Tweet justice for Glenn Beck?

By David Waters Beginning at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning, and for the following 24 hours, the Jewish Funds for Justice … Continued

By David Waters

Beginning at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning, and for the following 24 hours, the Jewish Funds for Justice plans to tweet the heck out of Glenn Beck.

The social justice group plans to unleash a “Twitterstorm” on the Fox News host to protest his recent remarks mocking the faith-based idea of “social justice.” JFSJ has collected more than 1,500 haikus (Haik U Beck, they call it) mocking Beck.

The group plans to start tweeting the verses to Beck’s personal Twitter account, one every minute, “to confront Glenn Beck about his bizarre and incongruous opinion that there is no place for social and economic justice in religion.”

Among the haiku that will be sent to @GlennBeck:

And Jesus said to
All his hungry disciples
Hands off my fish, chumps.

It is so quiet
Except of course for Glenn Beck
He’s never quiet.”

If there are churches
that have YOU on their websites
Please Lord help us all.

Tweet Jesus.

The group claims this will be “the first large-scale Twitter protest of its kind.” As a protest, this is creative, but it seems more likely to just create more publicity for Beck. And doesn’t Glenn Beck seem like the kind of person who likes attracting a lot of attention? Is this creative or just counterproductive?

Maybe Beck will get the message: No social justice, no peace.

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  • joebrooks1

    Are we still misinforming the public about what Glenn Beck said? Glenn Beck doesn’t have a war against religion, God, Jesus, or faith in general. What Glenn Beck has said is that when you have someone like Jim Wallis who would prefer the government forcefully taking money from the wealthy and distributing it to the poor – that that kind of ‘Social Justice’ is absolutely crazy and should be avoided. I fail to see where it states in the bible where Jesus told his disciples to steal from anyone to give to others.FORCED CHARITY THROUGH THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT CHARITY – ITS A TAX.

  • chucko2

    I think this form of protest is counter-productive against someone like Beck who will just twist it to his own purposes. Be truthful and truth will support the truthful and truth will prevail of its own accord.

  • leberk

    “….”Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr….”Yes that used to be true, but now taxes are being used to bloat our bureaucracy, and dumb-down society so everyone will become fully dependent on Government. Why continue to work hard to make a living, when Obama promises to take care of you whether you work or not? Hey, get smart, move to Florida, buy a houseboat, and enjoy your welfare checks provided by the suckers who still think it is American to work hard to make a living and support the poor. You will have a lot more idle time to watch TV and become immune to what is going on around you, and what is happening to your country.

  • mbus

    Glenn Beck attacks for a very nice salary. If folks want to defend, or strike back (legally)…that’s the American Way.No one should have a problem with that.

  • pbk3rd

    PMCKAY2002: So you acknowledge that there is a moral obligation to support the poor, but claim that charity is a matter “between God and the giver . . . not civil law.” By that reasoning the law has no business telling me not to beat my wife or steal from my neighbor; it’s a matter that’s between me and God. The answer, if you think it through, is that there are some obligations that a just society does have a right to enforce. And just as society has a right to prevent me from beating my wife or assaulting my neighbor, it also has a right to force me, as a recipient of society’s benefits, to support my neighbor when he’s down and out.

  • joy2

    wfleming…good post…certainly actions do speak louder than words.I listened for the first time to hear Glenn Beck’s anti-social commentary. He and his ilk are boring and predictable. Just trying to get a rise out of the other side…like the oldtime schoolyard bully.I’d advise people to make better use of their time, which I now intend to do.

  • leberk

    PBK3rd. “If you give the parable a literal interpretation, as you have, then it directly contradicts Christ’s statement about the impossibility of the rich man entering heaven.”You have a very limited interpretation of the parable. The bible does not contradict itself. To me, the parable teaches you to be industrious and strive for wealth, so that you can give to the less fortunate as a result of your hard work, and blessings from the Lord. I came into this world with nothing, and I will leave with nothing.

  • printthis

    ………….People who encourage brick……….

  • ewong

    the better analogy is Jesus telling everyone to hand over a fish (or else)so he can distribute it to those without a fish. In reality, Jesus multiplies his own fish and gives it out willingly. Very diff then liberal losers who have no clue what Beck was talking about.

  • theduck6

    Funny. Of all the anti-Beck posts here, I see not one that can tell me what Beck has said he hasn’t backed up with video, audio and quotes (in-context) where the person in question said exactly what he accuses them of saying and pulls all them together to show why he has formed the OPINION he correctly labels as such.The only conclusion I can draw is Beck must be touching a nerve and bursting a few fantasies or delusions. Yes, we can vote with our dollars. Last year some sponsors dropped Beck because of his opinions and I DROPPED THEM. They sponsor liberal opinion shows on MSNBC with far more divisive rhetoric not backed up by anything more than the hosts opinion and those of the like-minded guests they trot on to nod along with them. Hmmmm, Glenn is still kicking all their collective hind quarters. Bring it on.

  • racerdoc


  • mike85

    I find it hard to believe that a real Jewish group would do this, because Beck has been very supportive of the Jews. There is something more here than meets the eyes.

  • Jumpy66

    Good Christians should have enough sense not to even bother with Mormon anti-Christ trash like Glenn Beck and his doomed followers.

  • printthis

    ……….Jesus tossed over theJesus is a liberal.Deal with it……….

  • jpbill1

    Is it just a coincidence that the message that David Waters included as an example in his short article used the name of Jesus disrespectfully twice? Or is that a typical example of the way “Jewish Funds for Justice” are being used to harass Glenn Beck? I’ve heard before that some Jewish people go out of their way to use Jesus’ name disrespectfully.

  • pbk3rd

    Laberk: I’m not saying that the Bible contradicts itself, but that you do. If the parable of the talents is really about the moral importance of striving for wealth, then how do you reconcile it with Christ’s statement about the impossibility of the rich man entering heaven?

  • cassie123

    The “separation of church and state” is somthing that so many on the left love. Well, we all need to remember that there is another side to that statement so many on the left seem to forget — the government staying out of religion. Let the church continue its works in giving to the poor/sick etc. Jesus never advocated the government doing this — but Christians. We give to ceaser that which is ceasers…we pay our taxes, but Jesus clearly indicates that we as people and as a church are to give of our own wealth to those who need it. I tithe at my church who then gives that to those who really need it (I must say that I am afraid even if the government says that they will take my taxes and give to those who need it that it wouldn’t happen considering how they handle money…). Whatever happened to individual responsibility? We are living in a world of entitlement and that is destructive. Jesus clearly advocated giving to others both in love and materials as well as bettering yourself.As far as Glen Beck. I have watched his show. I think he is interesting…a little paranoid occasionally but not completely off the mark, especially with the way things are going in this country… In the end, he has the right to his opinions. And for all of you who just decide to call him names, come up with a real argument against what he says (some posters here have…so I know it can be done). I like that he makes me think about things that I never thought about before although I may not agree with him or come to the same conclusion as him.

  • theobserver4

    And Jesus said to++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++I registered on Conservapedia just to embed this quote somewhere in their site. Have at it conservatards….dig out that little Easter Egg on your re-writing of history website.

  • Consider_the_source

    Folks, it’s fun to read these posts. There’s passion and/or insight in most, and some are even funny. But I feel like we’re missing a larger point.This type of verbal sparring is engaging, easy, and may feel righteous or fun. But, most of it is not particularly constructive. It’s like a husband and wife looking at trash that’s piled to the rafters and arguing about whose turn it is to take it out or why it’s there in the first place. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who’s right; the trash has to get cleaned up.I think we’ve become a nation of people who too often lack the character to go beyond trying to seem righteous and actually strive to be righteous. It’s easy to rant, whine, bully, or taunt–or to indulge in spectating those who do. It’s hard to learn, think, work, and delay gratification. Fox, Beck, the Washington Post, our elected leaders, etc. all became what they are in large part because they give us what we want. Right now, we seem to crave distraction. If we can bring ourselves to stop watching the brawls, they’ll stop instigating, highlighting, and analyzing them. If enough of us commit to being solution oriented, they may even help us solve some problems.

  • My_View

    Since when is ransacking your neighbor’s paycheck and property to “spread it around” as Obama says…social justice?

  • maupin1

    Jesus was a Capricorn, never wore no shoesHe believed in peace and love and ate organic foodLong hair, beard and sandals, a bunch of freaky friendsReckon if he came back now we’d nail him up againKristofferson

  • tnsailorguy

    Read the Book of Acts

  • rayboyusmc44

    It’s a sad commentary that someone as shallow and starved for attention as Beck can make so much money off of his cupidity/stupidity.Says a lot about his supporters.The Coffee Party makes a lot more sense than most of the Tea Party folks that I have seen in the media.

  • lufrank1

    Beck …even less intelligent than Palin. Parasitic demagogues!

  • BlueTwo1

    Some very wealthy people are very defensive about their property. Tut tut. Maybe there is a little guilt associated with that property. But, surely, it took some effort on their part to gather that property together. It has become part of their identity. Take it away and they become nothing. Picture the rich man exiting his chauffeur-driven limousine, dressed in a three thousand dollar suit with a diamond stick pin. A homeless person approaches. What would Jesus do? Not as the rich man does. Have his bodyguard give the beggar a good shove into the gutter. Consider the CEO of the mine that just exploded. His mine is one of the most productive mines around. It got that away by avoiding the delay and cost of installing and maintaining the proper use of ventilation fans. Money bought with blood on account of a rich man’s fantasy that God is on his side and that poor folks are expendable.

  • meowomon

    MikeJ9116: We are not left “wingnuts”; we are “wingbats”. Those on the right are “wingnuts”. Please correct any future posts, thank you.

  • loyalsyst

    As usual the right-wingers are missing the point. Since Jesus remarked that it would be practically impossible for a rich man to get into Heaven, the (Christian) US Government plans to help by taking wealth from the rich and redistributing it to the poor. So miserly rich men should look ahead to life after death and gratefully support their secular government’s attempts to assist in their salvation. Philanthropists shouldn’t mind since they already get tax deductions for their charitable deeds and if they give away enough of their wealth can be assured of a comfortable afterlife.

  • maupin1

    Wanna get Beck? Do it like the Color of Change folks. Watch his program, make a list of his commercial sponsors, write and tell them that you cannot in good conscience buy the product of any company that sponsors racist hate speech and ask them to let you know when they terminate their sponsorship because you really like their product, have been buying it your whole life, and want to be able to start buying it again.Companies buy advertising to sell their product and increase market share. If that expenditure has the opposite effect they will spend it elsewhere, and in time Beck will have no sponsors.Remember– in the jungle that is the free market we vote with our dollars.

  • PattiFink1

    I’m grateful to the Jewish Funds for Justice for their Twitterstorm on Beck — not because it will change Beck’s rhetoric or positions on issues, but because it will help cascade Beck’s followers to a Democratic victory in November!!Beck says outrageous things to get attention, his followers get riled up, he gets more attention, his followers get even more riled up, he incites his followers to organize their collective anger & bigotry, he gets more attention, his followers eagerly comply and attack the GOP with challengers from GOP incumbents’ right, his followers split the GOP into two big chunks of shriveled drivel in November … Democratic seats retained & gained nationwide.Go Beck!! Rant on, Beck followers!!

  • baileyj

    >I fail to see where it states in the bible where Jesus told his >disciples to steal from anyone to give to others.Wow, so taxation is stealing. Well, good, let’s stop stealing (because that is really wrong, we know that). Once the stealing has ceased we can shut down the federal government, the military and all related industries, the public schools, the entire transportation infrastructure (especially all of those costly roads, pesky signs, and troublesome stoplights) the banking and financial regulatory system, police, fire, and water services, R&D on anything from infectious diseases to military defense, stop all medicare and medicaid spending and funding, eliminate social security, eliminate air traffic control, eliminate all building and electrical codes, sanitation services of any type –water, garbage, and so on. Of course we need to shut down civil and air defenses as well. Fire all state and federal employees. Eliminate workmen’s comp and unemployment benefits. Do away with all rail service. Eliminate food inspectors. Do away with clean water regulations. Eliminate limits on industries that pollute, including those who spew toxic chemicals into the air and streams and, what the heck, why worry about radioactive meltdowns at nuclear regulators. Of course we’ll need to eliminate all subsidies to any person, small business or large corporation. Do away with student loan and grant programs. And, of course all those damn food stamps that are just bankrupting the country. After that, we can ll just pass the plate around at Church and act charitably.. Wow, what a great place it would be to live. I can’t wait.

  • johndoe2001

    The best way to get Fox and Beck’s attention is to simply not buy any product that advertise on either. Remember Judas, Beck, and Fox News, all have one thing in common, they would, and have, sell thier souls for the all mighty dollar. Unfortunately, these three have no concept of what is justice or factual.

  • srb2

    Glenn Beck……the other WaPo red meat… for Dems and Pubs alike… uh-huh…

  • Dalva1

    GO BECK GO…YOU ARE A F..oxing BIG DEAL! WE LOVE YOU!!! Go tell them all the TRUTH about BARRY HUSSEIN OBAMA, Indonesians know it all. NOW is time AMERICANS learn it too!

  • arancia12

    The “separation of church and state” is somthing that so many on the left love. Well, we all need to remember that there is another side to that statement so many on the left seem to forget — the government staying out of religion. We give to ceaser that which is ceasers…we pay our taxes, but Jesus clearly indicates that we as people and as a church are to give of our own wealth to those who need it.You post is compelling. You forget, howeveer, that the state, our federal government, is also tasked with providing for the general welfare. That is not getting into the Church’s business.What happens to those who are not religious? What happens when a religious charity requires those they serve to accept their religion? What happens when they won’t help those who won’t accept their religion? What happens when the charity runs out of money? What happens when the church moves? We are stronger country when our citizens are fed, housed, clothed, healthy, and educated. When people do not have to stand in a bread line or wait for a bed, they can do things like work and care for their families. These things make us stronger as a country. They give us security. Charities cannot meet the needs of all those who are disadvantaged. If they could, we would not have such problems in this country. I commend those who tithe and those who give regularly to charity. We need a religious and a secular approach to helping those less advantaged in our country. This has nothing to do with state interfering with religion.

  • Shadowsmgc

    If you read the Bible, it is hard to miss the fact that Jesus was a BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL.

  • ElJocko

    meowomon: Not “Wingnuts” or “Wingbats”. Lefties are “Moonbats”.Pedantically yours…

  • Obamasnotyamama

    The left doesn’t have to try to destroy Palin or Beck, they’re doing a find job of that all by themselves.Where is your proof on this Richard?So Rich me boy, did you here about the guy who surrounded himself with domestic terrorist who bombed people. And the same guy had a religious leader who wanted the country do be destroyed. Yeah the same guy WHO YOU VOTED FOR AND IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE…………HUH………….Rich?

  • C-way

    Jesus’s ministry was that of mercy (granting others what they don’t deserve) rather than that of justice (granting what are rights to all). Salvation and grace are acts of mercy by God.Most of what is called “social justice,” the Bible categorizes as mercy.Christians are called to be merciful, just as God has shown mercy on them. And therein lies the rub, Bible believing Christians, many of which watch Glenn Beck are called to look after the poor, a duty which churches, as a whole, neglect to perform.So…..the religious right should think twice before criticizing government intervention into acts of mercy….because right now, they are part of the problem, not the solution.

  • votingrevolution

    Arnt liberals for things like ‘all’ forms abortion,sex education in our schools,defending the likes of a Roman Polanski,homosexual marriage,anti parent rights,pro big government,out of control spending of ‘other peoples money,bank takovers,car company takovers,health care industry takeover,student loan take over,anti strong national defence,anti military,anti small government anti small business,anti immigration enforcement,anti Israel,anti Poland,anti energy independence,Pro endless fines and regulation pro UN control and sovereignty,pro illegal alien,Iran,Chavez,Castro,and miranda rights for evil terrorists,letting our enemies know how we will respond to a cem-bio-or cyber attack ?I know I’m only listing ‘some’of the many on the lefts champion beliefs,but I’m just saying ?

  • JenRN62

    –and please don’t bother trying to propagandize us into believing it was all a media fabrication because we have seen it on tape!Really? Where? Breitbart is offering a huge reward for anyone with video confimation of these hateful acts – but no one has taken him up on it because there are no such videos. Maybe not a soul around these vile people had a cell phone with them to catch the action. Or maybe IT NEVER HAPPENED. I do not condone violence or spitting or yelling curses or racial epithets – but I also don’t believe that those things happened at the Tea Party rallies. Please provide a link to the tapes of the hateful remarks and spitting.

  • websterr1

    Posted by: rbdave | April 7, 2010 12:07Christianity without Social JusticeFunny. I do recall Jesus telling us we should all take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to help our fellow man. But I don’t recall him telling anyone they had to be forced by a government bureaucrat to do so.You might want to re-read some of those parts about what Jesus says…

  • JWTX

    It’s plain to see that America’s Federal Reserve an Wall Street, Government Banking Ind. Aig, Big Business are all fraudulent acts of Treason! Everyone of them are crooks an need to be in jail. An I don’t need Glend Beck to tell me so, nor do I watch him or listen to him or the Tea Baggers. Democrats an Republicas are crooks!

  • mwpalmer

    GILLINSON,Thank you for your posts here. We could use a few hundred thousand more in this country who share your clarity and good sense.

  • suegbic1

    Look up the web site of Jewish Funds for Justice, and the bios of the members of its board of directors. Amy Dean, for example, has been notoriously in the service of AFL for decades. The outfit should restrain Obama from attacking Israel rather than pick on Glenn Beck.

  • xcannons

    Oh David, David, David,Yet again, the WaPo and their communist propagandists get it wrong again. Social Justice and Christian Charity are two different things. So, I am going to have to explain it to you like you are a two year old.Social Justice is communism, statism, Marxism, i.e. forced charity.Christian Charity is giving out of the moral, Judeo-Christian ethic of helping your fellow man. Christians have the choise and freewill to give what they want or give anything at all.When you are forced to hand over your hard earned money for “social justice” that is not charity, that is communism. Why do you think President Curious George is going after charitable institutions? Because they take the statist government out of the equation.David, listen to and watch Glenn Beck before you make your comments not just get your “facts” from talking points made by communist front groups like Jewish Funds for Justice.

  • nosam32

    This is much like the pacifist who resorts to violence to prove a point. How silly!It appears to me that liberals simply want any/everyone who opposes them to sit down and shut up. Of course, this is fanatical behavior; a step next to extremism!

  • jace1

    Now that is news a Jewish group tweeting a haiku about Jesus? I think the Washington Post might find a good story if it looked into just who are members of this group because they are most likely not Jewish.You have really fowled up on this bit of deception. Jew’s study and follow the Torah not the New Testament.

  • klausdmk

    Glenn Beck is an intelligent and charming human being who is very articulate and spontaneous in his thoughts and speech. Young Glenn is a happy person with a good sense of humor and affection for good people.Glenn Beck has a huge audience among good hearted Americans. Glenn would most likely accept and not be ashamed of what happened many years ago and is true and celebrated by some today including Palm Sunday, Passover and Easter in the Judo Christian tradition of our Nation under God

  • lddoyle2002

    Hmm…sounds like you Beckies can dish it out, but you just can’t take it!

  • gwenjohnston

    Those on the left who find themselves so angry with Beck would be better served by soul searching where their anger really comes from. When you peel away anger you have fear. Why are you so fearful of someone who has a different view than you? I’m sure during each day you encounter people with views different from your own. What is it about Glenn that gets you so riled up? Look into your own heart when someone causes such a reaction in you. This tweet assault says much about you and little about Glenn.

  • gwenjohnston

    Those on the left who find themselves so angry with Beck would be better served by soul searching where their anger really comes from. When you peel away anger you have fear. Why are you so fearful of someone who has a different view than you? I’m sure during each day you encounter people with views different from your own. What is it about Glenn that gets you so riled up? Look into your own heart when someone causes such a reaction in you. This tweet assault says much about you and little about Glenn.

  • pbk3rd

    XCANNONS: Two questions for you. First, how do you reconcile the blatant racism of your “Curious George” reference to your Christian faith? Second, if we have a moral obligation to support the poor (as you apparently acknowledge), why shouldn’t a just society play a role in enforcing that moral obligation, in the same way that it enforces other moral obligations such as not killing or stealing? I have to say, your notion of Christianity is pretty far removed from anything I’ve read in the New Testament.

  • haldon12

    I agree with mwpalmer – keep up the excellent posts, GILLINSON. I may disagree with your point – I find much of Beck’s conspiricy-mongering to be both childish and uninformed – but I will always respect someone who takes the time to read the Constitution, and form political beliefs based upon it. Add one to your (unfortunately) short list of those who have studied the Constitution; it’s a shame that naturalized immigrants have a better track record then ‘native’ Americans like myself in understanding that all-important document.

  • lartfromabove

    Anybody who thinks that the protagonist in the Parable of the Talents was the master really missed the point (or the actual words “It is like”). The point of that story is that the one who speaks up for justice may be punished by the evil capitalist. The master in this parable is Herod or Pilate, and the poor servant was Jesus. Christ was talking about his own crucifixion, and about the suffering endured by martyrs and revolutionaries of the future.

  • tpondering

    Down with gullibility. If its not Beck it will be someone else who “sees them coming from a mile away”. At least Beck is too busy counting his money (or his audience’s) to really lead his minions to revolution.

  • chatard

    And so your life’s calling is to take Quinn and Meacham’s offer to use their forum for an advertisement encouraging people to ‘twitter’ Gleen Beck? What a worthwhile life you lead, Waters.

  • Ombudsman1

    Unleash a Twitterstorm! Oh no! Just imagine that lash he’ll feel! He probably won’t be able to sleep now!Are you people serious? This is like an 8 year old who says “they won’t be your friend any more”.

  • TomfromNJ1

    Re Joebrooks1’s comment about rationalizing what Beck really meant. Sorry, I watched the program. He made no such distinction. In fact, he said that if you see the words “social justice” in your church’s writings, he told people to leave their church and, given his other comments in that show, it was clearly aimed at Catholics since they are the largest groups that have “priests” and “bishops.” He never mentioned ministers and could have easily used “clergy” to be more inclusive. The fact that he himself left the Catholic Church adds credence to his intention here.That being said, anyone who is influenced in his or her choice of religion by what some uneducated TV personality says, have a very shallow faith indeed. But please do not try to change what he said.As for gwenjohnston, your comments have a point, but I see far more hate speech on the right than on the left. I see it in their rhetoric, on Fox, in the eyes of the rude people who interferred with rational discussion during those summer town halls and certainly among the Tea Party people. But it is not clear what they fear since what they say they oppose makes no sense (e.g., they throw around words like “socialism” and “communism” without seeming to know what they are or they will say they do not want the government being involved with health care in the same sentence which includes their statement that they want the government to keep their hands off their Medicare. Logically, people who like their medicare should favor a single payer system. I agree there irrational fear but I see it on the right and I think we have a need for FDR’s “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” They are crying the same thing that Conservatives said about social security and Medicare and the sky has never fallen. Were it not for the rich (who often claim they like flat taxes) paying such a small percentage of their income to FICA compared with the ordinary person who is taxed on total income, social security would have no solvency problems.Finally, I like the idea of boycotting Beck’s sponsors. I have been doing it with Limbaugh for years. But, frankly, I am not in the market to buy gold or to even think of buying some of the other things he hawks.

  • simonsays1

    True compassion can never come from a place of superiority’Yes, liberals and democrats think you

  • websterr1

    Why doesn’t the Left use it’s creative energies to figure out how to keep from bankrupting the country while at the same time preventing us all from becoming wards of the State? The obsession with Beck and Palin is just tedious and idiotic. Trust me when say this. With the exception of the clowns known as Obama/Pelosi/Reid, who unfortunately are in positions to screw things up on a regular basis, those of us in the Center/Right sphere of the country could care less about your mouthpieces on the Left.

  • IdahoCowgirl

    Benjamin Franklin~ “Repeal that [welfare] law, and you will soon see a change in their manners. … Six days shalt thou labor, though one of the old commandments long treated as out of date, will again be looked upon as a respectable precept; industry will increase, and with it plenty among the lower people; their circumstances will mend, and more will be done for their happiness by inuring them to provide for themselves, than could be done by dividing all your estates among them.” Beck must be onto something if some want to silence him. Charity is to be an individuals choice~we are here on free will=free to choose. It is not up to a government to take from one to give to another based on need. IF one choses not to be charitable, he shall face God in the end.Wake up people who are believing the lies from the progressives! Don’t be fooled by false charity. They really are trying to control the population, not truly take care of it.

  • Mighty7

    A mormon telling everyone else THEIR religion is wrong.And you all wonder how come this yokel has such screwed up ideas about the world. What do you expect? This is a faith centered around the concept Jesus came to America and whose followers believe natives are descendants of some ancient civilizations founded by a lost tribe of Israel and there is such a thing as proxy-baptism….I can already see it: Fox News 2110 with Utra Level 2, the scientologist teabagger…

  • 2ndAmendProtector

    Let’s hope that if Our Saviour returnsI am sure they all meet daily at the unemployment line.

  • James10

    “Render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar … “Translated into modern English: … “Jesus said to the hypocritical conservatives, shut up and pay your taxes…”

  • drlatham22

    Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity…at least Fox News keeps the 3,000,000 stupidest Americans at home on weeknights, watching TV every night rather than doing anything that might be damaging to our country.

  • analyst72


  • fury60

    Social justice is about voluntarily sharing your haves with those who are less fortunate and deserving. Social justice NOT is about mandatory redistributions of wealth. It seems that Beck is closer to the truth than the Socialists.

  • jameschirico

    The Beck logic is preying on what everybody hates then associate it with Obama and the Dems. Stalin was a marxist/socialist dictator, so Obama pushing redistribution is a socialist dictator. His viewers applying the same same logic would say Beck is a capitalist, Hitler/Il Duce were capitalists, so Beck is like Hitler. He even shows a racist prejudice preying saying Obama hates white people. Obama put in national medicine, Hitler did same so Obama is a fascist dictator. Obama wants to take away your gun (nothing ever proposed) has gotten a Pittsburgh policeman shot. He has 6 restaurant owners that never hired an illegal, doctors on salary from the same PAC, and rejects the Christian share the earth’s bounty, leaving no fallen ears of corn.

  • egw7777

    What is wrong with you people? He was talking about that so called Rev. Jim Wallace & his brand of social justice which he completely destroys the meaning of the words & turns them around. The Jews that are having a problem with Beck need to remember Obama has a serious problem with Israel & is really treating them badly, the only democracy in the Middle East, who have been our allies for years & years & Obama rather favor Pakistan then Israel. He knows Iran wants to blow Israel off the face of the earth. So to the American Jews, I am asking you who in the heck got you so confused & out of sorts? Beck is a religious man & supports Israel. You idiots that think Glen Beck is a bad person that you do not watch his shows or even know what he is about. Obama & Jim Wallace & the unions are not your friends & if you think they are you are just as stupid as the idiot who talked you in to this.

  • egw7777

    I just made a post & misspelled that Rev. Jim Wallis name. I want to make sure it is spelled correctly so when you look him up on the internet you will have the correct spelling so you can see what Obama has in the White House advising him with the rest of his loons.

  • captgrumpy

    Beck said that social justice was the job of the church,NOT the government. Stupid people!!

  • dove_

    Recently in one of his shows just after the Healthcare Reform passed, Glenn Beck, for some reason uttered “there will be blood on the street” out of context.Surprising Glenn Beck’s audience kept listening and there has been no media reaction to Glenn Beck’s irresponsible comments.The above shows:Has someone noticed that the twitch in Glenn Beck’s eye has become more pronounced – The eye twitch is not a big deal except if it continues, it could just mean that Glenn Beck’s brain is loosing control of his motor muscles!

  • ransr01

    Ref the “Eye of the Needle” comments! Wise up folks! The “Eye of the Needle” was the name of a gate in the wall at Jerusalem. At that time a camel carrying too much could not get through but a more modestly laden camel could. Don’t quote the good book if you don’t really know what it says! Try opening a real history book and turn off the idiot box (TV).

  • permagrin

    “Recently in one of his shows just after the Healthcare Reform passed, Glenn Beck, for some reason uttered “there will be blood on the street” out of context.Surprising Glenn Beck’s audience kept listening and there has been no media reaction to Glenn Beck’s irresponsible comments.”Tissues are on isle 4.

  • fury60

    Beck speaks the truth!!!

  • revbookburn

    Glenn Beck was key in making the passage of the health care bill possible. By proving to the nation that opposition to health care was orchestrated by the most mentally unstable people of the nation, Beck caused people to see through the lies and hysteria. Now Beck’s followers will be able to access their needed psych meds. Beck and Bachmann are obviously crazy, even to many people who like them. They are entertainers along the lines of wrestling, not people who can be taken seriously.

  • Verysmartlady

    If you ever wondered what side of the fence you sit on, this is a great test!If a conservative doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one.If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat.If a conservative is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better hisIf a conservative doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels.If a conservative is a non-believer, he doesn’t go to church.If a conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping forIf a conservative reads this, he’ll forward it so his friends can have a

  • alb2

    Glenn Beck lives for this stuff. He is getting all the attention a spoiled brat child craves.The man is *entertainment* — albeit very BAD entertainment. Every utterance from the man is for nothing more than ratings. People are buying it. Those that love him, those that hate him buy it in varying forms.To those that hate him: Save your energy. The best way to get to him is IGNORE him. He would not know what to do with himself beyond dive back into the bottle.To those that love him: Fools one and all.

  • Verysmartlady

    To those who suggest that those attempting to undo the health care legislation be consistent and refuse Medicare and Social Security, I will agree to do this when the time comes, provided that I receive every single penny I have paid into both Medicare and Social Security during my working career. Additionally, I expect interest to reflect an investment portfolio with moderate risk. In the alternative, I would opt out of Social Security and Medicare, provided I no longer was forced to fund the systems, and I received the money I’ve already contributed with interest. We all know these options will never be available.

  • James10

    that that kind of ‘Social Justice’ is absolutely crazy and should be avoided. I fail to see where it states in the bible where Jesus told his disciples to steal from anyone to give to others.FORCED CHARITY THROUGH THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT CHARITY – ITS A TAX.Posted by: joebrooks1=================So you’re saying that the $ Billions we keep on giving Israel year over year “is absolutely crazy”. Does Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, et al, believe we should stop being forced by our government to pay taxes to keep on giving foreign aid to Israel?

  • jas7751

    Liberals are a entertaining desperate bunch.LOL !!

  • SSTK34

    Is it not a bit hypocritical for an organization called “Jews For Justice” implying they are criticizing Jews who deny the divinity of Jesus (to put it mildly)to send New Testament quotes to anyone for any reason? One thing is for certain for the Jews justice does not include Palestinians.

  • wallasongs

    Tea Party = White Supremicists

  • MikeJ9116

    Posted by: Richard18Let’s see how many get convicted. You are naive if you don’t think the Obama FBI is beyond arresting people unnecessarily in a misguided effort to score sympathy with the public.

  • leberk

    Gimpi, Racerdoc,As is common, you miss the point when you concentrate on minusia.

  • MikeJ9116

    Posted by: rbdaveYou have to be joking. You think Jesus had no issue with ripping unborn children from the wombs of mothers and throwing them in the trash?

  • tjhall1

    I love the way Beck, like Sarah Palin, agitates the leftists to no end.BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 79USMC83

    The main thing Glenn Beck does is make you think and teaches history. This is great because many more people will join the debate about Social Justice. For many of us that never read the Bible or knew about Progressive’s. We can now form OUR OWN opinions on SOCIAL JUSTICE!! and how it is being used by the “Government Stupid” and by religion!! The one thing is clear and fact, Jesus was killed by a “Government Stupid” for preaching his opinions!! Funny it was the Jews that were screaming to Pilate to kill Jesus. Pilate had not found anything wrong and did not want to kill him,nor did Herod!! Beck already has to have a bodyguard for voicing his opinions!!!What is fact, “Government Stupid’s” that have forced SOCIAL JUSTICE on its people are kind of like what we have now. The people in POWER become corrupt and are NEVER, NEVER, EQUAL to WE THE PEOPLE !! They always feel they have to have better!! Kind of like them exempting themselves and their staff from Health-Care Reform!!!TERM LIMITS NOW !!FAIR TAX NOW !!DEATH TO JIHADIST !!NOT LIFE IN PRISON !!

  • MikeJ9116

    Posted by: meowomonWell, if you are concerned with accuracy then I will refer to you as uninformed, hypocritical, lying, arrogant, stealing, anti-American, hate mongers. 😉

  • ignoranceisbliss

    Social Justice is far removed from religion. Anyone who thinks that the two have anything to do with each other are imbeciles.The facts are that the liberals that promote social justice don’t give a crap about religion. The fact that they are trying to now highjack religion to promote Socialism is as pathetic as their own intellects.Conservatives and Christians alike give more money to help the needy in their communities than any liberal. The fact is that liberals are just happy to spend other peoples money. The forced slavery of one portion of the population for another is not a Christian value.Liberals give their money to Move-on, and other liberal extremist radical groups.Christians give their money willingly to those in need.Socialism is the liberals religion, which is not a religion at all, and now they are perverting Christianity to promote their agenda. Quite pathetic.Obama is a DISGRACE.

  • samuellenn

    glen will have fun with this.

  • hoser3

    Good morning one and all. Come November, vote Democrat!

  • sandynh

    The only thing this group will succeed in doing is raise Beck’s (already high) ratings as folks will tune in to see what the big fuss is all about.

  • tunkefer

    Some posters here like to believe that this twitter campaign and other negative comments about Beck are evidence of liberal anger toward him. And, they go on to reason, if liberals are angry at Beck, then he is doing good work.Those posters mistakenly, or perhaps purposely, confuse anger and indignation. Liberals, and quite a few non-liberals, are indignant about the travesty that Beck makes of American political discussion.

  • freepost

    Is this for real? I suspect that this is nothing more than Demorat plants trying to stir up trouble. Look, nearly 50% of American households pay 0 that’s right zero federal income taxes. Don’t take my word for it see: The federal government has become the instrument of wealth redistribution or what you libtards term “social justice”. This is nothing more than sanctioned state stealing. Charity is an obligation that comes from the heart not from the state and if any of you libtards did some research you would find that conservatives donate more money as a percentage of their incomes than libs. Again, don’t believe me check out your beloved NYT’s: Since you are invoking the Bible, you ought to do some research. The Bible lays out very strict provisions for tithing (which some liken to taxes) as well as charity. Ironically, tithing was a mechanism which afforded the priestly class a means to carry out their duties and was not a mechanism of wealth redistribution to non-productive indigents. Furthermore, the Temple Tax was paid by wealthy and poor alike (unlike our federal taxes – see above). Finally charity was a moral and societal obligation that helped individuals not the indentured servitude to a corrupt government that exists in this country.

  • colinmc20009

    The only way to get this moron to be quiet is to ignore him. By protesting, this group is giving him relevance, and as we all know, Mr. Beck has done nothing in his life to warrant having a following which he does. All he is looking for is attention and this protest is giving him just that. If we are really to defeat this non-sensical, loudmouth punk and the idiots who believe him, simply pay him no mind and he will either go away or start wearing swasticas on air to make people pay attention to him. MikeJ9116, go feed your slaves you redneck.

  • Bitter_Bill

    As with most Jewish social action initiatives, this one won’t get much traction.

  • dmarney

    Reading the Jewish Funds for Justice web site, I see two of their core values are:”Humility/ Anavah – We behave with integrity as a reliable partner, ally, colleague, and friend because we cannot achieve our vision by acting alone.Dignity/ Tzelem Elohim – We protect the rights of individuals to live in freedom and have access to opportunity because every person is a unique and infinitely valuable being.”I’m not sure how a Twitter storm that uses the name of Jesus in the context of mocking someone to score political points qualifies as being either humble or dignified.

  • free_thinker

    GB is nothing more than a caricature of the type, “Larry ‘Lonesome’ Rhodes” in “A Face in the Crowd.” His commentary is polarizing – duh, what do you expect. He’s a mouthpiece for anyone willing to pay him enough $$$ to cover their agenda; he’d become a socialist if they paid him enough. Anyone really taking GB seriously needs to watch the brilliant parody that John Stewart did of him a few weeks back. Glenn Beck is a joke, unto himself – although, he’s probably laughing all the way to the bank and amazed that so many people actually takes his daily monologue as gospel.

  • JohnGalt9

    The enthusiasm that Glenn Beck generates will be reflected in the November election. It is a great mistake to try to fight him with silly – if not outright stupid – attempts like this.The only winner is Glenn Beck. He already exposed them as affiliated with ACORN and “Progressive” leftist organizations. It made his day.The proof is that the daily polls on the Senate races published in Blue for Democratic winners and Red for Republican winners at the election site And they also have the most amazing election 2010 Patriot Depot Pro-Beck Merchandise. It is all thanks to hair-brain attacks on Beck.

  • pbk3rd

    RANSR01: Do your homework. There’s no historical evidence of a gate in ancient Jerusalem called the “Eye of the Needle”; it’s a myth perpetuated by people like yourself who don’t want to take Christ at his word. The reality is that Jesus was literally saying that the pursuit of wealth and the pursuit of God are incompatible. Why else do you think the early Christians believed in communal ownership? The reality is that democratic socialism is a far more moral, and far more Christian, political system than the greed-based system that you and your friends espouse.

  • wcag

    They should change their name to self-hating jews for injustice.

  • permagrin

    Hey guys, after we send Beck lots of tweets, we’re gonna write on his Facebook wall!!! Who’s in? In will be totally awesome and the Post will do a story on it, double totally awesome!! Then we are gonna TP his house, triply diply totally awesome. We rule!!!

  • austininc4

    Well, Good Bye Beck, Good Luck with your New JOB!!!

  • srb2

    Glenn Beck? Oh… man… I thought I was listening to Jeff Beck… Glenn Beck sux…

  • Skeptic1

    Good grief, people are so lazy-*ssed that they think that sending messages on twitter has an impact.Why don’t they buy Beck’s book and burn it. That will teach him!It’s this kind of “thought process” that has the country in a mess. Deep thoughts like… “The problem is that not enough people have health care. I know! We’ll pass a law that makes them buy it. Problem solved!”.And they’re serious too. They think that by forcing us to buy health care, they’ve really gotten one over on the insurance industry.Where’s that “R” word when you need it?

  • southernbutnotstupid

    You can tell when someone is a wingnut extremist here by when they start posting a lot of their words in capital letters–take your meds before you post–

  • larmoecurl

    “I see the left wingnuts can’t destroy Sara Palin so now they are trying to destroy Glenn Beck.”Palin quit.

  • randykree

    Sometimes I really think that Beck has lost his mind. This guy thinks that he knows everything about everything and it shows that he knows nothing about everything sometimes. Does this man just engage his tongue and let his lips talk for him without really thinking things over. The dude has a one track mind and it really shows when he dont know when to quit talking, or whatever it is that he does?

  • goziner

    Twitter is for twits, or those that have the mental capcity to fill a thimble, bfd. If they had any balls they would push away from the computer, put down the iphone and get up off their big fat behinds and protest the studio…….

  • coloradodog

    Better yet, send a message to Beck’s current and resent sponsors: * 1-800-PetMeds

  • Dennmark

    Haha… BAILEYJ nailed it!JOEBROOKS1: “I fail to see where it states in the bible where Jesus told his disciples to steal from anyone to give to others.”** Umm, you failed to see it because it’s not there, Einstein. Go back and reread Isaiah. Learn something. **BAILEYJ: “Wow, so taxation is stealing. Well, good, let’s stop stealing (because that is really wrong, we know that). Once the stealing has ceased we can…”** Let’s add to the list of what would end: Foreign aid (i.e. the erstwhile “War on Terror”) which includes, after Iraq and Afghanistan, roughly $3 billion to Israel, and over $2 billion each to Egypt and Pakistan. Think about that, JOEBROOKS1.”Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.



  • PanhandleWilly

    Printthis said:Jesus tossed over theP you missed the point totally. Jesus didn’t do those things because they were moneychangers or dovesellers. He did it because they were doing it in the temple. If they were doing it outside the temple he would have left them alone. Jesus wasn’t a liberal or a conservative. Jesus fully acknowledged that ‘Caeser’ existed and was really a metaphor for a material world that exists and must be lived by its rules.

  • prossers7

    Is Obama being counterproductive when he does this?· HE PRAYS WITH THE MUSLIMS!! He canceled OUR CHRISTIAN “NATIONAL!!!! DAY* * OF PRAYER”…Now…THIS. For Obama to continue as our president is an INSULT TO OUR FOUNDING FATHERS!

  • freepost

    So, Colorado – dog what are you saying? Are you the typical libtard who tries to shut down those with whom you disagree? Why don’t you burn some dumpsters or throw a few bricks through windows? We’ll fight you lib-nazis just like we did your forefathers in Germany and the Soviet Union and we will defeat you.

  • prestonadams1

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~… 23and Jesus was in the temple area walking in Solomon’s Colonnade. 24The Jews gathered around him, saying, “How long will you keep us in suspense? If you are the Christ,[a] tell us plainly.” 25Jesus answered, “I did tell you, but you do not believe. The miracles I do in my Father’s name speak for me, 26but you do not believe because you are not my sheep. 27My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • jlt31

    Jesus was not a “BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL”. BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL take money from producers and give it to those who will vote for them. The entire thrust of the Bible with respect to social justice was for the individual to VOLUNTARILY support the poor. There is not a single instance in the Bible where the support to the poor came from either (1) a miracle (feeding the 5 thousand) or (2) voluntary gifts from private property owners.

  • prossers7

    What Glenn Beck says is the truth.

  • bestbobleonard

    Healthcare is moral issue, not a Mormon Issue. More at:

  • mike27

    What in the world does a ‘social justice group’ do?

  • robertstorey725

    Let the liberals tweet. This is not the first time they have gone after Beck. It makes him stronger and more popular each time. The last time some of his sponsors dropped him and then picked him back up because those who like Beck far out number those who don’t. Let the Liberals enjoy life until November, then instead of tweeting, WE will vote.

  • st50taw

    I find it hard to believe that a real Jewish group would do this, because Beck has been very supportive of the Jews.There is something more here than meets the eyes.Posted by: mike85 | April 7, 2010 1:30 AM

  • walker732

    Jesus was apoliical. Liberals are constantly calling him a liberal. Where in the bible did Jesus say, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and let Caesar care for the poor?” It isn’t in the bible. Jesus did expect his followers to care for the poor, but it was to be an individual action. He expected that the hearts of Christians would direct them to all forms of charity.

  • CurmudgeonofHighDudgeon

    GB should start a movement and call it Beckerheads. The Beckerheads on this blog are unified in their fear of change. All of the religions of the book require justice and protection of the poor and weak. A civilised society also provides equal opportunity. This is the basis of social justice. Racism is the nemesis of equal opportunity and that is why it is a mortal sin. To any outside obsever, the Tea Party bears a striking resemblance to other extremist groups e.g. Taliban, Shas, Jemiah Islamiya, MEK etc. They all have the support of a fair percentage of the population (who think they are normal) and most have legitimate front organisations and charities. Extreme fear is evident here. The Right fears change and will resort to illegal violence, e.g. Oklahoma and Colonial Christian Militia, against anyone who advocates it (liberals). The rest fear the extreme Right, not their ideas, but their long history of trying to obtain and maintain power by acts of violence. Throughout history there has been violent extremist groups of both the left and right and their prominence is cyclical. For the last 30 years right wing extremists have been on the ascendancy and the present situation in the USA is a good example. Since the Unibomber almost all extremist acts in the USA have been right-wing Christian nutjobs and I think the numbers will rise. Some of you Beckerheads should consider that when future acts of violence occur or are uncovered, by right wing nutjobs, your ill-considered and vocal support will probably have empowered them just like Abu Bakir’s supporters empowered the Bali bombers in 2002.

  • muawiyah

    PRINTTHIS ~ Jesus turned over the tables used to facilitate the sale of animals for sacrifice where those animals were NOT the first fruits.This is a doctrine that is first encountered in the Jewish Bible in Genesis where the sacrifice of the first fruits is accepted and the sacrifice of something that might well be second best is rejected.This makes Jesus something of a HARD CORE CONSERVATIVE given to maintaining ancient standards of excellence and the rule of law (the law here being the law governing burnt offerings).Actually, not just HARD CORE, but TOTALLY CONSERVATIVE beyond human understanding.

  • jaxas70

    I see that the freaky right is out in force on this blog trying to make a case that Glenn Beck is simply a patriotic all-American trying to save us all from big government socialism.Good God! Do these simple minded morons even know what that word means? Most of these Beck suckers are on some sort of government assistance themselves. My own brother sounds just like these anal sucking deadbeats and he’s on Disability, which he does not see as socialism. I have another brother who is constantly knocking Obama as a communist, yet he gleefully cashes his social security check every month and gets his heart medicaine paid for gy Guess Who?What a corrupt, totten, mealy mouthed bunc of hypocrites!

  • CurmudgeonofHighDudgeon

    P.S. Al Qaida, Yigal Amir, Taliban, Birthers are all right-wing religious nutjobs. Any true Christian would not touch this crock with a ten foot pole. It is humorous watching “Christians” justify their opposition to the government helping the poor with the bible. Seek help!

  • rplat

    Beck scares the hell out of the left . . . anytime The Washington Post becomes a defender or supporter of a religious group you know that panic is pending.

  • JoeDBrown

    This plan sure sounds like hate filled harassment to me perpetrated by childish, left wing crazies. I’m sure the msm will be all over this hateful stunt, right?

  • fredly31

    It is not Glenn Beck. Beck just has a job to mouth off the views of Murdock and the far extreme Right. Problem is the extreme Right has never explained exactly their “different” philosophy and why it is better than being more Liberal is solving problems of the people.

  • theduck6

    sure sounds like he’s touched a nerve. I can see how he could be called into question. It isn’t like he doesn’t show you why he feels as he does or play in context sound bites or video of the person every time he opines. No wait, That is EXACTLY what he does. Can Olberdouche, Leg thiller, MadCow, Special Ed et al say the same thing? NO!to jaxas70Any government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take it all away from you.

  • Kaabee

    Interesting that the left is so defensive about “social justice” and are against folks who unveil it for what it really is. Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Think things, not words.” In words, many see a need for “social justice” to override “the dictates of the market.” In reality, what is called “the market” consists of human beings making their own choices at their own cost. What is called “social justice” is government imposition of the notions of third parties, who pay no price for being wrong. All I can say to those anointed who yammer about the virtue of social justice is to think with their minds.

  • unpluggedboodah

    Who’s Glen Beck?

  • jaxas70

    RPlat, you don’t know your hind end from a hold on Saturn. Beck doesn’t scare me because I know he is just another one of those flavor of the month nutjobs that silly old right wing biddies and lazy, redneck ignoramuses look to to justify their own racism, bigotry and hatred.Look. I have pretty much had a bellyful of you swaggering right wing beer bellies and your stupid, ugly old hags wives who look as though they do their hair with a grenade. Socialism, communism, fascism, terrorism–sure. But at the bottom of all of those isms is the one that really drives brain cell challenged bullies and cowards like you–racism!

  • janus555

    “I see the left wingnuts can’t destroy Sara Palin so now they are trying to destroy Glenn Beck. They won’t be anymore successful against him then they were against her. These rabid socialists will only make Beck stronger and more popular. It will be fun to watch them beat their collective heads against the wall.”It won’t work because of the mental state of the Dupes who worship these two. Beck is an uneducated buffoon, who postures in front of a chalk board complete with glasses and pointers in the manner of a professor lecturing the class. His pretense is hilarious; however, the reality is that his bilge is encouraging rage and violence among the benighted Dupes who sit mesmerized and slack-jawed until they are worked into a mindless frenzy against “them libs”.

  • SeniorVet

    Hey, we can’t have Beck exposing our brilliant president’s agenda now, can we?

  • cdlumpkin

    To quote 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 in the Christian scriptures: “If I speak in human or angelic tongues, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body [to hardship] that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.” When one considers who best mirrors “resounding gong or a clanging cymbal” in this debate and who are the symbols of “love”, it seems those who strive for social equality and justice are the lovers. Glenn Beck was wrong about the Bible and wrong about church’s roles in social justice. The Bible (Hebrew and Christian alike) is full of commandments and instructions concerning our loving relationships with one another. Nothing, even a popular TV talking head can change the intent of such a large amount of scripture. It is time Glenn Beck admits his gross mistake and let us forgive him his wrongdoing. It so doing all parties in this debate will demonstrate what social justice is all about.

  • CurmudgeonofHighDudgeon

    MUAWIYAH, so all the pronouncements and the rest of the Gospels can be ignored because you managed to cherry pick a single alledged fact that may suggest religious conservatism and then extrapolate this to the KNOWLEDGE that Jesus supports extreme consevatism i.e. he is on your side. As I said in my previous post, seek help.

  • leberk

    A wise teacher once said “Profanity and personal attacks result when at a loss for words”

  • gimpi

    One theme I see constantly voiced is that governmental care of the sick or disabled and governmental aid to the poor is somehow “theft” and can’t be regarded as charitable, because it isn’t voluntary. The problem I see with this is that voluntary charity won’t solve the problems we face. Private charities do good work, but the reputable ones would be the first to say they can’t solve homelessness, hunger, or chronic disease. We have tried over centuries to address these problems privately. We failed. Generally, the more “privatized” charity is in a society, the more poverty, disease, and desperation you find.The norm in both industrial and post-industrial first-world societies is a system of taxation to provide medical care and a social safety net. It no more represents “theft” to tax the general populace to provide for these inevitable facts of life that it is “theft” to tax the same people to provide for police protection fire protection or military protection. This,

  • jaxas70

    Think rationally and clearly for a moment folks and imagine what this country would look like if Glenn Beck and his hiney sucking tea party slaves had their way. Think of what they would do with the social safety net that progressives from Teddy Roosevelt to FDR to JFK and LBJ and now Obama have institutionalized into our society. Social Security is broadly supported and has resulted in improving the lives of our elderly citizens in their golden years. Veterans benefits, the GI Bill, Medicare, Educational benefits all have contributed to make America one of the most advanced enlightened countries in the world.The truth of the matter is that the people who support this pathetic and silly little man with his wild fantasies about Obama being a fascist and black racist, only make up about 10% of the American people. The Tea Party only makes up about 17% max according to a broad and deep study done by the Winston Group. And notwithstanding all of this hate and anger cynically generated by a handful of angry, bigoted pundits and supported by a cynical republican party too gutless to take them on, America’s mood in general is already starting to brighten as our economic engine roars back to life. Recent right track-wrong track polls have started to turn more positive.All of the economic indicators are now pointing to a period of economic growth and a more positive national outlook. As this develops, the prospects for pessimists and doomsayers like Beck, Limbaugh and their Tea Party backside wipers will decline. It was never anywhere near a majority in any case and only got what sustenance it had by attracting a mainstream media too eager for ratings and profit.

  • swatpup102

    Wow there are a lot of dum dums here today. Jesus was not only not liberal, he realized that the government was absolutely not the place for people to receive charity. His goal was to tell us to help ourselves and help each other by giving of ourselves to society and the church, NOT the government. He didn’t call for more taxes so the government could decide arbitrarily who gets what, he called for us to help, love, and provide for each other as individuals! I wish you bleeding heart libs could figure this out before it’s too late. Why do you want the government, which is nothing more than powerful people getting together to figure out how best to stay and become more powerful, to control what you do? Not confident enough to do it yourself?? Shameful.

  • beowulf39565

    The Libs are mistaking Jesus for Robin Hood. Robin is the one who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. And I guess the rabid libs do not realize Beck can always just hit the off button. I don’t blame any group or country for the fall of our great America but the Liberals. They are the enemy within.

  • cfk3450

    Read anything on Marx and count the number of times you see the words “social justice”. This is America, the country of personal responsibility. It is not the governments job to take care of us.

  • grantpaten

    As a Jew, I am offended that this group of leftists have co-opted my religion to attack one of the best friends the Jews and other lovers of freedom have–Glenn Beck, a man whose principle concern is the protection of the United States Constitution. – Jonathan Grant

  • Rationalista

    Joebrooks1:Jim Wallis has never taxed anyone–only our representatives in government have the power to levy a tax. So, taxes are not “forced.” Our elected representatives vote on them, and we vote to put in the representatives. Tea Party folks are confused in a basic way about this–they have representatives in government. If they don’t like them, they can vote against them. It’s SO funny that you see a campaign of disinformation against Beck. Beck himself is a misinforming, fear-mongering hysteric. Does he not like a small taste of his own medicine?

  • ram9478

    It’s about damn time.

  • jaxas70

    You see Beowulf, that is where you have it all wrong. It wasn’t Obama and the liberals who destroyed trillions of dollars in investment and pension funds. It was rattya##ed conservatives like you who will bleed and moan and snivel and plead poverty for the rotten, corrupt thieves on Wall Street and in the so called free market that you revere so much that carried out this outrage and you know it.This entire rotten, sorry episode was brought on by the absolute implosion of a conservative economic theory that ended up taking the government cops off the beat at the very time they were most needed.But then, that is the history of ignoramuses like you–you believe comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted–the logical outcome of conservative supply side economic theory as propounded by that old pederast Milton Friedman and his Nazi slave mistress Ayn Rand, both discredited by these unhappy events.

  • Dug0915

    The term “Social Justice” is completely arbitrary. It can mean whatever anybody or any group wants it to mean. Those that use it define it to mean what they want and nothing else.

  • pechins

    James10 That is not what that phrase means. Go back and reread it. He was saying if the government wants you to pay taxes do it. It is the law. But when it comes to religion and Jesus “The Son of God” you must follow his teachings. Charity begins at home dude not with the government. if you study history the term of Social Justice was introduced during the Enlightenment period of history. It was further distorted by the Liberal Theology preachers and by Marxism. Liberty comes from God not from the government.

  • lcky9

    This is the funniest thing I have ever seen a President who sends out goons trying to attack someone who doesn’t agree with him..LOL.. I have had MORE people start watching Beck just because of this THUG tactics from those with questionable backgrounds.. SO SO FUNNY.. BTW they are also calling his sponsors and telling them to KEEP BECK.. SEIU, etc YOU LOSE.. and IF you should be successful that would PROVE Beck right.. now what a conundrum you got yourselves into.. since YOU have proved what he’s saying is right.. what a bunch of dorks.. ROTFLMAO… GO BECK..

  • jaxas70

    Personal responsibility? Hah! What a corker that one is! Carrying loaded guns to rallies, threatening Senators and Congressmen,using the basest coarsest rhetoric imaginable to slander the character of people you don’t agree with, spitting on a black legislator and hurling racial epithets–and please don’t bother trying to propagandize us into believing it was all a media fabrication because we have seen it on tape! And you have the absolute gall to say you believe in personal responsibility? And the Great Hog Limbaugh can fly!

  • washpost18

    Here, allow me to Beck you:prossers7 said: “OUR CHRISTIAN “NATIONAL!!!! DAY* * OF PRAYER”…is an INSULT TO OUR FOUNDING FATHERS!Posted by: prossers7 | April 7, 2010 9:05 PMReally prossers? The National Day of Prayer is “disgusting to every red blooded American”? Obviously only to the Communist Red ones like yourself. Only a dyed-in-the-wool Commie would voice opinions like you did above.Get it now?

  • infantry11b4faus

    please lefty – waste more of your time.

  • buckminsterj

    “I don’t blame any group or country for the fall of our great America but the Liberals.”Fall from what, exactly? Institutionalized racism and misogyny? Poverty and shorter life spans? Pervasive theistic superstition? If so, I assure you, Beowulf, we have not yet completed your “fall,” though I hope we do so eventually, your reactionary efforts notwithstanding.

  • infantry11b4faus

    please lefty waste more of your time on this bs.

  • nillum

    Glen Beck is just one of the leaders empowering the ignorant to speak up and tell the world what’s on their mind. George Bush was also a major enabler of the small thinkers, those ordinary folk who don’t like to spend time in thought and who up until then felt so left out of the national discourse. Now, thanks to the cacophony of such delusional hate mongers like Beck, everyone feels represented.

  • jaxas70

    TheDuck6, let’s make a deal. Why don’t you write the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court and press for a law that says that if you want to opt out of society, that you no longer want to be a part of a society where the government taxes you to pay for the services that the public itself demands of its government, that you are free to do so. You will no longer be required to pay taxes to support any government program you do not support. But–as part of that deal, you cannot use the government program you do not support.We can do this in today’s fast paced on line world. You would simply be given a card that says you are prohibited from using certain government services because you have voluntarily chosen not to pay for those services.Would this be satisfactory?

  • staterighter

    Ok liberals. I have only one question: Do you or do you not support separation of government and religion? You seem to want to have your cake and eat it too. I just visited the Jewish Funds for Justice web site and it is very interesting. They have over $50M invested in banks and credit unions for those agencies to loan to qualified people. Reviewing their Annual Report (the latest on the site which is 5 years old) on the web site it appears that they are a tax exempt charity (non-profit???). I just wonder what the liberal expects. Are you or are you not for separation of religion and state? I guess you are only when it supports your beliefs.

  • nillum

    The empty vessel makes the loudest noise.Dumb Beckers.

  • BigHustla

    Glenn “Conspiracy Theory” Beck is very irresponsible with what he says out of his mouth. Sponsors pulled themselves from his time line. People that are behind the cameras @ Fox (False) News are concerned that his extreme right wing rants are allowing him to be the face of Fox as a (not so serious) news network. Just “opinion news.”Unfortunatly…when someone take messages from him, Hannity, and Limbaugh too seriously and hurt someone, you can best believe they will not come to that extremist aide. They would say it was an “isolated incident.” When isolated incidents constantly happens….it’s called a “PATTERN” AT THAT POINT! Give Beck and his Tea Party Mob what they want….LOTS OF ATTENTION! Roaches don’t like it when the light is on them.

  • jaxas70

    Look. This is childish and silly. Glenn Beck appeals to a minority of the population in this country that is flat out sick with anger over the election of this President. This dumb, motley collection of rednecks, skinheads, white supremacists, retro-culture warriors who fancifully imagine they can take America back to those wonderful halcyon days when America was lily white Ozzie and Harriet, and segregation was still legally and morally justifiable, and rural, agrarian, cowboy values prevailed.That America is never coming back folks. Any more than the pre-Industrial Revolution days that the displaced workers of that day rebelled against or the American Indian culture that existed before White Europeans began to migrate westward. We are in the midst of a sweeping historical and cultural change that is happening globally. It is inevitable and it is already evident in the birth numbers just released today.The Tea Party types would do better to study the implications of new cultures and new peoples and adjust themselves to this reality because it is coming.

  • tom75

    This is sad and silly. For one thing, Beck is now at Fox, meaning that all the MediaMatters/ fascists can’t lay a hand on him. Note that they were successful in rooting out Lou Dobbs and Don Imus, ironically both independents, only because they were at the time working for respectively CNN and MSNBC. To Fox, this is simply promotion.

  • schmitt_fam

    RBDAVE posted Unfortunately you are wrong. Jesus said you are accountable for your actions and He called a sin a sin not a lifestyle or personal choice with no consequences. It is amazing that liberals still think that they are comnpassionate when they give little to nothing to charities (Remember multi millionaire Al Gore giving nothing to charities whereas the evil whereas George Bush gave a sigbnificant amnount of his income?) whereas the stingy conservatives give huge amounts to charities. Liberals want the government to tax away all of our money so that the liberals can then give it to others.

  • Glennp2

    Ignore him. Those that listen to Beck will not hear you. Let him compete with Rush for the same audience.

  • nillum

    The Liberals are coming! The Liberals are coming! Run for the hills. Gitchyer guns! Woe is we, woe is we.

  • badz34

    leave beck alone. he at least tells the truth thats more then you can get from the white house

  • nillum

    Hall of Mirrors kind of truth

  • mhr614

    What liberals/progressives do not want under any circumstances is to live in a free country. Like their ideological forebears, Marx, Lenin and Stalin, leftists value singlemindness of purpose and no dissent. Beck is a valuable man and one liberals detest simply because he shines a light under the rocks where progressives prefer to propagate. How can so many be so fearful of one man? It’s the truth they fear.

  • kchses1

    Beck is a political shock jock. Why anyone would spend 5 mins listening to him is beyond me but people are free to do what they want. You want to hurt him, don’t listen. That’s what he wants, to be talked about and listened to. Just ignore him

  • jaxas70

    Staterighter, do you even know what a liberal is. Some of the greatest American heroes have been liberals. Our Founding Fathers were mostly liberals because the ideas they were formulating were a direct challenge to old conservative Monarchical ideas that prevailed for much of the Western world back then.I suspect your notion of what a liberal is is grounded on the misinformation you get from Beck and Limbaugh and other right wing pundits many of who formed their notions about liberalism on the events of the 1960s. Well, it might shock you to learn that the student protests of the 1960s that Limbaugh and Beck decry with such vehemence as a bunch of communist hippies, was primarily aimed at liberals who supported the war in Vietnam.Liberalism is as American as baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet. I know that narrow minded ding dongs like you don’t like to hear that but it is true. And trust me, it isn’t going away. America could not survive without liberalism as a political anchor any more than it could without a health conservative alternative. We need both and we need both to be healthy and vigorous.Even responsible conservatives are coming around to the sudden realization that this Tea Party and Beck and Limbaugh business is not healthy.

  • nillum

    just because you say liberals are freedom haters doesn’t make it true, you moron

  • nillum

    really stoopid

  • BigHustla

    Only the undereducated would follow the likes of Beck…by the way….how long has he still been dealing with his alchohol problem? LoLThe man clearly and plainly said he prefers not to have black friends because he “…would be afraid he would offend them…” Now he’s concerned about what he says. LoL Also…the people that support him would look at him differently. LoL

  • zennheadd

    This will only serve to enlarge Beck’s ego. He can gain points when he casts himself as the poor, teeny weeny target of liberal dislike. Oh, my, look @ how all these liberals are taking a whack @ me! Little ol’ me?

  • sunnycreek

    Beck is not a very smart man. He’s good at making things up in order to get people paranoid and angry. This is how he became wealthy. It gets ratings. It’s a free country (regardless of what Beck thinks) so this is fine, but I really wish so many people didn’t believe the crap that he says because most of it is only a figment of his imagination.

  • sebastian_foss

    The one thing you americans have a trully hard time acepting is that succes does not depend on the individual, . It depends on there being a market or society for you to succed in. Where does this market come frome? It comes from the collective work of the people who came before you.

  • nillum

    Can’t imagine how awful it would be to meet him, can’t tolerate watching him on the TV. Not because he’s anything other than delusional and there isn’t enough time in the day. He makes up stuff, incessantly the poor Joe-Ordinary-American who is watching his world unravel. He is nothing like his followers, unless those followers happen to be wards of the state. The guy is unhinged – amazing that his followers love his babble.

  • judithclaire1939

    April is poetry month. Thanks to all for discovering Haiku !Caring is Sharing!A BeeSpring allows a Beck Bee to discover the flutter of a butterfly and perhaps -shift!

  • ok4u

    This is really good all these conservatives commit — they actually read this a non bias paper — that’s something.

  • gillinson

    Beck is a Constitutional conservative. As an immigrant to the United States, it was my obligation to study the Constitution, in order to become a naturalized citizen. I find that few Americans, even college graduates, have ever bothered to do anything similar. Can you name five of the Amendments that make up the Bill of Rights? Can you name three of the Articles and summarize their significance? I doubt it. This blog, and the larger political debate in America, is conducted chiefly by Ignos who should go back to school before they cast aspersions on anyone of good will who happens to disagree with this or any other administration, and the direction in which it would take our Country.Kid yourself, if you will, that Beck, Rush, the Tea Partyers and so on are somehow outside the mainstream of intelligent public opinion. They are not. Inform yourself properly about their ideas, so that if you do disagree you can oppose them effectively. Beware, however: when you do inform yourself, you may find you do not disagree at all.

  • DebraJMSmith

    I am shocked that anyone would actually believe that Jesus would be for stealing from those with more, to give to those who have less!Social Justice = StealingAgain….Social Justice = StealingGod said,”Thou Shalt NOT Steal!”Now, HOW HARD is THAT to understand!Our American government is of the people. They are not kings and queens. Our money is NOT theirs.Debra J.M. Smith

  • nillum

    You should go to youtube and see the John Stewart parody of Beck – it was artistic genius, hilarious.

  • thecomedian

    Social Justice and the Bible?Thou shalt not steal pretty much covers it.

  • jaxas70

    The traditional generalizations of liberals and conservatives go something like this: Liberals believe in a more activist role for government and promote change at a rapid, sometimes urgent pace. Conservatives believe in a more limited government role and believe change should be slow, evolutionary.Liberals get into trouble when they try to take America too far too fast in a direction they may not be in such a hurry to move into. Conservatives get into trouble when they move too slow or even attempt to turn America back into a reverse direction than the one they want to go into.The fringes on both ideological groups fall outside those parameters into what we call radical directions. Historically, Americans tend to reject both fringes. I see no evidence that the American people are interested in going in either a far right or far left direction. Those who think so are just kidding themselves.

  • nillum

    Jesus Said:He who clothes the naked, clothes me.Whaddya say to that you Beckertons?

  • ric545Riker

    The VISION of the Jewish Funds for Justice says it all, “expand the Jewish Progressive base.” Even Jews have a Progressive wing, people who hate America and want to reform and change it. No wonder they are attacking Glenn Beck. He’s the one person standing up to these malcontents by revealing them for their Anti-American objectives. It won’t work, Glenn has truth on his side, Progressives hide in the shadows and attempt to subvert this nation. Truth always wins.

  • nillum

    Jesus meant Whoever feeds the Conservatives is Blessed

  • thecomedian

    Well Nillums, I think context is important. Was he speaking to his disciples or Pontus Pilate?

  • nillum

    Beck is Anti American.He hates the majority that voted for Obama.

  • nillum

    To The Comedian:He was speaking to all of time, you fool.

  • LiberalPatriot

    Everyone. Please pause a moment to recognize that Mr. Beck is a business man who has found his niche in the extreme right and has built a multimillion dollar enterprise exploiting that market. He is an entertainer. His sensationalist, bombastic approach to his topics are contrived. The only real thing Glenn Beck feels so strongly about is the bank account and life of Mr. Glenn Beck and family.

  • nillum

    tea brigands?

  • nillum

    To LiberalPatriot:Are you from Middle Earth?

  • LDTRPT25

    Only the weak minded and ignorant watch and believe Glen Beck. Beck should be in an insane institution

  • jaxas70

    In the American political system there is no such thing as a Constitutional Conservative. One way or another, most serious candidates for office end up as either a republican or a democrat. These cute little labels that people like Beck use to identify themselves is more of an affect, a pretension to make them seem more substantial than they really are.Beck is not the first small minded megalomaniac to imagine himself in larger dimensions than he really is. Our past political campaigns have been dogged by such pathetic interlopers. Alan Keyes, Ralph Nader, Ross Perot…all of them spring into national consciousness on whatever hobby horses are convenient at the time. Then they blend back into the obscurity they came from.I suspect Beck like Limbaugh will be around for as long as there is a fringe of wildly fanatical mindsets out there in the country who are attracted to such silliness. But, he will never be anything more than just another oddball with a microphone suck up his rear end.

  • nillum

    They have blog access in mental asylums (case in point – me!)

  • buckminsterj

    Gillinson: “Beware, however: when you do inform yourself [about the Constitution], you may find you do not disagree at all.”While I agree that most Americans are woefully unfamiliar with actual contents of the Constitution, you mistakenly assume that the majority of political debate hinges on questions of constitutionality. It’s a fallacy, though, to uphold the Constitution as the final arbiter of what is right and good. We can accept it as a thoughtful outline for governance without assuming its infallibility. Despite Beck’s apparent position, the Constitution and the intentions of the forefathers are as open to critical inquiry as anything else.

  • bellez

    Haha If Jesus was for Social Justice he would have gave eveyone the same thing. He would have healed everyone equaly too. Wow all these libs never read the bible or the constitution. It is sad when the Cry-Baby-Chief feels threatened by Glen Beck..gotta ask yourself Why? All Truth seems to make liberals rabid. Jesus Christ is Lord not Obama get over it.Get a job, get 2 jobs, pay your own bills..I’m gonna start a Mommy throw your Obama supporting brats OUT Site! Let them buy their own food,pay rent, pay car payment, pay own phone bill, pay taxes, Get the IDEA!

  • inlosangeles

    “Obama shrieks “Rahm!”

  • inlosangeles

    Obama’s own words,

  • leberk

    “FORCED CHARITY THROUGH THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT CHARITY – ITS A TAX.”Beck clearly made the distinction between religious Social Justice and Government mandated Social Justice.

  • AZdave

    Even Senator Colburn took a shot at FOX yesterday. Then there is the ACORN story and the truth behind it. FOX and Republicans ran with it and it turns out to be totally bogus fiction. The reality of propaganda is that if you tell a lie often enough some people believe it. Now that the truth is out the FOX machine won with a pile of lies that they repeated over and over again and ACORN died in the process. BECK is simply a propaganda machine with no ethics, no morals and a willingness to trash people for his own profit.BUT this should be a serious caution to anyone that ever thinks about even watching FOX in the future. FOX is a Saudi/Aussie owned propaganda machine fomenting lies as truth and one must wonder if they are not the point of the spear of “Domestic Terrorism” designed to undermine our country so that the “terrorists win” HMMMM…..I wonder?

  • jumpnjoe

    Where does Glenn Beck, a Mormon, get off lecturing Christians? If a Christian made the same comments about the LDS church, he/she would be accused of being bigoted.

  • ohwell1

    A photo of Mr.Beck should be next to the word “carpet bagger” in the Dictionary!

  • pmckay2002

    In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we command you, brothers, to keep away from every brother who is idle and does not live according to the teaching you received from us. For you yourselves know how you ought to follow our example. We were not idle when we were with you, nor did we eat anyone’s food without paying for it. On the contrary, we worked night and day, laboring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you. We did this, not because we do not have the right to such help, but in order to make ourselves a model for you to follow. For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”We hear that some among you are idle. They are not busy; they are busybodies. Such people we command and urge in the Lord Jesus Christ to settle down and earn the bread they eat. And as for you, brothers, never tire of doing what is right. 2 Thessalonians 3:6-12

  • kkrimmer

    Beck is a sociopath.

  • pmckay2002

    JUMPINJOE wrote: “Where does Glenn Beck, a Mormon, get off lecturing Christians?”Mormons believe that Christ is our Savior. But what Jewish Funds for Justice is doing in this debate is beyond me.

  • dhilleub

    Productive? Counterproductive? Who cares.Sometimes emotionally satisfying is justification enough.

  • reasonisstupid

    Good luck with the haikus. I bet that’ll work.

  • leberk

    Yeh! Redistribute the wealth!

  • Peejay

    Is “social justice” the new buzzword meaning taking from the productive to give to the unproductive?

  • rbaldwin2

    This just helps fan the flame of lonesome roads’ blabbering lips…. This will make it WORSE…. If folks are dumb enough to listen to anything this physco utters, then they deserve to have to listen……Have fun…..tweet….tweet…….tweet….

  • kristen2150

    Glenn Beck thrives on attention. A twitterstorm of criticism only supports the mistaken notion that he’s some kind of victim-underdog-hero. I feel sorry for him and pray for him daily. I also feel for the victims of his hateful, bigoted, racist, ignorant, etc. remarks…for that I say I will not use the products and services of the advertisers that support his program.

  • leberk

    “We hear that some among you are idle. They are not busy; they are busybodies. Such people we command and urge in the Lord Jesus Christ to settle down and earn the bread they eat. And as for you, brothers, never tire of doing what is right.2 Thessalonians 3:6-12″Ouch!

  • inlosangeles

    BDS is back,

  • Betty9

    Jesus never got involved in politics & certainly never told His disciples or anyone else to form governments to create agencies to steal from all of the people of a nation to forceably donate to anything. Collective force (confiscation) is communism.Jesus always talked to & of the individual. YOU fed me when I was hungry. YOU visited me when I was sick or in prison. HE never talked of the collective. Out of our love for our Father, Jesus & our fellow man we freely give to & help those in need.We Christians understand that there will never be “social justice,” peace or real truth until Jesus returns with the heavenly army to overturn ALL of the governments of the world.

  • PA123

    Glenn Beck? Never heard of him.

  • MikeJ9116

    I see the left wingnuts can’t destroy Sara Palin so now they are trying to destroy Glenn Beck. They won’t be anymore successful against him then they were against her. These rabid socialists will only make Beck stronger and more popular. It will be fun to watch them beat their collective heads against the wall.

  • pbk3rd

    OK, all you conservatives and Glenn Beck sycophants, answer me this. Jesus said it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. If we are to assume that Jesus was speaking the literal truth, then obviously you can either seek material wealth or you can seek God, but not both. He sure sounds like an advocate of social justice to me. Why is it so easy for you folks to overlook the parts of Jesus’ message that you find inconvenient?

  • trident420

    Didn’t your mother ever tell you?You are supposed to ignore the crazies in the street wearing doomsday signboards. In the paranoid mind, any acknowledgment is concrete validation of claim.Better to keep walking by.

  • katie6

    Beck is right. Charity, giving from the heart, is what the Bible preaches. Liberals recently tried to take the deduction away for charitable giving. Taxing and redistribution of income where the liberals want it to go is not going to fly with most of America. We are the most generous nation in the world. The government needs to get out of our lives. These social justice nuts sound like Communists to me. They hate Beck because he has exposed what they are up to in the White House and it is not pretty.

  • darkglobe5

    I don’t even think he believes what he says. He’s just found a way to get rich, and he’s playing it for all it’s worth.I ignore him.

  • leberk

    ” success does not depend on the individual, . It depends on there being a market or society for you to succeed in. Where does this market come from? It comes from the collective work of the people who came before you…..”Really?

  • Bushwhacked1

    Glenn Beck and Caribou Barbie – A match match in Rabid Republican heaven. Two worthless human beings only out for all the money they can weasel out of the perpetually fearful and intellectually arthritic.

  • rbdave

    Christianity without Social Justice

  • chi-town

    Social justice is what religion is all about. Glenn Beck is an entertainer. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • clairevb

    Glen Beck earns appx. $20 million per year by revising history to suit his ego driven agenda.

  • pmckay2002

    PBK3RD wrote: “Why is it so easy for you folks to overlook the parts of Jesus’ message that you find inconvenient?”Show me the part where Jesus said that the government should take your money and care for the poor with it. Or that such forced giving would grant you favor in the eyes of the Lord. One’s charity is a matter between God and the giver. It is not civil law. And you clamoring for someone else’s government imposed charity? That’s not charity. It’s not moral. It’s nothing Jesus ever taught. It’s false righteousness. Matthew 6:2″So when you give to the poor, don’t announce it with trumpet fanfare. This is what hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets in order to be praised by people. I can guarantee this truth: That will be their only reward.”

  • clairevb

    Glen Beck earns appx. $20 million per year by revising history to suit his ego driven agenda.


    a NOTE TO lIBERALS: Here are some interestting facts that should prove enlightening: 1) Conservatives donate more money and time to charities than Liberals. 2) Liberals are wealthier than Conservatives.Conservatives walk the walk. Liberals talk the talk. To quote Margeret Thatcher: Liberalism is a great concept until you run out of other people’s money.

  • pmckay2002

    “I ignore him.”While reading and commenting on articles about him. Nice.

  • rbdave

    If you read the Bible, it is hard to miss the fact that Jesus was a BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL.Modern conservatives, on the other hand, are clearly those who worship THE MONERCHANGERS IN THE TEMPLES.

  • Delongl

    “Social Justice” is a very very vague term. Both far right and far left people claim that is what they are doing. So if you go after someone who criticizes it, it says a lot more about you then about the comment.

  • pgr88

    “Jewish Funds for Justice tweets the heck out of Glenn Beck”This is news??Do you people actually get paid for covering such nonsense?

  • wes49

    Glen Beck earns appx. $20 million per year by revising history to suit his ego driven agenda. Clairev. You forgot to highlight the word “earns” in your post. Yeah, he EARNS his money, and if you could also give us an example of exactly what history he has re-written I am all ears here Being a history professor myself I have found his analogies to be quite accurate, so again, please give us some insight as to what history has has rewritten to suit his messages…..Thanks for you help on this.

  • leberk

    “…..If we are to assume that Jesus was speaking the literal truth, then obviously you can either seek material wealth or you can seek God, but not both. He sure sounds like an advocate of social justice to me. Why is it so easy for you folks to overlook the parts of Jesus’ message that you find inconvenient?”Well I guess it was inconvenient for you to read Matthew 25 verses 14-30 The parable of the Talents.

  • johntu

    The pesty liberals are at it again. The tea party people carry a big fly swat. Beware baby killers and commies. Swat…swat…swat…

  • jshay

    A bunch of nerds carrying out a “Twitterstorm”?How does the Smashing Pumpkins song go?

  • leberk

    “….then obviously you can either seek material wealth or you can seek God, but not both…..”Not true. In the parable of the Talents Matthew 25 14-30. the bible teaches you to develop wealth and not be lazy.

  • ravensfan20008

    Glenn Beck won’t shut up until nobody listens to him. Unfortunately, there are enough idiots who can watch his show and take something away from it other than “hah, what a moron he is!”

  • buckminsterj

    Wes 49: “You forgot to highlight the word “earns” in your post. Yeah, he EARNS his money, and if you could also give us an example of exactly what history he has re-written I am all ears here Being a history professor myself I have found his analogies to be quite accurate, so again, please give us some insight as to what history has has rewritten to suit his messages…..Nope. The word “earns” implies the production of something of value. Beck does little of that. There is a difference, after all, between “earning” and selling snake oil, though you might have a point if he postured himself as an entertainer (producing amusement) rather than a pundit (producing credible information and analysis).As for the accuracy of Beck’s historic analogies, his outrageous comparisons of the Obama administration to Nazis, Stalinists, and Maoists demonstrate a very poor understanding of the ideological underpinnings and actions of those movements. Where, exactly, are you a professor of history, and do you have any scholarly publications you might point us to, so that we might accurately judge your ability to assess Beck’s analogies?

  • tonyholst

    People who are offended by Glenn Beck shouldn’t watch his show. You want him to just shut up? Push the off button!

  • Richard18

    I see the left wingnuts can’t destroy Sara Palin so now they are trying to destroy Glenn Beck. They won’t be anymore successful against him then they were against her. These rabid socialists will only make Beck stronger and more popular. It will be fun to watch them beat their collective heads against the wall.Oh by the way, did you hear two more Beck/Palin fans were arrested today for threatening to kill people they don’t agree with?

  • joy2

    I’ve never seen or listened to Glenn Beck until this morning. After reading this, I was curious, so I went to his website and listened to what he had to say about social justice. Yikes!Apparently the man is a) without religious faith; b) he and FOX network are so hungry for ratings that he/they’ll go to extremes for attention; c) Glenn Beck is deranged.Beck said, if you hear the words “social justice” in your church, run the other way. As a Christian, why would I belong to a religion or church that did not follow Christ’s teachings? “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.” (John 13:34) That is EXACTLY social justice, which Beck claims is “code for Marxism.”In this great country, it is Glenn Beck’s or anyone else’s privilege to believe or not believe whatever they choose. But, frankly, I’m getting tired of our public airwaves being used by right-wing extremists to promote their own political agendas and warped theology.

  • MRGB

    Welcome to the United States of Venezuela.

  • DavidH3

    I don’t care what Beck thinks or what his fans think about this. It’s great for people to act together to show they are not alone in being repelled by Beck and his like. The more the better.

  • capsfan77

    Unleashing the Tweets–now that’s a strategy to instill fear. I know I’d be quaking in my Nikes.

  • Jen06

    A little Haiku back at them:Godless they may be.To the posters that say Jesus was a liberal need to get in touch with their Bibles (if they can remember where they put them).

  • wfleming

    Trying to make the word “progressive” sound like a “dirty” word is Beck attempting to make his mark in conservative vocabulary history. The word ‘progressive’ could easily describe Jesus, the Dalai Lama, and regular folk who work(ed) for true social justice, not the kind found on a tea bagger’s signage. I’m proud to be part of a progressive group that does not discriminate against other’s religious faiths, color of skin, or sexual orientation. I’d gladly give my last dime to someone in need and stand for a health care system that is the most beneficial to all of its recipients, not just those who can afford it. It’s not me & my people against the world and I like that. I like being a progressive. My 80 y.o. neighbor is a Beck fanatic/tea partier and we disagree on many a thing but when she fell this past Monday and broke her hip in the middle of the night, none of that mattered. It wasn’t her immediate family who took care of her (and still won’t), it has been me and my “progressive” family who have helped her and been with her 24/7… and we do it w/o hesitation. So Beck & co. can be as nasty as they want to be but no one can ever trump kindness and basic human decency. We disagree and that’s okay but to recklessly demonize is to be completely selfish and self serving. One day those fighting against their own best interests will realize they’ve been duped and you know what? We progressives will be here to listen and help.

  • pbk3rd

    Leberk: The parable of the talents is an allegory and therefore, by definition, coveys a figurative rather than literal message. If you give the parable a literal interpretation, as you have, then it directly contradicts Christ’s statement about the impossibility of the rich man entering heaven. However, if you interpret it as a figurative statement about the importance of not squandering your God-given gifts, no such contradiction exists. If you want to accept Christ’s message, then you have to accept all of it, even the parts that make you uncomfortable. You can’t pick and choose.

  • harrydean

    Its Glenn Beck for chrissakes. Why waste time with the twitter attack when you could just as well ignore him?

  • inlosangeles

    a haiku….I want more free sh@t,

  • inlosangeles

    a haiku….Social justice rule

  • Baby_M

    Haiku? Oh, come now! That’s just teasing. We’ll know you’re serious when you start using iambic pentameter.

  • Logic3

    How is it “Social Justice” when an organization, like the Jewish Fund For “Social Justice”, picks on one person sending endless tweets? Glen Beck is just letting everybody know that there is A Contitution of the United States of America. Do the Social Justice people have any understanding of what The Constitution Means?

  • Logic3

    Did the “Jewish Funds for Justice” followers vote for Obama?

  • Logic3

    It is a perfectly good question?

  • washpost18

    He does not believe in protecting the unborn. Elective abortions and euthanasia is in the Healthcare Bill. Every man, woman and child will be forced to pay, with their insurance premiums, for elective abortions and euthanasia. If they do not buy and pay for the premiums the IRS will come after them. Did the retired of Florida vote for Obama?Posted by: Logic3It’s a meaningless question in context because you’re wrong/lying/have been lied to.

  • egw7777

    Something is strange about this report on the Jewish Social Justice League. If you look them up on the internet & try to email them the email is returned as the email address couldn’t be found. I am beginning to wonder about this article.

  • krayoncolorz

    Jesus shared about dividing the sheep from the goats Matt 25:31-46. 25:32 mentions gathering of the nations (ethne) for a time of evaluation. It is NOT focused upon individuals but on the judgment of nations (remember Amos?). The criteria is how each nation treats the hungry, thirsty, alien, naked, sick, and imprisoned.

  • Shadowsmgc

    If you read the Bible, it is hard to miss the fact that Jesus was a BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL.

  • Shadowsmgc

    How different is this than when homophobic Huckabees threatened to boycott Ford, McDonalds and Disney World?

  • catherineusa

    Social justice?! Did you just write that? Another word for Socialism–go hang out with Van Jones and oh yeah Obama too….

  • wrenigade

    Don’t you all get it..??All the parts in the Bible about social justice, helping the poor, widows etc are a matter of political INCONVENIENCE for Beck and his lunatic fringe followers, so now they have to attack the Bible and religion in a banal effort to make their political point. You see, there is no end; nothing is sacred to wingnuttery!

  • drugdevo

    I’m the author of the “Hands off my fish, chumps” haiku. I’m glad that so many people liked it and that it has generated such interest and discussion. I do find it humorous and more than a bit ironic that some go to such great length and even quote scripture to refute a 17 syllable poem that doesn’t even rhyme. Sorry to interrupt. Carry on.