Magistra, no.”

Beck says he knows Cardinals and Bishops who are against “the social justice thing.” This is the stuff Joe McCarthy pulled. If Beck has the names of prelates who oppose the Magisterium on social justice, let him produce them. Catholics will write to the Holy Father to get rid of such bishops if they defy Church teaching or even if they seem to defy them. Catholic America has done it before; Boston, St. Louis and Scranton are just a few of the recent battlegrounds where prelates have been sent packing for bad pastoral decisions. Rome’s way of balancing Catholicism’s mission with human errors, I submit, is beyond Beck’s simplistic logic.

What should be the reaction of Catholic America to Beck’s distortions? Dr. William Donohue of the Catholic League is rightly incensed at Beck’s rant, but views the advice to go to another parish as harmless. “Nothing new about that,” writes Donohue, “In the Catholic Church, there are priests who are stridently left-wing and stridently right-wing; many parishioners shop accordingly.” I wonder, however, if Donohue’s encouragement to cafeteria Catholicism is wise.

Certainly, when it comes to politics, lay persons must make up our own minds and cannot just be “ditto-heads” to a pastor’s voting choices. We are called upon to heed the moral teachings of the Church and to apply them according to our conscience to specific political issues. Seldom do our political parties present us with perfect choices. But precisely because Catholic America needs to take such decisions seriously, I think those inclined to vote left need to hear sermons inclined to the right and vice-versa. In other words, we need to see both sides of the question before forming judgment.

I think that following the lead of the Catholic League’s phrase “shop accordingly” divides the Church and makes us less catholic (small “c” = universal). Overcoming divisions will be our continuing struggle. But first we should stop Beck’s anti-Catholic attacks. Start by clicking him off with the remote.

  • tojby_2000

    When Beck equates priests who promote the social justice ministry as Communists and Fascists he does two simple things. First, he exposes his ignorance of the historical context/meaning of Fascism.Second, he embraces Pope JP-2’s take on social justice theory. (See Daniel Ortega’s b!tch slap circa 1983)

  • YEAL9

    Some background on Mr. Beck and how he makes a living:“Beck, who went into radio as a teenager and spent most of his career in Top 40 before debuting as a talk-show host, does not like to be labeled as to his political views. His web site calls him a “Mormon whose politics lean toward libertarian.” He has written several books, including An Inconvenient Book and The Christmas Sweater. He is founder and editor of a comedy magazine, Fusion. •Born: 10 February 1964 Glenn Beck’s crying fits, political rants, and demands that listeners “save this country from the radical leftists” made him one of the most popular radio and TV hosts of his era. Beck got into radio as a teen and spent a dozen years after high school working as a radio “shock jock.” He has spoken openly of his addiction to alcohol and drugs in those years, but at age 30 he sobered up, remarried, and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons). When he landed a talk show at station WFLA-AM in Tampa, Florida in the year 2000, he had found his niche. In 2002 the show was picked up for national syndication, and by 2006 he was hosting his own TV show on CNN. In 2009 he moved his TV show to the Fox News Channel, where he was a perfect match for the network’s right-wing viewers. Beck calls his shtick “the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment,” and both his TV and radio shows mix Beck’s emotional warnings against government tyranny with his goofball humor and self-deprecating wisecracks. He continues to specialize in shock-talk; in one famous 2009 incident, he called President Barack Obama a “racist” and said Obama had “a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” Beck makes regular public tours and has published books including An Inconvenient Book (2007), The Christmas Sweater (2008) and Common Sense: The Case Against Out-Of-Control Government (2009).Beck produces his own content through his company, Mercury Radio Arts… Beck and his first wife, Claire, were divorced in 1994. They had two children, Mary (b. 1988) and Hannah (b. 1991). Mary has cerebral palsy. Beck married his second wife, Tania, in 1999, and became a Mormon the same year. They have two children, Raphe (adopted in 2004) and Cheyenne (b. 2006).”One wonders if he gives 10% of his salary made by (in his own words)shticking/”shock jocking” to the Mormon prophet?

  • FarnazMansouri

    Victims: Pope Benedict Protects Accused Pedophile BishopsVictims Say Pontiff Has Protected Bishop O’Connell, Cardinal Mahoney and 17 OthersPope Benedict is criticized for how he dealt with recent church scandals.Even as he told reporters on his flight to America that he was “deeply ashamed” over the church sex abuse scandal, Pope Benedict was accused by victims of protecting some 19 bishops accused of sexually abusing children.”As a Catholic, I have to sadly conclude that he is not serious about ridding the church of corrupt bishops,” said Anne Doyle, co-director of, a group tracking public records involving the bishops.According to the group, of the 19 bishops “credibly accused of abusing children,” none has lost his title, been publicly censured by the Vatican or referred for criminal prosecutions.”The sexual corruption in the Catholic church starts at the very top,” said Doyle.Pope Benedict told reporters on his flight this morning from Rome to Washington, D.C., he would do everything possible to avoid a repeat of the scandal. “We will absolutely exclude pedophiles from the sacred ministry,” he said, according to Reuters.

  • Arminius0208

    Farnaz,Here’s another story on the RCC corruption:

  • emonty

    Mr. Beck is simply against anything that does not bring him more notoriety (and ratings) and for anything that does. Mr. Beck appears first, last, and always, to be about Mr. Beck. As Mr. T might say “I pity the fool”; at least the fool who takes anything he says seriously.

  • spidermean2

    Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo wrote “Mr. Beck has made quite a stir recently by equating priests who promote the social justice ministry as Communists and Fascists. “Mr. Beck was right. It is true that many Catholic priests are communists. They are mainly those who believe in Liberation Theology. The same can be said of the United Church of Christ (UCC). If not for these devilish gang, prosperity would have long come to these communist infested poor Catholic countries in South America and parts of Asia.Catholicism is not Christianity. It’s the DEVIL’S religion.

  • Philosophe

    There’s a more basic question to be answered:***Is Glenn Beck sane?***Even former fans of his are asking that question.

  • jeffc6578

    For once, Mr. Beck gets one right.

  • revbookburn

    Beck/ Fox “News” are the grandest propaganda pushers since Pravda, from the former Soviet Union. Beck’s reckless and ludicrous uses of the terms ‘socialists’ and ‘fascists’ proves that he has no clue what they mean. His rants against social justice reveal his total absence of character and integrity. His public pronouncements based on speculation and delusions show the magnitude of his mental instability. Beck desperately needs psych meds. Our nation needs public option so Beck’s followers can get their meds as well.

  • SSTK34

    My father grew up in a Catholic orphanage. The catholic church wouldn’t know social justice and true welfare if it came and bit it in the arse. Unless social justice is obtained by beating and abusing young children. The Pope and his minions should be forced to truly read the bible and practice Christianity.

  • lxp19

    Oh, so you can dismiss Glenn Beck’s rantings as long as he’s just railing (absurdly) against Obama and Democrats, but when he starts in at the Catholic Church you feel compelled to speak out?

  • ChooseBestCandidate

    we are all of different religions. does that mean that you are anti Morman?you guys are hard at work trying to diminish FOXCable News anyway you can hoping that if people take their eyes off of FOX obma’s lying agenda of healthcare will slip in… its the same thing u did to get this disaster of a man into office.however, i dont think its going to work anymore. you can put it under FAITH and dress it anyway you wish. WE KNOW EXACTLY what you are up to and we aint buying it anymore.

  • papafritz571

    Beck is an abomination to sanity. People who cling to his hysteria and smearing of decent people, are really detrimental to society. It doesn’t take intelligence to use your platform to demean others just because you don’t think like they do. What is scary is that plenty of our citizens have this mentality that you are either for them or against them.

  • Sutter

    Would be interesting to see what Beck thought of Pope Pius, and those priests (Catholic and othewise) who conspired with the Nazis. But, then, Beck equates anyone who disagrees with him as a Nazi and/or Communist. I doubt Beck would know Jesus if he met him personally (or would call him a leftist).

  • captgrumpy

    When are you going to bring all your family over here to vote Democrat and get a handout for the rest of their lives. Sorry,I forgot about the amnesty deal for them.Is that what you call social justice.?????

  • drbill21

    The verse in Acts (“And all that believed were together, and had all things in common; and they sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all, according as any man had need.” ) refers to the conduct of Christians (“all that believed”) towards other Christians as a result of their Pentecost conversion. It is quite a leap to conclude from this verse that government has the right to take from one citizen by force and give to another. The conduct described is purely voluntary.This verses concerning “rich people” and “selling everything and giving to poor” do not even remotely imply that government is entitled to take from rich people and give to poor people. Indeed there are other verses that might suggest otherwise. In the conclusion of the Parable of the Vineyard Workers, the owner of the vineyard says to the complaining workers: “Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money?” (Matthew 20:15)

  • martychapman

    “Is Glenn Beck anti -Catholic?” There seem to be a stronger case for the proposition that the Catholic Church is pro-pedophile!!

  • jonorloff2

    It seems everyone is missing Beck’s main point: by gaining attention he makes more money.

  • ChooseBestCandidate

    isnt the book of Acts a record referring to the apostles? some stories in the Bible are for specific lessons or for specific people. it is necessary to understand the entire Book of Acts. Christ did not encourage everyone whom He met to give up all their possessions. taking one verse out of a complete story is disingenuos.

  • bobilly2

    You have more serious problems than worrying about Glen Beck…I imagine.

  • ChooseBestCandidate

    three ANTI-fox stories in as many days.too late. by now we know not to trust you PRO-obama media types.

  • cypherlock123

    I am tremendously sick of people just spilling bile. It would be so much more useful for the people to focus on finding common ground and moving forward. As in any religion/nationality/gender there are good examples (see Mother Teresa), and bad (see pedophile priest). Get over the ranting, and start pulling your oars! The ranting is doing NOTHING.

  • bfjam

    Maybe Mr. Beck should READ the Bible before acting like he can interpret its meaning. Same is true for all of us by the way. Every stage in your life that you read it, it will shed new light, new insight in your faith journey.

  • hit4cycle

    Beck’s correct in that “social justice” is not a legitimate, constitutionally authorized responsibility of the federal government. It’s unjust when Peter uses and abuses the power and force of government to realize his own particular idea of “social justice” at the expense of Paul who may not share Peter’s values. “Social justice” should rightly be pursued by individuals or by voluntary associations of like-minded citizens, not by abusing the authority of government. In my view individual freedom is the cornerstone of “social justice”.

  • rpatoh

    What Glenn said was…2 Thessalonians 3:10

  • Matthew_DC

    Beck is simply showing what all Christians should have already figured out: that the hard-right GOP types are advocates of a satanic survival-only-for-the-fittest capitalism. They worship money and the monopoly market, period. If their pursuit of such a system leaves human wreckage in its wake, too bad. It’s the hard-*ss gospel of jungle tough love, the antithesis of Christianity. I hope he takes on the Catholic bishops and precipitates a real conflict so the loonies in the GOP are exposed for what they are. Time for them to stop hiding behind their pseudo-Christian credentials. They’re as vile and atheistic as the communists ever were.

  • djah

    Let’s be blunt – the religious right is anti-Catholic. Beck is just an example of that. It is essential to “born again” theology that Catholics are condemned to damnation since they do not accept the notion of an “elect” and the spiritual validity of being born again.

  • kevin1231

    No, Beck is an ignorant fool who makes up stuff as he goes long and he is anti-anything that does not empower the corporate masters.

  • 12thgenamerican

    you libs may be sincere in wanting to give people meat to live, but when it comes to the great commission,which is to spread the gospel, you mouth’s snap closed quicker than a knats hic-up. you support abortion . what do you think Christ thinks of abortion? to come to Jesus you must repent, and that will stop you in your tracks. the way is narrow.

  • FarnazMansouri

    12thgenamerican:That said, from a Jewish perspective (Jesus’s, if he existed) “social justice” is redundant. There is Justice, only that. Poverty must be abolished because it is morally wrong, because it is a symptom of an imperfect world that it is our–everyone’s–obligation to heal.

  • chatard

    So Arroyo, you want to be a communist, be a communist. Just don’t come out with this phony baloney stuff about Beck being anti-catholic or anti-christian. You’re just trying to create a backlash. Oh, and Donahue is okay with you as long as he questions Beck, but when he doesnh’t, you oppose Donahue. Oh, and you further give yourself away with your “Joe McCarthy” routine”. Your solution? “Stop Beck”. What you gonna do, send him to a gulag?

  • johng1

    Is he the guy with two turntables and a microphone?

  • larmoecurl

    “. what do you think Christ thinks of abortion? “Who cares. He didn’t even teach people to read. Keep them stupid and they will follow you anywhere.

  • sandynh

    What a riot. You can’t get higher readership printing your progressive garbage, so you start with attacks on everyone with more readership and popularity than you. Oh wait, isn’t that how Obama works?

  • larmoecurl

    “Catholics, Mormons and some others hold many politically incorrect views.”True. Bigotry is politically incorrect. Has been since…oh…1954 or thereabouts.

  • walkfast2

    Beck earns a reported $20,000,000+ annually. He must ratchet up his rhetoric every week to maintain his audience. At the rate he is going, he will self-destruct shortly. But with the money he has made over the last few years I’d guess that he will retire a happy man. He cares not what divisions he leaves behind. He is an example of pure capitalism, unregulated. Welcome to America, 2010.

  • larmoecurl

    “Maybe Mr. Beck should READ the Bible before acting like he can interpret its meaning. Same is true for all of us by the way. Every stage in your life that you read it, it will shed new light, new insight in your faith journey.Posted by: bfjam”If one is so inclined. If not…nah.

  • wf922

    Anyone who has listened to Glenn as I have going back to his Tampa days, let me tell you, he is NOT anti Catholic, for anyone to say he is, is well just lying for their own selfish agenda whatever that maybe. And I agree the government should not be at the forefront of social justice if there is such a thing, as this type of rhetoric demonizes what maybe a law abiding person who the government deems as not “giving” enough. What is enough? Who determines, some government beaurocrat?

  • glynnjp1

    This guy Beck needs a sheet with a pointy hood.

  • EastCoastnLA

    Do people that have wealth and a prosperous life really begrudge the less fortunate to the extent that they feel no obligation to help the poor, the sick and the infirmed,,, This reminds me of the resentment toward the welfare mama,, which while true and needed correction,, the push back from society was driven by a racist tendency to see them as black first and poor second,, the whole conversation from Beck has that same impluse,, “social justice” is also the code word for civil rights which is the code word for blacks and gays,,, and economic justice is the code word for helping people less fortunate than you,, that don’t look like you,, that are mostly not white, middle or working class and who may have different opinions than y ou ,,they are obiviously not true Americans, if they were they would have taken personal responsbiity for their station in life and would have done something about it,,, so since they are the slime and cancer on True Americans,, why should anything be done for themespecially, not the government with my money,, let it fall to individuals to help as they see fit,,Read this as “help those scumbags? Not my money and over my dead body!!”Its all very Christian, Isn’t it

  • thecontributist

    What about “whatever you do to the least of my brothers, as you do unto me.”?The “I got mine” tribalists that praise Beck’s every word cannot call themselves Christians or even “compassionate Conservatives”, they can only call themselves demagogues that praise political divisionism over what they have been taught their whole lives. First they claim we are “a Christian country” and that they embrace “family values” and “they own the moral high ground”. Yet they in the same breath undermine the very tenets of their faith, embrace hatred of others, cast the first stones (and the last stone), and preach exactly opposite of what Christian faith embraces. Either these people who are Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh followers are either bi-polar or moral posers.“I got mine – screw everyone else” That is how I lived my life God.

  • iamredwolf

    This reporter is clueless. Beck is

  • jimsteinberg1

    Tune Beck out. Better: Never tune him in.

  • EastCoastnLA

    IAMREDWOLF ganizers who infiltratedWOW Redwolf,, so all he children and adults of the world have been brainwashed by these progressive socialists who infiltrated all of societies’ traditional institutions and turned the world upside down,,, Last time i checked, the world has had tremendous economic growth and expansion all based upon the growth of free markets and capitalism,, and there has been a rebirth of religious ferver through out the world,,,, and communism and socialism has been on the retreat over the last 50 years,, what parallel universe have you been living in

  • qqbDEyZW

    You might be on to something as Glenn Beck is an alcoholic and a drug addict who is racist and evil. Now as we listen to the Republicans Christian Values and follow their actions we even see the Vatican is in tune with this conduct. This should explain why many have lost faith in Religion and the Religious Leader. Rick Warren is only looking for money and even the Pope is supporting Priest who molest young men/children. O’Reilly even sexually harrasses woman and Fox News uses the language that makes people sick. How do we respect Law Makers who attack, disrespect woman and are clearly racist. Someone should start teaching the values that God put in the bible.

  • tnels

    So many claim that the Bible shows Jesus calling for ‘Social Justice.’ I see clearly where the Bible calls for personal responsibility to those less fortunate. But where does Jesus call for governments to come in and forcefully level the economic wealth for all to achieve ‘Social Justice?’ If I were taxed at 100% would I then be a model Christian. And if I tax others more fortunate than me and give their money to those less fortunate than me, will I then be truly virtuous? It just seems to be so easy to be charitable with other people’s money/wealth.

  • shreir

    So the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament apply to government. Why not ask the President to turn the other cheek in Afghanistan–Barakowitz: On Peace by Other Means. Or does Jesus allow us to kill out enemies? But Aug/Thom/pope allow us to kill our enemies in a Just War, as long as we don’t hate them? What kind of Bible did you say you’re reading? Does it have Noble Peace on it?

  • garrafa10

    “Mr. Beck was right. It is true that many Catholic priests are communists. They are mainly those who believe in Liberation Theology. The same can be said of the United Church of Christ (UCC).If not for these devilish gang, prosperity would have long come to these communist infested poor Catholic countries in South America and parts of Asia.Catholicism is not Christianity. It’s the DEVIL’S religion.Posted by: spidermean2″That must be why communism triumphed all over the Americas from the Rio Grande to Ushaia. Do you have any empirical evidence for your assertion? You state that Catholicism is the devil’s religion. Some would say that those who have a personal relationship with Jesus are insane.

  • Fate1

    Glenn Beck is not anti-Catholic … he’s just anti-American. Why should Catholics, who make up a good chunk of America, not be attacked by this unAmerican nut? If its American he’s against it. His idea is that government has no role. Yet he flies the friendly skies of the FAA, walks government paved streets under government supplied street lights with government cops keeping order and him safe. And if his streetlight goes out you can be sure he’s yelling at some government agency to get it working again. But not a socialist bone in his body nor any room for socialism in his America it seems. I wonder how he rationalizes all the socialism around him that he not only expects from his government but expects to work for him well! Just another gimme republican who talks against socialism while taking socialist services from the government. If all socialist services stopped tomorrow Beck would be claiming the government has failed America. He’s best to simply ignore since he’s more than a little confused.

  • rkerg

    Beck is a bit of a one trick pony, and the one trick that he hardly ever fails to pull out of his hat when trying to make a case against someone or something is (drum roll) the conspiracy theory. Beck has hardly ever met a conspiracy theory that he didn’t love and embrace. This is all part of the cult indoctrination process, and Fox news is the cable TV provider for those zany if dangerous faith based conservatives. Facts, they don’t need no stinkin’ facts.

  • _Cowabunga_

    Beck is just a shock jock, he’ll say anything to get attention so you’re just giving him what he needs to make lots of money.

  • spidermean2

    Catholicism is NOT Christianity and the Bible can prove it.The title “Holy Father” is reserved only to God. It is blasphemous to call a person as “Holy Father”.God has no mother. Even Jesus said in disgust, “Who is my mother?”Only God can make saints. People who are born again are saints. No church or pope has the power to declare a person to be a saint. It’s blasphemous.The list goes on. Even in evangelical Christianity where I belong, you can find some false beliefs but at least these people respect the Bible so much unlike Catholicism which treat the bible very lightly. A 10 year old evangelical I think knows the Bible more than most catholic priests.

  • 50Eagle

    As long as Beck is in the fight against Statism and the neo-Marxists, I don’t give a flying hoot WTF he says. Marxists, what you don’t understand is that man is imperfect and your quest for heaven on earth in your idealistic utopia will result in hell on earth for everyone. Silly Economic Illiterate Marxists.

  • monk4hall

    Why does Glenn Beck hate Jesus? Conservatives: bigger hypocrites than the pharisees.

  • monk4hall

    “Catholicism is NOT Christianity and the Bible can prove it,” someone just wrote. Here it is — “Christians” with the audacity to judge who is and isn’t a Christian. Sorry. You’re not God. And by the way, go to a mass sometimes. Guess whose likeness you’ll see, whose words you’ll hear? Jesus. So enough with this sanctimonious and deeply presumptuous crap.

  • bill30

    Sadly, there is nothing Christian about the people who self identify as Christians of the right. They elevate selfishness to a religious/political article of faith. They cherry pick the bible, ignoring most everything that Christ stood for. Sad.

  • DWSouthern

    I do not believe in supernatural creeds and organizations such as the Catholic church, and I disagree with the church on many issues. But I have always admired their doctrine of social justice, which was clearly stated by Pope Leo in the 1890s, a pro-labor document. Since then the pope and the US Catholic Bishops have taken admirable stands on war, poverty, and healthcare reform. So I hope the church goes after the malicious and misguided nonsense of Beck who see social justice as communism or fascism.

  • arancia12

    This guy Beck needs a sheet with a pointy hood. This guy Beck needs a straightjacket with tight straps.

  • douglaslbarber

    Mr. Beck is no doubt in touch with the several right-wing Catholics who regard themselves as more Catholic than the Pope and who have never accepted the broad strand of Catholic teaching on social justice that goes back at least to Pope Leo XIII (flourit 1891) if not to the Angelic Doctor himself.Excellent post by Mr. Stevens-Arroyo.

  • rancor1

    Attempting to argue logic or fact with Beck misses the point. He’s not trying to convince anyone of anything through reason or argument. He has no core set of beliefs or premises or facts that he’s using as a world view. He’s using smears designed to create contraversy to play on the angry on the right to create fear and distrust and viewership for him and to inflame the left who will attack him, thus proving the only real case he’s trying to make: he’s right – they are out to get him and by immedite extension “you”. You don’t “fight” a demagogue that way – you simply empower him. Your real power over Glenn Beck is laughter. If you laugh at his antics and his transparent shtick – he loses power. No one is going to believe his conspiracy rants if we simply regard him as a chubby middle aged guy who has figured out a way to use crying on TV to get angry white guys to buy him a Porsche.If you can’t laugh at that – well heck – you’re just not trying.

  • pitchtorobert

    The moderator is calling Beck’s remarks anti-Catholic, but the TV host’s ideas are probably acceptable to a right-wing Catholic faction that thinks “social justice” is far less important than fighting abortion, gay rights or other socio-cultural “ills.” Much of the Catholic hierarchy in the U.S. probably takes that view, by the way. Also, a small proportion of U.S. and European Catholics share the Protestant right’s fear of Islam and probably supported the Iraq war for that reason.

  • dmarko1

    Beck is not dumb in the sense that he is crafty and knows his limits, and mostly sticks to them with his lachrymose “I want my country back” blubbering, but he steps in pooh when he sits at the adult table and participates in conversations he and his viewers mostly know nada about. Last week, the Massa interview, while WIERD at every level, should have reminded Beck not to debate anyone with any education or he is going to get snorkled” in no-time-flat. So now he is tangling with the Doctors of the Church and their heirs, which have been engaged in a rich, healthy conversation for about 1700 years over a concept Beck finds errant after investing no doubt seconds of his pea brain to the concept over his bowl of frosty flakes. Many priests, nuns, senior clergy, and theologians, spent their lives anchored intellectually and spiritually in social justice. To be dismissed by a guy who’s education stopped after senior prom would be hilarious if it was not so insulting.

  • FrankIBC

    From Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, 13:1-7:13:1 Let every soul be in subjection to the higher authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those who exist are ordained by God. 13:2 Therefore he who resists the authority, withstands the ordinance of God; and those who withstand will receive to themselves judgment. 13:3 For rulers are not a terror to the good work, but to the evil. Do you desire to have no fear of the authority? Do that which is good, and you will have praise from the same, 13:4 for he is a servant of God to you for good. But if you do that which is evil, be afraid, for he doesn’t bear the sword in vain; for he is a servant of God, an avenger for wrath to him who does evil. 13:5 Therefore you need to be in subjection, not only because of the wrath, but also for conscience’ sake. 13:6 For this reason you also pay taxes, for they are servants of God’s service, attending continually on this very thing. 13:7 Give therefore to everyone what you owe: taxes to whom taxes are due; customs to whom customs; respect to whom respect; honor to whom honor.

  • freepost

    So what is Tony saying? That Catholics are the first Communists? The bible has many apparent contradictory passages and removing a few out of context to serve your own purposes is just hogwash. The bible doesn’t preach collectivism – code word social justice. Rather is espouses personal responsibility, morality, charity, etc. All of the values that are glaringly absent in leftist ideology.

  • spidermean2

    monk4hall wrote “And by the way, go to a mass sometimes. Guess whose likeness you’ll see, whose words you’ll hear? Jesus.”Jesus said “My sheep know my voice and they follow me”.Most Catholic states would not be in deep poverty if only they follow what Jesus said. Yes there are good catholics but these people are duped when they believe their priests. What’s wrong with artificial contraception with married couples? They won’t agree to artificial contraception coz in their minds it is more evil than raising kids who will have no proper education and food. This is what they call “poverty is blessed”.This is the DEVIL’S religion.

  • Mighty7

    spidermean2 is STILL here. Before the elections this Beck-wanna be did nothing but puke some of the most vile and racist speech I have ever heard in WaPo. 2 years later this looser is STILL here insulting and spreading his bizarre and hateful stupidity. I suppose even KKK members have the right to speak. Keep at it. We need you to remind everyone on a daily basis the sort of disgusting and evil mentality that moves people like you and your ilk. The more you say, the more everyone remembers why we ELECTED Obama.Looser.

  • rrpopseal

    Having pastored for 28 years, I know Biblical illiteracy when I see it, hear it, read it. Most of the comments herein demonstrate no comprehension of the most basic principles of Biblical studies. All I can suggest is that one erase his information board, pick up a Bible, and start the greatest exploration of your own soul….oh, remember to ignore the “experts” on cable TV!

  • FrankIBC

    Acts of the Apostles 2:42-45: 42 And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.43 Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. 44 And all that believed were together, and had all things in common; 45 And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.Acts 4:32-37: 32 And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common. 33 And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all. 34 Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold, 35 And laid them down at the apostles’ feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need. 36 And Joses, who by the apostles was surnamed Barnabas, (which is, being interpreted, The son of consolation,) a Levite, and of the country of Cyprus, 37 Having land, sold it, and brought the money, and laid it at the apostles’ feet.

  • rrpopseal

    Agree or disagree, Beck is really just another creepy Mormon, and I like much of what he says.

  • DebraJMSmith

    “Social justice ministry” is the false teaching that claims God would want us to let our government steal from us, to give to others.God is never okay with stealing.The redistribution of the wealth is stealing.Debra J.M. SmithAnd I have to ask: Does the Washington Post online have a Born Again in Christ, Christian Protestant Evangelical section? If not, how do I apply for the job?

  • tossnokia

    I’ve made a career out of evil. Well, then, I’m going to hell. God how I love war, it’s hell on earth. It runs in the family.

  • Cerulean

    Typo – Pope John XXIII

  • spidermean2

    Mighty7 wrote “The more you say, the more everyone remembers why we ELECTED Obama.”Stupidity is self-destructive. What’s the hate speech in exposing stupidity? I’ll not be surprised if any idiot would vote another Obama or worse than him. It’s their nature to self-destruct.By the way, the passage in Acts is good but the idiots should be reminded that it is VOLUNTARY. We would not stop anybody who sells their belonging and give it to the poor. Just don’t force it on anybody.

  • labman57

    Beck is anti-rationalism. His m.o. is to pick up headlines about political statements, proposals, events, etc. and then rather than performing some basic journalistic investigating (determining the 5 W’s, story validity, etc.), he fills in the details with his own delusions and perverted fantasies and then proceeds to present them to his audience as fact.

  • spidermean2

    tossnokia wrote “God how I love war”.Do these idiots know the meaning of self-defense? Is it evil to stop suicide bombers? If people plan for your destruction, is it evil to fight back? Do you have a brain?

  • dmarko1

    To read the Bible (in English) while worthwhile is not the place Catholics end the conversation about what it is to be Christian. Overwhelmingly most of what Jesus said and did is not in the NT, which is at best a “Greatest Hits” of a short but not really short life on Earth. Catholics carry with them (correctly or not) the oral traditions of the Church found in the earliest Church writings through today. However, the larger point that anyone can piece together an argument by weaving phrases of the OT and NT into a comfey set of ideas, is really the most important reason why Beck is useless to the conversation. He cannot possibly be right about what he thinks because nobody is. Its all how we perceive our duties as faithful men and women, but I have a general suspicion of religions that pride themselves on the common person’s ability to have a valid opinion on questions of salvation. I am not sure how anyone can defend Beck’s ability to participate in the conversation. Like him or not, he is not even qualified to teach 1st grade. Seriously, he limped through some high school out west, after some addiction issues, terrible family stuff, and odd jobs he found a niche crying on tv. He is not someone who should open his mouth and discuss theory. Could you imagine Rawls trapped in a tv studio with Beck. Oh my.

  • YEAL9

    Some background on Mr. Beck and how he makes a living:“Beck, who went into radio as a teenager and spent most of his career in Top 40 before debuting as a talk-show host, does not like to be labeled as to his political views. His web site calls him a “Mormon whose politics lean toward libertarian.” •Born: 10 February 1964 Glenn Beck’s crying fits, political rants, and demands that listeners “save this country from the radical leftists” made him one of the most popular radio and TV hosts of his era. Beck got into radio as a teen and spent a dozen years after high school working as a radio “shock jock.” He has spoken openly of his addiction to alcohol and drugs in those years, but at age 30 he sobered up, remarried, and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons). When he landed a talk show at station WFLA-AM in Tampa, Florida in the year 2000, he had found his niche. In 2002 the show was picked up for national syndication, and by 2006 he was hosting his own TV show on CNN. In 2009 he moved his TV show to the Fox News Channel, where he was a perfect match for the network’s right-wing viewers.He continues to specialize in shock-talk; in one famous 2009 incident, he called President Barack Obama a “racist” and said Obama had “a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” Beck makes regular public tours and has published books including An Inconvenient Book (2007), The Christmas Sweater (2008) and Common Sense: The Case Against Out-Of-Control Government (2009).Beck produces his own content through his company, Mercury Radio Arts… Beck and his first wife, Claire, were divorced in 1994. They had two children, Mary (b. 1988) and Hannah (b. 1991). Mary has cerebral palsy. Beck married his second wife, Tania, in 1999, and became a Mormon the same year. They have two children, Raphe (adopted in 2004) and Cheyenne (b. 2006).”One wonders if he gives 10% of his salary made by (in his own words)shticking/”shock jocking” to the Mormon prophet?

  • jwright2

    Ok, so have YOU sold everything YOU have and given it to the poor? Uh, no?? So where do YOU get off poking your finger in someone’s eye?

  • magicInMiami

    hit4cycle wrote:Beck stated that churches that taught about social injustice were not true to the teachings of God.The article said nothing about the government. That’s what Beck and Limbaugh told you to say. But it doesn’t apply here. Sorry you chose the wrong comment section. That’s what happens when you follow blindly without thinking before you speak (in this case before you type).You’re just like the GOP. Vote no without really knowing what the issue is.

  • douglaslbarber

    I’d like to ask for a moratorium on Mormon bashing. Mr. Beck is a convert to that faith and no more representative of it than he is representative of men or white people.Having lived for years in the most Mormon place on earth I am here to tell you that you would be lucky to be surrounded by Mormon neighbors. If you wanted to be left alone, they’d leave you alone. If you needed and wanted help, they’d get together as a group and help in a big way.You never forget people like that.

  • FarnazMansouri

    I cannot abide Mr. Beck. However, speaking of how religionists make their money, I wonder if there is a Catholic explanation for why Pious XII established Vatican Bank as a repository for Nazi loot?How is it that the Vatican has refused since the HOlocaust to settle with the heirs and survivors (Serbian Orthodox, Jews, Roma) of 200 Nazi priests who owned and managed concentration camps, cut their victims to pieces with scissors and watched them bleed to death, depositing the loot in Vatican Bank which it greedily claws to this very day?Speaking of money, which Catholic doctrine advises that the Vatican Nation launder 200,000,000 Mafia dollars, for which it is under investigation in Italy as I write?Speaking of money, how is it that the Vatican is a FOREIGN NATION, so classified by the UN and recently by us in our judicial refusal to allow Americans to sue said entity since it is a FOREIGN NATION, a FOREIGN NATION that is TAX EXEMPT in the United States? (Nice work if you can get it.)HOw is it that it uses the billions we pay it, this foreign nation, to legislate in the American Congress, and to pay off the victims of pedophiles?Social justice? Plleeezzzzzz. Yes, there were a few good priests and nuns. Merton, Ramirez. Soooo?????And now this anti-gay, pedophile and pedophile shielding, antisemitic, criminal nation is Whining once again because duh big bad beck said bad things.Suggestion: Clean up your own filthy houses, and Arroyo, a whining bigot, with questionable literacy credentials should lead the way.Then and only then, tell us about the idiot Beck.

  • FrankIBC

    jwright2 wrote:”Ok, so have YOU sold everything YOU have and given it to the poor? Uh, no?? So where do YOU get off poking your finger in someone’s eye?”==================================Geez, so TOUCHY! Maybe it’s pangs of conscience?

  • yarbrougharts

    He doesn’t want government to help the poor or disadvantaged. It that so wrong?

  • yarbrougharts

    Beck feels that those who work hard, pray hard are gifted grace from god and capitalism. Those who are hurting need to work harder and pray harder to get God’s and Uncle Sam’s attention.

  • joshmw

    So if Beck does not like social justice and you don’t like it, don’t listen to him any more. Why the whining rant, what did it accomplish?

  • FrankIBC

    How some folks think that they can be simultaneously “Christian” and Randian, I’ll never know. They can’t seem to grasp the fundamental contradiction between the two philosophies.

  • tmonk1

    If GB is saying it’s wrong to steal from some and give it to others, I say more power to him! If “social justice” means redistribution of wealth I say FU Catholic church!!!! Charity is fine of course but stealing is wrong. End of story. Sick of people hiding behind religion for oh so many things….but let’s face it “social justice” is nothing but a euphemism for something else.

  • psst_limbaugh_keep-ranting_satan

    This is a very insightful and disturbing commentary. Beck is a ranting lunatic, so was Hitler. Look where ignoring him got us.

  • Vipda

    Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo Wrote:Practically Glenn Beck is nothing but a paid jockey, who has noting better to do but feed fear to his blind and glib viewers (just as any sane priest would do), to keep them glued to their TV sets, so his employers/promoters will keep his fat contract alive.Anyway, it is going to be interesting to watch how church reacts to Glenn Beck’s insanity.

  • ryeron

    Posted by: spidermean2 | March 15, 2010 10:47 PMSpidermean2 you need to pick up a history book. Who’s Bible is it anyway?

  • FarnazMansouri

    CONTINUED:This Medieval Carnival should have been brought down long ago. Right now, it is fighting the Italian government tooth and nail, screaming that it is a foreign nation, that Italy, therefore, has no right to investigate its having laundered mafia money (again). This Mafia money, by the way, is used to murder elected Italian officials who try to stem the flow of organized crime, which has overrun Italy.The RCC has also blamed the Christian Orthodox for this investigation (poor victim, RCC!), claiming that the Orthodox are jealous of the Church’s authority.At all events, the Italian government is in a rage, and will not stop, at least not for the moment. Italians have suggested that since the Vatican is a Foreign Nation, it should pick it self up and move elsewhere.If you look on the web, you will see that there have been calls for Benedict to step down. It won’t happen, but I’m hopeful that with all these scandals, the Catholic media will have to begin reporting, cowards that they are, and we will finally be free of some of the RCC’s oppression.

  • FarnazMansouri

    tmonk1Charity is fine of course but stealing is wrong. End of storyAs for theft, that is what the Vatican has been up to with Vatican Bank since it was first established by Pius XII as a repository for Nazi loot.I’ve posted on all this many times, given links and will give them again. A few weeks ago the Serbian Orthodox, Jewish, and Roma (gypsy) survivors and heirs lost on appeal their right to sue Vatican Bank, which stole the money of twenty-five thousand people (conservative estimate) that 200 Nazi priests (card carrying) deposited in Pope Pious XII’s Nazi Vatican Bank. These priests ran and operated concentration camps. They impaled people and watched them drown. They cut people up with scissors and watch them bleed to death.The US Appeals Court ruled that the Vatican is a Foreign Nation and that, therefore, it cannot be sued. (The lawsuit against the Nazi Franciscans continues, however.)Now, I ask you. How is it that a foreign nation (a) also constitutes a religiouns institution and (b) enjoys tax exempt status in the United States?To add insult to injury, not long ago, the current pope issued a memo, which I have also posted on this blog, directing priests to go through the church on matters of pedophilia. As I said at the time, this constitutes obstruction of justice.This is now the opinion of both American and European judges, most notably in Germany and Bavaria, where Pope Benedict, in his pre-Pope days, was found to have shielded pedophile priests. His brother a few days ago was found guilty of the same.We have no idea currently of how many former and current pedophile priests are out on the streets. William Cardinal Levada bankrupt the San Francisco Archdiocese protecting pedophile priests, just as he had done earlier in Portland.He actually walked in on a molestation scene and shut the door. This is now known in Italy, where the Vatican Bank is under investigation for laundering 200,000,000 mafia dollars (again). This is a sensation all over Europe and South America. Odd, the American media has not picked up on it.

  • spidermean2

    ryeron wrote “Name one Christian denomination that can claim that they have Apostolic succession other then the Catholic Church.”Ok, here’s a word from God himself about your so called Apostolic Succession. “You have tested those who call themselves apostles but are not apostles. You have discovered that they are LIARS.” (Rev. 2:2)You have discovered that they are LIARS.You have discovered that they are LIARS.Also , the Catholic Church’s “Bible” was the Vulgate. A Bible written in Latin whom nobody can understand except a few idiots. When some people tried to translate them in their own tongue, they were either burned or the bibles were burned. Their usual claim is that the bible was “misinterpreted”. Sure, coz if one truly understands the Bible, one would know that Catholicism is way out of sync to the teachings of the Bible. As the Bible itself says :”You have discovered that they are LIARS” “You have discovered that they are LIARS” Im not happy saying it but that’s the truth. No wonder they were burning Bibles.

  • Maxim49

    Gibberish as YOU jump to wild and silly conclusions.So what does all this have to do with big government health care and what liberals call social justice/stealing from one to give to another.Yes, give Yourself a bible thumpin and read ALL of 1Samuel. People around the world have been suffering for centuries because God allowed man his wishes.

  • Mary_Cunningham

    It’s rich to see WaPo of all people accusing Just look at this blog, read Spidermean and FarnazMansouri in all their biased raving. I notice they have cloned Arminius3141 from pi to Arminius0208…what is the point of concocting yet another voice to agree with Farnaz? (Isn’t Spidermean mean and crazy enough?) And they cite Anyway, on to Stevens-Arroyo’s article. Faith without works is impossible for a Catholic, any believer from the humblest believer to the Pope himself knows that. However, in his treatment of liberation theology Beck is right. The then Cardinal Ratzinger in 1984 and the JP himself in 1985 condemned certain elements of it.So the good, kind unbiased folks on “No Faith” just wanted another go at Beck. What they got were the usual antipapist, atheists, Farnaz, etc. slamming their usual object.To the extent that Beck bashes Catholics, well, these folks, so noted for their kindness &liberality,

  • TomfromNJ1

    It is interesting how many comments are off the topic. For example, people talking about Pedophilia (which is a topic in itself, but not germain to the article). It sounds to me like Beck is indeed anti-Catholic. He himself left the Catholic Church and seems to want to encourage others to do so. The strange part is that many Mormons have called him on this anti-social justice thing also. But he did specifically say “priest” in his initial comment and that would limit it to only a few groups of which the largest are the Catholics. And surely even Beck is aware that most of the recent popes including the current one have made a big thing out of “social justice” so I suspect that when he says if you hear or read the words “social justice” as he holds up his examples, he knows exactly what he is doing and, since it goes directly to the papacy, he is telling them to leave the larger church and not just change parishes as his apologists rationalize.I fear too many of the pro-Beck people are not looking to the meaning of Christ’s teaching but rather they are looking at their own pocketbook. Many have written that social justice is stealing. Sorry. Taxes are not stealing. The conservatives in society have not changed. They tried to trap Jesus with the same question playing on the people’s not wanting to pay taxes (little has changed). He wisely answered them with the famous “Render unto Caesar..” quote. Now if we live in a true Republic (and it would be true in a Democracy also), then we pay the taxes that our elected representatives vote in. That is not “stealing.” Many people do not like where their taxes go (e.g., many people do not want any money going to wars). But to call it “stealing” is just trying to put an emotionally charged word to try to help the greed of keeping more money. The point of the article is whether Beck is anti-Catholic and I believe he has shown that. Someone may disagree, but I do not see how it helps discussion for people to bring out all sorts of issues they have with religion, the Catholic Church in particular, etc.

  • jacobnagle

    Let’s see…Glenn Beck is LDS and has not left his church yet. Guess he hasn’t read what his church’s own colleges are up to:*from: “The mission of the Brigham Young University – Idaho Social work program is to support the overall mission of BYU-Idaho and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints;”To help students of diverse interests and abilities to use and integrate social work…and to promote economic and social justice.”As a Mormon who believes in social justice and has heard it preached passionately from the pulpit all my life, I can’t wait to see Glenn Beck leave and find another church.

  • GaryEMasters

    Do not dignify Beck with a response.Ignore him.

  • kparc1212

    I for one, heeded Mr. Beck’s sound advise – after last Sundays Mass – I reported the Priest of the parish I attend to the Bishop in a long worded statement the he was spreading Communist and Fascist propaganda – I also let the Bishop know that until this Left Wing tool (the priest) is removed I would be attending a Latin American Catholic Church so I would not understand the sermon just in case the priest at that parish was speaking for the Obama-cans Nazi’s of this country.

  • FarnazMansouri

    MaryCunninghamIt’s rich to see WaPo of all people accusing someone else of being anti-Catholic!Just look at this blog, read Spidermean and FarnazMansouri in all their biased raving. I notice they have cloned Arminius3141 from pi to Arminius0208…what is the point of concocting yet another voice to agree with Farnaz? (Isn’t Spidermean mean and crazy enough?) And they cite Christopher Hitchens as an impartial source. Christopher Hitchens who has said the Catholic Church is the greatest force for evil in the world for all time. Oh yes! What a basis for wisdom. Well, I suppose it would suit the type of wisdom Spidey and Farnaz value. ———————–The facts are ugly, I grant you, but blaming those who raise them, as the RCC has done, backfires. It is looking increasingly ridiculous as you should know if you live in England as you say you do.As you know, I do not wish to see my name in your comments, nor do I wish to correspond with you.However, I suppose if you cannot get over your obsession with me, there’s nothing for it.Go to it, then. I don’t mind. Perhaps, it will help you.

  • Mary_Cunningham

    However, one last tip to our funny girl:Use blockquote–brackets + blockquote– or italics–brackets + i– when you are quoting someone else. It is easier thus to follow your trend (?) of thought, well, not thought, of course. We’ll differ on what we call it, won’t we?

  • ntilzha

    Glenn is for or against anything that will get him better ratings. Period.

  • FarnazMansouri

    Our elderly illiterate types:However, one last tip to our funny girl:Use blockquote–brackets + blockquote– or italics–brackets + i– when you are quoting someone else. It is easier thus to follow your trend (?) of thought, well, not thought, of course. We’ll differ on what we call it, won’t we?As for her quotations of another blogger, as is generally the case, sh have no discernible point.Again, I have no wish to post to her, to deal with her in any way.But given the extent of her obsession with me and her obvious intellectual deficiencies, I suppose I should consider it my duty.Hope it helps the poor thing.

  • rbraun2000

    Based on the comments, the holy war is approaching soon.God does remind us all to beware of faults prophets and one only has to read history when Hitler persuaded is mindless follower to join him.We are rapidly approaching that point in history that destroyed Germany for which the south is engaging in a rematch of the Civil War while using their churches as launching points to ignite a fire which will bring the GOP to it’s knees forever.When you preach extremes, you receive it 10 fold.

  • adrienne_najjar

    Glen Beck is an idiot, as are his many fans.

  • Mary_Cunningham

    Wrote FarnazMansouri: Mary Cunningham is the only blogger posting here with significant literacy deficits Since our funny girl is happy to call others illiterate– oh yes! shows she is an English teacher in any case– I can call her technically illiterate. Tit-for-tat, eh? Anyway: use the brackets, woman. Differentiate your words from those you are quoting. Do it visually. Have pity on your audience. This is all from me. Rave on, funny girl!

  • Mary_Cunningham

    @rbraun2000The US is suffering from what historian Paul Kennedy called “imperial overstretch” and Chinese power is certainly in the ascendent. However, I do not think Armageddon is near.Best,

  • delusional1

    Another column that shows Stevens-Arroyo’s ignorance of Catholicism. Donohue’s encouragement to find another parish is wisdom, not folly and certainly not cafeteria Catholicism. I wouldn’t put up with left wing nonsense for a minute.

  • DaveHarris

    Beck isn’t anti-Catholic, specifically. He just hates everybody. The Republican Jesus has no charity for the poor; he heaps scorn on them and tells them to ‘get a job!’

  • coloradodog

    Elder Beck reminds me of the Mormon schoolyard bullies in Utah when I was growing up there. They beat up Catholic kids and cheered when Kennedy was shot, crying, “They finally killed that Catholic b____rd!”Beck picked the perfect religion for his Catholic bashing.

  • poppysue85

    You know what they say- someone with a just a little bit of knowledge can be awfully dangerous…..A charismatic will take his ulterior purpose and wrap it in the popular hot buttons of the day- he cares little about what the people really want because in truth he probably thinks anyone who disagrees with him is an idiot. But if he can use them to advance his promotion…but he is nothing new-for you youngsters- go look up Charles Coughlin. This is history repeating itself- and historians laugh, shake their heads and move on, because they know that despite all of the evidence they put out- no one seems to think, war, depression, or the other cyclic ills, will ever repeat themselves. Glenn Beck will only matter in the long run, if he is allowed to matter. You don’t get famous in a vacuum.

  • topwriter

    Beck is Mormon, after all. He’s anti-everybody who’s not Mormon.

  • coloradodog

    And regarding my Church, it’s Christ’s church.Posted by: Mary_CunninghamOh really? Does your “Christ” also look the other way at this????DUBLIN (AP)– “Ireland’s senior Roman Catholic, Cardinal Sean Brady, said Monday he would not resign despite admitting he helped the church collect evidence against a child-molesting priest – and never told police about the crimes.Brady, as a priest and Vatican-trained canon lawyer in 1975, said he interviewed two children about the abuse they suffered at the hands of the Rev. Brendan Smyth. He said both children were required to sign oaths promising not to tell anyone outside the church of their allegations.Smyth went on to molest and rape scores of other children in Ireland, Britain and the United States before British authorities in neighboring Northern Ireland demanded his arrest in 1994″If your church has Christ in a box, as you say, maybe I should blame Him for being raped at 14 by one of your priests? (and, no, there is no “report” because my father would have killed me and your priest both if he ever found out)The Mormons call you Church, “The Chruch of the Devil” Maybe they’re right.

  • SUMB44

    The only true arbiter of ‘Social Justice’ is the market, anything else is merely godless socialism.

  • Arminius0208

    Mary C wrote,I am the original Arminius, not anybody’s clone, and I resent your accusation. On Faith would not let me in on my former handle of Arminius3142. Yes, on this subject I agree with Farnaz – the RC hierarchy is immersed in a cesspool of horrendous corruption of their on making. Note that Farnaz and I have had very serious disagreements in the past – very serious indeed.

  • coloradodog

    Here’s Beck’s scriptural basis from THE BOOK OF MORMON for attacking the Catholic Church:1 Nephi 14:10(“On Faith’s” filters will not allow the content of the text to be printed here)

  • JohnGalt9

    Sarah Palin must be grateful to Glenn Beck who has replaced her on the media obsession.The problem for all of those anti-Beck paranoids is that not only Glenn Beck has a bigger and more widely listened bull horn than Palin, but he is better at destroying those that come against him.At any rate, all that these crazy anti-Beck’s do is increase his ratings.A poll just finished at

  • spidermean2

    Mary Cunningham,Instead of attacking the messenger, try defending Catholicism’s blind doctrines.”You have tested those who call themselves apostles but are not apostles. You have discovered that they are LIARS.” (Rev. 2:2)Who do you think God refers to when he said these words coz only the Catholic church believes that they have the Apostolic Succession.Don’t attack Farnaz if she is telling the truth. Do you have a brain?

  • bigbrother1

    Glenn Beck is an admitted recovering alcoholic. But it seems that he’s a long way from what’s known as “emotional sobriety.” Instead of hitting the hooch, Beck now gets drunk on his fantasy-world of conspiracy and hatred. And millions of other sad-sacks drink it up too. Pretty much everybody outside of heterosexual, white, protestant, insanely right-wing Republicans are subject to Beck’s hatred, so it’s no surprise he got to the Catholics at some point. But it also doesn’t help that the church hierarchy has some serious problems it hasn’t been addressing honestly. And as you know very Anthony, Acts is in every version of the Christian bible. A little less exceptionalism and little more critical thought towards your religion wouldn’t hurt ya none.

  • jaxas70

    Look. I am not even a religious person and Glenn Beck has me believing in miracles. It seems to me nothing short of miraculous that a man so devoid of character, with a logic as porous as his brain, and with a brutish streak of Nazism in his ideology could rise as quickly as he has in this country. It just goes to prove that in this new media–which I believe is dragging America’s global image down into the sewer–even a moron with a vicious, hateful strain of bigotry and racism and with a class hatred not seen since the days of the Gilded Age, can become rich and famous.

  • vigor

    Does Mr. Beck wear the underwear?

  • Mary_Cunningham

    All I can say is that if it At one billion, Catholics make up roughly 1/6 of the And if Spidermean in his ranting sincerely believes that 1 in 4 of his fellow countrymen are worshippers of the Devil, or in the Evil One’s church, what is he doing about it (besides posting crazy)? Incidentally, in his contention that: When S-mean says “God has no mother”, and since Jesus Christ

  • jaxas70

    I have seen people like Glenn Beck before. They always inhabit the fringes of the American political system. They draw attention to themselves in the same way an annoying whelp does, with yells and screams and the inevitable tears when it appears that he is not being paid attention to.Isn’t it curious that the very worst sort of loudmouthed, bullying tyrants are afflicted with a myriad of addictions–McCarthy and Beck with their alcoholism; Limbaugh with his pills and booze; O’Reilly with his phone sex addiction; Bill Bennett with his gambling.Look. The mystery here is the audiences that lust after them. They appear to be the most devout, fundamentalist believers in the Bible. One can only imagine that the Bible as they interpret it, reveres the sort of misconduct they routinely engage in. The worst of that misconduct is in the hateful messages they employ. No matter how they attempt to smother it and sanitize and deodorize it with self righteous anger, it still smells like hate.

  • CardFan

    Glenn Beck has been spewing hate for blacks, Hispanics and everyone else that doesn’t look like him for over a decade. I find it highly interesting that “Christians” are suddenly annoyed with Beck as he attacks them. If you’re REALLY interested in social justice, you’re a tad late to this party.

  • distance88

    “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a Communist.”–Dom Helder Camara

  • jaxas70

    Spidermean is not a Christian. One can gather what he is by his own blog handle. He is a vicious, mean little spider with a pulsing sac of toxin that he delivers to anyone who does not look, think, walk, talk, act and smell like he does.

  • spidermean2

    “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a Communist.”They call you a communist because you follow the doctrines of the communists. If you feed the poor with your own money , nobody will call you a communist.

  • jaxas70

    Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, Bachmann, Malkin, Hannity, O’Reilly–they are brothers and sisters tied to one another not only owing to their narrow, vicious, hateful, bigoted beliefs but also by the fact that thei were all cultured in a test tube containing DNA gleaned from a slice of Joe McCarthy’s right buttock.

  • spidermean2

    Jesus said “Before Abraham was Iam”.Now, do you understand why Jesus ask “Who is my mother?”.It is because He was present already before Mary was born. He is the Alpha and Omega and therefore He has NO MOTHER.

  • tojby_2000

    SUMB44 opined: The only true arbiter of ‘Social Justice’ is the market, anything else is merely godless socialism.Time to end meat inspections and child labor laws, eh?

  • jaxas70

    Spideymean, the God you believe in is a fat, ornery, vicious, bearded, old white bigot. The God you believe in doesn’t really exist except in the fevered, erotic fantasies of narrow minded morons who have seen too many 1950s Biblical movies. Virtually all of the fundamentalist beliefs you carry around like so much moldy baggage has been shown by scientific advances to be virtually nothing more than childish fantasy.The earth is billions of years old and inhabits an inconceivably vast galaxy in a sea of millions, maybe billions or trillions of galaxies of which earth–tiny little earth is part of a rather ordinary solar system on the way, way out fringes of the galaxy.If God does exist and he is the God of this world and this solar system, his superiors must have though very little of him to assign him to this forlorn little fringe of this vast galaxy.

  • spidermean2

    Step 1 in self-replication. Engineers use molds to make a device to form it to their liking. Self-replication don’t use any molds. This is the first step engineers should solve and for years, everyone is in the dark. Self replication is the proof of a presence of a Very Intelligent Being who is behind it.Atheists and evolutionists are idiots and this is a scientific fact.

  • bigbrother1

    Posted by: jaxas70 | March 16, 2010 10:27 AMI would say that the audiences for right-wing hate are very similar types of people to the ones they actually worship (Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Beck etc., but NOT Jesus). Whether former or current addicts to some substance, they are all still addicted to their hatred and to the rush of power and pleasure it gives them. “Knowing” that they are better than the object of their hatred is their drug. And as you see, they will say and do anything – no matter how outrageous or illogical – to get the high they need.At one level we can have compassion for these tortured souls who are not much different from junkies shooting up in the alley. But as with junkies, we also have to protect ourselves from the destruction that comes as a result of their uncontrollable urges.

  • RichardHode

    About Beck, as my 16-year old son says, it’s no mean feat to defeat Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly in an &sshole competition.

  • edfo

    I really wonder sometimes why people get exercised over what Beck or any personality says on cable news or radio. Those guys are entertainers and that’s how they make their living. If you choose to be entertained by them, have at it but to be concerned about them or quote them is like taking sitcoms seriously.

  • razzl

    You seem to be blissfully unaware of the extent to which the American church is shrinking and that those who remain within it look toward the noisy, bigoted protestant evangelicals for leadership because the church chooses to remain silent on the issues of the day. Those remaining in the church are being pulled increasingly to the right as only the organs of right-wing propaganda are willing to openly speak to their world view. They gravitate all too easily to Beck’s bigoted rants because it channels their feelings of isolation and frustration. If the church is not going to speak its view then it will find its view being crowded out of the marketplace of ideas as its parishioners fall under the spell of extremists…

  • Freethotlib

    Glenn Beck is pro Glenn Beck and he is against anything (even Jesus Christ) IF that position will enhance and increase the headlines for Glenn Beck. In other words, Glenn Beck has no real position, no real ethics, no real moral sense. He is kind of like an outrageous John Ensign (in Ensign’s world family values and adultery can coexist). In Beck’s world he is for / against everything — IF it benefits Beck. Is he a sociopath hypocrite? Don’t know – just asking, you know, just asking.

  • rohnjay

    I need to correct a slander posted by Razzle at 11:32am, who said the Catholic Church in America is “shrinking.” Nothing is farther from the truth. According to the US Census, from 1990 to 2004 (est.) the Catholic Church in America has grown 58%, from 46 million adherents to 72 million. Over-all church attendance (defined as at least monthly and measured across all Christian denominations)is up 14% from 1990 to 2004. The problem with comment streams like this one on the Internet is that the intellectual threshold to post is so low…

  • jckdoors

    Ignore Beck. He’s a clown who appeals to small-minded, scared, privilege-losing sheep. He’s not a threat to anything. He’s only real concern is his paycheck.

  • ravensfan20008

    Why do we listen to Glenn Beck? We already know what he thinks. Why do his opinions continue to arouse such surprise in us? The man is a moron who thinks everyone’s out to get him. He needs to be ignored, not encouraged. He needs to go away.

  • roedel74

    Well Rohnjay, your stat: “Over-all church attendance (defined as at least monthly and measured across all Christian denominations)is up 14% from 1990 to 2004.” doesn’t speak to the problem you guys are having: attendence at YOUR churches is dwindling. The Catholic Church is in its death throes in Europe, and it’s suffering greatly in the US. We’ll see how long the Vatican can evade having to elect a non-white pope, since Catholcism is the religion of the southern Americas and isolated parts of Africa and Asia now. The Catholic Church needs to follow these trend lines. Give up on Europe and accept that America is slipping away. The Church’s future lies elsewhere.

  • cmarshdtihqcom

    I wonder what Glenn Beck thinks of Jack Chick’s assessment of the Catholic Church. Fear-based obedience to priests who have the Eucharist cookie of eternal life, submission to the Pope who is Jesus incarnate on Earth, confessing everything to human confessors, praying to mother Mary to keep an angry little Jesus placated, doing good deeds or anything the Church wants to spend less time in purgatory and get to Heaven sooner, saying that one is assured of salvation is heresy.I am a Baptist. Christianity is simpler with fewer moving parts. Christianity is a small business not a corporation. It does place more responsibility on the believer to discern what is Biblically based or not. If a church is not Biblically based (Westboro Baptist Church and Fred Phelps come to mind, but also sexual and financial scandals) the membership can call the leadership’s attention to the Bible. If the leadership will not obey or abdicate, as a last resort, obedient Christians can leave for a Biblically-based church. I am not sure there is a second Catholic Church for Catholics to go to, is there?

  • cmarshdtihqcom

    Spidermean2 saidWhat’s wrong with artificial contraception with married couples? They won’t agree to artificial contraception coz in their minds it is more evil than raising kids who will have no proper education and food. This is what they call “poverty is blessed”.People in Roman Catholic countries have kids who need the developed world’s help. Like my sponsored kid Jose in Guatemala.And Catholics I have met tell me children are a blessing from the Lord. I guess in Guatemala that is whether or not you can feed them.If Americans did that we’d be judgmental on their h*in*y

  • Jimbo77

    Anthony, you must have your head where the sun don’t shine!

  • callosumlink

    Conservatives in general are anti-Christian…they just don’t know it. The Bible’s teachings on wealth and economics fall more in line with socialism than they do capitalism. The very foundation of socialism was derived from Biblical philosophical perspectives about equity in the distribution of wealth. Otherwise, Jesus would’ve been born in a palace.Beck is simply trying to validate greed just like his fellow friends who call themselves “Christian” from a private club called “the Family”. It is a group composed of conservative (including Republicans and Democrats) who believe it is their “right” through God’s blessing that they should be the leaders and as leaders should be the ones to prosper; that accumulating wealth is a good thing; they’ve twisted the Bible in order to validate their greed. If you don’t believe me because they sound as crazy as Beck, google “the Family” and religion-straight up cultish, but members who are very powerful. Heck, Glen Beck and the Tea Baggers are heavily influenced by the John Birch Society. And Republican’s used to call them “crazy”-now Glen Beck and the likes of Ron Paul are trying to legitimize thier perspectives…they’re promoting the whole “let’s go beck to the gold-standard currency” thing. Just ask how they feel about Jews and you’ll get the feeling they attended the same summit in Iran about denying the holocaust.

  • ZZim

    I’m sure the Bible DOES promote social justice. Fortunately, we live in a secular society and we don’t have to try to put such nice-but-impractical schemes into practice.

  • callosumlink

    Let’s have only one political party, a conservative party (1933).Now does this sound like something extreme liberals would do? Or does it fall more in line with what extreme conservatives feel we ought to do? All our enemies and those we’ve ever fought against in war (Iran, North Korea and etc.) perceive themselves “conservatives”/”traditinalist” and all our allies (Great Britain, Canada, France and etc.) consider themselves “liberal”. Have we not always have had problems with the conservative faction of any country (Palistinians, Taliban, Chinese and etc.) more than we do with the more liberal factions? So, why are conservatives so intent on making us conservative if the conservatives are always the “bad guys” wherever we go?

  • Maxim49

    Jesus was a liberal as in liberal government?For the truth read ALL of 1Samuel and see what God thought of govenments. BTW, Jesus was NO liberal, he was for individual responsibility…

  • r_leever

    I’m anti-catholic. They are an evil entity.Is that a bad thing to say?I sure hope not or our freedom of seech has been eliminated.

  • callosumlink

    Regarding Christianity:

  • ZZim

    I’m anti-catholic. They are an evil entity.=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Yes. You are a hateful bigot. I despise hateful bigots as a group and I despise you specifically for being one.You may freely expose yourself as a hateful bigot with your freely-spoken hate speech. Please proceed. Others need to know of your thoughts so they can avoid you and teach their children not to be poisoned by your ideas.

  • Maxim49

    Hey Anthony, are Democrats who condone killing babies (God’s miraculous creations) that are attempting to take their first breath, anti Catholic? Anthony, you bet your sweeta## they are!

  • r_leever

    Can call Beck and other catholic bashers anything they want, but, say something against the catholic church and it gets reported and deleted.Some hypocrisy going on here.What is wrong with the offense and repulsiveness I feel when it relates to the catholic church? Why are my posts deleted when it offends someone else, yet, is an honest and fair opinion/belief?

  • callosumlink

    God sacrificed his son, Jesus, who willingly gave up his life for the child-molesting-mass-murderin’-extortionist-lazy-theivin’-atheistic-sinner. Conservative Christians complain about a 2% increase in taxes to help the poor. Awesome!

  • twmatthews

    Spidermean, maybe people wouldn’t be so hard on you if you didn’t resort to simply calling people names. So you said, “Do these idiots know the meaning of self-defense? Is it evil to stop suicide bombers?” The answer is no, of course not. However, when we attacked Iraq first for the WMD and later, to stop Saddam and later to spread democracy, self defense had nothing to do with it. Bush represents the problem when someone without knowledge, sets a course without reason, evidence or rationale. While trying to justify these idiotic actions, the Bush administration lied and deceived the American people. Don’t tell me that supporting Obama is stupid. I don’t seem to remember you railing against Georgey boy, who did more to curtail freedom and open communication than any president since Nixon. Really, you think putting people in charge of the Justice Department with no experience and barely graduating from a third rate college shows intelligence?Mankind has performed horrific acts of murder and terrorism, all in the name of religion. Even so called Christians, who killed and tortured people into admitting to colluding with the devil.From where I stand (actually, I’m sitting) religion gives good people an excuse for doing vile things. And you Spidey, seem content to talk about stupidity while failing to proffer evidence to back up your claims.

  • apspa1

    Glen Beck is a Mormon.The Mormon Church, also known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, was founded by Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1830.So Glen Beck believes:John Smith Jr. was visited by God and Jesus (together or separate)? Golden Plates with a foreign language printed on them were buried in his backyard? By an indigenous prophet (unknown to all but Smith)? An angel of Smith’s acquaintance who showed him where to dig? The Book of Mormon is a translation of those words printed on the Golden Plates that were buried in Smith’s backyard in western New York by an indigenous prophet?Yikes! If ever there was a good reason for the separation of church and state, Glen Beck, by himself, would be reason enough.

  • ZZim

    The answer is no, of course not. However, when we attacked Iraq first for the WMD and later, to stop Saddam and later to spread democracy, self defense had nothing to do with it. Posted by: twmatthews=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Matt, I think that’s a different topic. Nevertheless, you have a good point. The invasion of Iraq had to do with the defense of the world economy and also our local allies in the region like Kuwait, Saudi, and Turkey. The collapse of the world economy wouldn’t hurt America nearly as much as it would everyone else, so it really wasn’t self-defense at all.Anyway, all’s well that ends well. It was a brilliant move and it’s pretty clearly working out to be a resounding success.

  • alivingsacrifice

    If nothing else, this provides us a good opportunity to discuss what “social justice” means. As a new DVD series called Seek Social Justice ( shows, many Christians believe that social justice starts with building healthy relationships among families, churches, and local communities.

  • twmatthews

    spidermean2: Your failure to understand the obvious evolutionary trail that many organs have followed from rudimentary light sensing to focused, image enhancing organs underscores your lack of knowledge. So are all self replicating entities alive and created by God?How about Crystals?Do you realize that the image projected by the lens in the human eye is actually inverted and must be corrected by brain? This mechanism is perfectly explainable by evolutionary processes. It becomes problematic to think that a grand designer would build in that kind of flaw requiring subsequent refinement. But we really don’t have high expectations for God, do we? Wasn’t the first model off the manufacturing line flawed (Adam and Eve)? Maybe he (God) thought that Eve should know right from wrong before she ate fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.Now, how does that work exactly? Let’s see, I (God) tell Eve not to eat this fruit. That other guy (Satan) tells her to do so. She hasn’t eaten from that fruit so she has no knowledge of right (to listen to me) and wrong (to listen to the other guy). And yet I’ll (God) hold her responsible for not differentiating between right and wrong even though she has no knowledge of right and wrong.Now, as a software engineer, I can see the fallacy of that logic. I’m surprised, Spidey, that you can’t since you claim to be an engineer. Makes me wonder just what kind of engineer you are….

  • reneeeh

    The author is purposefully confusing “social justice” with charity (aka alms).Charity is an individual’s free will of giving to the poor. The author’s quotation of Acts 2: 44-45 proves this: “…they sold their possessions and goods…” on their own free will, no one made them to sell.”Social justice” is a government confiscating individual wealth via taxes and giving it to a group of people which it deems in need.Stevens-Arroyo you may be reading a Catholic bible but you are grossly misinterpreting it. The name of your editorial explains this: “Catholic America…A closer look at Chruch, Culture and Change.” You are attempting to change the meaning of one of our Virtues. Please stop.

  • cmarshdtihqcom

    Right? Wrong? It was a matter of disobedience to what God told Eve and Adam not to do, eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Social justice? Most of the democratic world has a more advanced concept of it than we do, paid maternity leave, some guarantee of health care, etc., it makes the United States the only backward country among the G-8. They have practically no qualms about using public tax money to do it. ONLY in America….I am ashamed of the country of my birth and the only reason I stay here is because I hope to make it better.Maybe it takes a national crisis to change people’s minds. It took the Second World War to convince the British to adopt welfare state measures, because the whole darned nation pulled through and it did it together.When you are out of line of the rest of the world (Kyoto, social safety net, sending the majority of the troops in every war, etc.), ask yourself why, and see if you aren’t wrong.

  • cmarshdtihqcom

    Next summer I want to visit a civilized country. (Canada) Windsor Ontario next time I see relatives in Detroit.Only two things would make me give up on America and go north, old man.1. The national debt has sunk this boat

  • cmarshdtihqcom

    America is selfish when it comes to taxes and benefits. It is much easier to run up a foreign debt than it is to pay for your policies. I think the me-firsters are making the national debt worse in addition to cutting off public services.Some time ago it hit me that the Republicans really care about the rich, maybe because the rich give them big donations. The rich don’t need anything but tax cuts and a pretty good military to keep the oil flowing and keep America from being looted. The rich can afford good hospitals and schools.Let health care and education go to heck for everyone else. Let the middle class pay more and more for it. Let the lower class be lucky to get it if they can. Let the public schools fall apart. Let colleges charge what they want for a “quality” education. Let the poor sit and maybe die in the emergency room.Government is so much easier when you only have to worry about VIPs who matter.

  • SimJim

    I spoke to my Catholic priest about Beck’s comments. He noted that the term social justice was used by the Church for years, and subsequently hijacked by liberals to mean government confiscation of property and the redistribution of wealth. He also said that the media relies on the complicity of liberal Catholics who pretend the Church’s definition of “social justice” is the same as the leftists’ definition. I should have figured. After all, the Catholic Church played a big role reducing communism so why would they then support communism? Doesn’t make sense unless you understand the term was misappropriated.

  • cmarshdtihqcom

    You say it is wrong for the government to use things like taxes and the Earned Income Credit to redistribute income.Is it right or wrong for corporations and businesses to slowly redistribute income toward the top? Real wages are stagnant to say the best while inflation rises. Raises may go to some people, but not to others. I wonder if people with wealth, power, and prestige get more raises as well.If so it doesn’t sound right that a rising tide should float the QE2, QM, supertankers, and aircraft carriers higher than yachts and fishing boats.

  • cmarshdtihqcom

    It sort of sounds like fighting de facto school segregation (the fact that schools today are segregated by race because school districts are segmented by race, instead of conscious social policy) with school busing across districts.I don’t doubt that in the beginning of desegregation many parents probably were scared of the idea and left the school districts to be less affected or unaffected by desegregation policy. Busing might have been a counter-policy. Today we might say, heck, just keep it local.But just like school desegregation, income patterns are a persistent social structure that persist even without a set of formal social rules, and in both cases have attracted legal policies (busing, the Earned Income Credit) to change social facts toward desirable goals (desegregation, more egalitarian income distribution).

  • cmarshdtihqcom

    If the Catholic system is accurately described I am opposed to it, however, I recognize as individuals many Catholics may be excellent Bible believers who love Jesus. Granted the NFP is hard to accept as a Baptist: I always thought a guy’s attempts to contracept (however few they are) were responsible attempts to protect his wife before, in between, or after children. Or in the case of my close friend, protect her from children altogether. Isn’t it theoretically possible to become pregnant at any time?

  • StewartIII

    NewsBusters — WaPo ‘On Faith’: Glenn Beck Using ‘Same Strategy of the Hitler Youth’

  • coloradodog

    Look at the Book of Mormon, Nephi 10:14 for Beck’s motivation.

  • nolib1

    The Washington Post is extremely anti-Catholic/anti Christian. The divide and conquer attitude is obvious. The merger between the Washington Post and the old Washington Blade has shown that the Post will stop at nothing to to destroy the faithful due to the opposition to homosexuality. The Post is losing the faithful in droves and is trying to gain that loss in the homosexual community whose support it already enjoys. The paper is anti-traditional family of all faiths and will stop at nothing to destroy the religious fabric of our society (be it Christian, Jew, Muslim, black, white, etc.).

  • YEAL9

    Ex-Catholic Julia Sweeney’s monologue “Letting Go Of God” will be the final nail in the coffin of religious belief and is and will continue to be more effective than any book or blog column or Beck commentary. Buy the DVD or watch it on Showtime. Check your cable listings. from for FREE Super Saver Shipping.

  • cmarshdtihqcom

    Social justice starts with giving from individuals, not the government, huh?Good. So when your house is on fire, shout for your neighbors to bring their buckets and start a brigade. Noooooo, don’t call the fire department to send in a hook and ladder truck and thousand gallon pumper truck, and attach hoses to a fire hydrant.It is a question of resources….

  • SimJim

    The comment about the fire department is emblematic of how so many of us have come to see government as our mommy and daddy.I live in a community where neighbors do respond when a house is on fire. I even volunteered myself in my younger days. Because it is a community effort and no one is enriching themselves at the expense of their neighbors, we voluntarily contribute to maintaining and staffing the fire department.That reminds me, I just got my annual request to donate to our community’s VOLUNTEER ambulance corps.

  • edbyronadams

    Can we go on a rant about the Saints in response? Or is that just too easy?

  • cmarshdtihqcom

    Government is required to organize any effort no matter how noble. Even WW2 had the draft. It’s not like, hey, let’s me and you and you and us go decide to fight the Nazis and Japanese. It’s that and greetings from your government.Government has the power to compel people to act whether they want to or not when there is a compelling need.You can’t tell me 20,000 people dying each year for lack of health insurance is not compelling.People have always sought security from the unpredictable and civilization is the way to protect us from storms, earthquakes, famines, pestilences, fires, and the like. The Europeans go a step further and protect against economic uncertainty too. It is a superior place to raise a family. Maybe because the birth rate is so low already there are rewards for having children.When I was a Bible believing Christain at 26 God gave me two related trials: a series of failed job interviews (no employer health insurance) and an easily treated, usually fatal, and expensive form of male reproductive cancer. Looking back I think God wanted me to stay with (depend on) my aged mother, herself dying from breast cancer, though I did not know it then. Dad brought us up to get lost ASAP and my little brother did. He played no role in Mom’s life or in her bureaucratic aftermath after she died. Dad was terribly short-sighted to encourage the best people who could care for his (dying) wife to leave her to the mercy of neighbors, some of whom were feeding off her. God forced one to stay whether he wanted to or not.But I came away thinking that God does not provide in the expected sense of getting a job. That haunts me still.

  • cmarshdtihqcom

    Was Julia Sweeney raised Catholic?I suppose for every one that leaves Christianity one crosses in. I was not raised Christian and I became one after college graduation (I studied sociology, which is hostile to organized religion) at age 23.I don’t suppose every parent is as enlightened as mine. On paper Mom and Dad were Lutherans but didn’t practice. They allowed free religious choice from a young age with the exception of Mom using the church bus as a Sunday morning convenience (a break, a respite). I suppose it wouldn’t faze them much that I am a Baptist and my brother has a goddess.

  • cmarshdtihqcom

    Yes, she was. I’m sorry.Wikipedia: “Sweeney’s third autobiographical monologue is titled Letting Go of God. In it, she discusses her Catholic upbringing, early religious ideology, and the life events and internal search that led her to believe that the universe can function on its own without a deity to preside over it.”

  • GiveMeThat

    Mr. Beck Anti-Catholic? Hardly. Is Mr. Beck Anti-leftists-disguising-their-leftist-screed-by-tossing-in-some-religious-terms? You bet. CINO’s – Catholic in Name Only or Christian In Name Only – are the well deserved objects of criticism by Mr. Beck.

  • coloradodog

    MWPALMER,You can snivel all you want but the fact is I grew up in Utah for 22 years and was married to a Mormon for 28 and the Mormons I knew called the Catholic Church “The Church of the Devil.” Your scripture says there are two churches – yours and the other one and it’s obvious which other church is being described in Nephi.

  • coloradodog

    THE FIRST Too bad Mormon scripture has to be censored with ** to pass “On Faith” offensive comment filters. Find me a Mormon who says the Catholic Chruch is “the church of the Lamb of God”, I dare you. If you can’t then your scripture says it is the other one.

  • mwpalmer

    It’s one thing to say that all those who fight against the Lamb of God are the church of the devil, and quite another thing to say that the Catholic Church is the church of the devil. The Catholic Church doesn’t deserve that burden. Consider the Red Bolsheviks, the Gang of Four, and militant atheist. It would seem that they are more worthy members of the church of the devil.Again, I think you are too narrow of view. There’s a bigger picture.I assure you, Glenn Beck is not whipping up anti-Catholic rhetoric because of what he read from Nephi’s vision. His view is bigger than that.Say what you will about what Mormon’s believe, but it should be noted that it doesn’t say much about what we really believe.

  • coloradodog

    MWPALMER wrote:”Let me also warn of the foolishness of…”No, warn others but not me. You’re not my Bishop. What are you going to do? “Excommunicate” me or send the “Avenging Angels” after me? (Interestingly Mormon sent a latter-day version of the Avenging Angles after me as a teenage disc jockey in Northern Utah in the ’70’s during the renaissance of The John Birch Society when Bircher Ezra Taft Benson was the Church President and let them use Ward halls for their meeting. The Mormon posse appeared late at night at the station where I was alone and “warned” me the rock and roll music I was playing promoted sex and drugs and that I apparently had more influence over their children than they did. Fortunately, the station owner and the sheriff ran them off. So, I have been “warned” by Mormons many times before and they no longer intimidate me.)

  • YEAL9

    As noted on another thread:”BTW, the LDS church doesn’t have the problem of pastors, or preachers, as the question asks, because we have none. The question is a moot issue in our faith.”Well maybe not since the LDS is led by a prophet/”profit” who talks to the angel Moroni 24/7 and what happens if said angel changes his/her mind?? What will G. Beck do then??

  • mwpalmer

    COLORADODOG,My warning was about the foolishness of trying to identify the motives of a person who you do not know or understand. And you went on to misunderstand it as some sort of threat? You really are impervious to warnings.

  • coloradodog

    warning [ˈwɔːnɪŋ]

  • mwcob

    As a Catholic, I don’t go wiping my nose on Mormon sleeves, so I’d just as soon Beck keep his mouth shut on issues where he’s clearly incompetent. If he wants to criticize his own Mormon leaders, that’s his bailiwick. But as with so many people who like to shoot their mouth off about the Catholic Church – he’s obviously completely devoid of any real understanding of the Doctrine of Social Justice.

  • indilib

    So what you are saying is that Catholics support communism, which is the foundation of the Gov’t taking from some to give to others. I have never heard any Catholics I know say that they believe in communism. And yes socialism is communism’s little brother.

  • YEAL9

    Is Beck simply another part of the Mormon business cult??Mormonism???A business/religious cult based on Joseph Smith’s hallucinations which has bought respectability with a $30 billion business empire, the BYU “mission matured” football team and a great choir. From: “The first divergence between Mormon economics and that of other denominations is the tithe. Most churches take in the greater part of their income through donations. Very few, however, impose a compulsory 10% income tax on their members. Tithes are collected locally, with much of the money passed on informally to local lay leaders at Sunday services. “By Monday,” says Elbert Peck, editor of Sunstone, an independent Mormon magazine, the church authorities in Salt Lake City “know every cent that’s been collected and have made sure the money is deposited in banks.” There is a lot to deposit. Last year $5.2 billion in tithes flowed into Salt Lake City, $4.9 billion of which came from American Mormons.” “The Mormons are stewards of a different stripe. Their charitable spending and temple building are prodigious. But where other churches spend most of what they receive in a given year, the Latter-day Saints employ vast amounts of money in investments that TIME estimates to be at least $6 billion strong. Even more unusual, most of this money is not in bonds or stock in other peoples’ companies but is invested directly in church-owned, for-profit concerns, the largest of which are in agribusiness, media, insurance, travel and real estate. Deseret Management Corp., the company through which the church holds almost all its commercial assets, is one of the largest owners of farm and ranchland in the country, including 49 for-profit parcels in addition to the Deseret Ranch. Besides the Bonneville International chain and Beneficial Life, the church owns a 52% holding in ZCMI, Utah’s largest department-store chain. (For a more complete list, see chart.) All told, TIME estimates that the Latter-day Saints farmland and financial investments total some $11 billion, and that the church’s nontithe income from its investments exceeds $600 million. “”Members of the church celebrate the Lord’s Supper with water rather than wine or grape juice. They believe their President is a prophet who receives new revelations from God. These can supplant older revelations, as in the case of the church’s historically most controversial doctrine: Smith himself received God’s sanctioning of polygamy in 1831, but 49 years later, the church’s President announced its recision. Similarly, an explicit policy barring black men from holding even the lowest church offices was overturned by a new revelation in 1978, opening the way to huge missionary activity in Africa and Brazil. “Bottom line: Mormonism is a business cult using religion as a front and charitable donations and volunteer work to advertise said business.

  • musicmaniak13

    I would just like to know where you got your information from. I watch Glenn Beck everyday and I have never seen him talk this way about the Catholic church. The man was raised Roman Catholic even though he is Mormon now. From my experience of listening to Glenn Beck talk he is a supporter of the Catholic church and the values one gains from having a religion. This article does not follow the normal beliefs and values of Beck so I am a bit shocked. I am catholic myself and even if he did say these things he has the freedom to speech just like we all do. Also I had the impression that Beck does not promote socialist ideas such as redistribution of wealth. I would also like to say if you are so angered by Glenn Beck lying then I will assume you are also angered by the majority of politicians who’s job descriptions might as well entail lying.