Abortion a product of loose morals

Can you be a feminist and oppose abortion in all circumstances? Can you be a person of faith and support … Continued

Can you be a feminist and oppose abortion in all circumstances? Can you be a person of faith and support abortion in some circumstances?

The debate on abortion in this country has been blown out of all proportion and the two sides have taken an untenable stand one way or the other. I don’t think any issue can be defined clearly in terms of black or white while ignoring the vast gray area that separates the two.

Of course, no one denies that rampant abortions are bad, but they have their roots in our liberal and rampant sexual apetite, something that society glorifies. So much of our own thinking from the age of puberty to old age is centered around sex. Fifty percent of the commercials in the media have to do with sex and looking sexy. Teenage boys and girls are considered abnormal if they don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend by the time they are 13.

The sanctity of sex has been replaced by raw animal instinct. Sex has become simply another physical need, like hunger for food. When hormones are raging, the general attitude is to find someone and release them. Perhaps, I am old fashioned but I believe that the act of sex is the most intimate act between two people and I cannot understand how such intimacy can be practiced by two people without any feelings of love and commitment.

Obviously, I am against prostitution because I cannot think of sex as a product for sale. Clearly, what I am driving at is that abortion is a natural outcome of such loose moral values. It leads to mistakes and not everyone has the means to face up to a mistake that lives for the rest of one’s life. A consequence of the warped moral values in this country is that life has become cheap, and dispensable. We still value capital punishment and, the most illogical and shameful practice of carrying weapons, ostensibly to protect oneself, but actually to mete out instant justice.

In effect this means that anyone stealing something can be killed instantly, as happened in Memphis some years ago when a car thief was shot in the act of stealing and instantly killed. And the killer was deemed a hero!! In no civilized country do we have this kind of vigilante justice or, for that matter, death sentence for simple robbery. How can we criticize the Muslim nations for practicing their Shariat laws when we go beyond the law and shoot people in the act of robbery or trespassing? If adult life is so cheap why is infant life so precious?

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  • lepidopteryx

    Sir, you seem to think that all unwanted pregnancies are the result of drunken one-night stands where Thing 1 and Thing 2 don’t even bother to exchange first names.

  • norriehoyt

    We live in a natural universe and not in a faith universe. Nature continually acts in a cruel fashion without any regard for individual lives.

  • APaganplace

    Actually, abortion was a massive, widespread, criminalized and deadly black market industry before contraception (and education about it was common,) and most abortions were and still often *are* performed because someone equated *unapproved sex and pregnancy* with ‘loose morals.’