The enduring strength of the pro-life movement

By Daniel DarlingPastor, Gages Lake Bible Church I suppose most conservatives will engage in the sort of doom-and-gloom that typifies … Continued

By Daniel Darling
Pastor, Gages Lake Bible Church

I suppose most conservatives will engage in the sort of doom-and-gloom that typifies the movement when it suffers a significant defeat. And make no mistake, the Democrats’ Pyrrhic victory in securing the passage of health care reform is a big-time defeat for conservatives.

But there’s a silver lining in the health care fight, one most Republicans will miss, but one most social conservatives should celebrate.

This fight proved that the pro-life movement has become the most effective, enduring movement of a generation. Like the civil rights movement of a previous era, the pro-life cause has the moral gravitas that endures financial booms and busts. By taking a measured, steady, incremental approach, by working across party lines, by campaigns of information, millions of acts of compassion, and steady political patience, pro-lifers have not only won many victories, they have won the hearts of mainstream America.

Has any other pillar of the conservative movement won as many victories in the last decade? America just retired eight years of the most pro-life presidency in its history, with the firm resolve of George W. Bush, who even defied members of is own party in pushing a partial-birth abortion ban, holding the line on embryonic stem cells, and appointing two solidly pro-life stalwarts to the Supreme Court. Not to mention his continuation of the Mexico City policy.

One would think that electing a Democratic President with solid majorities in both houses would be a boon for the other side. Especially considering the unapologetic pro-life position of the President, the speaker, and the majority of the Democratic caucus in the Senate.

And yet, in passing its signature legislation, health care reform, Democrats were forced to acquiesce to the wishes of a significant and growing pro-choice caucus in its own party. Who would have thought that some of the toughest pro-life warriors would be Democratic House members? They showed more backbone than many of their Republican counterparts might have in similar situations.

What’s more, even the conservative opposition to Obamacare didn’t really have the pro-life issue in their talking point until the eleventh hour. It was all about spending, government control, and rationing. That’s revealing insight on where their priorities really lie. They bypassed the moral argument in favor of the economic one.

No, it was pro-life Democrats, willing to pay a hefty political price and defy their own President, who ensured that America continues to move toward a culture of life.

It reveals a surprising political calculus. To be pro-life is not out of the mainstream anymore. Conservatives running for office no longer have to hide their pro-life position. Even a recent Gallup poll shows a majority of Americans are now pro-life. That’s what a decade of patience, education, and technology will do.

We may not be thrilled with this health care bill, but we should rejoice that the greatest moral issue of our time is no longer a partisan issue.

Daniel Darling is senior pastor of Gages Lake Bible Church in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and is the author of “Teen People of the Bible” by New Hope Publishers.

Daniel Darling
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  • PSolus

    Daniel,The enduring strength of the pro-life movement only shows how strong ignorance and superstition is.Bear in mind that people still “knock on wood”, say “god bless you” when someone sneezes, avoid opening umbrellas in buildings, avoid placing hats on beds, and temporarily crowd churches when something bad happens.Some people are so superstitious that they actually pray.

  • hohandy1

    of course it’s enduring – it’s in the interests of the Republican Party to keep emotional hot button social issues so they can keep electoral support and keep the spotlight off of their corporate agenda. Look – they controlled all the branches of government for several years – if they had wanted to address the issue, they could have. It’s not so much that the pro-life side is “enduring” as much as it is that the pro-life side is being “used”.

  • YEAL9

    What the leader of the Immoral Majority, aka B. Obama, should remind us of every day but never does:It is obvious that intercourse and other sexual activities are out of control with over one million abortions and 19 million cases of STDs per year in the USA alone. From the CDC-2006″Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) remain a major public health challenge in the United States. While substantial progress has been made in preventing, diagnosing, and treating certain STDs in recent years, CDC estimates that approximately 19 million new infections occur each year, almost half of them among young people ages 15 to 24.1 In addition to the physical and psychological consequences of STDs, these diseases also exact a tremendous economic toll. Direct medical costs associated with STDs in the United States are estimated at up to $14.7 billion annually in 2006 dollars.”

  • YEAL9

    Gendercide inside or outside the womb is an abomination as is homicide inside or outside the womb.

  • PSolus

    “…homicide inside… the womb.”There is no such thing; that is just a superstition that you have been taught to believe.

  • PSolus

    “It is obvious that intercourse and other sexual activities are out of control…”You have a very unhealthy fascination with other peoples’ sexual activities.Try getting a hobby; it may help you keep your mind off it.